Asian-American Men Less Likely to Date Interracially

Niala Boodhoo, WBEZ, August 29, 2012

Who you date—as well as who you marry—is one of the most intensely personal decisions someone makes. So it’s easy to overlook the broader role society, culture and yes, even race plays in that decision.

Hardy Kim is a second generation Korean-American. He grew up in Gross Pointe, Michigan, and now lives in Oak Park. From an early age, he was told he needed to marry a Korean woman. So naturally, he rebelled.

“I didn’t necessarily say to myself, I wouldn’t marry a Korean-American woman, but I definitely thought, there’s no way I am going to marry a woman straight from Korea,” he said.

Marriage rates across the U.S. are generally declining. But they’re still high for Asian-Americans. As one of the smallest racial minorities here, it’s not that surprising Asians have some of the highest rates of interracial marriage. But Asian-American women are twice as likely as their male counterparts to marry outside their race.

Here’s why.

C.N. Le’s a sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He said that if you look at marriage from a traditional standpoint, many people have viewed it as a way to become more economically successful—or at least, stable.

“So you would think based on that sort of traditional motivation women would marry the most socioeconomically successful men. If that were the sole criteria, then Asian-American men would be near the top of the list,” he said.

But—they’re not. Asian-American men are second only to black women for having the lowest rates of interracial marriage.

Le thinks at least part of this is due to pervasive cultural stereotypes. You know them: Asian-American men are at best nerdy, at worst, neutered or not masculine enough. Le says that creates what he calls a “cultural penalty” in the dating world. And then he cited research that actually quantifies this.

“In crunching the numbers, they found on an aggregate level, Latino men have to make something like $70,000 more than a comparable white man for a white woman to be open to dating them,” he said, adding for African-American men, that figure is closer to $120,000.

For Asian-American men? It’s $250,000 more than a comparable white male would make.


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  • CoweringCoward

    Perhaps American women are size queens after all.

  • WmarkW

    For black women, men don’t have to earn anything at all to be willing to procreate with them.

    • Mahound

      Proceeds from a bit of drugdealing and welfare is enough.

    •  A colt .45 and a blunt seems to be the magic ticket.

    • crystal evans

       or some chicken nuggets or a hamburger will do.

    • Detroit_WASP

      WmarkW, you are wise!  Uncle (whitey) Sam provides all they need.  Life is an endless vacation to low IQ blacks. 

    • Dr. Möbias

      You’ve got it backwards.  It is the women who have the “earnings” i.e., government entitlements  like housing, SNAP cards, “cash welfare,” etc.  The men are the ones “courting” them for their benefits and a place to stay.

      • OPersephone


  • Magician

    This article….

    I wonder what is going on in the mind of the guy who wrote the article.

    There are many factors when a woman chooses her man, in addition to the thickness of his wallet.

    There are  a plenty of great men who get together with beautiful women, even if they are not making a lot, whereas there are some men who have a lot of trouble winning a woman’s heart even if he has all the money in this world.  Also, just because man A makes exactly same amount of money as man B, does not mean all women in the world will like man A exactly as much as they like man B.  

    Are Asian-American men the racial group least likely to intermarry?  Of course they are!!


    1. Black men and obese white women love each other
    2. Some white men love Asian women no matter how unattractive she is.  

    I feel there are some white men who attempt to marry Asian women simply because they are Asian women.  

    • Detroit_WASP

      Many Asian women are beautiful.  Also smart and loyal.  What’s not to like?

  • Ulick

    It’s likely a result of ‘The Bad Boy’ syndrome.  Women have long gotten a thrill from dating the bad boy, even when dating was almost exclusively intra-racial.  Today, many women (particularly white women) double their dating thrill seeking in one fell swoop.  They not only pursue ‘the bad boy’, but they pursue a non-white bad boy to also get a thrill from breaking the historic taboo on inter-racial dating.  More often than not, that means a black guy with an attitude who seems thrilling right up until the moment that he punches her in the face.
    Very few Asian men fall into the bad boy category, so they come up short in attracting women looking to double their thrill seeking pleasure.

    • IstvanIN

       So basically saying that since “Asian” men are the least likely to rape and murder them white women aren’t interested?  Could be.

    • RisingReich

      Your assessment of white women and idiotic ‘metrics’ they use to ‘evaluate’ possible mating partners makes me see RED, because I know it’s true.

      Dear White Women who love ‘adventure’,

      When you are done ‘adventuring’ don’t expect to be rewarded with a stable family life, income or a traditional ‘white’ family existence when you approach your White brethren with two dusky mouths to feed behind you after your ‘mate’ beats the bejesus out of you or is otherwise AWOL.

      Why would I waste my life, earned treasure and otherwise misery-free (by design) life on your two ugly spawn while constantly being told self-righteously I’m not holding up my end of the bargain?

      Marriage is a contract, and for a contract to be valid consideration is to be made by both parties entering into the contract.  As a white women who saw it fit to betray her genetics and race you bring NOTHING to the table.  You are LESS than an asset at that point – you ARE a LIABILITY.  Big time.

      Go find some other gullible sap to sulk with his head down behind you.  I’m not buying your tainted guilt ridden product you are selling.  I was boring and stable before, but now you need help so I’m acceptable now?

      You made your bed, ‘ladies’.



      • 1911ThePunisher45

        When the economy collapses and the foodstamps stop, white whore race tratiors will flock back to the white men who banded together and kept their town/county safe and civilized with some food, at that point even 1 meal a day will surfice(yes it will be THAT bad).

        The white women with one, or two, or even three, or more dusky sprogs in tow will be in the most trouble out of any one. No self respecting white man(and that will be all thats left at this point) will take them, none will raise a halfbreed. This is the destiny of the race tratior. I hope the white women who have had an active hand in attcking the white man live it up, soon it will end in a Mad Max scenario. They will suffer the most, as they deserve to for betraying their own.

        I will have no sympathy.

        • 1911ThePunisher45

          Why was the above post removed? All he/she did was state their oppinion without foul language.

          • RisingReich

            Something’s up since I’ve had a number of my posts removed this evening.  But I admittedly push it a bit, I suppose.

    • That’s especially true of Jewish women. Jewish girls in high school will date Bantus so as to “get back” at daddy.

      • >>Jewish girls in high school will date Bantus so as to “get back” at daddy. 

        Dating Gentiles, in general, is a good way of getting back at Daddy.  I had a Jewish girl friend in High School.  She was the first girl to really push sex on me.  (All my Catholic girl friends, you had to plot a line of attack like Gen. Patton to even get a feel of a bra strap.)  Then after high school, having sent the message to Daddy, it was on with the Jewish fella she eventually married.

  • “Asian-American men are second only to black women for having the lowest rates of interracial marriage.”  This finding doesn’t surprise me.  Women want masculine men.  Men want feminine women.  These two groups fall lowest on their respective scales.

