With Asian Immigration Rising, Candidates Seek National Office

Anh Do, Los Angeles Times, September 2, 2012

Brutal, burning images inspired Sukhee Kang to jump into politics.

In 1992, as he watched televised footage of immigrant shops and dreams crumble to the ground during the Los Angeles riots, he knew he “had to do something—to make connections—to people, with people, across different groups.”

The father of two and owner of three shoe stores started simply. He raised money for scholarships. He signed up with the Korean American Coalition, pushing those like him to get involved in civic life and civil rights. He mobilized volunteers, helping torched Korean American businesses rebuild.

Now Kang holds court as the mayor of Irvine, just named by Money magazine as one of the 10 best places to live in the U.S. Four years into his term, and after four years as councilman, he has a higher goal: national office.

This election season, Kang is among 17 Asians running for Congress in the U.S.—a historic number at a time when these candidates are among the fastest-growing ethnic group in America. {snip}


Toby Chaudhuri, a political consultant, says success requires a strong base, similar to Kang’s foothold in Irvine.

“Here is a chance to define a young new century,” he said. “These Asian candidates can take charge of the conversation about what is America.”


Ami Bera, the child of Indian immigrants and the former chief medical officer for Sacramento County, calls the record number of candidates “a natural progression.” In public—in his rematch with Republican Dan Lungren, ranked the most competitive seat in California by the National Journal—Bera says he “always starts with my personal story and my values.”

He says his platform of “building for the middle class” will perform favorably against the failures of the current Congress, which “rewards millionaires.” “I think we’ll see a historic number of Asian Americans elected this year.”


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  • Church_of_Jed

    Why don’t we know the names of the immigration officials who are signing off on all these entry visas?

    Given that our govt. is Diversity top to bottom, they are wiping out our offensive White privilege with the power of their Approved stamp. Our Affirmative Action non White govt. is electing a new non White American people through immigration.

    When will we see Diversity enrich the Kennedy compound?

    •  Aristotle Onassis was Greek right?

    • The__Bobster

      The DNC dragged out drunk Teddy’s rotten corpse yesterday, like he was someone to be proud of.

  • crystal evans

    Asians entering public service is hardly a new phenomenon. For years, Asian Americans have represented the state of Hawaii in Washington DC. They have also have served at the local level as well. I think the difference is that you are seeing newer Asian immigrants such as Koreans ,Vietnamese., and South Asians getting into politics.

    • Church_of_Jed

      Only racists would worry about news like this:


      Fingerprint records reveal 825,000 immigrants with multiple names, inconsistent
      birth dates

      • Northernfront

        All self-defense is “racist”.     By that, I mean that what seems to have occurred, is that anytime you simply look out for your own best interest, it is racist.

        My specific example is Somali immigration to Minnesota.  If there are more Somalis, your have less friends and business partners.  To oppose Somali immigration, which is to oppose the reduction in your possible connections of friendship and business, is to be “racist”.

        At root, we are facing a masochistic, self-hating cult.   
        In Minnesota, we are BEING TARGETED:


        from http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2007/09/12/censusblackpop/
        “Refugee agencies guide refugees to different regions, trying to
        judge which ones might be receptive. Minnesota is one logical
        choice because it has one of the nation’s smallest minority

        We must defend our home state.

        • Church_of_Jed

          The federal government is at war against Whiteness in Minnesota. Proof Somalia.

        • crystal evans

          I live in Tennessee and we have a large number of them as well and a documentary, “Welcome to Shelbyville” was made about the tensions between them and the local residents. I wonder if the situation in Somalia is stabalized, will the US send them back like Israel did the Sudanese illegals?

          • Northernfront

            I hope to dear God. or Allah, whatever they pray to.

      • The__Bobster

        How about this? They invent nothing, counterfeit everything.


        A Chinese company that a group of U.S. senators has criticized for selling high-quality counterfeit U.S. driver’s licenses has shut down operations, its website says.

        The lawmakers last week wrote to Zhang Yesui, China’s ambassador to the U.S., to urge his government to “take immediate action” against companies that sell fake U.S. identification cards, saying the practice is a serious national security threat. They called out one company — ID Chief — as being among the worst violators.

  • Don’t Asians know that their job is just to vote for black candidates, not replace them?

    • crystal evans

      Really, I am Asian and never heard that one before?

      • bluffcreek1967

        I think he was being sarcastic.

    • Northernfront

       I feel that the East Asians will put logical race policies into place.  They, more than any group, know of the vast innate difference amongst races.  (In the end, the infusion of East Asian blood will be a positive for a new, creative White race.  They will toughen up the race, to make up for the loss of toughness resulting from WWI and WWII deaths)

      • Red

        Well, we’ll have to see how Asians align themselves politically. Logically, their best bet is aligning themselves with whites/Republicans, given that they’re economically successful and would generally benefit from conservative economic policies. Unfortunately, so far they seem to identify as another group of Not-Whites, and generally vote Democrat with less successful minorities. I’d hope that they’ll eventually conclude their interests are more aligned with those of whites, but so far the signs don’t give me reasons for optimism.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Screw that. I don’t want my country or bloodlines “sinofied”. Regression to the mean implies that the current White population is just as tough as those who died in the World Wars. Our problem is the Marxist media and laws that make it illegal for us to show racial unity.

        Asians will only look out for other asians


        • Northernfront

          The NE Asians who have come to America do not fit in in Asia. They are generally more exploratory, brighter, and tougher. I believe that their type was once more prevalent in the NW European population. I believe that bringing them into the European culture and gene pool will help to RESTORE the original, creative, and tough nature of the White race.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            No crapping in the gene pool. Asians are creative? Did they invent the airplane, car, television, antibiotics, computer, internet, or anything significant in the past few hundred years?

            Tough? They are physically smaller and weaker than the average European. The Japanese got their butts kicked in WW2. The Chinese got schooled in the Korean war. 

            We don’t need or want a damn thing from the Asians. They can stay in Asia and snort powdered tiger penis all day for all I care.

