Phil Rushton’s Credo and the New Dark Age

Spencer Davenport, VDARE, October 9, 2012

Four days after Professor J. Philippe Rushton’s death on October 2,Salon regurgitated uncritically the $PLC’s postmortem smear(Leading race ‘scientist’ dies in Canada, by Don Terry, originally posted on the Southern Poverty Law Center website October 5.). This quoted Ferris State University professor and Marxist ideologue Barry Mehler [Email him]: “He’s the end of an era of academic racists of his style and notoriety”.

The $PLC’s recycled smear was the usual abuse: “Rushton’s infamous theory about race and intelligence,” “prominent elder [of] academic racism,” Rushton’s “monstrous” ideas, “Rushton’s ‘highly suspect’ research,” “author of a handful of academic tomes,” “Rushton was pushing old-fashioned racism,” and (best of all!) Rushton “often published on racist websites, including the anti-immigrant hate site”. [ note: link proudly added].

The $PLC’s Terry concluded his tirade of hate with a swipe at Rushton’s ratings based on student comments posted at He noted that, although a few students posted favorable ratings, a “majority of the reviewers rated him ‘poor quality’”.

But the comments quoted (here and here) reflected ideological disagreement rather than poor instruction. And, typically, the $PLC failed to disclose Barry Mehler’s own mediocre ratings also posted at

“This guy is so incredibly hard to follow, it’s ridiculous…. He made us buy two books, one of which we NEVER used and the other which was more of a novel spreading propaganda about how America is an evil empire”; “I dropped this class after the first day! He did not say a word about History and rambled on about how our country was thriving when everyone smoked Camel cigarettes”; “horribly boring”; “Dr. Mehler is one of the worst teachers I’ve ever had! He re-wrote the text book online so everything is his opinion, and if you don’t agree you fail”.

As Rushton often said, racial egalitarian academics are held to different standards.

There have been notably few MSM comments on Rushton’s death outside of Canada. The New York Times, which in 1994 published a joint notice of his masterwork Race, Evolution, and Behavior along with The Bell Curve  on the front page of its Book Review, [What Is Intelligence, and Who Has It?, By Malcolm W. Browne,  October 16, 1994] has said nothing. National Review, which under John O’Sullivan’s editorship published Rushton’s devastating critique of Stephen Jay Gould (The Mismeasures of GouldSeptember 15, 1997), has not even mentioned him since 2007.

Unquestionably this is due to cowardice—to the chilling effect of the relentless Cultural Marxist assault on Rushton. He well described the “moralistic aggression” of his adversaries in a paper published back in 1990 in Psychologische Beiträge:

I can personally attest to the extreme egalitarianism that dominates and censures this area. On January 19, 1989, I presented the r/K theory of racial group differences at a Symposium on Evolution at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Francisco. The news media picked this up making a short report of it in the United States. In Canada, however, the story created a firestorm. An enterprising reporter took a version of my views to a local activist group, the Urban Alliance on Race Relations,and asked them for their opinion. Predictably enough, they said I should be fired for promoting hatred. This madeheadlines and I became a target for moralistic aggression.

The University President gave a press conference to argue that academic freedom protected me and that I was a serious scholar. Students and activist groups were not satisfied and daily demanded a public forum to air my iniquities. Newspapers ran cartoons of me with a Ku Klux Klan hood on and having a telephone conversation with a delighted Adolf Hitler. The Premier of the Province, while acknowledging that he did not have the power to do so said that he would fire me if he could. David Suzuki, a well-known Canadian geneticist and media person challenged me to a two hour TV debate which was held at my university in front of 2,300 people, in which he emotionally called for me to be fired. Radical professors from nearby universities came to denounce me and social activist groups organized sit-ins and demonstrations, once even bringing in a spokesperson from the African National Congress to berate the university for supporting me and apartheid in South Africa. Campaigns were mounted for me to be investigated—my ethical clearance for previous studies, my grant applications, my completion of bureaucratic forms on previous projects, etc. It bordered on becoming a witch-hunt and I was the centre of media and political attention for many weeks.

