Stonehenge was designed to light up carvings as though they were on display in a modern museum, a groundbreaking 3D scan of the iconic stones has found.

The latest 3D laser technology revealed new evidence of the importance of the midwinter sunset to the ancient creators of Stonehenge, along with 71 new images invisible to the naked eye due to weathering of the stone.

It suggests that the stonemasons used the best materials where the rays would hit the stone, ensuring they would glisten in the final light of the setting winter solstice sun, or at dawn on the longest day.

The laser scan has also revealed many more prehistoric carvings, including 71 new images of Bronze Age axe heads chipped into five of the giant stones, bringing the number of such carvings discovered at Stonehenge to 115.

The previously unknown Early Bronze Age carvings are invisible to the naked eye.

To find them, researchers analysed 850 gigabytes of information.

3D scanners were used to record billions of points micro-topographically on the surfaces of the monument’s 83 surviving stones.

Detailed analysis of that data carried out on behalf of English Heritage found images had been engraved on the stones.

This was usually done by removing the top 1-3 millimetres of weathered (darker coloured) rock, to produce different sized shapes.

Although now largely invisible to the naked eye, back in the Early Bronze Age the images would have been clearly visible on unweathered stone.

The varying techniques and amounts of work confirms not only that the builders intended to align the monument on the axis of the sun at midsummer and midwinter, but also that the view from the north east was particularly important.

Researchers said it was clear the stones were meant to be approached from the north east up the ancient processional avenue towards the direction of the midwinter sunset.

Approaching and viewing the stone circle from this direction meant the winter solstice sunset had particular importance to prehistoric people, and efforts were made to create a dramatic spectacle for those coming from the north east, experts said.

The stones in the outer circle which could be seen on the approach from the north east have been completely ‘pick dressed’, removing the brown and grey crust of the rock on the surface to reveal the bright, grey-white underneath.

But the outer faces of those on the other side of the outer circle were not worked in the same way.

The stones facing the north east are also the largest and most uniform, and the lintels are very well-worked and finished compared to those elsewhere in Stonehenge.

Stones that flanked the north east/south west axis of the summer and winter solstices were most carefully worked to create straight and narrow rectangular gaps.

The researchers said that as other stones in the monument have more natural, less neat outlines, it seems that the creators were making a special effort to allow a dramatic passage of sunlight through the stone circle at midsummer and midwinter.

Professor Clive Ruggles, emeritus professor of achaeo-astronomy at University of Leicester, said: ‘This extraordinary new evidence not only confirms the importance of the solstitial alignment at Stonehenge, but also show unequivocally that the formal approach was always intended to be from the north east, up the avenue towards the direction of midwinter sunset.

‘We see how the utmost care and attention was devoted to ensuring the pristine appearance of Stonehenge for those completing their final approach to the monument at the two times of the year when sunlight shines along the alignment – when those approaching had the midsummer rising sun behind or midwinter setting sun ahead.’

English Heritage said the new presentation of Stonehenge, which includes a new visitor centre 1.5 miles away out of sight, involved closing the A344 to reunite the stone circle with the avenue from which it was meant to be approached.

[Editor’s Note: Pictures of the laser imaging and axe etchings are available at the original article link below.]

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  • The__Bobster

    Oompa, do you want to come to my henge to see my “etchings”?

  • jedsrael

    Shame on us for glorifying the achievements of our White (horrifyingly non diverse) Ancestors.Showing pride in Stonehenge is a Racist Construct designed by the Dominant Culture to perpetuate our  outdated and unearned White Privilege.But there is good news.  We are acknowledging our sins and taking steps to put us on the right path foward toward racial atonement, redemption, reconciliation, and healing.We are fixing our Testing Standards to help blacks realize their potential for having built Stonehenge in the first place, but didn’t get a chance to because racist Whites stole the from them and then oppressed and marginalized the beloved community of color’s true greatness at science and technology:
    NYC Gifted test expected to be easier for African Americans because it
    emphasizes “abstract spatial thinking and largely eliminates language”

  • Puggg

    But how could this be?  How could circa 3100 BC white people construct something so useful without any vibrant diversity around?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    My people built Stonehenge before the Egyptian Pyramids were erected (by other white people).

    I wonder what Obama’s Kenyan ancestors were doing when my (and yours) people were building Stonehenge? Building great civilizations and monuments, perchance?

    • .

      The same thing they’re doing now — keepin it real! 🙂

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Very nice, but how did they move it from Mother Africa to England?

    • By nuclear submarine of course, which they invented along with peanut butter and building the Pyramids.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Yo, yo, yo!  We beez Egyptians ‘n shee!

  • anmpr1

    Probably learned the technique from black ancient astronauts.

  • IstvanIN

    I can not wait to see the Muslims blow Stonehenge up for being the work of pre-Islamic Britain heathens.

  • David Owens

    Well, damn. I was hoping Stonehenge had something to do with Cthulhu.

