A mother returned to her luxurious Manhattan apartment on Thursday night to find her two-year-old son and six-year-old daughter had been stabbed to death in the bathtub by their nanny, who then slit her own throat in a failed suicide attempt.

Marina Krim arrived at the family’s apartment on the Upper West Side at around 5.30pm with her other daughter, three-year-old Nessie, to find son Leo and daughter Lulu lying in a pool of blood each with multiple stab wounds.

The nanny, 50-year-old Yoselyn Ortega, survived her suicide attempt and is in police custody.

Yoselyn Ortega

‘There were bloodcurdling screams from a woman,’ neighbour Rima Starr said. ‘There was some kind of screaming about, “You slit her throat!” ‘It was horrible.’

Mrs Krim, who neighbours say may have worked as a pediatrician and whose husband is the senior vice president and general manager of CNBC Digital, returned home after Ortega failed to meet her and Nessie for swimming lessons with the other children.

She entered the three-bedroom, $10,000-a-month apartment at West 75th Street but found it dark, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

She returned to the lobby to ask the doorman if he had seen the children and, when he said they had not left, she returned to the home and looked through each room.

She finally switched on the bathroom lights and discovered the horrifying scene.

There she found Ortega on the floor with a slit throat and with her wrists cut and bleeding, the New York Post reported. Police said a kitchen knife was nearby.

Marina Krim and her now-deceased children.

Mrs Krim also found her two children in the bathtub with stab wounds covering their bodies, and then tried to stop the nanny’s neck from bleeding with a towel, according to the Post.

Lucianne Minihan, whose husband is the building’s superintendent, told DNAInfo: ‘She was screaming at the top of her lungs. She was screaming, “Help me! Help me!”‘

Neighbours dialed 911 and, although Lulu and Leo reportedly appeared to be breathing when medics arrived, they were pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Ortega was unresponsive but was taken to New York-Cornell Hospital in a critical but stable condition. She was in a stable condition on Friday morning and police sources say she may have also taken pills.

Mrs Krim and Nessie, who had not witnessed the grisly scene, were also taken to hospital for treatment, and Mrs Krim was sedated.

A neighbour told the Wall Street Journal the woman had left the building ‘inconsolable, hysterical, frantic’.

Her husband, Kevin Krim, had been on a business trip and was met by police at the airport when he returned to New York. Officers recounted the horror to him and he was escorted to the hospital.

Mr and Mrs Krim remained at St. Luke’s hospital last night with Mrs Krim’s sister. Police said the shocked mother was unable to communicate.

The family had moved to New York from San Francisco within the last few years, and Mr Krim was named general manager of CNBC’s digital media division in March.

He is a Harvard graduate and has recently worked at Bloomberg and Yahoo!, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The children’s grandmother on their father’s side, Karen Krim, told the Post that the family hired Ortega a year ago, until which time Mrs Krim had been a stay-at-home mother.

When Leo was born, they searched for a nanny. They even spent nine days with her family in the Dominican Republic, as documented on Mrs Krim’s online journal.

Ortega has no criminal record.

‘Kevin told me that she was a nice girl,’ the grandmother told The Post. ‘How could she do something like that? The children were angels.’

Ortega’s niece, Katherine Garcia, added that her aunt had been ‘acting kind of nervous lately’ but insisted that she had loved the children.

Police said there were no immediate explanations for the murders and suicide attempt. Paul J. Browne, from the police department, told the New York Times he did not know a note had been left.

Mrs Krim, who teaches weekly art lessons to children, kept an online journal entitled ‘Life with the Krim Kids’, which she had last updated just three hours before the murders.

She had written: ‘Leo speaks in the most adorable way possible.’

The online journal paints a tender picture of her life with her husband and their beloved children, and gives an insight into the horrendous loss that has befallen the family.

She documents trips to pick apples, visits to pumpkin patches and playdates. Photographs show the children playing happily together around the home and on their first days of school.

‘One of the best parts of my day is after I drop both girls off at school and have 3 precious hours with little Lito all to myself,’ she wrote. ‘Ok, I’m near getting cheesy I adore this boy so much!!!’

She added how he loved to play with toy cars and trucks, and would set up his own ‘kitchen’ in the living room where he would pretend to make bacon.

‘Lito, I must say, is a very clever little boy,’ she wrote. ‘He is super talkative and just has a million thoughts running through his brain and can express himself amazingly well for an almost-2 year old.  I’m thinking he could be a Mini-Kevin.’

The family lives in one of the city’s most idyllic neighborhoods, just a block from Central Park and a few more from the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

It is home to many affluent families, and seeing children accompanied by nannies is an everyday part of life there, making the idea of such violence even more disturbing to residents.


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  • Seriously, WHEN will White people learn to NEVER trust their children with strangers let alone strangers of COLOR!  The sickest part of all the equality and diversity lies has been the toll on innocent WHITE CHILDREN.  Nothing makes my blood boil more than a diversity attack on INNOCENT WHITE CHILDREN.  

    •  Shut up your f.. racist, color has nothing to do with this. Go and f… yourself

  • MerlinV

    The “nanny” was from the Dominican Republic. Aren’t they heavily into voodoo there? Maybe this was somehow involved? It makes no sense.