    • That’s why you never hear of white men taking sex tourism vacations to Africa.

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        I’ve heard of white women taking sex vacations to Jamaica. There are multiple videos about it on youtube, always with afrocentrist, black supremist comments about the white women leaving the white man in droves(and they are), comments about white womem acting like a slut in bars, white women can’t seem to keep their hands off the bucks according to them.

        You reep what you sow. Soon the tratiors will learn the hard way. They will half to watch their halfbreed bastard children starve all because they wanted…wanted…I really don’t know what they wanted out of it, but all they will get is suffering.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Only as a form of suicide.

      • Why WOULD a white man go to Africa just to pursue a woman who looks like Eryka Badu or Moms Mabley? 

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       “Asian-American men are second only to black women for having the lowest rates of interracial marriage.” 

      I suppose Asian men could start dating black women.  Fat chance. 

  • maxsnafu

    This illustrates what gold diggers White American women are.

  • OPersephone

    Asian men tend to be short, gracile and free of body hair. They also have the least expressive faces. All these are impediments to attracting white females.

    • crystal evans

       Not all Asian men are free of body hair. Okinawans are not. They have more body hair than other Asians do. Not all Asians are short. Golfer Michelle Wie who is pure Korean is over six feet tall.

      • OPersephone

        There are always exceptions to the rule. I said they *tend to be* those things, which is true. Those who are exceptions (tall, muscular etc.) are probably the most likely to attract a white female, because they more closely conform to the “markers” of our racial conception of masculinity.

        • Athling

          I have little doubt there are some white women that would entertain having sex with Big Foot if he could be harnessed properly.

          How’s that for masculine markers?

          • 1911ThePunisher45

            There are some that have sex with blacks…Bigfoot would be an improvement.

      • Golfer Michelle Wie who is pure Korean is over six feet tall.”  A macho woman golfer?  I bet she has other “contra naturam” aspects too…

      • WhiteGuyInJapan

         The Japanese are getting bigger with every generation after WWII.  I work at a junior high school and some of the boys are around 180cm (almost my height!).

        Their diet has changed considerably in recent years.  They are getting taller but also starting to have issues with obesity, heart disease, etc.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Not so sure about the body hair part.  I think many  white womane detest body hair.  Lots of young men now shave it.  But in general, I think you are right.

      • As for body hair, you’re wrong. I’ve had it more than enough & never regretted. They call it “love carpet”.

    • potato78

  • Stan_Mute

    Missing here is the fact that women are herd animals and the media has not spent 24/7 broadcasting the amazing virility, intelligence, and goodness compared to African men. The default position for a white woman is a white man, but for those who want to be “cool” or “hip” the media has dedicated more than an entire generation to convince them that Africans are the answer. If that level of energetic deceit was spent advertising oriental men the result of this study would be entirely different.

    • but it’s not just some advertising ploy.  We white men in this day and age are so often falling down on the masculinity score, it’s not surprising that the women turn to blacks.  it’s a matter of virtue, agreed, but you don’t always get virtue when you want it.  Goes back to the garden of EDEN.

  • frmore

    “Adding for African-American men, that figure is closer to $120,000”?  I don’t see that at all. Look like there’s a correlation with coalburning when the white female is morbidly obese with both chronic hygiene and self-esteem issues. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    Study: An Asian has to make $250,000 more than a white men for white women to be interested,

    which says more about White women than we can bear hearing.

    • OPersephone

      What? That white women, like women everywhere in the world, are evolutionarily adapted to be attracted towards security? How is that any worse than men being evolutionarily adapted to be attracted towards a shapely figure? These are just natural predispositions, nothing to be bitter about.

      • Church_of_Jed

        But when a White woman doesn’t consider her first duty to make Whites Only babies, then she’s allowing sin to override virtue.

        • 1911ThePunisher45


      • Athling

        Following your logic there wouldn’t be any white women. There wouldn’t be a white race. Something that means very little if anything to women such as yourself?

        Focus on this:

        It took the mating of white men AND white women to create the greatest minds and civilizations that have existed on this planet. The white woman mated up with Africans = living in mud huts.

        • IstvanIN

           If women everywhere were attracted to security then there would be precious few black babies.  Black men are the least secure mates any where in the animal kingdom.

        • OPersephone

          It’s not “my” logic. It’s just a fact. It’s also only one facet of mate selection, and not one that takes top priority for all women. There will always be some for whom material wealth is the most important thing, while for most there are other considerations which are more important.

          As for “women such as myself” — I am a racialist and a white nationalist. I have never been with a man outside my own race and never would. I am happily married to a hard-working (but non-wealthy) white man and I homeschool our beautiful, smart white children. Okay?

          White women are not the only ones committing miscegenation these days. They are influenced by the same school and media brainwashing as every other segment of society. I simply take exception to commenters here implying that white women are somehow uniquely guilty of this and do it more than white men, for example.

          • Athling

            “It’s not ‘my’ logic. It’s just a fact.”

            That could be true except for one tiny little detail that you, S. Sailer, the MSM, advertisers, Academia, Leftists, and the younger generation who have been brain-washed by all of them — morality. The moral code meant to ensure the well being and survival of our people.

            Man is much more than an animal with instincts upon which he acts. If morality is excluded man is capable of anything. No evil can be excluded.

            Two additional points need to also be mentioned here that the brain-washed white woman on the arm of an African never realizes. They see the black man in the white man’s clothes, driving the white man’s cars, employed in the white man’s occupations, benefiting from the white man’s medicine, and using the white man’s technology, what these white women don’t see is the black man in his own natural environment — Africa. Take a good look at black men living in the crude and primitive civilizations he alone has created. Maybe white women would see the black man a little more realistically then. No?

            The second aspect that many white women fail to see is that the black man is a competitor with the white man. They are at odds each with the other for control of all manner of resources and indeed control of the country. When a white man therefore sees.a white woman on the arm of a black man, a white woman who has had his mulatto offspring, accepting his primitive.genetic material into ber blood stream, choosing him over her own men and race, what does that say to the white man?

            It screams race traitor and much more. It tells me all I need to know about her. She has become an enemy. An enemy of my race and people.

          • Athling

            There is no one who appreciates and who cares more about good white women than I. But I grow weary of the evil I see today.

          • RisingReich

             “When a white man therefore sees a white woman on the arm of a black
            man, a white woman who has had his mulatto offspring, accepting his
            primitive genetic material into ber blood stream, choosing him over her
            own men and race, what does that say to the white man?

            It screams race traitor and much more. It tells me all I need to know
            about her. She has become an enemy. An enemy of my race and people.”

            This is all I was trying to say on my earlier deleted post.

