Complaint: Okaloosa Schools Discriminate Against Black Students

Katie Tammen, NWF Daily News, August 7, 2012

The Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a federal complaint against the Okaloosa County School District, alleging disciplinary discrimination toward black students.

The 22-page document asserts that in the 2010-11 school year, black students accounted for about 47 percent of all in- and out-of-school suspensions, although they made up only 12 percent of the school district’s population.

The civil rights organization filed the complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights after more than a year of investigation.

View a copy of the complaint.

“It started with complaints that we received from parents in the Panhandle. We were just hearing all these stories and we were like, ‘What? Not in this day and age,’ ” said Stephanie Langer, the staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Florida office. “We were surprised and shocked with what we found.”

After studying school districts across the state, the organization decided to file complaints against the Okaloosa, Bay, Escambia, Flagler and Suwannee County school districts. The first complaint was filed in February and concluded last month with accusations filed against Okaloosa County.

Investigations have been launched in Escambia and Suwannee counties based on the complaint, Langer said.

“I think we have enough evidence to file in all 67 districts in Florida,” she said. “What we found were these five counties were very representative of what was happening in the state.”


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  • Hirene

    The SPLC is banking on getting an O.J. jury.

  • mikejones91

    Aren’t most teachers liberal anyway? One report I read said most offenses committed by black students were NON-violent, rather, they were verbal/defiance type deals. I think to myself—as a former public HS student—Defiance from a black student is usually MUCH different. Defiant white—laid back/cocky smirk on his face as he attempts to make his classmates laugh—Black defiance—the student is usually physically bigger than teacher–a kind of I will physically dominate you—I WILL disrespect you/emasculate you in front of this class—you can NOT/ will NOT do anything about it///I am the Alpha Male defiance.. Yeah, that’s definitely the reason.

    • Francis Galton


    • Chimp Master Rules

      I think teachers are predominantly liberal but this isn’t an issue they’re going to fall on their swords over. 

      If Rufus were to break into their neighbor’s house and kill, rape and steal they might feel sympathy . . . for Rufus . . . and his obviously misguided youth.

      But when Rufus is in THEIR classroom acting niggly then that disrupts the teacher’s ability to indoctrinate . . . uh, I mean teach. 

      So liberal . . . yes.  Tolerant of monkeyshines and disruptions in their classroom?  No way.

  • SPLC complains about too many black students being suspended.  So they get their way, fewer blacks are suspended, public schools become a third world blackboard jungle, driving more whites out.  Then the SPLC will complain about “segregation” in schools.

    • Well that’s the point right?  Make public schools so incredibly unpalatable to Whites that they flee in mass to the private schools and suburbs.  Then the SPLC and FedGov can say look at how racist Whitey is!  He needs to be taught a diversity lesson, preferably one that hits him in the pocket book. I mean they are playing the Hegelian Dialectic to a T. Hegel himself could not run it any better!

      • holyflower

        I’m suspect the Left’s efforts to make public schools “incredibly unpalatable to whites” is  less about spurring whites to flee — and thus establishing “how racist Whitey is” — than about driving driving down white fertility by making parenting as stressful and expensive as possible.

        That’s the effect, in any case.  Could it be the intent?


        • The Verdict of History

          The intent of integration and forced contact among the races is RACE-MIXING.

          Cold-blooded miscegenation…. nothing more. 

          • I agree.

            In social science, you learn that proximity fosters relationships. Basic really. If two groups live apart and never interact, they will never form relationships.

            “Progressives” know this. Their goal is to force everyone to intermix in the belief that when blacks and whites are forced to be around each other, they will naturally develop bonds. This does happen to some degree. Wiggers are an example. What also happens is that to accommodate everyone, the system has to drop to the lowest common denominator. 

            I’m not sure the social science studies took race into account but it doesn’t matter to “progressives”. Their goal seems to be to disrupt natural order. 

          • vladdy1

            Recent research shows that diversity leads to permanent problems in the “community.”

          • I know the point you were trying to make, and it’s hard to make if I try to change that word to something more civilized, so I left it as is.
            But let’s avoid the W-word.