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

      only a liberal moron would hire an illegal mud person living in a harlem tenement to babysit. people live in harlem for a reason. drug addicton mental illness poor judgement etc. liberals make me sick 

      • Harlem is where they pushed a shopping cart off a parking garage onto the head of a stupid liberal buying candy for the poor little dark children

    • GrahamChapmanArmy

      That’s what I thought as well. I’m shocked we are letting in people from such dangerous countries.

    • Persephone Gray

      Apparently a very high percentage of Manhattan nannies are Dominican. Not sure why, it’s just a statistic I’ve heard before.

      • GrahamChapmanArmy

        I’m anticipating a decrease in Dominican domestics after this.

        • If they do, they certainly won’t be bragging about it at the Shul and the Junior League.  (-:

      • potato78

        Hispanic white likes to hire nannies from hispanic black.

  • humptydumpty

    Yeah, when I’m up in the city, I’ve often wondered about it when I see these minorities pushing baby carriages with White babies. I wonder what’s wrong with these White people who leave their precious babies with these filthy slobs? I guess they’re just crazy. No one who’s in their right mind would ever think of leaving their babies with these minorities. Obviously, I think the woman who did this should be killed, but I’d think the parents of the murdered babies should be put tyo death as well. Nobody that stupid should be allowed to live.

    • C_C_Conrad

       No one that is this stupid will live.  That’s what all of this is about.  A shaking, a sifting just like the time of the Ice Age.  They will either become race mixers, homo’s or drug addicts and die off.  I call this the Neanderthal Option. 
      www. jackswar. com

    • GrahamChapmanArmy

      Blacks raising wealthy whites has been a part of the US white way of life for centuries. where have you been? You act as if Blacks created and then instigated this reality!

      • humptydumpty

        GrahamChapmanArmy, These minorities aren’t your old black “Mammy.” That era is long gone. Hiring minorities to watch White babies is an act of sheer madness today.

        • GrahamChapmanArmy

          Can’t argue with that!

        • GrahamChapmanArmy

          I still think a US born domestic of any race  with family going back generations is fine for child care. Loads of college gals of all races work as nannies and there is never an issue.

          • I dont know about “fine”. You may be able to “get away with it.” But you are missing an opportunity to impart your culture’s temperament and values on your child in myriad small ways.

          • GrahamChapmanArmy

             But that’s my point. A US born multi generational nanny of any race who’s going to college, who’s put in the time to improve their life is going to have values, balance and discipline. I can only speak for California where most US kids especially minorities are priced out of college now and have to have a straight A average to get into Universities. That’s assimilation that comes from a life altering change. I’d take  a Mills College or Stanford Black or any race nanny over a white nanny with a GED from the “Appalachian” part of the state like Humboldt or Trinity county. They have no more European values and tradtions than Blacks from east Oakland do. But then no one would raise my children or care for them for more than a few hours a day. what is unfair to the Krims is that this psycho killer “nanny’ was more of a mother’s helper and was not living in. This was not a family who had left their children to be raised by others.

          • “for more than a few hours a day” 

            < a pediatrician and a Media Executive living in NYC where commutes are long and you wait in line for everything?  I doubt it was only 3 hours per day.

        • 5n4k33y35

          It really depends on the individual, doesn’t it? As for myself, I say rely on family. Only my own kin are fit to care for the children in my family.

      • Xerxes22

        That was a Southern custom, using Black nannies. Most wealthy Whites outside of the South had White nannies.  I don’t know what the custom is these days.

  • Persephone Gray

    The father works for CNBC. What more do you need to know?

  • In my
    opinion, this is an unprecedented opportunity to propagate the race-realist
    movement.  We should not let the pundits
    get away with saying” This could’ve happened to anybody, and could’ve been
    committed by anybody.  It’s just a
    random, senseless  act.”


    We in the
    race really realist movement believe that if you look deeper, there are very
    few acts that are purely random.  Most of
    them have meaning.  Most of them have
    lessons to learn.


    We must
    explain, to people who are persuadable, how this is a classic illustration of
    why diversity doesn’t work.  The steps I propose are these:


    1.       Establish
    the background of the Dominican Republic, and how different it is from the
    culture of the United States.

    2.       Get our
    opponents to admit that language differences create isolation and inability to
    communicate and understand one another, sometimes unto fatal consequences and
    that these differences do not get solved by just a quickie ESL course.

    3.       Cite the
    study posted earlier this week on American Renaissance that there is an increased risk of psychosis for BOTH whites and nonwhites
    occasioned by living in non-homogeneous circumstances.

    4.       Cite other articles about this incident, which contain
    witness reports, including the grandmother, that Ms. Ortega had an unfriendly,
    unsmiling personality… .  the exact kind of personality cues that
     politically-correct couples like the Krims  have been taught from
    the days of their youthful Sesame Street-watching  to ignore as mere “cultural bias”.

    5.       Get
    our opponents to admit that the Krims did everything they were supposed to do
    as a couple: engage their nanny, visit her country for nine days, making her
    feel like one of the family,   getting to know her own family in the
    Dominican Republic, encourage that family to touch,  hold,  and be like
    extended family to the Krims.

