A Detroit woman and her one-year-old daughter are being forced to live with a squatter in their own home until a housing court decides on eviction proceedings.

Homeowner Heidi Peterson claims the squatter, former tenant Missionary-Tracey Elaine Blair, took over the residence while Peterson was away for a year during extensive home repairs.

After the necessary repairs were complete, Peterson returned last week only find out that Blair had changed the locks. She had also taken the liberty to decorate the house, rework the plumbing and replace appliances.

According to neighbors, Blair had been living in the house for months.

She also discovered Blair had managed to put a lien on the house, which she had told the city was abandoned, reports MyFoxDetroit.com.

Blair, who is a write-in candidate for U.S. President, refuses to leave. And until a housing court evicts her, Blair, Peterson and Peterson’s baby girl are forced to live under the same roof.

“I thought if the house is not safe, how can I come here with my child,” Peterson told MyFoxDetroit. “There’s an issue with that. But should I lose my house to a squatter because I don’t have rights to my property or should I fight to get it back.”
Peterson said that she and her baby had to vacate the house in February 2011 after the boiler was damaged.

“In February 2011, we had to vacate because the boiler was damaged,” she said.  “I took all my books and my writings, but my (furniture was) still left in (there).”

When Peterson returned, she discovered Blair living in the house.

According to the report, a squatter does not have a legal right to the property, but under the law the homeowner cannot remove a squatter by force.

In most cases, the homeowner has to file a civil action in court, prove it’s their property and evict the squatter. That is what Peterson is trying to do.

Squatting is nothing new to Detroit, which has been hit hard by foreclosures and has miles and miles of abandoned homes, including the childhood home of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Peterson said she can’t afford to go anywhere else and is forced to live under the same roof with the squatter until she can legally evict the woman, the report said.

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  • Biff_Maliboo

    Homeowner clearly thought it was ok to lie with a negro at one time, so what’s the problem now? This latest one just wants to share a house.

    • Dr. X

      This is a microcosm of what is happening to the entire country. The white elites are allowing tens of millions of illegal (and legal too, for that matter) Third World minorities to come to the U.S. and act like they own it. 

      This no different than La Raza demanding the reconquista and the  re-Hispanicization of California on a much larger scale. When white residents complain, they’re told by the government that they have to shut up and live with it.

      So goes Detroit, so goes the country. When you think of what an urban jewel Detroit was in the 1940s, it’s just sickening.

      • Dr. X just read were Detroit police said enter at your on risk,we can not protect yo
        u,sounds like Somalia,Oh hell it is like Somalia been there,won’t go back!!!! Been to both places kinda been there done that

      • sunny

         Yes, the White elites. Who else has the power? Why are they destroying their own people?

        • refocus

           They are destroying their own people because they are afraid that our intelligence will eventually supplant them. 

          That is they fear that we will build a parallel universe that does not recognize their claim to fame; the divine right to print money and make war.

          So they give us poison food and vaccines that shorten life as well as cell phones that boil our brains…

          Have I answered your question ?

  • Puggg

    Go to the original article.  The white homeowner has a mixed race child.

    • jedsrael

      There is no such thing as a “mixed race child” from a White women. 

      She may have had mix race sex with a Diversity, but her baby isn’t mixed- it’s 100% Diverse.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I guess you could say she opened her legs up for this problem!

    • dukem1

       This story brings up to me two really unconnected thoughts:
      1. It’s just weird that someone could just move into a house you bought and you have no recourse insofar as getting them out other than making a lawyer or two a couple more bucks; and,
      2. What really puts the velocity on the downward spiral is that the reporter never asks what would seem, in some long ago, civilized land, a very obvious and informative question – i.e. -“So what does your husband think of all this?”
      It just seems to be so taken for granted that there is no such thing as a nuclear family any more.
        What in the world is wrong with these people?
      It’s a strange predicament, but man, do I ever really not care what happens to these morons.

      • Having any dealings with blacks– you’re just setting yourself up for trouble. You might as well just go live on Gilligan’s Island. Me , I have nothing to do with them, so that if I came home to a black “squatter,” within moments, I would no longer have a black “squatter.” If a police officer came by looking for her the next day I’d say, “gee, no officer- haven’t seen this stranger in the photo you’ve shown me. Hope you find her. Can I offer you an ice-cold Fresca?”

        • Jed Sant Devi

          Whites don’t pay attention to what blacks say to themselves about Whites at our own peril.
          If the news would be more widespread, then so would that healthy kind of racism, i.e. Racism, in general, we so desperately need right now.

          Blacks believe that their Dignity requires White disprivileging and dispossession. They can’t have Dignity until Whites suffer. Got it?

          We want to know whay black Dignity can’t start with their exodus back home to Africa, where their Dignity, so called, was born?


          Why blacks voters reject Romney

          At its very core, racism has always been experienced as an attack on dignity. Whether it was referring to a black man as “boy” or to black women by their first names, exiled to the back of the bus or to a separate water fountain, racism was a daily indignity for many early 20th-century blacks. Segregation itself was an attack on dignity. The idea that the very presence of blacks would sully white schools, lunch counters or hotels struck at the dignity of blacks as human beings and fellow Americans.

      • Tim

        Speaking of nuclear families, Every car commercial I used to see would show two or more kids hassling each other in the back seat. Now they show ONE  kid with headphones on staring out the window…

    •  The video shows the kid.  Maybe she can’t afford a lawyer cause the baby daddy doesn’t take care of the kid and she has to pay for everything.

    • John Bonham

      Just watch the video posted in the Amren article .. It shows her holding her diversity baby..

  • Woody Woodpecker

    When I read the story I was quite sympathetic towards the property owner…but then I saw her kid and suddenly lost all interest in her problem.

    • MerlinV

      Hybrid Africans are fairly common in the hell hole that is Detroit. Goes with the territory. Land of the lost.

    •  I saw her crossbreed child as well and lost all sympathy.

      • The__Bobster

        You lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

      • Exoplanet Finder

        As soon as she produced the Diversity baby, and bought a house in Boston-Edison (which is a beautiful neighborhood by the way, if it was anywhere other than Detroit), she became one of the very same people she bore and is currently living with. If she never produces a white child, which I doubt she will, she’ll have joined the ranks of the forever gone, just like President Obama’s mom.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Where’s the title to the house?  The city has no problem finding the owner when tax time rolls around.

    • Exactly.

      There are records. Why is there any question as to who owns the property?

      According to the report, a squatter does not have a legal right to the property, but under the law the homeowner cannot remove a squatter by force.

      The squatter has no legal right to the property. She should at least be arrested for trespassing. She should be in jail. Have the police remove her by force if necessary.

      • Reminds me of the laws regarding illegal invaders in this country. It is
        illegal to be here without permission, but increasingly, authorities are not
        allowed to ask for identification if they suspect someone is illegal because
        that’s “racist.”

        In addition, even is they are found to be illegal, it does not
        mean they will be going anywhere anytime soon. The law clearly is plunging
        towards the left, protecting “squatters,” both foreign and domestic.

        When is enough enough?

    • How right you are.

  • splitsing

    Lay down with dogs and you get fleas.

  • Me Ne Frego

    Yeah I don’t give a damn about her and here problem.  She invited this into her life.  There is a reason that a house that size had a price tag lower than the cost of a new car.  Then again, she should have a certain comfort level with her “neighbor” since she is essentially one of them now.

    • Tim

      I was going to0 drop about $12,000 on a good used truck. Through the miracle of the internet I realized that the house my father was born in appraised for $9500.00 due to its location in a dying Factory coal mine town.  I thought long and hard about re-claiming five generations of family heritage.  No blacks, but way too much white… Snow!!

  • jedsrael

    Not just Detroilet, but look for this trend to reach your “too White” neighborhood near any BRA Diversity Metropolis.

    When blacks move into your house to get back what you “done stole frum us through historic injustices,” do you really think the anti White privilege black police will move them out?

    What better way to destroy White privilege, besides interracial rape, than to force Whites to live in the same house with blacks?

    Destroying White privilege is the Mandate of BRA.

    We’ve barely begun making our “complex and complicated sacrifices for equality and social justice”.  The real pain is ahead…

    • C_C_Conrad

       Of course that means that the real wake up is ahead too. 

      • Exoplanet Finder

        Watch Dr. Zhivago even though it is 3 hours long, for an insight into how this winds up. Also watch the Youtube video on what happened when Detroit in fast forward (the Hillbrow district in Johannesburg, South Africa) shed all its whites at the same time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHk7h71hGxw&feature=related

        • C_C_Conrad

           I really have to wonder what is wrong with white people that they cannot understand this.  It has to be what I call the > Quaker disease.  See Wilderness Empire by Allen W. Eckert.  www. jackswar. com

  • Fox News Channel article about this has this to say:

    “She thinks that this is a program in Detroit to take people’s homes and fix them up and then she gets to keep them,” Heidi Peterson, who bought the home in Detroit’s Boston-Edison District for $23,000, said. “I don’t know what her capabilities are. We’re afraid of her mindset of entitlement.”

    Boston-Edison is the most desirable part of Detroit the city bar none.  For St. Louisans, it reminds me somewhat of the Central West End.  How any house in Boston-Edison, even one that needed a lot of work, could only go for $23,000, makes me suspicious.  Maybe it isn’t in Boston-Edison.


  • ddswaterloo

    Indeed, the woman has voluntarily and foolishly joined herself and her future to a new race and culture.

    Welcome home woman, you have chosen poorly.  You were a fool and worse.

