Report: Illegal Drivers Behind High Hit-and-Run Rate in LA

CBS Los Angeles, October 11, 2012

The number of hit-and-run accidents in Los Angeles is four times higher than the national average, with one in five fatal crashes involving an unlicensed driver, according to a new report.

Don Rosenberg, the founder of, told KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO that an estimated 750,000 illegal immigrants live in the L.A. area and those who drive could pose “an immense threat to society”.

“The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports unlicensed drivers are five times more likely to kill, they will flee the scene over 50 percent of the time, five times more likely to drive drunk,” said Rosenberg.

In a whitepaper compiling statistics of hit-and-run accidents, Rosenberg found that unlicensed drivers were involved in more than 7,600 fatal crashes—about 20 percent of fatal crashes nationwide.

There were an estimated 21,000 hit-and-run collisions that were reported as “accidents” in Los Angeles in 2010 alone, according to the study.

“In Los Angeles in terms of hit-and-runs, it’s way outside the norm,” said Rosenberg. “On a national level, there’s about 11 percent of traffic collisions end up being hit-and-runs…in Los Angeles, it’s 50 percent.”


Click here to read the entire report (PDF).


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  • Periapsis

    Worse yet, you can be these gang bangers will use their cars to kill people in apparent “hit and runs,” using stolen vehicles. That means our children and older relatives are very likely to be targeted by these fiends as pedestrians. I have personally seen Hispanic illegals driving while very drunk in my local area, and one of them nearly killed me in a head-on collision when he swerved into my lane and charged straight at me. He of course sped away after wrecking my car, and I was left with the bill. Whoever this person is, he better hope I never find him.

    • kjh64

      About 2 years ago, my mom was hit head on by an illegal who ran a red a light at a high rate of speed. Fortunately, she was not injured but her car was totalled. The man couldn’t not speak english and had no license, though surpisingly had insurance and was not drunk. However, his insurance was from some hispanic owned insurance agency that would drag its’ feet  so her insurance had to take care of it.  It was a major hassle. This was in sanctuary  city Austin, Texas. Of course the police couldn’t question his immigration status. All he got was a ticket for running a red light. That’s it. I’m surprised he got that.

  • mutt3003

    California will rectify this situation soon. Give all illegals a drivers license. This way they can flee the scene of an accident legally. Except for being uninsured, uninspected and probably in a stolen car anyway, what’s the fuss?

    • Invictus_1

       I know you’re trying to be sarcastic, but fleeing an accident scene (as in hit and run) is still illegal, even if one has a license.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         But it’s OK if you are a Mexican. An uninsured Mexican hit my father’s car and took off. The police found him later and did nothing because he was an illegal and had no money, so it was a waste to send him to jail.

      • Guest

         One thing you should know is that your statement is only half true.  So what if there is a law on the books that technically makes this behavior illegal.  Even if a mexican kills someone, 9 times out of 10, when they KNOW who they are, they will not prosecute.  Part of the reason is Obama has let it be known that anyone who draws attention to illegals for any reason can expect retaliation (fired, demoted, sued, even arrested).  But that pales in comparison to the problems of our pseudodemocracy.   What good is a jury when it consists of misc criminal scum who are just illegal aliens with stolen identities and assumed names?  They rubber stamp a not guilty verdict and laugh at American stupidity.

        There are ALOT of places in white countries, EVERY white country, where there is LITERALLY no rule of law.  Rape, robbery, murder, drunk driving, the sky is the limit.  Some places, particularly in europe, the police aren’t even allowed.  I suspect, large parts of california are like this.  The police are tolerated as long as they understand that if they arrest someone, the zetas will kill them all and burn down the police station……and they have PERMISSION to do that from Obama.  At least if you believe the latest these people are saying.

        Read that article very carefully.  Who is saying it and its implications in any contact with criminals.

        • Black Swan

          That’s a very good article you linked to.  As the old saying goes: there is no honor amongst thieves.  The problem is, which is the bigger criminal organization, the drug cartels or the CIA, DEA, DHS or DOJ?  

      • mutt3003

        But that was the premise of the article, illegal drivers. If a driver is no longer considered illegal (unlicensed) it makes the LA and California statistics appear better than they should. An added benefit, in all likelihood, that will come with new, but still erroneous, statistics would be more cash from the Feds. Throw a few hundred thousand “new” drivers on the roads and let the money roll in, ostensibly for road work, bridge repair and the like when in reality nothing really changed.

