Millions Desert Labour Because of Immigration with 80% of Former Supporters Wanting Drastic Curbs on Numbers

Jack Doyle, Daily Mail (London), October 23, 2012

Millions of Labour voters have deserted the party in protest over mass immigration.

A poll reveals that nearly eight in ten former Labour voters support drastic curbs on migrant numbers.

It also shows huge support for sharp cuts in arrivals among those who have remained with the party.

In 1997, some 13.5million voted for Labour, but by the 2010 election that had fallen to 8.6million.

Analysis of the views of some of the five million ‘lost’ Labour voters by YouGov shows 78 per cent want net migration cut to zero.

That policy would mean foreign migrants would be allowed in only to replace people who left – in effect, a one-in-one-out rule.

The YouGov poll, published in Prospect magazine, interviewed thousands of Labour ‘defectors’. Pollsters also found that two-thirds of Labour party loyalists backed zero net migration.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think tank, said: ‘This is stunning research which is bound to affect Labour’s immigration policies.

‘We will see whether they have the courage to declare a limit on immigration or whether they try to duck this essential issue. The track record so far is not encouraging.’

Ed Miliband signalled this month that he wanted more done to tackle immigration, saying low-skilled immigration into Britain was ‘too high’.

But the Labour leader offered no policy proposals for how he would fix the problem.

Labour’s open-door migration policy led to the largest population explosion in Britain since the Saxon invasion.

Between 1997 and 2010 the foreign-born population of the UK increased by three million, while nearly a million British citizens left the country.

Last year net migration stood at 216,000, down from 252,000 in 2010.

Home Secretary Theresa May has imposed a cap on migrant worker numbers and led a crackdown on family migration and bogus students.

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  • Puggg

    Desert Labour and going where?

    If not to BNP, then it’s a fruitless endeavor.

    • KenelmDigby

      UKIP look rather promising.

      • NorthernWind

         UKIP, while not explicitly a nationalist party, is quite nationalistic if you read their platform. And Nigel Farage seems an honest man, at least in comparison to the LibDems, Tories, and Labour.

        I’d rather the BNP gains because they are obviously more invested in protecting Britains, but UKIP is already a great alternative to the other three.

        • plaintruthforidiots

           You cannot be serious. The UKIP is not remotely nationalist, and certainly not racially nationalist. They are a relief valve party, designed to take votes away from the BNP and the National Front.

          • oops … looks like you got censored. (-:

  • Ulick

    The majority of Europeans hate what the Multi-culti elite have done to their countries. The question is — what are they going to do about it?

  • haroldcrews

    By nature I’m not conspiratorial minded.  But when politicians on either side of the Atlantic ignore or even oppose a massively popular issue such as opposing immigration I become suspicious.

  • IstvanIN

    Britain was already a very diverse kingdom: Englishmen, Welsh, Scots, Irish, Catholics, Protestants of various stripes, and Jews, to name a few.   Why in heaven’s name did they think they needed the third world is beyond me.

    • JohnEngelman

      Every country benefits from the immigration of whites of European ancestry and Orientals. No country benefits from third world immigration. 

      • IstvanIN

         No white country benefits from Asian or Oriental immigration except those individual whites with a fetish for geisha girls (or boys if you prefer).

    • plaintruthforidiots

       Because of one of the groups that you mentioned in your post – the Jews. WE don’t think we need the third world, the Jews do.

  • I love this  term ” net ” immigration.  1 million whites leave the country. 1 million Africans come into the country. The net immigration is 0. Yet the country has been changed.

    To make an analogy ,  if you have a shopping basket with 6 apples in it, take them out and put 6  oranges in it. You will still have 6 items, but it’s not the same, is it ?

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       Aboslutely not.  I don`t mind apples, but I can`t stand oranges.

  • JackKrak

    I’ll say it again –

    The Democrats in the US and Labour in the UK have no hope of ever getting a majority of native born white citizens to vote for them. Therefore, they must literally import an electorate that will vote for them.

    This need/desire animates everything they do.

    There is no simpler fact in the political universe.