    This is what you get.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Because I can’t get enough of my own cleverness, I’ll write it again:  I guess you could say she opened her legs up for this problem!

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Letting women and children starve in the streets would do wonders for their f’d up attitudes.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Sad but true

      • sarah stein

        If we all stop being politically correct at work, we can get fired, thus stopping the flow of tax dollars to these “I don’t know who the baby daddy is” moms and their bastards, and get a 99 week vacation.  It’s a win win. 

        • Somehow, I wouldn’t grok losing my job as a “win.”

          • sarah stein

            Well you’re already a slave.  Your labor is being taxed at 30 percent, not counting state, sales, and property tax, so what is left just covers shelter, fuel and food. It’s a win because you will no longer labor except for picking up your unemployment check from the mailbox. If everyone goes on unemployment, who’ll pay for all the bastards? If the EBT cards start getting shut off, maybe women will think twice before spitting out useless, resource hogging offpsring.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            It’s more like being treated as a serf of a lower caste than being a slave. We are not in bondage and we can migrate elsewhere if we choose.

      • Guest

        Absolutely!  Back before the government volunteered to become every woman’s ideal husband (pays the bills without fail, doesn’t snore, isn’t jealous, doesn’t need dinner cooked), white women were very conservative in their sexuality, and would rather die than have sex with a Bantu.  Now, our media has been telling us for decades how awesome Bantus are, and our government has removed any negative consequences, and so this is what happens.

        No diverse society can have a social safety net.  I think social safety nets might work in monochromatic places like former Sweden, or Japan, but they simply cannot work in America.  We need to have a real possibility of inconceivably bad consequences.

        There are stories here on Amren of unemployed black men fathering dozens of children, or unemployed illiterate “disabled” black women having a dozen or more.  All of this happens only because there are no negative consequences.

        Back before all this happened, if a woman had a baby without a husband around, she would starve or become a prostitute.  If she picked the wrong guy, who turned out to be unstable, same thing would happen.  If she picked a black guy, same thing but her prostitution services would be at a steep discount.  Women knew this and were very conservative.  This was psychologically healthier for everyone.  It also led to less availability of no-commitment sex, which lead to couples getting married at a younger age, which lead to a lot more white babies.

        Now, we have a situation where the only thing whites are needed for is paying taxes to support massive black and Hispanic families.  Anything to increase the Democratic voter base!

    • blight14


  • Now that we have discovered a certain interracial aspect to this story, be warned that we will be on the lookout for the usual misogynistic intemperate rhetoric that always seems to present when BM/WF stories come up.

    Please don’t respond to this post.

    • Michael C. Scott

      Whyever not?  I get to hear about how my fathering a half-Japanese girl – and then raising her – is an evil of unparalleled wickedness.

      Do we have the usual double-standard here on AmRen as well?

      • Actually, the double standard is the noise we make when a white woman engages in an interracial relationship but the noise we don’t make when a white man does it.

        • 1911ThePunisher45

          What do I care anymore? Let us all die out, our own women are against us.

        • 5n4k33y3s

          That’s not misogyny. Females are the bottleneck of reproduction, not males. It’s racial pragmatism.

          I don’t like to see the word misogyny used without justification. I despise Feminists. I don’t despise women in general.

          • Polyganos

            Hi 5n4k33y3s!

            Certainly the child is innocent of what the mother did but it is not innocent of the result of her immoral actions.

            See under “Barry Soetero”. What we do in our lives does have relevance to those around us. 

          • 5n4k33y3s

            A bastard will almost never accept and understand that his mother’s  infidelity cost him position in society. Instead, the bastard will hate society. An army of angry bastards can topple a great kingdom.

            Therefore, exile the woman, but don’t despise her bastards. Bastards cannot be allowed to usurp the status of those born of intact families, but they must not be treated as if they are non-entities.

          • MarcusTrajanus

            She’s chosen to betray her race and join the black race, she can demand her rights from her black brothers and sisters.

        • MekongDelta69

          [There is no ‘Reply’ to your comment right above.]

          This moderator has been a moderator for more than six years. I have never been told to reject comments from people who openly state they are in or advocate for interracial relationships.

          That’s fine. That’s Jared’s right. It’s his site. He pays the freight and I’d be willing to guess that most of us who have been posting on here since the beginning (and others who have joined in since then) probably agree on 90-95% of most social issues.

          However, there are always those 5-10% about which any one of us may not agree (and if you’ve been a moderator for six years, you know that all too well). And isn’t that for what this forum is supposed to be? An exchange of views of the like-minded 90-95% and the exchange of views of the non like-minded 5-10%?

          • Yes. But if it involves language like “stupid white b***hes and w***res” or allusions to burning or transporting a certain solid fossil fuel, or words like “p***y,” “bimbo,” “slut,” and the like, which is what we get almost every time there’s a BM/WF story, then that’s not an exchange of views, that’s WWE tomfoolery. The main reason why AR needs moderators is for that 5-10% of the time, to make sure the exchange of views is just that, and does not devolve into a shouting cursing match.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            In other words, don’t say Kim Kardashian is a “Coal Burner”…

          • Net_Drifter

            No, even when a woman who is being overbearing and doing the slurring is called on it; the comment that is in reply to her gets taken down. Specifically, my one and only to Diamond Lil. a couple of days ago. No cursing, slurs, or unusual language was used on my part. But, it’s not worth the argument…

          • MekongDelta69

            Ahh – but if you notice, I never said AR didn’t need a moderator (and btw, I’ve never used language like that on here – or if I ever have, it would have been so amazingly rare, that I don’t even remember using it).

            My point was sometimes, two (or more) posts might make the identical (or extremely similar) points (without using ‘bad’ language) and one or two comments might be deleted (or locked) and (an) other(s) won’t be.

            Nobody’s perfect and nobody can catch everything and being a moderator of any site is pretty much mostly a thankless job (unless you get a high six-digit salary – which I doubt!).

            I was simply referring to ideas, not the language used to express those ideas.

          • Another thing to remember is that there is more than one moderator. We all went to the same AR Moderation Boot Camp (on an uncharted Aleutian Island) and had the same drill sergeants, (one of whom did bear a striking resemblance to Hartman) who educated us about what AR expects from comments, and what does and does not make a good comment. Now, it might have taken this moderator in particular time after time of being made to drop and do twenty push-ups because we were yelled out of bed in our barracks at 3 AM and given a hypothetical comment and asked if we would or wouldn’t approve and why. I got it so wrong so often that my arms almost fell off for all the push-ups. However, that doesn’t mean that sometimes, one moderator will do something slightly different from another moderator in the exact same situation.

          • MekongDelta69

            [Again, no ‘Reply’ link to your comment below.]

            Another thing to remember is that there is more than one moderator. (etc.)

            I realize that. Everyone has their own internal standards and rules, in addition to your ‘boot camp.’

            And speaking of boot, I’ve done more “drop and give me fifty” in boot and BUD/s than you will ever do in 10 lifetimes, so please refrain from reminding me of being rolled out of the rack at 0300 to jock up and jump in the pool.

            Thank you for your cooperation in this matter…

          • I remember you saying that once before. This is why I tweaked you with that FMJ reference. And I’m glad to know you saw right through that Aleutian Islands line. In reality, AR Moderators are developed at a sprawling college-type atmosphere on a campus overlooking the site of the battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia. It’s as tough to get into as Yale.

        • 5n4k33y3s

          The reason for the “double standard” between men and women is because women are the bottleneck of reproduction.

          Suppose there is a small tribe with a strong and ancient identity. Their numbers have been decimated by tribal conflict.

          There are only ten women left. A couple of the men of the tribe are tempted by women of another tribe, but the men always return.

          The women say, that’s not fair. That’s a double standard. So they go and fornicate with foreign men. They return and they are rejected and exiled from the tribe.

          Why? Because women are the receptacle, the vessel. Women are defiled by men, socially, and perhaps biologically, but men cannot be defiled by women socially, and men are also unlikely to be defiled biologically by women.

          So the fornicating women, disloyal to their tribe are exiled. Let them find a place among that other tribe. They will lead the virgin girls astray.

          This is how it has always been. This “double standard” is based on biology. Feminists deny it, but no Feminist can ever claim to be a race realist.

          Feminists run around pointing the finger and accusing men of having a “double standard” and being misogynists. This is nonsense. This is misandry. This is not racial realism.

        • toldev

          I don’t think there is a double standard. The reason you here more noise about BM/WF relationships is because more WFs engage in miscegenation more often than white males.

          Also, female white nationalists generally do not want anything to do with a white male who has engaged in miscegenation.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            You’re right about the first point. White society is rotten with Feminism. White women must be properly subjugated.

            On the second point, you’re wrong. The majority of white nationalist females are only females. Like all females, they talk a lot about their virtues but they are weak-willed females.

            All that man has to do is knock down his rivals. Then the most proud woman will writhe at the feet of the uncontested winner. Of course she betray him if she can benefit from betrayal.

            Never put yourself at the mercy of a Feminist. Whether she claims to be a white nationalist, anarchist, communist, her corruption is stronger than any principles she espouses.

            The woman you have described, who holds a man to the same standards as a woman, is by definition a Feminist. She is unworthy of all but the most desperate, pathetic man.

          • Europhile

             It varies by region. In my city, the race-mixing is almost all white men with Asian women.

        • Michael C. Scott

          I don’t have a problem with white women dating Oriental men, since I am not a hypocrite.  Interspecies relationships with Africans who expect taxpayers to pay to raise the products of these liasons are quite a different matter.

