Black Mob Picks on ‘The Wrong Guy’

Colin Flaherty, WND, October 15, 2012

DeAndre Felton and his crew had a problem: The mall was closed. The curfew in effect. But they were still high on drugs and wanted to have more fun. So they decided to beat someone up.

Turns out they chose The Wrong Guy.

They had just come from a local park where DeAndre and 15 others beat up two girls, sending one to the hospital with a broken arm.

So DeAndre came up with an increasingly popular idea: In St. Louis they call it the Knockout Game. In Illinois, Polar Bear Hunting.

Regardless of what DeAndre in Meriden, Conn., called it, the rules are the same all over: Find a person who looks defenseless. Then punch him. Or kick him until you get tired or he is knocked out. Or worse. Game over.


So when DeAndre and his gang of eight to 10 left the parking lot in a Meriden mall just a few weeks ago—soon after the park beat-down—he was confident little could go wrong when he told his friends he wanted to “beat someone up.”

They found their victim a few minutes later. Soon DeAndre and his confederate, Deshaun Jones, were peeling off from the group, heading for a guy walking home from work. Alone.

We don’t know his name or race or much else about him other than this: He was The Wrong Guy.

With their friends lurking less than 100 yards away, DeAndre and Deshaun attacked The Wrong Guy. Then came the surprise: The Wrong Guy fought back. He pulled a knife. Soon DeAndre was dead, and Deshaun was on his way to the emergency room.

It took the police a few days to piece it together. And while they did, Facebook pages, Twitter streams and a televised candlelight vigil were full of praise and happy memories for the fallen DeAndre. Full of promises to catch the person responsible. Full of rumors about what happened—including some who thought DeAndre could be the next Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager who was killed by a neighborhood watch commander.

Two weeks after the killing, police released the results of their investigation. They said they delayed release of the findings out of respect for the family of DeAndre and on the advice of community leaders. Curiously, the police report did not mention the earlier mob attack involving DeAndre. Nor did the police mention what, if anything, they did out of respect for the two female victims of the earlier assault.

But the report left little doubt about what happened that night.

They talked to other members of Andre’s mob, plus a dozen more people, and they all said the same thing: DeAndre and Deshaun attacked The Wrong Guy, who then stabbed them in self-defense.


Deshaun’s mother said the police had it wrong: The Wrong Guy was the real attacker.

“This is a monster, this is a monster after children,” Alexis Jones said. “This man is still on the streets, and my son is sitting home trying to recover. My son has two stab wounds in his back, one on his side, and he has a slice on his neck.”

DeAndre’s mother joined in.

“I just don’t believe it. My son was not raised to be a troublemaker,” said Valda Felton. “I don’t want them or anyone else to make my child out to be a villain.”

Family friend and minister Rev. Dante Moss, who officiated at DeAndre’s funeral, held a press conference and called the police findings a “comic book.” Moss compared DeAndre to Trayvon.


Police say not one of the people present corroborated Moss’ claim. But Moss just kept on keeping on.

He posted the following almost a dozen times on DeAndre’s Facebook page, now a memorial site: “The Funeral is over but Deandre is still screaming for Justice! Get Ready to Rock The Earth! Don’t let him Die Twice!!!! Stand Ready to Rock the Earth!”


Lots of people joined with Moss to say they had no faith in the police investigation. And they believed the crime against DeAndre and Deshaun was racially motivated.

“Why should another one of Gods black angels die without no type of justice again from the meriden police dept,” Edwina Lebby posted on Facebook. “If it were a white kid justice would of been served!!!!”

“He was stabbed last night on kensington ave by a coward who didn’t stop to think that this was someone’s baby ughhh,” said Annette Rosado “God i hope they catch this person:(“


But catching The Wrong Guy was not a problem. Hospital video and witness accounts led the police to his door less than one day after the attack. He handed over the knife and expressed surprise one of his attackers died. His name was not released.

Others in Meriden who point to several other examples of black mob violence say this was not an isolated incident. Said MeridenMom: “Where was justice when my 40 year old brother was innocently ‘jumped’ last summer by a group of teens/young boys and when the neighborhood churchman was ‘jumped’ this past summer walking home from a nightly service by a group of boys. My kids knew and went to school wit[h] both teens and knew exactly what happened before news reported it. Kids was high looking for trouble and jumped somebody.”