          • Anonymous

            Even 40 years after forced integration, most races generally choose to live seperately and marry within their own race.  It’s only whites who are chided for it because we are easy to manipulate and guilt trip.  If whites were coldhearted and had a low tolerance for nonsense from anyone–especially nonwhites–these liberals and race hustlers would be out of a job.  The Civil Rights Movement never would have happened in the first place.

          • We need to come up with an alternate term for the “W-word”, much like the “F-word that means savage and untamed”, it gives a clear description, but is forbidden. 

          • I believe I have a term to describe white people acting black:


            White on the outside, black on the inside.

            Eminem is a snowcoal. 

      • NYB

        The SPLC plans on staying around forever. 

        Morris Dees is in his declining years, but the organization will live on past his demise, just as the Simon Wiesenthal Center will live on long after its founder and the last surviving Nazis are gone. 

        As long as it has a charter, the SPLC will be filing complaints.   The SPLC are whites who’ve found a perpetual way to get rich off the black man.

        • disqus2222

          The SPLC is not comprised of Whites.

          • Anonymous

            They are comprised of people who look and could pass for Europeans.  I think all these ‘anti racist’ groups should be only ran by blacks and hispanics and the Morris Dees types should only be allowed to do menial work within their organization.  I mean, hey, if they are “committed to ending (white) racism”, then they shouldn’t have a problem with it…right?

          • anarchyst

            It is those of the “tribe” that run the $PLC and ACLU and are bent on destruction of the (true) white race.  Yes, they appear to be white, but do not have white interests at heart.  Both organizations should be prosecuted, their “leaders” imprisoned, their assets frozen and their activities summarily banned for being un-American.
            At the least, all those who run these organizations should be required to register as “agents of a foreign government” as those who run these organizations have dual loyalties . . . and are communistic in nature . . .

        • anarchyst

          Looks like my previous post got censored.
          All one has to do is look who runs the $PLC and the ACLU and you will have your answer.

    • The same thing happens in every major haven of diversity. Students who want to learn are driven out by the savage and uncontrolled behavior of black adolescents. Teachers used to be respected. In these black urban schools, teachers are nothing more than high paid baby sitters, going through the motions. There is no such thing as discipline in these urban schools and without discipline there can be no learning. It’s just one giant con game now with hundreds of millions of dollars being funneled down a rat hole.

      • Anonymous

        I know of someone who taught in a Hispanic and black school and told me they felt they were a babysitter for them.  They said the whites and asian kids’ parents were always wanting to make sure their kids were doing well.  The black and hispanic parents didn’t care and/or always had some drama at the house.  It’s always “whitey’s fault”, huh?

    • Jim

      That’s no problem.  They can then sue again to get a Federal judge to force the district to raise billions of dollars in taxes to somehow entice white children back into the schools, like they did in the Kansas City school case.  I highly encourage you all to read this link:

      They will never give up or run out of things to sue over, because the essence of their suit is that black children aren’t the same as white children.  If you start with a given that black and white children are the same, and then they don’t get the same outcome, you will always have more to sue over.

      The judge forced Kansas City schools to spend about two billion dollars, roughly the same cost as a Mars robot mission.  The robot was successful in getting to Mars.  Kansas City achieved nothing at all for the same money.

      Someday this will end.  It won’t end with a day of puppies and rainbows and hugs, but it will end.

      •  Not only was nothing gained from the billions spent to make KCPS schools rhinestones, and not much more in the equivalent billions on this side of the state to do inter-district city-to-suburbs busing, the KCPS are so bad off that there were until recently serious proposals to eliminate the school district, and divide its territory among neighboring suburban districts.  Deseg through the back door.

  • 1proactive2

    The decline of this school will now begin as outside white liberal enablers defend the indefensible. 

    The costs of lawsuits are astronomical for school districts so they’ll settle by allowing the young feral black space-takers to act out, basically with impunity.  These young black space-takers know they can act out at will without punishment. Their value system dictates that acting civil is “acting white”. 

    Black kids aren’t “students”, btw.  They just take up space in a public building as they prey on others and socialize.

