Voodoo a Voo-Don’t in Slay Trial

Rebecca Rosenberg and Laura Italiano, New York Post, October 11, 2012

There’ll be no “witch doctor” testifying as an expert witness for a Senegalese-raised man who claims he fatally slashed his ex-girlfriend in her new boyfriend’s bed because a “curse” compelled him to, a judge ruled yesterday.

Cheikh Ndao had been set to testify on behalf of admitted killer Bakary Camara, and would have told jurors that, as an imam, he had on several occasions come across other West African people who’d been cursed—including a woman who couldn’t get pregnant until he had her drink Koran-blessed water.

“That makes him a witch doctor, in a sense,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan said after Ndao took the stand to tell his curse-lifting war stories in a pretrial hearing.

“I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that it’s not even borderline close that he’s an expert,” Merchan said in barring the testimony.

Camara admits he slashed beautiful Italian college student Rita Morelli to death, but has claimed in a confession note that he was powerless to do otherwise.


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  • Woody Woodpecker

    How many more of these stories have to appear before white females finally get the message?
    Ms. Morelli certainly should have known better. What a waste…and a disgrace.

    • Sloppo

      I have wondered about that and I think I have it partially figured out.  When a girl is allowed to mature without being taught the awful truth about diversity, it is very common for that girl to be completely incapable of learning about it as an adult.  As a child, she will be exposed to a world of political correctness which will tell her to shun the truth when she hears it.  When the truth presents itself, she will reflexively reject it as “hate”.  If her father does not begin to teach her when she is young, she may be completely impervious to the truth.  I have a close friend like that.  She’s beautiful, extremely talented, and very intelligent … but she simply can’t handle the truth.  I honestly believe that something terrible could happen to her and she would still not get it.  Her father didn’t teach her because he didn’t want to spoil her childhood with the harsh realities.  Now I think he regrets.  

      • ncpride

        A mistake and a regret I will never have. I have always warned my children about ‘diversity’ and thanks to cell phones and cameras all over the place, I can show them exactly what I’m talking about. Not to do so is nothing short of neglect in my opinion.

        • Sloppo

          Good for you.  I hope more people learn to do as you are.  The children can accept the truth if they learn it when they’re young.  Some people think it is “hateful” to inform children about the harsh realities of life.  I believe it is hateful toward your children not to do so.  I believe that Italian girl’s life would have been spared if her father had done his job.  Hers is such a sad story which is like so many others.

      • There is more to it. Why white females – some of them- want these blacks at all ? I need not any advice to feel repulsion towards lizards, rats,… and homosexuals and blacks, if idea of physical intimacy would appear.

        I don’t mind blacks as such, they may have their lives etc. But the very idea of having sex with them is repugnant. And I’m a man; in case of women, it would be even more disgusting.

        So- education yes, but it’s, IMO, weird that there is no “natural” aversion of many white females towards blacks, irrespective of their social status.

        • Sloppo

          The television teaches our children to worship them.  Most children watch TV MUCH more than they pay attention to the real world or listen to their parents.  All that time sitting in front of an idiot box … has an enormous effect on our children.  For more information:


          • OK, but when I was a kid, I watched numerous Mickey Mouse films. Still, I did not and don’t find mice sympathetic at all.
            It’s visceral. I don’t deny the impact of media brainwashing, but there must be something else …

          • Sloppo

            Mickey was never presented as a serious hero like the black sports heroes.  Hollywood didn’t make movies that made Mickey and creatures of his genotype appear to be the saviors of mankind in 100 different scenarios.  Nevertheless, I agree with you that there are surely other significant factors.  I have several young children and I’m VERY interested in this subject for their sake.  Please share them if you have other theories about this subject.

          • Dan Reardon

            Bardon, I understand your observation and personally look at sex with Blacks as non human intimacy. However, I quit smoking years ago but the reason I first started was the Marlboro man commercials. I was an impressionable kid who watched those advertisements and thought only real men smoke – and Lord knows it took me quite a while to get used to the nasty things. When I became an adult I realized smoking would eventually kill me and I quit. It’s the same thing directed at young Whites, especially White females, today. The creeps who push this filth know exactly what they are doing and they are very good at it.