          • OPersephone

            I’m not sure, but it seems you have misinterpreted something I have written and are determined to pick a fight with me. I agree with everything you say. Morality is not a tiny detail I forgot — it is probably the most important counter to the attitudes we’re discussing – but it’s not what I was writing about. My intention was ONLY to point out the biological urge that women have to seek security, not to write a thesis on every facet of the problem. Yes, of course miscegenation is a moral issue. However, my point was that it’s not a moral issue only affecting white women, which is what seemed to be implied in the first comment. It is a moral issue that affects a heck of a lot of white men, as well — in fact it was affecting white men long, long before it ever affected white women. You seem to be fixating on isolated words in my posts and ignoring the rest of my explanations. I deeply resent being lumped in with the people you mentioned. I am on your side. Okay? I AGREE WITH YOU.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Excellent points!

  • crystal evans

     I can understand him not wanting to marry a Korean women fresh off the boat but what about Korean American women? I also wonder if a man who is part Asian suffers the same thing as well?

    • bluffcreek1967

      Generally, White women are not attracted to Asian men (whether they are full or half Asian). I know there are exceptions (e.g., Bruce Lee and his White wife), but this is very much the truth.

      Asian men, I think, are perceived by White women as somewhat nerdy, lacking in confidence and they are most often short or at least smaller than many White women – and the ladies almost always prefer a taller man. Asian men are also rarely seen as the “bad boy” which is less desirable to many White gals.

      So, at least in this sense, it’s good that White women are not normally attracted to Asian men because that’s one less race that White men have to compete with. Unfortunately, many White women are attracted to Black men (and Hispanic men too). However, I think that many White guys, upon learning that a White gal they might have interest in, likes to date Blacks or has dated them in the past, instantly lose their respect and attraction for them. And it’s not because such White men are intimidated by Blacks or feel inferior to them, but simply because they have such low opinions of Blacks that they feel repulsed at the women who date them and thereby lower themselves. It’s rarely stated publically these days, but whenever a White woman dates or marries a Black man, she lowers herself. Yet, when a Black man dates or marries a White woman, he elevates himself (or at least in his eyes he does).

      The only thing I will add is that from my personal observation, the kind of White women I see with Black men are most often obese, frumpy, sloppy and absolutely class-less. Often, they try to “talk Black” themselves and carry on with the mannerisms of ghetto Black folks. It’s really disgusting.     

  • dmxinc

    Sad our women will leave at any price.

  • potato78

    Non sense. Upgrade one party and downgrade the other.

    Not  a lot of far east men really like to date “white” women.
    “white” women should be divided into several categories.
    Whites really fit far east men must have really fair tender skin without hair, very cute, small nose, no body smell, not too big eyes, no smoke, no drink, not big or large body or potential large, and have to be loyal for common family goals.   In such categorical white females, really is minority and minority.

    • crystal evans

      How much $$$ in his wallet and if he spends it on her will make all the difference.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       “Far east females are the most “submissive” and feminine women in the world.”

      Submissive?  Utter nonsense.  Speaking from years of experience, mind you.

  • potato78

    They all are very pretty but very different style.

    From beautyism

    From sexism

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Nice video.  Anyone notice any apes on the beach with those Polish girls?  Me neither.  Only the barely intelligible “narrator” was obviously some sort of african.

      I spent a year in Warsaw. Each day at the office I had to traverse the customer support section, 100% attractive girls. I mean REALLY attractive girls. I got so many invitations to parties, but as a faithful husband, I had to decline. (Considering what my future ex was up to in the states, in retrospect, I might have chosen poorly).

      Did I mention they were REALLY attractive?

  • Just another example of how foolish some American white women are — preferring to date blacks over Asians, unbelievable! What more need be said? Small wonder many white guys are going for Asian gals.

    Fred on Everything did an excellent article explaining the attraction of Asian gals nowadays, and a lot of it has to do w/attitude and behavior, not looks.
    “Why White Men Prefer Asian Women”

    IMHO, a lot of the blame for white gals acting so foolishly is: (1) their parents allowing the main stream media (MSM) have a greater influence on their daughters than they themselves do and (2) w/fathers for going along w/the MSM, their wives, and daughters and abandoning their traditional role of gatekeeper to their daughter’s hearts, minds, and bodies. Related: (3) sending daughters off to college, where they are stripped of any parental oversight and protection and often start spiraling downward.

    •  May I add:

      (4) White girls watch their white fathers drool over black athletes in front of the idiot box for hours on end every Saturday and Sunday during the autumn.

    • Ulick

      “Fred on Everything did an excellent article explaining the attraction of Asian gals nowadays, and a lot of it has to do w/attitude and behavior, not looks.”

      Asian gals also make those awesome sounds during sex.  Just sayin’.

    • potato78

       This is called BAD INFLUENCE,

      Might be the most possible reason that white women like black men with big.

    •  I’d rather they didn’t date blacks OR Asians.

  • RisingReich

     Amazing how one question can cut through all the peripheral crap and get right to the point isn’t it?

    I’m sure you know the answer to your question.  

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Dude, all our comments got deleted… WTF?

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Careful.  You said “WTF.”

      • RisingReich

        I believe it was because we were deemed too harsh on white women race traitors.

        • We have the same problem every time we run an interracial story.  The vituperative against white women gets over the top.  I’m not speaking to any one poster specifically, I’m speaking to AR collectively.

          • Thanks. For the good of my self-esteem and blood pressure, I actively avoid posting on this type of story. I refuse to allow some troll call me a slut because I dare show my ankles, or by whatever anachronistic standard of modesty I’m being compared.

          • 1911ThePunisher45

            All I did was point out historical fact. In an economic collapse single mothers suffer most. Women with mixed children suffer the most out of all. Should I point to a Soviet example? What EXACTLY did I say that was offensive? I’m at least owed that, an explanation.

  • bubo

    Sorry Asian man, you aren’t liable to reach “favored minority” status anytime soon.  You are too close to being white.   Leftists don’t care if you can’t get a white girlfriend.  

    In other news, yet again in my town a missing white woman’s black boyfriend was arrested for her murder.   

  • OPersephone

    There’s a big difference between a man who tries not to reveal too much on his face, even though it is expressive, and a man whose facial expressions are simply more limited and unreadable because of his foreign features. A woman especially wants to see tenderness, desire and passion on her lover’s face. A stoical white man can be even more appealing in this respect, due to the satisfaction of making him show his feelings despite himself.

    We all have a kind of facial interpretation chart in our heads, and what it contains is determined by the race of the society in which we grow up. Keanu Reeves has some Asian ancestry, which may explain why his acting is often criticized as “wooden” — it’s due to white people not being able to easily perceive the expected range of expressions on his face, because they think of him as white when that’s only partially true.

  • 1911ThePunisher45

    Thats hilarious. Did he really do that?