Despite the best efforts of Moss to the contrary, the earth did not rock.

No charges have been filed in the stabbing or the assault. DeAndre was 15 years old. DeShaun is 13.

Four days later and 1,300 miles away in St. Cloud, Jesse Smithers was getting ready for another round of the Knockout Game.

Smithers was riding with a car-full of friends when he spotted The Right Guy: a 20-year old student named Colton Greaser.

Smithers told the driver to stop the car. He got out and punched Greaser in the face.


Greaser died that night. And Smithers was charged with murder soon after. None of the friends was charged. Though a judge did have to issue a no-contact order because many of the witnesses were being threatened—another tradition of the Knockout Game.

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  • Jed Sant Devi

    They picked the Right Guy who deserves a George Zimmerman Community Service Award.

  • Net_Drifter

    One reason why I love knives of all kinds. 

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      I have a K-bar that I absolutely love.

    • knives are good

      • HamletsGhost

        and guns are even better.

        • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

           and high – powered handguns are better still

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and always be armed with something (pepper spray if nothing else). 

    More good FREE Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice here:

    • SarahConnor

      Thanks for the website. Arm and prepare!

    • NorthernWind

       You’re not allowed to carry a knife nor pepper spray in Canada 🙁 In Canada The Wrong Guy would definitely be on trial for defending himself!

      The U.S.A. is worse than Canada in some ways (forced integration, massive welfare to minorities, affirmative action, etc) but much better in some other ways (the right to self-defense, the right to bear arms, etc).

      • tickyul

        Yes, that is the way we like it….being able to arm ourselves.

        It is laughable trying to imagine a gun/weapon-grab in the USA….people see the very shaky future for the USA…..guns/weapons at least give you a fighting chance.

  • anarchyst

    Poor little DeAndre got just what he deserved . . . true justice.  As long as Deshaun serves a stint in the “University of Corrections”, justice will again be served.

  • B

    Time to charge the survivor with an unprovolked hate crime. I wonder if Eric Holder will be as quick to investige this little black savage as he was to investigate George Zimmerman.

    • Strider73

      In some states he could be charged with murder, since he committed a crime that resulted in loss of life. The fact that the dead person was his accomplice would be irrelevant.

      Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely PA has such a law.

      • B

        This was in CT and they have such a law, however I doubt they will use it.

  • Biff_Maliboo


    A Diversity Tax resistor!

  • It’s contagious ….

    More than 300 of Justin Thompson’s friends and family turned out to
    honor his memory in a “homecoming celebration,” at the Unity Church of God In Christ
    on Saturday morning, where there was almost as much music as there were
    tears before the 15-year-old boy was buried at New Park Cemetery in

    The white casket — polished to a high shine and
    flanked by wreaths of red and white carnations — lay briefly open at the
    altar so mourners who filed past could say their final goodbyes to
    Thompson as a white-robed choir behind him sang “I’ll Fly Away.”

    was fatally shot by off-duty Memphis police officer Terrance Shaw, 28,
    during an alleged robbery attempt on Sept. 24 near the corner of S.
    Perkins and Winchester. The Southeast Prep Academy freshman ran several
    blocks after being shot in the abdomen before he collapsed, according to
    witnesses at the scene.

    • BAW

      Where did they get the money for such a fancy funeral?

  • The__Bobster

    Paul Kersey lives!!

    •  we will need many more paul kersey’s to eradicate the black feral (chimp) problem.  like kersey, we need decoys to go out and help put a quicker end to the chimpout problem.

  • brew730

    This needs to keep happening with similar results.  These yoofs have been taught that there is no fight in the white man…..ooops!

    • White people feel emasculated, and that is exactly how the Germans felt before they snapped. DeShuwn and the Tyrones should watch their backs.

  • robinbishop34

    Any details on the ‘wrong guy’?

