Multiculturalism ‘Past Its Sell-By Date’ Warns Race Expert

John Bingham, Telegraph (London), September 15, 2012

Prof Ted Cantle said that the idea of multiculturalism in Britain is now “well past its sell-by date” and is often doing more harm than good.

He accused the Government of fuelling separation in communities rather than bringing people together by allowing small groups to claim “special status”—and with it funding—amounting to a form of state-sponsored segregation.

Councils and police are also giving undue legitimacy to “self-appointed leaders” in some areas by inviting them to endless meetings and consulting them on their views and allowing them to become “gatekeepers to their communities”, he warned.

Meanwhile grants from government funding pots, councils and charities have allowed thousands of separate community groups to grow up representing their own interests and reinforcing separation, he said.

He accused David Cameron of failing to live up to a pledge to tackle “state multiculturalism”.

Prof Cantle, the founder of the Institute of Community Cohesion at Coventry University, wrote a high profile review into he causes of the 2001 Oldham riots warning that some ethnic groups were leading “parallel lives”.

But in a highly critical paper to be presented to a conference organised by the National Secular Society next week, he calls for a halt to all state funding for projects and services aimed at or run by religious groups or individual ethnic communities.

He said that should apply equally to a Bangladeshi women’s group in one city or a church-run soup kitchen in another.

In his address to the “Secularism 2012” conference, he will argue that the idea of multiculturalism—in which different communities are encouraged to retain their separate identities—grew up out of well-intentioned policies in the 1950s and 60s but is no longer sustainable as Britain has become increasingly diverse.

“Part of the problem with this approach was that we began to see each cultural identity with very clear boundaries,” he writes.

“Each was given a special status, often called to meetings to discuss their points of view, generally through a series of self-appointed and government supported leaders who became the gatekeepers of their communities.”

“Communities also received the benefit of targeted funding and action programmes to assist their (often separate) development.

“We have—as a result of this state intervention -hardened and homogenised group identities and created the notion that they are fixed and ascribed, rather than chosen and developmental.

“Ironically, many of these identities now appear more immutable, than the now discredited racial boundaries that they have come to replace.”

Figures produced to Parliament show that grants to faith-based groups from two Government funding pots alone in 2010 amounted to £13 million.

But the figure does not include support from councils and other overnment bosies or funding for education.

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  • NorthernWind

    Multiculturalism was  rotten idea from the start. So is the idea of integration because fundamentally different peoples will not integrate no matter how hard you try.

  • Boereseun

    It should have never been on the shelves to start off with…

    • The__Bobster

      It’s time to get the ships ready.

      • Boereseun

        That would be the one time I wouldn’t mind if they boarded without an ID of some sort. 

  • Puggg

    As if multiculturalism was ever fresh and good?

  • jedsrael

    The Brits are confusing.  They know that Diversity is killing their future, but they keep funding it.  What gives?

    • NorthernWind

      No courage or will in the political ruling class. The LibDems, Labour, and Tory’s are all useless. UKIP has some potential but ultimately the BNP would be the best choice.

      The problem is that those who are worried about immigration, EU tyranny, and so on still have some faith in the Tory party. A party that has long since lost its courage and integrity.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      The Brits are confusing.

      You’re not half as confused as I am, mate.

      What gives?

      The loss of sovereignty, lack of patriotism, multiculturalism, the EU, the BBC, too much booze, readily available drugs, promiscuous sex, blacks, Muslims, lying politicians…etc…

  • libertarian1234

    “Councils and police are also giving undue legitimacy to “self-appointed leaders” in some areas by inviting them to endless meetings and consulting them on their views and allowing them to become “gatekeepers to their communities”, he warned.”

    It’s the same way they handle third world hordes in this country.  They’re given preferential treatment, because the elites who look upon them as both tax paying units and corporate consumers don’t want them to riot and jeopardize their power, incomes and assets.

    Whites can be treated shamelessly, because they’re no threat to keeping the peace.

    Such an unjust policy, however, builds a raging steam that has no pressure-relief valve and could well explode into a situation wherein the entire multicultural scheme is destroyed almost over night after the financial dominos begin to fall.

    I’m just wondering how long the elites throughout the West can keep a wrap on things before there’s not enough money to pay freebies to third world imports and existing African populations.