        • Pearl

          I think there is a natural revulsion, and they are brainwashed out of it.  The feeling is still there, but they imagine that feeling to be something else.  They suppress it until it metastasizes into some other neurosis. I believe this smothered instinct is at the root of other bizarre behaviors they exhibit.
          I definitely have this revulsion-but I do remember them trying to train me out of it.  (I grew up in very liberal schools).

          • You (and FNS) may be right. I found a post I’ve posted some time ago. It’s a reply from an intelligent black man. Here it is.

            p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }h1 { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }h1.western { font-family: “Times New Roman”,serif; }h1.cjk { font-family: “DejaVu Sans”; }h1.ctl { font-family: “DejaVu Sans”; }

            for black men – do you see having sex with white women as revenge for


            p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

            My answer is going to
            incense just about everyone, but, you asked the question. Black men
            don’t prefer sex with white women just as a revenge for slavery,
            although it is probably a minor sexual component for them. To be more
            raw and specific, black men prefer sex with white women as they
            perceive it as more sexually degrading for the white woman and that
            is a sexual turnon for black men. Actually, that is a turnon for most
            men if they would admit it. We are talking about sex here, not
            “making love”. It is also a turn on for white women for the
            same reason. Even though the white woman may be the most politically
            correct female on the planet, she can still “feel” sexually
            degraded by having sex with a black male. It doesn’t have to be
            rational to be a sexual turnon. What you believe in mentally and what
            you get off on sexually can be worlds apart. Why do you think so many
            male and female CEO’s of major companies are seriously sexually
            submissive while the lowly government clerk may be the Alpha man in
            some kinky B&D / S&M group? Seeker of Unpleasant Truths hit
            on it when he pointed out that a lot of white women wouldn’t consider
            marrying or maybe even dating a black male but enjoy sex with them
            almost exclusively. Black men can get off on the feeling of sexually
            degrading white women without actually having to admit that is what
            turns them on. Even more importantly, white women having sex with
            black men, can get off on the feeling of being sexually used and
            degraded without having to admit that being sexually used and
            degraded turns them on. Hard to believe in this day and age that the
            overwelming majority of people (women especially) stedfastly refuse
            to admit the truth about what turns them on sexually.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          I think it’s the titillation of “forbidden fruit”, the fascination with the “other”, and the rich reward that awaits women from a craven, anti-white, cultural-Marxist elite for transgressing against cultural norms and even their own bodies and preferences.  The feminist brownie points awarded for the “f**k you” message sent to white men is just a huge bonus. 

          Even though I personally am an atheist, I can see that many atheists, liberals and the young generally are stuck in an inane adolescent rebellion phase of self destruction.  I see misceganation with blacks to be different from cutting only in degree.  I’m sure if more people had access to farm animals then we’d be seeing a surge in beastiality.  The greater the violation, the greater the pollution of our bodies and minds, the happier the god of liberalism is.  And as CWNY correctly points out, we worship blacks above all else.

  • Puggg

    Islam combined with voodoo.  Should be fun to watch.

    • jedsrael

      “Camara admits he slashed beautiful Italian college student Rita Morelli to death, but has claimed in a confession note that he was powerless to do otherwise.”

      Reminds us that the BRA Diversity policeman who “forgot” to carry his taser and baton at South Alabama, despite regulations, killed the crazy White student, “because I was powerless to do otherwise”.

      Booze and drugs, just like White skin, should come with a warning label stating that misuse can get you killed by a black privilege policeman who will say,”I felt threatened”.

  • jedsrael

    I avoid BRA Diversity at all costs, because the Curse of My White Skin tells me to.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    The fact that the Justice Merchan rejected the testimony of a self-styled “witch doctor” indicates that there is at least some sanity left in the US justice system. However, when the day comes that such evidence is admitted as bona fide testimony, that’s the day of all out revolution. Does anyone really doubt that day will come?