        • crystal evans

          One thing that people do not understand is that newer arrivals of Asians (after 1965) see themselves differently as those who came earlier. Those who came earlier see themselves as Americans, see the country that their ancestors came from as a foreign country that they have no ties to. Newer arrivals have ties to their homeland and tend to be more ethnocentric. than those who are decendents of earlier immigrants.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            I’ve noticed that as well, especially with the Japanese. Since the 60’s everyone seems to come to this country for the handouts or to “take over”. The older, pre-60’s immigrants actually wanted to work hard and be Americans.

      • crystal evans

        Why? There are Asian Americans in Congress now and they do not use race politics nowhere near like the blacks and Latinos do.

        • Really? Then why do we have an Asian Caucus?

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          They don’t have the numbers yet. 

  • “Asians.” 

  • bluffcreek1967

    “These Asian candidates can take charge of the conversation about what is America.” Yes, and I’m sure that conversation will be the complete opposite of anything our Founders would have said or envisioned.

    Notice also that Sukhee Kang is doing everything within his power to influence his people (Koreans) to get involved in the political realm, “civic life and civil rights.” He is, in effect, doing things in the best interest of his people. I don’t blame him for this because it’s quite natural for each race or ethnic group to pursue that which improves their lot in life. I just wish Whites would do the same sort of things for their race!

    Observe also how the L.A. Times article treats this entire thing as something positive, something its readers should admire? Yet, if the roles were reversed and the article was about a White man trying to enlighten his fellow Whites or was about a White man who was on a campaign to end reverse discrimination, the entire tone would be different. He would be presented as “extreme,” “dangerous,” and the article would be filled with quotes of White people doing their best to make it known that his “racist” views don’t represent them!  

  • redfeathers

    Unfortunately, my next representative in Congress will be one of these 17.  Asian immigrants have colonized northeast Queens, NY.

    • Northernfront

       I feel that China and Japan have long-range plans set into motion to take control of and colonize the USA.  It is as if Whites are the redfeathers.

      • crystal evans

        Why would they want to do that for? Both countries have low birthrates. In the future, there will be more elderly in both countries than young people.

        • Northernfront

          True, my suspicion lies more spy control of the USA via Chinese spies. See, because China own our debt, they will MAKE SURE WE PAY IT, and will have agents in our gov’t to ensure this. In a way then, they will have a somewhat colonial relationship with America, in that they will require vast fields of good American workers to be productive….

          While that may be good for all, we need to remain cautious for the good of the DECENT Chinese.

  • Diamond_Lil

    We are full up on African, Asian and Latin American immigrants.  We must not allow ourselves to become a minority in our own country.  Does anyone have any information on the fate of this child:

    • Do we really need any more Asians in this country? I have no feelings for Asians
      whatsoever. I believe they are a cold, heartless race. This video confirms what
      I believe to be the truth. I have watched videos of these barbarians slaughtering
      dogs and others, where they are publically abusing or ignoring children in
      distress. There is a special place in hell for those who abuse children and animals the way these bastards do.

      • Boxer Rebel

        There is a special place in hell for those who abuse children and animals the way these bastards do.

         Really? What is the child abuse rates of Asians in the US compared with whites????? I would think a whole lot less.

        As for pedophilia, whites are well known to top the statistics. They also supply the majority of the market for child porn.

        This is how white people treat their children:

        • The__Bobster

          Have you ever heard of the pedophile tours of Southeast Asia that are popular among  the Japanese?

          How about bukkake? This is a purely Asian invention.


          • Boxer Rebel

             Really? Have you any links to back up your claim about Japanese pedophile tours?

            Most of the pedophiles in SE Asia are northern european.

            Bukkake?? Tasteless to be sure…..but nothing equivalent to sexual offences against children…..but perhaps you would find it difficult to understand that.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            Stop being stupid.  Sex Slavery and Child Sex Slavery is VERY COMMON and VERY OLD NEWS in Non-White Society and you know it.

            The reason sexual deviancy “appears” to be common in White Society is because one case of abuse is National News so it “appears” like it’s a huge happening but it’s not.

            It’s like the crime documentaries.  They take ONE case and re-tell it over and over and over and over and over again but the re-telling of the case is called “new” because they make a new crime show but the case is not new so again, it gives the “appearance” of it being a common occurrence.

          • Northernfront

             Sigh…  http://www.prometheism.net/library/Race_Evolution_Behavior.pdf

            “Many statistics in Chart 1 come from the United
            States, where Orientals are a “model minority.” They have
            fewer divorces, fewer out-of-wedlock births, and fewer
            reports of child abuse than Whites. More Orientals
            graduate from college and fewer go to prison.

            On the other hand Blacks are 12% of the American
            population and make up 50% of the prison population. In
            the U.S., one out of every three Black men is either in jail,
            on probation, or awaiting trial. That is much more than the
            number who graduate from college.”

            Focus on the problem here!

      • crystal evans

        Not all Asians eat dogs. I grew up in the Japanese American community and we never ate dogs. We had them as pets like everyone else did.

        • True Crystal. I’m not aware of the Japanese eating dogs. The Chinese and Koreans do however.

    • newscomments70

      I was about to say something to stick up for Asians until I actually saw the video. That really makes my blood boil . Asians don’t typically attack whites, but anything is possible.  Africans, Muslims and Hispancs attack whites all of the time, including children. We all need to collectively act to stop this, by whatever means necessary. Even one victim is too many. There are several white victims every second…and no one does anything.

  • Boxer Rebel

     Native born white americans can perhaps consider going back to Europe?

    The Americas were Asian to begin with.

    • MissBonnie123

      “Native born white americans can perhaps consider going back to Europe?”

      Amren readers: Note the hostility in Boxer Rebel’s statement.

      Do you want people like this in your country and ruling your country?

      Boxer Rebel’s anti-White sentiments are clear for all to see.

      • Northernfront

        I think that in the end, there is a strong chance that elements of the NE Asians will sick that Blacks and Hispanics on the Whites.

