Hundreds of Thousands Flee Their Homes in India Amid Deadly Ethnic Violence

Jim Yardley, MSNBC, August 18, 2012

Like a fever, fear has spread across India this week, from big cities like Bangalore to smaller places like Mysore, a contagion fueling a message: Run. Head home. Flee. And that is what thousands of migrants from the country’s distant northeastern states are doing, jamming into train stations in an exodus challenging the Indian ideals of tolerance and diversity.

What began as an isolated communal conflict here in the remote state of Assam, a vicious if obscure fight over land and power between Muslims and the indigenous Bodo tribe, has unexpectedly set off widespread panic among northeastern migrants who had moved to more prosperous cities for a piece of India’s rising affluence.

A swirl of unfounded rumors, spread by text messages and social media, had warned of attacks by Muslims against northeastern migrants, prompting the panic and the exodus. Indian leaders, deeply alarmed, have pleaded for calm, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appeared in Parliament on Friday to denounce the rumor mongering and offer reassurance to northeastern migrants.


The hysteria in several of the country’s most advanced urban centers has underscored the deep roots of ethnic tensions in India, where communal conflict is usually simplified as Hindu versus Muslim, yet is often far more complex. For decades, Indian leaders have mostly managed to isolate and triangulate regional ethnic conflicts, if not always resolve them, but the public panic this week is a testament to how the old strategies may be less effective in an information age.

Last week, the central government started moving to stabilize Assam, where at least 78 people have been killed and more than 300,000 have fled their homes for refugee camps. Then Muslims staged a large, angry protest in Mumbai, the country’s financial capital, on the western coast. A wave of fear began sweeping through the migrant communities after several people from the northeast were beaten up in Pune, a city not far from Mumbai.

By Wednesday and Thursday, the exodus had begun. {snip}


Of the 78 people killed, some were butchered. More than 14,000 homes have been burned. That 300,000 people are in refugee camps is remarkable; had so many people fled across sub-Saharan Africa to escape ethnic persecution, a humanitarian crisis almost certainly would have been declared.


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  • India:  10000 years of 500 nations with 50 religions all living on top of each other in total abject poverty.  And occasionally running amok and killing each other.

    So what else is new? 

    Want to adopt a cute helpless ‘special’ baby just like the movie stars do?  Just walk down the street in Calcutta.  Dozens of  women will run up and throw their babies into your arms and only ask for a couple of rupees (about a quarter in real money).  Get two for the price of one if they’re lepers.

    What?  You think I’m kidding?

    India *seems* important because they have a new middle-class that in terms of shear numbers is almost as big as the USA’s middle class.   But while we are 90% middle/working class, 1% super-rich, and 9% super-poor,   India is 10% middle-class and 90% poorer than you could believe possible.

    India, a lot of nice people with serious delusions of grandure…(and of no real long term importance to us).

  • Church_of_Jed

    Paying attention to Diversity on Diversity violence is a step in the wrong direction.  All our energies should be invested in eliminating White privilege. 

    Just like race shouldn’t be mentioned by MSM when the perp is a protected Diversity, we shouldn’t look at race when “enthnic violence” flares up in those backward places that don’t yet include Jackie Robinson’s  “breaking the colour barrier” as a national day of celebration.

  • RHG

    Well of course the obvious answer is to bring the whole Bodo tribe to America

    • Rocky Bass,

       Only under contract that guaranteed they would be a value to our country,  perhaps as  bonemeal and biodiesel?

  • Chimp Master Rules

    Where’s Geraldo?

    I recently heard him lecturing American whites on all the tolerance shown in India.  Of course Geraldo never let facts get in the way of a good story.

    Hindus and Muslims (and other assorted tribes) have been murdering each other in area for hundreds of years.  But to Gerry, nothing is worse that a white skinhead who plays in a rock band.

  • libertarian1234

    “Populated by a complex mosaic of ethnic groups, the seven states of the northeast have also been plagued by insurgencies and rivalries as different groups compete for power.”

    With just a few scant changes that could also refer to the US:

    Populated by a complex mosaic of white Americans and various tribes of third world hordes, including Africans, most of the 50 states have been plagued by borderline insurgencies and rivalries as different groups compete for power.

    Both India and the US are heading for civil war, because diversity is dangerous.

  • RileyDeWiley

    This was a really weird article – I read it when it first came out. The writer goes on and on about how the crowds are “hysterical” and “panicking” over nothing. What is all the fuss about?

    Then he slips it in that 78 people have been hacked or beaten to death.

    Oh. I see.

    Talk about burying the lead.

  • KenelmDigby

    This has hardly been reported in the western media.
     If something similar had happened in China it would be plastered all over the news – the subtle message is that the forces who run the western media regard China as an existential threat and they luxuriate in any hint that China might face destabilizing dissent.
     If it happens in India, the media class couldn’t care less – despite all the talkinh up of India, this is the real value they put on India – practically zero.

  • KenelmDigby

    “Bodos claim that illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are streaming in stealing their land”.

    Herein lies a grave warning for the west on the true nature of Bangladeshis. Even other subcontinentals who have grown up with over-population and land conflicts for centuries fear Bangladeshi over breeding and conquest by mass immigration tactics.
     Bangladeshis are starting or attempting to start mass immigration to the White western homelands.
         The wise would do everything and anything that is legally and humanly possible to keep Bangladeshis out.

  • potato78

    Anglo whites always are very jealous for Germanic whites influence in Europe, for Chinese whites influence in Far East, Slavic whites influence in Middle East and Asia.

