Dressed in black shirts with faces hidden by helmets, ten men on motorbikes came to find him on a Saturday, after darkness fell.

Finding the door bolted at his home in a pot-holed Athens side street, they smashed the windows, broke in and trashed the place. Then, their dirty work done, the neo-Nazi gang roared away into the hot evening. It had taken less than a minute for them to sound an ugly warning that foreigners were not welcome in Greece.

Their target was Imam Shahbaz Siddiqi, a 42-year-old spiritual leader of the Greek capital’s 500,000 Muslims. ‘I was at the mosque praying when they searched for me the other night,’ he told me yesterday. ‘I thank God for that, or else I might now be dead.

‘During the night I went three times to the police station to report the break-in. At the desk I was told that the officers did not have time to investigate my complaint. They were too busy. There is one law for the Greek people and another for us immigrants.’

The attack on Imam Siddiqi is the latest racist outrage by neo-Nazis in a country riddled with xenophobia. In an era of crushing debt and poverty, the immigrant is blamed for almost every Greek ill.

On the same weekend, a young Pakistani immigrant, Hussein Abbas, was viciously attacked outside his home in Elefsina on the outskirts of Athens by the men in dark shirts. He ended up in hospital, his face smashed to a bloody pulp.

So dangerous are the streets for foreigners that the U.S. State Department has sent out a warning to dark-skinned American visitors that they must be careful of their safety when they leave their hotels.

A shocking internet video shows leaders of the anti-immigrant Far-Right Golden Dawn party — which has 18 MPs — marching into an ethnic street market at Rafina, an hour’s drive from Athens, destroying the stalls with wooden clubs and scattering the merchandise to the ground.

‘We found a few illegal immigrants selling their wares without permits,’ says Giorgos Germenis, one of the party’s MPs. ‘We did what our party has to do and then went to church to pay respects to the Madonna.’

Of course, it is not just immigrants who are subject to the fury of the Greek masses. Last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Athens to taunts from 50,000 protesters, many waving swastikas and dressed in Nazi uniforms.

There were banners proclaiming ‘From Hitler to Merkel’, which harked back to the hated Nazi occupation of Greece during World War II — and which surely made a mockery of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU last week.

The German Chancellor, too, is blamed for the social turmoil crippling this country, which faces further austerity cutbacks on her orders and those of eurozone finance ministers.

The descent of Greece into chaos could not be more different from the halcyon days after the country joined the European Union 31 years ago, and then milked the system for all its worth.

Early retirement, generous state-paid pensions, countless millions on the public payroll and institutionalised tax fraud were a way of life. Hairdressers, for example, were listed among the 600 ‘professions’ allowed to retire at 50 with a state pension of 95 per cent of their final year’s earnings on account of the ‘arduous and perilous’ nature of their work.

Now the big, fat EU gravy train has hit the buffers, drastic austerity measures mean pay rates and pensions have been slashed and taxes are going sky high in a frantic bid to balance the books. The retirement age is to be raised to 67.

Greece is in its fifth consecutive year of recession, something that no European country has endured in the past 65 years, except in wartime. Half of the young are jobless and a third of stores in Athens have closed.

And yet the EU is demanding a further £12 billion of spending cuts before they will hand over another emergency bailout of £35 billion to stop the country going bankrupt.

Soup kitchens are feeding once well-to-do Athenians and homeless hostels are full of the middle class who have been forced to sell their homes and are struggling to take in what has befallen them so fast. Little wonder there is such anger on the streets.

Some speculate that civil breakdown and the unravelling of democracy in Greece may be just around the corner.

Last week as Chancellor Merkel visited, protests were outlawed in Athens. No one took the slightest notice of the rules, as Molotov cocktails were hurled by rioters at police guarding parliament and ordinary people cheered them on.

It is from this cauldron of bewilderment and fury that the neo- Nazis and their triumphant party, Golden Dawn, have emerged with such sudden popularity.

As 71-year-old Doukas Thanassis, queuing for lentils in a smart grey suit at a church-run soup kitchen in central Athens, told me defiantly: ‘I voted for the party. They are the only ones who help us in this time of trouble.

‘Every Wednesday you can buy the party’s newspaper at the local street kiosk. It prints a list of places where Golden Dawn hand out food and even medicines to the Greek people. They pay for ambulances to take us to hospital if we are ill.’

Mr Thanassis, the former head chef on a Greek cruise line who lives in a homeless hostel, adds: ‘These free gifts are only for us Greeks, not for foreigners. The meat in the sandwiches they give us is pork so the Muslim migrants don’t come and scrounge it. These foreigners shouldn’t be here anyway.’

Beside him, others in the queue nod approvingly.

Even Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, leader of the New Democracy party (Centre Right) running an unruly coalition with Left-wingers, blames Greece’s woes on ‘waves of illegal immigrants’ from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and north and sub-Saharan Africa, who smuggle themselves over the Turkish border for a new life.

Mr Samaras says that with 1.5 million recent arrivals in a country of 11 million Greeks, the immigrants are ‘creating extremism’ and feeding the extraordinary popularity of Golden Dawn.

When I visited Greece in May, Golden Dawn was a name that was barely whispered. Today the party has a foothold in parliament — with 18 of the 300 seats — and talk of the neo-Nazi party’s popularity is on everyone’s lips.

In cafes, taxis and bars, Greeks of all ages and social backgrounds discuss the latest official poll prediction that Golden Dawn would claim 22 per cent of the vote — rather than the 6.9 per cent it garnered in June’s national poll — if a general election were called tomorrow. Almost a quarter of those under 25 support the party.

If the same political swing was happening in Britain, it would mean that 60 Parliamentary seats would be in the hands of extreme Right-wingers.

‘And don’t compare these people to the British National Party or the English Defence League,’ a Greek professor warned recently. ‘They make the BNP look like Julie Andrews.’

It is an open secret that a Greek who thinks he has a problem with migrants can call a special number at Golden Dawn to get their brutal style of help.

I was told the disturbing story of an Athenian lady of 60 whose central city apartment with wood floors and fine drapes was taken over by Pakistani and Bangladeshi squatters while she visited her family in Crete.

She returned to find the door barred and graffiti at the entrance to the block telling the owner to stay away.

She called the special number. A man on the line told her to stay with friends for a week and everything would be all right, so she took the advice.

Seven days on, she went back to her apartment. The place was empty of the interlopers. The curtains had been cleaned, the floor polished, and she moved back in. Urban myth, ethnic cleansing or proof that Golden Dawn gets things done? Many Greeks prefer to believe the last of these.

As 54-year-old Agnes Bakas, sitting in the sun at a coffee bar in Attika Square, Athens, said: ‘Every Athenian knows Golden Dawn will send their people to help a Greek.’

On the white wall behind her, a Nazi swastika is painted and the kiosk selling newspapers under the trees is a known meeting place for young Golden Dawn supporters who gather menacingly with their motorbikes and black shirts.

But this does not bother Agnes. She says: ‘This square was full of immigrants, but Golden Dawn cleared them out. I was robbed seven times before that near my home down the road. Even my necklace was pulled from me by an African. I could not have sat here safely, even in the day, a year ago.’

Whatever the accuracy of her story, Golden Dawn has taken full advantage of claims of immigrant crime. The party has widespread support among the rank-and-file Greek police (the Golden Dawn vote soared at the polling booths near police stations in Athens) and peddles the line that 37 Greeks have been killed by immigrants in the past few years.

A vicious attack and rape of a 15-year-old Greek girl by a Pakistani illegal migrant aged 23 on the island of Paros this summer played into the party’s hands. The Pakistani admitted the crime and the girl, battered over the head with a rock, is still in intensive care in a hospital near her home in Athens.