[Why we should study race differences, J. Philippe Rushton, Psychologische Beiträge, (pay archive) Band 32, 1990: 135]

One particularly egregious example of the difficulties that Rushton encountered: the nine-month hold-up of a shipment of Race, Evolution, and Behavior by Canadian customs officials. The book was “widely available in university bookstores in Canada,” according to The Globe and Mail. Mary Curtis, executive vice president and publisher of Rushton’s U.S. publisher Transaction, said, “It’s unbelievable. I can’t remember another incident when anything of this nature has ever occurred”. Eventually Canada Customs conceded that it was not “hate literature”. [See The New Enemies of Evolutionary Science, by J. Philippe Rushton, Liberty, March 1998;Customs officials delayed Rushton book for 9 months, By Rudy Platiel, Toronto Globe and Mail, January 3, 1996 (not online)];Contemptible Canadian Customs LawsAmerican Renaissance, March 1996.

I well remember Phil Rushton as the featured banquet speaker at the second bi-annual American Renaissance conference in Louisville, Kentucky (back in the days when AR was allowed to have conferences). His address captivated the AR attendees. He began with slides of slanderous cartoons published in the Canadian press, receiving thunderous applause when he revealed that the threat of a lawsuit halted additional depictions of him in Klan garb. (Order on video from

Afterwards, a number of us had the opportunity to meet Rushton informally. He answered the questions of well-informed admirers, who covered a full range of related academic topics involving race differences, the validity of Carleton Coon’s multiregional theory of evolutionary racial origins, his own relationship with other notable researchers, and a range of mutually interesting topics. He was always gracious and polite—a true gentleman and scholar. Even enemies acknowledged this—including Mehler, who admitted in theSalon piece quoted above, “he never got flustered”.

Similarly, in the highly-publicized 1989 debate with geneticist David Suzuki, Rushton delivered the case for genetic-based race differences in a calm, rational way, in dramatic contrast to the disheveled, emotion-driven Suzuki.

A number of prominent academics defended him in the 1989 crisis: C. Davis Ankney, University of Western Ontario; Jack Block, University of California at Berkeley; Arthur R. Jensen, University of California at Berkeley; Richard Lynn, University of Ulster; Hiram P. Caton, Griffith University, Australia; Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt, Max Planck Institute for Human Ethology, Germany; James R. Flynn, University of Otago, New Zealand; Barry R. Gross, CUNY; Richard J. Herrnstein, Harvard University; Henry L. Roediger, Rice University; Ronald C. Johnson, University of Hawaii; David K. B. Nias, City of London Polytechnic; Gerald M. Phillips, Pennsylvania State University; Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University; James Q. Wilson,UCLA; David C. Rowe, University of Arizona; Lee Sechrest, University of Arizona; Pierre L. van den Berghe; University of Washington, etc.

One frequent charge echo-chambered by Rushton’s critics was that his thesis on race differences is uncorroborated by other scientific studies. But the distinguished psychologist Arthur R. Jensen, answered this definitively in a May 11, 1989 letter to the Ontario Press Council:

I wish to register my strongest possible condemnation ofThe Toronto Star’s grossly vicious and malicious defamation of Professor J. Philippe Rushton. I refer especially to The Star’s editorials of March 9 and March 26, 1989. I doubt that I have ever before seen such a patently libelous attack on a scientist or scholar, with its charges of “charlatan”, “discredited”, “academic fraud”, and “racism”. This seems especially reprehensible when it is so unwarranted and is combined with flagrant misrepresentation of Professor Rushton’s position. The Star’s articles, editorial, and cartoon on Rushton were obviously calculated to discredit him and to inflame its readers, rather than to accurately inform them.

For over twenty years I have been doing research on several of the topics that enter into Professor Rushton’s research on the nature and explanation of racial differences in a variety of traits. My own studies of individual and group differences in human mental abilities have been published in five books and nearly 300 articles in reputable scientific and scholarly journals, and there are two books by other authors concerning my work.

I have read virtually everything that Professor Rushton has written on the issues in question. Rushton’s research papers have appeared in reputable, refereed psychological journals, have been exposed to published critiques by other scholars, and is itself based on an impressive quantity and quality of scholarship, generally of greater thoroughness and accuracy than that of its critics. Having read all of the published critiques of Rushton’s theory and its supporting evidence, I can say that The Toronto Star’s claim that it has been “discredited” is simply false.  Although not everyone accepts every point of Rushton’s work, and Rushton himself openly recognizes the gaps and anomalies in the evidence related to certain points in his theory, it is a fact that informed psychologists, geneticists, and sociobiologists consider Rushton’s work worthy of serious consideration. It has been, and is still being, discussed and debated at scientific meetings here and abroad, just as other controversial topics on the frontiers of science are being debated. Professor Rushton operates within this well-established scientific tradition.