  • “I didn’t necessarily say to myself, I wouldn’t marry a Korean-American
    woman, but I definitely thought, there’s no way I am going to marry a
    woman straight from Korea”

    Yeah because Real Koreans from Korea don’t like Korean-Americans because they are just a slap-on image of “American” on a Korean which is a copy of the real thing. Even the English language doesn’t look right on the Korean-American. That’s why you don’t come out on National TV. You are OUT OF PLACE in America. Retard.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      You just get better and better.  I admire the Korean quality of how they view themselves.  Is it racial supremacy?  I don’t know, but it sure seems healthy to me.

  • OPersephone

    I don’t think Asian women’s faces are quite as inexpressive as the men’s. Perhaps that small difference has to do with cultural expectations of male & female behavior.

    Also, men don’t care as much as women about emotional expression, so to most men a woman who had a beautiful but inexpressive face would probably still be attractive.

  • Let me tell you something. If you are using somebody elses language living in somebody elses land, That makes you a slave and a forgery of the natives. Go back to Korea if you are Korean-American and stop trying to be cool. There is nobody better for yourself than somebody who shares your common origin.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Keep on preaching, Jason.

    • The fist part is absurd. Modern Indo-European (and other European languages like Euskara, Galllego, Finnish, Magyar, ..) tongues are almost invariably product of mixing with other, more ancient and cultured languages. Virtually all scientific and technical English vocabulary is from Greek and Latin; and modern English is an alloy of Saxon and Norman French. Having in mind that British ruling dynasty is from 17th century German- does it imply that British monarchy during Queen Victoria was, actually, something of a slave ?

      That’s absurd.

  • Stop using Koreans and generalizing them into the Asian group. We Koreans don’t fit into your description of interracial marriage statistics.  We don’t want to be part of it. Koreans marry ONLY Koreans. Stop using Koreans Asshole.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      And MY comments get deleted?

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Good point, but you gotta love Jason’s rant.

        • RisingReich

           I really wished I’d have stayed up to read Jason’s post, since it’s deleted.  Must have had some substance to it, judging from others’ deleted post content.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Let it suffice to say, that Jason is proud of his Korean heritage, and prefers a flower that has blossomed in her own garden.  And let it also be enough to say, that he takes great offense in being grouped with those who do not.  I’d like to know him, and call him friend, for his sentiments do him and his people credit.

      • RisingReich

         I’ve read one or two on here that are still up and thought the same thing.

  • Asian men are ugly.  Mystery solved.

    • Reo

      I tried. Here’s the results

      Asian men are “undesirable”

      White men are “creepy, boring, the worst”

      What’s your take?

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Nice to know that my race is worth somewhere between $70-250K to white women.  Sort of gives one a little hope, doesn’t it?

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     Not many pure-blooded Ainu left nowadays.  They tended to have more body hair and have more Caucasian facial features (deep-set eyes, etc.) but researchers have determined that the Ainu are Mongoloid not Caucasoid.

    • crystal evans

      I wonder if the Ainu are in reality a mixed race like the Okinawans who are Japanese Chinese and Russian?

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     Symmetry and neoteny.  On average East Asians have lower rates of testosterone and slightly delayed rates of physical development.  Add less developed secondary sexual characteristics and a certain cranial structures and the result is a more youthful-looking people.

  • rightrightright

    “Asian men” covers all from the Far East through to the Indian sub-continent and on to Turkey.  That’s a lot of different looking, different thinking chaps.   The Asians who for me would be beyond the pale are the runty little chaps from India and Turkey who run to fat as soon as they hit 30.  Koreans?  They are taller, fitter, have brains and assimilate quite well into Western society.   They also don’t look like girls, the way so many Chinese and Japanese men do.

  • About 10yrs ago in a movie called- Another Teen Movie-  or something like that there was a white character who acted Asian throughout the movie.  It was a ridiculous movie, but that part was so funny. It was a slap at all the white kids who go around acting black.  Very funny take on the situation.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Asians, with their poker-straight black hair and brown eyes cannot pass on the blonde, red, light brown, black and auburn hair inherent in the White race.  They do not possess the DNA for blue, green, hazel and light brown eyes nor the genes for creativity.  Miscegenation with any race other than White consigns White attributes to the dustbin of history.  
    Do you imagine our White ancestors fought for thousands of years to preserve and protect White DNA from marauders and invaders only to have it tossed aside by the present generation?  We have many enemies in our own homelands —  the USA, England, Australia and South Africa — who are openly  working for White genocide, who desire nothing less than the complete extinction of the White race and openly state this with the full blessings of  Western governments, media, and the highest levels of academia.The Asians races are not in danger of extinction; the White race certainly is as we are down to approximately 7% of the world’s population and falling and our homelands flooded with Third World non-Whites.  Try to imagine what will be lost.Bon

    • OPersephone

      Great comment. That’s the whole thing in a nutshell.

    • Your numbers are wrong, we’re somewhere 12-15%; even Stormfront apocalyptics say something similar:

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        My numbers are not wrong.

        White Global Population numbers ARE open to interpretation depending on the definition of “White.”  What is not in dispute is that European Whites are being race-replaced in ALL of their homelands.
        The school district I work for in Los Angeles lists Whites as 9% of its school-aged population.  I do not believe the European-American population of the LAUSD to be anywhere near 9%.The district, however, officially uses the following definition for “White” :   Having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.  Why are those from the Middle East and North Africa counted as White?  It is done to hide the true number of Whites remaining in Los Angeles — the modern version of which was created and built by Whites, BTW.

        According to demographic analyst Dr. Harold Hodgkinson, director of the Center for Demographic Policy, Whites account for about 9 percent of the world’s population.

        With that aside, the Global White population is shrinking not only in relative but absolute numbers.  
        Two hundred million white people, one in every six on earth—a number equal to the entire population of France, Britain, Holland and Germany—will vanish by 2060.
        — Pat Buchanan, Whites down to 10% of World Population by 2060, Does it Matter?Miscegenation hastens this decline.Bon

        •  I understand your point. In my book, people like this one are White; in yours- not.

          • potato78

            Which category does she belong to?

            I know that she definitely is not Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and not Asian category.

          • 1/2 White, 1/2 Chinese.

          • Ingsoc

            Not impressed.  90% of the women in the world have dark, straight hair and dark eyes so they’re nothing special.  As poster “Bon” wrote above, only Whites carry the DNA for red and blond hair and blue, green and hazel eyes.

            Whites who procreate with non-Whites destroy White genes. I get the impression you are in favor of this, along with about 1/2 the posters on this board.

          • You don’t know much about genetics, it seems. Proper European whites can have, mixing with other non-European Caucasians, and sometimes with East Asians -rarely- physical characteristics like blue, hazel,.. color of eyes etc. If you want to write off Armenians, Georgians, Lebanese and Syrian Arab Christians,… just do it, and don’t count me in. Anyway, these characteristics will, in all likelihood, have been in near future possible to choose, in the case of artificial insemination.