    • 9000 children in Uganda have disappeared , they’re killed and their body parts are used in witchcraft rituals

      ABC news reported a horrific story of a father killing his 17 month old son to sell his head for ritual sacrifice. The father said he wanted money to set up a business fixing bicycles, so
      ABC news reported a horrific story of a father killing his 17 month old son to sell his head for ritual sacrifice. The father said he wanted money to set up a business fixing bicycles, so
      ”ABC news reported a horrific story of a father killing his 17 month old son to sell his headfor ritual sacrifice. The father said he wanted money to set up a business fixing bicycles, so he and his friend beheaded his infant son and sold his head to a wealthy businessman for $2000. According to the report, the businessman believed that the head of
      the child would bring him more wealth. ”


      • Sloppo

        Thanks for sharing that crazy story.  It is interesting, but I can’t press the “like” button though because it would feel like I’m saying I “like” something about a father killing his son and selling the child’s head.  Right now I don’t think I can think of any life form lower than that father.

        • HIS OWN SON, for crying out loud. I know that African male lions will kill the cubs of another male, when they take over a pride, they’re “lower forms of life”, after all.. But this is a “man” who should know better – so you’d think. He had his own son beheaded for money, so he could start a business.

          I guess he couldn’t find a bank in Africa to rob, paisan.

          • Sloppo

            There are several incredible things about that story.  The father was crazy/evil enough to behead his own son to sell the child’s head.  He had a crazy/evil friend that would go along with something that terrible.  There are apparently crazy/evil wealthy businessmen that want to purchase such items.  It’s hard for us to imagine a father who would do such an evil thing to his son, but over there it’s apparently a normal business!  That is a DISGUSTING society/culture.  They’re far more dangerous than lions.  

  •  When I write on other blogs about blacks and witchcraft, people think I’m being funny, but I never joke about black people, the subject matter is far too serious, Africans are a great threat to western civilization.

    Here is a voodoo church in New York, check out the Haitian immigrants, zombie like trance photos especially the last two.


    • Thoughtcrime1933

      Again I use to the term ZOMBIE when I refer to our ALL of our black cousins. The descriptor of Zombie  is perfect for in describing blacks for all of the following reasons:
      They are caricatures of humanity, with exaggerated features. 
      Their skin color is that of death. They even smell of death.
      They have a natural inclination to cannibalism. 
      They are basically brain dead. 
      They shamble when they walk.
      Their dress is that of buffoons, with clothes that barely fit, either too tight or too lose (saggy pants and shorts, untied laces and over-sized shirts on the bucks and 3 size too small outfits with massive fat rolls hanging out for the sows).
      They cannot maintain a society at any level approaching civilized.
      They in fact DESTROY societies when they are allowed to propagate in large numbers.

      All these facts can be used interchangably with both the negro and the flesh eating Hollywood Zombie.

    • NordiquePride

      I checked out this website. I wasn’t surprised by the bizarre stuff I saw in the photos. One of the commentators wrote that he lived in Haiti and believes that most Black Haitians avoid Voodoo.  I disagree. I spent time in Haiti also and met mostly believers. Plus, the historical evidence I found during my readings about “Black History” overwhelmingly shows that Blacks almost always adopt the religions of their colonizers, but then left on their own, they will usually revert back to what is most comfortable to them – in this case, Voodoo. 

  • The Black man from Senegal killed his ex girl friend, a white Italian.

    Why do white women go and practice miscegenation with black men ? and dishonour their own race, Arab muslims would never do that, go with blacks.

    • Woody Woodpecker

      Well maybe the women, but the arab muslim men would…

      • That’s right. In his book, “Sword of the Prophet”, Serge Trifkovic recounts how the females Bantus sold into slavery to the Arab slave traders were sent to the harems of the sultans in the Middle East; while the males were shipped to the Americas. 

        • pc must go

          Ditto with white females stolen from Europe… and the men were made eunuchs.

          Yes, Kaddafi in Libya had a fetish for Condoleeza Rice and made a movie about her. An obsession,. Called her “The Black Rose”

          • Michael C. Scott

            And Condoleeza had horrible teeth.

  • Kc

    I wonder if Rita thought it was all worth it.

  • KenelmDigby

    And there you have it – a modern tale of diversity from the the poster child of the ‘enriched’ future, New York City.
     Black African immigrants from the darkest reaches of he dark continent practising ancient rituals to their dark gods – and sacrificing brain-dead ‘Italian students’ along the way.

