GOP Platform Calls for More Arizona-Style Immigration Laws

Cameron Joseph, The Hill, August 21, 2012

The Republican Party has officially endorsed its backing for Arizona-style state immigration laws, adding into its platform language that such laws should be “encouraged, not attacked” and calling for the federal government to drop its lawsuits against the laws.

That language and other provisions were widely approved by the party after being introduced by the co-author of the Arizona law, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R).

“I was pleased at how overwhelming the majorities were, it was a voice vote and I think there were maybe 80 percent supporting it,” Kobach told The Hill shortly after the hard-line immigration language was added to the party’s official platform. “The Republican Platform is now very strongly opposed to illegal immigration.”

The official party position now reads that “State efforts to reduce illegal immigration must be encouraged, not attacked,” and says the Department of Justice should immediately drop its lawsuits against controversial state immigration laws in Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina and Utah.


“I think it’s an expression of support for Arizona-style laws,” Kobach said. “The platform also encourages states to create laws in this area.”

Kobach’s amendment, which is now official party policy, also includes calls to withhold federal funding for any universities that provide in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants as well as “sanctuary cities” that refuse to enforce state and federal laws on immigration, and calls for the government to complete construction of a fence along the Mexican border that Congress authorized in 2006.

Another amendment he backed that was included in the party platform strengthens the GOP’s previous support of a national “E-Verify” system.

The broader party’s inclusion of Kobach’s amendments reverses a subcommittee’s decision the day before to reject the language, and shows his power within the party.


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  • Anan7

    I ‘ll believe this when pigs fly.

    Does anyone else really expect that “open borders” Romney will stand up with his White brethren against the tidal wave of Mexicans?

    • holyflower

      “Open borders” Romney?

      NumbersUSA, the immigration restrictionist lobby with the most clout in Washington, grades the presidential candidates thusly:

      President Barack Obama: F-

      Governor Mitt Romney:   B-


      •  Todd Akin:  A+


        Take the hint.  Everyone.

        • holyflower


          Expand on the “hint” if you would.  Todd Akin’s stellar NumbersUSA grade of “A+” should tell us what?

      • NM156

        Mitt promised an audience of Latino journalists that he would sidestep the blocked amnesty by pushing for an increase of US visas, presumably for the illegals in the US now to take advantage of. He also wants visas for every foreign student graduating from a US college with a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) degree. The rich kid Romney wants to further push white Americans into demographic decline and assault the white middle and working classes with Mexicans from the bottom and with Asians from the top. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

        • holyflower

          You “presume” too much, NM.   The STEM visas are a real posture however.  Just how sincerely held is another matter. 

          But the notion that Romney wants Visas “presumably” for the bulk of the illegals here is something you cannot verify.  I challenge you to try.

  • “Meaningless piece of paper.” — Bob Dole, when asked about the Republican platform in 1996 that had far more conservative positions than his own.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      “Meaningless piece of paper” is what 0bama thinks of the American Consitution!!

      In an interview about the Constitution, Obama asserted that the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties in that it states what the State and Federal government could not do to you. He asserts that it is flawed in that it does not state what the State and Federal governments should be obligated to do on your behalf. In discussing the Warren court, Obama stated that it wasn’t truly radical in that it did not break free from the constraints placed upon it by the founders. He noted that the court never ventured into the issue of redistribution of wealth, and sort of more basic issues of political and economic justice in the society.

      Fortunately,  the American Founders understood megalomaniacal power-seekers like 0bama and his cronies; it’s why they created the Constitution as they did, as an attempt to limit the use of power.   The Constitution applies to the federal government; the body of the Constitution tells the federal government what it is allowed to do;  The Bill of Rights tells the federal government what it is NOT allowed to do.

      Adherence to the Constitution and Rule of Law means liberty; without it there is tyranny and/or anarchy.


  • TomIron361

    Don’t worry about these stupid political platforms of the lousy parties. It’s all going to come down to blacks and spanish against us in the streets.