    6.       Note
     that however inadvisable it  may be  to have
     unassimilable  amounts of immigrants work in factories and farms, it
    is sheer  LUNACY  to allow them into your homes and to be a heartbeat
    away from your most precious possession:  your progeny and legacy.

    7.       Get our
    opponents to admit that logic would dictate that Yoselyn Ortega was not raised
    in a petri dish.  And for every one Yoselyn Ortega who is willing to go
    the full Monty and kill innocent white children, there are hundreds if not
    thousands of immigrants who are capable of exhibiting  lesser
     antisocial behaviors that will still exact their collective toll on white
    society (the society that was specially built by our ancestors for *our* temperament
    and needs and not theirs.)

    8.      Who knows
    what went through Yoselyn Ortega’s mind before she picked up that knife?
     But we know well from our Latino Studies programs in US high schools and
    colleges that Latinos are supposed to have a justifiable grudge against the
    “Anglo” that knows no limit.    Academics freely toss
    around, without challenge, terms designed to induce guilt in whites and foment
    the hatred in non-whites, such as “white privilege” and ” legacy
    of slavery”.   Perhaps Ms. Ortega was overcome with a feeling of
    spite for her situation as a lower middle-class woman “of color” compared to
    the opulent life, and almost-certain splendorous destiny, of the Little Kings
    and Queens.   No matter, even the most hardened liberal would not assert
    that these little ones deserved to die for the sins of their fathers. 

    9.       Get
    our opponents to admit that the benefits conferred by immigration: cheap labor,
    freedom of women to work,  increased wealth and opulence, etc. no matter
    how multifarious they may be, are not worth one precious little Krim baby.

    10.   We must
    call a moratorium on diversity; we must call a moratorium on immigration.  This is not working, as even a liberal upper
    West side New Yorker can see.

    • diversity kills, simple as that 

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

       i knew it was a mud or a chocolate and i was right. they are jealous because they are underachievers who have not contributed. name one major scientist who is a black or dominican you cannot whereas i can from memory name 45 white male scientists who have made major contributions. so they act out violently thats why she killed these kids.  everybody knows it.

    • Dr. Möbias

      #5.  Get our opponents to admit that the Krims did everything they were supposed to do as a couple: engage their nanny

      The Krims did NOT do everything they were supposed to do as a couple.    

      Mrs. Krim should have stayed home with her children and raised them herself instead of paying someone else to raise them, especially someone from the third world.  This is what white parents USED to do.

  • “I believe the Krims, both mother and father, are , at least in part, of Hispanic ancestry.”

    Nah.  doubt it.  Marina is a Russian/Slavic name derived from the Greek Orthodox Saint.  Krim doesnt sound Hispanic.  Kevin is an Irish saint.  It looks like Mr. Crim is a somewhat swarthy German.

    • ArturoPendriago

      Krim is a German/Jewish name.  The mother’s maiden name is Hinsley which is English, but there is a ‘Marina Krim’ who is Greek, so the mother is at least part Greek or even Italian and she looks it.

      • IstvanIN

         Stupid discussion.  The kids were beautiful and didn’t deserve what this black-hispanic did to them.

    • GrahamChapmanArmy

      “Swarthy German”?  Sorry… The father could easily be mixed with Black. That still does not excuse what occurred. This family was fully assimilated/de facto white and the murdering nanny was not. There are many white families in the NYC elite with assimilated non whites and you can’t even tell unless you look really close.

      This tragedy reminds me of what happened to Frank Lloyd Wright’s family, very sad.

  • the ruling class are truly strange.    They spend tens of thousands of dollars in fertility treatment to have children, then they immediately dump them off with nannies.

    • GrahamChapmanArmy

      wealthy white people have been leaving their children with blacks for centuries. Blacks and non whites raise much of nation’s elite.

  • tickyul

    WELL….the nanny is:

                                     1.  obviously crazy
                                     2.  a person of diversity
                                     3.  a female
                                     4. a person who has suffered the loss of two people very close to her
                                     5. the victim of a brutal suicide attempt
                                     6. physically disabled due to being a victim of a suicide attempt

    5 years home detention for the poor nanny!


    • Gunrunner1

       I hope you are being sarcastic, because most of what you listed here is Multicult goo.

      1. Crazy. No she wasn’t, the family lived with her and did not feel she was so crazy that she was not able to take care of the kids. Wait till the toxicology tests come back. 5 will get you ten she was on bath salts or other yummy stuff. She went Evil, for reasons that are not clear yet, but is common to the darker races.

      2. A “person of Diversity”? You mean she was a negro/mixed race third worlder who makes up the majority of the world. Whites are only 9%. If there are any rare and special races, Whites are it.

      3. I concede she had female parts.

      4. She murdered two people! She didn’t “suffer a loss” for gods sake. That’s like saying teen who kills his parents is “suddenly an orphan”. She murdered the children!!!!

      5. She cut her own throat!! She is not the victim of anything! She did it too herself!

      6. See 5 above.

      It is the Multicult twisting of situations to seek victims as long as their skin color is right that aborts justice.  She needs to spend the rest of her life in a insane asylum in the Dominican Republic or be executed here for murder.