Anyone who is at all familiar with this venerable scientific tradition and with Rushton’s scientific work would, I’m sure, agree that the use of such terms as those used by The Starin reference to Professor Rushton or his research publications as “charlatan” and “fraud” is absolutely outrageous and wholly uncalled for…

Phil Rushton’s problems were not limited to the MSM. He had to contend with Politically Correct elements within the scientific community.

In February 1989, three past presidents, the treasurer, and secretary of the Behavior Genetics Association (J. C. DeFries, D. W. Fulker, S. G. Vandenberg, G. Carey, and J. R. Wilson) expressed “concern about recent articles on human race differences published by BGA member J. Philippe Rushton”. They asserted:

The study of individual differences deepens our understanding and respect for human individuality. Compared to the range of human variation observed within groups, group differences are relatively small. Rushton’s compilations of group differences and his attribution of them to heredity fuel the fires of prejudice. We find this to be both insensitive and repugnant. Thus, we disavow unequivocally any support for the theory espoused in these [referenced] articles or in his more recent public pronouncements.

Rushton responded to this critique with a detailed reply to the BGA on April 27 1989:

It goes without saying but it is necessary to say that I believe that the average differences that I am observing provide no grounds for social discrimination among races, and that people must be judged on their merits. I have taken great pains to emphasize, although this is often ignored by my opponents, that there are wide differences within races and individual should not be judged on the basis of racial averages or indeed any of my findings. Nor have I suggested any policy that should flow from my research.

In seeking an understanding of the genetic and evolutionary basis of individual and group behavior I have found it useful to study race differences. Ultimately the study of racial differences may help us to appreciate more fully the nature of human diversity as well as the binding commonalities we share with other species. That, too, would be one of the legacies of the Darwinian perspective.

With respect to differences in sexuality, Weinberg and Williams (1988) have confirmed many of my observations with respect to black-white differences in attitudes and behavior, and Harvey and May (1989) have verified Oriental-white differences in genital morphology. It will not do to cast anger or ridicule on these statements, not to turn away in embarrassment, for there are sobering consequences. Both inter- and intra-national comparisons show that the world-wide prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and herpes is Oriental < white < black. Since this is also the pattern for the deadly HIV-1 pandemic, the implications of the group differences in correlated traits should not be underestimated (Rushton & Bogaert, 1989).

New ideas that have the capacity to disturb the established orthodoxy almost necessarily provoke concern and spirited resistance. That across populations brain size negatively correlates with gamete production (indexed, for example, by dizygotic twinning rate), and that both covary with a suite of life history attributes, the whole being predicted on the basis of evolutionary theory backed by empirical studies of animals and plants, is unlikely to be credibly dismissed by appeals to authority and morality.

Many have noted that nothing can be more chilling to science than moralistic judgment. As Fermi remarked, “Whatever nature has in store for mankind, unpleasant as it may be, men must accept, for ignorance is never better than knowledge”. The danger comes when we violate Fermi’s adjuration (often with humanitarian arguments), not when honest scholars discuss ideas freely and openly.

Phil Rushton stood firm in his conviction that ultimately what mattered was scientific truth. In “The Equalitarian Dogma Revisited”, he outlined four core principles, attributing them to fellow IQ researcher Linda Gottfredson:

1. Seek the truth and speak it as you know it, directly and not in code.

2. Do not speculate about motives unless you have very good grounds for doing so. Integrity is the only character trait that is of concern when evaluating ideas and their impact.

3. Do not apologize for or act embarrassed about racially-sensitive research or its results. To do so lends credence to the belief that you think you are doing something wrong.

4. Zealously protect freedom of scientific inquiry.

This credo is Phil Rushton’s legacy in what, it is increasingly apparent, is a new Dark Age.

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  • jedsrael

    Ignoring Derbyshire’s “Avoid Blacks” advice just sent a White teacher into his own Dark Age.What is most distressing about the video isn’t that Whitey got punched in the face so hard he collapsed onto the concrete and probably fractured his skull, but that he walks comfortably toward the groidle as though he DIDN’T expect the attack.  He’s obviously willfully ignorant of AmRen and our Wide Awake Therapy for At Risk White Communities.