          One of my friends in the neighborhood is Thai, and his ex-wife is Irish.  I did some free brake work on their son’s Mitsubishi Eclipse this evening.

          The notion that miscegnation with Africans is somehow the same as miscegnation with northeast Asians is absurd.  Of course, your mileage may vary, and those who advocate Africanization of whites are free to do this with their own bloodlines.

          • Esmithton91

             well said………  I mentioned several months ago that having children with an Asian is much different that having children with a black………. with an Asian you are not stepping off the IQ cliff.

            with a black, you are.

        • John Bonham

           I don’t want to reply ( You asked us not to ) but I have to .. I would say the same thing if a white male took to a black female .. Sorry, I realize you’re the moderator but you’re wrong on this one ….

      • Woody Woodpecker

        “I get to hear about how my fathering a half-Japanese girl…”

        I see nothing wrong with that whatsoever.
        The Japanese are a great people with a long and proud history.
        They are intelligent, industrious, refined, and law abiding people.
        Same goes for the Koreans as well.

        Some posters on Amren fail to distinguish between blacks/mestizos/muslims/south asians and our fellow first worlders. I am not one of them.

        You sound like a good father. I am sure your daughter is a wonderful person.

        • C_C_Conrad

           I accept that the East Asians are a cousin race & I have a high regard for them but I must still courage whites to increase the number s of their own race as much as possible. 
          Nice music too.

          WWW. JACKSWAR. COM

          • Jed Sant Devi

            Why are we worrying about all this interracial business when the WORD IS OUT, just for us, that when we UnDo our White privilege, we finally see that Christ Isn’t White.
            That seems like an expensive UnDoing, don’t you think?


            Deconstructing the Whiteness of Christ

            In their fascinating new book, historians Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey probe the origins of the ‘American Jesus’ and the sometimes harmful, sometimes helpful ways that race interacts with Christianity.
            In their groundbreaking new book The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America, historians Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey embark on a sweeping examination of how Americans came to believe in the whiteness of Jesus. Having grown up white in Oklahoma and New Jersey respectively, Blum and Harvey say they had to “unlearn a lot of white privilege over the years.” Chief among the ideas they sought to reverse in their thinking was the assumption that God is somehow attached to whiteness and white authority.

          • Rebelcelt

            Paul Harvey  should go back to radio!!!

          • “I accept that the East Asians are a cousin race” ???

            So you must also accept that those illegal Amerindians from mexico who are direct descendants of East Asians are also a “cousin race” , hmm?

            There’s no such thing as a cousin race.  Mongoloids have their own race and Whites have nothing to do with them just Negroids.

            That racial differences 101 and this absurd double standard about mongols here is really getting old…


          • C_C_Conrad

             I would not want my communications to be misunderstood.  While I know that the Asians are a competing race, I recognize that the east Asians are a much better race than the Negroid or even Amerindian races.  They are much better at building & maintaining a nation or culture, their IQ is much higher, and they’re less prone to criminal behavior – as well as a number of other things that make them better than some other races.  
                 Our race has always been a race of explorers.  There is something about us that compels us to bridge that river, climb that mountain or cross that ocean.  Because of this we have learned a great number of things from these other races.  We have also helped them in their growth.  There are some indications that we whites helped to spread Buddhism & the Hindu religion as well.  
                 The most important point is not only what we have done in the past, although that is significant, BUT WHAT WE WILL DO IN THE FUTURE!  We MUST protect and improve our biological make up.  We must follow the path that nature has placed before us and make the most of it, all races should do the same.  But of course the weak are destined to fall back into the mud of the evolutionary process.  The word eugenics should be entering your mind at this point.  I encourage all races to do this – stay with your own people & practice natural eugenics.  
                 Here are a couple of books that I would like to recommend – Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America’s Clovis Cultur, The Saga of the Aryan Race, The Arctic Home in the Vedas.  Of course I hope that you would not forget the book Jack’s War. 

        • Germanacus

          Miscegenation destroys the White race. Makes no difference who does it – male or female. The preservation of the White race should be of utmost concern for any White Nationalist/Realist. When that ceases to be the case Amren will have lost its meaning and value for me and most others involved in preserving and protecting the White race.

          • Athling

            Yes, I would agree. I’ve often wondered why those who have no problem with miscegenation, which in fact destroys the white race, would find a website devoted to white interests a place of interest for them. I don’t see that it is. Unless Amren is somehow changing to accommodate miscegenists. I hope that isn’t the case but if it is there are other websites for us.

          • This moderator has been a moderator for more than six years. I have never been told to reject comments from people who openly state they are in or advocate for interracial relationships. AR isn’t “changing” in that regard, it’s just that some stories (such as this one) lend themselves to the selection bias problem of posters openly admitting their interracial relationships.

          • They want to have their cake (living in and benefiting from a white society) while eating it too (selfishly satisfying a fetish which undermines the white society they seek for security).

            Race traitors. Let them start their own ‘I proud of the white race but…’ website and push their own agenda.

            They are liberals in conservative clothing.

            At less than 10% of the world population, race mixing is genocide for whites.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Germanacus wrote: “Miscegenation destroys the White race.”

            A small amount of miscegenation does not destroy any race. There is always miscegnation on the boundaries between racial territories.

            It depends on how much miscegenation is allowed. There is a mathematical formula. Too much miscegenation destroys any race.

            Germanacus wrote: “Makes no difference who does it – male or female.”

            Yes it does make a difference who does it. I am very angry at you for misinforming people.

            If the men of a race are involved in miscegenation, this grows the race and enhances prestige of that race.

            If the women of that race are involved in miscegenation, the race contracts and loses prestige.

          • MissBonnie123

            “If the men of a race are involved in miscegenation, this grows the race and enhances prestige of that race. ”

            If a White man miscegenates with a Black or Mestizo, how does this grow OUR race?

            I am concerned about our race growing.

          • The__Bobster

            Creating a race of superior Bantus through race-mixing does nothing to “enhance the prestige” of the White race.

          •  Agreed re miscegenation, but:

            1. small amounts, very small
            2. close phenotype & someone who can be culturally assimilated – say, Sioux, light Mestizos, perhaps some Northern Indians (dot, not feathers), now & then Koreans and Chinese …
            3. as for blacks- NO.

          • Exoplanet Finder

            This is a shaky theory- do you have anything more to add that might enlighten our readership further on how exactly miscegenation by white men is positive? Is it something like “if men engage in miscegenation AND father white children, this does not matter as much as if white women bare colored children and no white ones?” If that is the rationale, I suppose it holds a small amount of water- else, how is it justified? And in the end, is it really worth it?

          • 5n4k33y35

            MissBonnie123 asks: “If a White man miscegenates with a Black or Mestizo, how does this grow OUR race?”

            This is the racial perspective of Anglos who live on a big island, not the mainland. If you were in the heart of central Asia, or even Europe, centuries ago, you would understand.

            The women of a neighboring ethnic group can be used to expand your own tribe by successive generations of breeding with their women, while jealously keeping your own women subjugated.

            This is what men of other ethnicity and races are doing to Europe. Feminism is an evolutionary disadvantage. Feminists aren’t born, they’re indoctrinated in schools. Feminists don’t even meet the replacement rate for a population.

          • Exoplanet Finder

            Germanacus is right. Open discussion is fine, it is good, but this board is for those beholden to those things and those values which have informed us in our times of strength. The Yellow Peril of a century ago warns us of how seriously earlier generations of white Americans viewed the threat if being run over by East Asia. Entertaining an individual’s feel-good attitude of self-justification towards his own miscegenation on this board is frivolous. Are there attractive East Asian women? Sure. Is there also something you should be thinking about aside from their wiles, difficult as that might be? You’re goddamn right there is.

          • 5n4k33y35

            Exoplanet: I’ve explained my views on race with a bit more precision, which may answer some of your questions.

            Unfortunately, your question didn’t have a reply link, so the link to my comment is here:


          • John Bonham

            Some people post here for kicks and are not very serious about the issues 
            Please , how can YOU make that assumption ? Isn’t very fair of you to think that others do not take these issues very serious .. What kind of comment would lead you to believe that some one is just being a joker and not serious  ?? I’m really curious to find out how you would know this..

        • Tom in MI

          This website is suppose to be concerned about the survival of white people.  It’s idiotic to think that having our people and culture overrun and destroyed by “good Asians” is somehow preferable to having it overrun and destroyed by some other group.

          White men who prefer Asian women should go live in an Asian country and find a different website to post on!

          • 5n4k33y3s

            It doesn’t matter much if some white men choose women of other races, as long as the bulk of white women are kept under control.

            You could lose half the men of a tribe to defection, but as long as you can keep almost all of the women, and they have a good birth rate, your tribe is doing fine.

            You have to accept the double standard between men and women, or else your sympathy for Feminism is undermining white society.

          • Europhile

            That’s an absurd distinction, because the white men don’t leave the tribe with their mongrels, they add the mongrels to their tribe, which then inbreed with the whites.

          • Net_Drifter

            It’s not so much that I care about their choice in mates or find Orientals to be a horrible people on their own, but some appear to think of them as replacement, substitutes for whites, or cultural partners in a society wide sense; I will obviously have a problem with that. 

            It goes without saying that I’ll reject being thought of as inferior to them in my own ‘house’ too.  They can use whatever it supposedly is that makes them superior anywhere else, but not here in the domain of my culture. An American renaissance with them side by side with whites wouldn’t be an American renaissance. 

            These are such obvious points that I don’t why they have to be explained.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Nobody usurps anybody’s identity. Just keep resisting the Feminists, and our prestige will be enhanced.