    • crystal evans

      The car was probably in the name of some friend or relative that had a license. I have seen websites telling illegals to put their cars in the name of a friend or relative that had a license.

  • Bill

    Behind the high rate in LA and everywhere else in the country.  If it’s a hit and run you can almost bet it’s a Mexican behind the wheel, drunk, and unlicensed.

  • Jay11

    Last year my sister was driving and was hit by an illegal alien, driving illegally and who ran a stop sign.  My sis has permanent back pain.  Because the illegal had no insurance and no verifiable assets my sis’s insurance only paid to fix the car (which was totaled, but they built it from scratch anyway, true story).  They then gave a total of $12,000 for her rehab, and when the money ran out, so did the treatment.  Not only was the illegal alien (teenage boy driving with his illegal mom) not arrested, but they were let go.

    How is amerka strengthened when illegal invaders can drive illegally too and harm citizens and get away scot free?  Where is my white priviledge?

  • jedsrael

    That’s RACIST!

    These driver’s aren’t Illegal, they are just temporarily Undocumented.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       Temporary until Romney makes them permanent, and dependent on our social security system.

  • Bantu Education

    I read somewhere that (in the USA) black drivers are 2.5 times more likely to be involved in an accident but cant find any corroborating evidence for this.   Surely insurance companies must know the facts – they certainly enjoy claiming that women are safer drivers than men and offer them big discounts.   Can you imagine the furore – and rioting – if black drivers faced a heavy insurance loading, in the same way that young drivers are?

    In South Africa I’d estimate they are at least 5 times more dangerous, also many if not most are unlicenced or buy forged documents supplied by their kaffirmative bruthas in the licencing dept.    And they often run away from accident scenes.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      When I was stationed in South Carolina, I was told that the reason auto insurance was so high because of the high number of uninsured drivers. A disproportionate number were minorities, however if the state of SC went after these people the federal government would be all over that state for “discrimination” or “profiling”.

    • Invictus_1

       I find it so strange that insurance companies would have data that proved women were safer drivers.  Up here in the Northwest, women in SUVs, texting, talking on cells, and just driving aggressively are constant, everyday experiences.  Even up here, Latinos seem to be the hit and run leaders in stats.  Last year when I checked the WA state troopers site, 90% of the most wanted list were Latinos.  I just had the experience a few days ago of almost being rear ended by a couple Latinas (female Latinos) while merging onto a freeway towards an onramp.  Their mode is the now well established LA gangsta style driving; drive at speeds beyond the flow of traffic and cut around, right or left – all traffic.  When they did this to me attempting to pass on the right at high-speed, they ignored by turn signal and only braked in time while I checked my self.  They then swung around behind me and cut over to the left lane.  While they did, the passenger looked over to me to make her gestures while she yelled some profanities (I am guessing in her native tongue) in time to see my own one-finger-salute.  They cut back over and almost rear ended the next car in front of me.  I continued the salute while I could see them yelling and gesturing to the car in front of them.  Really, these types really believe that everyone on the road is in their way and that they have a privilege to ignore any sort of law or etiquette.  This sort of thing happens several times any time I go out in my car these days.

      • Periapsis

        Untilm they don that to the wrong person who will decorate the windshield of their vehicle with brain matter, blood and bullet holes.

      • Periapsis

        Like I said before it was removed, they are going to do this to the wrong person, and end up dead. People get killed for this in Kalifornia, which is legendary for dealy shooting comitted by these Hispanics on the roadways.

  • Bobby

    Here I can chime in, because I’ve lived in L.A. county for ages and listened to the news almost daily, Every single time some driver hits a person and takes off, you can be sure that an illegal alien is a possible suspect, because NO, ……NOT ONE, ILLEGAL ALIEN, that I’m aware of has ever stopped after hitting someone. And when the suspect is caught, it’s ALMOST, always an illegal alien.

