Somalis ‘Should Leave Culture at Door’ Remark by Maine Mayor Stirs Outrage

Sevil Omer, NBC News, October 5, 2012

Community leaders are demanding the resignation of a Maine mayor who said Somali immigrants living in his city should “accept our culture and leave your culture at the door.”

Organizers of Maine People’s Alliance say the group has collected at least 1,400 signatures calling for Lewiston Mayor Robert E. Macdonald to step down over his remarks in September to the British Broadcasting Corp. that Somali immigrants were costing his city a lot of money, then saying they should “accept our culture and leave your culture at the door.”


“It’s not just one remark, but a dozen or so,” Mike Tipping, spokesman for the Maine Alliance in Portland, Maine, told NBC News on Thursday. He said his group also created a video compilation of a dozen or so of the mayor’s public remarks.

About 6,000 Somali immigrants have settled into this former mill town in search of affordable housing and a safe place to live.

Somali community leaders said residents in the state’s second-largest city have been welcoming—except for the mayor.


Macdonald has since tried to clarify his comments, saying immigrants should try and assimilate into American culture, not that they need to give up their language, religion or traditions.


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  • Oil Can Harry

    So now it’s racist to ask immigrants to assimilate?

    • I don’t think these are “immigrants” per se–they’re actually (highly spoiled) refugees, which means that U.S. taxpayers pay to fly them over from Somalia and various U.S. government agencies get rich off the taxpayers taking care of their needs and costs.  It’s those same government agencies who then clamor for more and more refugees to keep their gravy train running.  Refugee Resettlement Watch ( ) does a good job of covering the refugee racket.    

  • I wonder how long it will be before the inevitable, utterly pointless, grovelling apology. Just once I’d like to see someone push back and stand their ground.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    “Macdonald has since tried to clarify his comments, saying immigrants should try to assimilate into American culture, not that they need to give up their language, religion, or traditions.


    • Defiant White

      I picked up on that too.  Like i said . . . what a weasel.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Typical.  When it comes to refugees and illegal immigrants, people like to point to employers as bad guys, which is partially true.  People should also turn their ire to the slumlords who are eager to get government-subsidized rent from refugees or under the table rent from illegals.  And the rest of us pay the cost.

  • Defiant White

    1)  QUOTE:  “The remarks are painful, hurtful and . . . We demand an apology and a plan from his office on ”

    Hey Jama, wise up a little.  “Painful and hurtful” . . . what like a 12-year old high on jenkem spraying your house with an AK-47 . . . as happens regularly in the motherland?  Words mean something.  Stop hyper-ventilating.

    The mayor just said what we all feel:  You’re in America.  Speak english, learn our customs or go home.

    2)  QUOTE:  “Macdonald has since tried to clarify his comments, saying immigrants should try and assimilate into American culture, not that they need to give up their language, religion or traditions.”

    What a weasel.  I knew he’d cave.  So, Mr. Mayor, you say you want them to assimilate . . . but not give up their language, religion or traditions?  That makes no sense and it makes you a coward.

    ASSIMILATION involves exactly that . . . they give up some old ways in exchange for new ways.  They can jabber away in their mother-tongue at home.  But in public, speak english.  They accept our religious and moral behaviors, not try to substitute islam or some goat-worshipping religion they brought with them that says it’s OK to murder your wife and daughter if they displease you.  They bathe and dress like Americans, not swaddle themselves in bed sheets.

    If these people are not here to assimilate with us then what are they here for?

    To colonize?  To conquer?

  • Quite frankly, I don’t want Somalians to “assimilate” with White Americans in Maine.

    They shouldn’t be forced to “leave” their “culture at the door.”

    We should be STOPPING Somalians AT the door and SLAMMING it in their FACES.

     We already have over 40 million Negroes, we surely don’t need any more.

    More Black People = More Detroit

    Do you want more Detroit in your life?

  • jedsrael

    We want the Somolia Diversity to be imported into the neighborhoods most burdened by their unearned racist White privilege.