  • tickyul

    I think the nanny is actually part black…..looking at the kinky hair.

    • nettle

      On those islands, where blacks were imported, most of them have black blood in them.

    • Most Dominicans are black. Only a small percentage of the population of the DR is totally spanish. A spanish Dominican doesn’t have african hair.

  • Sloppo

    It is very sad when a CNBC executive’s innocent little children are attacked and killed.  It’s also very sad when innocent children like Autumn Pasquale are killed because they don’t understand much about the dangers of diversity, possibly as a result of propaganda companies like CNBC which work hard to glorify diversity and hide information about it’s dangers.  I wish I could have been there to save all those children.  

  • Yeah, she is in the same league as the women who would buy 500 dollars worth of halloween candy for the  “uhhhhhhnnderrrrrrprihhhhhhhvlehhhhhhged” and wound up with a shopping cart inserted into her skull. My momma always said, “stupid librahhhl is as stupid lihbrahhl does.” and ” You never get anything good when you deal with the chocolates”

  • IstvanIN

    I thought nannies were cute, young (real) Swedish girls?  At the very least a Mary Poppins or a Mr. French.  Why a black, and that is what Dominicans are.

  • Anyone else notice that blacks seem to think it is open season on whites? Anyone else remember that the black panthers talked about killing white babies? We are in a race war. The thing is that many white people don’t want to face that yet. I bet this mother faces that now. Too late.

    • Except Panthers usually dont kill themselves.

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

       i thought the exact same thing the black yelling kill white babies in philly. well here it is.

    • Persephone Gray

      Have you seen the “Black Foot Soldiers” website? I was only recently directed to it, and a sicker, more shocking site I’ve never seen. More hateful than anything ever posted on AmRen or VDare or Stormfront. After seeing that website, I have sworn to my husband that if a single black person moves into this neighborhood, we are OUT of here, asap. It’s appalling.

  • C_C_Conrad

     Before the fall of S. Africa,  Dr. Wm. Pierce warned the whites of that country to get rid of their black nannies, gardeners, cooks and take their country back before it was too late.  Did they do it?  No!  Well, you see now what that did for them.  The question is, are all other whites going to go down this same road?  Those that do deserve what they get, It’s natures iron clad law. 

    www. jackswar. com

  • sarah stein

    There’s just not enough qualified Americans to do this job, we need to increase the visa cap for these nannies.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    my first assumption had been that a shine had killed the two little white kids but it turns out it was an illegal mud person. that was my second guess. same envy and hatred of whites because they cannot score above 82 on an iq test.

    • what is a shine?

      • GrahamChapmanArmy

        Derogatory term for a Black person. I don’t think she’s an illegal. The couple was too high profile.

    • GrahamChapmanArmy

      IMMIGRATION FAIL” Ms. Ortega, who the police said was a naturalized American citizen from the Dominican Republic, had worked for the Krims for about two years.
      She had been referred by another family, the police said, and did not
      come through an agency, which customarily does background checks. A law
      enforcement official said Ms. Ortega had had no previous brushes with
      the law, nor have detectives learned of any tensions in her relationship
      with the Krims.”

      • IstvanIN

         We shouldn’t allow black immigration from anywhere.  Calling a black somehtying other than black doesn’t make them any less black.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

     its perverse. these leftists feel guilt because they live in a 10,000 a month apartment so to asuage their guilt they vote for a mulatto for prez or hire a mud from a harlem tenement to look after their kids. now they dont feel so bad and especially now since they can PROVE  how liberal and OPEN MINDED they are by excusing her behavior watch thats next, the mom will make a public statement mitigating the nannys act saying it was due to her poverty or mental illness etc as michael said liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • We have a holocaust going on in this country. A holocaust where white Americans are the targeted victims.

  • Some interesting interviewees in this Boston Herald article, “New York Parents Shaken”:  “It’s a horrible tragedy, but it doesn’t make me question my nanny at all,” said Elizabeth McCarthy, a single mother of a 6-year-old boy. “For me, I found somebody I trust. She’s an incredible part of my son’s life. She’s a wonderful person, she’s raised children of her own and this doesn’t make me in the least bit question anything about her.”
    I am sure there is no cognitive dissonance in any of her statement!


  • IKantunderstand

    We know  nothing behind the decision that caused this couple to hire her. This couple lost two of their children to an absolutlely heinous, brutal murder.  I am going to pray for them.

  • elitist

    … Because, after all, those blood crazed Hispanic nannies are constantly murdering the children in their charge, just remember the time when,…uh…when…

    OOOPS!!! come to think of it, this is pretty much unprecedented!

    meanwhile back to the real story:

    The perpetrator had just received psychological counseling, and it’s a very, very safe bet she was being medicated.

    my prediction: this was a bad reaction to meds, relatively unusual, but, common enough to account for surprisingly high percentage of violent acts.

    Just read the labels, which basically say:

    “this medication may calm you down, but it also might make you commit suicide, or kill someone else, so be on the lookout for suicidal or homicidal ideation, etc. etc.”

    the parents may end up suing the pharma firm, the settlement will be secret (duh! they always are. the pharma firm is paying to avoid bad publicity), there will be a few articles pointing out that a remarkable number of people of all races and sexes have flipped out and become violent on this medication, and then business will go on as usual.