          • Ingsoc

            “it seems. Proper European whites can have, MIXING”.

            You are promoting White genocide. Why should “Proper” European Whites blend themselves out of existence? Go try that on the Jewish population, tell them that “proper” Jews can have race mixing with non-European Caucasians.

            Armenians have Armenia. Georgians have Georgia. Lebanese have Lebanon. Syrians have Syria. They have homelands and no one is in any of those countries demanding that they open their borders to Third World immigrants and refugees from Asia and Africa, are they? Massive colonization is only for White countries and race-mixing is only encouraged for White Europeans.

            You may not care about the continued existence of the White race, and its unique culture and DNA, don’t care if our White children are being slaughtered off as they are in South Africa, a fate which awaits all European Whites, but some of us do. I pay attention to facts on the ground and the facts are that Whites are being genocided in all of their homelands.

            There is nothing more evil, wicked or heinous than wishing for the extinction of an entire race of people or calling for the slaughter of its children (which is the very definition of genocide).

            What is so effing difficult *shakes head* to understand about that?

          • What are you talking about ? Armenians or Georgians are as white as Italians or Austrians or Irish. Whether smaller Caucasian nations fall within European borders, I don’t know, but they are as white as anybody else.
            Nobody is assenting to racial invasions on European populated countries. All I’ve been saying all the time- and anybody is free to disagree- is:

            a) all Europeans-populated countries should preserve their phenotype as 50 yrs ago

            b) in the case of USA, annual immigration should not exceed 300,000, and out of that number, 70% at least should be white

            c) there is no great harm in racial mixing with Native Americans, some Hispanics and East Asians, since their offspring become white in 1-2 generations. Many blue -eyed etc. whites have 1/16 or so Indian “blood”. Just, the percentage of white- non- white marriages should be safely below 4% of white marriages, and, more important, blacks should be excluded from it completely (or almost completely, as much as modern civilization allows)

            Jews, in this thread, are completely redundant. And they are “race”-mixers par excellance, so this is not argument at all:,7340,L-3984935,00.html

          • potato78

            Do you try to kill All white men and women looks like Hilter with Black hair and dark eye color?

            No wonder Hilter lost WWII, such loser.

          • potato78

            The quality of dark straight hair is very different. 
            You made it sounds easy.
            Asia females have silky soft hair, anywhere else don’t have.
            Blondy hair is very easily turned into white in early age, which is aging sign.  Don’t you think?

          • Ingsoc

            potato: Normally, I do not respond to semi-literate, White-hating idiots like you.

            But I do have a question for you. Answer carefully, you might have to use all two of your brain cells and Wiki won’t have the answers:

            When did you first start hating White People?

        • Ingsoc

          Funny, isn’t it? Anti-whites pretend to have problems with identifying who is White and who is not when people who want to preserve the White race confront them. 

          But at the same time they have no problems identifying who is White when they talk about slavery, the Holocaust, discrimination, r-word, and so on.

          • potato78


          • Ingsoc

            “Most blondy women don’t have good looks.” (SIC)–“potato”

  •  Not me.
    I lke them…for dating but not for marrying.

    •  Interesting take on things. I personally find Asiatic features to be the least attractive of all the races.

  •  From the mouth of a German WW2 vet: French Canadian are scary because they attack ‘in silence’.

  • RisingReich

     I for one am not settling.  It’s white or bust for me.  Anything less is betrayal of my family name.

    I guess that’s so ‘old-fashioned’.

  • OPersephone

    The dehairing thing is just media brainwashing, like women getting full waxes. It’s just more manipulation. I don’t want a man who is smooth like a woman or a pre-pubescent boy. It disgusts me, actually. I like my hairy husband. I find big, bearded, burly Viking types the most attractive. Not saying I find someone like Robin Williams appealing — he looks like he’s wearing a jersey when he takes his top off — but some body hair is essential for me to find a man masculine and attractive.

  • skara_brae

    You do talk a load of tosh old boy. “Several whole legions disappeared north of the wall.” Rubbish like that renders suspicious the other content in your sometimes interesting posts.

  • OPersephone

    *Some* white women. Please stop lumping us all together, it’s dehumanizing and insulting.

  • OPersephone

    Yep. Last year I watched a doc on Nanking. I could handle most of it, but when they got to a part where the guy talked about how soldiers bayoneted his mother and his little baby brother who was crawling away, then the dying mother comforted and nursed her dying baby at her torn and bloodied breast, I lost it. Saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Cried for a while after that one. I was a nursing mother myself at the time.

  • RisingReich

     Funny how being ‘racist’ is the ultimate ‘taboo’ or at least appears to be in our society yet I don’t see white women flocking to openly racist (read ‘bad’) white guys.
    I could just be missing it, but I doubt it.

  • For newbies: As you can read, many more here on AmRen seem to be more upset at white women dating/marrying black guys rather than Asian guys because it says a LOT about those white women, and none of it good….

    In the vast majority of measurements, the 4 races here in America (Asians (we’re usually talking about East Asians vs Pakis or Indians), blacks, Latinos/Hispanics, and whites), fall on a spectrum w/Asians at one end, whites close beside them, then a large gap, then Latinos, then another gap, and then blacks. You will find this order if you are talking about average IQs, rates of physical maturity, HS grades, SAT scores, HS grad/drop out rates, college grad rates, marriage/illegitimacy rates, employment rates, income rates, credit scores, bankruptcy rates, violent crime rates, non-violent crime rates, and pretty much anything re life. The Asians usually have the highest rates at whatever is “good,” and the lowest rates re whatever is “bad,” with whites close beside them, and then down the line.

    Thus, if a white woman were to go with a non-white guy, even AmReners (who are against miscegenation), would have to admit that the “best” of the alternatives would be an Asian guy and the worst would be a black guy, because we believe that one of whites’ strengths is our intelligence and rationality. Yet white women, acc to this and in what we see in our own lives, go for the blacks over the Asian guys. This shows how utterly stupid and foolish are those white women. They’re 1/2 white kids will be far worse off being 1/2 black than if they were 1/2 Asian.

    That’s also why there seems to be more anger at white women w/black guys than with white guys w/Asian gals — AmReners aren’t for that either, but at least they’re intelligent, civilized, and successful so you can see they’d have in common similar values and similar values.

    • GravitonX

       Will they be President of the United States?  Secretary of State?

      •  Anecdotes don’t trump statistical probabilities when dealing w/groups (populations).

  • Athling


    Please forgive me if I misinterpreted your comment. And yes, I fully agree with you, white men should be held to the same standard.

    My wife and our beautiful little girl were both raped and murdered by three black men. The hardest thing I have ever done was bury them. I suppose I am extra sensitive about this topic because of that.