    • The__Bobster

      They’re not “Spanish”.

      • TomIron361

        Close enough. you know what I mean.,  

        • IstvanIN

           They refer to themselves as “Spanish”.

          • Major

            You and I’d take a Spaniard over a low life peasant illiterate Mestizo, illegal anyday.

          •  So?  Sometimes they try to refer to themselves as Americans, and in the UK they try to refer to themselves as British.

            They’re not Spanish.  Spaniards are the descendants of Visigoths.

          • MarcusTrajanus

             Visigoths, Phoenicians, Romans, Ibero-Celts, Basques…

          • MarcusTrajanus

             Mexicans refer to themselves as “Spanish”? I doubt even most Mexicans of fully Spanish ancestry would do that, let alone the mestizos and indios.

        • MarcusTrajanus

           And Haitians are French, and Jamaicans are English, or “close enough”.

  • IKantunderstand

    I nominate Kobach for heading up I.C.E. And the D.H.S., hell, he should run for P.O.T.U.S.

    • Jupiter7


      You need to get over this infantile belief that if we can just get the right guy in as POTUS, then everything will work out. That’s never going to happen. It is also a cop-out in the civic duty-responsibility realm. Only daily-day-in-day-out vigilence by millions of Native Born White Americans can halt and reverse race-replacement. Right, vote Kris Kobach for POTUS and then go back to playing fantasy football.

      Native Born White American Culture has to be completely reconstructed into one of great spiritual and moral depth. What will merge from this is an emphasis on bottom level control of the political system as opposed to the current top-down corporate facist control of the political system. The presidency should be reduced to a figure head position with 0 power. Anyone who aspires to be President,Senator, or Congressmen, should be viewed as a psychopath.

  • B

    Too little too late.

  • WmarkW

    What we really need is for this to come up in televised debates when grass-roots voters get to ask the candidates questions.   The issue really does cut across ideological lines, with some on the left seeing the “right” to illegally immigrate as a civil rights issue, with some on the right seeing a labor source.  But there are also left-leaners who are concerned about the jobs taken from low-skill Americans (disproportionately black), as well as on the right who see a disappearance of our cultural values.

    • Major

      ” left-leaners who are concerned about the jobs taken from low-skill Americans (disproportionately black)…”

      Isn’t that a problem for the NAACP , Jackson and Al Charlatan to worry about? Why haven’t they come out against Illegals who take jobs from “poor” blacks? I’ll tell you why..cause these black frauds know that illegals will mean the continuation of poverty for blacks…which is the industry they support. If it ended these pimps would be reduced to hauling garbage cans on Mondays and Thursdays from your gutters. That means no more 3K per night hotels and Armani suites while they’re stupid, uneducated, ignorant “constituents” keep rewarding them with a life of luxury….while they eat out of the scraps and dumpsters they leave behind.

      Oh..and color…that’s all they know.

  • My grandparents are from mexico but not mestizo and they came here legally.

    3 of them from spain and I think 1 from germany

    Kinda annoying when people lump me together with the rest of them….

    • Don’t be one of them. Be a George Romneyez. 

      Born: George Wilcken Romney, July 8, 1907, Colonia Dublán, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico 
      Twenty years ago in this country kids cut people’s grass, kids worked in fast food, delivered newspapers. Now these jobs all belong to meztizos. Malls in the evening were staffed by kids, I don’t know who has these jobs now because it has been years since I have been in a mall.

      • I generally claim spanish as my heritage. I plan on taking german in college.

        • Major

          Sie besser. …Germany wird steigen wieder, die Welt von ihm zu sparen, ist eigene Dummheit! 

          • Yes I can appreciate Germany’s wonderful culture and fantastic contributions to the world. 

          • Major

            It wasn’t just the AutoBahn or VW’s either. It was a fantastic, successful work ethic…that have made them once again…the powerhouse in Europe. Making the parasites more obvious to the rest of the world. With “Great Britain” no longer…great…It’s Germany once again that rises to the top. A country that knows what national pride really is…as opposed to the US being a country of mutts…that denies the great contributions to mankind….OF…WHITE MEN..

