Some Fancy Neighborhoods Open Gates to Section 8

Megan O’Matz, Sun Sentinel, September 13, 2012

Here’s an odd side effect of South Florida’s foreclosure crisis: Some immense homes with pools and three-car garages in gated communities are being rented out to unlikely tenants—poor people paying with Section 8 aid.

Among the properties are homes with up to 4,500 square feet of space in private communities with guardhouses and regal names such as “Monarch Lakes” and “Bellagio at Vizcaya.”

Some of the owners are teetering on foreclosure and gambling they can earn enough money from the federal housing vouchers to stave off the banks. Others bought the properties cheap in foreclosure auctions and want the guaranteed rental income.

Housing advocates and the government view the turnabout as a win-win for homeowners and the poor, who have access to safer communities and better schools.

But some neighbors are aghast.

After a single mother and her nine children rented a house in the exclusive Isles neighborhood of Coral Springs, the homeowners association adopted an amendment to its governing documents stating: “No Section 8 or government leasing assistance is permitted.”

The association is threatening eviction.


The owner of the Coral Springs house, Henri-Claude Marcellus, has hired a lawyer to challenge the restriction, claiming his mostly white neighbors are discriminating against him because he is Haitian and his tenants are African-American.

A retired software engineer, real estate investor and radio show host, Marcellus said he confronted the association’s officers, demanding to know: “What do you have against blacks?”


The Sun Sentinel examined federal housing subsidy data from housing authorities in Broward and Palm Beach counties and found 230 homes commanding rents of $2,000 or more, up to $3,375 a month, from Section 8 families.

Typically, tenants pay about one-third of their income toward the rent and the government pays the rest.

Most of the homes were basic, modest-looking residences in unassuming neighborhoods. But about a dozen were far grander, upscale houses concentrated in Broward County‘s western suburbs, including Coral Springs, Miramar and Cooper City, where one six-bedroom rental is worth $500,000.


Landlords then advertise that the property is “Section 8 approved.” Many listings are found on the Internet at or at housing authority web sites.



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  • Speaking of which, some friends of mine visited the City of Downey here in So. California recently, and came across a strip mall. In some bushes, they found a plaque commemorating the fact that the area was once home to aerospace compaines that built several Apollo rockets as well as space shuttles. I sent their video to youtube:

    From wikipedia, I see that Downey is 71% mexican. My friends said that they were pretty much the only Whites there. This is what happens when you allow your area to become diverse. To let in a little section 8– a little sprinkling of diversity. Your greatness becomes a dirty little plaque under some bushes. Viva mexico!!!

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, the City of Downey was once a nice, crime-free city populated by Whites. It’s now a Mexican barrio with lots of crime –  although perhaps not as bad as other formely White cities in that general area. Consider the San Fernando Valley in such places as Van Nuys, Encino, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, and North Hollywood. They were all White at one time with low crime rates. But around the late 70’s and mid 80’s, Mexicans started moving west from areas such as Sun Valley and Pacoima and Whites started moving out. Crime went up dramatically and the entire SFV is now almost all one giant barrio! Aren’t the Mexicans wonderful?!

      • Yeah, you’ve got that right. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see what went wrong. California was the place to be during the 50’s. Here is Bing Crosby singing about it:

        Now, we all can’t leave fast enough. Just wall it off like “Escape from new York.”

        • 5n4k33y3s

          That’s crazy talk. You don’t just walk away from a strong foothold on such amazing land. If all white people were as defeatist as you sound here, we’d have been extincted thousands of years ago.

          • newscomments70

            Whites are emasculated by creature comforts, and the threat of losing them to prison. It’s ok if someone’s daughter gets raped, or if someone’s son is run over by a drunk driver…it’s only a necessary casualties for the liberals’ diversity push, and our beer and spectator sports.

      • vanderwater

         Yep. I grew up there. The demographics have changed significantly.