        However, we can prevent this.  We must deal with the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. 
        Thus, I believe that we must make an alliance with the NE Asians, and assimilate them into our gene pool.  The NE Asians have a toughness and selfishness in them which was killed out of the White gene pool by the Civil War, WWI, and WWII.

        • crystal evans

          I cannot speak for other Asian ethnic groups but I was always told that when a Japanese soldier goes to war, he knows that he is never coming back. This is why they are tough fighters and refuse to surrender until the bitter end.

        • MissBonnie123

          But Asians are not OUR people. They have a different culture, different viewpoint of life, and unique histories from ours.

          Besides, we could never assimilate them into our gene pool because doing so would destroy OUR race.

          Assimilation in the U.S. means the destruction of one race–the White race only. 

          • Northernfront

            The NE Asians who came to the USA did not fit in in Asia. They are different. In addition, the combination of Confucian values with Christian values is GOLDEN.

            Do you want a Golden Dawn? Then join the Arctic Alliance, NE Asians plus Europeans.

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          You are Advocating for White Genocide.

          Are you the one who’s trying to trick White People into buying land over by you?  Why are you doing that?  Are you trying to get them to be in one place so you can surround them with your BILLIONS of asians?

          • Boxer Rebel

             There are about 1.6 billion East Asians in the world.

            There are about 1.2 to 1.3 billion European descnded whites

            There are about 900 million sub-Saharan descnded people.

            Whites are in more or less the same ball-park as East Asians when it comes to numbers.

            But Whites control too much of the worlds landmass, out of all proportion to their numbers. That is because they invaded the rest of the world.

            Europe is already the most densely populated continent.

            If all whites returned to Europe, imagine how crowded it would be with 1.3 billion whites there!

          • Northernfront

            No, I have the best interest of WINNING in mind. You can go martyr your race if you choose, that is what I call self-hating and genocidal.

            Choose victory, not your outdated ideas about honor. We need to align with powerful forces to WIN.
            LOSERS lose PERIOD.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore


            You don’t understand what “winning” means let alone “WINNING”.  You’re gonna have to waste your time on other people ’cause I know for a Fact, I don’t need asians in order to Survive.

            Unlike you, I was not brainwashed into believing that asians, who can’t manage to fix their own Countries and don’t even try to help their own people in their own Countries, come here to help us or have anything of Value to teach us.

            I was however, taught how to observe and my observations show me, non-whites emigrate to White Countries for a specific reason and it has nothing to do with helping us Preserve Our own People and Our Ways.

            And, I do Choose Victory and his name is The White Peoples.

    • The__Bobster

      No, there were devoid of humans to begin with.

      • Northernfront

        Do you believe the Solutrean hypothesis then?

        Can you provide the best way to convince me of this hypothesis?

        • Church_of_Jed

          “Diversity it a toxic biohazard targeted against White Humanity’s privilege of freedom and liberty.”

          -Rev. Jed DeValleysim, “How it ends for us,” 2009

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Fine.  And when we go, we’re taking everything with us too.

      All roads, bridges, buildings, schools, farms, hospitals, sanitation infrastructure, water towers and water filtration systems, White House, etc. will be destroyed before we go because after all, White People built them and we’ll also be taking all of our Intellectual Property to.  Our Science, Medicine, Freedom (constitutional rights), technology, etc. and we’ll be taking our money (taxes) which means, you get no more Welfare or any of your tons of Minority Privilege neither and we’ll be taking our Military and all our weaponry that we also created.

      I’ve named only but a few things White People have created/invented but know this:  ALL OF IT comes with us and that means, you will be left with nothing but what is found in every single Third World in existence.  Ya know, those places where all you non-white hordes come from.  Have fun you jealous little Third World Alien.

      p.s.  If America was asian, we’d all be asians but we’re not and as a matter of fact, asians are the ones emigrating where?  Oh yeah, that’s right, TO White Countries aka America and Europe.  You better start getting all your Third World Spawn out of Europe FIRST if we are to go back to Europe.

      Next time, try to think White before you write.

      • Boxer Rebel

         Take what you want.

        Firstly there would have been no technological progress without a decent numbering system, and the decimal point—-which you STOLE from the East.

        Secondly: There would have been no industrialisation in Europe if whites did not go round the world stealing resources from everyone, including China and India (the richest places on earth) before whites got there.

        And Thirdly, the technology you speak of belongs to those who paid for it.
        So the PC I am using to type this email is mine, simply because I paid a fair price for it.

        It is not any random white mans, simply on account that a white man may have invented it.

        Man….you guys are absurd and living on another planent.

      • Boxer Rebel

        If America was asian, we’d all be asians but we’re not and as a matter
        of fact, asians are the ones emigrating where?  Oh yeah, that’s right,
        TO White Countries aka America and Europe.

        Yes. We go, like people all through history, to where the wealth currently is.

        That is why whites beat a door to China and India in the not too distant past, invaded these countries, plundered them, and brought the loot back to the West. This included forcing a narcotics trade on the Chinese, forcing Indians to grow these narcotics, and then whites sending the profits to Britain.

        Similarly with Africa, where they stole immense human resources.

        Non-whites following the wealth is no different from a man trying to get back what was his in the first place.

    • potato78


      You really get a sharp point.  My upstair people got a lot of injures.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      You sound like a Mexican. Apparently Americans are the only people with no right to America. 

  • Asians work and the US needs the tax dollars to fund millions of black welfare bums and whores.

  • newscomments70

    Also, Koreans aren’t crazy about  the Japanese. Japan brutally colonized korea relatively recently. 

    • The__Bobster

      When it’s them against YT, can you guess what side they are on?