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Not to depress anyone, but I believe that the longer Germany stays in the Euro zone, the more indebted and destitute it will become, exacerbated by the importation of muslim and african parasites.

            Still, I have hopes for the rightwing parties to grow, and for normal Germans to finally wake up and stop punishing themselves over the actions of some of their grandparents.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            I appreciate your sentiment, Maj, but do ease up on Google translate.

    • I would call you a Spaniard. 

  • Marcy Fleming

    The platform is terrible, the E verify is just a step towards the totalitarian concept of national ID cards.  As Comrade M L King’s daughter recently said if it wasn’t for abortion there would be 25% more Blacks in the USA. Yet the Platform calls for totally outlawing abortion.
    I’m getting tired of the US Right.
    Obama’s back in like Flynn. Conservatives are really the Stupid Party as JS Mill said 150 years ago.

    • NM156

      You had me until the E Verify part. How will immigrant ID’s become part of a totalitarian system that monitors our every move? You’re a paranoid nutjob, every bit the traitor as the conservatives you decry. Take your meds.

      • Marcy Fleming

         NM, your third sentence describes you exactly as you misdescribed me. To top it off you drag in the old liberal Communist psychiatric smear. If you can’t figure out the totalitarian implications of a national ID there’s nothing I could say to persuade you as you are braindamaged.

  • The Future Belongs to Radicals.  Just not leftist radicals…

    • Major

      Right….we’re heading there. Just a bit more pain…just a few more elections stolen by the ACLU and CAIR…just a bit more. And there’s going to be many…who wish they never came here to ‘demand’ immigrant…”rights” over natural born Americans.

      • The Saxon tried not to hate. He wanted to talk this out. He has been so very patient. He now has no choice, hate or die.

        It didn’t have to be this way…

  • Major

    “State efforts to reduce illegal immigration must be encouraged, not attacked,” ..

    The line in the sand has been drawn. It’s one half of America fighting the other. Period. It’s those who believe we’re a Nation of Laws…against those who believe otherwise and opposed to our laws. Illegal…is Illegal…I could give a rats pitooty if some illegals don’t like the term ‘alien or illegal”.

    We’re sick and disgusted with PC and all that it implies. I’m certain murderers and felons don’t like being called what they are either….but they are what they are.

    We’re tired of accommodating these ILLEGAL criminals with our tax dollars and denying our own Natural born citizens the same rights and opportunities.

    We have a country where Vets wait in line to see if they qualify for medical benefits…and be denied. So some parasite, illiterate future lawn mower can claim their “rights and benefits”

    I ask…what’s wrong with us when we have more compassion for ILLEGALS “rights” that we do our own TAX PAYING LAW ABIDING CITIZENS?

    Jan Brewer…should be crowned our very first Woman President of the NEW AMERICAN REPUBLIC. And lead a secessionist movement in this country.

  • Major

    Spot on…indeed….I feel it is coming too.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Anyone here trust the GOP on the immigration issue??

    In 2004, the GOP platform opposed amnesty yet a few months later they were pushing for it.

    How did foreign moochers and illegal freeloaders become such a huge issue in American politics?   Shows that the U.S. is in trouble.

    Republicans campaign like Libertarians and govern like Democrats.

    —Harry Browne


    • holyflower

      “In 2004, the GOP platform opposed amnesty yet a few months later they were pushing for it.”


      And who blocked them, the Democrats?

      Bush-McCain-Lindsey-Graham-Kennedy-and-virtually the entire Democratic Party were stymied by the GOP.

  • razorrare

    The bigger problem is Legal Immigration…does the GOP platform address that? No…the neo-con platform is all fluff…they want to turn more illegals into legals…thats their solution to the illegal problem. Over 100,000 legal third worlders from countries like Somalia,Kenya,Haiti,etc come to the U.S. every month…and they all go immediately on govt benefit programs.Been going on for years..