    • HamletsGhost

      Probably best not to know. If his name and address are publicly known, then he could be marked for murder just like that idiot midget Spike Lee did by tweeting the address of a George Zimmerman. Turns out it was a different Zimmerman, no relation to the one on trial. The man and his wife had to leave their home due to death threats.

      It’s enough to know he is a white man who dealt with the situation. 

      • robinbishop34

         That’s what I meant..”‘was he a white guy?”

  • NotYourTypicalBlack

    Well, I guess you might say that justice was served in this case. Unless, of course, the story is supposed to be that a lone White male was out to harm someone Black, and therefore chose to attack TWO young males at once…with a knife…despite the odds being stacked visibly against him.

    I’m not trying to demean the mothers of either of these boys, since any mother loves her children and would be distraught by something like this happening to them. Still, I get the impression that this was the classic “Muh baby wuz a good boy” despite numerous eyewitness accounts placing him in the middle of some sort of serious wrong-doing when disaster struck.

    If mob attacks and random beat-downs of this type are as prevalent as this site would indicate, the only reasonable solution is self-defense. As they say, in a situation where every second counts, the police are only minutes away.

    The newsmedia appear to be paying closer attention to this phenomenon than before, but I strongly suspect this as being their way of doing damage control, allowing them to put their own  liberal spin on it before the public decides. Perhaps they’re also trying to avoid appearing obsolete, since stories like this are spreading like wildfire all over the web, making the internet itself an enormous source of competition for them.

    • HamletsGhost

      Why shouldn’t the mothers be demeaned? They raised two worthless turds that thought beating up other people, including women, was just great fun. Now they blubber about their lost “baby”. My grief is manageable.

      Why do blacks spend so much time/effort/money on things like funerals when if they could just devote a fraction of those resources to their “youth” when it could have mattered, then the funeral wouldn’t be necessary in the first place?

      Of course, we know the answer: It’s because they’re black.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

       Except that he wouldn’t have attacked TWO your black males, he would’ve been attacking a GROUP of young black males.

      A GROUP of young black males was out looking for some fun in the knock-out game, and two of them ran up to the lone man, while the rest of the group watched.
      Then they came running back to the group after a short scuffle and collapsed there with their friends (read the police report).

      So this man apparently took out a knife and jumped into a GROUP of young black males and there stabbed two of them, before running away.
      With the rest of the group just looking on.

      Which also explains neatly why The Wrong Guy didn’t stick around to call the police, with the rest of the group standing 100 feet away.

      • HamletsGhost

        Can you please post the online link for the police report? I would like to read it myself.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Sorry for not replying sooner.

          A link to the police report is available from the original article, so I saw no need to link it myself.

          “According to the witnesses, the group walked across Lewis Avenue and entered the north parking lot of Midstate Medical Center.
          As they began to exit through the pedestrian access gate leading to Kensington Avenue, Felton and the 13 year old suddenly broke away from the group and began running east along Kensington Avenue, where they jumped a male from behind and began assaulting him. The witnesses disclaimed any prior knowledge that this attack was going to take place. Moments later, Felton and the 13 year old ran back to the group, where they collapsed from stab wounds. The other male involved in the incident ran away in the opposite direction.”

  • Ulick

    When blacks rally in support of fellow blacks who are injured when attacking whites, what else are we supposed to think other than most blacks condone whites being attacked without repercussion?

    • Jed Sant Devi


      The white man’s aunt, interviewed on the local TV station, said, “It’s just a completely random act of violence, and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” She said it in exactly those words, as though she was reading from the PC script.

      The official phrases of the PC anti-white regime have now been adopted by the white populace.

      Her own nephew was murdered by a black man for no reason, and she calls it a totally random act of violence. She doesn’t think it had something to do with her nephew being white?

      Imagine the eulogies at the man’s funeral, with a family like that. “How sad that Robert died in this totally random act of violence.” “Our beloved Robert, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

       LA continues:

      The larger point is this. According to liberal belief, whenever a white is murdered in a sudden unprovoked attack by a nonwhite or a Muslim, it is because the victim “was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” If that is the case, then for white people all places are (at least potentially) the wrong place, and all times are the wrong time. Gintas’s rule, “Don’t be be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” would be the correct rule, if it could be followed. But it can’t be followed, because, simply by the fact of existing, whites are always in the wrong place at the wrong time, and may be “randomly” killed at any moment.