    • JohnEngelman

      Before 1968 most white blue collar workers voted Democrat. The Democratic Party lost the loyalty of white blue collar workers by forcing them to make sacrifices upper middle class whites liberals did not have to make to achieve racial equality. These included affirmative action and forced school busing. 
      Upper middle class white liberals support school integration “in principle.” Nevertheless, they seldom send their children to predominately black public schools. 
      Upper middle class white liberal Democrats still have difficulty understanding that black crime and what happens when blacks move into white working class neighborhoods are legitimate concerns. 

    • Yep, Democrats make a mockery of both American elections and American citizenship. I am sure British Labour does the same thing in England

  • Ed Milliband leader of the Labour party is from Polish / Jewish immigrants. His father was a Marxist who fled the nazis and his mother was a human rights lawyer and anti nuclear weapons campaigner. 

    Typical useful idiots. plus they want mass immigration, since the jewish people have been persecuted,  safety in numbers is their reasoning. 

    • bursinfur

      The coward Ralph Miliband, father of Ed Miliband fled his own country to avoid being drafted. This is what he wrote about my countrymen after arriving in the UK during the Second World War:

      ‘The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most
      nationalist people in the world…When you hear the English talk of this
      war you sometimes almost want them to lose it to show them how things

      With friends like these who needs enemies?

      • FourFooted_Messiah

         But what is wrong with nationalismÉ  I have no problem with other people being nationalist, as long as I can be too.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      But I fail to understand why Jews advocate the immigration of people who hate them, like Muslims.

      I always said – If the Jews start running, it`s probably a good idea to be running right behind them.  

      I am experiencing a sort of mental dissonance here.

      And yeah, whatever Nazi Germany was about, I do know they were the first ones to impose anti-tobacco laws. So yeah, as a smoker … well … yeah, I`d be running right behind the Jews too, as I am in one of the most hated demographics ever (white and a smoker. Even being female does not help there!)

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “In 1997, some 13.5million voted for Labour, but by the 2010 election that had fallen to 8.6 million.”

    Does a like fate await John Engelman’s immigration-driving Democratic Party?

  • TFD123

    “We will see whether they have the courage to declare a limit on immigration or whether they try to duck this essential issue.”

    What is so *courageous* about coming out in favor of a policy (limiting immigration) that 80% of the people are in favor of????  It’s amazing what a straight-jacket everyone is in regarding discussing this topic rationally.

  • Don’t the Brits realize the ineffable joys of diversity?  Why, I had assumed that they were all doing Bert’s “Chim chim-in-ey” dance from Mary Poppins, so filled with joy were they at all the wonderful immigrants everywhere.

    Imagine that!

  • So you wake up to the fact that rats have overrun your home and you decide to plug the hole. OK, fixed, now what do you do about all the rats still in the house, breeding and eating through everything?
    Do the English think that all these immigrants are giving birth to  English children? It won’t be long before the immigrants will be making the rules and immigration policy

  • KenelmDigby

    Just stating the obvious.

    The fact is this:

    Ever since mass, uncontrolled third world imigration was instituted in the 1950s, the vast bulk of the British population have hated, loathed, abominated and despised it – this is a simple and obvious fact to anyone who is not deaf, dumb or blind.
    The vast majority of the British people never, ever wanted mass third world immigration, never, ever agreed to it, never, ever accepted it, and the British people still emphatically do not want their homeland turned into a black nation.
     Only the most ignorant klutz possible could possibly be unaware of these sentiments.

    Step forward New Labour and its Open Door immigration policy.

  • toldev

    The immigration issue proves that representative democracy simply doesn’t work.

    In the USA, poll after poll shows that about 90% of the population wants immigration severely curtailed. Despite this, the major parties just continue doing whatever they want to do with the issue. I would imagine the situation is similar in the United Kingdom.

  • As Israel Shamir so eloquently put it, “You could stop immigration in a country cold if you could manage to pass one little bitty law: a law that says that anyone who immigrates into a country and has any  law-related degree from a third world country is automatically allowed to practice law.    The lawyers would stop immigration in a heartbeat.”

  • The trouble is, the wider general British population are still ignorant and generally stupid enough to vote Labour back in, much like a battered wife forgiving her serial wife battering husband “just one more time” as it will be “different this time”. They seem to have the mental capacity and memory of a whelk. I have yet to be disproved.