    Yep,tired of seeing them(both parties)use illegal immigration as a deception to the greater problem of Legal immigration. In fact i am so tired i will not respond to another immigration article at all.

    • NM156

      No way! You need to keep hammering away on illegal immigration stories and argue why both are the same and why both need to be stopped. Don’t quit, and don’t feel sorry for yourself and the endless migraine that is the immigration problem. The public smashed amnesty in 2006 and 2007 and the DREAM Act in 2010, which was put down with both a Democratic Congress and a Democratic White House. America faces major economic setbacks soon, beginning in 2013, with the end of the election and the looming budget crisis and big, big problems in the EU that will have major economic consequences in the US. This collective crisis will present opportunities that must be exploited. Everyone needs to keep up the relentless pressure.

      • razorrare

        Problem is i have been hammering away on issues like illegal immigration & trade(Nixon opening up trade talks with China) policies since the early 70’s…all to no avail…and beginning in 1990 when immigration policy was allowing for over 1 million third worlders with no skills to immigrate to America legally each and every year and it hasnt stopped. I hammered away in the 60’s when blacks got their “civil rights” and our govt began their program of redistributing White peoples money for programs like welfare.I watched Nixon give blacks affirmative action at the expense of Whites and their children…on & on…and on top of all that its frustrating to read and see that many people think job losses and problems with immigration are relatively new…Govt jobs have outnumbered manufacturing jobs here in America for Decades…

        I only posted a response here because i saw no one had commented on Legal immigration being a bigger problem than illegal immigration…i do read all the comments…poster ‘the Celt’ comment was not there when i read the comments but it should have been according to the hrs ago he/she posted it…It is not an estimate we take in over 1,000,000 third worlders each and every year since 1990…it is an estimate that 500,000 illegals each year cross invade our borders,cities,towns,states,& neighborhoods…take a look at part two of Roy Becks Immigration by the Numbers…

        NumbersUSA site is where they originate from…i believe their is a total of 4 videos pertaining to Immigration by the Numbers…

        not sure if this will get you directly there…

      • razorrare

        Okay…this will get you to NumbersUSA site…be sure to watch the newest gumball illustration…much better than the one i posted…you can view all 4 parts here…

  • Major

    It’s up to us….You may not like the ‘white bread’ Romney…but….do you really want to hand your country over to scuzzie socialists, parasites, welfare crooks…illegal hispanics, terrorists, islamists, community organizers, unions and illiterate illegals?

    If you do…and you actually vote for this half breed, un American nutjob…who’s worse than Jimmah Carter….I’m not one who’ll defend or protect you from the onslaught.

  • You know it’s an election year when the Republicrats suddenly start pretending to care about the country.

    • Guest

       Exactly. If people haven’t figured that out yet, they deserve to get fleeced over and over again, which, as a matter of fact, is exactly what’s happening.

  • Guest

    Party platforms are meaningless. These are political documents designed to attract support from as many interest groups as possible, and the candidates usually ignore them completely if they manage to con enough voters to squirm their way into office.

    The Stupid Party may SAY it supports Arizona-style immigration laws, but what guarantee do we have that they’ll actually DO something? Past experience strongly suggests that they’ll continue with business as usual if they get elected, so why should we believe them? Why?

    This is the main problem with the entire system today. What GUARANTEE do we have that any of them are telling the truth about anything? There is no guarantee. We just have to take their word for it.

    I wouldn’t buy a used car under those conditions.

  • mobilebay

    “…bit will it be all talk and no action? How about stopping the goodies? That
    should start the exodus south.