  • I feel sorry for the victim, but ….. you know.

    • Can I take your comment to mean, “thinning the herd”? If so, I agree, but you’re right, it is sad.

      • You know.

        • NordiquePride

          Thank you for the reply. I’m new to this site but i really believe in what you’re doing, so I’ll do my best to contribute intelligent comments and to keep up with you guys. I already feel welcomed. (Smile)


  • haroldcrews

    Unfortunately you can take the African out of Africa more easily than you can take the Africa out of the African.

  • IstvanIN

    Perhaps we need to go back to the days when parent’s had to approve of suitors and maiden aunts kept an eye on girls and their boy friends.  It seems many girls do not have much common sense when it comes to picking who to go out with.

  • Maybe a bit OT, but it emerged during the discussion. I said I couldn’t understand many white women’s physical attraction towards blacks, since my reaction to them- blacks ^-)-  is visceral & no amount of TV brainwashing could influence it.

    Perhaps the best illustration of this type of reaction is famous Swiss- American paleontologist Louis Agassiz. The excerpt is from an author not much liked on this site, S. Jay Gould’s “The Mismeasure of Man”, page 71. Agassiz writes to his mother in Europe, upon arrival in the USA.
    Agassiz had never seen a black person in Europe. When he first met blacks as servants at his Philadelphia hotel in 1846, he experienced a pronounced visceral revulsion. This jarring experience, coupled with his sexual fears about miscegenation, apparently established his conviction that blacks are a separate species. In a remarkably candid passage, he wrote to his mother from America:

    It was in Philadelphia that I first found myself in prolonged contact with
    negroes; all the domestics in my hotel were men of color. I can scarcely
    express to you the painful impression that I received, especially since the feeling that they inspired in me is contrary to all our ideas about the confraternity
    of the human type [genre] and the unique origin of our species.
    But truth before all. Nevertheless, I experienced pity at the sight of this
    degraded and degenerate race, and their lot inspired compassion in me in
    thinking that they are really men. Nonetheless, it is impossible for me to
    reprocess the feeling that they are not of the same blood as us. In seeing
    their black faces with their thick lips and grimacing teeth, the wool on their
    head, their bent knees, their elongated hands, their large curved nails, and
    especially the livid color of the palm of their hands, I could not take my eyes
    off their face in order to tell them to stay far away. And when they advanced
    that hideous hand towards my plate in order to serve me, I wished I were
    able to depart in order to eat a piece of bread elsewhere, rather than dine
    with such service. What unhappiness for the white race—to have tied their
    existence so closely with that of negroes in certain countries! God preserve
    us from such a contact! (Agassiz to his mother, December 1846.) (The
    standard Life and Letters, compiled by Agassiz’s wife, omits these lines in
    presenting an expurgated version of this famous letter. Other historians
    have paraphrased them or passed them by. I recovered this passage from
    the original manuscript in Harvard’s Houghton Library and have translated
    it, verbatim, for the first time so far as I know.)

    That’s what I meant when I said I couldn’t understand coal-burners.

  • Gereng

    They won’t ever. It is in the genes of the females of every race, to give herself to the most dominant male she runs across. The animal-like African with his uncontrolable sexual drive and innate violence comes to be regarded by these witless female as the Alpha male. When these negroes end up killing them, or beating in to a coma its a tad late to rethink her choice of a bed mate.  Because this genetic factor is unlikely to be neutralized, as along as white males allow their women to be accessable to the negro, this is going to happen.  Aaah…anyone for segration?   

    •  What you wrote is stereotypical. It may contain nuggets of truth, but a more detailed analysis gives different pictures with many, many nuances:

      * females’ behavior change from, say, 15 to 55
      * also, women – depending on their IQ, personality traits, culture- will prefer whole spectrum of men, from rough macho types to hard-working reliable mates and nerdy types- in Europe intellectuals like, say, Sartre
      * not insignificant percentage of females has a rather low libido & their primary focus in mating is offspring & material security. Roughly- for women sex is less important than for men, at least female brain types
      * alpha mythology has been addressed before, and IMO it’s just a simplistic  pop psychology present only in the US & absent in almost all the globe
      * Blacks are promoted as “macho” types in media, and here you may be right. But- it also influences mainly brainless young females, which leads me to the original question: why don’t they feel repulsion towards blacks as a natural reaction ?