    Nothing like voodoo to unburden undeserved Whiteness.

  • Puggg

    Is not allowing Somali immigration an option?  Somalians will never and can never “assimilate.”

    • Oil Can Harry

      Actually Somalis WILL assimilate w/American blacks.

      After all, many Somalis are pirates while many black men live “on the down low” as butt pirates. 

    • The__Bobster

      Ask the UN and the elites who demand it.

  • “About 6,000 Somali immigrants have settled into this former mill town in search of affordable housing and a safe place to live.”

    Affordable housing = Government subsidized housing.

    A safe place to live = With White people.

    PS: There shouldn’t be any Somalis in Maine. These fools deliberately brought them there and I bet the mayor (or at least the previous one) supported it and thought it was a great idea.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    So now it begins in Maine… a never ending walk on eggshells for the life-long residents and still losing their entire city slowly, day by day, to the black invaders. The biggest problem and the most bewildering is the 1,400 demented souls who signed the petition for the Mayor’s removal. They’re even worse than the invaders.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t have mass immigration from countries with radically different ethno-cultural and religious backgrounds.  Instead, we should focus on immigrants that actually can assimilate.  Can’t these treasonous fools in the government realize that your average Australian integrates into our society much easier than your average Somali?  Either our elites are incredibly stupid, or they have a devious hidden agenda to destroy Western civilization.

    • IstvanIN

       I think you’ve got it.  A country that couldn’t integrate its 10% black population certainly did not need to become more diverse by passing the 1965 immigration bill.  The melting pot was working reasonably well with small numbers of European immigrants, even though the Irish and Italians considered themselves “Irish” and “Italian” first to a large degree.  But even that would have faded away slowly had we stuck with the 1922 immigration law.  We were too successful and the elites had to end that.

      As one of my grandmothers said back in the early 1990s: “They’ve raped every country they have been allowed in”.

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        And yet we aren’t even allowed to say who “they” are, not even on this website.

      • The__Bobster

        And kicked out over 100 times.

    • C_C_Conrad

       Not liberals.  Not since 1965.  White genocide has always been their plan.  Read about the Quakers in Wilderness Empire. 

    • The__Bobster

      We don’t need immigration at all…from anywhere.

      We’re full up and it’ll take decades to bring down the real unemployment rate from the current 22+% to full employment.

  • 1Forced_Registration

    I don’t know, I’m sure he will tone down slightly, but what he really needs is some words of encouragement, and the reminder that those speaking against him are primarily motivated by anti-white, and anti-white male in particular ideologies.  American’s have a culture, and values that are worth defending; not just for us, but for generations to come!

    Drop him a line of encouragement to keep speaking the truth plainly at: 

    [email protected]

  • 1Forced_Registration

    Much of liberal thought focuses on “fairness”, but they seldom take into account or even think about what is fair, and right for the majority population already living here. Many of them have been so schooled in victim-hood that they cannot break out of that role, or even the one they wish to don as the “protector of victim’s” to think about the issue from other sides.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Somali government?  Haha, good one

  • Ulick

    Your post captures perfectly the conundrum that black people have — they hate whites, but they know they need whites.  Both sentiments spring from the unspoken and uncomfortable acknowledgement that blacks may be inferior or, at the leats, creat inferior environments.  This deep down sense of inferiority is why many blacks re so angry in comparison to other races.

  • it is a third world ghetto we, as commoners, live in.  The gated communities in their ivory towers have it pretty well made. It is when martial law has to come ,  that is when the price will be paid.

  • Pelayo

    Unless I’m very mistaken, weren’t they Somali teenagers who were going around in one of the Twin Cities punching out White people and recording it on the (probably free) cell phones?
    I remember reading that Lewiston had problems before with honor killings and rapes. It’s interesting that the social engineers chose Maine, arguably one of the Whitest states in the US to begin their program of city degradation. These people who were refugees from violence in their own s–t hole of a country come here and immediately recognize what wimps the indigenous White population are,  begin their work of converting Lewiston into another s–t hole.