    Greece is in the initial stages of finding out and it looks like they’re rounding up their illegals and placing them in camps for deportation.

    I’m pretty sure that will be a common strategy throughout the EU eventually, while the governments concentrate on keeping the natives from driving the “gatekeepers” and their minions out of their areas or murdering them in an uncontrolled rage.

  • Yes, that’s one of the future scenarios I envisage: the Occidental world fragmenting into a multitude of ethnic states.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Part of the problem with this approach was that we began to see each cultural identity with very clear boundaries.

    It’s not about a “problem” with the approach; human nature will always ensure that “cultural identities” will establish “clear boundaries.” 
    The ancients knew this, we know this, and it looks like the penny is finally beginning to drop for a very small number of academics. 

    I wouldn’t be so optimistic as to think that Professor Cantle’s observations represents any kind of meaningful counter-revolution; but such observations are certainly a step (albeit a small one) in the right direction.

  • alas

    I for one hope we keep multiculturalism. At least then the racial divide will be far greater, and the masses will not be lulled into believing that we can all coexist peacefully quite so much.

  • Neanderthaldna

    I tell you the truth my brethren.  The kaffir government has invited us into his infidel country, has promised to protect us, to give us money collected from his own subjects which we shall use to undermine all his cherished, satanic institutions and institute a religious dictatorship based on holy Sharia.  Again, I understand this is difficult to believe, but the Kaffir government shall protect us as we destroy it and will give even support our cause by taking money from its subjects and giving it to us!  Why we may even leave this function to them when we are triumphant!
    How, may you ask, is this outrageous foolishness for them, incredible opportunity for us, possible?  Simple…

  • Winslowcrayton

    I think Enoch Powell made this point some time ago.

  • JohnEngelman

    Multiculturalism is a problem to be managed rather than a goal to strive for. 
    Counties where nearly everyone is white or Oriental have fewer social problems than countries with heterogeneous populations. 

    • IstvanIN

       Oh really?  I would point to Iceland and Tonga as two examples of, hmmm, on second thought maybe you are right.

    • jedsrael

      Multiculturalism is a contaminaing infestation to be eradicated.

  • potato78

    Prof Ted Cantle said that the idea of multiculturalism in Britain is now
    “well past its sell-by date” and is often doing more harm than good.

    They would bring many bad cultures into US.

  • IstvanIN

    Diversity is death.

    • jedsrael

      Diversity is a toxic biohazared unleashed against White Humanity’s life, liberty, property, happiness, and future.

      Race Mixing Is Death.

  • .

    Perhaps they shouldn’t have created the problem in the first place. And they DID create it. It didn’t happen on its own. They rammed it down everyone’s throat and smeared anyone who objected.

  • Cameron and most of his MPs have no intention of reducing mass immigration . Remove Scotland from the equation and England has one of the highest population densities in the entire world- more people per square mile than EU state , more than India or China. Each year a 1/4 million people leave the UK and 1/2 million come in. A policy of population increase and population replacement.   ok can i plug my  not political but not PC either

  • “now discredited racial boundaries”
    That green blob there is privileged, and as a result we must enact legal privileges for the others.  That green blob is hateful, so it must be annihilated by bringing everyone else (preferably the brown and red parts) into areas traditionally associated with it.

    • jedsrael

      What is the scatter plot grading?

      •  it’s a principal component analysis of genomes.  Sometimes race denialists say that there is more variation within racial groups than between them.  Some of them will even tell you that if you did a principal component analysis, you would find everyone overlapping.  But as you can clearly see, whites and arabs overlap, and native americans and east asians don’t.

  • jedsrael

    Spiking the football already for a post White privilege America, but without warning Whites about just how bad it will be for us:

    Here’s your warning-

    A CHANGING NATION = THE UNIVERAL MANTRA OF the “Negro Question,” Race Relations, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Diversity Inclusion:
    Evil and Hateful Whites Always Hurt Innocent (All) Blacks, While Good (Atoning) Whites Must Forever “Do More” for Sacred Black Victims.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    The damage can be undone via mass deportation and apartheid. I’m looking forward to what comes next, after the dark days ahead. I’m hoping for…an…(wait for it)…American Renaissance