      Because “macho”, defined as rough masculinity, is still a white phenotype- like, say, old actors (Clark Gable, Errol Flynn or Gary Cooper), while blacks are not “macho”, with their nostrils, bodily odor, skin, facial features. They’re not “rough”, but repellent different species. And upon not very deep analysis, they are just loser thugs-most of them- who are essentially cowards, as history and reality has shown innumerable times. You can’t be simultaneously a type of a “rough, manly” species & a whining slaves descendant who constantly complains like a sissy.

      • Woody Woodpecker

         “females’ behavior change from, say, 15 to 55”

        That’s not much of  consolation.
        Would you want a “well behaved” woman of 30 or so knowing that she romped around with thugs and jerks in her teens and twenties, but then decided it was time to settle down with a polite, intelligent, good provider?

        The way I see it, females have changed drastically in America. In the 40s and 50s, they were chaste for the most part and held out for the “nice guys”. And now we are expected to “wait our turn” until they are done with the jerks? Not such a good deal I would say.

        I realize many people here would disagree with what I will say next, but… maybe the old time Mormons had it right.

        • IstvanIN

          Parents need to bring up their daughters to recognize what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in a boyfriend or spouse.  And they must stick to their guns.  No wavering.  No “I don’t want to appear racist”.  An adult woman should be able to distinguish between a sexual “crush” (and I do not understand a crush on a black) and a reasoned, intelligent choice of men to date. 

        • No, you misunderstood what I wrote. I was not thinking about race, but just pointed to the fact that females’ “puberty” is somewhere around their 30s-40s, i.e. they have hormonal changes that increase their sex drive (as a rule). That said, most females in their adolescence are not dominantly “sexual”, but “emotional” projecting beings. For instance, look at this (it’s about females who naturally switched from lesbian to straight):

          There’s more than just social pressures acting on our libidos;
          there’s the Call of the Wild, “I do remember kind of a biological grrr–a craving for
          intercourse–that really picked up with some serious speed at age
          28,” says Anastasia Higginbotham, a Brooklyn-based writer who
          primarily had girlfriends from age 20 to 29, one of whom was me (age 23
          to 25, in case you’re wondering). “My fantasies
          shifted–that’s where I really noticed it. All of my sexual
          fantasies suddenly involved penetration or men, and they had never,
          never been that way before.” Higginbotham also recalls that her
          ovulation ovulation /ovu·la·tion/ (ov?u-la´shun) the discharge of a secondary oocyte from a graafian follicle.ov´ulatory

          The discharge of an ovum from the ovary.
          ….. Click the link for more information. cycles were stronger, and “when I was ovulating it was
          like I was in heat, so it was hard to be in a relationship with my
          girlfriend, who was so not going through the same thing.”


          So, girls are more “romantic” than “sexual” (I’m not saying they’re  not sexual, I’m not stupid)- therefore I find it strange they could be attracted by blacks, who are definitely not some mysterious thrilling types out of Byronic novels.

          As for promiscuity- this is something for further analysis, but all researches show that WW are not that promiscuous as popular media show. This issue is a serious one, but for other time …

          Mormon “solution”- inapplicable, because polygamy is out in whole civilized world & virtually all females with some education would not consent (nor would most men).

    • dhs

       Your comment is of course correct; it is true for all female social primates.  That comment brings up another question: Why have black men become dominant in America? For the first three hundred years,  white men dominated black men, what caused the change in domination?    

      • Gereng

        For the answer to these questions of why white females will consort with negroe thugs we can thank Hollywood and their screen writers. Remember the old movie: ‘Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner’?  The negro was a lawyer and less repellent than most.  How many negro lawyers do you know?   That was the first move where  a negro were paired with a white female. Of course she came from a wealthy, liberal educated family. The message being that only educated upper middle class liberals were smart enough to see the wonderous virtue of negro males as fitting consorts for their precious virginal daughters. I know Hollywood deals in fantasy, but the fantastic has limits. Why not depect the negro suiter as a more typical negro of that era. A stupid, ill-educated oaf dressed and behaving as a street-wise spiv?  That descrition would have fit 85% of all black males.  