    Hasn’t he heard the news about how his criminalized White privilege permits a racial Bill of Attainders on his Whiteness that encourages blacks to attack at whim?

    Some are saying the attack was “unprovoked”.  Rubbish.  White privilege is all the provocation the Diversity needs for anti White hatred and violence. savage racial assaultIn an unusually clear video, we see fifty year old Pittsburgh high school teacher James Addlespurger walking in a wide alleyway at 3:30 p.m. on a weekday carrying his brief case. Walking the other way in the alley are five shambling black youths. The teacher, evidencing no sign of concern, walks close to the group as he passes them. One of the blacks suddenly turns and strikes Addlespurger on the head. He falls like felled tree, his head hitting a metal curb. The blacks walk on.

    Of course none of the coverage calls it a racial attack.

    And Mitt Romney and the Republican Party think we should be spreading our values and our culture to other countries!

    Let’s turn this into a rule to add to our John Derbyshire-inspired Rules on How to Protect Yourself from Black Violence:

    10(bb) If while you are walking on a sidewalk or alleyway or anywhere a group of shambling black youths are approaching you from the other direction, do not walk near them. Change your direction. Avoid any close proximity to black youths in a group, unless they are clearly not of the thug type.

    – end of initial entry –
    Buck, who along with several other readers sent the article, writes:

    The way these reporters speak grates on me. I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but I can’t stand the sound of their voices any longer. That this exact form of young savage black group attack on a lone defenseless white happens repeatedly all across this country is never mentioned in any of these repeating robotic news stories. Even the modern liberal media drones have to, at some point, publicly acknowledge all of the hundreds of connected the dots. How long can they avoid it? I wish that I could reach into my computer screen and slap everyone of their faces.
    James P. writes:

    The CBS Local story says: “Addlespurger was treated for cuts and bruises at Mercy Hospital. Gable talked to him by phone. He did not want to comment on the assault.” — naturally not, since what could he say but that he was the victim of vicious, racist black savagery. But since whites are not allowed to complain about such attacks, Addlespurger knows better than to comment on the assault.
    Robert P. writes:

    When non-black humans decided not to seek hate-crime status for racial attacks and declined to vigorously prosecute the juvenile black males who were involved in these crimes, non-black humans effectively declared open season on themselves.
    Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 09, 2012 01:03 PM

    • The__Bobster

      British soccer coach slashed to death for patronizing the same bar as a Dreamer.

      In the final, horrifying moments of his life, a popular soccer coach from England desperately fought his killer on a Manhattan sidewalk, slamming the knife-wielding attacker into a wall while being stabbed repeatedly.

      Surveillance cameras captured Michael Jones’ battle to the death, then filmed his cold-blooded attacker casually slinking off into the darkness, leaving the 25-year-old victim to die in a pool of blood on W. 14th St.

      “We are just stuck in shock, really, that this is real, this is happening to us. You think you’ll wake up and it’ll be a dream,” Jones’ heartbroken father, Perry Jones, 50, said Monday at his home outside Liverpool, England.

      A manhunt continued Monday for the ponytailed killer, who butchered the New York Red Bulls’ youth soccer coach early Sunday morning — slashing his throat and severing his ear.

      • jedsrael

        White Humanity is highly tolerant of Dreamer Jihad.

        We are afraid that Chris Matthews will call us “racist” for even noticing that Diversity isn’t our greatest strength and that “the Other” is a vile, poisonious, toxic biohazard.

        • IstvanIN

           How come things like this never happen to the kids of people like Chris Mathews and Tim Wise?

          • PDK

            I would venture to guess, that all well to do white liberals such as Chris Mathews, and including all those anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-military, pro-socialist, academician Hollywood liberals, the beautiful people, prefer to talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

            My guess is, not one of them lives in a Detroit or a Birmingham or even a Chicago as the common man would, but rather if he or she does so, they only do so in a secured environment and send their children to safe, protected private schools.

            Liberalism is the failure to mature. Immaturity denies reality and substitutes a prefered illusion in said reality`s stead. One of the many immature traits to affect liberals is cowardice. In their “play” of social- Chess” liberals beat the system feigning courage by standing up to one of their own, a friendly, and further, simultaneously, nobly defend a hostile enemy. They then see themselves as couragous a noble, think the world sees them as couragous and noble, and lastly falsly sesnse those hostiles they cowardly fear will not agress them, but rather only we non-liberals standing up to the hostiles.

