American Schools Still Heavily Segregated by Race, Income: Civil Rights Project Report

Huffington Post, September 20, 2012

Minorities account for nearly half of the student population in America, and will likely become the majority within the next decade or two, but recent studies show that students across the country are still largely learning in segregated environments—along both racial and economic lines.

According to a new analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education, an overwhelming majority of Latino and black students study in racially isolated classrooms: 80 percent of Latino students and 74 percent of black students are in schools where the majority of students are not white. More specifically, 43 percent of Latinos and 38 percent of black attend “intensely segregated schools” where white students comprise 10 percent or less of the student body.

The report, released Wednesday by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, also found that the average black or Latino student now goes to schools where low-income students account for nearly double the proportion of poor students than the average white or Asian student. It also targets charter schools, which studies have shown to fall short of equal education promises, nearly six decades after Brown v. Board.

“These trends threaten the nation’s success as a multiracial society,” Civil Rights Project Co-Director Gary Orfield said in a statement Thursday. “We are disappointed to have heard nothing in the campaign about this issue from neither President Obama, who is the product of excellent integrated schools and colleges, nor from Governor Romney, whose father gave up his job in the Nixon Cabinet because of his fight for fair housing, which directly impacts school make-up.”

Increasing prevalence of school segregation is most dramatic in the south for black students. More northern states like New York, Illinois and Michigan tend to have the most segregated schools for black students while Washington, Nebraska and Kansas are most integrated. For Latino students, California, New York and Texas have the most segregated environments.

White students, on the other hand, tend to attend schools where about 75 percent of their peers are white.


To reverse the trend of what researchers call resegregation, the report offers suggestions like implementing laws that encourage integration and reauthorizing regulations that support integration.

Thursday’s findings come at a time when the achievement gap between minority and white students continues to widen. A January report notes that minority high schoolers are performing at academic levels equal to or below those of three decades ago, attributable to differences in performance expectations, growing income inequality and diminishing resources as well as inadequate access to experience teachers.


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  • Puggg

    According to what Wikipedia suggests, Nixon cleared a lot of his cabinet after his re-election in 1972, and re-elected Presidents generally do re-set a lot of their cabinet, Bush 43 included.  Also, George Romney was a big mouth and a bombast who ticked people off and made enemies easily.  Even by Richard Nixon standards, George Romney was just too much in that respect.

    I read here on AmRen recently (QD?) that George Romney had Nixon send the FBI to St. Louis to harass white people who were organizing against black housing projects.  I was born in 1973, so this was before I was born.

    • anarchyst

      Forced busing of white students into dangerous black schools was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
      There are STILL all-white communities in Michigan that will remain unnamed for obvious reasons . . .

      • Puggg

        Proto white nationalist politics in recent history was at its peak when court ordered deseg was at its peak.  If deseg is forced back into reality, then so will the opposition.  Gary Orfield believes in racial equality, presumably, so I would ask him why it matters to him which races of students are in which schools and which other races they are surrounded by. The reality is that Gary Orfield does not really believe in racial equality, because next to nobody believes in racial equality. Most people of all races are white supremacists at heart.

        • The Citizens Councils of America was founded one millisecond after the Supreme Court handed down Brown vs Board in 1954.  Its founder, Robert “Tut” Patterson, author of the Patterson’s Axioms, including the First, relevant to this discussion, knew what Brown vs Board would mean.

          About the time the CCA died, and the CofCC was born to succeed the CCA, the CofCC was able to find a strong base of support for new members outside the Deep South, to combine with the CCA’s membership in the Deep South, because by then, Federal judges started forcing deseg schemes within districts and in some cases between districts. 

          It was one thing for the Federal courts to say that there can’t be de jure school segregation.  That impacted the Deep South heavily because neighborhoods weren’t strictly segregated, so to have real school segregation, you literally needed segregation at law.  But Brown vs Board by itself didn’t affect northern and midwestern cities because the cities’ residential patterns were self-segregated, and therefore schools were self-segregated.  It took a few decades until the Federal courts got arrogant enough force busing within a district, then later between districts.