  • holyflower

    Roy Beck is genetically bound at the hip with the neo-cons who want to get Romney in the White House so he will give them a new and catastrophically disastrous war against Iran.”
    ===Luke, please be good enough to supply a verifiable link where Roy Beck of NumbersUSA argues for a war against Iran.  I’ve followed Beck for years, never seen  interest in neo-con military adventurism.You and I both know that you cannot do that.  That’s because sometimes stances on one issue really are unrelated to a stances on another. For example, a large group of immigration restrictionists are avid environmentalists. They see the dire impact of immigration on the environment and don’t care anything about race issues.  These tend to be anti-foreign intervention as well.  NumbersUSA would lose these if it became one more white advocacy group. 

  • Florida_resident

    [In 1775, the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris, made the statement that the Academy “will no longer accept or deal with proposals concerning perpetual motion. The reasoning was that perpetual motion is impossible to achieve and that the search for it is time consuming and very expensive. According to the members of the academy, those bright minds dedicating their time and resources to this search, could be utilized much better in other, more reasonable endeavors.] Cited from 

    Nevertheless, I constantly see on Drudge report, on AmRen cite and in many other places, the advertisement “Power Companies HATE This!”. They cleverly suggest you to buy (for $50.00) _not_ the device itself, but the blueprints of that particular perpetual motion machine. When it will not work (and you may be sure it will _not_ work), all clams will be easily rejected: “Ha-ha, you did not assemble it right!”
    I can not believe that our public is that un-educated.
    Respectfully, Florida resident.

    • MarcusTrajanus

       All kinds of conspiracy theories flourish in right wing circles, many right wingers distrust government and the scientific establishment so  much they are willing to listen to and accept every crackpot theory and ignore and reject anything science says, even the basic laws of physics. (no, the left is certainly not immune to buying into crackpot notions, see the popularity of anti-vax and alternative “medicine” in such circles.)

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I’ve with you and razorrare that non-White immigration — whether legal or illegal — is THE most pressing problem facing White America — the outcome for Whites, loss of White homelands, will be dire.  Look no further than South African Whites to envision the future of Whites everywhere.

    Look, Jupiter — for years here I’ve had to suffer commenters blathering about “cutting off California from the U.S,” or “Letting Mexico have California” — really?  How does THAT solve the problem of massive illegal AND legal immigration — and why does anyone think where they are — or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter —  is safe from their community, neighborhood, children’s schools being colonized and taken over by non-Whites?? 

    I saw Mexican laborers in Alaska and Hawaii and truck drivers have reported on these threads about seeing Africans, Asians and Mexicans in Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas – places far from the borders or seaports. Non-Whites are spreading everywhere and have birthrates far above that of Whites.

    Come to California to see massive Asian colonization/job and White race replacement in action!!
    As Pat Buchanan said a few days ago:

    “California is lost forever”


    Whites are in physical danger in societies run by non-Whites.

  • maxsnafu

    The GOP is as serious about immigration control as they are about banning abortion which is to say they’re NOT serious. This platform language is only to placate the base.

    • MarcusTrajanus

       “as they are about banning abortion” I hope they aren’t serious about that. Whom do you think is having most abortions? Who is too irresponsible to use birth control? Whom do you think will not be able to pay for a safe abortion anyway if its made illegal?  Do people here who oppose abortion ever think what banning it will mean to non-White birth rates (I know the right wing Christians love whining about evil racist liberals committing genocide on blacks). And what if your daughter was raped and impregnated with a black, do you really want her to bear its spawn? Abortion has its uses, and sentimentalism over fertilized eggs and fetuses is just silly. The only abortions I would ever care to prevent are of healthy White children, and I’m sure that could be accomplished without coercion (plenty of couples want to adopt White children, and would be willing to pay the mother).

  • Epiminondas

    You can put what you like in the GOP platform, but Mittens won’t do anything about it unless forced to. He’s a liberal, a progressive, a noblesse oblige establishmentarian, and a Rockefeller Republican. They’re the very ones who got us into this fix. Durn persnickety politicians.

  • holyflower

    So does that mean your are supporting Obama to give him another four years to load up the federal judiciary with Sotomayor-Kagan types?

    You’re out of your mind, if that is your intent.

    Useless Middle Eastern Wars aren’t the only way to destroy a country.