Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Provides Housing for Latino Students

Fox News Latino, October 12, 2012

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn inaugurated here on Thursday the La Casa Student Housing and Resource Center, which offers a place to live and study at affordable prices and near the city’s main universities.

The initiative—which is sponsored by the Resurrection Project, a community organization in Chicago’s mainly Hispanic Pilsen neighborhood—cost $12 million, of which the state government contributed $8.4 million.


La Casa “was created because we want all children in our community to know that a bachelor’s degree is not an option, but a requirement,” said the CEO of the Resurrection Project, Raul Raymundo.

He pointed out that in the United States there are more than 12 million Latinos going to college, but they continue to be the least-accomplished group when it comes to completing a degree.

La Casa in June began to receive young people from Latino neighborhoods like Pilsen and Little Village/La Villita, most of them the first in their families to go to college.

The building has six floors and is located in the heart of Chicago’s Mexican community.

The structure has easy access to one of the elevated train lines and several bus routes, and it is just a few minutes from the city’s main universities and community colleges.

On the first floor of the building is a reception area, a space for recreation, a cafeteria, a meeting room and laundry.

On the other floors are dorm rooms for 100 students and kitchens. Utilities and wireless Internet are included in the lodging cost.


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  • Jay11

    “the La Casa Student Housing and Resource Center, which offers a place to live and study at affordable prices…”

    — So this housing is for people based on their race/ethnicity/common foreign language/whatever?  So a white kid doesn’t get this goody?  Hey!  Where is my white priviledge?

    “La Casa “was created because we want all children in our community to know that a bachelor’s degree is not an option, but a requirement,”

    ——  Has that ever been made a requirement for white people, or black people, or even asians?  Where is my white priviledge?

    Latinos are immigrants.  Most are recent immigrants.  There are 2nd and 3rd generation latinos in some places, but many of them follow mexican culture (or dominican, puerto rican, whatever) and have not assimilated, and often claim they do not want to assimilate.

    So why are my tax dollars going to support segregated, elite housing for a group that is basically foreign in either fact or in cultural preference?

    • Tom_in_Miami

      Why would your tax dollars go to support housing for anyone?

      • ATBOTL

        This is about race, don’t try to turn this into some aracial libertarian issue.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          Thanks for the reminder.

        • Liberalssuck

           I agree.  I used to follow libertarianism until they started jumping on the liberal racial guilt bandwagon. “The CIA pushes drugs into black neighborhoods” or hearing Penn & Teller on their show called ‘Bull-hit’ (who claim to be big libertarians) always praise the civil rights agenda and one episode where they bashed people against the illegal nonwhite invasion.  There’s a few good things libertarians say, but I want traditional white conservative values that we had before WWII and especially before WWI. 

    • Barrack Osama

      Brainwashed lefties will argue that that the entire system is biased towards whites, but ask for any proof of this and they’ll immediately start frothing at the mouth. They will  state that you’re “what’s wrong with the world”, call you a neanderthal, and all sorts of other things – anything to divert attention from the fact that you are the one with proof that the OPPOSITE is true, that it has become beneficial, progressive, virtuous, and “hip” to discriminate against whites, and that to discriminate against anyone else in western society is nothing short of career and social suicide.

      • anarchyst

        … the same tactics that the “tribe” uses when they get caught in fallacious arguments. . .

      • Liberalssuck

         They will froth at the mouth or destroy your career or harass you at your home or physically attack you.  I hate the liberal race traitors far more than I hate the black militants or La Raza supremacists or the muslim crazies.  They wouldn’t be enabled without liberalism.

    • MerlinV

      You exist for one and only one purpose. To ensure the advancement, well being, and financial support of your non-White comrades. Your government will see to this. Now, go back to work.

  • Puggg

    Budget crisis in Illinois?  What budget crisis?

    I thought racially segregated housing was illegal.

    • MerlinV

      That only applies to White people as a matter of established doctrine. Please continue supporting the Democratic Party.

  • jedsrael

    White taxpayers will keep quiet, because complaints will get you flagged by the State Revenue Enforcement Division (Diversity and Inclusion Officers, mostly) for suspicion of Racism.