Academics in Greece warn of disturbing parallels between the rise of the Right today in an economically crippled country indebted to the EU and the rise of the Nazis in the Thirties after hyper-inflation in Germany’s Weimar Republic led to economic collapse.

Between the wars, you may recall, an indebted Germany was forced to make huge reparation payments to the victorious Allies of the Great War as a punishment for starting the conflict. The German people felt humiliated, just as the Greeks feel hostile to their eurozone masters and Mrs Merkel today.

The Nazis claimed their first parliamentary seats even as they were garnering the local support of Germans by sending out gangs of ‘storm troopers’ to terrorise Jewish and immigrant communities and blame them for the troubles of the time. It sounds horribly familiar.

As Nickos Dermetzis, a professor of political science at the Athens University, explains: ‘We have a major socio-economic crisis in which native Greeks are losing ground. You also have a rising number of immigrants, many illegal.

‘This is a volcanic situation where all the classic parameters for the flourishing of a Far-Right force such as Gold Dawn are present.’

Of course, it does not help that police are struggling to cope with the huge numbers of illegal immigrants arriving daily in Greece. Their sweeps of immigrants happen regularly in Athens and the port of Patras, a three-hour drive away, where a thousand immigrants doss down in disused factory buildings near the promenade. They wait, hoping to smuggle themselves on to freight and passenger ferries going to Italy.

Ten days ago, 350 Afghanis, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis were picked up in Patras and put in holding centres. As one disgruntled resident, a man in his 50s living near the promenade, said: ‘They only took a few and so many are here. I am no racist, but this town used to be paradise. The police sweeps are a merry-go-round. The ones they took today will be back next week, wait and see.’

It is a viewpoint supported by Andreas Nicolacopoulos. The 59-year-old architect is a leading light in the Patras Golden Dawn party.

‘The Greek people don’t want illegal immigrants,’ he says. ‘They have to be deported to their own countries. We have to stop them coming in, too. We will lay landmines at the Turkish-Greek border to blow them up so they do not enter our country. We have promised our voters this.’

Golden Dawn also wants to make immigrant criminals serve double the prison terms of their Greek counterparts and introduce capital punishment for foreign murderers.

Back in Athens, I meet Golden Dawn’s spokesman, MP Iliopoulos Panagiotis, at the Greek Parliament building.

The face of this 34-year-old former internet marketing executive can be seen clearly on the video of immigrants being attacked at the market by Golden Dawn’s louts.

Mr Panagiotis is in bullish form. He boasts that the party is so popular that at the next election it will be the second biggest in Greece. ‘In a few years, we expect to be the biggest of them all,’ he says.

The party’s MPs arrogantly puff on  cigarettes even though smoking is banned inside the parliament building. They wear black shirts with the word ‘Hooligans’ emblazoned in orange on the sleeve. They have tattoos on their arms.

And on the walls are the blue flags stamped with the party’s swastika-style logo, an ancient Greek symbol.

The official Golden Dawn line is that they are not Nazis, even neo-Nazis, but nationalists wanting to save Greece for the Greek.

So what does Mr Panagiotis plan for illegal immigrants? ‘We will fly every one of them home,’ he says.

‘Even Pakistan would not dare shoot our planes down when their own people are on board and would be killed.’

And what does he think of the racist Golden Dawn gangs that systematically beat up those who were not born Greek?

‘We have a million supporters, some of them wilder elements. We cannot control them all,’ he says with a smirk.

It is hard to believe that his words are those of an elected MP in the Parliament of a modern democracy. Yet anything is possible now in Greece, as the unpalatable face of fascism makes an unwelcome return to Europe.

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  • Triarius

    The biggest problem, imo, is the 500,000 muslims in Athens. Good God, how many are in all of Greece? That country has a population roughly the size of Michigan, iirc.

    I wonder if 500,000 Orthodox Russians in Tehren or Islamabad committing crimes, or at the very least, not paying taxes and drying up all the social services would be a problem.

    These musims should be considered an enemy of the state.

    • eunometic

      Albania is what Europe would have been like had we not held back the Islamic Jihaads that persistently attacked Europe from the 7th century through to the 17th.

      Arab Slaving wasn’t really controlled till the 1800s when Napoleon conquered Algeria.

    • These musims should be considered an enemy of the state.

      Everyone for open borders should be considered an enemy of the state…in the US as well as Greece. Give me Golden Dawn any day over any of the “elite” intelligentsia working to commit slow-suicide of their countries with multi-culturalism and internationalism.

    • Ask yourself, who or what allowed them to emigrate/immigrate.  If the door is left open, people will enter.  The situation is not dissimilar to the Mexican demo-invasion taking place in this country.  Again- whose responsibility is it to enforce immigration law?

  • KD_Did

    50 years of communist/socialist extremism ingrained in multicultural society is finally met with similar backlash. Something had to give. I don’t think using Nazi symbolism will be beneficial, but once those charges are not an embarrassment to people the tide will shift even faster than it is. I hope this kind of thinking eventually spreads and allows whites to stand up for themselves and fight for our values without the fear of being called names. I have much more to say about this, but I know many of you are much better at saying it than I am. Have at it.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       I don’t think they’re using “Nazi” symbolism.  I seem to remember a sort of symbol common on images of representative of Pagan artwork (on T-shirts, and souvenier oil vases, etc, with images of the old gods and heroes on them – I bought a Heracles (Hercules) shirt, but it didn’t hold up to washing well, unfortunately.

      Mm, I’ll have to do a search for this thing when I get the inclination to, but I seem to recall it looked more like a Celtic knot than a “swastika”.  No, I’m not sure what it might mean, and in fact, may not mean anything at all, and might have just been a common decorative pattern for all I know.

      • Persephone Gray

        It’s the classic Greek “key” pattern. It is reminiscent of the swastika, and probably developed out of the same ancient symbol” Swastikas and similar symbols are rife throughout traditional European decorative motifs.

        • NM156

          So what’s short for Persephone?

          • Persephone Gray

            I get “Pers” and “Seph”… take your pick!

        • Sun

          I can buy that. Then explain why it is red white and black in some depictions as far as color goes? There is no explanation.

          • Persephone Gray

            Actually, red, white and black are the sacred colors of the Aryan-descended peoples. They represent Heaven, Earth and Underworld, as well as many of the other triads which Aryan-descended peoples are well-known for formulating. The National Socialists chose these colors for their archetypal meaning; no doubt the Golden Dawn did the same, as they share many of the same ideals.

        • Please, to suggest that people waving the swastika around, no matter which way it faces, do not intend a reference to naziism is to seriously underestimate the intelligence of the people waving the symbol around. Everyone in todays world associates it FIRST with it’s recent history, and only very rarely with it’s ancient usage. They are embracing a Eurocentric idea, they are rejecting multiculturalism. Today, they see it as more broad than just “aryan”, it is now seen as European. 
            Europe had swung so incredibly far to the left in it’s reaction to what happened in WWII that one was not allowed to have any national, ethnic, pride at all, in fact, one was supposed to advance every group other than Europeans at the expense of Europeans. The ethos of self genocide was all that was permitted, and it was made palatable by a state that promised to coddle and care for. To take care of a person from cradle to grave, life is good, one has all one’s pleasures legalized, one is encouraged to be an indulgent fool with no responsibility whatsoever. Well that all ended, now the state can not take care of people and they have to rely on family relationships, and the larger family is the ethnic group. Liberalism has died.It died before it could extinguish the white Europeans. Now they are awake from their government healthcare, government mandated month long vacations, government mandated benefits, government approved culture of ubiquitous pornography and poisonous culture STUPOR . They are wake and they are saying, HEY! We are a nation, and that is defined by ethnicity and language and we are not going to be seduced into oblivion by the promise of goodies!!!!