      • newscomments70

        The younger Asians I see are mostly well-behaved, polite, hard- working, etc. What disturbs me about them is how very eager they are to assimilate into popular Western Culture. As you know, Western Culture is extremely anti-white, pro-NBA, pro-Obama, gangsta-rap, etc. This culture is promoted by the media. I think it is unlikely that a young Asian person will mug you. More likely, they will hold the door for you…however it is a given that they will vote for Obama. Gangsta culture is considered cool. White culture is mostly ignored, and considered out-dated. Older Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese refugees often vote Republican becuase they equate democrats with communism. Communist thugs destroyed their countries and murdered millions of loved ones. The young forget. They are glued to the televsion and ipods…blasting basketball and gangsta rap. I am not picking on the Asians. This is a phenomena with white and European youths as well…although reality is slowly sinking in. 

  • MissBonnie123

    Isn’t it amazing how nonwhites can’t get over experiences that happened decades or centuries ago that they never went through themselves?
    I believe the nonwhites purposely hold on to past history so that they can express their anti-White hatred towards us but not appear to be  racists when in actuality that is what they really are.

    • MissBonnie123

      My comment above was in response to “Anonymous” but for some reason it landed way above his comment instead of below it.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      They’re Natural Racists as they should be.  I wasn’t raised with any sort of racial overtones.  I’m this way ’cause it’s just Nature.

  • MissBonnie123

    Diversity is NOT our greatest strength. History has proved this.

    Diversity will contribute to the downfall of the United States.

  • MissBonnie123

    I don’t understand why we should be grateful for their presence and their anti-White sentiments. After all, they too are replacing White people in America.

  • The__Bobster

    That’s very foolish. They are their own demographic crisis.

  • The__Bobster

    Don’t bother him. He’s at the Democrat convention getting his marching orders….when he’s not concubining.

  • Influx of big numbers of foreigners always shatters a society’s fabric. When these foreigners are racially or culturally unassimilable- this is a recipe for disaster. Would South Korea accept 20 million Ukrainians ? Or India 100 million Chinese ? Or Pakistan 15 million mulatto Brazilian Catholics ?

    We all know the answer. US (Europe, Australia, Argentina,..) actually does not need any significant number of immigrants anymore. Only experts in some professional fields – and even that can be contested: why would any country school its best minds & give them for free to other, more moneyed countries ?

    • crystal evans

      The main reason for all the immigrants in the US and other white countries is that these countries let them in. Japan for example, does not allow many immigrants. They would need more people as their birthrate is extremely low but they choose not to go this route.

  • Northernfront

    You either fight STRATEGICALLY, or you are conquered.

    We must deal with the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. The NE Asians in America are some of the most capable, intelligent people on the planet. They left Asia because they did not fit in there, they are more exploratory and quick in the head.

    Whites need to make an alliance with NE Asians. They will control the bureaucracy of many companies, and the federal government.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Merging, or “aligning” with Opposites is NOT Strategy, it’s SUICIDE!  
      I think you’re either a non-white, a mixy or a race traitor.  If you’re Mixed, you’ve already declared your Allegiance (earlier posts) and it ain’t to White People.  Look, the line’s already been drawn.

      By the way, sure is funny how for such a people to be so “exploratory” and “quick”, how SLOW they are to do anything with it.  I know you don’t want to believe it but there are no ‘best and brightest’ out of any Third World.

      Look, were that ‘great asian’ mantra true, they wouldn’t need to try to brainwash people like they so desperately try to do.  Instead of allowing people to take a look and see for themselves, they’re constantly told how great asians are.  Why?  Proof is in the Pudding is why.  You know what that means don’t you?

      It’s an all out assault on White People and you’re just one of many doing all they can to make sure we’re never left alone and, if you get it your way, bred out of existence.

  • Northernfront

    You may be right- I am referring to a longer-range plan to potentially colonize America. In Universities, Whites are already beginning to feel like “redfeathers” in many departments.

    Just who is taking over our engineering, math, and science departments? Will they be loyal to their ancestral lands when these nations make demands?

    • crystal evans

      Many of the Asians in engineering, math and science departments are Asian immigrants to the US, not foreign students. These Asian immigrants will benefit the US in the long run with their technical knowledge and skills. There needs to be incentives for whites to go into these fields and get advanced degrees. How about scholarships for those who are studying for advanced degrees in STEM?

      • Northernfront

        I agree with your assessment that most STEM NE Asians are American Asians.   I believe American Asians are qualitatively different than those they left behind in Asia, and ARE AMERICAN AS SUSHI.  (Most sushi rolls here are American, i.e. California, Philadelphia, Chicago, Salmon-Avocado rolls etc.)

        I AM worried however, that being soft on security for many of the incoming students from CHINA is harmful to the NE ASIAN contingent.

        When there is a security leak from a Chinese engineer to China, it harms all Asians.  We just need to make sure NE Asians join conservative republicans on security and border patrol, and lock the door behind us.

        I support a strong NE Asian infusion into the predominant White gene pool.  If our race has declined, we need to find more lasting fixes beyond tinkering with ideology to foster more pride. 
        People who think that one day the White race will “wake up” and not be so delusionally self-hating and impractical are in denial. 
        In addition, during the civilisational transfer to the East, we will need the diplomacy of our NE Asian descent in the USA.

        In sum, I want a CREATIVE white race, not a CONSERVATIVE white race.  What is there to conserve?  The basis of the goodness of what we call “WHITE” is our creativity and drive to always be the best, taking whatever influences we can to do it.

  • Northernfront

    Good post. You are successfully causing me to doubt my hypothesis, regarding the idea of successful infusion of the NE Asian peoples in the White race.

    Here is what you must target, if you wish to dismantle fully by hypothesis that a NE Asian infusion would be positive.

    You must put to rest my idea, that the NE Asians coming to the USA are qualitatively different than those inhabiting the inner highlands of Asia.
    The NE Asians who come to the USA are the best and brightest of Asia, who tend to be more exploratory thinking, and come from the coastal regions with the highest IQ.

    Thus, you may be wrong, and an infusion of high IQ, more creative COASTAL NE Asians may be beneficial.

  • crystal evans

    Try Hawaii. Former governor Linda Lingle, who is white is a candidate for US Senate and a former Miss Hawaii Lauren Cheape, who is white as well, recently won a House of Representatives seat in the Hawaii legislature.

