Posted on September 25, 2012

Obama’s America: Student Reading SATs Hit Record Lows

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart, September 24, 2012


2012’s high school seniors have the worst SAT reading score since 1972; they scored 486 on reading, out of a possible 800. {snip}

The tendency from leftists is to challenge the efficacy of the SAT in measuring performance — but it’s a standardized test with great care taken for consistency. Instead, the Washington Post’s Emma Brown suggests that more and more minority students are taking the SATs. “More than 1.66 million graduating seniors last year took the test, the highest number in history. Nearly half were minorities and about a quarter reported that English was not exclusively their first language. More than a quarter of public school test-takers — 27 percent — had family income low enough to qualify for a fee waiver, and more than a third — 36 percent — reported that their parents had not gone to college,” she writes.

No doubt the Obama administration will combat this problem by complaining about racial discrepancies in education and suggesting pouring billions more down the rathole that is the public education system — all the while avoiding scrutiny for teachers unions. {snip}