      • Wrong place= Anywhere the critical mass of negro has been reached.  Usually 3 or more, but possibly 1.

        • Jed Sant Devi

          There is no such thing as a black “minding his own business”.

          His very presence in America means he’s never minding his own business.

  • libertarian1234

    There’s no evidence here that any of the victims were
    black. While there is a lot of black on black crime these beatings and assaults
    usually have always been black on white, hence the phrase they coined, “Polar
    bear hunting.”

    Note in the story above the relative complains about
    the incident being racial, which likely means the Wrong Guy was non-black and
    perhaps white.  “Lots of people joined with Moss to say they had
    no faith in the police investigation. And they believed the crime against
    DeAndre and Deshaun was racially motivated.”

    The relatives and friends want to depict this incident  as identical to the Trayvon Martin debacle, and it is indeed very similar, but not for the skewed reasoning they’re using.     It’s a situation where black teenage
    thugs thought they could assault an innocent person and get away with it, but wound
    up being stopped in their tracks.

    And the hysterical lamentations are certainly the same as the Martin case.  It’s amazing that so much evidence is presented to show guilt…even by the other thugs who were there….revealing that these little criminals not only attacked the victim, but expressed that they were going to do just that before they jumped him, after assaulting two innocent girls, one of which received a broken arm, yet these liars are screaming about these black miscreants being victims.

    And isn’t that just like the Martin mobs who threatened to kill Zimmerman and riot to “get justice for Trayvon?”  They were so successful they got the governor to appoint a corrupt prosecutor to bring false charges against the victim just to quell the mobs so they wouldn’t riot.

    Are these people so stupid or so morally bankrupt they refuse to acknowledge when one of their own was wrong?

    And please note how many references to the perps there are in the Martin case and this one claiming the thugs to be “children,”  as if that is enough to excuse their criminal conduct for what could easily have been one or more murders. 

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the two girls who were
    assaulted were also white, Hispanic or Asian. Blacks rarely mob attack other
    blacks as in these kinds of incidents.

    And, true to form, the newspaper failed to report anything at all regarding the race of the victims or the perps, as if such info is unimportant, when it would serve to alert people as to dangerous racial mobs and also serve to maybe curtail their conduct a bit by exposing it.

    It’s just a shame the Meriden Record-Journal newspaper
    thinks protecting black criminals is more important than alerting the public as
    to who to watch out for when they’re alone in public at night.

    The reporter on the story is [email protected] anybody would like to ask her why she’s protecting the
    perps.  I did, and she said a 15 year old and a 13 year old doesn’t constitute a mob.

    Did she forget the mob attack on the girls or the mob waiting and watching the assault?  I don’t know.  Usually they all eventually enter the fray based on thousands of others that have occurred.  But what that has to do with failing to identify the perps and victims is a mystery to me.

    • C_C_Conrad

       A foot note here, the Polar bear is one of the ONLY animals that will actually hunt a human down, most animals stay away from humans. 
      www. jackswar. com

  • I have been saying this for years now, in this country it’s coming to the point that if you don’t let a black rob, rape or murder you, then you’re a “racist”.

    • IstvanIN

      ” you be racist”

      Even your grammar is racist!

  • Isuzu Buyer

    Our achilles heal; expecting other races to be as non-clannish and as fair minded as whites in judging bad behavior.

  • James Carville on why he is a democrat

    • HamletsGhost

      I always thought Carville was a democrat was because he’s so damned ugly.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

     buy guns. buy ammo. practice.
     buy more guns. buy more ammo. practice more.

  • Moral of the story: Be the Wrong Guy.

  • C_C_Conrad

     “…one of Gods black angels…” Ahhh  ha ha ha.
    What if there were 100 more like DeAndre and Deshaun

  • SLCain

    Too bad the victim of this gang assault was not armed with a pistol.  He might have dispatched a few more of them.

  • Zero sumpathy for little Denegro and Desambo, wanna play, be ready to pay.