    Today, nothing warms my heart and brings a smile to my face like seeing small white children playing and laughing. I sometimes go to “pee wee” baseball games just to watch them play or the little white girls playing soccer, they are so precious. When I see the children I have hope that we might live on as a race through them.

    • Cannot Tell

      It’s tragic that your wife and child lost their lives prior to being raped. 

      My heart goes out to you. I hope you find comfort.

      I wonder if that is what made you racially conscious?  If so, I am happy that you found race realism, but lament the fact that many white people must lose loved ones to black violence or be attacked themselves before they realize the savagery of the black race.


      • Athling

        Yes I would say this tragedy did lead me to a racial awakening. About a year after all this happened I found this website and have been a reader ever since. I also found others who have had similar experiences in their personal lives and that found American Renaissance.

        • Sorry to hear of your terrible loss.

  • Pope ? How Catholic can you get.

  • Historically, Koreans were the bravest army to fight the greatest military that ever existed, Mongols. Japanese were lucky to have storms on their side, their success in warding off Mongols was nothing compared to 3 wars Mongols waged against Korean kingdom.
    So, I wouldn’t simplistically write off any nation or race- just like that. 

    • anarchyst

      Ask anyone that served in Vietnam about the ROK Marines.  I have had the honor to know ROK forces in Vietnam and rank them among the BEST of the BEST.

  • For time:

    * the number of WF-BM miscegenation, based on personal observations, media manipulation & other tricks is exaggerated. I’d like it to be zero, but it isn’t. All we have are reliable data: WW marry Blacks around 0.5%; they cohabitate with them ca. 3%; out of all White mothers, their children have ca. 3% Black fathers. These are figures for past 1-10 yrs, not past 30 yrs or more. Statistically- this is all we got. Standard mathematical procedures employed in sociology would have these figures, for women in the age range 15-45 years multiplied by factor 2 or 3, and we’d get that White females in these years range have had sexual encounters with Blacks somewhere between 5% and 10%. All White females would certainly lower that to below 5%.

    * as described in social behavior textbooks, WF who engage in sex with Blacks fall mostly in next categories:

    1. drug addicts
    2. bored college students, especially when drunk
    3. middle age women who want “adventure”
    4. women genuinely attracted to Blacks as such- but they are in small minority,
    far below 1%
    5. liberal preachers who have to make a statement
    6. getting back at Daddy/husband

    * is this big or small number ? It certainly is way bigger than 50-60 yrs ago, when, say, 8% was closer to 0.08%. Don’t underestimate the power of media- remember the old Coke experiment, when message delivered below the threshold of perception nevertheless had the desired effect ? -especially with porn industry now in full operating mode:

    later …

    • Athling

      I don’t believe anyone here was arguing frequency of occurrence. What is your point?

    • Athling

      For 1000000th time only .000001% of white people are murdered by black people. Numbers are exaggerated. Therefore do not discuss this anymore.

      That is what I’m getting from you.

      • I am shattered by your personal tragedy, so I’ll abstain from any comments.

  • ncpride

    Absolutely! I’ve know beautiful young women who are alone, and when I asked them why they were not snached up already, their answer was usually…. No man has ASKED her! My theory is men are sometimes intimidated by a beautiful woman, perhaps thinking he doesn’t stand a chance…? Go on White man!  ASK! You might be surprised. Besides, all she can do is say no. It won’t kill you.

  • potato78

     Let all far east asia men have nerdy girls.
    Let all “white” men have wild girls with sexism.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Japan.  As for me, I may stay here indefinitely.  Certainly have no plans to return to Upper Mexico. 

  • Athling

    Yes I did consider adoption at one time. Unfortunately, I never remarried and travel very often in my business both of which makes adoption very difficult.

    I have a very soft spot in my heart for children and do what I can for those in misfortunate situations through various charities. This not only helps children but I have found that it helps me as well.

    Thank you for your kind words.

  • samson1953

    white women for white man black for black and so on.
    For if we do not stop this mix then one day the white man and women will become history.

  • samson1953

    Its time to go back to 1948 and in England that day is soon upon us
    when that guy you have in power is gone and your new guy takes over it will be all change good luck  my American brothers and sisters for your fight will be long hows will be short.
    The world will soon turn its back to England for the work we must do but England will have the BNP in power soon i just hope you in America will understand we are only a small country.
     We will have  all none whites out.

  • Yeah, she looks definitely more chinois here. But, I’ve seen “pure” whites with a bit slanted eyes, so I’m not much disturbed. Added that many Europeans have Asiatic “blood”- especially in Spain and Hungary, possibly in Finland- I don’t see that as a threat. The same goes for that Matrix guy, Reeves, who is white, although others would insist he’s multiracial.
    Be as it may, this is where we differ: I am not against small amounts of race-mixing with light Asiatics, or even Native Americans, if this means that offspring will be swallowed in a white phenotype and culture. Other than that (blacks, persistent racial & cultural otherness of Chinese and Indians or self-conscious “mutts”)- that’s something I’m against.

  • Stormfront is a place of both crazy ideas & some good thoughts. Here are, IMO, some good excerpts on the theme of white female race mixing with blacks.

     p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    When I was younger (1960s), White girls would sleep with
    negroes to get even with their fathers for whatever reason. Back then
    it was “daddy issues”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve
    extended it nowadays to include all White men.My husband’s
    nieces (BOTH of them) have gone off to shack up with non-Whites (not
    negroes though.) I immediately suspected the real reason is because
    of how strict my brother-in-law was with them.
    It’s ridiculous how some White
    Nationalists are delusional and try to pretend race-mixing isn’t an
    issue. TONS of White girls are throwing themselves into the arms of
    Black and other Non-White males on a daily basis.
    I can’t walk down the hallway in
    school without seeing some blonde beauty getting a piggyback ride
    from Tyrone.—————————————————–
    I have seen first hand on many
    occasions if I’m walking through a mall or some other public place
    and come across a white woman with a black man, the white woman will
    go out of her way
    to make sure I notice them.

    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    All of this bullcrap about black
    men being more confident is blown way out of proportion. I can’t
    count the number of times a White woman has recounted to me how
    pathetic n1ggers are when they hit on her. My last 3 girlfriends all
    hated black men for this very reason (in addition to being ugly) and
    they weren’t even White Nationalists. White men should take no cues
    from the groids.