          • Persephone Gray

            Not sure if you’re intending that as an argument against me, but I don’t disagree with you.

            Personally I see no discontinuity between the ancient use of the swastika and related symbols by peoples of the Aryan nations, the more recent use by the National Socialists, and the use of the key pattern by the Golden Dawn — the meaning remains the same in each case. There are many other movements around the world, and even a country or two, who have incorporated swastika patterns into their flags. One can also find swastikas in traditional quilts, tapestries, pottery and other handicrafts throughout Europe. They are especially common in Eastern Europe.

            Also, European is not broader than Aryan — European is a subset of Aryan; Aryan includes some of the people in India, Iran, Afghanistan, certain other small populations of the Middle East, and possibly even some Maori.

            Besides that, I agree with your comments.

          • Not against you. I have issue with people who are claiming that those who have adopted the swastika do so only for it’s ancient meanings. I know it has a long history before the nazis adopted it but today, it is seen as foremost a symbol of nationalism.

          • Persephone Gray

            Hmm… maybe the categories of “European” and “Aryan” would be better represented by a Venn diagram, then; two overlapping circles with a large common area and smaller areas unique to each.

      • anarchyst

        The swastika is much older than WW2 Nazis and is a mainstay symbol in many oriental cultures . . .

        • Persephone Gray

          Yes, they received the swastika symbol via the dissemination of Buddhism from India, home of the Aryan Brahmins.

    • It’s NOT a nazi symbol. It’s an ancient Greek motif called a meander.


      When you’re uncertain about the veracity of anything printed in the MSM, best always to take it with a big grain of salt or regard it as an outright lie.

      • In today’s world it is a reference to Nationalism. It is used in many countries, most of which are not German. It is something that has been demonized for so long, by the people who have been in power, that to use that symbol is an in your face statement to the old guard which basically says “f off, we’re (insert nationality here) and this land is for US, OUR interests come FIRST, and we don’t want foreigners here!!!!”

      •  It’s being used as a proxy- since use of overt Nazi symbols is banned in the EU.  It’s that simple.

        • And who gives a damn if it is?

          Golden Dawn can never be as dangerous as the elite internationalistas who want to sell their countries out for a pocketful of Euro’s.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     ‘And don’t compare these people to the British National Party or the
    English Defence League,’ a Greek professor warned recently. ‘They make
    the BNP look like Julie Andrews.’

    Oh, I laughed so hard at this! 

    Good on the Greeks!  It’s no surprise to me that they’re the first to stand up for themselves (to my knowledge).  I visited them in 1992, stayed in Pireas (Pireaus in English script?)  at a boarding house run by a family acquantaince’s sister.  I had absolutely no problems, and as a woman, my volunteer interpreter (the nephew) assured me that, if I cared to venture out alone after dark, I’d be as safe as houses – at least from the Greeks (“But I am not so sure about the Albanians and others”, he said.)  From the locals I met, they seemed to have NO problem whatsoever with (white) Canadians – but they absolutely loathed and mistrusted their neighbours, particularly Albania (source of many very theify illegals, at least at the time, and Turkey.

    It is an open secret that a Greek who thinks he has a problem with
    migrants can call a special number at Golden Dawn to get their brutal
    style of help.
    I was told the disturbing story of an Athenian lady of 60 whose
    central city apartment with wood floors and fine drapes was taken over
    by Pakistani and Bangladeshi squatters while she visited her family in

    She returned to find the door barred and graffiti at the entrance to the block telling the owner to stay away.

    She called the special number. A man on the line told her to stay
    with friends for a week and everything would be all right, so she took
    the advice.

    Seven days on, she went back to her apartment. The place was empty of
    the interlopers. The curtains had been cleaned, the floor polished, and
    she moved back in. Urban myth, ethnic cleansing or proof that Golden
    Dawn gets things done? Many Greeks prefer to believe the last of these. 

    End Quote.

    Yes, I can believe that.  It sounds par for the course for Greeks.

    And for Pakis.


    On the white wall behind her, a Nazi swastika is painted and the
    kiosk selling newspapers under the trees is a known meeting place for
    young Golden Dawn supporters who gather menacingly with their motorbikes
    and black shirts.

    But this does not bother Agnes. She says: ‘This square was full of
    immigrants, but Golden Dawn cleared them out. I was robbed seven times
    before that near my home down the road. Even my necklace was pulled from
    me by an African. I could not have sat here safely, even in the day, a
    year ago.’

    Whatever the accuracy of her story

    End Quote!

    I just LOVE how this (insert strong expletive here) tries to constatly call these peoples’ veracity into question.

    I bet she never does that when “minorities” bleat about their “plight”.

    “The party’s MPs arrogantly puff on  cigarettes even though smoking is
    banned inside the parliament building. They wear black shirts with the
    word ‘Hooligans’ emblazoned in orange on the sleeve. They have tattoos
    on their arms.”

    Well, I guess they can’t be Nazis then, because Nazis frown upon smoking, and were the first to ban it.  *lights cigarette and reads on

    Well, I’ll be interested to keep following developments as they happen.

    • MarcusTrajanus

      “Even my necklace was pulled from
      me by an African. I could not have sat here safely, even in the day, a
      year ago.’

      Whatever the accuracy of her story”

      “I just LOVE how this (insert strong expletive here) tries to constatly call these peoples’ veracity into question.”
       But it’s such a far-fetched story, I mean, who’s ever heard of an African behaving that way?

      • blight14

         Its likely a rarity, a fluke…../sarc

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Hahahaha.  Yeah.

        And to my last quote, I’d like to add:  Ooo, they have tattoos.  Ooo, oo, they must be horrible.

        This white woman plans on getting a small tattoo of Kimba the White Lion on her toothpick upper arm, to cover a rather large scar my insane Metis ex gave me via a knife.  I hate the scar, and like what the white lion stands for – a character who was taught not to fight (his father’s philosophy, which his mother passed on) but who found that, if you want to protect yourself, your friends, and your preferred way of life, sometimes you MUST fight. And he turned out to be a darned good little fighter too, beating creatures twice or more his own size. I like that.

        (Though another part of his story bothers me; he never did get it through his head that humans are his enemy, and even being able to communicate with them wouldn’t change that.)

    • blight14

       I salute the Golden Dawn!

  • IstvanIN

    Defending your people, your nation and your culture is automatically Fascism when whites do it.  Name calling is losing its effect.  Greece 2012 is a lot like Germany 1922.  Desperately poor and overrun by foreign elements.  When people are fat and happy, think US whites, the slow invasion is tolerated.  When things become intolerable and people have nothing to lose then things get interesting.

    • Yes…the name calling is having its last gasp. People do not care anymore what you call them, they want their countries back.

      • IstvanIN

         When you are starving name calling isn’t one’s main concern.

        • AintNoGood

          Exactly and amen.

        • unless the name is “fatty”

    • NorthernWind

      This is why when people talk about an impending economic collapse I say “bring it on!” If poverty and starvation is what it takes then so be it. The traitors must be made to pay and the future of our people’s insured. 

      Whites in the West have been anesthetized for too long now, it’s time to experience reality.

  • “Mr Thanassis, the former head chef on a Greek cruise line who lives in a homeless hostel, adds: ‘These free gifts are only for us Greeks, not for foreigners. The meat in the sandwiches they give us is pork so the Muslim migrants don’t come and scrounge it. These foreigners shouldn’t be here anyway.”