            As Winston Churchill said, “those who appease the crocodile, hope to be the last eaten”. 

            All this is the source of liberal stupity, it is a stupidity they could overcome by embracing their personal responsibility to mature, but their game in the first place is to cheat the tough reality of life, the maturation process, and come out looking like a winner, smelling like a rose.

            Ultimately, they become the enemy within, the grim reaper of their own kind, espousing a beached whale philosophy and they could care less.

            Liberalism is the iceberg, targeting the Titanic. Thank you.

      • C_C_Conrad

        If white people are going to remain so stupid as to participate in their own displacement & genocide, and so weak that they will not even defend themselves then there is nothing left for them to do – but die!?  

    • newscomments70

      I am reminded of a Swedish news report about a synagogue attack in Maelmo, Sweden.  A Muslim of North African origin fire bombed a Jewish synagogue. The synagogue burned to the ground. The perpetrator was set free on a very low bail by the liberal Swedish courts. He had no regrets or remorse. The victims and rabbi of the synagogue “were not available for comment”. The perp, who was obviously available for comment, “was not available for comment”.  Instead of interviewing those involved in the crime, the press interviewed a very well-dressed, educated, good-looking Muslim. He robotically repeated the PC mantra that “This is terrible, our community is not about violence and hate.” .  Everything about that TV news report was so obviously robotic. You wanted to jump through the screen and strangle the liberal reporter who was brazenly lying and downplaying the crime. World-wide, progressive liberalism must be stopped. (Obviously!)

      • jedsrael

        The old Subaru car commercial highlighted two Beautiful White Daughters of the caring White father.

        This morning, I saw the new commercial: two hideously ugly mongrel mulattos were washing their dads car- their half hair, half kinky wool was grown out “natural” nappy and nasty, with BLONDE highlights, then dad walks ups and he has the mocha colored skin that White girls like because it’s less dangerous but so Desirably Diverse, and his wooly kink was jet black and nappy.

        Translation: Not only is Diversity just like you because it drives a safe, middle class car, but it is also the FUTURE, so get used to it Whitey, and suffer for historical injustices, such as when White girls didn’t mate witht the buck nasty and make biohazard Diversity babies.

        • Invictus_1

           All too true, current tv and commercials are little more than anti-white civilization and anti-white propaganda with a black happy-face.

          • newscomments70

            I disposed of my TV over a year ago. When I am forced to watch, usually at a braindead relative’s home, it actually seems like anti-white propaganda has escalated. When I try to tell my own relatives not to sell out to this, they look at me with empty stares, drooling, beer in hand…”what, no TV? Are you crazy? What would we do?” 

          • jedsrael

            It shows us what the future will look like, dang, I see it right now on the streets where I live, and we had better adjust to it or to the Obama Auschwitz.

          • François

             Or we could organise, and fight back!

            The future doesn’t exist yet. It will either be what we make it, or what we let others make it for us.

        • newscomments70

          I notice that in many ads, especially with large corporations. I’m not sure why they are trying to push this on us. How does glorifying genocide and interracial rape sell products? I’ve noticed this propaganda black male/white female in Marriott Hotel ads, Nordstrom ads, T-mobile ads, Arizona clothing ads, Sears, and many more. Occasionally, if the ad is online, you will be allowed to give your direct feedback. I suggest taking advantage of that. Most ads will make it  difficult to impossible to complain. There is a general mailbox for most corporations; your complaints will be promptly deleted and never affect those in charge of advertisement. On the rare occasion you can comment directly, you should tell them what’s on your mind. My favorite complaint to submit is that they are ignoring black women. They are implying that black women are obsolete and unattractive. They are not shown with black men, nor with other races. Black men only belong with white women is their message. Black women are being phased out by liberals. Only attractive mulatto women are occasionally shown. This implies that black women have to “look white” in order to be displayed. You imply that they are “white supremacists” somehow. Your “white supremacist” comments will be ignored, but if you tell the obvious truth about what they are doing to black women, you will create a liberal paradox. The liberal will become angry, confused, guilty, remorseful…a very humorous, retaliatory jab.

          • jedsrael

            The Diversity hires in the corporations are the ones buying the advertising from the Diversity ad agencies. They’ve got a lock on the image, and they all look themselves like the cast in the ads.

            It’s a closed system of Diversity, and the only Whites that make it into the inner sanctum have sold their White souls to the Black Devils.