  • crystal evans

    I am Japanese American married to a white man.

  • crystal evans

    You are right Asians from overseas are rude. I remember once being on bus in San Francisco and it stopped in Chinatown and these Chinese were bumping each other to get on the bus.

  • crystal evans

    I agree some of those Asians are real jerks but if I was there, I would have helped that elderly white woman because I have American values and not Asian ones. I just look Asian.

    • Northernfront

       Confucious + Paganism + Buddhism = Current Native NE Asian

      Confucious + Judeo-Christian/Greco-Roman Values + Buddhism  = American Asian

  • crystal evans

    Some people do not like white people but not all . There are some who hate the Japanese from Japan more than American whites since Japanese from Japan own more hotels and other businesses than white Americans do.

  • Wei Loo

     That kid was caught stealing and he was not given that much of a slapping….nothing to cause bleeding or serious injury. Kids that steal in developing countries can expect a slap or two.

    The English use to hang kids and sentence them to transportation for life not too long ago for minor crimes. As an Australian you would know about that.

    ‘worst’ child pornography from Asia??? Can you provide links to back up your claim. The worst and biggest purveyor of chil, and sex crimes against children rarely punished.:

    And almost all the people you see getting caught for it in the West are whites.


    • Northernfront

      I concur.  Check this out:
      A full PDF of “Race, Evolution, and Behavior” by Rushton.


      “Many statistics in Chart 1 come from the United
      States, where Orientals are a “model minority.” They have
      fewer divorces, fewer out-of-wedlock births, and fewer
      reports of child abuse than Whites. More Orientals
      graduate from college and fewer go to prison.
      On the other hand Blacks are 12% of the American
      population and make up 50% of the prison population. In
      the U.S., one out of every three Black men is either in jail,
      on probation, or awaiting trial. That is much more than the
      number who graduate from college.”

      NE Asians have LESS child abuse.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      I’m going to throw in some psychological abuse. Tiger mom’s can be vicious and cause significant damage to a child’s self-esteem. Asians also have a higher suicide rate than Whites. 

  • Boxer Rebel

     Sorry Jupiter7. It is YOU who is the interloper. Whites everywhere in the world outside of Europe are interlopers.

  • Boxer Rebel

     So do white people. In Europe.

  • Boxer Rebel

     your ‘own’ countries are in Europe. Everywhere else you are invaders.

  • potato78

    Stop illegal immigrants first, which is uncontrollable and unpredictable factor.
    Legal immigrants are a controllable variable.  You make it less or more, which can be depended on the situation.

  • potato78

    Finn is anti Geek and Italy thing. these people is addicted to blondes.

  • Boxer Rebel

     Exactly. The kid was given a short slapping, nothing too serious though.

    No worse than corporal punishment in many British schools up until only very recently.

    In fact the kid was not even that hurt….just scared. Which is a good thing to do to young thieves.

    As you say the kid was obviously not a white —a Uighur –basically half white half asian.

  • potato78

    I can smell a lot of jealousy.  The U.S. problem is not asian problem, population% only 1.2%.  
    The U. S. problem is black, hispanic/latino, and “white” problem, those are fundamental problems for this country for future prosperity.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      asians are much higher in Population here than you’d like to lead us to believe.  The india(ns) themselves claim to be at least, five percent (from years ago) and that’s just one group of people.  For you to dare write such a hugely false percentage about the asian population here is insulting in the least and an outright Call to War at worse.

      Hispanics and Blacks are NOT the problem.  The problem is you asians.  Hispanics can claim Heritage ( southwest) whereas you people cannot.  Blacks can claim they’ve been here since before our Founding Fathers’ Built America but you cannot.  And, the Hispanics and Blacks were and could be again, Happy under White Rule and that’s because, we’re Kind unlike you people.

      “white” people BELONG to White People and White People will be the ONLY ones who have possession of them.  I wouldn’t turn over the most Liberal Race Traitor you could imagine over to you people.  My People are Salvagable whereas most of your’s are not.  You and your people won’t let go of your backwards and HIGHLY Destructive Culture/Religions (beliefs) and that’s what makes them “throw-aways”.

      I’m Very Sorry to use that word but now it’s about business these days and I’m tellin’ ya, ya gotta let go of those ways, those Third World Ways that have Proven, Hard Core Scientifically Proven, don’t work ways of yers.  You people have got to get real dammit and fix your own selves.

      • potato78

        ”  The U. S. problem is black, hispanic/latino, and “white” problem, those are fundamental problems for this country for future prosperity.” as I said that “fundamental problems” means if you are bad, then that is problem and more responsible if you are good because you are the part of majorities by a comparison with asian population.  
        The Asian share of the total population is now about 5.8 percent, the Pew study said.

        Far East Asian population in The U. S. is approximate 1.2-2% of the total population.

        I don’t know why the topic is so “popular” that there is 125 comments.

        With Asian Immigration Rising, Candidates Seek National Office

        I knew that you were so emotional and emotional.  But hope that you are really “out of control” when watching the following video.  

        Please don’t forget writing your comments and alot of comments
        I would like to see yours.
        But What can you do?  You are still a little person.  If you can do something, you would be sitting here and talking like me.

        You may already be so apathetic now because you may watch and hear too much about this kind of things.

        Or maybe blacks are so stronger and bigger than you.  You may be trying to avoid them without any willingness to confront them.

        But when you see cutie asians, you feel like you are man again, you can bully them, because you are bulkier than them with a kind of barbaric behavior.

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          What?!?  Your post makes no sense.  Clarify this garbled post and re-submit.

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          You don’t know about America, this is clear.  Blacks and Hispanics have too much Freedom and that’s why they act like they do.  They never liked White People but they didn’t act up like they do now ’cause there were consequences to be had back then unlike now.  Also, you must take into account, the black and hispanic immigrants committing crime.  Back when America was America, “We” didn’t import Third World Aliens like we’ve been forced to accept these past few decades so that increases the black and hispanic crime rate.