  • “He pointed out that in the United States there are more than 12 million Latinos going to college, but they continue to be the least-accomplished group when it comes to completing a degree.” –

    Perhaps that’s because after attending Spanish 101, Hispanic studies, Mexican literature 101, Phys. Ed., Life Experiences and Diversity 101 they then have to tackle English, biology  history etc  and all those other prerequisites they’ve been avoiding. They also find it difficult to manage 4 kids and go to school at age 19.  All those trips to the food stamp office cut into the study time.

    • Jay11

      I work with latino students.  Most are nice people, hence the reason that liberals abandoned blacks for the browns, but they are mostly lacking in academic ambition or skills.  The liberals where I am at also baby them in a way that would make you think that they (the white liberals) actually want the latinos to be utterly dependent on them forever.  One latino parent said to me, “Why are they (the liberal teachers) treating our children as if they are on the verge of a mental breakdown at any moment?”

      I couldn’t really answer what I thought but it was telling.  Liberals destroyed black achievement and the well functioning black school system with all their meddling.  Don’t believe me?  Compare statistics for black educational achievement over the last 6-7 decades.  It is a straight line downward.  Now liberals have a new class to destroy – the latinos.

      • Liberals will never abandon blacks, not when they vote Democratic at 97%. Liberals destroyed blacks in every way, but it didn’t take much of an effort. They had an easy, childlike group to win over, they just had to wave “candy” at them.  Latinos are a second choice as they’ll vote Dem. about 65-70% of the time (excluding Cubans). This is why liberals want these two groups to increase in population.

      • ATBOTL

        “Liberals destroyed black achievement and the well functioning black school system with all their meddling.”

        The idea that blacks  are okay, except that white liberals corrupted them is completely false and extremely dangerous.  That line of thinking is incompatible with white nationalism and could lead to all kinds of bad policies.  This is one of the worst conservative myths and serves only as a stumbling block for a true understanding a racial problems.  

        • Liberalssuck

           I asked a friend neocon that if liberalism was why Detroit failed, why do most black cities look like Detroit, why did the African colonies look worse after the Europeans seceded power and why did liberal white majority areas look much better than any black area.  My friend was stumped, but actually moved forward and whispered, “Sometimes I wonder if they (blacks) aren’t just a little slow in the head.”  I think I woke up that white person.

        • Seek

          I agree.  Liberals did not “destroy” black achievement.  There never had been achievement among them in the first place. 

      • It’s called hispandering and it has reached epidemic proportions in this country. There are people who support the subversion of this country via illegal hispanics (or the byproduct thereof), many of which are in academia and government.

      • MerlinV

        Please be kind to the people who will be replacing you in the very near future.

      • Liberalssuck

        Liberalism made problems worse for nonwhites by enabling them and giving them opportunities that many of them can’t do well at (affirmative action) and letting them take welfare and sleep around instead of demanding they hold jobs and pay for their own children.

  • mutt3003

    I find that 12 million figure suspect. Is that including illegals who are getting reduced tuition rates?

    • MerlinV

      The figure is closer to 23 million.

  • Bobby

    Too bad the citizens of illinois don’t understand and can’t comprehend that Pat Quinn, needs to be immediately recalled. Your making the exact same errors California made, and you will pay the exact same price. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

    • jrad

      Oh we get it down state, unfortunately the entire state in ran in Chicago. We’d jump at the  chance for secession in downstate Illinois.

      • When I lived in Carbondale, I was familiar with the statehood movement.  I even bought a 51-star American flag from their recommended flag maker.  The 51st star, of course, representing the coming new state of South Illinois.

        • Dan Reardon

           “When I lived in Carbondale”

          Glad to see some other southern Illinoisans on the forum! As far as Illinois goes – what can you expect from a state where 2 of their last three governors is in prison. If we could cut ourselves loose from Chicago we would be much better off.

          • I lived in Carbondale in 2009 and Edwardsville in 2010. Otherwise, I’m a St. Louisan, and but for those two years, I’ve lived on this side of the river. But the real southern Illinois is close to my heart. If only you could shake off Crook County.

        • StillModerated

           Good luck with that East Saint Louis problem!

          • Seek

            What a garbage dump East St. Louis is.  If the secessionists of would-be “South Illinois” want to deal with that virtually all-black city, they can have it. 

      • Jrad, surely you remember the 2002 gubernatorial election. It had Glenn Poshard, a downstate, pro-Second Amendment Democrat – a rara avis in terris in Illinois, to be sure – running against George Ryan. Man, I thought we would have concealed carry in Illinois, at last, if Poshard was elected.