    • This is what our White legacy has been reduced to. Some forgotten plaque, hidden under
      the bushes of a strip mall catering to illegal invading Mexicans. We have a
      serious problem on our hands…

    • vanderwater

       That is so sad

  • Major

    Now….the untold racist liberals in West Broward reveal themselves with their NIMBY attitudes.
    ( Not in My Backyard ) I know these people and this area well….retirees from up north…empty nesters and a large Jewish voting block. These are the “tolerant” ones that vote steadily….democrat….and aligned with the AARP.

    Now…their “chickens” have come home to roost and their tolerance is put to the test. They’ll fail….as they always do and pass laws that their Association managers and “condo commandos” will never admit are exclusionary and discriminatory. Yet….I understand how they feel…the real barbarians have scaled the gate and are now inside the fences. 

    They darn sure deserve it IMHO…..after years of lecturing us on “fairness, equality and a level playing field”…..lets watch them squirm.

    • Meddlesome jewish folk during a depression? What could possibly go wrong?

  • bubo

    A retired software engineer, real estate investor and radio show host, Marcellus said he confronted the association’s officers, demanding to know: “What do you have against blacks?”

    Hopefully they told this Haitian scam artist exactly what they have against black section 8 recipients with 9 kids in no uncertain terms.   The time for being bullied into submission by blacks and liberals must come to an end. 

  • NorthernWind

    Those landlords are going to regret this move for two reasons. The first is property damage and diminishing property value and the second is that other tenants will leave thus making the problem worse.

    • bluffcreek1967

      You betcha! Wherever ‘Diversity’ hits a White community, it’s just a matter before it also destroys it!

    • anarchyst

      There’s always 5 gallons of gasoline and signal flares . . . just a thought . . . NOT a good idea . . .

      • IstvanIN

         When I was young we called it J…. Lightening.  LOL.

    • sarah stein

       I hope they turn all those houses into meth labs.

    • RisingReich

       Imagine NINE of them in one house.  It will be only a shell of what it once was in no time.

      • Mar1ne

         Foil over the windows, hoopties in the driveway and lawn ,the loud thump thump thump of bass at 3.00AM. ..My house would be on the market within 24hrs

        • Sounds like you have been exposed to a “healthy” dose of diversity my friend!

    • A couple years ago, a white apartment building when black. It was quickly trashed. Broken windows, pushed out screens fluttering in the wind, door locks disabled to let the riff-raff in.
      I dubbed it “Little Zimbabwe’.
      It lasted for a couple years and the building was resold. It’s now back to majority white and has gotten much better.
      The land lord must have learned his lesson.

  • RHG

    I live in Las Vegas and you see the same thing happening here too. What were once nice neighborhoods i.e. overwhelmingly white are now being over taken by investors who don’t care who they rent to including section 8 people. Yeah, this is a good deal for them but hardly a good deal for the people who still own their houses and now have to help pay the rent for their new neighbors who have no respect for the places they now call home. I know, I live in one of these places and see how it’s gone downhill in the last 4 yrs.

  • IstvanIN

    Housing advocates and the government view the turnabout as a win-win for homeowners and the poor, who have access to safer communities and better schools.

    Communities are not safe or unsafe, it is the people who make up the community who are safe or unsafe.  This really rankles me, as if an inanimate place on a map decides it wants to be safe or crime ridden.  Blacks make the community unsafe.

    After a single mother and her nine children rented a house in the exclusive Isles neighborhood of Coral Springs,

    I hate the way they have destroyed our language to cover up bad behavior.  There is no such thing as a single mother.  There are married mothers, divorced mothers, widowed mothers and then there are trollops.  I bet dollars to donuts Miss Nine Keeds is a trollop.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      Exactly right. Hey, where are the Feminists today? I think they know they can’t argue with the fact that Feminism is the primary cause of this social catastrophe. If you can’t describe a woman like this as a trollop in “polite society”, then the so-called “polite society” is no such thing.

    • Or just your average black….