          As for you and your fellow asians, they commit the worse crime of all and that’s economic crime.  Both here and in Europe, you “people” get Government, I mean White People’s Money to help you buy up all the land and businesses you possibly can and a good part of that land has White People’s Natural Resources on it and you “people” have White Tax Paid Monies that give our Traitors (business owners) tax breaks every time they hire a “minority”, I mean, you and your asians instead of White Men and even White Women and that’s because you people are willing to work for slave wages and benefits.

          asians also commit plenty of violent crime too.  Everything from rape to murder to fraud to theft and from child molestation to sex slavery, you people do it all.  You and yours are nothing but another undue strain and stress, both financially and criminally, forced upon us poor White People who aren’t even given the Right to Vote on whether we want you in our Communities and Countries.

          You have more hand-outs at the expense of White People than both the blacks and hispanics but you already know this and, you people cheat all the time too.  You and your “people” are also vicious.  The way you people treat land, animals, waters, air, fish and wales and just everything.  You’re just not good for any Society except other non-white ones.

          As for your “We will see.”, what’s to see?  Asia is a Third World all the way around.  I can’t think of even one non-white Country that hasn’t received Billions in Foreign Aide paid for by White People plus, Knowledge is abundant yet there they are; all those non-white Countries are STILL Third World.  There’s nothing to “see” for you see, it’s already out there for all to see.

          • potato78

            Ok, My “White” Brother,
            You make no sense.  Asia is on your east side and far away from you through pacific ocean.  I really don’t know what you are trying to talk about? I am pondering that people like you maybe one of “real” reasons for American going down.Remember that if people like you are so incapable, you could point your finger to far east asians in US, if people like you are really capable, you would darepoint finger to yourself, then people like you can really solve the country problems for future prosperity.   Incapable people always like to point their fingers to others so that they don’t have to take any responsiblity.

            Pat Buchanan was absolutely right on a lot of social issues.


            Human Being is the most complex animal on the earth.

            “Hispanics and Blacks are NOT the problem.” for US going down.

            But I would say that “Hispanics and Blacks are the problem for US going down because of increase of their culture influence with increase of population of total population in US.

            If you were one of them (Hispanic or Black).  I am sorry for the fact.  I really hope that you were not cheating on me.  

            Are you real white or democratic?


          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            You are not my “white brother” and I make perfect sense.  You know damn well I was talking about you asians because you expect us White People to just hand over our Country, Jobs and Money to you people and I wrote about Asia because you’re the one who wrote “We will see.” so I wrote we don’t need to wait and see ’cause it’s already there to see.  Stop your nonsense.

            “people like “me” is not the reason for America’s Demise.  While it is true that my own people traded me in (immigrants had no part in the Vote to allow them in), it is your people who actually destroyed her.  It’s one thing to have a non-white community that holds American Values but quite another when it’s turned into a Third World and asians do that more than anyone.

            Your “incapable” and “capable” comment could stand to be re-written.  I know where and when America was forced to go wrong and my pointing my finger at you and your people and Country comes because you are the one who chose to come here and import your backward ways here.

            The only way to Save America is to go back to her Founding.  The perversion of The Constitution must be stopped first before any more damage can be done and then damn near everything else must be repealed AND, My Founding Fathers’ Writings must be Adhered to.  Their Writings explain what America is and is supposed to be.  And, most importantly, who’s Welcome here and who ain’t.

            Another way to save America is for Americans to NEVER patronize any non-white owned business and NEVER extend a helping hand.  Non-white businesses will survive catering to none but their own BUT, non-whites depend, and largely so, on Government and Corporate Welfare so, when they all have to finally admit, there ain’t no more money, they’ll cease to exist.  Many will pack up and go and the rest will be lucky to find any White Person who’d be willing to give ’em the sweat off their brow were they dying of thirst.

            Sorry to sound so cold but we are talking about tough times here.  Americans share very deep roots and will help one another whereas you people will be considered a part of those who came to ride for free and the reason why America Died. 

            About your “take responsibility” comment.  How is it my fault or my “responsibility”, for, what was that?  What exactly, am I responsible for?  I didn’t do this.  Regardless of any Republican I’ve ever Voted for, I did not cast their Law Changing Votes, they did.  I have threatened them (i’m not voting for you again!) and constantly complained to them but it’s not my “responsibility” when they choose to Vote how they do.

            Pat Buchanan is just another Public Figure who is not allowed to say what he really thinks.  He barely mentioned two words and got fired.  Granted, it was from a Democrat Arena but still, his job was to talk yet he got fired for it.

            Last but never least, the blacks and hispanics.

            There are Millions of Illegal Aliens who just happen to be, hispanic so that automatically reduces the number you allude to and the Illegal blacks too.  And, since I do not acknowledge Illegal Legality, anyone born from an Illegal Alien is Illegal so that’s even more people and the black refugees (illegal) too.  And then there’s the immigration fraud.  You don’t read the news do you?

            I understand you’re mad at me because I won’t let you get away with your asian promotion and the false attributes and talents you try to ascribe to them but you shouldn’t.  You wouldn’t like me taking over your Country or me telling you how ‘you need me’.  As a matter of fact, you’d fight me like hell as you should and as any Native should.  I am doing the same and I’m allowed to do it.  America is My Country.

          • potato78

            Again, My “White” Brother:


            1. Discussion scope is within domestic issues.  
            2. How can 4.8% (2010) asian population is taking the responsibility for the country going down? Do you really think that they have such influence power? 
            Maybe you are brainwashed beyond a reasonable limit.


            3. However, white or european american is 72.4% of total  population, black or africa american is 12.6%, hispanic or latino is 16.3% per the above link.  

            4. From the data, obviously you can tell who is real in charge in this country.  If you are so emotionally caring about this country, you as one of “white” as you claimed should take more responsibility for this country going down instead of your blames of asians in this country.  If you think you are so high IQ, why had “you” imported so many blacks (legal and illegal), and why had “you” imported so many hispanics (legal and illegal)?