        From that movie onward, blacks were depicted in films and TV as possessing skills, intelligence, humor, rhythm and all the manly virtues of civilized peoples. Of course it was a wholesale lie concocted by a conpiring coven of Jewish media Moguls.  I think at the beginning it was a form of revenge against European whites for the real and fictional wrongs done to Jews in Europe for the past 2000 yrs.  Seeing the daughters of their historical enemy being beded, degraded  and impregnated by blacks was and remains a source of secret joy to these vengeful Hebrews. 

        Then as all tastes in music and entertainment were lowered to the negro level, the thugs with their primitive raps became a profitable investment. The more thuggish, and outlandish they were, the more money they brought in.         

        • Just another anti-Semitic rant. OK, let’s see:

          1. let’s catalog all Oscar winning & blockbuster movies from, say, 1982. to 2012. and analyze them “racially”. Only clownish Will Smith and now and then Denzel are in the race, and they cannot compete with a legion of Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, Di Caprio, Russell Crowe, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Spacey, Pierce Brosnan, Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt …etc. etc. Virtually all male movie “heroes” are White- never mind their political leanings – and Blacks are far less represented demographics- wise (13%)

          2. as for TV, just take the best & most viewed TV series from the same period, and the picture is virtually the same. From “Hill Street Blues” to “Mad Men”.

          You ARE right that Blacks are absurdly cast in roles of computer scientists, neurosurgeons, special forces heroes,… but then again, they are not that visible presence & no one actually believes them. And they are, at best, sidekicks.

  • Sardonicus

    It was the curse of jealousy that caused this modern day Othello to kill his former girlfriend.  I don’t see the Voodoo aspect of this case. Certainly Africans are great believers in curses, as are their cousins in the Deep South, but it doesn’t seem to apply here. What should apply is the impulsiveness and propensity for violence exhibited by many unsophisticated, semi-educated black men.

  • dondiego

     In New Zealand the Maoris are similarly afflicted. Voodoo is called Makutu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVfPbw6S_iU&feature=g-hist.
    Dark browns, blacks, and I saw some some really nasty Mexicans on the discovery channel.

  • IstvanIN

    The judge should have allowed the Voodoo testimony.  The more we hear of their differences the better off we are.

  • Michael C. Scott

    Compare this childish denial of responsibility with some of the more interesting killers that Europe has produced:

    Vlad III of Wallachia, or Vlad Tepes, also known as “Dracula”, or “The Dragon”.  Impaled Muslims and anyone else he didn’t like, because he just plain enjoyed impaling anything that annoyed him.  He was never sorry about it, and when he was imprisoned for a time, he impaled rats and toads.  Our friend Vlad never blamed “voodoo” or a “curse” or anything else.

    Adolf Eichmann, one of the principals at the Wansee Conference in 1942, at which the details of the Holocaust would be worked out.  At his sentencing in Israel in 1962, he said he was delighted at what he had done.  His final “meal” before being hung was a bottle of dry red wine.  Again, not sorry, and no “voodo” or “curse” involved here.

    Rudolf Hoess, one of the early commandants of Auschwitz-Birkenau and responsible for the deaths of over a million people was completely apathetic at his trial in Poland in 1947, and didn’t seem much bothered by the court proceedings or his eventual hanging.  No “voodoo” and no “curse”.

    Elizabeth Bathory, countess of Czejte enjoyed torturing and murdering young girls in the early 1600s.  She also showed no remorse, even after three of her henchmen were burned at the stake for their role in the crimes.  She died four years after being bricked into some of the rooms in her castle.  Still no “voodoo” or “curse”.

    I agree that the judge perhaps should have allowed the voodoo testimony from the expert witness, just to illustrate what an utter disaster results from allowing proto-human African savages into our nations, but with that said, one never knows what a jury will do, and the last thing we really need is this slasher back out on the streets.

    It is uniquely tragic that in a nation which has sent manned expeditions to the moon and unmanned probes to or past every planet in the solar system, an ignorant savage would be allowed here, where he would kill a young woman and then be allowed to even attempt a “voodoo” defense in court.