Passenger Attacked on Metro Train

Bob Barnard, My Fox DC, September 18, 2012

A Metro passenger has been sent to the hospital after being slashed in the face by a woman on a Red Line train Monday night.

According to Metro, the male victim was on his cell phone when the woman sitting near him confronted the victim and started attacking him.

The victim and alleged attacker did not know each other.



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  • jedsrael

    She is a civil rights living legend and icon, because she was unburdening him of his racist unearned White privilege that he misused by speaking the White Man’s English language with first getting her Diversity Permission.

    • The press will spin her into the new Rosa Parks. That mean white passenger probably wanted her to sit in the back of the bus.

      • jedsrael

        No- that means the Whitey wanted to use his White privilege to “bring back painful memories of slavery and segregtion,” which justified the attack and more…

  • humptydumpty

    The reporting is pathetic but the situation is easy to understand. I have a niece in Brooklyn and I keep telling her when she’s on the subway to keep alert and know where everyone is around her. She’s from upstate NY and is very pretty and thinks blacks are peachy keen. I’m her loony racist uncle who lived in the city for his entire life and know nothing. I’m just mean. I pray every day nothing happens to her like the poor guy with the cell phone.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I understand, no one wants to see their loved ones injured, especially at the hands of our beloved ‘minorities.’ Still, if something like this did occur to your niece, it might be the very thing to wake her up from her ‘diversity’ slumber that’s afflicted far too many Whites. Such an event might only be an eye-opener for her, but she might even be an agent of change in helping other Whites to wake up?   

  • I hope they don’t charge this poor woman. Clearly she suffers from “negroghettoitis”, this is a social disorder affecting African-Americans brought about by a single-parent culture and by being raised on anti-white animosity contracted through repeated exposure to liberal media bias and aggravated by leftist Hollywood propaganda. This subject probably also came into contact with similarly infected individuals in the publicly-funded ghetto school system. This disorder usually runs concurrent with “entitlement mentality disorder” and “reparations depravation delusion”.

    The patient may babble on about social justice, having been a slave in a former life and attributing the disorder to mistreatment and abuse inflicted by the White, heterosexual, Christian male dominated society. Beware of other symptoms whereby the patient displays anti-social, primitive, violent behavior, takes no responsibility for their actions, has child-like beliefs, does not learn quickly, has no rational thought, seeks to have others solve their problems, excuse their behavior and pay their way in life.

    It is believed this disorder affects 12 to 15% of the American population.

    Liberal social-engineering doctors have tried various treatments of  welfare benefits, affirmative action, food stamps, lowering academic standards, special expensive school programs, pretending the disorder doesn’t exist and also very large doses of political correctness for the last 50 years and all to no avail.

    Until a miracle cure appears, removing them from mainstream civilized society and incarcerating them seems to be the only answer. If you cross paths with a patient suffering from negroghettoitis be advised to steer clear of them and contact authoirities immediately as they can inflict a great deal of physical and emotioinal pain either individually or in large feral groups.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Dat ain’t it .  It be da leg ah see of slay ver ee!

    • MekongDelta69

      So… basically Africa…

    •  Up north, we call that sickness “negritude”: the state of being a n*&&$r

  • Ulick

    The talking head from the media called it a “fight”. Yet the article said the woman lunged at the man, hit him, and slashed his face. That’s an attack, not a fight. Mr. Media Man is trying to downplay the idea that the average person can get randomly attacked by a black person in public.

    Also note that the Media Man knew what started the fight, knew what hospital the custom was rushed to, knew the victim was a man, but allegedly knew no other identifying information for the victim. Read: The victim was a white man. Once again, trying to lessen the idea that whites can get randomly attacked.

  • The__Bobster

    That’s nothing. Check out this story:

    Police: Cross-Dressing Male Slashed SEPTA Driver Over Fare Dispute
    September 14, 2012 11:14 AM
    By Steve Beck, Al Novack

    COLLINGDALE, Pa. (CBS) – A male dressed as a female slashed a SEPTA driver in the face after attempting to board a trolley without paying, police said.