          If the Feds get as arrogant about “integration” as this Orfield kook thinks they should, it’s only going to help us.

          • razorrare

            Besides the Civil War,Brown vs. Board of Education was the biggest watershed moment in American history…most all of the racial problems we have today can be traced back to Brown vs. Board of Education,even the dwindling White population…as Keith Alexander explains it of Political Cesspool…White people who want their children to go to White schools to protect them from the Diversities send their White children to Private schools.This cost money.So White people when choosing to have how many children they will have take this into account.It is exactly why today the average White family has 1 or 2 children per family whereas before Brown vs Board of Education the average White family had 4 to 5 children…as we all know the Brown vs Board of Education case was supposed to be about the right of children to attend their neighborhood schools.It was a complete farce which lead to forced bussing to achieve forced Diversity…could it be the housing collapse was planned as well to attain similiar results…now blacks are able to rent 500,000 homes in exclusive White areas through section 8 help where they only pay a third of their income to pay the monthly rent where Taxpayers pay the rest.

      • Remember South Boston riots when the first buses from black neighborhoods showed at the schools?

      • Ed_NY

        I experienced the forced busing thing myself.  Two years of hell and without a doubt, the worst and most valuable experience of my life.   Until you actually live and experience diversity, you have know idea what it really is. 

        • The left likes to say that ‘racism’ is born of ignorance when the opposite is true.
          Racial awareness is born of experience with blacks and other non-whites.
          That’s why white flight happens. Whites don’t feel any need to leave white neighborhoods until they experience living with blacks.

        • Can you please give us some details on your experience? 

  • NorthernWind

    ““These trends threaten the nation’s success as a multiracial society,”
    Civil Rights Project Co-Director Gary Orfield said in a statement

    A multicultural and/or multiracial nation is a contradiction. A nation is a group of people who have ethnicity, culture, and language in common and who feel like they share a common destiny.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “A nation is a group of people who have ethnicity, culture, history, and language in common and who feel like they share a common destiny.”


      Recalls a quotation: 

      “The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all peoples were made like, with one character, one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, they are its generalized personalities: the smallest of them has its own particular colors, and embodies a particular facet of God’s design.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn,  1970 Nobel Prize speech

    • APaige

      You are correct. It is a multracial society that threatens the nation’s success.

      • JohnEngelman

        Whites and Orientals get along fine. 

        • Boereseun

          No, you and Orientals get along fine. The rest of us have differing opinions over Asians.

          • JohnEngelman

            Orientals have lower rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites. They tend to have higher IQs, and to perform better in school, and professionally. Whites who do not like them resent them because they are superior.  

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            They really need a “dislike” button…

          • Boereseun

            Choose white! 

            You can go live with your superior Asians anytime you choose. If they’re that superior, it would be to your advantage to learn their language and join their culture.

            I would like to live in a place free of every other race besides whites. For me it has nothing to do with being superior or inferior but everything to do with being among those like myself. Asians are not white.

          • Yeah, they’re superior in copycatism. History proves that …

          • Derelictus

            Why are you so obsessed with Asians?  Seriously every article on this site you manage to throw in the “Asians are cool!” thing.  It’s beyond creepy.  It’s like you have some sort of OCD.  

          • APaige

            Whites that apply to medical school have the same MCAT test score, but higher GPA than Asians. (Yes I know the term Orientals can be a sub-group used for China, Japan, and Korea-not sure if you mean that?) For Law School, whites score higher on the LSAT. How many great Asians lawyers are there? How many free, democratic Asian nations are there? How many of those not set-up by ‘inferior’ whites? The inferior group that invented the train, car, airplane, rocket, etc., while the superior stopped at the compass. Any news stories on whites stealing technology from Asians? How about the other way?  Today China just put to water it’s first aircraft carrier-how much of that knowledge was stolen from whites? Well they do produce better porn.

          • JohnEngelman

            Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate. 
            – Jared Taylor, from “The Color of Crime”
            For the past twenty years I have studied race differences in brain size, intelligence, sexuality, personality, growth rate, life span, crime, and family stability. On all of these traits, Orientals fall at one end of the spectrum, Blacks fall at the other end, and Whites fall in between.    