    Now mind you, here in Los Angeles, Chief of police Charely Beck, County Sheriff Lee Baca, and the Mayor of El A , Villaraigosa, have decided unilaterally, that illegal aliens that are “lawabiding” won’t be deported or even hasseled. Huh!! California has a three strikes and your out law on committing crime, and these lawless buffoons mentioned above have effectively exempted these foreign nationals, in the state without permission from the three strikes law of California. Add to this the fact that every city in California is a ”sanctuary city”, and you have a recipe for any society that wants to expand criminality. That’s why so many citizens of California name the state Mexifornia, but I would simply call it a satellite of Mexico. Mexico,  afterall, is the nation that benefits from Sacramento’s policies. The citizens of California sure don’t.

    Don’t let politicians like the ones in Sacramento, California  do this to your state, because when the demographics change, and even before they change, these kinds of polticians can ruin a state faster than you can say HELP!!

    • C_C_Conrad

       I assume that LA is also a ”sanctuary city”, well that’s good for the Lefties out there.  Maybe we can move some of the Mexican invaders to D.C.    They deserve some of this too.   Nothing cures a liberal or liberal politicians faster than a few broken bones. 

      • Bobby

        Well, Mr. Conrad,  truth be told, EVERY, city in California is a Sanctuary City. Just Goggle sanctuary cities in California and look at the long, long, list. But understand something, the list is deceptive, because almost all cities, or I should say, city councils, in California couldn’t care less about who is or isn’t legal in their city. The reasons vary. Cowardice is probably the number one reason, followed by the typical apathy that most government workers have,etc. Oh, excuse me, most “civil servants” have.

      • Tyr

        I assume that your hometown is a sanctuary city for pedophiles and those who knowingly associate with them. After all, you chose to collaborate to write a book with Kevin Strom, who plead guilty to possession of child pornography. 
        Your  mere presence here is a liability to this site, to the movement, and to our race. 

        • C_C_Conrad

           You need to wake up & smell the coffee.  Pleading guilty is, on occasion the only option, ask David Duke.  The real liability to our cause are those people that are willing to accept the word of  the “state apparatus” against one of our own.  Believe me, if I had information that proved that Strom was actually guilty of child porn, I’d drop him like a hot rock.  In the meantime I intend to give the benefit of the doubt to those that have work diligently for our cause.  

    • Major

      Friend…until you either deport of “fire” every lying fraud in Sacramento…you’re doomed.

      Or….you might have another choice if it ever comes to that.

  • Bobby

    Could I be indulged one final observation? Does anyone remember a Twilight Zone episode, in which a man hits a kid and then drives away? As the show progresses the car becomes the mans conscience, by doing all kinds of things like making him go places he doesn’t want to go to,etc. and finally drives him to the police station. What would Rod Serling have to say about what goes on today, in the very state he produced such “morality” themes in. I can’t speak for Serling, but it wouldln’t surprise me that, being a leftist, he’d say the natural thing about these foreign national hit and run idiots—NOTHING.

  • Thoughtcrime1933

    A good White woman that I have known for 20 years was hit about 5 years ago by an illegal from  the barrios of Mexico. He was unliscensed and uninsured. The car was practically STOLEN. Yet he was not arrested, deported or even detained in any way. Her attorney said that since he couldn’t even understand da “eeengless” that there was little that could be done. She is no crippled and is in constant pain. She is now on disability and is jeopardy of losing her home, that she bought just two months before this incident. Sad really. 

    • newscomments70

      I don’t drive to LA anymore, it’s just not worth the risk. It gets worse every day. If Mitt Romney wins, I wonder if he will deploy the military in California to enforce immigration laws and stop gang violence.  (Sorry, I just woke up. I’m still in dream mode.)

      • Major

        Now your talking…except all the gay LBGT’s in CA will scream bloody murder.

        And the illegals will march with their mexican flags and the ACLU will join them.

        Getting rid of the ACLU must come first. All the hippy dippy BS grads from Berkley have to be jailed along with the illegals.

        • newscomments70

          “Now your talking…except all the gay LBGT’s in CA will scream bloody murder.” 

          They  already are screaming bloody murder. Gays are brutally attacked by minorities quite often in LA. The press does not air these stories because most of the victims are white. (They are not considered hate crimes either). I don’t know any gays personally, but I will bet you some would vote for law and order. 

          Liberal judges and politicians should be jailed for treason, and for being an accessory to multiple rapes, murders, and mutilations. Liberals must pay for their crimes against this country…even if they did not actually commit the horrific acts, they allowed it to happen. 