    • MarcusTrajanus

      “The meat in the sandwiches they give us is pork so the Muslim migrants don’t come and scrounge it.” I remember a French group tried this some time back, they served a traditional French soup (with pork) to homeless people, I believe they were banned from doing it in the end.

      • I doubt that will  happen this time in Greece. The days of political correctness are over and the Golden Dawn will see to that.  Pork sandwiches for all, except the muslim invaders.

        • Man, they have to pick a different name, “golden Dawn”,it’s rather cheesy, and too close to the term “golden showers”. History shows  that groups that choose names that are too indulgent in self glory  usually do not do well in the end. They need to base their name on a principal or a historical reference. How about just “New Dawn”

          • FourFooted_Messiah

             It’s a nice name, actually, just not original.  Alistair Crowley and friends seem to have used the name first, for their Order.

          • he was a nut, nuff said

          • FourFooted_Messiah

             Axhel – Meh, not more nuts than some I’ve seen.

          • Persephone Gray

            “Golden Dawn” is based on both a philosophical concept and a historical reference. The term “Golden” refers to the Golden Age which, according to the ancient Aryan worldview, was the first, primal age of man, in which civilization was at its height and all things were in harmony with Natural Law (Rit, Rita, Arta, Ereta, Ratio); this is followed, in the cycle of degeneration, by the Silver Age, the Bronze Age and finally the darkest period, the Iron Age, which we currently have the pleasure of viewing all around us. In India, these Ages are known as “Yugas”.

            The Golden Dawn wishes to reawaken in Greece her Golden Age values and ideals and thus bring about a new dawn of true civilization based on eternal principles.

          • The__Bobster

            It’s better than Red Dawn.

          • awww c’mon, that is a movie

          • Pandemonium

            How about “Greece for Greeks”?

    • Just remember Mr. Thanassis, the Germans paid for those free gifts.

  • Persephone Gray

    Three cheers for the Golden Dawn!!! I love these guys, regardless of the sundry unknown details of their ideology.

    In some ways I do feel a bit sorry for the immigrants, since they have flooded the country at the pleasure of Greece’s own ruling class; but the fact is, once colonization has occurred, there’s no way for the people to reverse it without some unpleasantness — probably a lot.

    Immigrants in Greece – legal or otherwise – my advice to you is to get out now, voluntarily, without further “encouragement,” and go back home to the bosom of your motherland. It will save a lot of trouble for you and everyone else.

    • jeffaral

      Golden Dawn’s message is cristal clear: go home or else….

  • bluegrass91

    This was supposed to be a hit piece, it was supposed to increase my distaste for the Golden Dawn…………..instead I just got energized!

    Western Civilization begins in Greece, and it will see its rebirth in Greece.  Nationalism in Europe too promote Nationalism in America!

    All you AMREN defeatists: don’t you feel but a tinge of hope breaking through the grips of your sub-conscious white guilt?

    • Yes, the liberals in the media don’t get it at all. They write stories like this thinking it will scold people into more multiculturalism. It does the opposite. It shows people standing up and fighting. This encourages others to do the same. The media and cultural elites of Europe and America are way behind on this one. They see the silence that their scolding causes but they do not understand that silence. They are like the person on the shore who all of a sudden sees the tide go way out and they walk out into the now drained seabed thinking they somehow did this. What they don’t know is that a Tsunami is about to hit them. It will be the Tsunami of the European common man, it will totally obliterate the cultural elites, the class elites, the media elites. It will turn the upside down world of these elites upside down again, so that it will be right side up for once. The economies of Europe and America are on the verge of a precipice. When the fall comes, the elites will have failed. Everything about them will have been totally discredited. Many will likely pay for their treason with their lives.

  • The other day, I watched a show where they took old silent film of HItler, and used software that read his lips, and then a voice actor spoke what he said, and you know what? He was a pretty jovial, funny guy. Adolf was NOT the most evil person ever to strive the planet. Far from it.

    • blight14

       Some could even say he was right…..

    • jeffaral

      Interestingly that while uncle Adolf is the most excoriated man in history mass murderers like Trotsky, Che Guevara and Lenin are heros to many.

      • Sun

        That is a point to be taken.

      • Oh sure– what did Hitler do? He killed a lot of people during wartime. I’d love to take the CNN fools back in time with me to visit with Alexander the Great. How did he become “The Great?” He killed all sorts of people. Ghenghis Khan, same thing. Wolf Blitzer would have peed down his own leg watching Khan’s forces slaughtering/raping away. But that’s ancient history, so that’s okay. Right.

      • Pandemonium

        Pay close attention to WHO writes/controls the history books. Nuff said.

  • Golden Rule Macongo Jed

    Long live Golden Dawn!  Come save us!

  • Man my day just got a lot better.  Reading stuff like this gives me a tiny sliver of hope.  I desperately wish we could do this in CA, just go in and show the illegal mexicans that we mean business!

  • Barrack Osama

    It’s a bit surprising that all of the sane comments on the original article have huge amounts of upvotes. Even conservatives get timid when you bust out the swastikas (IIRC golden dawn uses a completely different square-ish symbol anyway). People really don’t seem to care about being PC on the internet anymore.

  • Riaan Heenop

     I am usually more interested in the comment section of such articles than in the article itself.  The comments seem to be overwhelmingly in our favor!  Our people are waking up. 

    • Yes they are and that’s why they are no longer accepting comments. Go figure…

    • The__Bobster

      I’ve seen sites where the voting is 145 to 3 in favor of a comment, yet the comment is hidden. Butt-hurt libtards shouldn’t have the right to do that.

  • KD_Did

    By Nazi symbolism I meant in reply to this….” Last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Athens to taunts from 50,000 protesters, many waving swastikas and dressed in Nazi uniforms.”  

    Kinda like the Tea Partyers dressing as Uncle Sam or George Washington. The will be painted as crazies.  I do know what you are talking about with the GD symbol though.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       As I mentioned, it might be something relating to one or another Ancient Greek sun-god – Apollo, or his son Helios, or perhaps some old, long forgotten sun-god for whom it was originally a symbol for.  I do know that the swastika is very old, and appears in the iconography of several cultures.

      The problem is, anything that even vaguly LOOKS like the one the Nazis used is going to be described as such, if the MSM doesn’t like that group.  Does anyone here remember the original “V” miniseries?  Do you remember what was on the sides of their ships?

      I still think it’s kind of the GD’s way of using a legitimate Ancient Grecian symbol to give the finger to their detractors.

  • In human interactions, “The State” is that institution which
    is understood by the population to hold a perceived monopoly on the use of
    physical force. The events in Greece teach us that “The Citizen” is not as
    insignificant as those who seek to speak on behalf of The State would like him
    to be.

    It’s also always interesting to observe the media-banking
    wealth aggregation clan who will silence or jail you for questioning their
    talking points refer to native-born countrymen who seek to help their neighbors
    who cannot help themselves as ‘far-right’.

    Certain circles seem to be becoming nervous.

  • potato78

    WAN was created for the law wheel and not for anti-jewish or immigrants in the world.

    The Falun emblem is the symbol of Falun Dafa. The character in the center () is the symbol called “wan”, which has been used in many cultures for thousands of years to denote good fortune.The Falun Emblem as described by Mr. Li Hongzhi in Zhuan Falun:”The Law Wheel of the Buddha School, the Yin-Yang of the Tao School, and the ten-directional world are all reflected in the Falun -the Law-Wheel.””The configuration of Falun is a miniature of the universe and has its own form of existence and process of evolution in each of the other spaces. Therefore, I call it a world.”

