Mass Grave Fuels Kenya Tensions

Telegraph (London), September 20, 2012

Pathologists began exhuming a mass grave Thursday in Kenya’s troubled Tana River region, where a recent string of bloody clashes between rival ethnic groups has left over 100 dead, police said.

Violence between the groups erupted in mid-August, pitting the Pokomo farming community against their Orma pastoralist neighbours, leading to a series of vicious reprisal killings and attacks.

Regional police chief Aggrey Adoli said a team of pathologists and grave diggers started work early Thursday. There was no immediate sense of how many bodies the grave may contain, and communications were difficult with the remote area, which has a poor phone network.

“We will have to wait until they complete to be able to know what they have found,” Adoli said.

The two communities have clashed in the past—violence that has often been attributed to disputes over water and grazing rights.

But the scale and intensity of recent killings—with women and children hacked to death or torched in their huts—has shocked many and locals say politicians are fuelling the violent surge.

Last week, Dhadho Godhana, assistant livestock minister and member of parliament for Galole in the Tana River delta, was charged in court with incitement to violence.

The grave was found Sunday in the Garsen area, the location of recent killings.

Police officials said bodies there are thought to have been buried by a raiding party that had carried off comrades killed during an attack.

More than 1,000 paramilitary police have been deployed to the region in an effort to stem further attacks.

The latest clashes have evoked the large-scale ethnic violence that erupted in the aftermath of Kenya’s disputed 2007 polls, when blood-letting rocked a country long thought to have been among the region’s most stable.

Some observers fear a surge in violence ahead of elections due in March 2013.


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  • The__Bobster

    Some observers fear a surge in violence ahead of elections due in March 2013.

    So do we….only sooner.

    • C_C_Conrad

       Well, here’s hoping. 

  • Puggg

    Get ready for it.  We’ll have to send troops to Kenya, write foreign aid checks to Kenya, and accept Kenyan refugees.

    If the Kenyan wins re-election in about a month, he’ll spring that surprise on us some time next year.  Probably before Kenya’s own March elections.

    • He’s already going after an Ugandan warlord named John Kome (sp.), alleging he’s using children to kill other children.

      Obama supports abortion in all its forms and stages – go figure.

      • Joseph Kony.  A 50-something over the hill leader of a “paramilitary group” that was nothing more than an enhanced black street gang.  All the SWPL libs obsessing over “Kony 2012” would whine and moan and bitch if we used one-tenth of the force they want us to use to capture Kony to take down the crips and the bloods and the GDs domestically.

        • Thanks for the correction, QD. All those African names start sounding alike after a while!

    • “He has kept us out of war”… That was Wilson’s camapign slogan in 1916, and it worked.

      Then there was this memorable one from Lyndon Johnson:

      “I won’t send American boys to fight Asian boys’ wars”.

      That was before the Gulf of Tonkin (non)incident in 1964.

  • So 100 dead people in Kenya counts as a mass grave?  That’s like a typical wednesday on the south side of Chicago.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Having myriads of different hostile ethnic groups lumped together is one of the reasons why decolonization in Africa has been a complete disaster.  Instead of the newly independent countries being divided according to ethnic reality, various tribes with longstanding animosity were supposed to share their new country.  Diversity is a source of tension and conflict, as the massacres between the Hutus and Tusis in Rwanda, the Matabeles and Shona in marxist occupied Rhodesia, and now the Pokomo and Orma in Kenya demonstrate.  Homogenous societies function better, which is why the Nationalist government of South Africa created homelands for the various black ethnicities, so that the tribal strife seen in the rest of Africa wouldn’t occur.  However, the United Nations, an evil cabal of globalists intent of creating a one world socialist government, called South Africa’s policy a ‘crime against humanity’.  Stable homogenous nations are considered a crime, while the wars and genocides caused by multiculturalism are an ideal in this messed up world.

    • C_C_Conrad

      HEY! maybe we could send some liberals over there to give diversity / tolerance lectures. 
      It reminds me of the old, ranchers vs the sod busters wars.
      Of course,  you know what really caused it.  It’s all of that Pokomo privilege.  

    • Don’t forget the Yoruba, Hausa and Fulani tribes in Nigeria. Not sure whch ones were responsible for all the bloodletting that came to be known as “Biafra’s struggle for independence”.

      And of course, the rival tribes that fought among themselves in Congo (Leopoldville) in the 1960’s, resulting in the Unted Nations nearly being bankrupted.

  • IstvanIN

    It is Africa, who cares?  It isn’t like we are going to run out of Africans any time soon.

    • Sloppo

      Don’t say that.  They’ve lost a bunch of Africans so we should do the right thing and send them several million of ours.  We shouldn’t let this crisis go to waste.

  • The bantu have forgotten the words of Dr. Zaius “ape must never kill ape”.

  • As Clemenza told Michael Corleone in “The Godfather”(the book):

    “The department of streets and sanitation will be sweeping up a lot of dead bodies this winter…these things have to happen every ten years or so…it gets rid of the bad blood”…

    Clemenza was referring to the impending gang war between the Corleone Family and Five Families, but it just as easily refers to the Crips-Bloods, rival Jamacan posses, and every tribal conflict in Africa south of Algeria. 

  • Jay11

    I thought diversity was a strength?

  • Yes, it was the Ibos, a predominantly Christian tribe, who attempted to secede, and I think it was the Moslem Yoruba and Hausa tribes who pancaked them.

    Thanks for mentioning the Ibos, I had forgotten which tribe it was.