    But Anglo whites are very obsessive with Blacks and Dark Hybrid Indians culture.  Don’t know why.  Maybe it’s genetic reasons?  Can someone explain why?

    • libertarian1234

      How can anybody explain anything to you when you can’t even express what you mean adequately?

      • libertarian1234

        “Are you lonely Spaniard? Are you a southerner from deep south? I was told that Spaniards have a lot of Arabic or Muslims DNAs. ” 

        Do you always hold on to beliefs just because somebody told you something? Some Spaniards are totally Caucasian. Some Do have a bit of of Moorish DNA, but their make-up is overwhelmingly Caucasian. 

        But the entire Middle East has considerable Caucasian DNA so if you try to use Moors or Arabs or “Muslims” as examples to make a point you’re unaware that they too have Caucasoid bloodlines. 

        The Indo-Europeans migrated in large numbers to Egypt and the Nile Valley, as well as areas all around the Mediterranean.  Caucasoid traits can be seen throughout that entire region even today,  including Iran, which is a form of the word “Aryan.” And the European Crusaders fought, conquered and held parts of the Middle East for hundreds of years.   

        Did you know you could be of Caucasoid lineage yourself if you are Indian? The Indo-Europeans settled the Indus River Valley beginning from about 5000 B.C. onward for many years, so you could well be denigrating yourself when you denigrate whites.

         It’s plain  you want to attribute some kind of failings to anybody whose beliefs bother you, and you go to extreme lengths by showing photos of Nazis goose-stepping in a feeble attempt to associate them with totalitarian regimes, oblivious to the fact that you reveal yourself to be someone who holds extremist views, because it upsets you when you see concepts put forth that are in contrast to your biases and stereotypes, and you resort to your childish views and radical leftist ideology to explain them away and make you feel better.

        You’ve been programmed with liberal nonsense which says anybody who opposes nonsensical leftist thought is a Nazi, is lonely and loves to hate, and if they live in the South you automatically condemn them as a hater and oppressor, because somebody has told you that too.

        If you are so unhappy and miserable here with whites, why don’t you go home? If it is India, then maybe you can straighten out the ethnic and racial hatred in your own country, because it is worse there than it is here, as it is the world over.

        Multicultural societies ALWAYS fail. 

        Where will you be when civil war II arrives?

    • GravitonX

       Anglos have always been hyper-racist, ironically only Canada and England would be the exception.  Americans and Australians, perhaps, because they come from criminals, outcasts, and opportunists, are a special breed of anti-social. 

      Whereas in South America, Spanish men, who were typically the third children of nobility, always claimed the children they had with natives, in the States, they threw their own children into chains.  Horrifying.  That tells you alot about the depth of detachment and hatred in their psyches.

      • libertarian1234

         “Anglos have always been hyper-racist,….”

        Mankind has an inbred prejudice for his own race.  Whites are more altruistic than the norm which is why those like you are still breathing.

        It is as nature intended.

        The reason you key on whites is because you’re full of hatred. 

        Let me guess, you also think that white babies should be murdered?

        • GravitonX

          All whites are not Anglos nor do the rest of us subscribe to your destructive attitude.  This is the problem with your worldview.  It is not nature; it is unnatural.  It’s not hatred; it’s your projection.

          As for your last hyperbolic statement, I’m not going to respond to such an absurd poisonous accusation.

          • libertarian1234

            “It’s not hatred; it’s your projection.”

            It is absolutely, unequivocally hatred. Don’t try to weasel out of your outrageous hateful comments by denying the obvious.

            You’re sick and full of hate. That’s why your posts are comprised of hate-filled assertions about white people.

            All whites, especially Spaniards, have Anglo DNA.  We’re all part of an extended family.

            Your ignorance is amazing.

          • potato78

            Are you lonely Spaniard?  Are you telling me that you are a southerner from deep south?

          • Probably just a troll looking for a response, but I will humor you.

            The White on black crime rates in Ango countries prove a lack of violent hatred against people of color. Anglos commit more acts of violence against other Whites than against blacks.

            The Whites in SA never wanted to genocide the blacks. Now that that blacks are in power they are committing genocide against the Whites.

            White altruism is known the world over. Why would the 3rd world flock to Anglo countries by the millions if we are truly “hyper-racist”.

            Not just racist, HYPER – ULTRA -MEGA – SUPER – racist to the millionth power!

          • libertarian1234

            “Probably just a troll looking for a response, but I will humor you.”

            Even a troll needs to be hammered a bit, Lucas, so you are right in setting the record straight,  which you did quite well.

        • KenelmDigby

          Libertarian1234, I fear someone is gaming you.

          • libertarian1234

            “Libertarian1234, I fear someone is gaming you.”

            Well, that’s always a possibility with these types of trolls, Kenelm, but in this case I think this one is trying more to be disruptive than anything else.

            But, don’t give him too much credit. He feels compelled to respond partly, because what he reads on here disturbs him, and he thinks his unsupported barbs will have some effect.

            As long as I have the time I don’t mind hammering him a bit just so he’ll understand this is not a free-fire zone.

            He’s easy to refute, and he can’t support anything he alleges, which has made him look a bit silly.

             potato78, who is probably an Indian,  is in the same league.

            Personally, if it were up to me, I’d disallow their posts, because they deal strictly in insults and don’t offer anything to the discussion.

            Too, I have to admit to a measure of satisfaction in pressing on them things I know they detest to read.

  • jeffaral

    The curches are the enemy within, preaching equality like the good commies they are!

  • “tolerant” being a relative term…