            You didn’t see me saying anyone is superior to our people. Pointing out the good IQ test scores of Asians is only a rhetorical point to shut the racial hypocrites up. The point is to end “Affirmative Action”.

            It’s not only good for white society. It’s actually good for humanity that Feminists should be ridiculed.

            Also, I won’t concede that blacks are generally better athletes than whites. They’re generally bigger athletes than whites, on average. They have different strengths and weaknesses than whites.

            Overall, it feels pretty awesome to be white, and I believe everyone else must be admiring white society, and myself in particular.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            I can see how it might be hurtful to white society if it were believed that white men prefer women of other races over white women.

            Well… I don’t care. On average, single, never-married white women are unbearable. The never-married, overripe ones are generally incapable of romance and loyalty.

            If a loose and defiant woman would make me into her indentured servant, our sons into bastards, our daughters into trollops, I would prefer to die alone.

            Most white women offer this deal to white men, and nothing more. Feminism has corrupted them. I have no use for them.

            However, I do love white girls. If I married a white girl and then she matured into a white woman, I would still love her.

          • Pearl

            My goodness.  You certainly don’t seem like a well or happy person, at all.  There is an obvious reason why you are not having suitable relationships with women. I’m not trying to be a jerk here- I’m serious- you need help, or else you are destined for quite a miserable life.

          • The__Bobster

            You need to get out more. There ARE decent White women out there.

          • Well… I don’t care. On average, single, never-married white women are
            unbearable. The never-married, overripe ones are generally incapable of
            romance and loyalty.

            You’re wrong and you know that.

          • John Bonham

            Pearl .. I’m a 45 year old male ,married once, it didn’t work out.. I made two wonderful white children that I support in everything they do ..
            I’ll never marry again, And PREFER to be and stay alone..
            You’re saying I need help ?
            I’m not sure but, it sounds like you’re saying that the only normal way is to have a relationship or be married or else you’re sick in the head.. Do I have that about right ??… You don’t find anything wrong with this way of thinking ? If you don’t maybe it is YOU that needs the help ..

        • Korean guy in Toronto

          Just because one finds another race admirable that does not make him or her a race traitor.  We can still respect our own race, and our own culture, while learning and respecting other cultures.  “Our culture is the best culture and other cultures are disgusting.  ” is actually a rather dangerous way.  A culture can improve a lot by observing and learning from other cultures. 

          That being said, there truly is no excuse ever, when the quran justifies sexual violence against women and condemns and blames women who suffered sexual violence.  I agree that muslim culture should vanish from this world as soon as possible for the benefit of all women around the world.  Otherwise, muslim men will continue stoning women to death after they sexually assault them. 

          If a white man recognizes the beauty of a non-white woman, that does not mean he will immediately search for a marriage partner from another race.  If a white woman happens to find a man outside her race very attractive, that does not mean she does not have any respect for her own men. 

          I am South Korean and I do know very well what happened during the World War 2, but I am not going to deny that Japan is an amazing nation.   I did visit Japan twice in my life and it was a blast in all aspects of my trips.  It also was a valuable learning experience for me. 

          And for the white lady who told me  “No I will not date any non-white guys including you!!” in the past,

          That is fine, you do not have to.  I assure you I will neither be disappointed nor ask you to date East Asian guys.   I told the Asian girl who posted here a few weeks ago the same thing.  I do not have any right to tell a woman what type of men to like. 

          I feel I am still a few years away from getting married but,

          I will never spend a minute of my life, trying to convince white
          women who are determined to date within their race, that it is ok to
          date guys from other races once in a while.  Not only is it none of my
          business, but that also would a
          great waste of my time. 

          I just have to find white women who are open to dating East Asian guys, if I truly want to date a white woman.  That will be significantly easier and faster than trying to convince a woman who does not want to do that to do that. 

          Yes I did see a few white girls who told me they were open to dating Asian boys, but none of the white girls who told me that were disrespectful towards men of her own race.  She still was very well-mannered and respectful towards white boys of her age around her and her parents.  And I also noticed that the white girls who were open to dating East Asian boys tended to be very well-educated.  (In the eyes of people who did not work hard while they were in school, they might appear to be “nerdy”….  ) 

          • 5n4k33y3s

            You probably won’t find happiness with a fornicating Feminist. If she fornicates before marriage, she isn’t worth having. Why not just pay for a call girl?

            Do yourself a favor and marry a virgin from Korea. In fact, I might defect to North Korea, if I were in your shoes. You might find a more loyal, younger wife than South Korea.

            Your screed against Muslims was weak. It was a pitifully uninformed caricature.

          • C_C_Conrad

            “Why not just pay for a call girl?”  If a man does that isn’t he a fornicator? 

          • Korean guy in Toronto

             Well you are misinformed in your own ways. 

            It is illegal for any North Korean citizen to marry any man outside North Korea.  (But maybe you were simply joking that I should marry a North Korean woman?)  If a North Korean woman ever attempts to marry a non-North American person, she is going straight to jail. 

            And if you can’t believe me that the quran teaches that it is ok for men to sexually assault women, and stone them to death, you are welcome to go ahead and ask any muslim woman around you, what will happen to them if they ever take the burka off.  I live in a city where I have been seeing tens of muslim women everyday for quite a few years. 

          • Esmithton91

             you must not know much about n. korea.

            and what you would find there.

          • You wouldn’t be having this discussion if you had done us the favor to stay in your country by the way.  

            You’re free to date whoever wants to date you, but remember that you’re nothing but a foreign guest in Toronto. 

            You sir, are in no position to lecture Whites about race and culture in their own countries…

          • C_C_Conrad

            Thanks for your comments.  Just a foot note here.  It is important for white women to date & marry within their own race.  The number of whites in the world is falling fast do to the genocide that is being forced on us . 

          • Korean guy in Toronto

             I have absolutely no interest in seeing or helping the white race coming to an end.  I do have a wonderful Britsh Canadian friend who recently married a white South African man.  He promise me he will be my friend for the rest of his life.  I am sorry I must leave for now, but I will put down a few more words when I am done!! 🙂

        • And you fail to distinguish between clichés and RACE. 

          No matter how advanced you think some mongols are, they are as NON-White as all the others, period.  

          There is also nothing special about raising one’s own child, because most blacks don’t.  That’s what a father is supposed to do and I’m sick and tired of people who think that this is now some kind of accomplishment.  What’s next, you’re a “good” husband because you don’t cheat on your wife ?

          Anybody who justifies miscegenation with any kind of mongol because they are supposedly “our fellow first worlders” is not a White racialist, but a SNOB.  You guys are also the exact same folks who look down on ordinary Whites and I have no sympathy for your elitism.

          It’s also becoming quite obvious that many of you come on AR to seek approval/validation by reading other Whites disliking blacks and mestizos as proof that your mongol buddies/fetish aren’t as bad.

          Well here’s a reality check.  RACE always bats last and that’s the bottom line.  The day the SHTF, it will make no difference to mongols what you think of them or if you had a child with one of them.  They’ll see you as White outsider and nothing else.

          And by the way, here some facts about your “intelligent” and “refined” japanese and koreans:


          DOG MEAT CONSUMPTION IN KOREA:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_meat_consumption_in_South_Koreahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_meat_consumption_in_South_Korea


          • Woody Woodpecker

             “… not a White racialist, but a SNOB.  You guys are also the exact same
            folks who look down on ordinary Whites and I have no sympathy for your

            Depends on what you mean by “ordinary Whites”. If you mean people that may have a lower level of education but are polite, hard working, decent people then I most certainly do not look down upon them.

            But if you are talking about the loud, obnoxious, aggressive, tattooed and pierced types, then yes, you would be correct.

            By the way, I do no come here to seek approval or validation for anything. I come here to complain about blacks, mestizos, and sometimes, muslims. I also like many of the articles.

        • And you fail to distinguish between cultural cliches and RACE. No matter how advanced you think some mongols are, they are as NON-White as all the others, period. There is also nothing special about raising one’s child because blacks usually don’t. That’s what a father is supposed to do. What’s next, you’re a “good” husband because you don’t cheat on your wife ?Anybody who justifies miscegenation with any kind of mongol because they are supposedly “our fellow first worlders” is not a White racialist, but simply a SNOB. You guys are also the exact same folks who look down on ordinary Whites and I have no sympathy for your elitism.It’s also becoming quite obvious that many of you come on AR to seek approval/validation about your mongol buddies/fetish by reading other Whites disliking blacks and mestizos as proof that mongols aren’t as bad.Well here’s a reality check. RACE always bats last and that’s the bottom line. The day the SHTF, it will make no difference to mongols what you think of them. And by the way, here some facts about your “intelligent” and “refined” japanese and koreans:CORRUPTION AND GOVERNMENT SCANDALS IN JAPANhttp://factsanddetails.com/japan.php?itemid=799&catid=22&subcatid=146
          DOG MEAT CONSUMPTION IN KOREA:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_meat_consumption_in_South_Koreahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_meat_consumption_in_South_Korea
          ANIMAL CRUELTY ON JAPANESE TVhttp://www.liveleak.com/view?i=17e_1253959934http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=17e_1253959934DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER IN JAPAN:http://advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advocacy/2009/04/dolphin-slaughter-in-japan/

        • And you fail to distinguish between cultural clichés and RACE. No matter how advanced you think some mongols are, they are as NON-White as all the others, period. There is also nothing special about raising one’s child because blacks usually don’t. That’s what a father is supposed to do. What’s next, you’re a “good” husband because you don’t cheat on your wife ?Anybody who justifies miscegenation with any kind of mongol because they are supposedly “our fellow first worlders” is not a White racialist, but simply a SNOB. You guys are also the exact same folks who look down on ordinary Whites and I have no sympathy for your elitism.It’s also becoming quite obvious that many of you come on AR to seek approval/validation about your mongol buddies/fetish by reading other Whites disliking blacks and mestizos as proof that mongols aren’t as bad.Well here’s a reality check. RACE always bats last and that’s the bottom line. The day the SHTF, it will make no difference to mongols what you think of them. And by the way, here are some facts about your “intelligent” and “refined” japanese and koreans:CORRUPTION AND GOVERNMENT SCANDALS IN JAPAN:
          http://factsanddetails.com/jap…DOG MEAT CONSUMPTION IN KOREA:
          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D…ANIMAL CRUELTY ON JAPANESE TV:
          http://www.liveleak.com/view?i…DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER IN JAPAN:http://advocacy.britannica.com

        • Europhile

           There’s plenty wrong with it if it accelerates the disappearance of the white race. Do you find it acceptable to replace the white race with a hybrid white-Asian population? The Japanese belong in Japan and the Koreans in Korea, not in majority white nations.

