Skip Bayless Says White Redskins Fans Will Support Kirk Cousins over Robert Griffin III

Huffington Post, August 20, 2012

In what seemed an attempt to hype up a nascent, and perhaps nonexistent, quarterback controversy on the Washington Redskins, Skip Bayless of ESPN made himself the story during an episode of “First Take” on Monday morning. Perhaps best known for lauding Tim Tebow and tearing down LeBron James, Bayless contended that it is human nature for white fans to support a white athlete over a black athlete if given a choice.

“I’m going to throw it out there. You also have the black-white dynamic and the majority of Redskins fans are white. And it’s just human nature, if you’re white to root for the white guy,” Bayless contended. “It just happens in sports. Just like the black community will root for the black quarterback. I’m for the black guy. I’m just saying, I don’t like the dynamic for RG3. It could stunt his growth in the NFL.”

Bayless made this claim about human nature to bolster his argument that Robert Griffin III, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and the No. 2 overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, is in a precarious position in Washington due to the presence of fellow rookie QB Kirk Cousins, a fourth-round pick out of Michigan State. While attempting to make the case (which he has been doing for months) that the Redskins erred in drafting Cousins, who is white, because it puts unnecessary pressure on Griffin III, who is black, to flourish quickly, Bayless cited race as factor in determining fan opinion. {snip}


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  • TomIron361

    For the most part, the drafting of Griffin so high was all a racial charade to begin with. The league most likely pressured the Redskins into drafting the black guy so they could have the black guy drafted way up in the draft. So now that the leagues got all that publicity under their belt, the Redskins are free to do the best they can for their team, which very well might be playing the White guy.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Black QBs are about as reliable as a blind lifeguard. Same w/hispanic ones like stinky Mark Sanchez.

      I refuse to watch ESPN’s Morton Downey-style debate show featuring Skip Clueless and Steven A-Hole. It’s just a screaming match between two blowhards in love with the sound of their own voices. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    We’ll see more erruptions of this kind of White Awarenss as America “transforms into a more global and diverse country”.

    Whites are really FED UP, and our high profile leaders will begin speaking out in frustration.

  • alas

    I have asked this question on an old posting which no one has replied to because it is so old, so I will ask again here. Baring this article in mind, does anyone have a suggestion for someone who isn’t American and doesn’t know all the baseball teams of what baseball team to support? I suppose you get my drift?

    •  Baseball is a pretty international game at this point in time.  EVERY team in the league is highly integrated with diversity.  There is no “white” Major League Baseball team, although there is no “black” Major League Baseball team either. 

    • Eagle_Eyed

      And choosing the “whitest” team to root for would be arbitrary, as rosters have high amounts of turnover year-to-year.  I’d recommend researching and rooting for individual players.  Superstar whites in the big leagues include a bevy of pitchers (Matt Cain, Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw, Roy Halladay, Jered Weaver) and position players like Josh Hamilton, Ryan Braun, David Wright, and rookie phenom Mike Trout.

      But I guess I’d recommend the Texas Rangers.  Not only are they in the heart of a conservative region, they have plenty of whites which contribute–Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, Mike Napoli, Mike Olt, Mitch Moreland, and David Murphy to name a few.  On the 25 man roster, I counted a total of 18 which are white, making the team a respectable (in this day in age) 72% white. 

      • SarahConnor

        Don’t forget Strasburg and Harper!!! Oh and Ike Davis, who my son played with!

        I love the Trout!

      • MrGJG

         You forgot their manager.

        • Eagle_Eyed

           I didn’t, but was at a loss of how to put it.  The fact a black baseball manager tested positive for cocaine is too perfect not to mention, though.

  • Whirlwinder

    I think that Robert Griffin III was a great college quarterback. I am looking forward to how he will do in the pro’s. You guys need to lighten up on the racists stuff.

    •  Yeah yeah, save the rah rah histrionics for when he’s a third string for the Seahawks in five years.

      • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

        Please no we already have two.  Skip Bayless should come out and see the media coronation of Russell Wilson in Seattle and see if he changes his tune.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      I’ve only seen Griffin in action once, when he brought Baylor back from behind to beat my Sooners for the first time in the schools’ history. There was no question he was primarily responsible for the win. As for the pros, we’ll see how he does. One thing is for certain: he can’t make the Redskins any worse.

    • SarahConnor

      I am personally routing for and watching Andrew (Rocket Scientist) Luck. During the draft, it was RG, RG,RG but Luck was drafted first and is a much smarter quarterback!

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

        I have no doubt Luck will have a good rookie season rebuilding the Colts. There was a lot of hype over Griffin & the draft, but to be fair, that was mainly because there was no doubt whatsoever as to what would happen to Luck. He was definitely going to be 1st overall picked, and he was definitely going to the Colts. There were still enough possibilities surrounding other top prospects to make for good ESPN fodder.

      • Whirlwinder

        Sarah, I like Andrew Luck too. I think he will do well and will have a long career

  • Does Skip want to lose his job?  You cant say this.

    And what does “growth” have to do with the number of white fans buying your jersey?
    Does “growth” actually equal “growth of ego from popularity with white fans as represented by dollars spent”?

    So what Skip is actually saying is that competition from a white teammate for fan support who might root for the “white guy” by purchasing his jersey is bad for his bank account.

  • ncpride

    Cam Newton has already angered a lot of people here in the Carolinas. He decided to start charging hefty fees for his autograph, even in Charlotte. That is not sitting well with people. He may have had a good rookie season, but for a QB that has hardly proven himself after only one year, he sure is full of himself. He better hope his ‘game’ can soon catch up with that ego of his.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Have you ever met a humble black?

  • Whirlwinder

    OK Staton, good points but lets enjoy the talent while we can.

  • To All you “Avid and Knowledgeable fans”: I thought fans cheer for the best player that will help your team win. But i forgot , this where the world is turned upside down. (LOL)!! TGIF!!

  • Eagle_Eyed

     Notice the Reds happen to be fairly good, too.

  • MekongDelta69

    I’m for the black guy.

    Well of course he’s for the ‘black guy.’

    ESPN (and all sports channels and outlets) are even more PC than the ‘regular’ mainstream news outlets (if that’s even possible to be more PC.)

    Caste Football is a great site, for those who aren’t familiar with it.

  • MekongDelta69

    I take it Skip Bayless is white. Does he still have a job?

    Yes and yes:

  • redfeathers

    Cam Newton…academic cheat, laptop thief.

  • Carney3

    I’m glad to hear this about him.  I just wish he didn’t have dreadlocks, so he’d look as clean cut as you say he is.

  • Carney3

    What’s different about RG3 is he is YOUNG – he’s an effort to build through the draft, to spend the years necessary to develop new talent.  Until now Snyder was too impatient to do that and had a “win now” mentality.  Snyder used to throw huge money to retruit big-name veterans, all of whom turned out to be on the downslope of their careers, no longer hungry or interested in taking risks, just milking it until they retire with little interest in wins vs losses.

  • Prediction:

    By mid-season, the spaghetti-headed gentleman in question will have this nickname:


  • For years Skip Bayless was a sportswriter for a Dallas paper, and he covered the Cowboys.

  • Thor, you bring up some good points about the NFL and its demographics. But, you left out one important factor, as to why whites cheer so loudly for a league that’s 70% Bantu.


    The NFL is one of the most-if not the most – wagered-on sports in the world, even more so than horse racing. Most of the fans who bet copious amounts of money on NFL games are white. They want the teams they bet on, to win. Regardless if they’re led by a white or Bantu quarterback.