    The media manufactured hysteria will escalate in the year or so before a main election, the BBC will gradually switch sides from Blue to Red, puffing up Red Ed Milliband and kicking the boot into the Tories –  and the needle will return to the start of the record and they will all sing along like before.

    Only this time they will be playing the red side of the record again instead of the blue side. Nobody ever really seems to notice that it is actually the same song on both sides, played by the same orchestra for the same conductor.

    That Labour sold off half the country to foreigners, imported about 5 Million people in a single decade (75%+ of which were third world, not Eastern European), presided over a decade where foreign criminals were let loose from courts because they could not even be bothered to turn up to the courts to process them for deportation, that they sold off £Billions in gold reserves at rock bottom prices and plunged the whole nation into a debt of monumental proportions, etc etc, will all be forgotten by the whelk brained fools.

    Trusting Labour with immigration is like trusting the care of your children with a known paedophile.

    • From today’s Daily Mail:

      “A quarter of all babies born in the UK are the children of
      immigrants as mothers from Poland, India and Pakistan give birth in
      record numbers”

      Of course, the newspaper article shows a nice white baby (as usual) – despite the fact that by their own chart, Indians, Pakistani’s and Nigerians etc (not to mention countless other non-white nations not specified) vastly outnumber ‘white’ births.

      The pace and scale was madness in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s….. but in the last 20 years it has been beyond madness. The speed of change is breathtaking. You can feel it everywhere. Well, at least, I can.

      The aforementioned whelk brained fools will no doubt continue to clap on their own demise like demented sea-lions being tossed a fish. The new electorate that has already arrived will suckle up to whichever teat they can suck the most out of for their own interests.

      The indigenous population are now just one of a varying niche of special interest groups who are not supposed mind that vast chunks of their homeland is filled with the third world. Most of them don’t seem to mind, as long as they “pay their taxes” and sit affixed to Strictly Come Dancing and Big Brother etc along with the natives.

      I used to think there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but on closer inspection it became clear it was a load of immigrants coming through with torches.

      Sad times.

      • Pearl

         I used to visit England regularly (along with France on the same trips) because I still have friends and relations in both places.  The changes in the culture, and the effect of them both being completely submerged and subsumed is is overwhelming.  I know it’s very noticeable to people that live there.  Imagine how dramatic it looks to someone who comes in yearly.  The pace of change is always jarring to outsiders to who haven’t been there for the build up.  It’s extremely unpleasant and depressing.

        One wonders how much this hurts their tourist industry; although these trips have been getting less pleasant for awhile, 2011 has me seriously questioning if I will be returning.  There were continual incidences that made me worry for my personal safety, and as a white woman, the harassment was far beyond what I can just dust off.

        These travel plans used to be central to my life.  The saving up and arranging for time, then the fun of making all the actual plans and arrangements, who I would see, what we would do- it was grand.  Now Europe feels tense and hostile- I have to keep my guard up and have eyes in the back of my head.  It’s true that there are still very pleasant places, but as a female traveling solo, I’m starting to think the rest of it isn’t worth it. 

        • I live in a northern English town which used to have a large cotton mill manufacturing base.

          The  government and the (already failing) mills which could not compete in the “globalist” market with India, decided to import cheap Pakistani workers in the late 50’s and early 1960’s to cut the wages of the workforce and try and plug up some of the shortfall.

          No surprises that the mills all fell in the end, and we were left with the immigrants who did not go home, but set up taxis and all that kind of thing instead.

          In 1961 they were about 1% of my town. Now they are officially over 33% of the population, with the greatest disparity now under the age of 5.

          I walked through town a fortnight ago (I hate having to go there, but had no choice as I needed to go to the bank) and saw a trail of young school children with their teachers who must have been on a trip and heading back to school. Around 30 children were present, only TWO were white. They stuck out like a sore thumb.

          I proceeded to walk past shops doing international commerce and insurance/immigration claims, past a “Polski Sklep” and through the run-down town (where about 40% of the shops are shuttered up through the ‘downturn’) and into the bank, which was brimming with Pakistanis drawing money out.

          On the way back to the car, I walked past the sorry looking excuse for a street market which is aimed to bringing trade back to the deadbeat town, only to see Eastern Europeans selling Islamic headscarf gear for £1 each.  