    There is no epidemic of murderous Hispanic nannies and United States.

    But there are a lot of people flipping out on psychotropics.

    • GrahamChapmanArmy

      Does not compute.  Is she “Hispanic”?   She’d be Black in Virginia. She’s unassimilated whatever she is and that’s the problem with too many nannies and too many white families that hire them.

      • elitist

        She comes from The Dominican Republic, so is by definition Hispanic.

        Have many hispanic nannies – including those with some black heritage – murdered the children in their charge?

        Or is this instead incredibly unusual?

        Or maybe even: totally unprecedented??

        Do you really think rich Manhattanites would continue to hire Hispanic nannies if there had already been a string of killers among them?

        Once I know what meds she was on, I can google instances where it triggered bizarre acts of violence.

        another prediction: many of these will involve lily whites with no history of violence.

        • GrahamChapmanArmy

          I’d wait to hear the facts. I’m amazed that Hispanics and Middle eastern who are basically Black are called “Hispanic” and “middle eastern”. Absolute fiction.

          • IstvanIN

             Absolutely.  A Hispanic can be pure Chinese as long as they were born in Cuba.  This women was BLACK: not: “Spanish”, as so many Hispanics like to refer to themselves as or mulatto, sorry, if you are part black you are black.

          • GrahamChapmanArmy

             Perhaps to other hispanics but sadly on US census forms they can check white! Loads of “caucasions” are Black especxially from the Indian sub continent and Arab pennisula. Off topic but true. Domincan Republic has a specific 1o step color heirachy if I’m not mistaken.

          • elitist

            the overpowering mystery about the term “Hispanic” is solved very easily:

            it is not a racial designation at all.

            It is a grab bag term which refers to immigrants to the United States with backgrounds in Spanish-speaking cultures, so it would apply to the King of Spain just as much as to a full-blooded Mayan peasant from Guatemala.

            Apparently, the Nixon administration forgot Brazil’s Portuguese speaking when framing this category:

            What is the sense of excluding Brazilians while including whites from European Spain?

            the Dominican Republic is about 15% white, with a huge number of mulattos, and many blacks, but is a pretty successful country by Latin American standards.

            The DR shares a border with Haiti, and spares no expense to keep Haitians out. Proximity to Haiti represents the greatest challenge to its survival as a viable nation.

          • TheAntidote

                   You say The Dominican Republic has ten categories in its racial hierarchy? I can only count seven:

            Negro azul

            It’s also significant to note all of them, whatever shade, absolutely despise their neighbours the Haitians—-who are of purebred African stock.

        •  A relative of ours lived in the Dominican Republic- and she says that settling disputes by hacking your opponent with a machete is apparently fairly common.

    • Hal K

      See “immigrant mass murder syndrome,” which is frequently discussed at VDare.

      Drugs alone would not make someone do this, although they could be a contributing factor.

      • elitist

        by seeing this incident solely through the lens of race, you are wasting teachable moment:

        many people, including many whites, with absolutely no history of violent or aggressive behavior whatsoever, become totally psychotic and spectacularly violent as an adverse reaction to psychotropic medication.

        This is so well documented, there are so many well-known incidents, but it is unnecessary to argue the point, to get into a back-and-forth – it is just reality.

        There are so many people on these drugs these days, and so many having bizarre adverse reactions, that there is no doubt at least some readers will know exactly what I’m talking about.

         these meds are incredibly dangerous, for people of all races.

        • Persephone Gray

          Yep. And I don’t think the fact that these widespread drugs have such a dangerous, destabilizing impact is in any way an unintended “side effect.” It’s just another useful tool to sow fear, chaos and paranoia among the masses.

          • elitist

            it is also phenomenally profitable to have millions of people (not to mention pets) popping pills all day.

            big Pharma has the highest profit margins of any industry, and has at least as much clout in Washington as big oil or any other industry.

            and yes, people on meds are no threat to the establishment: most are too disoriented to organize politically.

        • Hal K

          I just did a search for krim nanny medication at Google news and didn’t see anything.  This would be a good time to raise the subject of psychiatric medications if there was any evidence that the nanny was actually taking something, and so far there is no such indication.
          I still think you have raised an interesting possiblity, but at this point it is only a possibility, and even if medication was involved, it could not completely explained what happened.
          What drugs are you talking about anyway?  Most people who become aggressive and psychotic don’t slit people’s throats.

          • elitist

            she was seeing a psychiatrist in Manhattan, what is the likelihood she was NOT prescribed psychotropics?

            You’re more likely to be hit by a meteorite.

            The stories are have become numbingly predictable:

            acts of extreme and bizarre violence by an individual with no violent history, often accompanied by self injury.

            Then comes the countdown: 10, 9 8,7…

            … the perp was under psychiatric care, had been prescribed psychotropics, either had an adverse reaction, or when psychotic coming off meds.

            then comes the damage control: he was ready to step, the drugs may have delayed her psychosis, etc. etc.

            Then comes the multimillion dollar settlement with the secrecy clause – that’s how big Pharma keeps us in the dark.