            – Professor J. Philippe Rushton, from “RACE, EVOLUTION,  AND BEHAVIOR”

            Professor Rushton has spoken at American Renaissance Conferences.  For the record I have a great deal of admiration for Orientals. I also know Hispanics and blacks that I like.

          • And they’re boring, just like your kowtowing ..

        • APaige

          Not really…they are better than Blacks and Hispanics, but that is a pretty low bar. The best thing about Asians is that they ‘prove’ that racism is not holding back the other minorities. You must just have an “Asian girl” fetish. (You know what they call an Asian girl with short hair and without make-up?                         an Asian guy)

          • APaige

            Yes Asians commit less crime than whites in the U.S. I bet the crime rate for whites in China is lower than the natives. It is about being a good guest. Time for the guests to leave.

    • John_D01

      “These trends threaten the nation’s success as a multiracial society,” 
      A multiracial society is already doomed to failure.  A nation is as its demographics are.  The lower IQ races will always be lower IQ races, and always achieve less than the higher IQ races.  There’s nothing magical about our borders.  Third Worlders don’t suddenly become smarter by virtue of being here rather than the mudhole from whence they came, nor do they become smarter by the mere proximity to white students in their schools.  White liberals live in a fantasy world where everybody is of exactly the same intelligence, and they are perfectly willing to destroy the nation to prove their fantasy.  

      Does anybody know the name of the guy who does those mockumentary little youtube videos about diversity.  For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the guy who did the spoof of a liberal white really enthusiastic about his school becoming more diverse, and as things get predictably worse the more the school becomes diverse, he rationalizes it all, until finally, he moves on to the next school to similarly enrich it with diversity.

      • John_D01

        Never mind.  I found it, it’s RamzPaul.  The youtube is called “How important is cultural diversity in your school?”  It’s absolutely hilarious and perfectly captures the liberal mindset on diversity in school.

        • JohnEngelman

          If the people who made that video really believe their arguments I am confident that they went to schools where nearly everyone was white. 

          • John_D01

            John, it was pitch perfect satire of how SWPLs think.

  • This shows that integration of races in public schools do not work. Various methods have been tried including busing, magnet schools, forced integration of white only schools. All this has done is force whites out of public schools and into private schools where teachers have more latitude in dealing with problem children who tend to be mostly black or Latino.

  • ncpride

    For heavens sake, even by their own admission minorities will outnumber Whites in a few decades yet they will still whine and complain when there are not enough White students to spread around to these non- white schools. Just goes to show, they will NEVER leave us alone until we force them to.

    • potato78

      The whole story is just like “you never escape us”.

      I feel like they ask a white has to “marry” a black or a hispanic.

    • I wonder if Asian Americans will be seen as the new whites in the public schools since more and more whites will send their kids to private schools.

      • ncpride

        I doubt it. What will they beat Asians over the head with? Racism and White Privilege certainly won’t work, and it’s a widely held view that ONLY Whites can be racists. So, the question becomes how do they pin black failure on Asians, or does the issue completely dissapear when there are far fewer Whites to blame it on, and it becomes a dirty little seceret they dare not bring to the light of day, much like racial tension between Asians and blacks and Mexicans and blacks?

        • Ed_NY

          They will accuse the Asians of getting gubmint handouts that the blacks don’t get.  This will give the Asians a perceived advantage (discrimination) over blacks. 

  • IKantunderstand

    Do you all not get it? There are not enough WHITE students to go around! Hello!!! In 50 years when there are even LESS White students to go around, who the hell are you going to blame for the lack of academic achievement on the part of the so-called “minorities”? You all think blacks and hispanics are segregated now? What the hell are you gonna call it when that is all there is??? Welcome to the NEW America. It will be exactly as bill clinton described, and those profoundly misinformed, brainwashed college students cheered about…Have fun everybody!

  • 75% White is not White enough, not by a long shot. For every 5% reduction in “White,” you get a 28% reduction in learning. I just made that up but why not. The numbers look sound to me.