    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    OK, I have to say something
    brutally honest here.Ever since becoming racially aware, I
    have felt frustration at the Whites who seem to bend over backward
    when in the presence of negroes…giving them their seats on buses (I
    travel mass transit a lot, being in the big city), sweet-talking
    blacks of both genders, cooing over black babies that are ugly as
    sh*t if one were honest…..and it baffled me as to WHY.And
    then I sat myself down and asked myself, “Self, when you were
    not yet racially aware, you were very nice and friendly to blacks on
    buses, etc too. THINK HARD, BE HONEST, and ask why YOU did it.
    Because whatever reason YOU did it, is probably why racially-unaware
    Whites also do it”.And when I chose to be honest with
    myself, I realized that the only reason I did it was what I call the
    “Rodney King Factor”. The feeling that if I’m nice and
    friendly to them, they won’t “chimp out” and act violently
    toward me (because every White person knows that negroes can “chimp
    out” at the smallest perceived or real slight.)Its fear
    of their violence. Bottom line. I wouldn’t be surprised if many White
    girls who go with negroes do it for the same reason: fear of the
    reaction of the negro if they say no to him.

  • potato78
  • potato78

    If people don’t like to turn their white skin color into black, is their choice.  But why do they have to be pointed as racist.  It is really unfair to force someone to marry black just for being “racist”.  Asians don’t  want to be black or dark skin purely because of their culture for 5000 years, even before asians know “whites” existed on this planet (Northern Europe).

  • potato78
  • I don’t know why moderators erased my post consisting of some interesting quotes from stormfront, re race-mixing with blacks. There is no copyright & comments were both realistic & illuminating.
    And not offensive at all- unless you find expressions like groids or niccas offensive.

    • You just answered your own question.

      • These terms have been used here frequently & you didn’t react. But-OK. I’ll post them again with blurred terms.

        • It wasn’t the terms, it was the long cut and paste from that website.

          • ? I’ve seen C/P from other sites & nobody objected. Frankly, I don’t understand why would you delete some interesting stuff just because of that. No copyright infringement. Also, had I given a link to the site, it would be useless since there are too many comments- most of them not particularly illuminating- so nobody would have bothered to read the stuff.

            Now I’ve seen-you’re right, they have copyright status at the end. Be as it may- this is their link:

          • It wasn’t that it was a long cut and paste, and IP had nothing to do with it.

            Stormfront.  There’s the rub.

  • Why would a woman ditch her entire race just because of one or two disappointments ? I admit, this way of thinking is beyond me …

  • Agree and disagree. As I see it, things are more complex:

    Masculinity correlated with height. My opinion is that “masculinity” is a social construct, to use the much abused phrase. Essentially, masculinity is courage plus dominance. Historically, northern peoples have been dominant with regard to southern peoples (Europe, post ancient Rome). But, the myth of “Latin lover” persists, although Italians are both shorter and far less dangerous than northern peoples, especially Germans.
    Typical German is higher, stronger, more dominant- and lousy lover as compared to average Italian, who is, as far as hegemonic virility goes, inferior to our German. And of shorter stature.

    Also, Arabs still consider Israeli males as being somehow “effeminate”, while they- Arabs- are macho men. After all wars they’ve lost, and not only due to Israeli superior technology- wars from 1948-1973 were, in many respects, collision of almost equal level weaponry (tanks, howitzers,..), not even considering Israeli various special forces.

    But, for Arabic losers, Israelis are still “sissies”. Perhaps some stereotypes are very hard to eradicate.

  • Some folk wisdom from stormfront on why some WW hang up with blacks at all. I’ve picked up only comments that seem to have some substance in it & bowdlerized them to adapt to Amren PC policy.

    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { }

    females and males are more likely to exclude blacks than those with
    only high school degrees. …Among white women, one of the
    most striking findings is that white women who describe themselves as
    slim, slender, athletic, fit or average are nearly seven times as
    likely to exclude black men as dates as women who describe themselves
    as thick, voluptuous, a few extra pounds, or large.

    married couples have similar levels of education, which typically
    indicates that they are also somewhat similar in social position,
    background, and values. Most interracial couples also have relatively
    equal educational attainments. However, when interracial couples do
    differ in their education, a hierarchy of color is apparent. The
    darker the skin color of racial minorities, the more likely they are
    to have married whites “below” them, that is, with less education
    than themselves. Six of ten African Americans who marry whites with
    different levels of education marry whites less educated than
    themselves. Hispanics also tend to marry whites less educated than
    themselves, but Asian Americans marry whites at about the same
    educational level.

    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    OK, I have to say something
    brutally honest here.Ever since becoming racially aware, I
    have felt frustration at the Whites who seem to bend over backward
    when in the presence of negroes…giving them their seats on buses (I
    travel mass transit a lot, being in the big city), sweet-talking
    blacks of both genders, cooing over black babies that are ugly as
    sh*t if one were honest…..and it baffled me as to WHY.And
    then I sat myself down and asked myself, “Self, when you were
    not yet racially aware, you were very nice and friendly to blacks on
    buses, etc too. THINK HARD, BE HONEST, and ask why YOU did it.
    Because whatever reason YOU did it, is probably why racially-unaware
    Whites also do it”.And when I chose to be honest with
    myself, I realized that the only reason I did it was what I call the
    “Rodney King Factor”. The feeling that if I’m nice and
    friendly to them, they won’t “chimp out” and act violently
    toward me (because every White person knows that negroes can “chimp
    out” at the smallest perceived or real slight.)Its fear
    of their violence. Bottom line. I wouldn’t be surprised if many White
    girls who go with negroes do it for the same reason: fear of the
    reaction of the negro if they say no to him.


    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    All of this bull***  about black
    men being more confident is blown way out of proportion. I can’t
    count the number of times a White woman has recounted to me how
    pathetic n***s are when they hit on her. My last 3 girlfriends all
    hated black men for this very reason (in addition to being ugly) and
    they weren’t even White Nationalists. White men should take no cues
    from the n****s Here is a typical way a n**** approaches a
    woman (of any race)N****: Hey ma, wassup wit u? Woman:
    HiN*****: Im sayin tho let me holla at u, you lookin
    fiiiiiineWoman: No thanks i gotta goN****: f*** u then b1tch,
    wasn’t nobody talkin to u no way hoeWhy do I say this?
    Because black men are VERY impulsive. In contrast, white men approach
    women in a smarter, more calculated, less creepy fashion. White men
    take their time to know a woman first, spend time with her friends,
    hang out and find similar interests, and then pursue a relationship.
    Black men immediately almost BEG for sex, and the only women into
    that are sexually frustrated white women who white men don’t even
    want.The writer of the article who said she is attracted to
    black man either lied about white men wanting her, OR she is an
    aberration to what most White women TRULY believe. White women rarely
    if ever want anything but White men, and bless their heart for being
    that way. I don’t even get mad anymore if some Irish or German
    descended girl doesn’t like me because I look like a Romanian or a
    Greek. It just means she is truly aware of what she wants. Black
    men aren’t more confident. They are in fact probably the most
    insecure beings on this planet aside from Jews. Black men constantly
    feel the need to one up each other for the dumbest reasons. If a
    black man earns more than $20,000 a year he automatically shows off a
    mercedes. If black men were confident they’d get further in life. No,
    black men are useless and complacent, and are satisfied with doing
    the least because they know for a fact they can’t do better than any
    small accomplishment they have. Any White woman that goes for a black
    man’s way of “gaming her” has problems herself seeing as
    black men are gross underachievers. My point is that White women as a
    whole generally know better than to go near n****s. You’d see more
    lesbian White women than you would race mixers.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    Not so long ago, in White America, and other White countries, protecting the White race, nation, village and family was considered heroic and virtuous, an act to be celebrated rather than a reason to be called a “racist.”