          • IstvanIN

             I doubt the average gay-on-the-street would get angry over deporting all the third worlders.  The fact is you can only have a liberal, civilized society if it is white.  Gays, along with feminists and the handicapped, lose big time in the “new” America when, joy of joy, the “evil” white men who provided a safe, just world are finally replaced by our new savage overlords.

          • Svigor

             More like collusion than simply “allowing” them to happen.  If your job is, say, security for a casino and you allow crooks to rob it, you’ve done more than nothing.  You’ve aided and abetted.

        • Shawn_thefemale

           Ahh, Major,  hippy dippy brings back great memories.

          And somehow, all college students are hippy dippy.

    • Periapsis

      It’s incidents like this happening to enough whites that should turn whites against ALL hostile racial and religious aliens in their midst. It’s incidents like this one that should lead to whites separating themselves from them, by force if necessary. Being the victim of a hit and run on the part of one of them, being the target of not one but two attempts to kill me by dropping steel on me or turning on electric circuits I am working on has turned me against them. I hate them, they only feed my dark streak which is getting more and more like a demon seeking to arise like a recently deceased witch getting back up and attacking the living. Like witches, Rusalki and other unclean, evil denizens of Russian mythology and folklore, Hispanic illegal live to bring as much harm, suffering, pain and death to white Americans wherever they go.

  • The__Bobster

    Report: Unlicensed Drivers Make Los Angeles Roads More Dangerous
    By Brenda Walker on October 12, 2012 at 8:54pm

    In Los Angeles, unlicensed drivers (who are almost always illegal aliens) have been a source of criticism from public safety advocates because Mayor Villaraigosa and PD Chief Beck have been cutting them extra slack. The purpose of the permissiveness is to make life easier for foreign lawbreakers, and particularly to facilitate their driving to the jobs they have stolen from Americans.

    Over the last several months, Chief Beck has weakened the policy of impounding the vehicles of unlicensed drivers from 30 days to one day, in violation of state law. He has also ended compliance with the federal Secure Communities program, by which already arrested illegal aliens in jail are handed over to ICE for deportation.

    Clearly public safety is not a high priority for Los Angeles political leaders, particularly the mayor, when measured against the convenience of foreign lawbreakers.

    • Major

      Forget Af-crapistan…bring the Marines home and invade California. A state that’s surely an enemy of this great Republic. Not to mention our immigration laws and their totally illegal “sanctuaries”.

      Meanwhile…the feds sue Arizona for wanting to enforce the immigration laws?

      How screwed up are we? Yep…declare war against the “golden” state ( now as golden as a cheap fake knockoff ) and get rid of it.

      • JJDKII

        Your likes should be in double digits. Let’s face it. California is de facto no longer part of the United States. Kick them out, sooner rather than later. (Yes, I know it’s not going to happen. Maybe they should be encouraged to secede. After all, they claim we stole the land from Mexico.)

  • Major

    Way to go you moron, hippie, dippy crackpot moron Gov. Moonbeam. Yup…give a few million more of them drivers licenses so they don’t have to join MS13 and use guns…let them kill us with their stolen rides.

    Is it possible to arrest this moron as a willing participant to mayhem and murder of American citizens? Isn’t the Moonbeam criminally responsible?

  • Svigor

    This is racist pseudo-journalism, and obviously all wrong; racist LA police are profiling illegal alien drivers and arresting them at disproportionate rates.

    • Bobby

      They are? No one in EL A knows this but you.

  • Guest

    No driver is illegal! Amnesty for unregistered drivers! None of our ancestors had a photo ID!

    • unlicensedtokill org

      None of our ancestors had cars either. I wrote the report and it was my son who was killed by an unlicensed driver. Should he be given amnesty?

      • Shawn_thefemale

         What a handsome boy. My heart goes out to you.. how does one contain the amount of anger combined with grief you justifiably feel?

        In Atlanta, D.A. King,  leader of the Dustin Inman Society,  is also fighting the fight. A regular contributor to VDare, etc.,  he has a wealth of information and statistics, as I’m sure you do.  This issue,  is a prime example of of bought-and-paid-for leftist liberal media.  If the majority of Americans got to HEAR these stories and stats, the tide would (albeit gradually) turn, but the muzzle has been firmly placed on any and all news outlets.