          Can you imagine the Japanese becoming a minority in their own land and saying Oh, it’s OK, because the Europeans are intelligent and have an admirable civilization?

          • Woody Woodpecker

            Of course the Japanese would never allow that. And neither should we! I never said that we should have unfettered immigration, or even keep it at the same levels. If you could search for previous posts, you would see that I have often called for a repeal of the 1965 immigration act (along with 64 & 68 civil rights act, AA,EO, hate crimes, great society programs, etc..)

            Basically all I said was that I thought it was OK that the guy (Mr. Scott)  had a half Japanese daughter. And I DO think it is OK. And I DO think that Koreans and Japanese, in general, make good neighbors.
            But  I have never and will never encourage laws or behavior that would hasten the downfall of the White American majority.

            Sheesh!!!  …  🙂

          • C_C_Conrad

             Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, but white countries for everybody???  
            www. jackswar. com

        • The__Bobster

          Race-mixing, no matter what race one mixes with, is genocide.

        • Exoplanet Finder

          The problem is you disappear into the void, just as if you had no children at all, if you have non-white children. Better, in fact, to have none at all, than to add a soldier to one of the other sides.

      • 5n4k33y3s

        I guess you’ve noticed that women are considered to be above reproach. It’s like this almost anywhere you go in the Western society.

        The misandry of Feminists is ubiquitous and stubborn. It takes a lot of determination to put them back in their places.

      • Net_Drifter

        I know this will be removed as “intemperate” but get over yourself. Simple as that.

      •  Do you really get that kind of flack?  Usually the disgust is reserved for b/w and white/mexican “relationships” 

        • 5n4k33y3s

          I’ve seen it myself. Reactionary Feminists are attempting a putsch, in whatever group you find them. The white solidarity scene, atheism, software, even men’s groups, Feminists try to take control.

          In a group concerned with the challenges facing white society, white men who’ve married non-white women are told they ought to be ashamed.

          Men are not like women. Women are the cause of population decline. It is not for the lack of loyalty in men that a population goes into decline. It is for the lack of loyalty in women.

          • MissBonnie123

            White men who miscegenate with nonwhite women are still contributing to White replacement in America. The child generally looks nonwhite and identifies with nonwhites even to the point of having disdain for the White race.

            I would hope that our people would care about our race and have White children to continue our existence on this planet.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            The only reason there is disdain for whites is because we haven’t kept our women in their place for almost three generations now. 

          • C_C_Conrad

             This seems to be mostly correct, just take stroll through Wal-mart. 

      • Korean guy in Toronto


        It is possible for anyone in this world to immigrate to Japan. 

        We also have someone who posts under the login “WhiteGuyInJapan”

        It is just that very few people immigrate to Japan because the social welfare system in Japan does not provide much for those who do not work and most third world immigrants can communicate in English. 

        It is not like Japan is actively involved in keeping itself homogenous. 

        • John Bonham

           Oh how wrong you are … Amazing, how wrong that you are…

          • Magician

            I just did some web research and it does appear that anyone in this world can legally immigrate to Japan and eventually gain the Japanese citizenship

            One thing I felt after reading this person’s post is, if Northern European countries do what Japan is doing, then they will see a significant decrease in the immigration from the third world. ( no free lunch )

            The third world immigrants’ lack of fluency in Japanese is less relevant because they hardly speak English in Northern Europe either

    • Germanacus

      When miscegenation is no longer a point of concern to the White race, being a destroyer of the White race, or Amren chooses to just keep it off the table of discussion, please let us know. I’ll never post here again.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      You raise concern about misogyny, but I would say that misandry is the greater problem. I bet the woman is a trollop.

      • Misandry is just as undesirable as misogyny, but whenever we have a story that involves BM/WF, even as tangentially as this story does, misandry doesn’t present, while misogyny does.

        • 5n4k33y3s

          This is due to white men suffering decades of misandry. It is consensus of prevailing wisdom in the academic sector embraces misandry.

          The reactionary misogyny that you see is because two generations of white men have seen that their society is pitted the women of their generation against them.

          I am personally offended by race betrayal by white women and I discourage it. Nevertheless, I am pleased when women of other races betray their race for white men, especially for me.

          Ultimately, it’s a personal decision in a civil society. But when society becomes uncivil, I’m prepared to treat women as property if circumstances justify it.

          This is only pragmatic. If society breaks down, the women are the booty of war. Not just our women. All women.

        • Men don’t like their women to fool around with others, period. It’s asymmetric.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Looking at the some of the comments on this page, there doesn’t seem to be much sympathy for Ms. Peterson and her mulatto kid. Fair enough. I share the same sentiments.

    But let’s not get away from the more fundamental question here: if somebody INVADES your home, you should be able to SHOOT them. PERIOD!

    • MekongDelta69

      Funny – I just posted that and my post was deleted.

  • Anon

    People, please set aside your hatred for this woman having a black baby.  That is irrelevant to this situation.  Consider instead the rank injustice of her having to go to court to evict a trespasser.  That is just wrong.

    • kjh64

      This is what I say. Regardless of her personal life, the issue is a stranger coming into your house when you are gone for awhile and then taking it over.

      • John Bonham

         Agreed, but it still is a nice and needed discussion … Course, of topic but needed just the same..

    • C_C_Conrad

       I think that we all understand the legal point.  I for one just do not care about the legal problems of a ……….  well, traitor. 

    • Jed Sant Devi

      NOTHING is ever irrelevant when it comes to Race.


      Whites need to realize that everything is racially relevant to Diversity, and since we will soon be a minority under Diversity, we had better prepare via accepting and acknowledging the Racial Relevancy of Everything.

      Therefore, here’s how to interpret this violent video with Racial Relevance:


      If he had hit a White woman as hard as he hit the Diversity, the White woman would have collapsed on the floor with permanent, life altering injuries.

      But in this case, the Diversity takes the most brutal and painful uppercut punches right to her jaw, AND THEN COMES BACK FIGHTING!

      Doesn’t that frighten you to realize just how much brutality the Diversity can withstand and remain a viable fighting force?

      Are blacks the real Nietzschean aristocrats of nobility, strength, and victory, while Whites are the demoralized heard sheep?

      Who’s winning the population demographics war, us or them?

      • 5n4k33y3s

        Could you spare us your pant-wetting fear of black people?

      • 5n4k33y3s

        The girl is tough, but it wasn’t that hard of a punch. You really exaggerate the durability of black people.

        Max Schmeling beat Joe Louis the first time they fought. The Klitchko brothers have done quite well.

        I don’t appreciate the hysterical tone of fear. It’s almost as if you’re a black racialist trolling the white forum to instill fear.

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        I’ve knocked out several blacks, larger than myself. Take up some kick-boxing couple with BJJ or Creco-Roman wrestling classes. For smaller people Judo, Sambo, and Akido will teach you how to subdue larger opponents, and break bones through joint manipulation.

        I’m sick of your’ cowardice “Jed”

        Google “Wladimir Klitchko” “Bas Ruten” “Royce Gracie” “Randy Couture” “Chuck Liddel”  “Matt Hughes” “BJ Penn”

         I’d tell you to google Chuck Norris but that’d be irrelevent because we all know who he is.

        Want to say whites can’t fight again?  I have no patience for defeatists like you.

        I recommend all White men(and white women) take up a very rigorous weight lifting routine. It will boost your confidence, get you stronger, and let you defend youreself with extreme prejudice. 

        • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

          Excellent advice.  Here is:

          Leonid Taranenko’s world record clean and jerk
          [266 kilograms — 585 pounds — hoisted over his head]

          (He sets the record is the 2nd lift in this 3-minute clip)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQZjC7cNbyE

          • 1911ThePunisher45

            That man has no neck! LOL. How would you even go about choking out a guy like that? He could break someone in half!

        • John Bonham

           Perfect !!!

      • C_C_Conrad

         We are going through a “sifting”, the chaff must be sifted out of our race.  Once this is done we’ll take back everything that we have lost.  Don’t over estimate these savages.  A bear is much stronger than I am, but you know who is going to win that fight don’t you? 

    • pc must go

      The baby is not black. She’s mixed race. She’s half black and half white. She also doesn’t look black. She looks mixed race.

      •  For all intents and purposes the child is black.

        • Dr. Möbias

          You are right.  Does the President of the United Stated ever identify as white?