  • bubo

    “If it were a white kid justice would of been served!!!!”

    But justice was served.

  • 5n4k33y35

    One night in Brooklyn, my utility knife was my only defense after being attacked by two diverse young men. Being armed forced them to flee, and ultimately call the cops on me, the very man they had attacked, unprovoked. The cops confiscated my knife.

    The next time I fought two diverse young men on the Williamsburg bridge, it was white solidarity which prevented a worse beating. Some other white guy wasn’t too far from this fight, and he wasn’t a coward, so they hesitated, I got back on my feet and they left.

    This is how it is, and this is how it is going to be until more of these diverse young men, perpetrating unprovoked attacks on white strangers, are dealt with.

  • 5n4k33y35

    I’m grateful to Jared Taylor and this online gathering for helping enhance my racial awareness. I was on track already, but it is not unhealthy to become aware that some conflicts are very deep rooted, and they won’t soon be resolved.

    • Eric Blair

      If you let them go after they show themselves to be a predator, you are condemning someone else to be attacked later. One strike, you’re out.

  • KenelmDigby

    Many posters on Amren seem to have fear of blacks and make comments about blacks being bigger, stronger, more fearsome etc.
     I counter that by saying that blacks are natural born cowards. Cowards, as we know, only attack when they know they can get away with it – that’s what balcks do time and time agin, that’s what they specialise in. Cowards give out but can never take. Cowards whine and whine and whine if the end up getting hurt, blacks when they lose always cry for ‘mommy’ in terms of the brain-dead bully-boys of the political class, to do their dirty work for them.
     You notice too that blacks only act out when they’ve critical mass of numbers. If they are greatly outnumbered, they are as mild as lambs.

    • 5n4k33y35

      This is definitely not always the case. You can’t always rely on others to be cowards. Bold or cowardly, it doesn’t matter. If they’re in the wrong and you’re right, you should seek to prevail.

      Even if there is no moral high ground for either one of you, and it’s a morally ambiguous rivalry, you should seek to prevail.

      The point is to be prepared, for cowardly mob attackers, courageous individual challengers, psychological attacks, political attacks, for conflict of any kind at any time.

      There is too much emphasis on contests for prestige. The right way to go about it is to disengage from the psychology of the conflict and pay attention to the objective circumstances.

      Keep the upper hand and you will have courage. Lose the upper hand and you ought to be afraid because you’re in danger.

      • Michael C. Scott

        Even when you are not afraid, sometimes you lose.  But when you win it is wonderful!

  • The problem is that no one bothers to sue these blacks and their families because they have no assets.  We should allow food stamps and welfare to be garnished to pay for judgments.  See how fast they straighten up when their KFC is threatened.

  • John Bonham

     DeAndre’s mother joined in. “I just don’t believe it. My son was not raised to be a troublemaker,”
    said Valda Felton. “I don’t want them or anyone else to make my child
    out to be a villain.”

    Oh NO !! You’re not getting away with the ” poor little kid was just turning his life around and now some white man attacked and killed him , bit.
    Nope , We’re not buying the B.S anymore .. Can’t you see we’ve been through this thousands of times
    And we can see through the B.S now ?
    We know what’s going on and you’re all going to lose when whites wake up and start standing up for themselves ..
    I think you people should sit down and retrain your children before they end up like this one did here..

    • 5n4k33y35

      Each case has to be investigated and adjudicated individually. The solution is not that we should be biased ourselves, or lose our own objectivity.

      The solution is to prevent others who are biased, and not objective, whether they’re in law enforcement, justice, corrections, media, academia, or government, from depriving us of justice.

      We must use the strengths of the white society, which are the reason why so many others want to live among us.

      The objectivity of the white society is the key to our greatness. Unprincipled people want to live in our objective society while undermining objectivity.

      Undermining justice is not beneficial to the white society. Our white solidarity ought not to be used in a context where objectivity is paramount, such as justice. Society cannot withstand this.

      Entertainment is a better context for white solidarity to enhance our status. Also, business is a good context for more white solidarity. I could go on but I won’t.