    • making up numbers    —seems like something a liberal would do

      • 8. Just made that up.

        • I got your point I was just saying…

      • Sloppo

        The liberal would never admit that the numbers were made up.  

        • That is very true. They love to make up “facts” and claim they’ve won the argument despite being unable to back them up with a source simply because you are unable to disprove it on the spot.

          • Sloppo

            On the other hand, if you are able to disprove their fiction on the spot you usually get to see an interesting show of emotion.

          • “RACIST!”

    • I wouldn’t send anyone I loved to a school that was only 75% white

  • potato78

    We should not welcome a “Affirmative Action” in middle and high schools.  Can we just purely select students based on scores, behaviors, and specialties for a admission. 

  • Defiant White

    “These trends threaten the nation’s success as a multiracial society”

    That’s because there is no success. 

    You have a loud, obnoxious minority demanding multiculturalism and they have gained control of state power so they can enforce their demands.

    It’s a despotic abuse of authority.  In other words, tyranny.

    What would have happened in the South had Kennedy and Johnson not sent in storm troopers to enforce segregation of Southern schools? 

    What would happen today if a pack of negroes raped and murdered a white women and the state wasn’t standing by to prevent whites from taking action?

    Would our white women commit the ultimate crime (miscegenation) if state power wasn’t there to protect them from furious whites?

    There is a word for when a state acts like this:  BETRAYAL.

  • anarchyst

    It’s not “multiculturalism”, but “uniculturalism” to the minority groups advantage . . .

  • tickyul

    Ugh…..more propaganda….glad I live in Crackerville.

  • Seems to me segregation is natural and diversity is forced, phony and distasteful. People have a right of association. If I were to find diversity so rewarding I could easily explore it by going to certain sections of town where it occurs (not that I would seek that out). And as for my kids, wouldn’t I want them to go to the best schools for the best academic experience?  Anyone wanting to experience the joys of diversity need just watch “Cops” on TV. Unfortunately we are all idiots and the wise hypocritical liberal government, press, TV, academia, and Hollywood know what’s best for us.

    Furthermore in So Cal many of the schools are 100% hispanic because the illegal invasion has overwhelmed and consumed entire schools and neighborhoods.. They were segregated by design by the La Raza” crowd who want to take over everything here.

    This country has always had multicultralism since Colonial days, but since 1965 the Democrats have been grooming the blacks and Latinos as voting blocks and encouraging their ever increasing numbers. They helped institute policies of mass migration, illegal immigration and the break up of the black family unit through wanton, reckless, welfare programs. Nothing like a large group of ignorant, uneducated, indoctrinated people that you can entice with benefits derived from other people’s money.

  • APaige

    When they say ‘encourage’ or ‘support’ integration; they really mean is ‘force’.  I do not know any whites, even die-hard liberals, that say “I wish there were more blacks in my children’s school.”

  • Fashion Avenger

    —buy 100 percent created and over 90 percent funded by our tax monies. Do American Indian tribal schools have to worry about desegregation or diversity; if not, why not ? Me thinks the Sioux and all other tribes are ” racist ” ! Why are our anti-White Christian liberal bigots going after these non-Euros ?

    • Look at it this way, there are whites who have enough Indian blood to qualify for tribal membership. The Cherokee Nation, requires only 1/8 Cherokee to qualify for membership. If this is the case, would not whites then be eligible to enroll in tribal schools?

      • Ed_NY

        I believe the Cherokee Nation recently expelled its black membership.  I guess they had enough of diversity too.

          Many blacks falsely believe they have Indian roots:


          • Ed_NY

            Most if not all blacks I have dealt with claim to be at least 1/4 Native-American.  In 1997 my wife and I were touring the Native-American section of the Museum of Natural History in NYC.  There was a group of black school children present.  Their tour guide, ( also black) told the school kids that Indians migrated to the U.S. from Africa and also told those kids that they are all part Indian.  Nothing surprises me as far as what blacks might do or say.

          • Their tour guide, ( also black) told the school kids that Indians migrated to the U.S. from Africa 

            Sorry, but …bwahahahahahhahh..