        Daley and Michael Madigan wet their panties and dumped in them, at the thought of such a prospect. Ryan was as anti-gun as they were,and they went negative on Poshard. The result was Ryan and his crimes. 

    • MerlinV

      No. They are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing.

  • Pat Quinn:  26% approval rating in the state as a whole, only 9% downstate, which in Illinois parlance, is anywhere south of Joliet.,0,4309189.story

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Bill Brady.  And I actually did;  I was an Illinois resident in November 2010.

    Speaking of, Brady’s running mate that year, Jason Plummer, of Edwardsville, heir to a lumber fortune, is running for Congress this year, namely IL-12, being vacated by the retiring Jerry Costello.  My workplace in Edwardsville in 2010 was an easy walk from Plummer’s residence.

    • NM156

      Let’s just see whether the State is willing to take on billions of Chicago teachers’ pension contributions or whether the State will kick it back to Chicago/Cook County property owners. You may have heard: if they are saddled with that responsibility, property taxes will double. The monkeys are running the zoo.

      • The state budget is dealing with more red ink than a factory that makes red ink.

  • How is this legal???

    If this precedent stands unchallenged, whites have a right to their own “white” communities.

    He pointed out that in the United States there are more than 12 million Latinos going to college, but they continue to be the least-accomplished group when it comes to completing a degree.

    Whose fault is that? A ‘racist’ America?

    • NM156

      Illinois voters are f**king idiots. Less than 2 years ago, in Nov. 2010, during a period of massive budget chaos largely due to absurd pension commitments by IL liberals, the public put this clown in office. While the 2010 race was going on, our wacko criminal gov. and friend and political ally of Quinn, Rod Blagojevich, was sitting out his first trial. The monkey-brained voter in metro Chicago was too stupid to associate these connections with Democratic Party failure and endemic criminal cronyism. Huge budget problems arise next year, which, if not addressed, will result in a doubling of property taxes for Cook County property owners by default in less than 4 years.

      • Here in Buffalo, NY, it’s overwhelmingly Democrat. The city is rated as the 7th most segregated area in the US and it’s also the 3rd poorest city of it’s size. No one seems to notice the relationship between Democrats and segregation and poverty.

        If a Republican dares to run, he’s vilified as evil incarnate.

      • The real idiots were a small percentage of voters in the white parts of suburban Cook and to a smaller extent in the collar counties that voted Kirk for Senate then turned around and didn’t vote Brady for Governor.  Though Brady won 99 of Illinois’s 102 counties, and two of the three counties he lost he lost only slightly and only because those counties have a lot of blacks:  St. Clair (East St. Louis) and Alexander (Cairo).  Cook County was the site of blowout margin for Quinn, ergo the difference.

    • Liberalssuck

       How is it legal?  How was any of the anti-white discrimination and “Civil Rights” initiatives that have been passed legal or constitutional in the first place?   I can see the blacks clashing more with the Hispanics as they fight for goodies and power.  The best advice for us whites is to sit back, stay out of the way and save your resources.

  • Lakeview Senior

    Illinois’ state pensions are $78 billion in the red and this govenor has the nerve to throw $8.4 million dollars to the Latinos so they’ll have a place to crash and enjoy themselves while going to college at the US Taxpayers expense.  The Illinois legislature passed a bill last April or May that sets up a two tier pension system.  The new hires will have to contribute more of their own salaries into the pension funds and retire at the age of 70 in order to get a pension.  Why all of this pandering to the “Latino” population, especially these illegals? The City of Chicago’s pensions are also in the red due to lack of adequate funding by the City and the State over the years.  Mayor Rahm Emanual wants to cut off the Cost of Living Allowance(COLA) that the City’s retirees have been receiving each January.  That is a whopping 3%.  His plans are to build some new high schools for the Hispanic population of Chicago.  Nothing is too good for them.   Contrary to what has been in the newspapers and on TV, the average pension of a City of Chicago retiree is about $32,000 a year.  That by way is after the employee has paid 8.5% of his or her salary into the pension fund for a period of 20 – 25 years.  Peanuts to our mayors, govenors, city aldermen, and state legislators.

    • Bobby

      So help me, if I didn’t realize your post was about Chicago, I’d think it was  Los Angeles your’e writing about!!

      • NM156

        Chicago and LA are identical, politically.