            Then the media pronounces it an “isolated incident,” and some very well-paid psychiatrists (that is to say, well-paid by big Pharma) inform us that these drugs are incredibly beneficial, and such adverse reactions are incredibly rare.

            they are not, psychosis induced by psychotropics is in fact incredibly common, but usually – fortunately – doesn’t result in fatalities.

            Ps: I did graduate work in Manhattan in the 90s: you much every single person I knew was in therapy and on meds – with the exception of a handful of foreigners.

            in my opinion, Manhattan is an open air madhouse, I was delighted to get away.

            Everyone should read, carefully, the incredibly long list of side effects that comes with psychictropics.

            many of them can and do cause psychosis, it’s right there on the label!

  • GrahamChapmanArmy


    They could be mulatto or multi-racial whites too. Does not excuse anything but it is lame to make them de facto whitey white just to create an argument. What the immigrant did was vile and a multi-cultural fail.

  • GrahamChapmanArmy

    Sick to gloat over what occurred. another example of why white nationalism turns off people.

  • GrahamChapmanArmy

     I agree with you about Dominicans and emotional instability-especially around hair issue but sorry, reality is reality and the elite white kids go to great schools and do fine being raised by Black and Browns-test scores prove it. Has been a part of US reality for ages. This was a tragic mistake.

    • Angry White Woman

      And then those elite white kids grow up with fond memories of their dear old nanny, and make laws and institute corporate policies that favor HER people over their own white people.

      • GrahamChapmanArmy


  • GrahamChapmanArmy

    That is cruel and inhumane to consider. Two children are dead.

  • GrahamChapmanArmy

    Frank Lloyd Wright’s family. Exact same thing:

     On August 15, 1914, while Wright was working in Chicago, Julian Carlton, a male servant from Barbados who had been hired several months earlier, set fire to the living quarters of Taliesin and murdered seven people with an axe as the fire burned.[43]
    The dead included Mamah Lloyd’s de fact wife; her two children, John and Martha; a gardener;
    a draftsman named Emil Brodelle; a workman; and another workman’s son.
    Two people survived the mayhem, one of whom helped to put out the fire
    that almost completely consumed the residential wing of the house.
    Carlton swallowed muriatic acid immediately following the attack in an attempt to kill himself.[43] He was nearly lynched on the spot, but was taken to the Dodgeville jail.[43] Carlton died from starvation seven weeks after the attack, despite medical attention.[43]

    • elitist

       thanks, your comment answers my above question:

      “Have many hispanic nannies – including those with some black heritage – murdered the children in their charge?

      Or is this instead incredibly unusual?”

      If we have to go back an entire century finding MALE SERVANT running amok on a family, then I guess that means you haven’t had much luck finding examples of Hispanic or Hispanic/black nannies murdering the children in their charge.

  • GrahamChapmanArmy
  • The way CNN is treating this story is astounding.
    The Chicken Noodle Network party line is something like this:

    It’s every parent’s nightmare:  Your children’s nanny kills your children.

    Okay, as if every parent has a nanny? As if parents whose kids are killed but not at the hands of a nanny don’t suffer nightmares?

    Just because every semi-important TV executive has a nanny (father Krim worked for CNBC) doesn’t mean that every parent has a nanny.

    Incidentally, Krim is the name of a well known long time local anchor in Detroit and Louisville, Mort Krim.  He went national for awhile when he did spots for K-Mart and wrote a few of those “chicken soup for the soul” type books.  I wonder if he’s a relation to these Krims.

  • IstvanIN

     Look at what Arnold had an affair with!  Not exactly my idea of “hot”.

  • IstvanIN

     Passion filled?  Nope, they just have very little impulse control because of their black genetics.

  • shmo123

     So it will go full-circle. Harlem was an entirely white neighborhood up until WWI.

  • GrahamChapmanArmy

    And that one incident curtailed the importing of British nannies something fierce. One dead child is one child too many.

  • SLCain

    It must be women driving this trend – the hiring of latino nannies.  These middle-aged late-to-marry women want to be mothers but without doing all the work involved in actually raising their own children.  So they outsource the messier bits to foreigners.   And they favor older latin american women for the positions, because they do not want to invite pretty young irish or eastern european au-pairs into their home, who might prove to be a source of temptation to their husbands.

    Welcome to 21st century America.  You get what you pay for.

    • Persephone Gray

      I’d never hire a nanny. But hypothetically, if I did, I’d rather risk a tempted husband than my children’s lives. Just goes to show how shallow and selfish these women really are.