    • IstvanIN

       The idea is to give us no place to run when the final genocidal movement begins.  Surrounded on all sides is what they want.  No white strongholds.  No place to hide.  They have planned well, won the war without a shot.

  • Pelayo

    “Then they’ll most likely find a way to “reach out” to the group of people they “offended”. ”
    And guaranteed- at the expense of the REAL White citizens of Lewiston.

  • Pelayo

    Don’t forget the murder of their own daughters should they (daughters) desire to assimilate into the host culture. 
    Bottom line is that none of them should be here. We’re too different. 

  • Pelayo

    Someone who posted to the original article talked about the Mayor being a hypocrite since much of the population is of French-Canadian heritage and that French can still be heard being spoken on the streets of Lewiston. This horse’s A$$ apparently thinks that he/she is making a valid comparison as if there were no common connection between English and Bi-lingual speakers. How about that their both White and have a common Euro culture? 

    • Musitanob

       To the moderator. “Horse’s tail”?   That really reduces the impact and completely nullifies  Hoffman’s Theory.

  • Pelayo

    I would very much like to see those stats.

    • Crime rate is on the upswing. I read several sites on crime that were mainly real estate info. Also discovered the racial make up of their school system. This and other factors led me to cross off New England as an eventual retirement location.

  • sarah stein

    We don’t have enough qualified Americans to work in the chicken plants. We need more Somalis.

    • The__Bobster

      What’s the matter, Sarah? Do illegal aliens cost too much now? 

      • sarah stein

        Being sarcastic.  Like IT, engineering, and the medical profession, the government always says there are not enough qualified Americans, code for not enough Americans who’ll work for a dollar a day. They then bring in people from other countries on work visas who’ll work for a green card. Congress can’t raise the visa cap high enough.

    • Beth

      Somalis are being brought to communities that have meat packing plants of various kinds.  If you remember the little town of Postville, Iowa that had illegal Mexicans working in the meat packing plant, the INS did a raid removing the illegal Mexicans.   Gues what?  The meat packing  owners quickly replaced the illegal Mexicans  with *legal*Somali *refugees* who are now living in a small town of only several thousand people.

  • IstvanIN

     New Scotland, like Original Scotland, already has an African population.

    •  The black population of NS is just over two percent, and composed mainly of freed and/or runaway slaves who have lived here for hundreds of years. The main stream of Muslim immigration to the province in recent years comes from the Middle East, but that being said outside of Halifax and Sydney practically every town is ethnically homogeneous (whether that be northern European or Micmac Indian). Chronic underemployment and isolation from the rest of Canada make most of NS an unattractive destination for newcomers.

      • IstvanIN

         An infection is still an infection.

  • IstvanIN

     Doesn’t surprise me.  African’s use albinos for magic and hunt pygmies.  Nothing they do should surprise anyone any more.

  • IstvanIN

     MSM wouldn’t want to hurt the Somalis image.  Much more important than reporting the truth.

  • IstvanIN

    He needs to point out the obvious: our culture put a man on the moon.  Their culture has produced a failed society.  They need to adopt our culture or go home.  Of course they can not adopt our culture, but someone should point out the obvious.  All cultures are not equal.

  • sarah stein

     Because they will be fired, blocked from future employment, lose they’re mortgage, wife and children.

    • The__Bobster

      Identify the people doing this and send them back to Somoolia, too.

  • ed91

     black hog down.

  • ed91

     Deal with people that have the intelligence and personality of angry retarded children never seems to work out very well.

    I suppose we’ll just have to continue trying until it does.


  • ed91

     it isn’t we, its others ——  our elite betters?

    I’m not sure, I’m too busy working and raising children to investigate.
    Now what?

  • ed91

     sarah’s or one of her relative’s  future beatdown will give her a different perspective.

    • Barrack Osama

       Unfortunately it’s more likely she’ll practice some delusional form of white flight while performing mental gymnastics to justify herself and continue with her crap until the end of her days.

  • Snowhitey

    This is why they can wear a Mexican flag on their t-shirts and you have to hide the American flag on yours.  Fight globalism and alienate globalists.