  • There are different methods for the  destruction of white enclaves.

    My neighborhood was affect in two ways. First they closed a near-by black housing project and gave the residents vouchers and the bus schedule for my neighborhood.

    We also have an non-government group called HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Equal). This group has been buying houses in my neighborhood and selling/renting them to blacks and Hispanics. They put on yellow and black lawn signs saying ‘this is a HOME house’ with a warning that the property is under surveillance and that removing the sign is a criminal offense.  

    • Ed_NY

      I believe I know where you live and what you are going through.  I can tell you are very proud. If you choose to stay, I can only picture you as Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino (meant as a compliment).  I have been all over Buffalo and I can see what a beauftiful and great city it once was.  I was recently at the Broadway Market and toured the old train station nearby.  It’s a fossil to white achievement.  Too bad those areas are nothing but trash strewn, rundown relics of their former selves and blessed with diversity.  We have both lived diversity and know exactly what it is and what it does.  Though not originally from WNY, I live in a neighboring county to you.  I feel for you bother!

  • These Civil Rights projects never care about the welfare of white children.   Clustering around your own kind is healthy and natural.

    • ncpride

      Exactly right. These ‘civil rights’ people don’t give a thought to these White children. To them, they are just pawns in a never ending game of racial warfare, and their needs, wants and what’s best for them means absolutely zilch to them.

  • Ed_NY

    The Bell Curve

  • JohnEngelman

    Why is this a problem? White parents, including white liberal parents, seldom want their children to be educated with large numbers of low income blacks and Hispanics. The reason is not irrational color prejudice and “ignorant” racism. It is the knowledge that schools where blacks and Hispanics are in the overwhelming majority are nearly always dangerous places where little learning takes place. This is true even when those schools are well financed, as they are in Washington, DC. 

    • When it comes to one’s own children, one’s true beliefs come out.

  • KD_Did

    In Cleveland (as Boston and other cities ) in the 70’s there was forced busing as we all know. I saw first hand what happened in some all white, neatly kept neighborhoods. Housing values declined, white flight to suburbia, but more insidiously those old white neighborhoods became diverse. I owned a rental property in an area like that. Several times I had to rent the house to new tenants. Each time I was inundated with more and more people looking for sec.8.  most of which could not fill out a simple application.  I refused to rent to sec. 8.  I sold the home at a good profit when busing was discontinued….to a white couple. That neighborhood is now about 50/50.  
    A few years ago forced busing was discontinued, but the damage was done. 

  • Derelictus

    So freedom of association doesn’t really exist in the U.S.A.?  Sort of a rhetorical questions, but still.

  • JohnEngelman

    During the early 1980s I lived in downtown San Jose, California when the area was engulfed by impoverished Vietnamese war refugees. Before the Vietnamese moved in the downtown area was blighted and dangerous. It resembled a bombed out city with vacant and torn down buildings. 
    With hard work, frugality, and plenty of IQ power the Vietnamese built up San Jose. Now it has the lowest crime rate of any large city in the United States. 
    When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area I loved to visit the Chinatowns of San Francisco and Oakland. 
    If you walk on the campus of a prestigious American university you will find that it is swarming with Orientals. You will discover the same walking through the halls of our most successful corporations.  Orientals earn those positions with their high IQs.  

  • MarcusTrajanus

     Actually, evolution IS true. I see you are just another evolution denier who has never bothered to learn what evolution actually means before talking about it. Evolution doesn’t mean constant linear “progress” or anything like that. The reason blacks wont develop “bigger, better brains” is not that evolution isn’t true, it’s that we have created an environment where the dumber, most irresponsible blacks have the most reproductive success, and the survival of their equally dumb offspring is ensured and subsidized by us.

  • MarcusTrajanus

     “80 percent of Latino students and 74 percent of black students are in
    schools where the majority of students are not white. More specifically,
    43 percent of Latinos and 38 percent of black attend “intensely
    segregated schools” where white students comprise 10 percent or less of
    the student body.”

    They must be doing just great then, away from all that white racism that was impeding their intellectual development.