    The Swastika was widely utilized in ancient Mesopotamia coinage and appeared in early Christian and Byzantium art. In China, about 2000 years ago, when Buddhism was brought to China from India, the Chinese also borrowed the Swastika and its sense of auspiciousness. In China, the Swastika is considered to be a Chinese character with the reading of WAN in Mandarin Chinese.

    Yin vs Yang

    • all that is nice, but it is not relevant. The symbol today has a meaning of “Nationalism”, unabashed, unashamed, NATIONALISM, and there is nothing wrong with that and we should not try to hide it.

  • APaige

    Smash on. Maybe those whose ancestors gave birth to Western Civilization will be the ones who help save it.

  • IKantunderstand

    Perhaps they are the beginning of a new golden dawn of western civilization.

    • As long as it does not turn out to be a “golden shower”. Look, roughnecks can make good enforcers, but do they make good strategists and rulers? Almost never. 

      • IKantunderstand

        I’m sorry, but is this some sort of esoteric political term? Oh, yeah, man, I’m voting for the “golden showers”, we are gonna “rain” on your parade! And when we win, we gonna change Constantinople to “Constantinpoopoo”.

  • Great news!

  • ViktorNN

    Greece has a tough problem, like so many European countries, in having to deal with immigrants who are living there illegally, plus the fact that these illegals are Muslim. 

    It’s bad enough that they are illegals, the fact that they are Muslim means that they are people who are particularly hostile to the host population. Muslims only respect Islamic law. Outside of that extremely limited, hive-like mindset all non-Muslims are fair game. This is why you see so many supposedly “devout” Muslims rape white women (white girls especially).

    It makes for a particularly noxious bunch of people. Illegal immigrants who have nothing but contempt for the people of the lands they’re squatting in. 

    Golden Dawn is obviously in the right for not showing patience with them. I bet already Muslims are thinking long and hard about ever setting foot in Greece!

    •  I’ve never met a Greek (outside of Greece) who had anything negative to say about Arabs or Muslims.  They are usually more critical of their own – in fact- they whine about it constantly.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Golden Dawn is turning back the darkening tide.  I was as encouraged by the activities reported in this article as I was disgusted by the mewling “journalist” who wrote it.

    I think I need to send those folks at GD a contribution.

    BTW, Greece?  Do yourselves a big favor and stick it to the international banksters!

    Do an Iceland and just Default already!

  • Kronolog

    I wonder if this kind of plebeian, anti-intellectual nationalism can be beneficial to the state and the people in the long run. No doubt it is beneficial in the short run, as it will deal quickly and efficiently with many of the more pressing problems, problems that the parliamentarians dare only pussyfoot around, but once the revolutionary zeal dies down? Then what? Will it lead the nation into ruin, like the Nazis did with Germany, or into stagnation, as the Communists did with Russia? 

    • jeffaral

      Surely you have better ideas how to deal with the destruction of Greece and Europe, or maybe your criticism of people of ACTION  is just an excuse to do NOTHING ??!!!

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      I would like to think nationalists won’t make the mistakes they made in the past. Things are different today, the low-birthrates mean no one will be looking to invade other countries for new breeding grounds. We’ll just have to wait and see, the US/EU are heading for communism, I’ll take fascism over communism any day.

      • People who lived in Nazi Germany say that  if you were a German, it wasn’t that bad. The problem was that economically, it was failing. There is a myth about the NAZI economic miracle, but it is just that, a myth. The unemployed were put to work building the autobahns, but that just put more people on the back of the taxpayers. In the late thirties, more people may have been employed, but everyone’s income was reduced by  at least 25%. Things were about to get even worse, but the war conveniently happened.
           Socialism does not work. One CAN have a country that is defined by ethnicity AND a free economy. America before the sixties was such a country. White  Christian people were over 90% of the population AND they were recognized as the only group with political power AND most of them LIKED it that way. We only need to make discrimination, segregation and restrictive covenants legal again, and to take voting rights away from minorities and women. And perhaps deport any minorities or even non minority individuals that have a problem with that! There is nothing wrong with saying “this land is for White people, if you are white, then you are free, and these are your right.etc., and if you are not white you have to live by such and such restrictions”

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          Sigh,  don’t you dare take away the voting rights of this racially aware white woman. I would fight you the same as I would fight Muslim pigs.

          Yes, some women are liberal dishrags.  But so are some white men.  Would you take away their voting rights?

          • Women don’t need to vote. Men will do that. That is the natural order of things and if you want to side with the enemy then that is just fine.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            -+Who said I would side with “the enemy”?  Don’t you want my vote to REINFORCE yours?  As a mother and potential grandma who does NOT want to see my great-great grandaughters in burkhas?

            Guys who say “take away the vote from women” just look like either stealth Muslims or brain-damaged Christians who would take in a Chinese boy-waif while dissing me to me.

            And if you’re saying this in the name of a god who looks like a naked ape, I will just laugh and laugh and laugh. Naked apes are but nature’s joke in my books.

          • Women are the cause of the rise of liberalism. Your vote is not necessary to reinforce mine if other women can’t vote. 

          • kjh64

            Nonsense and no, it is not the natural order of things. We make up half the population, raise kids, pay taxes, live under the laws of the land too and we have every right to vote or anything else. You wonder why more White women don’t join this movement, well ridiculous comments like these are the reason why.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Sorry, not all women are liberal.  And maybe we don’t need your male vote.

            Sorry, but denying the vote on gender is just stupid.  We don’t need white male hippy votes do we?   And it was male white hippies who are the cause of modern liberalism. So let’s take away the right to vote from men who don’t think the right way.


            You are stuck in the 1920s prohibition era, where yeah, women were mostly behind alcohol prohibition. But if men didn’t agree with them, that stupid crap would never had happened. So there.

    • curri

      Mass politics is always anti-intellectual-just turn on the TeeVee for incontrovertible evidence.  Anyway, the leader of Golden Dawn is described as a mathematician (I assume that means that he has the equivalent of a  Ph.D ) so he probably has the highest IQ of any political leader in Greece. 

    • So you think letting illegals aliens in the country and feeding them with welfare paid for by moneys taken from the Greeks is somehow a good thing? Enforcing immigration laws is not the same thing as creating a socialist economy.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     I hope they get Cyprus back, too.

  • Golden Dawn is just filling a niche in the political market.  Greeks tired of their elite “leaders” not maintaining their rights have turned to Golden Dawn. So what? The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens. If they can’t or won’t do that, they’ve lost their legitimacy and need to be replaced.

    • and when they fail to do that, they create a niche in the marketplace. That has happened, and it will be the undoing of all of the current governments in Europe. The current governments have arrogantly dismissed the interests of their own people. They thought, rather foolishly, that since they declared those interests of no importance, that everyone would agree .Everyone didn’t agree, and new groups have emerged to protect those interests and the power of those new groups will grow amazingly fast. It is a tsunami that is coming.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        And you know, I really hate to see academia abused in the way it has been.  It’s supposed to be about HONESTLY accepting facts and evidence.

        But modern leftist academia is much like Don Quixote – “Facts?  Facts just get in the way of truth!”

        (That line was said in a showing of Man of La Mancha I saw, with Hal Linden. I’m not sure if it’s in the book, but it was brilliant.)

        • academia has always been, at it’s heart, the home of mediocrities.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

             No.  Eintstin and Newton (though yes, I know Einstien was a school flunk., but he cared about abstrace ideas, which is the core of academia), Socrates, and many, many others make me say, no, it’s not “academia” that’s the problem, it’s IDEOLOGICALLY HIJACKED academia that is the problem.

