NYC Dirtiest U.S. City?

My Fox NY, September 18, 2012

A recent survey by Travel + Leisure magazine ranked New York the dirtiest American city.

The online poll of 50,000 people found that rats, funky odors and trash heaps were the main factors for the dubious distinction.

If there isn’t enough dirt for you, it also “won” the survey for being the loudest and rudest city in the country. {snip}

35 American cities were rated.

New York City did receive additional number one rankings, for more positive features including theaters, stylish locals, diversity, classical music options and luxury stores.


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  • jedsrael

    Noticing that the most Diverse city is also the dirtiest is a racist construct.

    All you are allowed to do is say, “We’ve come far with social progress through civil rights and affirmative action, but before we congratulate ourselves, we must acknowledge that we still have more work to do at wiping out the White privilege that is so harmful to Diversity that ‘the beloved Other’ is always too busy fleeing our hatred and racism to pick up the litter”.

  • If New York is the dirtiest city (LA violently disagrees) then Los Angeles is the laziest city.

  • WmarkW

    But it’s still primarily white-run, and beats the other mega-cities hands down at things like preventing minority crime from ruining tourism and downtown employment.

  • bluffcreek1967

    NYC has improved since the 1970s when it was a complete toilet bowl. The improvements were made under the leadership of White mayors, not Black ones. Still, it’s very much a dirty city because of the amount of homeless who live there and defecate openly. Blacks and other ‘minorities’ overwhelmingly contribute to the high amount of vandalism, graffiti, trash and violent crime in the city in spite of the efforts made to renew its image.

    This isn’t meant to suggest that Whites have no part in NYCs problems, but only that it’s relatively minimal compared to the more serious matters minorities bring to this city or any other city where they exist in large numbers.  

  • loyalwhitebriton


  • NM156

    Even been on a NYC train? Every car is a rolling Star Wars cantina. NYC has been cleaned up since the ’70s, but it’s not really America.

  • There is an African island called Migingo, half the size of a football field, home to 1,500  blacks and they’ve  built a shanty town on it. Put into google ” Migingo  island Daily Mail ” the photos are unbelievable.

    If the Germans, Swiss, Austrians, Swedes or Japanese owned that island, it would be spotless. Blacks just don’t know how to clean or get organized, they are quite dysfunctional.

  •  …and also an insignificant amount of black people.

  • The first woman, a smug patronizing girl doesn’t like Southern accents yet she is quite happy to be surrounded by Ebonic speakers. Why bother having a vocabulary of 50,000 words when you can have a vocabulary of 10 words like ” Wassup, Dawg, no what I’m sayin.”

    My IQ went down after listening to this noise.

    • ye ol’ swampyankee

      I’ve called out people like her before from up there, pointing out their inconsistencies on no uncertain terms. Half of them vehemently deny it and try to get away with it by being smug. The other half might be aware of this on some level and will go ballistic when you point this out.   

      Women like her are the most judgmental people you’ll ever meet. They just do it  with an air of academic superiority and a false smile on there face. They’ll bash Christianity, southerners, whites and capitalism on a regular basis, but of course non- whites are socially off limits. Point this out and the fact they secretly desire residential separation from non-whites and that arrogant smirk usually comes off. They hate it when their false social construct is legitimately challenged. I must admit I love pressing their buttons. I’d like to thing I’ve become pretty good at it judging by past exchanges. 

  • My favourite film doesn’t have any accents in it, it’s silent, Birth of a Nation.

  • rightrightright
  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Here are some lovely photos of China — another clean, White-free utopia.

    Everyone knows only Whites are psychopathic earth rapers and gaia-hating, global polluters.

    Oh –  next time you take a drink of clean water, need an antibiotic or log on to your computer to insult Whites — remember to thank the White race that provided all of those things for you.


    • He’ll remember,and be all the more jealous!

  • Le Gaulois

    Here are the working links for the 10 cleanest cities in the world from Mercer:

    1.  Calgary
    2. Honolulu
    3. Ottawa
    4. Helsinki
    5. Wellington
    6. Minneapolis
    7. Adelaide
    8. Copenhagen
    9. Kobe
    10. Oslo

    • Oslo at number 10 ? That wont last long since the Norwegian labour government  has imported 400,000 Africans and muslims into Norway.


  • Ray

    We have that idiot, Michael Bloomberg to thank, and I also blame Rudy Guiliani for protecting those muslims  shorty after 9-11.

  • WE built an amazingly beautiful city;THEY came and like everything of ours, they wanted it Now THEY got it and are ruining it and turning it into a pile of feces.”They destroy everything they touch.” -Joseph P. Kennedy. Soooooooo true!!!Guess who? You KNOW who!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    What’s so maddening is that some of this massive air pollution is coming across the Pacific Ocean all the way to California!! — This is as California has some of the strictest air pollution controls in the world.

    MOUNT TAMALPAIS STATE PARK, Calif. — On a mountaintop overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Steven Cliff collects evidence of an industrial revolution taking place thousands of miles away.

    The tiny, airborne particles Cliff gathers at an air monitoring station just north of San Francisco drifted over the ocean from coal-fired power plants, smelters, dust storms and diesel trucks in China and other Asian countries.

    Haven’t seen any demands from the USG that China put a stop to the massive output of pollution that affects ALL of us. — only that we White Americans must curtail OUR activities and businesses to stop pollution.