    Whites will now move out, blacks will take over, and then another cycle of school destruction will begin.

    • IstvanIN

       They’re pupils?

      • 1proactive2

        Officially, yes.  On the school record black students are “students” or “pupils”. In all reality, most are not. 

        Most blacks don’t go to school to learn because concientious learning is considered “Acting White”.  This goes against the black toxic tribal rules against being racially disloyal.  A black kid who violates this toxic tribal rule can get beaten senseless or at minimum, harassed by (I’m not allowed to use a word for “wild” here) hostile blacks.

        The black kid shows up at the school, the school gets paid per kid present on “count day”, and the blacks then spend their time in the building for the remaining year socializing, bullying for status, and/or preying on the weak for money and other valuables.  Hence, I refer to them as “space takers”.

        I’ve spent over 30 years in the area of corrections and forensic psychology to include running an alternative high school for a few years for the so named, “at risk youth”. I’ve lived in Detroit in one of the worst black areas while attending university, and in Pontiac, MI., for a few years. The latter is a majority black city. 

        I’ve used the word, “feral” to describe vicious and predatory people, black, hispanic, and white, when writing evaluations for the courts, and nary an objection was heard from the suits. I called them as I saw them. Even some defense lawyers cringed at the descriptions of black violent crimes.  

        During the process of writing these evaluations I had to describe their crimes in detail along with their psychological profile. The average White citizen would not believe what people in my profession have witnessed in the form of animalistic and barbaric behaviors. Blacks were by far the most savage and they cut their teeth in schools.

        Although I’m still in the field, working in a prison, I now live in an area that is safe, clean, and predominantly working class White. I Love it.

        • The Verdict of History

          Your story is vitally important and informative….

          Have you ever thought of writing an article about some of your experiences…???

          (at least those that you are free to disclose given your sensitive line of work)…

          • 1proactive2

            That is an avenue I’ve considered, but while still employed, I’d have to use a pseudonym and then find an acceptable place to publish, and one who would do so.

            Shameless plug: I’m currently writing a book of my years in the field, and the title of it will be “Send Your Kids To Jail; a manual”. The short explanation is that it’s a book on mutant parents and legitimate institutions enabling criminal behavior in kids. This article is one example.

            One chapter will be devoted to black and brown kids, and how they’re enabled to act out with impunity. Said chapter will also describe socially reinforced criminal acts unique to blacks and hispanics. An example of a unique black predation trait is their need to humiliate their victims before permanently maiming or killing them.

            The above is the plan IF I can find a publisher when done. It’s definitely not politically correct, and aside from the psychological theme and detail, I’m somewhat of a wiseguy in style. Then again, I’m from blue collar origins, and a combat vet with Vietnam service. My family never so much as owned a silver spoon, if you get my meaning. If I came across as an academic, I would fail in my mission.

          • holyflower

            I’m hearing that Kindle and other new publishing options are making self-publishing viable, even the preferred mode of publishing.

        • Anonymous

          The average white person who think “past discrimination” or “lack of funding/lack of opportunities/etc” is why blacks act the way they do.  If past oppression and past discrimination make people act bad, explain why the jews, the asians, the spainards (oppressed by muslims for 700 years), russians, ukrainians, armenians and such aren’t out robbing, stealing, raping, and having outbursts of anger?

        • Anonymous

          PS:  Why aren’t whites who have been victimized by black bigots in the US and the whites in South Africa facing genocide not out protesting and committing crimes like the blacks and hispanics do?

      • IanJMacDonald

        “Future criminals” is how one teacher friend of mien describes them.

  • razorrare

    I took the time to read the complaint…disparate impact my _ _ _!..Its unbelievable that these little thugs werent long ago expelled for infractions or disorderly  behaviour…the long list of infractions committed by each student is testament as to how the educational staff were bending over backwards  not to disipline these little thugs that would cause them to be expelled from school…in comparison,if a White child committed only 1/10th of the infractions that these little black thugs committed they would of been expelled much more swiftly & timely. Only discrimination i see here is the discrimination that puts the blame on the teachers(insinuating that they are “racists) for these unruly little black thugs behaviour.A counter-lawsuit should be filed by the school districts attorney against the SPLC for trying to mar & denigrate the character of these teachers and school administrators that they are claiming to be “Racists.”