  • Mealy mouth mayor,stand up be a man,tell it like it is!!!!!

  • C_C_Conrad

     “The heart of contemporary American liberalism has its roots in the myth
    of equality. There’s nothing more effective in turning a
    diversity-loving liberal into a race-realist conservative than exposing
    him to diversity at its finest.”

    This why I recommend the book Wilderness Empire by Allen W. Eckert.  If you read the parts about the Quakers (see the index)  and what they did & why they did it you will learn the cure for the disease that we now call liberal. 

  • C_C_Conrad

     That’s like asking them to go back to hell.  They would do that willingly. 

  • C_C_Conrad

    Pavlovian-like reflex?  Does that mean that they are just dogs?   Maybe as stupid as dogs.  

  • C_C_Conrad

     Stop running.   Why go to Europe & push someone out of that area, why not do it here? 

  • The MSM. Are you serious?

  • If you showed up with a sandwich, even a ham one, they’d make you king.

    • The__Bobster

      Or the main course.

  • Another guess:  Bush.

    We’ve been talking about the Somalilandization of Lewiston, Maine on AR and in other closely linked WN/RR media since not long after 9/11.  I suspect it started under Clinton, as a result of the botched “humanitarian” mission to Somalia, which Bush 41 started during his last month as President and Clinton inherited.  Good ole invade the world invite the world again.

    • IstvanIN

       Bush 43 was a bad man.  I’d use the “E” word but was told I couldn’t.

  • ed91

     the skinnies or is it skinny’s

  • ed91

     libs think blacks will catch up any day now, or at least in a couple of more generations, so your great grandchildren will be wondering wtf we were thinking about.

    Just like I’m wondering what America was thinking about 100 yrs ago before this got out of hand.

    • Barrack Osama

       They’ll wonder what the hell we were thinking all right, just as we now wonder what the hell flat-earthers thought in the days of Galileo.

  • idissent

    From what I had read about this a few years ago in an article in a local paper in Chattanooga,
    TN and how these somalians ended up in a White state such a Maine in the first place is:

     First of all they were brought here by the church (good ol’ religion at work) and they had been placed somewhere in Texas, but the blacks did not accept them and there were fights breaking out amongst the tribes (imagine that).    A scout was sent out to find a better place where they would then be accepted and welcomed with open arms and feel safe, warm and fuzzy. 

    So, they were not accepted by their own race and had to find refuge in a White state.  Let’s  see, Hummm,  

    White = safe place to live
    White = plenty of freebies
    White = no resistance to foreign people with nothing in common with native White people
    White = plenty of White girls and boys to mix it up with the Somalis
    White = no sense of racial pride
    White = Good bye!

    • The__Bobster

      A lot of the Somoolies in Maine came from Atlanta. It seems our native Bantus didn’t get along with the imported Bantus and didn’t treat them too well.

      But why Lewiston, of all places? Because the Somalis deliberately selected it. Located mainly in Atlanta, Somali immigrants really didn’t like the City Too Busy to Hate—because, among other reasons, local blacks harassed their children at school—and so they sent out search teams to look for a better place to settle. They found it in Lewiston, where welfare payments were even higher than in Atlanta. “The young men tell us, ‘This is a dream place,'” said one Somali elder. “They see the unemployment rate is low. There is housing and close family values like Somalia.”

  • idissent

    You are so right!

    It is completely deliberate, and planned out years in advance.   They know exactly how, where, and to whom.   It is a planned Genocide of the White race, they have just figured out a different way in which to do it.    Brainwash, demoralize, depopulate and replace.

  • The__Bobster

    It didn’t start in earnest until 1968, three years after the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965. We all know who was responsible for that travesty.

    • blight14

       The ‘Never Again’ virus carriers……

  • IstvanIN

     I believe you.

  • Beth

    You can learn all about the *refugee* problem from this website:

  • Beth

    Libs are not just insane, they are pathological haters of humanity.  Forget all of their talk about love and compassion, they are only lying.