  • Major

    Here’s the money shot for the liberal Jews that have supported AA and turned the country upside down…for communities they didn’t have to live in or care about ( since these closet racists never thought it would happen to them too! )

    “What do you have against blacks?”
    “I hit a very sensitive nerve,” he said in a recent interview.”

    Everything…they mumble under their breaths…..Everything…now it’s clear that they fear and hate blacks destroying their once sacred and all white / jewish enclaves.

    LMAO…I can imagine their disgust when they see a “single” mother of nine illegitimate rug rats peeing in their once exclusive community swimming pool! Dancing to Jay-Z and 50 Cent….


    Those homes will be destroyed inside and out within three months and the Section 8 people will stop paying rent with the excuse that nothing works in their homes and they refuse to pay.  I have seen what they did in Florida.  Resale homes are shown with pictures when they were first sold by the builder.  The homes now are fit for demolition.   The blacks pull copper, cabinets, plumbing, everything out of the homes and sell it.  They leave and cry for help to move into another Section 8 house.  The black nation as become locusts.

    The black housing locusts are spreading into your neighborhood now by order of the Rogue Regime in Washington.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      It’s nice to see the word locusts was not censored. That is the best defination of blacks, LOCUSTS! I used it before but the Moderator cut it out of my post.

  • anarchyst

    To paraphrase o’bama’s “buddy” Mr. Wright (I REFUSE to call him “reverend”) ” the chickens have INDEED come home to roost”.  These multicultural and diversity (for everyone else but themselves) supporters are finally getting “a taste of their own medicine” . . .

  • The__Bobster

    A retired software engineer, real estate investor and radio show host……

    Oh yeah, I really believe that.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Software engineer = taking credit for something Whitey did
      Real estate investor = failed real estate investor
      radio talk show host = afrocentric station ranter

  • anarchyst

    I will relish the thought of the bantus infiltrating the quasi-public New York state communities of the hasidim.   I use the term “quasi-public” because “civil rights (for some” and “fair housing” laws do not apply to them.  Add to that, public funding is used to advance exclusionary “practices”. . . FOR JEWS ONLY.
     It is not too well-known that PUBLIC funds are used to support and run schools for JEWS only in a number of New York communities. . .
    Any other race that tried this in THEIR communities would be slapped down quickly by the likes of the ACLU, ADL, $PLC and other “organizations” . . . “multiculturalism and diversity for thee, but not for me” cannot go the way of the dinosaur fast enough . . . let them stew in the “laws” of their own making . . .

    • IstvanIN

       They are a minority.  They even get to rope off sections of the public square to keep the goyim out.

  • IKantunderstand

    This is why this country is going down the tubes: Being a hard working, tax paying White person, DOES NOTHING FOR YOU! If you live in a gated community, BAM! You are till section 8  eligible. If you live in the suburbs? BAM! Obama  and UN resolution twenty whatever is coming after you. Hey, middle class Americans: You cannot run, you cannot hide. FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!
    Once again, I say: boycott everything you can think of.  Please  stop participating in this murderous society against Whites! Please fellow Whites, I beseech you.  Organize boycotts, do a stop work day. Please, dear God, let my prayer be heard.

    • sarah stein

      Being a smart white person does nothing for you either.  You know there is a housing bubble, so you save your money and wait for the foreclosures and two for one sales, then the government steps in with TARP, QE3 and now this.  They use your tax dollars to pay for section 8, therefore you have no choice but to participate. If you don’t pay your taxes, they either put you in prison or put a bullet in your head.

  • sarah stein

    All I heard during the housing boom from idiots was, “you can’t lose money in real estate”.  Well it appears that you can, and quite a bit.  My hope is they turn all these nice houses into meth labs.  

  • IIRC, I read because Marin won’t let George Lucas expand Skywalker ranch’s commercial property, he’s going to build low income housing there instead. LOL! Marin is the whitest county in the SF Bay Area, and now George is going to put a huge NAM magnet right in the middle of it. Ha!