  •  How many companies have been sued for failing to promote blacks, and in court when the employment file is opened it is short of details of just how poor the employee is?  We know how lackadaisical  schools are when it comes to keeping records of discipline. Now teachers are going to have to record every incident of disruption, disturbance,  vandalism, sex act, violence, OR, not record any at all, ever,  the only exception would be for attacks on the teacher I guess.
    White parents will have to pull their children out of schools with 10% or more  black populations, otherwise, with no fear of consequences,  it will be open season on them. literally.

     the rule for any organization dealing with blacks is: Document, Document, Document, otherwise you will be exploited.

    • IstvanIN

       Oh Gosh that is so true.

    • Aj

      I know someone who went to law school. His entire job is to be basically a judge for the department of education to decide if suspension/expulsions are justified. The student will have the right to hire a  lawyer and be able to present his case. This is for public high schools mind you. It is insane. If the kid (who often may be 18, 19, or 20 years old) is a terror you would think they could just get rid of them but nooooo….god forbid some little Eisenstein be suspended from  school and miss out on curing cancer.

  • joewest666

    Morris Dees made way more money off blacks than any black race hustler ever did.

    • 1proactive2

      There is a huge segment of the American population that loves being conned. Think; Obama voter. Then again, think; Democrat voter. Some people are just meant to be sheep.

      • Sloppo

        The democratic party is there to fool the stupid and lazy people.  The republican party is there to fool more intelligent and responsible people.  Both parties are owned by the same people and they do pretty much the same things, but they do those things at different rates.

        • 1proactive2

          You make a good and accurate point. A majority of the population (I think) has become spellbound by rhetoric over substance. Even the Repubs now promise “free stuff” to potential voters. Nobody seems to ask who will pay the freight, however.

  • Well, that didn’t take long.  Hopefully this trial occurs soon, embarrassing the President as he seeks reelection.  I bet the leftists are hoping that these shocking civil rights violations will underscore the need for affirmative action at the highest levels of government.  Not any more, thanks to the Internet.

    • vladdy1

      Bet this is coordinated with the White House. Arne Duncan and obama himself have already been publicizing this as the next area they will be interfering with.

  • B

    The data also can mean the obvious,  that blacks are more disruptive and thus disciplined more often for it. Where is this evidence of racial bias necesary for such a lawsuit? This suit should be tossed if it is based just on outcomes.

    • John_D01

      The Supreme Court already demonstrated that they care nothing about the truth when it comes to unequally distributed outcomes, whether the outcomes have to do with NAMs failing at police/fire exams, or whether it is more NAMs being disciplined for bad behavior than Whites/Asians.

      They’re not interested at all in the actual behavior, or whether NAMs are actually doing worse on the exams.  At all costs, they want to disassociate the behavior from its natural consequence.  It’s really fairy tale land that these liberals live in.  So, we get the absurdity that is “disparate impact” out of the Supreme Court, which is nothing less than blatant anti-White (and for that matter anti-Asian) State sponsored discrimination

  • John_D01

    Should be easy enough to just install video recorders in school rooms.  Let the world see these little darlings in action, so they can judge for themselves whether it’s discrimination or abhorrent ghetto behavior that gets them in trouble.  As if they really care about the truth of the matter.

    • John_D01

      When I first saw that my comment was appended with “Edited by a moderator” I thought, it appears to be exactly what I wrote in the first place.  I didn’t even see a change.  Then I saw another commenter say that you cannot used a word that means wild and undomesticated, and I remembered that I did in fact use that word.  Did not know that was prohibited here.  For clarification, so I’ll know what to avoid, is it the specific word that means wild/undomesticated the thing that is impermissible, or is it the very idea of characterizing people that behave in an uncivilized manner as wild and undomesticated the thing that is impermissible?  I don’t have a problem avoiding the use of that word.  Just wondering whether the concept needs to be avoided as well.

