A Wichita Parent Seeks Answers to After School Fight

John Wright, KFDI, August 27, 2012

Carrying signs that read “Gang Violence” and “Hate Crimes,” a Wichita mother and others held an information picket outside Truesdell Middle School, 2464 South Glenn, Monday morning.

A fight happened last Friday in the 2700 block of South Glenn. Rian Brown said police are investigating after her sixth grade children—one boy and one girl—and other students were “jumped” by a group of several students off school grounds

“They’ve (police) taken information and took pictures. They did make me well aware they took calls from other incidents in the neighborhood at the same time and around the time (the fight) was going on,” Brown said.


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  • CoweringCoward

    Oh yeah, race was of no relevance whatsoever in this. Just remember, under many and more common circumstances “white girl bleed a lot”, we have yet to figure out why?

  • Clarkster0111

    “Fight”. I didn’t know that a gang of presumably black students attacking two presumably white students is considered a fight nowadays. Thanks to following American Renaissance I learn something new everyday.

  • haroldcrews

    Is ‘violence’ one of the new code words for ‘black’?

    • MekongDelta69

      Didn’t you read what John M. Robinson, the Chief Diversity Officer at the U.S. Department of State said?…

      EVERY word is a code word for black.

  • MekongDelta69

    The mother’s exaggerating. It was probably George Zimmerman on patrol again, beating up on random dangerous white 6th graders.

    And for the leftist trolls:

  • Ulick

    How pathetic is today’s journalism?  They have a story about a potential hate crime, so we know that it’s a crime that involves two different races, and they don’t even have the honesty and/or courage to say what those races are? 

    Sure we can gather the victims are white by their mother.  And the white protestors are a dead giveaway that the victims were white.  Even though whites join in protests over alleged racism against blacks, blacks never join protests when whites are the victim.

    And sure we can gather that the perpetrators were black by the picture of a bad neighborhood, and by knowing that blacks are almost always the ones jumping whites in pack attacks; but still — why not just say tell the whole unvarnished story? 

    The controlled media is so deathly afraid of telling the truth on these matters because they know the truth, the full truth, would be the end of their multicultural fantasy.

    • CoweringCoward

       Do also note that they only showed a glimps of the protestors or their signs and only then from a distance, when was the last time media saw a protest they didn’t give extra attention to?

  • There are no answers forthcoming so the Wichita parent is just wasting her time.

    Nearly every elected official in this whole  country is guilty of the crime of ignoring black on white crime. The only answer is to replace them all, because black crime is rampant everywhere there are black people.

    As for the reporters in this country, their all too stupid and liberal to figure out why nobody reads their garbage anymore.

  • I’ve long since come to the conclusion that US will fall apart if radical change of mindset didn’t prevail.
    Take Israel for instance.
    Their issues with Arabs are under control. Israelis, civilians, are armed to the teeth & Arabs have, after bombing campaign & being walled & killed by Israeli civilians in shoot-outs- more or less given up. No widespread intimidation by Arabs.

    Their Intifada resulted in Israeli soldiers breaking hands and fists of “youths” throwing stones. Just imagine US police doing this to “youfs” from flash- mobs.

    This is completely doable. Blacks and browns would, with tail between legs, just fade from visibility.

    BUT- the prerequisite is clear stance about: WHO is American ? Who is not, and who is actually unfriendly minority. Unless you win the mental war, you won’t be able to do much- until the irrevocable disaster.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Was it a hate crime?,

    you might ask, but the real question is, “What is a privilege crime?”.

    White homeschoolers aren’t getting their share of Diversity enrichment in public schools, which creates a disparate impact on White students who are enriched by Diversity encounters. Or is the harmful impact mostly on homeschoolers?

    We must appoint a blue ribbon commission to investigate this social problem.  Only then can someone determine if White students who are beaten into Race Reality are more privileged through preparation for the future struggles than White students who are segregated safe and sound at home and won’t know what’s coming.

    • Probably should create a “Keepin’ It Liberal Yet True” Commission to visit all home schoolers. The commission’s instructors’ job would be to effect upon the home-schooled students the KIL YT methods.

  • I suspected the attackers were Bantus – when the newswoman said the white boys were kicked at, it removed all doubt.

    In the infamous Minnesota-Ohio State basketball game of 1971, Bantus Ron Behagen and Corky Taylor of Minnesota stomped on Ohio State’s Luke Witte (Caucasian) during a brawl.

    In 1992 during the Los Angeles Rodney King riots, a group of Bantus stomped on that white truck driver, Reginald Denny.

    Now this, in Wichita, KS. 

    When it comes to certain things, Bantus are the most changeless race on planet Earth.

  • Well I must say I commend those women for protesting and calling it a hate crime.

  • This is why TV news ratings are almost dead; subtle lies & suppressions regarding black hatecrimes against white children.
    People have figured it out & are running from these dangerous liars.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    It be rayciss for Whitey to fight back, youza ‘post to let dem knock da White pri’ledge outta ya.

  • Ulick

    The Chinese don’t worry about political correctness, and they don’t cower to blacks in fear of being labelled racist.  The Chinese are also race-realists.  They realize that blacks respond to an equal and greater force, not to reason.  That’s why last year’s Georgetown University vs. Chinese National Team basket-brawl is Exhibit A in how to conduct yourself in such situations.  Notice how the Chinese respond with force and numbers as soon as the fight breaks out.  Funny stuff to see the Georgetown players running in fear from the Chinese who I’m sure they thought they could punk.


  • LaSantaHermandad

    I wasn’t surprised by this story given that one of the most brutal hate crimes in my opinion was perpetrated in Wichita. I’m referring to the Karr?/Carr? brothers. I never realized that there were so many Mau Mau in Kansas.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    They’re collaborators and should be hanged when the tables turn.

  • You’re right – I stand corrected. I knew it happened around 1971 or 1972.