    • IstvanIN

       Well, I am sure the majority of Chicago city retirees, as well as state retirees, are white, so who cares?

    • The__Bobster

      Contrary to what has been in the newspapers and on TV, the average pension of a City of Chicago retiree is about $32,000 a year. 

      That’s still far higher than I receive as a retired private sector engineer….and my pension isn’t COLA’d.

  • Bobby

    Yeah, just wait until the day arrives, and it will soon enough, when the citizens of Illinois are going to be told by Governor Quinn, that there isn’t enough money for some project that will obviously be more important than the student housing,etc. But then again, this is another typical leftist abomination, in which the State constantly screws with the capitalist system that has always worked in the past. Students used to pay for their own housing, but now for some reason, it’s a non-starter, stick it on the taxpayers.etc. Yep, it’s only a matter of time that citizens in need of some service get told, possibly very indignantly by their generous governor, WE DON’T HAVE EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS, THE STATE CAN’T JUST COUGH UP MONEY WHEN YOU ASK FOR IT!!,ETC.

  • jrad

    So what exactly was all this desegregation from the 70’s? I’m confused.

  • Sounds fun for them hope they enjoy the freebies! 

  • archer

    32 grand a year for doing exactly what for 25 years? What a joke, and most of these state pension plans are in the red? Of course they are, with a retirement plan like that, how can any state afford it.
    Of course some of this blame goes to the bankers and wall streeters who destroyed the stock market again with dervivatives and other phony financial instruments, that these pension funds were invested in.

  • Lakeview Senior

    In response to archer.  Well, that was the deal the City of Chicago made with its employees when they were hired.  What is wrong with taking that kind of a deal? They also offered a 401 K plan which even made it better.  So, a person puts in 25 years or so and is able to retire on a fairly good sized pension for life, or that’s what it was supposed to be.  The problems arose when the City failed to fund the five City pensions in the proper amount along with the downturn in the economy.  If you put in 30 years I believe you could end up with a pension that pays 80% of the average of your highest paid five years on the job.  Maybe some of the blame for the present situation could be also placed on the unions that represented those City employees that allowed the City of Chicago to skip paying anythng into the pension fund and Aldermen who allowed it to happen. 

    I believe that the City and State, when they offer these pension plans, have a moral obligation to live up to their contract with those that have faithfully fulfilled their end of the contract.  City employees finally were able to get union representation, and if they drove hard bargains with the mayors since 1976, well that’s too bad.  Mayor Rahm Emanual says now that giving retirees a 3% raise each year was a bad decision.  Why didn’t Mayor Richard M. Daley hire an actuary to figure out the cost at that time.  Don’t blame the working man or the unions. 

    • The__Bobster

      I believe that the City and State, when they offer these pension plans, have a moral obligation to live up to their contract with those that have faithfully fulfilled their end of the contract. 

      80% of their final fives years’ average salary and a COLA, to boot? Politicians have an obligation to the taxpayers to never offer outrageous pension plans like this. Otherwise, they’ll end up paying out more in pensions than they do for the salaries of their current employees.

  • Frank

    Some of these politicians apparently never heard of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.  Why is this project for Latinos only?

    • sarah

      Because there are no consequences for his traitorous actions.

      • Bobby

        In California the Governor can be recalled sarah. It happened to Governor Gray Davis, and Illinois needs to work on getting it to happen there.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Is there a cock-fighting ring in the basement?

  • StillModerated

     “a bachelor’s degree is not an option, but a requirement”

    Prove it, Senor Raymundo!  In this here post-modern economy a bachelor’s degree will get you a job in retail — whilst living with your parents.  Good luck, Manuel!

    • Liberalssuck

       College degrees mean squat, unless you are going to college to be a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant or an engineer.  Other than that, go to trade school, learn a skill, always save a portion of your earnings, don’t spend much, etc. 

  • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

    All so the poor little Mexicans can try to get  “C”s  in their classwork.

    These people aren’t worth it. 

  • shmo123

    La Casa “was created because we want all children in our community to
    know that a bachelor’s degree is not an option, but a requirement,”…..

    Wrong Mr. Raymundo. They can barely make it through high-school, let alone any type of meaningful college work. What they ought to be pushed towards is a skilled trade–plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc. The ridiculous assertion that everyone should have a college degree is making them worth less than the paper they’re printed on. From what I understand, the drop out rate among Hispanics in high school is over 25%.