      • Indeed.  Let’s not call human beings “feral,” even as tempting as it might be in certain cases with certain (ahem) people.  While we’re at it, we should turn off our caps lock keys.  You know who you are.

        • How about untamed or undomesticated? Can we use those words when describing “certain” people?

          • Not a good idea.  My third to last g/f said that a lot to me on the way to the relationship crashing and burning.

          • Very well…. For what it’s worth, I think she was wrong!

          • The Verdict of History

            Dear Mod.

            Why does Amren express such sensitivity over Whites – in what is one of a still small number of settings that allow for venting what are our honest impressions – saying what is clearly observable ?

          • I am not aware that AR wasn’t a place for honest discussion about race.

          • The Verdict of History

             Given that it is an honest place of discussion of the nation’s racial issues….

            … It seems puzzling that a term (the now controversial “w-word”), which so aptly and precisely describes much of the more troublesome behavior of many of our citizens of non-European dissent, is to be deleted from our race realist anti-PC lexicon.

            Why not call a spade a spade?

            After all, what is so unusual or explosive about referring to certain individuals in this manner? Is it immature? I thought of the w-word as somewhat mild and generous, considering how strongly White Nationalists and Race Realists feel about about certain individuals. Dehumanization of these certain individuals is an engagement which we did not invent. The blacks dehumanize themselves everyday. We should point this out, and call it how we honestly see it.

            Is amren undergoing some sort of sanitizing process to appease our critics? Is Amren becoming unsure about its heretofore refreshingly potent and plainly honest style?

            This is the last I’ll say on the matter.

          • Verdict,

            You must be relatively new here.  Jared Taylor has always wanted AR in weblog/forum form to maintain a civilized discussion on race.  Flippant use of n-words and w-words and f-words and similar words don’t fit in to that mission.

  • toldev

     The official complaint makes for some interesting reading.

    “E.G is a 16 year old African American student………. in the 8th grade”
    “J.S. is a 17 year old African American student………. in the 9th grade”

  • Detroit_WASP

    Why are you white people so racist?  LOL

  • The Verdict of History

    The situation you are subject to saddens and ANGERS me deeply…

  • Chimp Master Rules

    Hilarious.  My favorite specimen of nigratude is “JS” . . . “17-years old and just starting the 9th grade.”

    My guess is that every one of these little monsters has a six-inch thick stack of complaints and for every complaint there are 5-6 other things they did that weren’t written up.   Which means the district’s real crime is having the guts to say “no more.”

    SPLC won’t win the battle but they’ll win the war.  That’s all they really want . . . to bully schools into being more gentle with the SPLC’s pets than with normal children.   Blacks are special, don’t you know?

    • Tom

      Most state laws say that students who disrupt learning will be removed from the classroom.  However, with NCLB in effect,  the term “disrupt learning” is open to interpretation.  

      For example, I was threatened by a half-black male every day in my 8th grade classroom.  The disruptions were so bad that I eventually began to hope that he would physically assault me.  One bloody nose would be worth getting rid of the “student” once and for all.  Luckily he was eventually expelled for possessing drugs in school.

      Ironically, I was later fired for “assaulting” a student – I told the student that I would haul him to the office if he did not stop screaming in my class and the school viewed that comment as a threat of physical violence against the student so I was out the next day. 

      Avoid public schools in the USA, especially if the school has more than 10% minority students and if you are a white male.  

      I am still looking for another teaching job, so e-mail me if you know of any.  My e-mail link is valid.

      • 1proactive2

        If it’s any consolation, the kid will do hard time in short order. He and his behavior has been rewarded by the school district, and he now feels empowered. Wait till he gets behind the razor wire where he’ll meet felons who have been in the weight pit for years and without a woman. You think he yelled loud in class? Not even close. 

  • Aaron997

    Blacks make up 12% of students and 47% of students who get disciplined.  Blacks make up 13% of adults, and 50% or adults who go to jail.

    The teachers and the justice system are discriminating against blacks at almost exactly the same rates.  What an amazing coincidence.