            5. Since “you” imported so many illegal blacks and hispanics, of course, “you” could not not afford to feed these people in your “house”, and anymore.  Then “you” cried and said that this is asian’s fault. LOL.

            6. Be accurate.  “We will see” means that history will tell you that “america is going down” is definitely not asian’s fault and 200% not far east people’s fault. Definitely is MY “WHITE” BROTHER’S fault.  You have to learn how to take a responsibility.

            7. Be accurate.  Pat Buchanan is 200% right.  With a population increase of blacks and hispanics, US culture will be increasingly influenced by these two group people and eventually the country culture will maybe changed and maybe sort of like Brazil.

  • potato78

    Pure white people in nordic europe, have a lot of asian genes.

    “white” people in south europe, have a lot of black genes.

    The above statement has been proven by:


    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Complete Nonsense.  You sound like those poor desperate souls who seek to find connections to slaves.

      Here is Fact:  Two people have children and those children go on to have children with DIFFERENT (within same race) Blood and their children go on to have children with DIFFERENT Blood and on and you get my point yes?  You can’t possibly, in all Honesty, claim, or assign to others, Blood that is not you or theirs.

  • potato78

    Native Born White Americans are sort of incapable of, not completely of incapable.

    Because British was still evolving until now.
    However, Native Born White Americans were still stayed and enjoyed 200-300 years ago culture from England.

  • Northernfront

    Le Gaulouis,

    Your first linked evidence in fantastic.  It illustrates how frequently Chinese cheat, and how they think that is alright to do.  The article closes with some hogwash about how the Chinese will change.  You can’t change a people that quickly!

    “It’s really a matter of priorities. China has already made some
    tremendous gains. But if it wants to be a “research superpower,” and if
    it wants to be respected for its intellect as well as its drive, then
    it’s going to need to identify, condemn, and punish bad behavior in its
    students and teachers. ”

    This tendency you have pointed out to cheat and do the easy thing to get ahead DOES worry me.  I attended a top-level technical institute.  Many of the NE Asians in attendance would gear their work to get ahead in school, but they would lose all of the subtleties that count in the real world.  
    In other words, they would do ONLY the necessary work that could be objectively judged, and leave out the more highly-skilled , subjective work to make a objectively fine, but UNSUBTLE project.

    Point taken. This could be a worrying tendency we WILL have to deal with in the alliance.

     Your second piece of evidence linked is fantastic as well.  For just as I was tempted to extol the fact that the Japanese may be more honest than the Chinese, you showed their tendency to require intensive gift-giving, and incestuous corporate relationships.  Yes, their culture can be very obligation based, and has a strong “incestous” slant, likely due to their genetic isolation.

    I hear you on this, I share your concerns on the inscrutable tendencies of Chinese, and the obligatory tendencies of Japanese.

    However, there is NO way you could possibly get them to leave the USA.  MIGHT IS RIGHT. 
    Believe me, the NE Asians have might.  They came in here, and own much of the shop now.  

    We screwed up here, and now we have a maggot infested shop USA here, to be run by a hard-line Asian man with a Hispanic janitor, and an Indian accountant.  That’s just how it is.  Now we got to do what we can to fix up the shop.

    We will need the toughness the Asians can help us dish out to the savages too. Remember, in the end it is the civilized vs the uncivilized.

  • Northernfront

    Halllllooooo?  I am a subtle new voice in this direction.  I am neither anti-Asian, nor philoasiatic.  I know their downsides and their potential as allies.  I advocate allying with them, as a strategic decision.   Never forget, it is the civilized vs the uncivilized.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      My “liked” was a MISTAKE!!!  I meant ONLY, to reply and here it is:

      It took me only one show (it was dateline) from over twenty years ago to know all I need to know about asian “civilized” behaviours.  I don’t want and I damn sure don’t need them or any piece of their “intelligence” and definitely no part of their “kindness” or “love” for children, seniors, fellow Country Men and animals.

      Twenty plus years ago is when I saw that show and nothing’s changed outside of everything getting worse but you’re gonna sit here and tell us how it’s all for own good to accept more asians on top of the asians already here who’ve already changed huge parts of America into Mini-Asia’s.  I know what you’re up to and so does everyone else so stop wasting your own and our time.  Go away.

      Go Home and Change your own Country For, With, and By You and your own People and make sure, your Country works for you instead of you working for it.

      You Have Our Map.  Now Go and Follow it and Be Well and Mind Your Own.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    You’re another Advocate for White Genocide.

    Can you explain (if you’re really white that is) why you, instead of you moving to Asia to be with your asians, why you expect White People to continue including asians when it’s already been proven time and time again, the only outcome that’s ever come from it is us being forced to move over and give up everything from our Leadership Positions to entire Neighborhoods?

    Yes, that’s right, I wrote “expect” ’cause you do.  You, like the other White Genocide Advocates, NEVER Advocate for White People to have anything of their own or even just to be left alone.  You won’t even leave us alone here.  American Renaissance, a place where a White Person can come and finally, finally be left alone from the constant miscegenation messaging and yet here you are, telling us to bleed ourselves out.  You’re a White Genocidal Maniac.  Shame on you.

    Now, how do I know you never Advocate (outside of amren) for White People?  Because you don’t it here.  What you write here is surely how you feel (we’re honest here) and it’s clear, you side with non-whites over us.

  • Northernfront

    from J. Philippe Rushton’s “Race, Evolution, and Behavior”:

    “Many statistics in Chart 1 come from the United
    States, where Orientals are a “model minority.” They have
    fewer divorces, fewer out-of-wedlock births, and fewer
    reports of child abuse than Whites. More Orientals
    graduate from college and fewer go to prison.

    On the other hand Blacks are 12% of the American
    population and make up 50% of the prison population. In
    the U.S., one out of every three Black men is either in jail,
    on probation, or awaiting trial. That is much more than the
    number who graduate from college.”

    Focus on the problem here!  Divided we will fall. We need to form the Arctic Alliance. 

  • Yes…we all know how they align and it’s never with their White half.