          • newscomments70

            Why would black females choose to pair black males with white females? That issue usually causes a firestorm amongst black women. They believe that white women are stealing their men. I  suspect that these anti-white advertising campaigns are driven by white liberals. I really don’t know for sure though. If there are any advertising professionals out there with some input, please respond. 

          • François

             The liberals will be confused of course. hey are bound to be, because what they believe in is nothing but a whole bunch of lies!

        • François

           I saw that new version of that commercial. It made me angry.

  • Yeah can you hear the call in our rambling land susurrations,

    That can expand beyond all hope of light and plunge us into unrelenting night

    A pall on truth and reason,

    It feels like hunting season

    So avoid those lines of sight and we’ll set this right

    Welcome to the new dark ages

    I hope you’re living right

    These are the new dark ages

    And the world might end tonight

    Now come ye children one and all – let’s heed Ezekiel’s call,

    And bide until the word is good and ripe and get plucked clean out of sight

    The world will be erased our kin will be

    Immaculate ejaculate in space

    Before the king of king’s love, he’ll snatch us

    From above, brothers help me sing it

    Welcome to the new dark ages

    I hope you’re living right

    These are the new dark ages

    And the world might end tonight

    So how do you sleep

    There’s nothing to keep

    This is deep

    Because we’re animals – with golden rules

    Who… who can’t be moved by rational views

    Welcome to the new dark ages

    I hope you’re living right

    Welcome to the new dark ages

    And the world might end tonight 

  • JohnEngelman

    Those who pretend that the assertions of Phil Rushton have been “decisively refuted” are not able to explain why racial differences persist everywhere, and why they have always been recognized throughout history. 

  • If you are home schooling your children, make sure to include some of the works of Professor Rushton. He was a great and courageous scholar. May he rest in peace. 

  • k8

     Whites aren’t weak. What the problem is, is that the Left has taken over the education of children. They take children, when they’re still vulnerable to believing their rhetoric, and they train them to think as they do, by punishing kids who don’t conform. Remember those children in Great Britain they put on lists for something as silly as calling a black kid, broccoli head? What we need to do, is reclaim the education system, so that we can produce people who think for themselves. Once this is achieved, the Left will crumble as they’re contradicted fundamentally by reality.

    • Invictus_1

       Just to note, calling redheads “gingers” is completely okay.  I have seen how many redheads react to such name calling and even earlier bullying; they either react with anger or give in to hating being redheaded.  They often ended up with a mate as far away from redhead as they could get, marrying blacks and Hispanics.  (Did Lucille Ball provoke some of this?)

      Early bullying and taunting often creates shame and humiliation.  So you are right of course, “weak whites” are merely whites who were brainwashed into being ashamed of being white.  This is why we should not call any whites “trash” or otherwise consider them a lost cause.  They are all our needy brothers and sisters.

  • k8

     I’m pretty sure he’d like living in Japan. It’s not a third-world hell hole, and people are extremely civilized and clean. I went on vacation to Tokyo recently, and it was wonderful.  They’re also quite racist in Japan, so I’m pretty sure his views would be in the minority. Put him in Africa, and maybe he’d recant.

    • Ghost Wolf

       To be fair, I read a book by Suzuki (can’t remember the name, but it was published in the late 90s or early 200s) where he DID castigate the Japanese for their rape of the seas.

      And there have been indications where he doesn’t like mass immigration, but his foundation can’t admit that it is bad for the Canadian envirnoment (ie, mass immigration building over farm and wild-land, as well as the demand on resources mass immigration causes.)  I think HE knows that, but his damn foundation can’t admit it, for fundraising reasons.

  • nathan wartooth

    All of the people attacking Rushton for not talking about White genocide has to remember something. Rushton was a scientist not a political figure. All he wanted to do was talk about race differences scientifically and not talk about any policy that should come from that. 

    About the East Asian or Japanese IQ. I bet some of you are right about why he didn’t talk about how the IQ doesn’t deviate that much. But it’s for the same reason why most scientists don’t talk about the same differences in male and female IQ. That female IQ varies less than male IQ.

    Because even though it means that there are more low IQ males than low IQ females, it also means that there are more high IQ males than high IQ females. It would be the latter that his attackers would focus on, not the former. It’s a losing game to talk about anything with two sides when your opponent will only talk about one of those sides. 