    • The__Bobster

      Hey, no fair using facts and logic. Tell us how you “feel” instead.

  • The__Bobster

    Should Schools Have Racial Disciplinary Quotas?
    By Allan Wall on July 28, 2012 at 1:57pm Should schools have racial disciplinary quotas? For example, if a teacher has a class with 50% white students and 50% black students, should the list of students sent to the office or punished in any way also be 50-50?That looks like what one of Obama’s recent executive orders would lead to.This is from the Daily Caller´s Obama Backs Race-Based School Discipline Policies (Neil Munro, The Daily Caller, July 27th, 2012):President Barack Obama is backing a controversial campaign by progressives to regulate schools’ disciplinary actions so that members of major racial and ethnic groups are penalized at equal rates, regardless of individuals’ behavior. His July 26 executive order established a government panel to promote “a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”

  • pablo

    Here we go again with the NEW liberal standard of equality for EVERYTHING, regardless of merit or action. 

    So if blacks do 10 school violations and whites 1, the black group should only get 1 penalty. Even steven. 
    The logic ( or lack of it ) from liberals. Of course the nba being 90% black, well, the black ballers earned it. There they don’t see any need for absolute equality. 

  • anarchyst

    I attended a Catholic elementary and high school in the early 1960’s.  Even then, blacks were “given a pass” and treated less harshly for misbehavior.  I guess that the nuns and teachers were sympathetic to the black struggle for “civil rights” and adjusted their punishment accordingly . . .

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Does the SPLC have any idea what would happen to them in a Black controlled society especially were it controlled by the extreme delusional psychotic militant Blacks ( a major redundancy)?  
    Do they defend the Palestinians to be suicide bombers as well?
    On another topic has anyone noticed the number of Blacks who are increasingly showing up on TV commercials? It seems as though in the last few months,  the number of Whites in commercials has sharply dropped and those who remain, more and more are required to portray idiots. There’s one where an attractive White Blonde is talking to this macho looking Black male who is chatting her up. And she tells him that she’s waiting for her boyfriend who is French. The boyfriend is a slovenly, fat, long greasy haired, bearded  idiot who walks with the palms of his hands to the rear. He stops and says “Bahn Joor” ( I transliterated the poor pronunciation) to the Black guy and away the girl goes with him. She turns around and gives the Black guy a quick smile which seems to promise him something for later.
    The juxtaposition of the lovely White woman, the ” got it all together”, self assured Black Male and the always feminized, physically unattractive , poor excuse for a man White guy is the ultimate insult and it’s becoming more frequent with each day. 
    Why are  these commercial actors  willing to degrade themselves like that?
    The answer to that is given by Andrew Dice Clay in one of his parodies of nursery rhymes. 
    “Little Boy Blue. Hey he needed the money”.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    I did see that one. It’s become an epidemic. The absolute worst was the Alarm system ad where the  milquetoast White husband is walking up to his house just as the muscular Black  installer stud is on his way out and as he passes by the husband he gives him this almost threatening look while the wife stands on the step and waves goodbye  and smiles at the Afro while bouncing up and down on her heels and toes.  Maybe I have a dirty mind but it’s as though she already had sex with him. (The installer looks like the same one who plays the fierce looking ORKIN exterminator who scares the termite away with a stern look. )

    As the husband reaches the door, the wife has already locked him out and alarmed all the doors. It’s suddenly switches to night time and the husband is still at the front door pleading with her to let him in. 

    There isn’t even an attempt at subtlety anymore. This shows you the contempt that the advertisers have  for us. It’s too bad that we can’t boycott everything.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    I still can’t understand the censoring of words like “feral”, “savage” and “beast”.  If one studies the murders in Knoxville, Wichita and the countless others; some of which may be happening as I type this. I don’t know how else you could describe hominids who could commit such atrocities against someone. 
    If we call them bastards or sons of bitches that would also be ” edited”. Isn’t that as dishonest as calling gangs of  young ferals “youths”?

    • We just tell the important news, then discuss it in an adult matter, and let the adjectives take care of themselves.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Fair enough.