  • anarchyst

    You are absolutely correct.  Look at our blacks that have been here for over three-hundred years and STILL refuse to totally assimilate . . .

  • blight14

     I believe the term is ‘Never Again’………..I submit that there WILL be an ‘again’…….

  • blight14

    What exactly do they mean by ‘culture’ for goodness sakes? Jenkem and khat? 

  • Don’t forget that the ‘dear one’ is planning to import 80,000 muzzies next year…….

  • MartelC

    and a safe place to live.That’s why they get involved in gangs, drug dealing, and ‘violence for fun” (such as knocking whites off bikes and recording it with a phone cam and posting it on youtube.
    Organizers of Maine People’s Alliance 
    Who are these people? Will they be so glib when their daughters are raped and defiant Somalis shrug their shoulder and say ‘so what she’s a white slut’ (as they do in Sweden)

    About 6,000 Somali immigrants have settled into this former mill town This was done intentionally by diversicracts because Maine is 95% white – ‘dangerously white’ in the words of a UK diversicrat.Globalist want to make sure that NO area will offer ‘resistance to dismantling the nation-state – and that’s why they are desperate to bring in whom ever even if they rob rape and steal – anything that replaces the majority is ‘good”

  • SLCain

    The best way to leave Somali culture at the door is to leave Somalis in Somalia.  The last time I was at SEATAC airport in Washington, subjecting myself to the latest outrages perpetrated against american citizens by the TSA blue-shirts, there were large numbers of Somalis working in the airport concession shops (the ones behind the security cordon).  Like Lewiston and Minneapolis, Seattle has also been designated by the State Department, and all those nice white church-lady groups who work with it, as a relocation destination for Somali refugees, presumably because it is still a mostly white area.  So these people, from a nation that we were at war with only twenty years ago, whose system of government is based on the distribution of food-aid, whose chief industry is piracy, and whose national pastime is jihad, are now brought here to work in the secure areas of airports, to which we cannot gain entry until after we have been treated like dangerous criminals.

    I would say that I am disillusioned with my nation and my government, except that it really isn’t my nation anymore, and it certainly isn’t my government anymore.

  • “Seems too insane even for Africans”.
    Stop projecting your White sanity on these savages.  Africans  are nowhere near as civilized, compassionate or rational as us.
    Slavery, chopping off limbs and even cannibalism are still going on over there.  Seriously, what more can you possibly need ?
    DESCENT BASED SLAVERY in Niger, Mali and Mauritania:
    Somalian court delays CHOPPING OFF accused thieves’ limbs:


  • Guest

    Here’s my question: when are they leaving? We have had enough of this. This genocidal social experiment is OVER. They are not welcome here and they MUST leave. If the government does not revert back to sanity, then the people will act. Extreme tyranny has always sparked revolution. Our country’s rapid decline is no exception. A white revolt will happen. 

  • RileyDeWiley

     Ritual combat is not uncommon among primitive peoples. I have not heard of this particular form, but similar scenes have been very well documented in the South Pacific, for example.

  • Fredrik_H

    The really hilarious part is that in my country of Sweden, The US and the UK are usually brought forward as shining examples to look for when it comes to somali integration. 

    You think you have it bad? We have communities where the percentage of somalis that work are as low as 4%. Try running a welfare system on those numbers! 

  • m

    This is complete B.S. I live in Minnesota in a densely Somali populated area and it is a complete nightmare. While my boyfriend and I go to work the Somali population our on their way to do absolutely nothgin for the day. Oh yeah, while my boyfriend and I are struggling to afford a new care and apply for a home loan, I see a Somali pull up in a. While I’m being drowned out by the oils they wear, and go outside to get some fresh air I don’t smell fresh air I smell oils in the air. While I try to clean up after my environment I watch them throw trash all over the ground. When everyone else who comes to this country to make a living and be a positive contribution to our community, they trash and could care less about English and wait for somebody to do it for them. Oh and did I mention bedbugs, cockroaches and everything else that did not exist before they came. Thank you United States.