  • JackKrak

    Believe me, I know the significance of Stonehenge for us RR, BUT –

    There is no better way for a wannabe scientist to get his name in the paper than to discover the “real” purpose of Stonehenge. It happens about every three or four years. This story will be forgotten just as soon as the next breathless revelation comes along that tells us about how it was actually a giant calculator. Or meat freezer.  

  • it’s nothing more than special effects. Any form of special effect get’s old after awhile.

  • After thinking about it, it seems to offer some of the same elements we get from a Christmas tree, basically something bright and sparkly, something dazzling, in the middle of the darkest part of the winter. Perhaps they also lit bonfires in the center at this time of year.

  • No, the white people build things, the black people deface those structures built by white people with graffiti, and there were no spray can paints back then.

  • Those who are engaged in an effort to turn black people into the equals of white people do so not out of stupidity, but out of vanity. They are trying to improve on what nature ,or God if you will,have created. They are motivated by a belief in their own importance and significance. They are trying to overcome nature as if this victory is a victory over their own mortality. Those who have the courage to see reality objectively also have the humility to do so. The fact is that the races are different, and that just can not be changed. Those who think they can change it demand the human sacrifice of others of their own race to do so . Such people are filled with arrogance and devoid of all humility. The human sacrifice they demand is ALWAYS in the actual lives of OTHERS, never THEMSELVES. They place themselves at the very top of their social construct and they play God with the lives of the “insignificant ones” they consider below them. 
             One of those means to this end is confiscatory taxation for the purpose of redistribution to the less intelligent, more violent and criminal element. Another is by taking ownership of all opportunities in a society and divvying them out through affirmative action laws, instead of by merit.While the do-gooders pride themselves on their good intentions and superior goals, they are totally blind to the fact that giving someone money and opportunities that they didn’t earn, nor merit, does not improve them at all, in fact, it has done the opposite. A race that is less motivated to achieve and create , less capable to achieve and create, less intelligent, and more prone to just take what it wants regardless of property ownership, has only become MORE degenerate and lazy by the great wealth transfer that has occurred.    
       The Disingenuous White Liberals refuse to see that their actions do not work. To do so would be an admission that they do not have special powers, they are not more ethical, and that they really do not deserve their self anointed elitist position. To see reality would mean that they would have to see themselves as the sanctimonious monsters that they are, destroying the lives of good people, to promote the lives of a violent, lazy, criminal race that has never in it’s history on this earth created a successful society. A race that never built anything greater than a one story mud hut. A race that never invented a written language. A race that had never created a sea worthy vessel. A race that has taken every city every farm, every industrial area that white people abandoned to it and totally destroyed that wealth, and then came back demanding MORE. In fact, they can never even allow the utterance of the truths just presented without denouncing the person doing so as “racist”.
       No, the DWL will always to refuse to see reality, and refuse to see their error. Yet they themselves are filled with racial hatred. They consider those of their race that are to be sacrificed as somehow separate from them. They do not hide their disdain. It is open hostility and takes the form of calling white people “rednecks” “inbreeds” etc. When one looks at the communities of the people they have decided are to be sacrificed for the benefit of blacks one sees communities where crime is low and property is well maintained. Communities where people actually WORK, and work hard and through their efforts  are stubbornly self reliant. Those to be sacrificed are to be sacrifice for one thing, they do not need the elitist DWL’s. They will not live on a plantation looking to DWLs to give them everything. Those to be sacrificed strike the utmost fear in the hearts of the DWLs because they shatter the myths that the DWLs have built their lives and position on.

  • rightrightright

    I thought the result was turned round to say that Britons were actually descended from Egyptians as everybody knows the British are a mongrel race and don’t exist as a distinct people.  Ask any Libtard.

  • rightrightright

    Obama would say “you didn’t build that”.

  • It takes the processing by white researchers of 850 Gb of data to uncover the secrets of a 5.000 years-old white wonder. 

    enough said.

  • AWoLsco

    My own take.
    Whites evolved as rejects from African society. Recessive  and double recessive carriers of the genes for albinism. They c0mpensated for their  genetic inferiority by embracing technology and altruism. They built boats and became a maritime people and went on to found Atlantis which DID exist. Altantis did collapse, not all of a sudden but in stages, which led to migration back to N. Africa and Europe. Then Atlantis did finally collapse and the survivors made their way to Europe and to Central and S America. Some of the survivors ended up building Stonehenge(and Carnac, Callanish and the Ring of Brodgar) which encapsulates the knowledge of the ancient civilisation of Atlantis, which was essentially astronomical and geodetic, as you would expect of a maritime civilisation.
    The basic unit of measurement of that ancient civilisation was the inch.
    The rest ….concerning niches here and niches there that capture the light of the midwinter and summer solstices,in Stonehenge itself, are mere tricks to delight and enthrall the ‘sheeple’.
    Yes, they had ‘sheeple’ back in those days too. Plus ca change!

    • amroth88

      how do you explain the different physical traits of the Egyptians, mesoamericans and north europeans? As displayed in their art?

      ‘Atlantis’ was Thera.