  • razorrare

    Lousy analogy…

    Woodward’s legal team filed post-conviction motions to the trial court, and the hearing opened on 4 November. In the days following the verdict it emerged that the jury had been split about the murder charge, but those who had favoured an acquittal were persuaded to accept a conviction. This fact was of no legal consequence, however. None of the jury “thought she tried to murder him,” one member said.[2]
    On 10 November, at a post-conviction relief hearing, Judge Zobel reduced the conviction to involuntary manslaughter, stating that “the circumstances in which the defendant acted were characterised by confusion, inexperience, frustration, immaturity and some anger, but not malice in the legal sense supporting a conviction for second-degree murder,” adding: “I am morally certain that allowing this defendant on this evidence to remain convicted of second-degree murder would be a miscarriage of justice”.[3][4]
    Woodward’s sentence was reduced to time served (279 days) and she was freed. Assistant District Attorney Gerald Leone then appealed the judge’s decision to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. Woodward’s lawyers also asked the court to throw out her manslaughter conviction. The court affirmed the guilty verdict by a 7-0 vote; in a close, 4-3 split decision the court rejected the prosecution’s appeal against the reduction of the conviction to involuntary manslaughter, and the sentence, on 16 June 1998. Woodward then returned to the United Kingdom.
    [edit] Polygraph testing
    Before the trial on 7 May 1997, Woodward decided to undergo a polygraph examination conducted by Dr David C. Raskin, a polygraph examiner hired by her own lawyers. During the course of this Woodward was asked questions about whether she caused injury to Matthew Eappen while he was in her care on 4 February 1997. Woodward denied having caused any injuries to Matthew Eappen, and Dr Raskin concluded that her answers to these questions were truthful to a confidence level of 95 percent. Dr Raskin’s results were evaluated by Dr Charles Honts, another polygrapher hired by Woodward’s defence lawyers, who also claimed that Woodward had answered truthfully when responding to relevant questions about whether she had injured Matthew…

    The fact is the Krims children would be alive today if the krims didnt seek  a diversity nanny…

    Michael levin’s son would be alive today if he had not befriended 2 aspiring black rap artist who were students of his at the school where he was a teacher…from what i remember he allowed them into his home whereby they murdered him savagely and ended up taking 10 dollars and a cheap radio…Did Michael Levin’s father learn anything from it? No–as far as i am aware he still promotes gangsta rap artist…Will the Krims learn anything from their loss?…Like Levin,i seriously doubt it.

    • TheAntidote

      I remember the Levin case well. In its aftermath Levin’s mother made a type of public declaration of support for “racial justice” and re-committed herself to the task of educating minorities. Dwill beliefs really do have the force of religion.

  • When the nanny goes to prison, every day will be cruel for her. The other inmates, especially those who are mothers, despise child killers !

  • 5n4k33y35

    “When they love you, they will do everything for you.  When they hate you, watch out.” – This sounds like the Spanish influence on their temperament. This aspect of the Spanish character can be traced to their fraction of Moorish ancestry.

    I would say a case such as this would have more to do with the wildness of the African temperament, the “kill white babies” sloganeering from the NBP, and a recent drop in racial prestige. This results in serious problems, among statistical outliers of mental instability. Don’t forget the recent murders of Autumn Pasquale and Megan Boken.

  • IstvanIN


  • StillModerated

     But Utica, Rome, Auburn, Geneva, Elmira and Corning will be 80% thanks to Section 8 Housing. Upstate needs to secede!

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

     We met Josie’s amazing familia!!! And the Dominican Republic is a wonderful country!!!!” she wrote. Pictures posted on the blog showed the two families posing together for a happy photo, with Ortega hugging the 3-year-old, Nessie, their cheeks pressed together.


  • ViktorNN

    I’ve had co-workers who rig their houses with cameras because they’re so paranoid their infant children are going to be abused by the “staff” they’ve hired. What a miserable way to live.

    Raise your children yourself and you won’t have these problems. And really, why have children if you don’t want to raise them yourself?

  • MarcusTrajanus

    “I believe the Krims, both mother and father, are , at least in part, of Hispanic ancestry.”
    What are you basing that on?

  • HighandMighty

    It is the children that suffered for their parents’ mistakes, as usual.

  • GrahamChapmanArmy

    No, she was not a live in. She was just a mother’s helper. You are being far too cruel to these parents and writing parenthetically.

  • Persephone Gray

    “If you need a nanny, then make absolutely sure the nanny is WHITE and thinks WHITE.”

    And be sure she’s not overweight and needy, like every single one of the white women who’ve been caught sexually exploiting small children for the gratification of some pervert they met on the internet. That level of desperation for a man’s attention is just pathetic and sick. Pathological pleasers.

    To be honest, young Mormon women make the best nannies. They’re white, conservative, clean-living and motherly, and they have a couple of years to dedicate to the job while their young men are on mission.

  • Persephone Gray

    I wouldn’t hire a British nanny unless she was something really special. Sadly, most young white women in the UK are just “minorities” with white skin, they’ve been so multicultivated.

  • Persephone Gray

    Cynical though that may be, it is true. What a sad and sobering comment. Our poor children.

    I think Marina Krim will spend the rest of her life wishing she had never returned to work and handed over care of her children to that nanny. I can’t imagine such anguish.

  • A lot of upwardly mobile “whites” do seem to live in their own secluded world or “in their head”, their head stuck into the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times.  They are the first to anathemize you if you bring up racial/ethnic/cultural factors into the analysis.  One example.  Just recently a female colleague of mine made a scene, withing earshot of a few people, when I intimated that an Asian fellow she was working with did not seem very “virile”.  It ended in a shouting match- in which I managed to out-victimize her and asked her to leave my office.  Stating the obvious is not popular with Upward Mobile Whiteys.

  • I initially suspected that it was done by a relative/lover (of the alleged murderess) who showed up to settle accounts – and that this third person tried to make it look as though it was simply a case of sudden psychosis.