  • Ulick

    Video of DeAndre and his crew attacking The Wrong Guy…

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      LOL, I’ve always loved that part!

      • 1gravity

         You will notice the woman’s comment, at the end of the scene, “I’m always all right when I’m with you, Dundee.”  This is not how things are supposed to be for her, a New York sophisticate finding sexual solace in the orbit of an unlettered hick from the back woods of Australia.

  • 1911ThePunisher45

    You make alot of sense, consider this, in a WROL; you need to hunt for some food , yet you don’t want to alert anyone around you what your up to. That where a good crossbow comes in.

  • robinbishop34

     If it didn’t matter I wouldn’t of asked.

  • ncpride

    That’s right. That is why you will rarely hear of an attack on Whites in small, rural America. They know better, because every good ole’ boy AND girl IS packing heat. I’ve seen many on this board talking about how emasculated White men have become, but I have a hard time reconciling that in my mind considering the men I know and grew up around. They are neither soft nor afraid… of anything, and some are just down right mean and dangerous when angered or threatened. Keep that in mind y’all, when it all falls apart. Come on down our way…. If you’re White and we think alike, you’ll be welcome.

  • Michael C. Scott

    Very likely.  A Mexican illegal alien who can’t get a driver’s license would be a prime candidate for walking home from work at night. 

    With a knife.

    I still don’t think his race much matters.  The guy was walking home from work.  He probably wanted to take a shower, eat something and then get some sleep.  He certainly wasn’t bothering anyone, so he didn’t deserve to be assaulted, irrespective of his race.

    That said, though, the odds are excellent that he was chosen as a victim because he was not black, and as other posters here have remarked, the outcry from blacks would be a little less intense and have a very different tone if this incident was black-on-black.

    In Denver several years ago for example, two blacks started beating an older white man with a heavy length of natural gas pipe after a door ding incident in a parking lot.  To stop the attack, he shot them both, and one of them died.  The “folk” in Denver did the usual freaking out, because apparently blacks can not help themselves but attack whites, so whites should be prohibited from self-defense.  Blacks really believe they can’t help themselves and that they therefore deserve a free pass on assault, assault with a deadly weapon, or even murder.

    I’m even willing to take their word for it that they can’t help themselves.  The obvious solution at that point is to permanently remove them from Western societies.

  • HamletsGhost

    Blacks really don’t seem to have a sense of shame like other people do. No matter how ridiculous or disgusting they make themselves, they just don’t seem to give a damn. 

    Jabbering away on cell phone in quiet zones, dressing like rodeo clowns with pants dropping off their asses, beating up on old people or women. “It’s all good” to them.

  • 5n4k33y35

    If I had still had my knife, I wouldn’t have gone back to confront them two jerks for a verbal insult. Being armed actually makes me less aggressive, because I don’t take it lightly.

    The dumbest idea you can have is that you ought to beat up your rivals or antagonists with hand-to-hand combat.

    Another time, this black dude on the subway started talking trash, as he was eating a string of licorice. I snatched it out of his mouth and slapped him with it. He still wasn’t ready to fight.

    Another black guy who was watching us came up and pepper sprayed him from behind. He reached right around him and sprayed his face. That was an odd incident. Might have been intended to save his pride.

  • Personally, judging by the outcome, I’d say that finally, the sons of Obama jumped the RIGHT guy.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Mixed martial arts are overrated. Fighting without weapons is usually just a contest, not a fight for survival. If either combatant intends to kill, they usually bring a weapon. If neither brought a weapon, there probably won’t be a fatality.

    It doesn’t matter who is stronger. You should win however you have to win if someone else is provoking you. Even if they are bigger, pumped up on steroids, and MMA fighters, if they are bad to others.

    I don’t care about sports, contests of strength, or even hand-to-hand combat. The best hand-to-hand, mano-a-mano fighters are just as helpless against weapons as the next guy.

    Many fights don’t happen under controlled circumstances, and there are many fighters involved at once. You should see the coordinated aggression from some Chinese sports teams, they are good at brawling. Coordination and cooperation is more important than formidable individually.

    The point is not to think about it only like Rocky, Van Damme, Road House or even Steven Segal. Generally, don’t fight when you don’t have to. Don’t fight as an individual. Also, don’t fight without weapons.