          • Einstein was not an academic when he did all his best work. He was working in  a patent office. I’m not sure about Newton. Socrates? Modern academia did not exist then, you can’t compare it. No academia has always been a place where people repeat the dogma, and always resist new ideas. All of the great scientific minds have had to struggle with academia. It is the home of mediocrities.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Ah – Point conceded, but I only wish to say that reality goes against the PHILOSOPHY of academia.   I try to stick with that philosophy, and am kind of disgusted with MODERN academia.

            And well,  I would say Socrates and his students were the FOUNDERS of the PHILOSOPHY of academia, as well as other great Greek thinkers.

            But as I have said elsewhere, everything lately seems to be corrupted from its original intent/philosophy/goals.  Everything from academia, to women’s lib, to the environmental movement, to, well, everything that started out with good and noble and LIMITED  intentions, but has been twisted by the Left into something else that is not so noble or limited.

    • Persephone Gray

      Yep, that right there is the bottom line. Pretty much every Western government has become an illegitimate, enemy-occupied regime utterly inimical to the survival of the people they’re supposed to protect.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

         Yeah.  Last time I saw CPAC (the Canadian parliamentary channel) I could see turbans placed in “strategic” places.  Even IWC has mentioned how the “Conservatives” have placed a Sikh MP right behind Stephen Harper, so he can be seen by the immigrant masses.

  • Guys with tattoos on their arms are bad news and electing them as MP’s is just asking for trouble.

    But far less dangerous than elites “educated” at Oxford, Harvard or Cambridge in Italian silk shoes. More evils today come from our “peaceful,” well-heeled rulers than from violent ruffians.

  • MarcusTrajanus

     “It is hard to believe that his words are those of an elected MP in the
    Parliament of a modern democracy. Yet anything is possible now in
    Greece, as the unpalatable face of fascism makes an unwelcome return to
     If only the “respectable” parties of Europe had done something to solve the problem of massive Third Word invasion instead of ignoring it, making it worse, and causing it in the first place, it wouldn’t have come to this.

    • they better get used to it. what starts as a trickle is going to turn into a deluge.

  • hmmm, interesting

  • Years ago I had read  some wacky books on Atlantis, and how some people theorized that there was once a very advanced civilization in what is now Antarctica and that it was wiped out when the earths mantle kind of shifted like a lose skin of an orange, so that what was once a land in a mild climate became a polar area. The gist was that the rest of the world was much more primitive and that several ancient civilizations were founded by refugees of that once great civilization. 
      The question in my mind was if the ancient Atlantean Civilization was so great, then why did it not cover the whole of the earth. Then I started drawing parallels to todays world. Much of the world, if left alone, would revert back to primitive hunter gatherer societies. We are actually witnessing this now in Africa. Everything the white man built in Africa is deteriorating. The roads are gone, the city sanitation and sewerage systems are gone. Food production has dropped drastically. Where blacks try to imitate western civilization they fail miserably. In Nigeria, one out of every three new multistory buildings collapses before it is finished, who knows how stable the others are. Where they do have air travel, it is a weekly occurrence for a plane to go down. The whole place  just can not function as an industrial society. Only areas that produce oil are being propped up by that income and some help from western contractors overseeing construction and operation.
       So my thoughts are, why would the ancient world have been any different than ours? Without Europe and America, much of the world would revert back to what it was before Europeans arrived. And the condition of most of that world was a mud hut, subsistence level existence of tribe on tribe massacres. It is what we found when we came to America. The natives never would have advanced. If Europeans had taken another thousand years to get to AMerica, that thousand years would be a thousand years of the same old stuff, teepees,quonset huts,adobe huts, subsistence farming, and tribal massacres.Perhaps newer empires would have emerged in central AMerica, but they would have been bloody human sacrificial cultures and they would have fallen again as well.
         What the west needs to do, and what is happening, is it needs to realize that culture has a lot to do with genetics and IQ. The European peoples and the Asian peoples need to seal themselves off from the primitives, and jealously protect our gene pools. When our technology reaches the point where we won’t need to bother with other parts of the world, this most likely will be what happens. Europe had it’s experience in colonialism. In the end, the colonies were given up because they were a financial drain on the mother countries that could no longer be ignored. Marxist revolutionary  agitation in those colonies suddenly made the cost of maintaining them go way up. Europe had a choice of engaging in either extremely expensive and bloody wars of suppression or letting the colonies go. After WWII, Europe had no appetite for costly bloody wars.   
        Contrary to what africans may say, Europe poured untold wealth into africa, trying to make it into a european type of place. All of that is now crumbling. The african people could not be re-engineered. A human environment will always reflect the nature of the people that inhabit it. This realization will be enough to compel Europeans to guard the ethnic makeup of Europe and expel those that will drag it down into a primitive, violent land.

    • Persephone Gray

      Excellent post. I do believe there has been advanced civilization on this planet before, possibly several times. I tend to take the “pessimistic” view that the cycle of decline, degeneration and corruption is inevitable and largely driven by cosmic forces beyond our control, but that it is the duty of the awakened ones to keep fighting and to preserve our blood, our knowledge and our ways as long as possible in order to ensure the survival of a seed for the new beginning. That is how I see the Norse story of Ragnarok and the survival of the man and woman, Lif and Lifthrasir, within the world tree — it is a metaphor for the survival of our DNA, which carries the seed of civilization, to build the world anew after its destruction.

      • I am inclined to think that those who built the pyramids made the mistake of letting africans infiltrate their gene pool. The pyramids are much older than the temples and most of the other ruins. By the time what we think of as “Egyptian” civilization arose, the knowledge of how the pyramids were built became lost. It seems to me that each race naturally rises to the technology that it is genetically capable of unless other forces interrupt it. The Romans were only a few steps away from having steam engines and railways. They did in fact have a small rail system in Greece. The steam engine was also known but was a mere curiosity. They had machines that used gears. There is even a story of a man who invented unbreakable glass, but the Roman emperor had him executed because he said it would put glass makers out of work. The Gauls invented a grain harvester which was the precursor to the grain combine. There is an ancient battery that was discovered in Iraq. It seems that white people will naturally build technology, it is in our genes, the same way the ant knows how to build an anthill or a bee a beehive. Politics, natural disasters, epidemics etc are the only thing that have held white people back. Letting the african race mix with the white race only degrades the whole society. Even with white blood mixed in, they tend to breed it out after a generation or two, they are naturally prone to attack those amongst them that are less aggressive and who show signs of higher thought processes. 

        • Persephone Grey

          A little while ago I read a theory on a blog that intrigued me. This fellow (can’t remember who it was now) proposed that white peoples are actually the oldest on the earth. He observed that groups all around the world, of all races, exhibit a tendency toward sexual preference for “white” physical traits: lighter skin, lighter eyes, lighter hair. He suggested that the longer a group has been evolving, the more that selection has manifested itself. His hypothesis is that the genes that are responsible for civilization-building are somehow inextricably bound up in the genes that confer “whiteness”. Because of this, evolution toward whiteness actually accelerates, since the increased social organization and complexity creates increasingly favorable conditions for sexual selection favoring whiteness. If this is true, then it’s obvious that beyond a certain point it is extremely unfavorable and dysgenic for a white people to interbreed with other peoples in a way that doesn’t select for “whiteness”; and that to do so is in fact to embrace devolution and regression.