        • Yes, the rugrat’s Bantu features overwhelm the Caucasian features. To consider another case, Jimi Hendrix. He was half-Bantu and half-North American aborigine (a/k/a “American Indian”). I never considered him a half-and-half breed, only a Bantu; since his Bantu phenotype was most prominent.

          • ATBOTL

            Jimmy Hendrix was not half Indian, but he was substantially white.  

            According the Wikipedia, one of his grandfathers was white and the other mulatto.  Supposedly one grandmother was part Cherokee, but that claim needs to be taken with a big grain of salt.  

            Very few blacks have any Indian ancestry according to the DNA.  

          • Be that as it may, but one look at Hendrix, and I had him tabbed as a Bantu. I also heard he was part Cherokee – not surprising, given that there’s a lot of Noth American aborigines living in the Pacific Northwest – Hendrix was born in Seattle.

      • IstvanIN

         She is black.  Period.  If 20 years from now my grandson brought this thing home I wouldn’t wipe my brow and say “at least it is a full African”, I would be heartbroken and probably very angry.  This is clearly a case of devolution.

        • C_C_Conrad

           There is one advantage in all of this, these race mixing defectives will no longer be a part of our gene pool, that will help us to improve in the future. 
          www. jackswar. com

      • MissBonnie123

        More than likely the baby will eventually consider herself Black.

        I remember many years ago when Mariah Carey was on the Oprah program. When Oprah asked her if she considered herself White or Black when she was growing up, she said she saw herself as Black.

        I was actually shocked because, to me, she looks White. But she still identifies with the Blacks.

        I should not have been surprised.

    • Athling

      I would agree that the children of such unholy unions are innocents.

      Societies have four foundational underpinnings: race/ethnicity, culture, language, and religion. The latter three flow from the first. These are the bonds we have with our own people. These distinguish us from all others.

      The way to destroy a society from within is to attack these bonds. Miscegenation attacks the foremost of these — race/ethnicity. Of course we should be concerned about it.

      I understand this is not the primary issue in this story however.

      • IstvanIN

         Innocents or future thugs to attack whites?

    • IstvanIN

       The problem is only white women can make a white baby.  There are very few white woman of child bearing age left in the world.  Many white women either refuse to have children or put it off until it is too late.  The ones that do have children usually only have one or two at most.  Thus when a young white woman decides to have a black baby it brings a great deal of sadness and anger to the rest of us.  We can not afford to continue to go down this road.

      • It’s more than that.  Only a white man and a white woman together can make a white baby.

  • MerlinV

    Detroit: What a hell hole!

  • dhs

    Let’s examinte this: Black female against interracial female.  My reaction: Happy to see my enemies feuding.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Moderator: Why did you pull my comment? It was not intemperate or misogynistic, and the main point of my comment was the right of homeowners to protect their homes. 

    • Because the castle doctrine doesn’t negate the duty of care.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        “Duty of care” to whom? The home invader?
        The “castle doctrine”, by definition, negates the “duty of care”.
        If you invade my castle, expect lots of ‘bow and arrow’ action, with not much thought given to your health and safety.
        I’d have thought as an American you’d understand this. Apparently not.

        • What the castle doctrine does is negate the duty to retreat, not the duty of care. Legit homeowner shoots and kills squatter just because the squatter was in the house, that will very likely get a guilty for murder verdict. Legit homeowner shoots and kills squatter who gave the legit homeowner reason to believe her life was in danger, and this is justifiable homicide. Castle doctrine applies to latter, not former.

          My point is, we just can’t glorify shooting this squatter just because he’s a squatter.

          • carole smith

            Who is glorifying shooting a squatter? But, if my family comes home from vacation and there is a squatter/intruder in our home, he had better start running or praying.  An intruder like this is a danger to the safety of my family and myself.

          • Michael C. Scott

            Oh yes we can.

            Nobody will ever do that in my home because as a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List, I would immediately do what almost everyone else here would just think about.

            I expect almost nothing good out of life outside my family anymore, but my own home is one thing I won’t negotiate over.

            If I had a squatter invade my home, I believe I could make being shot seem like the most fun in the world. 

        • 5n4k33y3s

          The duty of care requires some degree of responsibility in the use of force. A woman is found dead in the home of her boyfriend. She has her own place.

          He admits that he shot her, and claims he thought she was an intruder. He says he had given her a key and then forgotten he gave her a key. He says he hadn’t invited her, and he was nervous because a guy at work had threatened him a week ago.

          The deceased woman’s sister claims the man threatened to kill his girlfriend once during a domestic dispute.

          Even though he was in his own home, and he claims that he mistook her for an intruder, other evidence may have bearing on whether or not he is charged for murder.

          • Michael C. Scott

            Here in Colorado, I require absolutely no proportionality in the use of force.  I didn’t sign any of those treaties.  I am Celtic and American Indian, and I escalate immediately.

            I can’t have rifles or pistols anymore, and my coilgun is a bother, but I have a claymore sharp enough to shave with.  Sayaka has a naginata.  It’s seven feet long and half of it is is also sharp enough to shave with.  She was given it and taught to use it when she was 13.  We spar with wooden “boken”, though she’s no match for me, as I always charge and trip her when we spar.  I try my best to teach Sayaka to fight “dirty”.

            I also always charge and sometimes trip our instructor.  He’s difficult that way and wary.  The only time I have ever beat him was when I was using a quarterstaff. 

      • 5n4k33y3s

        This is true, but one also has to take into account the credibility of the trespasser, and the circumstances of each case.

        If this woman and her squatter should happen to have an altercation which turned violent, there would be no grounds for prosecuting the home owner for the consequences.

        The courts and the cops should do their damned jobs, and evict the squatter.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      I’d tell you why, but my post would’nt last long.

      • MekongDelta69

        Not anymore, but “any means” would be tied to your UserID – Nahmeen?!

        • 1911ThePunisher45

          They better bring some serious fire-power.

    • MekongDelta69

      Mine too (like I said below your comment).

      After I joked about whether “Tracey Elaine Blair” was a missionary or her name was actually “Missionary-Tracey Elaine Blair,” I mentioned defending my home by any means. I guess you’re not allowed to explicitly say what “any means” means anymore.

    • Dr. Möbias

      My comment was deleted too.  What’s going on here?   I did not write anything inappropriate, only that when the law breaks down, as it has in Detroit, vigilantism will rise and people will take matters into their own hands.

      • It’s one thing to observe that it might be a possibility, it’s another thing to wish for it.

        • I wish for it.

          • Michael C. Scott

            I wish for it as well.

            Or as my old friend T.W.C. once said, “Hasten the day!”

        • Michael C. Scott

          Even if we should wish for it?

          • Dr. Möbias

            I wish for it and I will do it if law enforcement will not respond to or uphold the law and leaves me vulnerable to criminals and trespassers, as is the case in Detroit.

            I should leave myself and my family vulnerable to criminals?  Is this the message we should tell other whites?  Tsk Tsk, turn in your guns —  who do you think you are protecting your family against criminals on your own property?  Obama and Eric Holder will come to  your rescue.

  • 1911ThePunisher45

    How hard can it be to dump a body in Detroit? She’s just lazy.

  • Sloppo

    She needs to take up this matter with the local warlord before her tenant starts throwing feces or tries to bite her face off.

  • What surprises me is that there are any white, single women left in Detroit, to begin with. This woman says she cannot afford to move elsewhere. That’s what she gets for thinking  her baby daddy would support her and the rugrat.

    My question is, what was she doing in the year it purportedly took to fix the boiler? 

  • Francis Galton

    Clearly, this “White” woman is dumber than a pile of rocks; or, if I’m being charitable, incredibly naive.  She’s a coal-burner who thought there was nothing untoward about a large “historic” home for only $23,000.  Does she not realize that Boston-Edison and the surrounding area is at least 90% black?  Does she not realize that, as a blonde White woman living in this 90% black area, her life is probably in jeopardy on a daily basis, even without this squatter? 

    She’s not even worth saving or worrying about, quite frankly.  In terms of potential for racial awareness and solidarity, I’d say she’s easily in the bottom 5% of the White population.  Let’s focus our efforts and concerns on Whites who can actually be made to care about their own race.  

    • Tim

      My greatest joy in life is owning and hanging out in  vacant commercial buildings. I saw a  “historic” half a city block warehouse in major rust belt town going for $35,000. I got my pen to put it on the possibles list.  The address was on James Brown Blvd.  I put an X thru the circle around the listing…

    • IstvanIN

       The problem isn’t this race traitor but laws that allow a legal owner and resident of a property to have to hire a lawyer, go to court and spend gobs of money to evict a squatter.  This “woman” is not the owner nor a tenant and the cops should be able to chuck her out on the street.

    • sarah

      You can’t waste time trying to save the idiots, they will only drag you down. Cut em loose and let Darwin weed them out.

  • “She may not be goldilocks…”

    That’s for damn sure.

  • Tony Soprano

    Here is a follow up story entitled. RACIST SHOW NO SYMPATHY FOR WHITE WOMEN WITH SQUATTER LIVING IN HOME BECAUSE OF MIXED RACED BABY. Actually it is very common for a black person to squat with a friend or a relative. So she is learning what its like to be part of the black community which she has willingly become part of.

    • ATBOTL

      Exactly.  There are more deserving recipients of our sympathy. 

  • Freyr

    There is a movement of young Whites back to Detroit lured by the cheap housing and the empty lots. They intend to farm the wilderness of inner Detroit. Some real know how btw – permaculturalists. They’ve already gotten some good yields once the land is cleared of  junk of course. Unfortunately they aren’t nearly as realistic as the first Pioneers and their hand are tied of course in relation to the natives.