    Rushton picked his battles wisely. You have to remember that he had even been physically attacked. When your opponents are so ruthlessly insane, you have to be strategic about what you will talk about.

    • SarahConnor

      Makes me wonder does anyone know if Jared travesl with a body guard? I hope so especially as he starts to speak at more universities.

  • Why the hostility towards an honest and very brave scholar who just passed away? Dr. Rushton’s research confirmed scientifically much of what you believe about race.

    • Jupiter7


      Because, it is not the strongest argument against race-replacement…it’s actually quite weak at best. Now, you may ask:”but how could that be Jupes?”. Well, there is neither a case for… nor debate about race-replacing millions of Native Born White Americans-Canadians with hostile,very high fertility, and heavily armed post-1965 nonwhites. The Rushtonian mad calibrators will have us tied up in a nutty debate over sleep inducing psychometrics until the situation is truly irrevesible.

      You want to really nail the creepy Suzuki in a debate…ask him if he would be delighted to see Native Born White Canadian Women having five children on average. Suzuki the “ecologist” will say emphatically no!!!..while at the the sme time being enthusiastic about flooding Canada with Chinese,Sihks,Muslims, and Jamaicans. In other words, get the creepy Suzuki…on the take from the billionaire Bronffman family….to state on national TV that he demands that Native Born White Canadians to essentially stop breeding so that Canada can be flooded with millions of high fertlity Asians. Call him an Asian supremacust right to his face on National TV.

      • Jupiter7: You and Rushton are allies in the same fight. Your concerns may be in areas other than what Rushton focused, but we all agree that there are race differences and that White Western Civilization is in peril. Rushton had to deal first hand with the fascism of the diversity elite. He stood by his work and his research. He was a man of integrity, and I for one am glad he was on our side. 

  • David Ashton

      Not “completely irrelevant” because the race replacers say there are no innate differences between races, and it doesn’t matter who comes in or goes out, how many of this or that set are born, that culture does not depend on race, etc.  One reason for “white pride” is white achievement.  

  • anonymous_amren

    No, Jupiter7’s not right. His mind is stuck in a rut. The only reason I’m trying to stop this race replacement is because I know the racial differences are genetic, incurable, and have huge IQ and personality differences that mean they can never sustain our civilisation. And the only reason I know that is because I stumbled upon the work of people like Rushton by accident when I was an antiracism activist.

    We need to get the science of race differences out there, or half the people won’t understand why allowing immigration of other races is genocide.

    Some of what Rushton said is probably just to deflect PC attacks (like his stuff about judging the individual, not the group). BUT THE HIGH ASIAN IQ IS INDISPUTABLE SCIENTIFIC FACT. Denying it just makes us look like stupid hypocrits.

    • François

       Asian IQ? What Asians are we talking about?

      Countries like Japan and China have higher IQ averages, but poor countries form South east Asia like Malaysia or Cambodia do not.

  • Tom P.

    “a number of prominent academics defended him in the 1989 crisis”
    There were just short of four dozen distinguished academics (several of whom are mentioned
    in this commentary here ) whose letters in support of Prof. Rushton’s academic freedom were
    bound together and offered up as a very powerful “Exhibit”.   Most of them were never recipients
    of Pioneer Fund grants.   Some disagreed with the validity of his theorizing, etc., but all affirmed
    that his work was soundly within the boundaries of science.    His early work, beginning very
    shortly after he gained his PhD, had nothing to do with race and was widely regarded for
    its intellectual excellence. 

  • Ghost Wolf

    He was castigated because it is assumed that somehow human genes work differently than the genes of every other species on the planet.   That somehow, diagnostic differences that denote race or subspecies in other creatures somhow do not apply to H. sapiens. 

    To me, the leftists who CLAIM to accept Darwinism are NO DIFFERENT than Special Creationists, in that somehow,  somewhen,  the mechanisms behind natural selection and genetic change, of population genetics, stopped applying to humans.  The only difference between the two groups is when and how (though not why – the underlying “why” is “because humans are special”.)

    • Ghost Wolf

       I wish this had an edit feature.  Anyway, I hold as an example the Spirit Bear, a white race of the black bear.   Why aren’t white and black humans similarly considered different RACES to the idiots who try to insist “race doesn’t exist”?  (Oh, it does, in OTHER ANIMALS, but not in THE HUMAN _ANIMAL_).