      • The great pyramid is a relic of a rather advanced technology that was lost. IF one studies it with the idea that it was hydraulic then it makes perfect sense. The Subterranean Chamber (SC) is 150 ft below ground. It is actually a “trompe”–wiki that term. It collected air and compressed it. Air that is compressed by a column of water 150 ft high is at about 64 psi. That psi can raise water 150 feet. They could run air lines from the SC to the Queens chamber and the Kings Chamber and raise water 150 feet higher from each of those chambers. The shafts from the queens chamber (QC) abruptly end, within the pyramid (they do not continue to the outside) just short of that 150 ft mark. .That mark being just short of 150 feet above where the shafts originate in the QC.The same with the shafts from the King’s Chamber (KC) . The water was used as a counterweight during construction. They merely filled wooden tanks with the weight in water of the stones they wanted to lift.  They would lower those wooden tanks down the sides and by means of ropes and a simple roll mechanism the stones would effortlessly be lifted up as the tanks were lowered down. It was all rather simple, rather basic, but it took a certain mentality , or IQ,to manipulate easily observable phenomenon that way. 
           The SC was a collection area for the air that was carried down by the water. It periodically would overflow, even when a small portion was being drawn off by a line to the KC and QC. The entrance to the SC is higher than the “dead end passage” which was not dead end at that time- it allowed water to flow out and back to the nile. The periodic overflow of air from the SC would travel up the Descending passage until it came to the wellshaft. A check valve right above the well shaft would close when there was backflow. This would direct the air and water up the wellshaft. This would raise water 150 feet higher than the point where water entered the system and therefore fill the queens chamber, horizontal passage and much of the grand gallery.  It was all very simple, and it pumped water to higher levels to allow a rather effortless method of construction.
           When the IQ of the Egyptians was debased through mixing with primitives, all that was necessary was a social upheaval and the knowledge, which could not be transferred to the duller people, became lost.

  • When people like you and others start openly stating your thoughts and ideas, no matter what the consequences are.

  • If one lives in a mafia neighborhood in the US, one does not have to worry about getting mugged, one does not have to worry about one’s car being vandalized or stolen.  One does not have to worry about one’s home being burglarized. The trade of is that if one owns a business in that area, one has to pay protection money. We pay protection money to the government, but the government doesn’t protect anybody. It only sends police to mop up afterwards. It pays judges to set those who do terrorize others with violence free to terrorize them some more. It encourages foreigners to come by giving them welfare payments from money that it takes from us by force. It allows those same foreigners to commit crimes that it puts us in jail for. Yeah, so of course, groups like “The Golden Dawn” are actually doing good. They are doing what the government get’s paid to do but refuses to do.

  • Gee, wars cost money and Greece is broke. This is good nationalistic rhetoric. It is good  drinking talk, but it sounds more like ouzo balls than anything else. If they want to be taken seriously they should try to sound sober.

  • What has become unpalatable is multi culturalism and anti European sentiment. 

  • I really enjoyed watching it. No one ever mentions he had a good sense of humor.

  • When I was a tiny little boy, I wrote an essay on Nazi Inventions, and it was amazing to learn how much they contributed to science. I got an “A”, because my teacher was open-minded. We would have had no space program without them. Granted, Robert Goddard was amazing, but the Nazis took his research 12 steps further.  Werner von Braun has always been a hero of mine.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      And they did contribute to genetics, too believe it or not, with Mengele’s “work” on twins.

      But crap, I mean, hell.  Look at the state of biological/medical research.  If it weren’t for poor women (both white and black) being used as guineau pigs over a hundred years ago, we wouldn’t have the women’s medicine we have today.   We still use even our closest relatives (chimpanzees) in useless AIDS research. Telling people to keep their damn pants up would be a lot more productive than torturing apes.  Hell, the AIDS researchers would be better served by experimenting on Africans than on animals. If you want to learn about disease in HUMANS, then you must study disease IN HUMANS.

      You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. You can’t say other species are just different enough to be allowable for legal torture, but then also say that you will get results that reflect the human condition by torturing them.

      Bio/medical reseaerch has ALWAYS been morally dodgy, and will continue to be so until ALL biological/medical experiments are done in vitro or on cloned tissue. Or human VOLUNTEERS.

  • Don’t discount the “soccer hooligans” these will be the men that save Britain. It certainly wont be the effete Tony Blair, Oxford types, that wax on inanely about the usual multicultural academic, global warming drivel

  • Excellent point jj. Golden Dawn does not want to conquer the world; they just want to rescue their country from the foreign invading squatters. How can anyone in his or her
    right mind condemn that!

    • The__Bobster

      The people who brought in these invaders condemn it.

      • They no longer matter Bobster!

  • The Golden Dawn Phenomenon is a good thing. In a place like Europe though. It can quickly turn bad unless these groups are all united in a Pan European organization, where each group respects the others. There are still many grievances and disputes between ethnicities in Europe. Some examples- Hungarians that are living in Slovakia in territory that was once part of Hungary. The territories that Germany lost to Poland at the end of WWII. Croatian and Serbian disputes. Greek and Serbian disputes.   Parts of Finland where people’s first language is Swedish. Once could go on all day.
       When the swastika is waved in Europe today, it is against islamic and african foreigners. In this sense, it unites Europe against common enemies. Care must be taken though to prevent Europe from dividing into local ethnic conflicts.Both Germany and Poland have nationalistic elements, and both hate the other as much as foreigners. One would hope that leaders of the nationalist movements would publicly put aside inter European conflicts, and recognize their similarities as compared to the new invaders.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       Agreed and /signed

      • Personally, if you were to put a European in front of me, chances are I wouldn’t be able to tell by sight alone what country they came from. Some call it wurst, some call it Kielbasa, who cares, they both have sausage with cabbage in some form or the other.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

           Hell, I can’t even play Spot the European Jew effectively.

          I just simply hope Western Civ has hit Self-Defence mode.

          • Jews are a European people. They have more European blood in them than Semitic blood. Their culture and religion was shaped by hundreds of years of intercourse with Christianity. The Talmud, effectively does what Christ’s teachings did, only in a much more analytical, parsed out way. Their religion used to be very similar to Islam before Talmudic Judaism. They have been targets of violence and they have been the givers of violence (HOLODOMOR). I have no issue with them unless they are seditious, such as Norman Lear, or the ACLU types. They should be judged individually like the rest of us. If they have animosity towards non Jews then they should be called out on that too, but on an individual basis.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

             I agree, and don’t understand jew-hatred based on that.  As for being “seditious”, there are plenty of white, fundamentalist Christians who are seditionist, too, sponsoring Koreans and such to come over (coughcoughalliancehchurchcoughcough).

            But I can never see anyone professing to be Muslim as to being on “my side”. I learned the hard way about THAT lie.

          •  What do you know about Talmud?

          • jeffaral

            Jews an European people ???!!!   Last time I checked Israel is in The Middle East.   

        •  The fact you can’t distinguish doesn’t mean others can’t. 

  • Persephone Gray

    I love the name Ariadne. It is a beautifully feminine-sounding name. The story of Theseus and the Minotaur was one that persistently fascinated me as a child. I’m probably biased towards the name Ariadne because I had an audio tape of the story that went with a book, and besides Ariadne looking absolutely lovely in the pictures, her voice on the tape sounded very young and warm and kind. Funny how these things make such an impression.

  • “I was told the disturbing story of an Athenian lady of 60 whose central city apartment with wood floors and fine drapes was taken over by Pakistani and Bangladeshi squatters while she visited her family in Crete.”

    for whom I wonder? Disturbing for the poor Athenian woman who had her home
    stolen by foreign invading squatters, or the squatters themselves. My guess is
    the diversity loving Sue Reid’s sympathies lie with the invading squatters.

  • Yes…and many of those “tyrants” elected as MP’s have degrees from Oxford or Cambridge.
    What has this done for the people?  The person
    with tattoos (who would die for his people rather than favor killing his people
    with millions of third-world hordes) cannot be all bad can he? Besides, I would
    much prefer to look at a tattoo as opposed to some turban wearing third world
    brown, ruling over White Europeans.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     According to Jihad Watch, the Dearborn Arab festival doesn’t even allow Muslim Christians to hand out flyers, as being “offensive to Islam”.  So apparently, it’s a Muslim festival, not an Arab one.