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think George was a Repub trying to teach the local Dems a lesson. But I think he’s just a Liberal who actually believes welfare blacks and Latinos will be as “low drama” as the hard working, well educated Asians that work for him.

    “There goes the neighborhood!” There goes the property values.

    Orientals & Occidentals in Marin: time to plan on moving your kids into private school by high school (think $$$), at latest. Time to start locking your doors at night and making sure you keep the garage door closed during the day and on weekends (and that’s just for starters). Time to start pushing your sheriff for issuing CCWs….

  • AmRen edited out a KEY paragraph they should have kept in:

    Federal law does not expressly outlaw such bans. But the prohibition
    can’t be used as a pretext for other illegal acts, such as denying
    housing to people because of their race, gender, national origin,
    disability or number of children.

    Yes, I intentionally both bolded and italicized that quote, it is that important. I’m going to ask my HOA to add this restriction pronto! You can be sure the NAM’s political and legal machines will be trying to ban this at the state level, just like they do re using credit scores in hiring, setting auto insurance rates, etc, forcing responsible and low risk whites and Asians to subsidize the much greater risks of NAMs.

  • RisingReich

    Gee, I’d love to be able to live in a house that rents for three grand a month…but not next to another home inhabited by creatures.  No thanks.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    The whole struggle comes down to just sticking to our guns against these awful federal policies. The question is not “what do we have against blacks”. The real question is “what do you have against those who don’t want criminals to take over their neighborhoods”?

    A single mom with nine kids? What she’s doing may not officially be a crime on the books, but it is an immoral, aggressive act, with negative consequences for others.

    The government wants to subsidize single motherhood so that a woman can raise a brood from several different men, on government assistance, and unleash her little army on your neighborhood. It’s matriarchy, it’s savagery, and there’s no man in that house to be held responsible for either her conduct or that of her children.

    The real struggle is between The Patriarchy, and savagery. Presently, the federal government is openly advocating on behalf of savagery against civilization. End Feminism, and civilization will endure in America. Carry on with Feminism, and the American civilization will fall apart.

  • This is how the Trayvon Martin case started. The gated community where Zimmerman lived was hit by the mortgage meltdown and was getting an influx of (criminal) blacks.

  • There are different methods for the  destruction of white enclaves.My neighborhood was affect in two ways. First they closed a near-by black housing project and gave the residents vouchers and the bus schedule for my neighborhood.We also have an non-government group called HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Equal). This group has been buying houses in my neighborhood and selling/renting them to blacks and Hispanics. They put on yellow and black lawn signs saying ‘this is a HOME house’ with a warning that the property is under surveillance and that removing the sign is a criminal offense.  

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      We live near three huge pharmaceutical labs so that explains the asians but it doesn’t explain why they “needed” to replace all those White Employees.  The blacks and hispanics, I’m not sure but I believe they came from the City.  There was construction down the road a stretch and it has been since then that you now get to see White Blonde Haired and Blue Eyed teenage girls walking with down the streets with blacks and other non-whites.

      We had better learn how to shut these people down ’cause we will run out of places to go eventually.  Everyone knows they’re trying to corner us and so far, they’re winning and we can’t have that.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This is forced integration on steroids — a part of 0bama’s war on White suburbs.  This will not end well, it never does.  

    Those neighborhoods won’t be “fancy” for much longer — soon the helicopters will be flying overhead,  ghettto music thumping all night long, police sirens screaming through the neighborhoods several times a day, cars on the street vandalized, stray pit bulls roaming the neighborhoods, random gunfire echoing at any given time, dirty diapers and empty 40 oz. beer bottles littering lawns and tossed in the gutter.

    What’s not to love you racists?

    It would have been better to tear the foreclosed homes down — because that’s what the Section 8 tenants are going to do anyway

    I only hope it’s majority 0bama voters that this is inflicted upon, they deserve nothing less than to be the recipients of his anti-White policies.