    Are you familiar with Englishman Paul Weston?

    The following is from one of his speeches, entitled, Warning to America:

    Britain is a very small country, it makes up less than 1% of the worlds habitable land mass and contains just 1% of the world population. It also has a no questions asked welfare state, which enables immigrants to live far better lives than in their former countries. When such a comparatively rich, generous and tiny country invites the impoverished billions from the third world to enter, then it can only expect to be swamped. Which indeed it has been.

    The non-indigenous birth rate now averages an extraordinary 35% nationally, which realistically means 70-80% in the cities alone, thus consigning indigenous English children in Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham, Luton, Leicester and Slough to an ethnic minority in their own land – a fate awaiting English children in all our cities within a decade, and the entire country before 2030.

    If this is not genocide-by-design of the native-born British population, 1% of the world’ population, in their own homeland I don’t know what is.

    Repeat across ALL White homelands.


  • By Asian “men”, I presume this article focuses primarily on professional Asian salarymen over the age of 25, along with those men living in highly-colonized urban and inner-suburban areas (the ‘Chinatowns’ and ‘Little Koreas’). Younger Asian males who have primarily lived in the majority-White suburbs in the US, however, don’t typically hesitate to date interracially. Available to them is also a significant number of “Wapanese” or “Weaboo” girls: young white females obsessed with anime, sushi, and the many other superficial aspects of Asian societies. Most of those girls, I estimate, will end up dating at-least one Asian guy. Normally, of course, it does not last long.

    Some young Asians will also be seen with Hispanic girls, occasionally. Never with Black women though.

  •  “I have to admit though, Asian man and White women create some really great looking offspring.”

    Same with white guys and Asian women — they make some awfully good looking kids and adults! 😉

  •  SSS, what guys DO you find attractive: white? Latino?

    If white, do you prefer your ancestral Asian culture (please state country of ancestors) to “West Coast” (American) culture? If so, with all this international travel & trade, you may find the white guy of your dreams living in the country of your ancestors! He’s into Asian gals and their culture, and you’re into white guys and your ancestral culture. But you may have to move back there…. 😉

  • >>Recently when I became re-acquainted with someone I have known for over 20 years. …..I figured that maybe, just maybe being older and wiser may have changed him somewhat. No. Still the same guy I knew over 20 years ago.  

    I know from going to High School reunions, people don’t really change.  They don’t really even “mellow out.”  There might be a few rough edges sanded out, but not many.  Sorry that this happened to you, however….

  • thebruins

    It’s most likely because Asian men aren’t interested in women outside of their race. stereotypes don’t matter because most reasonable people judge someone as an individual.

  • Something lee

    The demand for Asian women is equivalent to black men. (High) in society.

    The demand for Asian men is equivalent to black women; low

    I’m a Korean American. FML

  • WF

    More white women/non-Asian women are becoming interested in Asian men. I am a white woman and I only date Asian men. I also do not date the American born ones. I like the FOBs. haha. I personally do not like the “bad boy” crap and all the rudeness that Western men exhibit towards women.

  • John Lee

    There are tradeoffs in any relationship. White men may seem cool and
    sexy when they’re young, but whites age much faster than Asians. This
    means that when they reach middle age, they begin to look much older
    than most Asian women of the same age. That’s why you see these old
    white men with Asian women who look young enough to be their daughter.
    They may actually be the same age, but he is no longer young and sexy
    looking, while she still is. This can lead to some awkward situations
    for both the man and the woman. Also, statistically Asian men have more
    education and earn more money than their white counterparts. This
    might not seem important when you’re young, but once you get married,
    have kids, and are struggling to make ends meet and figure out how to
    pay for your kids’ college education, this suddenly becomes very
    important. And there is the white stereotype of Asian women as exotic
    and submissive to deal with. This is not to say that Asian women should
    not pair with white men. There are many happy and successful Asian
    woman / white man couples, just as there are many happy and successful
    Asian woman / Asian man couples and white woman / white man couples.
    The key is to understand the trade offs, and to be clear in your own
    mind what you want and what you are willing to trade off for.

  • I’m white female, my guy is Korean, doesn’t make much money and I don’t care. He’s great.

    I’m not going to be naive person with pink glasses on and say that money and race don’t influence your life. But I really think it’s not nearly as important as most people make it to be. He makes me happy, and after all, aren’t the only thing we’re all really striving for – happiness?

  • Tyrsi

    a sane comment and one that doesn’t make me feel sick to my stomach reading like a lot of the above comments do.

  • Tyrsi

    because no one should tell someone else who they can and can’t be with. What right do they have to do that. This is where our world has not become progressive. Another person’s preference is not everyone else’s business. Just because someone decides to date someone of another race doesn’t mean everyone else needs to weigh in and call them a “race traitor” or put them down. I already know I’ll get downvoted for this or bashed by the people who are against it, but oh well. You get to make your own decisions in life, why not let others who don’t pay so much attention to someone else’s race.

    • Pelagian

      I have dated a black woman … and I’m not sure how I feel about that now (it was significantly in my past). I may agree with you that in some cases interracial dating is not “the worst of sins”.

      But I violently disagree with you that it is “nobody’s business”. We are all about each other’s business.. and had better be if we are Christians .. or even if we only believe in Greek philosophy.

      Nothing is more noxious to me than this liberal (18th century) idea that we’re all free-floating atoms with no impact/connection to any other atoms.

      I sure have a right to tell other people what to do. And they have that right to tell me that too. I’ve been called variations of race traitor on this site for admitting I once dated a light-skinned, Queen’s English-speaking black. But I didnt get mad at the person. Just like people give me Jack Chick tracts to try to convert me from Catholicism. I don’t get mad. The person is only trying to turn me on to something he thinks is better for me.

  • Tyrsi

    you must be having a heart attack to be seeing how society in America is having more interracial marriages and families every year. It is a fact that you will just have to deal with; people who date outside their race don’t give a rats ass about what anyone else thinks about it. Bigotry really should die down because it’s happening whether you like it or not. I’m not a troll or a black person but someone that supports looking past a person’s skin color instead of trying to treat any person accordingly. Pretty sure if you were born any other skin color you wouldn’t appreciate being treated as sub-human.