    Though I consider Robert Spencer to be a rather weak sister when it comes to issues outside of Islam per se.

  • Dunnyveg

    I’m not crazy about having fascists, or quasi-fascists, back in power in Europe.  But the mainstream parties have only themselves to blame for this mess.  Had Greek elites put the interests of Greece and Greeks first, none of this would be happening.  My guess is that if any of the mainstream parties in Greece were to convince Greeks that they would do something about the immigration disaster, that that party would leave Golden Dawn in the dust.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       I don’t consider Golden Dawn to be fascist. Greece does have orthodoxy as its official relgion – even I, as an athist, crossed myself when passing churches, just as the Greeks, do, in Orthdox fashion, and I’m an athiest.

      What is your problem then?

      Hell, if Canada became some sort of Christian paradise, I’d try to find a white atheist hideaway, but none really exist for me to run to.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     Yes.  Have you ever seen the Greek Elite Guard?  I cannot remember their proper name, but they dress in a kilt with precisely 414 (I think( pleats in it that represent how many years Greece spent under Ottoman occupation.  They also wear slippers with pom-poms for some reason.  But do NOT presume to laugh at these guys, they are the elite of the Greek military.  And their dress is all symbolic of Greek resistance to Islam.  Really, it’s more impressive than joke-worthy. no matter how amusing it looks.

  • Blame their politicians, people will get away with what others will let them get away with.

  • They are willing to fight for what they believe, or seem to believe in.  Constrast that attitude with the typical “Whatever” mantra lover, of which there are many examples in our everyday lives.

  • Nazism (and Bolshevism) enslaved and exterminated millions upon millions of regular folks in the course of their expansion.   One can be furiously critical of  immigration and other points without defending or having to take sides with two of the worst demographic disasters unleashed upon Euro-Caucasian folks.

  • There is no way anyone with a shred of decency can support mass killings of civilians for any reason.  How would you like someone to knock on your door at 3am and drag you and your children into a dingy rairoad station and ship you off to an undisclosed location, without food, water or anything else? The Nazis did it, the Soviets did it, and others as well.  Hitler has done more damage to discredit race-realism than anyone else in recent history.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       But there IS a differnece to being deoprted to your place of origin and to a place of extermination.

      Do you not understant that?

      • The Chechens WERE in their birthplace, so were the Armenians.  And who determines what one’s ultimate ethnic home is?  

        • Yes, but you are talking ethnicity, not race. Ethnicity is a tangle that one should avoid at all cost. Only fools try to wage that battle. Racial differences and Islam/vs Judeo-Christianity is the war we are fighting today. The differences are not ambiguous.

          • Oh – so are you equating “white” with blonde hair and blue eyes?  That’s funny.

            Also- considering the sorry state of “Judeo-Christianity”- is that a religion? – I think Euro-activists have more to learn from Islam about social cohesion/family values than the other way around.   “White” Muslims have developed a very interesting way of being Muslim which is aeons away from the Wahabi model plastered all over the media.  Anyone who has ever met Bosniaks, Daghestanis, Turks, Albanians, Berbers and non-fanatical Iranians can attest to that.

          • Yes and no. Blonde hair and blue eyes is the extreme end of the white spectrum. Are you saying it isn’t white? Muslims are at war with Christian Europe. Peddle your babble somewhere else, no one is having it.

          • jeffaral

            What’s Judeo-Christianity??!!    All I know is that I am white european!

          • So were many that were killed by Hitler. The stormfront minions have been crashing our party here and trying to sell him here.Tens of millions of white Europeans died because of the stormfront types. It was a disaster for Europeans and the reaction against it led us to the insanity that we are now living under.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          Are you talking about anchor babies?  Ie, the children of illegal immigrants, who deliberately have a kid in the country they’re not supposed to be, so that the kid gets automagic citizenship, and by extention, the parents, who can then start the process of chain migration?

          To that, I say, Anchors Away.

          Canada should start with booting Omar Khadr and his hateful family of fake paper “Canadians” back to Afghanistan or wherever the heck they are from.

  • Persephone Grey

    Lovely. The only Penelopes I know, besides Odysseus’s wife, are Penelope Keith the actress, and Lady Penelope in the Thunderbirds. Vercingetorix — wonderful, though you’re right, it may be a little ott. Owen has a venerable history in my husband’s family.

  • I’m not sure I’m ready to say I  “prefer” the mafia. I will say that they do what they are paid to do, unlike the government.

  • If the Crusaders hadn’t tried to destroy Constantinople (and thereby weakened their defenses over decades) – the Ottomans might not have had such an easy time. 

  • Greece’s economy is a basket case compared to Turkey’s — the Turkish economy is booming by most measures- and the morale of the people is
    pretty high.  Turks are a fine and hospitable people- and a lot more trustworthy than the Greeks.

  • Smyrna, now Izmir- was, by all accounts, set on fire by the Greeks as they withdrew.

  • Turks were driven out of Greece and Bulgaria as well- it was a population exchange after all.

  •  One day Greeks are white, the next day the very same people group them with all the other Euro-Meds as non-white.  Why can you WN’s and like-minded people make up your minds?

    Genetically- co-called Greeks and Turks are closely related- much closer than Greeks and Italians or Spaniards.  The fact Islam allows marriage between Muslim men and Christian women may have been a factor in the intermingling of the two populations. 

    • Genetics and religion are two different things. Yes, many “turks”are descendants of greeks who converted. So what, they are squarely on the side of the muslims who want to eradicate white christian Europe. The muslims do not want to merely convert Europeans, They want to kill  or enslave/castrate the white males and take their women. This is what they have done to Europeans throughout their history. Thousands of white males were sold into slavery and castrated by their muslim owners. Thousands of European women were put into harems. Their children competed with the more aggressive darker harem children and lost. White children need their white fathers. Islam is not only a religion of conquest, it is also an ethnic war of  arab against all others.

  • jeffaral

    Spot on, and  don’t forget the German South Tirol, which Hitler allowed to stay under Italian rule!

  • And regard any of your “leaders” who sides with the criminal invaders as enemy collaborators and then deal with them appropriately.

    Greece and other countries have reached this pass because their elected leaders haven’t had the testicles to do the right thing.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     Charles is a German, and so is his mother.  While I am a royalist, I think the rightful house should be the Stuarts, but apparently, the English didn’t want to be ruled by Scots, so they invited the Germans to run them instead.  Sigh.

    As for genetic weirdness, there is a genetic trait in my family which suggests the puported link between us European-derived folks and Neanderthals.  It has to do with our skull shape.  My grandfather had a Neanderthal-shaped skull.  My mom and aunt do not.  Nor do my cousins.  But I have it, and passed it on to two out of three kids.

    Our skulls are long and narrow, with a bit of a “bun” at the back.  It makes it difficult to choose a nice hat that fits.

    And if anyone here knows of someone I can donate tissue or hair to for genetic  research, I’d love to donate.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       Reply to Mr Scott’s reply to me:

      Oh, you too?  I am also missing teeth, although you wouldn’t know it by looking; my mouth was too small for the entire contingent, so I had four permanent molars removed when I was 9 (along with four temps.)  My wisdom teeth were all impacted (literally sideways) and were removed at the age of 16.  Also, concave incsors and an overbite.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     Nothing.  All I’m saying is, learn WHY they look that way before you laugh.

  • In the time it took to trash that migrants home, they could have made about 100 DVDs or printed thousands of leaflets.
    Many will be turned away by violence and it’s the Greek elites that need slapping .