    If you go about it like Sun Tzu describes in the Art of War, you can seize victory without a fight. If you must fight, you quickly defeat and demoralize your enemy. And if it takes a long time or a lot of resources, you may have chosen the wrong time or place or enemy to fight, or failed to prepare some other way.

  • El_Magyar

    What is nearly as astonishing as the attack is the response from the Black communities and that of the mothers of the worthless little savages. “Black angels”, my God, the utter disconnect from reality is mind-bending.

  • Esmithton91

     so true………….  this paying for unwed moms having kids doesn’t work well.  In the black or the white community….
    it needs to stop!
    and giving welfare in any form to able bodied persons, needs to stop.
    and giving welfare to non-citizens, needs to stop!!

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       Not all single moms are on welfare.  My mom was a Murphy brown – wanted a kid that she could support, but didn’t want a man around, she didn’t like men for some unfathomable reason.  But she worked to support me (and she always told me that if I were to be a boy, I would have been aborted.  !!)

      Social services exist to support your own people who need help.   It was never meant to support “the world”, which is where the left goes wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • LHathaway

    “catching The Wrong Guy was not a problem”
    Catching the wrong guy wasn’t a problem. Catching those who play ‘the knockout game’ for fun apparently is a problem.  Mr. Jared Taylor was wrong when he stated recently ‘blacks are arrested in almost exactly proportion to the crimes they commit’. Whites who commit crimes are much more likely to be apprehended. 

  • NorthernWind

    Yeah, you can own dog spray or bear spray but nothing designed to be used on humans.

    “In Canada all products with a label containing the words pepper spray, mace, etc., or otherwise originally produced for use on humans are classified as a prohibited weapon.”

    If youre are a woman being attacked by a rapist nearly twice your weight you have better hope he’s a wuss and will retreat when you punch him or bite him. Of course, this is unlikely so you are left with the option of blowing  a whistle. Nice. Carrying around dog spray is nowhere as convenient as a keyring device. “I hope you enjoy the rape” is effectively what the wretched government is telling Canadian women.

    As for knives, you are correct. You’re still out of luck though. How would a person like me, who is a university student, get away with claiming that my knife is for “work”. It’s ridiculous not to be able to arm yourself when most criminals will be armed. And if you do end up having to defend yourself with a work knife there a good chance that that causes you problems after. Especially if you’re a proud White male and your attacker isn’t, if you know what I mean.

    Ideally I would carry a .38 special with a 3″ barrel but in Canada I might as well dream on.

  • REJOICE!!! we need more of these feel good stories to warm the hearts of white america.

    I am saddened that more blacks weren’t killed in this feral animal attack.

  • I love names like Deshaun and DeAndre. They tell you so much about the people just with their names. I’ll bet they have brothers named LeMonjello and DeWayne and sisters named Shakwanna and Kaneesha.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      With names like that, no picture is needed.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    “Polar bear hunting”.  Hummmm.


  • FourFooted_Messiah

     Oh, wah, they never had a dad.  Neither did I, but I don’t go around beating people up for no reason.

  • I don’t think they will cover this on the Continuous Negro Network (CNN) anytime soon.

  • Once in a while a fly gets swatted, but in the meantime, thousands more are hatched.

  • Eric Blair

    I’m disgusted but not really surprised that you’ve only gotten 12 likes, one from me, for your post. I am a minority (white middle-aged male) here in a mostly black neighborhood in Cleveland, and I was almost attacked a few years ago. I am big but was in a full leg cast, so a gang that had taken over an abandoned house came down from the porch and was coming towards me as I walked home one night. Someone threw something at me.

     I called out for them to back off, they kept coming, so I drew and fired one warning shot from a .357 Ruger Sp-101. A loud noise and a bright flash (short barrel + hot load) converted the gang into a mob of fear-stricken individuals running into each other to get away. They tried to regroup on the same porch 8 days later, but I chased them off. It is so easy, as these people are basically cowards, but whites have been conditioned to be sheep, to put it bluntly. That is why they make excuses as you mentioned.