  •  Quote of the day!  I just sent that to my brother.

  • Are you in a relationship with an Asian women or do you have Asian children?

    Not now, but I’m equally open to one with the right Asian or Caucasian gal.

    Why are you always inserting “Orientals” into a discussion of WHITE
    interests?  They aren’t our people and they aren’t on our side.

    Because I know that some Asians do read AmRen (even if they do not post on it), I’m illustrating to both them and white AmRen readers where we share common interests.

    Why do that? Because those interest have NOT been successful when advocated by whites only. The MSM can too easily marginalize those interests in the eyes of Joe/Josephine Average White American by showing that no minorities are for it (e.g., the Tea Party movement).

    If whites can get a bunch of Asians to join us in politically fighting against welfare, against affirmative action, against high taxes, against unbalanced budgets, against debt, and a host of other issues, we are much more likely to win those issues. This is not only because of the number of voters those Asian allies will directly bring, but also because more whites who live in fear of being called racist will be comfortable in coming to our side on the issue.

    I’m for forming temporary political alliances when they help us win our long-term political goals. If we could get blacks to think on their own and realize that illegal aliens and their kids are taking entry level jobs, positions in trade schools/community colleges, and gov’t benefits away from blacks, I’d call for an temporary alliance w/blacks to build a border fence, stop all illegal immigration, deport illegal aliens, and stop/suspend legal immigration. But blacks won’t go against their leaders who’ve brought them so many gov’t benefits in the past.


    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      Asians have just as much if not more Minority Privilege than the blacks and hispanics combined.

      The White House Initiative on Asians and Pacific Islanders.  What is it?

      The things you mention in your post are not things you need asians to help you with.  To me, it sounds like you just want all the White People to accept and embrace your asians because you do.

      You fight Welfare by using the Debt.  You fight Affirmative Action using discrimination and you fight illegal immigration using the Law and you fight legal immigration using jobs.

      As for your “temporary”, that will never happen.  Once they’re great in number, they take over.  From the Council Board to the whole stinkin’ neighborhood, they take over.  asians use their “minority” status to gain privilege (jobs, education, ownership, loans, etc.) and they use white people such as yourself to gain foothold in every last bit of everything White People have.  This has been proven time and again.  How do you not see it?

      Last, anyone living in fear of being called a racist these days is not someone you want on your side anyway.  Seriously, what’s worse, being called a name or allowing America to die?  If you’re gonna fight against Welfare, you gotta fight against the asians too ’cause they get it and plenty of it too.

  •  BED, I’m sorry to hear this may impact you & yours. Of all the SF Bay Area counties, I’d love to live in Marin because it is the whitest and all of the benefits that implies (low crime, clean streets).

    The self-centered whites who only care about themselves and their profit margins hide out in rich white enclaves like Marin while making life hell for non-rich whites. Or they’re liberal hypocrites who promote NAMs (non-Asian minorities) far and wide publicly while being NIMBYs (“not in my back yard” (neighborhood, schools, clubs, etc.)) re them personally.

    Hopefully, your mom will be able to live out her days in peace and you’ll be able to sell the property before blacks & Latinos move in and “There goes the neighborhood” and property values tank.

  • The owner of the Coral Springs house, Henri-Claude Marcellus, has hired a lawyer to challenge the restriction, claiming his mostly white neighbors are discriminating against him because he is Haitian and his tenants are African-American.
    A retired software engineer, real estate investor and radio show host, Marcellus said he confronted the association’s officers, demanding to know: “What do you have against blacks?”

    Where would you like me to start?

  • newscomments70

    Just because someone has worked hard and owns a nice house does not make them “snot nosed” liberal or anti-white. It’s often quite the opposite. Wealthy liberals such as George Soros or Barbara Streisand do however deserve to experience diversity…and they do not. 

  • currahee1911

    “What do you have against blacks?”

    Well, let’s start with you, Marcellus.

  • vanderwater

    Send them to a retirement home. Better to be safe than sorry.