          I couldn’t help but think “what the hell am I supposed to be ‘getting’ from this situation?” – as the liberals insist it is “vibrant” and “dynamic” and “enriching”. Of course, I know it is all nonsense. It is just alienating and depressing.

          That is just my sleepy town near to Blackburn, which is also 33% Asian alone. I can’t stand to go there either, and as for the big cities, I have to work myself up to block it out of my mind. I very rarely go to them now.

          I don’t know what folk must think who have a picture of a “quaint” England in their mind when they visit. From any ‘racially aware’ perspective, the country is degenerating into a cesspool, including some of the natives. Others don’t seem to mind and like the “cosmopolitan” nature of it with “a different ethnic restaurant on every corner” type attitude.

          I wish I could say I was optimistic about the future, but at this rate, we are already finished and will need a miracle to turn the situation around.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

             🙁  I visited London back in 1985; I don`t remember seeing many blacks or Arabs then.  Maybe there were a few, but I was too busy goggling at the actual Brits – you have such nice woolens there.  Or had.  I brought home a bunch of nice sweaters from a shop on Oxford Street called `Scottish Woollens`.  Does that still existÉ

            I liked it then.  I kind of wish I could have moved there.  I`m kind of glad I didn`t (same with Greece – I was told I could get a job at the airport there simply becuase I could speak fluent English.  I didn`t think it was right,  and came  back home.  I kinda regretted that decision for years, until recently.)

          •  I haven’t been to London for about 20 years, back when I was a young teenager. Being from the north of England and used to quiet and fields, I thought it was noisy and horrible then, and I wasn’t even racially conscious. It was just the “hubbub” of the city and the pace and overcrowding that got on my nerves.

            To be honest with you, now that I am a ‘nationalist’ and racially aware, I would rather poke my own eyes out with rusty teaspoons than visit London.

            Somebody would have to pay me to visit there, because I know it would break my heart and that I wouldn’t be able to stand it.

            Okay, I may be on the bleak side with my outlooks, but you may want to watch these videos I made which reflect my sorrow and cynicism:

            The first is a nice and short one which makes a more startling point, with a twist of dark humour:


            The second is a much longer documentary compilation I put together a few years ago, which is a more slow-burner but gives a deeper insight into what kind of things are going on here now.

            (I included some Eastern European related things for the sake of being seen as balanced, but they are ultimately very low on my priority list. But as  Baritish Nationalist I would rather the indigenous people prevailed rather than being supplanted by any other people).


            I have no idea about ‘Scottish Woollens”, sorry. I will bet the items you bought lasted much longer than the imported Chinese rubbish we now tend to get though.

            If you are racially conscious, you definitely made the right choice not to be working at London airports. Even one of the Pope’s aids remarked along the lines of how it was like visiting a third world country.

            You wouldn’t be able to stand it now unless you were prepared to switch off and “live and let live” like most of the other people who don’t seem to care what is going on.

            You’re probably familiar with the old BNP “Wembley” video. Whilst it is not that bad everywhere, I think you would be on the fringes of that kind of thing if you had stayed in London.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            This is a reply to British Activism, the system would not allow me to reply directly to this person.

            “haven’t been to London for about 20 years, back when I was a young
            teenager. Being from the north of England and used to quiet and fields, I
            thought it was noisy and horrible then, and I wasn’t even racially
            conscious. It was just the “hubbub” of the city and the pace and
            overcrowding that got on my nerves”

            I can dig that, cities make my nerves rattle no matter who is in them.  I do not like crowds.

            “To be honest with you, now that I am a ‘nationalist’ and racially
            aware, I would rather poke my own eyes out with rusty teaspoons than
            visit London.

            Somebody would have to pay me to visit there, because I know it would break my heart and that I wouldn’t be able to stand it.”

            I feel the same about Toronto.  When it was King of Kensington-type diversity, yeah, it was OK (ie, Italians, Greeks, and the occasional secular Turk).  Now it seems to be a hellhole that I would not want to revist for anything.