    The incident happened shortly after midnight Friday at MacDade Boulevard and Woodlawn Avenue in Collingdale.

    According to investigators, the incident began when a male passenger, dressed as a female, attempted to board a SEPTA trolley without paying. The SEPTA driver advised the suspect that he had to pay and the suspect began yelling at the driver.

    • IstvanIN

       Trolleys, buses, trains, is there no form of public transportation that doesn’t set these “people” off?

      • Ed_NY

        Sorry, but I beg to differ.  How dare you use the word “people”?    Sarcasm intended.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I’m starting to think every single ghetto rat or thugette has a gun on them or at the very least a knife in their purse. Crazy times ahead, be aware and prepare.

      • Puggg

        • Up to my neck in CA

          Did you read the comment section of this article? It’s a positive note that White eyes are opening!

  • Blacks are “experts” in motiveless crimes.

  • tickyul

    I drove the city bus in Seattlebabwe for about 11 years. In that time, I read  hundreds of Security Incident Reports.  Through my personal observations and reading these reports……I conclude that about 80% of the violent incidents on the bus were prepetrated by Urban Americans. And Seattlebabwe is a city that has a pretty low Urban American population.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    A 51-year-old Baltimore man returning home from chorus practice was shot
    multiple times and killed Monday evening near his home in what police
    think was a robbery.

    • Ed_NY

      Yeah, another robbery gone bad.  How did I guess?

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Another amazing asset to our society is killed by the worst elements of our society. When will the backlash start..if ever?

  • Ed_NY

    These attacks will become more frequent.  If this man defended himself, he would have been Zimmermanized.  Things will only get worse.

  • The self-control of a five year old.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The blacks in SF and Oakland knock on doors during the day, if no one answers they kick it in a rob the place. When living in Oakland and home sick or for another reason I would answer the door with a “Who is it”  and a “clunk-clunk”  from my pump shotgun. They scurry like rats and don’t ever knock on your door again. It makes me sad how far our society has fallen.

  •  Gerry,

     I AGREE with you !

     If it isn’t kids and “kidults” with cell phones being offensive to others with their “pollution” ! Maybe thoughtless cell phone users should be treated like smokers…

    I see most blacks in stores having the phones at their ears…I guess that there’s a “need to impress”…

    I also see others calling someone at home for a shopping list…I usually have a written list or know what I’m to buy…No need to waste call time.

    I have a pre-paid basic cell phone, but you wouldn’t know it because I don’t “need to impress” by showing it and I keep my conversations quiet when I make calls…

    I suppose being 59 years old has something to do with it…

  • The__Bobster

    No thoughtful racial realist wants to live near a rapid transit system that goes into a big city. I know someone who used to live neat the Echelon Mall in NJ. The Camden Bantus would hop the turnstiles in Camden, harass the young White girls in the mall, steal what they wanted and then either return home the same way or grab a car from the mall lot to return in style.

  • East if DC especially is dangerous. Some time ago during a Tea Party convention Drudge and others were criticized by the press for publishing warnings about the Red Line and other transit lines east of Washington DC which are very heavily black and crime prone.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Public transportation has become taken over by scum bags, bums and criminals.

  •  He should have heeded this FREE Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    More like ALL of Oakland has the bars on the doors and windows. Too bad it’s not to keep THEM inside.

  • Dan

    I agree with you. By no means am I excusing what this woman did. She should be prosecuted for her behavior. That being said, some of these cell phone users drive you CRAZY!  Like Gerry stted, they are loud beyond belief, go on and on about things that no one else wants (or even needs) to hear.  I actually had to yell at one man telling him to “talk lower or shut the hell up or go outside this is not your office”  Yes! That’s what I said to him!

    Again, I am not excusing such barbaric behavior, but I have had moments where I have wanted to strangle some cell phone users.