    Needless to say, they don’t blame the Blacks for anything nor see them as a particular danger. Crime is just something that happens….

    • How much different is it from living on the frontier and dealing with packs of wolves and marauding bears? The only difference I see it that the frontiersmen were free to shoot wolves and bears. You can’t defend yourself in a PC-driven frontier. Now, if you could, I’m sure cities like Detroit could turn around in a decade.

      NOTE TO MODERATOR: I’m not advocating shooting anyone. I’m being flippant and glib.

      • C_C_Conrad

         If a white is planning to move into such an area they had better get familiar with the laws on gun & self defense.  And find out how a juries will see things in self defense cases. 

  • pc must go

    Some white anarchists squatters did this to a man (white) in Colorado. He left his home for a job somewhere else for about  6 months. Comes back with his family and has to evict them.

    THIS (disgusting , over the top, favor the perceived “under-dog” city eviction laws that take forever to evict tenants, roommates and squatters, like a year) AND IDENTITY POLITICS are the main reasons I can’t be a leftist anymore. I’ve suffered the two too much personally. Identity/racial politics and this. 

    F Liberals for this nonsense. No respect for property rights.

    It should take a day to get a squatter out. 

    A month, at most to get a tenant out. 

    • Michael C. Scott

      It takes a lot less time to get a squatter out if you shoot them.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    I don’t mean this in a bitter way. She wants to live in Detroit and she was obviously had a relationship with a black man. You reap what you sow, this is black culture, this is the world she chose to live in, no sympathy from me.

  • toldev

    While Detroit is a majority black city, it seems it still has housing laws written by white people to deal with white people problems.  This is why this woman can’t simply evict the squatter. The law makers of the past simply never though of this scenario.

    • Dr. Möbias

      There is no law in Detroit, only anarchy and corruption.  This is the result of the race replacement of the founding population.

      If there were laws, it wouldn’t look as it does.

  • LHathaway

    “her baby isn’t mixed- it’s 100% Diverse”.
    Not true. Not even close. A child wont be 100% diverse until it’s completely reverted to black. 

    • IstvanIN

       It is diverse.

  • Makes me wonder.  Where are the cops?

    Oh right.  The Chief of the DPD (black of course) was caught in “muh organ” scandals with someone in his chain of command, which is everyone on the DPD since he was the Chief.

    Also, you can’t expect an almost all black department to side with a non-black person over a black person, can you?  Even though white gentrifiers just might rescue the city’s tax base and finances so that cops’ paychecks don’t bounce.

    • C_C_Conrad

      “The Detroit Police Officers Association is warning citizens and out-of-towners that they enter Detroit at their own risk,…”

  • Dr. Möbias

    The squatter said:  “I’m an advocate for affordable housing.”

    Affordable housing is legalized theft.  

    No one owns property in the USA, they only think they do. Our communist overlords own it for the collective to redistribute as they see fit. You only have the right to pay taxes on property and accept liability for whatever happens.  

    When the government does not protect its citizens, refuses to uphold the law and takes the side of the criminals, the result will be vigilantism to restore order and justice.

    This squatter is welcome to come squat on my property.  In rural areas like mine there is a saying to get around the feds that goes like this:  “Shoot, shovel and shut up.”

  • Spartan24708

    About 8 years ago we rented the basement section of our home. We thought we had a good fit until the guy became very demanding and after about 6 weeks we gave him a proper 15 day notice to vacate. He refused to leave and we had to spend money we didn’t have to take him to court. He got a legal aid attorney- we were not eligible since we “made too much money” and “owned a home” The guy clearly knew how to play the system- after not being able to find him by the sheriff to serve the eviction papers he finally agreed to get his stuff. This was after a police call when he was throwing his 400 pound body against our doorframe after we changed the locks. He also tried to (unsuccessfully) convince a judge that is was his home. We were told by the police that if he began to physically tear the house apart they could do nothing to stop him. He also demanded to use the upstairs shower since his didn’t have a shower curtain and we were told that this was his right. Bottom line- I don’t agree with this woman’s choice to have a mixed baby but she did pay for the house and it is hers.

    • StillModerated

      Do not rent to 400 pound minorities. I have made a similar mistake by renting to a Bolivian woman married to a Thai man. They turned my Inside the Beltway flat into a flop house. We finally got them turned out.

      • Spartan24708

        I agree! After that we interviewed everyone and if they made us the least bit uncomfortable they were not offered the rental.

    • Michael C. Scott

      I had a TSA agent renting the guest room from me here in Colorado Springs for some time.  Eventually he stopped paying rent.  After four months of him freeloading here, I informed him that he was leaving that day and changed the locks and curbed his stuff while he was at work.

      Like other TSA agents, he was a thief, but he didn’t get any grief over that.  He’s currently six years into a three-to-life sentence for molesting children at Fremont Correctional Facility at Canon City, Colorado.  His sentence termination date is December 31, 8888, so unless he lives to be just over 6913 years old, he’ll never be off parole, even assuming they let him out.

      He fliped out when he returned after his shift, noticed his property and discovered his key didn’t fit, and screamed outside that he was calling the police.  I pretended not to be home and just ignored his tantrum.

      • Tim

        I had a similar incident. A “Friend” moved in with me and then quit paying rent. Since he wasn`t paying I couldn`t either. I told him he had better get his stuff and move,as I was in the process of doing… He said that we could “game” the system and stay there about another six months. I knew the landlord better than him and said that he`s just throw his stuff on the street and leave the burden of litigation to him. Which is exactly what happened.  My friend never did make that call…

  • jones

    I say this to all liberal white women (men too):  You have chosen sides.  You have chosen to be against your own people.  Do not come crawling back to us after your little diversity experiment comes crashing down.  We will not help you.  You are no longer one of us.  Go live with your people and see how well they “take care” of you. 

  • I don’t understand what having a “mixed race” child has to do with someone who illegally took over the house owned by this lady…The two are totally unconnected…
    There are suppposed laws to deal with unlawful acts like this that would have gotten rid of the squatter ( I thought that having a deed of ownership granted ownership )… But, in this corrupt, lawless country…

  • As for the child…Is it hers naturally or is the child adopted or in foster care with her ?

    There’s plenty of assuming going on and we all should know what ” assume” means…

    • IstvanIN

       If she wanted a store bought baby she could have picked a white one.

  • Frank

    This is beyond stupid.  Of course the cops in Detroit will not evict a black woman no matter what.  There is no reason for a civil action here.  The cops could show up, examine the Deed I suppose the owner has and evict the squatter.  The squatter has no claim for the lien because she did the work without the owner’s conseent or even knowledge. 

  • TonyWestfield

    Oh, this ungrateful Heidi Peterson!  What homeowner would not feel HONORED to have “a write-in candidate for U.S. President” living under your roof (invited or not)?

    But seriously, I don’t understand the inability of many of our commenters here to empathize with Ms Peterson’s dilemma.  All of us real Americans own a piece of real estate (address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) that has been occupied by a squatter since January 2009.  The squatter even moved his wife and his children and his mother-in-law (!) into the house, and all of them have been enjoying butlers and maids and chefs at a level that would make a four-star hotel look like, well, a hut in Kenya or Indonesia.

    Best news is that the eviction order is to be issued on November 6, and I’m sure the Washington, D.C., police force will do its duty and remove…

    Wait, I just googled the Washington, D.C., police force and saw photos of its leadership.  Looks remarkably like the leadership in Detroit…

    Never mind.

  • Dan Reardon

    I have zero sympathy for this mudshark.

  • nettle

    Two major losing mistakes this woman made:  bred with a black = no husband around to
    help.  Secondly, brought a house in

    Noticed Madison Grant’s book is advertised on this website,
    should have been and should be a textbook in all schools as part of the
    education not the current garbage.  If
    schools like LA want to teach garbage should not be using white tax money. 

  • LHathaway

    “THIS . . . AND IDENTITY POLITICS are the main reasons I can’t be a leftist anymore”.
    Someone who was Still a committed leftist might read this site and say, ~ my gracious, so much hate and bigotry is still alive, we have no choice but to grant this squatter full ownership of the home and live-in police protection. That will teach them. 

  • Woody Woodpecker

    Hello Caracal.

    I just got home from work and was re-reading your reply to my post. You know, the one where you refer to me as a “snob”,  and I had a thought. The tone of your post reminds me very much of an Amren poster named “Stephanie Galonksa”. She had made similar inferences in the past, and what’s more, they were in replies to posts where I had complimented Asians. I am curious now, are you related to Ms. Galonsksa in any way? Your writing style is very similar. She could be cross at times, but she displayed a good sense of humor now and then.

    I am curious about something else too. Why would a staunch White nationalist pick an African cat for a screen name? You have to admit it is kind of ironic.

    Anyway, just curious. Have a nice Sunday.
    Take care.

  • Tired

    At first I felt bad for the woman, but then as soon as I saw her child I lost any sympathy I had for her. I couldn’t care less what happens to her now, she isn’t one of us anymore.  She’s made her bed, now she has to sleep in it!

    Just disgusting…

    • Sloppo

      I feel sorry for her anyway.  Sure, she ruined her life and there’s not much she can do about it now, but I don’t hate or dislike her for her folly.  Instead I wonder what happened to her.  I believe it was likely a failure on the part of her father.  He may have been forced out of the girl’s life by the girl’s mom and a family court judge though.  Or he may have died.  Nevertheless, his job was not done and that girl grew up tragically ignorant.  