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore


      Bring your family home to live with you.  Nursing homes are ghettos.  They are run and staffed with Third World Spawn.  Unless you find one that is White (5k/mnth), then okay but outside of that, no.  Bring your family home.

  • Major

    I have to say…judging by the comments here…this really hits “home” and scary to boot. That you can be invaded and polluted by a federal force beyond your control that decimates your standard of living and the huge investments we have in our homes?

    And our property taxes ( ironically ) support this destruction?

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I get so sick and tired of all this ‘ the government pays’.  The Government pays NOTHING!!!!!  Americans pay and pay and pay and pay and they are the only ones who pay.

    As for the “better neighborhoods and schools”…not anymore… 

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    What does IQ matter once you’ve murdered your Blood?  Breeding with a non-white only gets you a non-white child.

    • ed91

       never said I was resigned — just real

      and to miller-scott on the post with no “reply”


      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        I didn’t say you were “resigned”.  I only meant that if you’re to breed with a non-white, you kill your White Blood.  You can’t honestly believe you can birth a non-white child and call him/her White.

        Not trying to be stuck up here but, White is Exclusive.

  • newscomments70

    I have lived in different parts of the country. The deep south and midwest tend to have a higher percentatge of conservatives living in expensive neighborhoods. Other areas have pockets of liberals and conservatives. Even in liberal rat’s nests, such as in Malibu or Beverly Hills, there are significant percentages of race-realist conservatives. Making generalizations such as, “All rich folks are liberals that look down on working class whites”, is simply untrue. It is even more horrifying to suggest that they deserve to become victims of criminal minorities. What you want is equivalent to the multi-cultural, socialist agenda that we are suffering through now. You want what Obama wants. 

  • No, you get real. No country in Latin America or central and south Asia is homogenously mixed race. In each and every country, there is a color spectrum of racial mixture in which the whitest genetically dominate.

    Is that your idea of a just world?

    The Anglo-American/Canadian model of racial segregation and integrity (what you call “purism”) has always been the more just of the two models. It allows for greater social mobility between classes. It’s one thing to let your daughter marry a lower class guy. It’s another to let her marry a lower class, dark guy.

    That, at least, would explain partly why the Latin elite is more insular than ours has traditionally been.

    (Note: I accidentally “liked” Esmithton91’s response. No support intended).

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Oh yes ma’am!  My Mother-in-Law is in one right now but only for two more weeks and then she comes home with us.  She’s in there for physical therapy right now.  She was in a car wreck and the State decided to take her license and will not allow her to live by herself anymore so it’s either a home for the aged or us.  We said she comes home with us so that’s what we’re doing.

    Granted, we’re Blessed because even though the majority of workers are black, the nurses that I saw were White and the place is clean BUT, we were sitting with her while she was eating and the blacks served supper and wouldn’t ya know, not a one of them bothered to offer to open the condiment and cracker packages.  One did after he saw me doing it for the other Seniors sitting at the table but I feel he wouldn’t have were we not there.  I wish I was rich ’cause I’d pull every single last Senior out of there and all homes staffed by inepts for that matter.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    So,,,because there won’t be any White People in a hundred years is reason for resigning?

    I myself prefer fighting to the very last breathe but you, you seem to be saying, ‘let’s just go ahead and seal our fate’.  If this is what you’re saying, why?

  • Dhnomad04

    Yes, it’s lutheran social services that brings them here. I wrote to them, due to the fact that they don’t even try to assimilate, ie. use 20th century plumbing, and a good percentage are being radicalized and going back to Somalia. And as expected, got no response as to why I didn’t have a say in working with, or sharing the same space with them.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, the DWL’s would blame this on your “misplaced” White privilege or some other such bull crap. I’m sure there are 1,000s of similar stories out there.

  • benvad

    If their Democrats I say “You made your bed, now sleep in It”.

    If it’s Republicans I say “I sorry for this disaster, that is not your creation”.