  • And don’t forget to “Celebrate diversity!”

  •  This is correct, fear was the method used to enforce order on a basically ungovernable black peasant population.   Southerners took this lesson from the Spartan’s.  Most lynchings in the South were planned and approved of by the local elites and carried out by the white working men.   If you have noticed lately a lot of whites are being murdered by blacks in the South.  Our so called justice system is a joke, our racial solidarity is destroyed and any attempt to organize to protect ourselves is actively suppressed by a hostile anti-white federal government.   On top of that so many of our young men have been so mind fucked by the schools, the Churches and the entertainment media that they don’t identify with their own racial group and so face the world as individuals.  Read the inter-racial crime reports and you will see over and over incidents of lone whites being pulled down by packs of blacks.  Say what you want about Jim Crow and the Old South but in my grandfather’s day we didn’t have thousands of white women raped and humiliated by blacks and when white men were attacked they organized and retaliated with fearsome speed and resolve.   Take the recent murders of whites in Savannah, Georgia.   In the Real South white men from all of South Georgia would have driven to Savannah and given the black population of that wreck of a city a beat down that they wouldn’t have forgotten for a generation.   Instead under the tyranny of the current neo-Reconstruction government we can expect the low intensity insurgency against white civilization to continue with its genocidal drumbeat of murders, rapes, assault and miscegenation.  Each white woman that you see pushing around a mixed race child is as dead to our race as if she were murdered and represents just another genocidal tactic being used against us.   Any thinking person would see this but fortunately we have Dancing with the Stars and Friday Night Football to distract the cattle as they bellow and push towards the center of the slaughter pen while the savages butcher the unlucky ones who just happen to be “at the wrong place and the wrong time.”

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     I seen this on the BBC website, and the mother almost looks part Asian in some of the pictures.

    • Yes, I saw that too.  I am no ethnologist, but I believe that’s the Eastern European Genghis Khan influence in a lot of Slavs, Hungarians, etc.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     I think they will blame white racism and call for more taxes to help the mentally ill.


    Yes, he did hire a low-IQ Forth-Worlder.  But he did save $2/hr in salary!

  • “By the way, she was a stay at home mom until a year ago. ”  <  do we know that for sure, or was that just when she returned to work after  her FMLA  leave?  Seems an odd time to choose to go back to the workforce after six years,  with a one-year-old.

  • “Almost NONE of these children wind up murdered. ”  

    < this is a common red hearing were going to be hearing constantly in the mainstream media about this case.  The point of child rearing, whether it be personally or by nanny or babysitter is that you are shaping lives.   Kids are going to be pretty well set in a personality by, when?  10?  Five?  Three??    For every one  minority nanny  that would actually slip a baby's throat in the bathtub  out of spite or jealousy (Good Lord!)  there are thousands who will say or do things, or even convey body language, that you don't want for your kids.   Their reactions, will be your kids reactions.  Their temperament will be your temperament.  You want that?  Raise them yourself!  

  • Marina is not a Hispanic name.  Period.    Not every name that ends in a vowel is Hispanic.

    I don’t discount your theory that the husband may be Hispanic, however.   Getting into Harvard is one clue.

    Suspect was naturalized 10 years ago.

  • yes … and the Catholicism of Hispanics can be a little bit of a softener.  

    although I see Jeffrey’s point … , blacks are a little bit better assimilated into US culture.  Language helps. I’ll give you an example:  You can talk US sports with blacks …  Hispanics, not so much.

  • This happened one day after CNBC released a story on Banker fraud and the fleecing of Americans to the tune of $40+Trillion.  One day later, the VP’s kids are dead and the story disappeared from their website.
    Kennedy signed an Exec Order to return America to a gold backed currency.  1 month later he was dead.
    These people don’t mess around.

    • Persephone Gray

      Don’t forget James Holmes’s father, a banking fraud expert who was due to testify just a couple of weeks after his son’s gun massacre. I’m generally skeptical of conspiracy theories, but after digging deeper into it I’m convinced that was a professional hit carried out by means of Scopolamine.

      Now that you’ve pointed those details out, I’m wondering if this wasn’t a Scopolamine job, too.

  • Persephone Gray

    Yes, I do keep up with the farm murders in SA… it is something that I care about very much. I was raised in New Zealand, and it seems many Afrikaaners moved there when Apartheid ended. I had friends from SA in school. As frightening as it is to contemplate, it is my opinion that the US is well along the road SA went down, and we are just a heartbeat away from the same situation. The signs are all around for those who know them. We here at AmRen are probably the self-selected group best able to perceive this tragic trajectory.

  • The wagons are definitely circling around the idea that the media executive Dad is Jewish.  (Jews are fascinated by the money-making possibilities of the internet and digital media).   … mom is probably Eastern European christian: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marina_(given_name)

  • i take it back, Marina can be Hispanic.  but 95% of the famous Marinas are from iron curtain countries 

  • Race is almost always important.  1) Was this an interraial crime?  2)  What ethnic group were so blinded culturally that they let this monster become a heartbeat away from their children for 8-hours a day.

  •  Sure I know about them, they were put down.