    • Jay11

      My second cousin ‘went black’ and has two black kids by two different fathers.  The kids look like there isn’t an ounce of caucasian in them.  It is odd when she comes for family gatherings with her two very feral children who run around and grab and knock things over with no sense of manners at all.  Sad thing is that she is really pretty and could have had a nice life.  Now she works minimum wage jobs, lives in a dump, has 2 kids from two different black guys and there’s no hope of her ever having a nice life.  Why did she do her life in like this?  My aunt said it plainly, “(Her parents) shouldn’t have put her in a majority black high school.”

  • John Bonham

    Yes, a diversity “right in candidate” that pronounces the words  stripped as  stippt -ed , ask as axe  and furniture  as  furnitures….  perfect …  Lets not forget she signed an oaff ..
    Ahhh , what’s the big deal ?? Coal burners usually get burnt and it looks like this one just did.. Course, will she ever learn ?? Not a chance..  I don’t feel sorry at all for her or her baby..
    I will say this, that law is the most stupid law I’ve ever heard of.. Can only be a law where a city is run by democrats, they have the biggest bleeding hearts ..

  • Tampa Bay

    This is the socialist concept or didnt you know?  The abundant must help the poor or less fortunate who are only that becaue of the devious white race who stole everything from the black race. Thats why taxes are only charged against whites and the 47%  Obama laws and why only blacks work for the IRS or other tax departmentd for the state and local govts. If whites dont pay their taxes their property is seized and foreclosed on even for a couple dollars owed only.
    You see if it werent for the white race racism holding the brotha and sistas back for 400 yrs the blacks in America would all be millionaires and successful.

    Of course they dont mention that in general the black race and Africa and all former slave islands in Carribeans is the epitomy of  the deepest darkest 3rd world stank poverty  of such wretchedness is defies logic imaginable with the only explanation a curse on the race genetically. This is why misgenation is critical to “share” the good genes with the black race since they were shortchanged there too by the great supreme white being of white man religion. Thus the great white whale Creator owes them too.

    Blacks refuse to mention also the fact that it was the tribal chiefs in Africa who had been in the slave trade for 1000s of years even before the Europeans mistakenly got into it and needed it like a hole in the head plus the fact that these millions for African black slaves cost outrageous sums for upkeep performing manualy menial soft labor tasks like picking cotten 6 days a week for 6-8 mos maximum annually and cleaning house to get everything free including housing clothing food medicals child care etc in exchange for their services not to mention taking them out of the hellhole jungles.

    Slavery ended very badly for the , unwise as serpents, European American whites to say the least proving it was clearly a trick and lie sales gimmick only from the gitgo with over a million whites killed 150 yrs ago under the socialist marxist mongoloid khazar peasant Lincoln tool and his puppeteer khazar Marx. The only conclusion that is logical is khazars were behind slavery to the west and also behind the end of white slavery in Europe who built and maintained all of that continent and its great civilizations and cities for 1000s of yrs.
    But in the end the African black slaves cannot be responsible for a single particle of blame as they had absolutely nothing to do with it entire situation as they are only being who they were gentically programmed to be.  Whites need to look in the mirror and dont say you werent warned. Bitching and whining wont help at this stage of the game either. Blame your white ancestors.

  • It’s injustice and it should be corrected, but, frankly, after I’ve seen her child, I cannot feel anything more than a minimum of empathy reserved for any sentient human being …
    She went black and is now a part of that subculture at all levels.

  • Just to add a brief remark, which is OT re the article, but not with regard to the thread of comments: anybody who has spent enough time at Internet & read the chosen topics, can easily come to the same conclusion: men of any ethnic and racial group accuse women of that group as “traitors”- and in some cases women accuse men.

    In our case, white females are accused of consorting with blacks, while white men of Asian and Latin fetish.

    As for Jews- females accuse males of shiksa and Asian fetish & unwillingness to commit, while males accuse females of greedy materialism and ” shegetz” fixation. Jews marry out at ca. 50% rate, males & females equally in past 20-30 yrs.

    Blacks- males- accuse black females as white man’s sex slaves & KKK “secret allies”, while black women claim that a black man would take any white woman over even successful and attractive black female.

    I haven’t seen Asian & Latino squabbles, so I can’t say anything about that. Just, the general tenor is, across most US races, something like: you (female or male of the race) are a traitor and disgrace to our kin/tribe/race….

    I suspect that only Hispanics are not too touchy, because they’re already mixed & consider marrying out to the whites as stepping up on the social ladder.

  • Eurobeing

    if you lay down with black dogs you’ll be lucky if all you get is fleas.

  • HamletsGhost

    What is happening with this story is the story of American race relations writ small. Blacks have been squatters in this country since 1865. They refuse to leave, and they’ve stopped paying rent since the 1960s.

    They’re also wrecking the joint. And the law in on their side.

    • pc must go

      Many liberals and Non-whites would say the same of whites- that they stole it from Native Americans.

  • Lee

    Sorry, too much of this story doesn’t make sense.

    1.  I’m pretty sure someone can’t just go to the courthouse and file a lien on your property.  There must be some type of notification which give the property owner a period of time to respond.

    2.  White lady cannot afford to live anywhere else, but has been away for a year while repairs were done and she didn’t “notice” someone living in her property??  Now, she has to move in with this “squatter” because she has nowhere else to go?

    3.  If the black lady was a “former” tenant, that is probably the reason she can’t have her forcibly removed, because there is a question about the legitimacy of her claim.  Basically, you cannot evict a tenant without a hearing, which is what this sounds like.  Someone who is truly squatting in your property is trespassing and does not have legal standing and you can have them removed.

    I, like many of the other posters, lost any empathy for this white lady when I saw her kid.

    • Michael C. Scott

      No, you can easily evict a tennant by killing them.

      For my own death penalty, I would prefer gibbetting (hanging in chains) while still alive, burning at the stake, or being hanged, drawn and quartered.  Perhaps some combination of these could be arranged.

      Nobody does any of these anymore, but Saudi Arabia still carries out public executions with beheading by sword.  I wonder if I did anything there if they would be willing to use my own sword. 

      I’ll go for burning at the stake or gibbetting while alive, only because I can’t think of anything worse people can do to one another.  Eventually, we’re all dead men, and cancer or a heart attack seem so bothersome.

      Nobody has been gibbetted while alive in a very long time.


      • Angry White Woman

        Oh come on Michael, exersize a little imagination! Anyone can think of far worse things that people can do to one another. I can’t imagine you’re squeamish since you mention things such as gibbetting, drawing and quartering, burning at the stake and so on.  Go a little farther and think of things such as wrapping a person in a green hide and staking them out in the sun, shooting flaming, pitch dipped slivers under their fingernails, staking them out on an anthill… the American Indians had many cute little tricks of that nature; surely you  learned about some of them in grade school. Ancient defenders of European castles poured boiling oil on those besieging their castles, that can’t have been too pleasant. Mideval executioners used the tumbrel and the rack, methodically breaking every bone in the living victim’s body before delivering the final blow. Early White Americans (think Salem witchcraft trials) used stretching, dipping, and pressing to death….None of these things are practical  in today’s world, (especially in the news story under discussion above) but then neither are your examples.

        • Michael C. Scott

          Wrapped in a green hide while gibbetted alive for a few days after racking and then disemboweled and then burned at the stake?  We can mix and match this stuff.

          Collect the whole set?

          It still beats cancer.  Some of my best friends have died of cancer.

          The Salem man who was pressed to death asked for more weight, which suggests he wasn’t appreciating the experience.  We all die; even a kitten can do it, so it ain’t no thing.

          I once suggested tornado surfing as a new “extreme” sport; all one needs is a surfboard and a funnel cloud, but there was a fire tornado during the Colorado Springs fire this summer.  A fire tornado looks like the absolute end of the world.  It was so very cool.  Fire tornado surfing would be the ultimate extreme sport. With gasoline and no handgun.


  • Jay11

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to take responsibility for their own actions.  This poor lady slept around with someone who probably was not good husband material.  She was left holding a biracial child.  This will automatically turn off any white men, even liberals (who are often hypocrites), from marrying her ever.  Black guys don’t marry women of any race most of the time, so all she can expect is more one night stands or chaotic ‘hip hop’ relationships that go nowhere.  Probably 2-3 more mixed kids too.

    She chose to move to a city that is renowned for its danger and third world way of life.  She cannot plead ignorance on this.  She bought a dump of a house.  Moved out ‘for a year’ which means she was probably shacking up with another dude or living on her parents’ couch.  Then what was she planning to do, put her kids in Detroit public schools?

    Clearly this woman is living without any type of guidance or support network.  If the patriarchy hadn’t of been destroyed by liberal white women some 20 years ago, this girl would have had a strong father figure to teach her to make better choices.

    I am afraid I side with those who do not pity this woman.  How can you feel sorry for someone whose house has been taken over by a bantu squatter when she chose that kind of life for herself by her own actions?

  • John

    Something is odd about this story. It’s almost as though they both want attention for their (laughable)political-office goals. It’s clear that the White woman enjoys co-habitating with Blacks, procreating with Blacks, bedding down with Blacks, and she even has a little Black baby. Why is she upset again? It looks like she has clearly reached that diversity Mecca that White trash like her pines for.

  • SLCain

    The comments section concludes with the usual epitaph to stories about diversity as it really is:

    “We are no longer accepting comments on this article.”

  • Toddy Grimwall

    As far as I’m concerned when she leaves the locks would be changed and her furniture would be gone….. What proof do you have ? She’s insane! Take a good look at her and think she was running for president ! Obviously NUTS!