            And thank you for the links, I am watching them now.  The firtst one, I enjoyed the music, but found the rest disturbing.  As one who DOES genuinely care about “diversity”, I fear that our kind of “diversity” will go extinct soon.  Hey, I don’t really want genocide, I just want “separate but equal” – you do your thing over there, and I do my thing over here.  I really cannot comprehend any problem with that concept.

            The stuff about Eastern Europeans was enlightening, though.  Kosovo is Muslim, is it not?  I know Albanians are, the Greeks warned me against trafficking with them while I was visiting them, as Albanians tended to sell stuff stolen from streetside kiosks. 

            It is sad that the worst of them are coming over now.  My childhood friend (my ONLY friend, at least until she discovered boys before I did) was a Czek – her parents were awesome, actually.  I have nothing but warm feelings now that I think of these people again, even if my “friend” did turn on me to impress her boyfriend (who was one of my bullies.  But even so, that guy did an awesome job as the King of Siam in our showing of “The King and I” – we had a frustrated wannabe Broadway director for one of our teachers, and a real auditorium with a real stage and wings and such to work with, only two schools in my city had that.  I do like to give credit where it is due.)

            As for russians, hell.  My teachers had a hell of a time trying to keep me off the playground, so I was assigned to help teach Russian kids English.  They didn’t seem so bad at the time.  And Russians, well, I always kind of considered them brothers to Canadians – cursed with both perpetual bad winters and perpetual bad government.

            “I have no idea about ‘Scottish Woollens”, sorry. I will bet the items
            you bought lasted much longer than the imported Chinese rubbish we now
            tend to get though.” 

            Yes, I enjoyed those sweaters for quite a few years until moths got at them (my own fault).  I am familiar with Chinese rubbish, I won’t shop at Wal-mart any more becuase that’s all they have … and I find “made in China” means “don’t plan on this lasting more than a year, if that”.  I had two fifty-dollar coffepots from China that lasted me EXACTLY a year each.  When my last coffeepot died, my current man went out and bought me both a coffeepot and a toaster (I didn’t bring the old one I had coz it was garbage)  made in the USA under the Betty Crocker brand.  They are 3 years old now, each, and still going strong.

            As for the airport thing, it would have been the Athens airport I would have applied to.  But the rest of what you say is probably accurate, I probably would have gotten sick of the trash coming into Greece.  Sigh.  Maybe I could have helped.  But maybe not.   But know this, I would have been as Greek as any WASP could have been, had I decided to stay.  I would have made a point of it.  I was there during the Macedonia debate (postcards there read, in Greek – “Macedonia is Greek”, in protest to Muslims trying to usurp the name.  I was offended as they were when they explained the problem.)

            As forf the BNP Wembly vid, yeah, if it’s the one where the Welsh dude had to resort mto speaking Welsh at the end to make sure the hostile Muslism couldn’t understand him, yeah, I know that one. And yeah, I guess that’s what I would have faced if I had decided to stay ANYWHERE in Europe.

            Unfortunately, that sort of crap is now infecting even the more “redneck” places of my own country. 🙁

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Y`know, I just don`t get human hypocracy.

        Another species, let`s say .. deer … are declared to be overpopulated either when humans start noticing them being around, or humans notice that some of them are starving.  Then it`s `Let`s get the guns out and do them a favour and save them from their overpopulation problem.`

        But blacks and East Indians breed  like crazy.  I never noticed them much in the 1970s, but I`m noticing them now.  And apparently they are here because their own countries are …. overpopulated.

        I also see beg ads asking me to support African kids that the parents cannot feed – ie, starvation.  Why is feeding the answer here, rather than bulletsÉ  I am told to not feed wilflife (even birds!) because it artificailly props up their population.  So why should I artifically feed AfricansÉ

        And I don`t even like Africans.  I`d rather have the deer and the birds. Birds spread much less crap than the left does, and bird crap is much easier to clean up after.

    • I imagine the situation is much the same as it is in the United States.    If there was an alternative to the Labour Party for the working man, that included a strong anti-immigrant stance, it would win in a landslide.    But our neoconservative friends have neutered the conservative option to something much more  “pedestrian” friendly.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    But what good is it to replace a Brit with a MuslimÉ


  • FourFooted_Messiah

     Oddly enough, the old Chinese families of Canada can`t stand the new Chinese immigrants.  Wonder why.