      • François

         Franz Boas, and anthropologist with no knowledge about genetics, came up with the idea that race is just a social construct.

        He obvioulsy had an agenda…

        • FourFooted_Messiah

           Culture is a social construct.  Race is a biological reality, what Darwin referred to as “incipient species”.

    • François

       Our enemies have to use lies, because the truth is on our side.

  • Ghost Wolf

     Though I wish the Bountiful BC Mormons would go back to Utah where they belong.  They are being used as a discussionto allow polygamy in Canada.

  • François

     Not realy refuted at all. But some powerful people want us to believe that research giving results that go against their whole system of lies, is worthless.

    On the other hand, the pseudo-science of Franz Boas, the anthropologist with no knowledege about genetics whatsoever, is celebrated! And Boas is the one would came up with that idea, so dear to Tim Wise, that race is nothing but a social construct…

  • François

     You are quite right. This is not about selling our Western countries to the highest IQ bidders, among immigrants (that would be the Asians).

    This is about our right to exist, and to keep our culture alive.

  • François

     Liberal Whites?

    There is a sub-group among liberal Whites; their appearance is white, but their roots are alien. They are powerful, and their influence on American society is totally disproportionnate to their percentage of the total US population.

    White race realists really need to well  know, who they are fighting.

  • I lived among one of the blackest culture of North America, Haiti.  To make the story short, my conclusion is that a negro genetic doesn’t entail that a great intellectual drawback per se, there are anatomic and biological differences but not that great, some of these differences can be even advantageous for the Black.  What they lose in one-track mind abilities they gain in multi-tasking abilities.  A negro genetic, on the other hand, does give musical ear and also all kinds of sensitivity most useful in amorous seduction.  What is certain to me and is nowadays impossible to state without being condemned as a human devil, is that talking and relating to too many women or potential love partners, and having all the sexual fun you wish for, makes you rapidly less and less intelligent, while talking and relating to people of your own sex and you don’t find affectionate, while being wary of party-like fun, makes you more and more intelligent, no matter the race of both.  The lower negro IQ, and even more so his lower mean moral IQ, is mostly a side-effect of his greater musical, seductive and occult abilities : he develops his vibratory and occult powers at the expense of everything else which he rapidly lays fallow, and that happens at the onset of puberty which he experiences at a younger age.  He counts on his seductive powers and occult energy powers not only to experience pleasure and ecstasy (which is a good thing per se), but also to survive or make a living, and the result is always catastrophic economically and morally, for music and occultism are always a negative-sum games when done for material purposes.  Those who strive on the other hand to renounce seduction and womanizing, and use native occult power only for godly purposes, are exempt from usual negro intellectual debility, and oftentimes choose field of studies we think more typical of Asians, like electrical engineering or German auto mechanics.  They also choose to be morally upright (they say dret) in a society where it is a pure handicap.

    To sum up even more tersely, the Blacks are born with a jacked up kundalini and open chakras as is sought after by all new age yogis, without having the spiritual maturity that must go together with them.  Many Westerners who go to East India, and also many East Indians themselves that are not so spiritual as the West fancy them, to acquire such powers without listening to the warnings of the real gurus, fall into the very same trap and rapidly turn into cunning and cruel savage beasts mistaking themselves for deities.   New Age as we have been knowing it is a high way to degeneracy and I suspect it to have been since the Woodstock times the prime moving factor leading present-day America to become more and more negatively negro in mentality, as well as the spiritual meeting place for the liberal establishment who marvel at the social havoc they have been causing all around while securing gated communities for themselves.  They have been presenting the Age of Aquarius as a golden age to come when everything esoteric is at last exoteric, where occult powers of all kinds are generalized and supposed by their main use to transform the planet into a paradise, a kind of rainbow-lit mythical Himalayan India minus the misery.  The Age of Aquarius they have been dreaming for is already present at our very door, just across the beaches of Miami.  It is called Haiti.  The more you fancy yourself as a fledgling indigo child, the more like a black spoiled brat you actually behave.  The faster you want to get to the Sun without dying to yourself and suffering, the faster you get to Cité-Soleil.

    Oprah Winfrey, not Obama (which I don’t admire, he is a mixture of bad black Muslim and bad Irish Liberal, another human group that experienced witchcraft-induced misery in the recent past), should figure first as a perfect symbol of evil in the Hall of Shame we must built to make our country flourish again.