  • Northernfront

    Horseradish, they are productive citizens. Try to be neither anti-Asian, nor asianphilic. I know, it is a hard balance to keep.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I meant to write (i took out my rambling), Freedom of Information Act will get you nowhere. Most of it is “legal” but Illegal if you by your Founding Fathers.

  • Some trivia have to accentuated again & again.

    US is an extension of UK & Europe, not Asia or Africa. Common language is a European language, English; common & prevalent racial stock is from IONA & Europe, i.e. White Europeans; political, intellectual, historical, scientific, artistic, … cultural climate is firmly rooted in Europe & European heritage, both highbrow and lowbrow. Heritage is Caesar and Charlemagne, not Chandragupta and Song dynasty.

    True Native Americans who built this country are European Whites. American Indians-  usually called Native Americans- now are ca. 3 times more numerous than in the time of Columbus. They have no written history, let alone common identity.

    As for Asians in the US, they are product of  American imperialism at the end of 19th century (Hawaii) & a brief period in the 1st half of the 19th century they’ve been allowed to enter as a fringe work force, thanks to greediness of short-sighted profiteers.

    So, Asians, most of them- Chinese, Indians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Pakistanis, …- are mostly present in the US thanks to a mixture of imperialist adventure (Soviet Union did not invite defeated Afghans) and open door policy in past 50 years. Small amounts of this population- say, less than 1%- can easily be tolerated- no big deal. But, when this population skyrockets to 5% and more, and tries by various manipulations to gain power in what they consider perpetually foreign territory- it must be repeated: only Europeans & European stock individuals can become “true” Americans; the rest are at best perpetual foreigners.

  • potato78
  • potato78

    Studies Find More Students Cheating, With High Achievers No Exception
    Read more: you too at a certain point.http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/news/education/studies-find-more-students-cheating-with-high-achievers-no-exception-652448/#ixzz25vkToA1J

  • We have to march to Washington, D.C. and protest against this non-White invasion . Those White skunks in Congress deserve hard labor for life as punishment for their treason.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    POTATO 78:

    I’ve seen asians destroy neighborhood after neighborhood and community after community so your deliberately misleading numbers you love to quote don’t work on me.  I’ve also seen asians take over entire industries and, as is the norm for those Third World Aliens, they ruin the American Wages and Benefits that went with it.  They destroy water with their Third World Religions too.  And they bring in all kinds of Third World Diseases and Third World Crop Destroying Bugs and Third World Tree Destroying Bugs and Third World Eco Destroying Fish and shall I go on?

    Your asians are much more dangerous and evil than all the blacks and hispanics combined.

    p.s.  I am Accurate.  So accurate in fact, you can’t stand it.  Stop wasting your time with me.  I know what the deal is and you will never get me to believe your lies or your misleading “information”.  You need to waste your time on those who aren’t wise to what asians are really about instead.

    • potato78

      You definitely are one of them, the country prosperity is being destroyed by you, people like you.

      not people like me. 

      You are expertise on demagogue attack, nothing else.

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        This is why I don’t like you people.  Look at you and what you’re doing now.

        Your posts are filled with insults about White People and because I won’t let you get away with that and all your false claims, you turn venomous.  You’ve shown me another side to asians I find offensive and another reason why I don’t want you people included in my community.  You can’t be trusted.  You don’t get your way and look out.

        By the way, I did look at that amren link you provided and it has nothing to do with your claim.  I guess that’s just an innocent mistake right?

        As for my Tax Status, you don’t know that.  I could be working or I could be not.  Maybe I’m married and my spouse works.  Maybe I’m rich and don’t have to work.  Who’s to tell?  You need to stop being nasty ’cause it’s causing you to think nonsensically.  I wouldn’t have a home if we didn’t pay for it and all those taxes that come with it.  Or this cable (taxes) from which I get my internet service.  Or the electricity (taxes) that I’m using right now and blah, blah and I wouldn’t have those without, what do you call that thing that allows one to have those things?  Yes, I do pay taxes and way too many and all so I can be forced to watch My Small American Town be Flooded with Welfare Leaching and Minority Privileged Third World Aliens and all the Damage that always follows.

        As for the name, it’s a nice posting name and I like it.  I think it sends a message but obviously, only to those smarter than you.  By the way, not paying taxes only matters if you’re taking from the system.  You really do need to read the news.

        Now, I expect that from here on out, you know that I’m not into asians and their culture.  There are plenty of people on here who, like you, don’t mind living with asians and their asian culture that they always, and without fail, import.

  • potato78

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

    “Hispanics and Blacks are NOT the problem.”
    Why you came here crying?

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      You just can’t let people be can you?  Not everyone wants you.  Give People their Right to like or dislike whomever and be around and live around whoever they choose.  Be American now and know, the first thing about being American is, beside Free Speech is Choice.

      I’m adamantly against any and all forms of Welfare for Welfare is Illegal as Welfare is Charity and that is up to the individual person to choose who they want to help.

      Why am I here?  You answer first.  Why are you here?  You seem intent on trying to trick people into believing you and yours mean no harm but I know otherwise and I call you out on it and you don’t like that I know but beside that, why are you really here?  You lookin’ for “white racism” are you?  Look elsewhere for here, all you will find is Americans who wish for nothing but to just be left alone.  You don’t like that ’cause you can’t label it as “official hate”.

      I got your number and you know I can fix your little red wagon.  

      • potato78

         I am not here trying to fight with you and ask you to like me.

        I am here trying express what you were trying to but different approach.

        In this country, 50% people are trying to get free lunch but the country no longer can afford.

        I am here crying.


        Thanks for your lecture.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Tax the Rich too Much and guess what happens?  They pack and go and guess what goes with them?  That’s right you ever so knowing asian you, their MONEY! aka more than half of all Taxes Paid into this Minority Worshipping “Country” of “yours”.

      Never Bite the Hand that Feeds you.  Has no one never told you that?

  • potato78

    Please read:

    Time to Start Thinking: America in the Age of Descent