A College Lifts a Hurdle for Illegal Immigrants

Dan Frosch, New York Times, August 17, 2012

Monday is the first day of the school year for Metropolitan State University of Denver, a compact, urban campus in the heart of the city’s downtown.

It also signifies the dawn of a controversial new policy for this institution of 24,000. Among the crowd of students who will show up for class next week are dozens of illegal immigrants who, as part of a specially tailored tuition rate, can now qualify for a reduced fee if they live in Colorado.

The new rate, approved by the university’s board of trustees in June, has garnered praise from immigrant rights advocates here who have tried for years to get legislation passed that would allow state colleges to offer discounted tuition to local, illegal immigrant students.

But the policy has also drawn the ire of conservatives who are threatening to sue the university to keep the rate from being put in place and have accused Metro State of openly defying Colorado law.

Stephen Jordan, Metro State’s president, said the board took action after Colorado lawmakers failed to pass a similar tuition proposal this year. {snip}

“I think what our board was saying was, ‘Why wouldn’t we want to provide an affordable tuition rate for these students?’ ” he added. “So that they can get a college degree and become meaningful contributors to the economy of Colorado.”

Under the new rate, illegal immigrants will pay $7,157.04 per year at Metro State. That is nearly $3,000 higher than the tuition for legal Colorado students but about $8,000 lower than what out-of-state students pay.

Only those students who attended high school in Colorado for at least three years and received their high school or general equivalency diplomas here are eligible. {snip}


On June 20, university officials were called before a hearing of the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee to defend their plan.

That same week, Colorado’s attorney general, John W. Suthers, issued a nonbinding legal opinion criticizing the policy.


Tom Tancredo, a former Colorado congressman and presidential candidate who now heads the Rocky Mountain Foundation, a conservative research organization, said his group intended to sue the university in the next few months.


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  • I actually have no problem with this. 
    I would like to recommend that the Mexicans respond with a program that American citizens from Denver area be able to attend Mexican State Universities at reduced tution rates.  And not (just) blond stoner/slacker types, but grown-up ‘anchor babies’ who are all-but-Mexican except for citizenship and would like to go to college at the advanced universities in Mexico, but can’t because they are technically Americans.
      International relations is all about reciprocity.

    • TomIron361

      Alan, here’s an old story about “RECIPROCITY” you should know.

      One night in the 1930s, there was a traveling salesman driving in rural Kansas and he was lost and running out if gas. He saw a light in the distance and drove toward it. It was a farm house and he knocked on the door and the farmer answered and the salesman told him his story and the farmer said he was a long way from town but could stay at the farmhouse overnight. But the farmer told the salesman he only had one extra bed and it was in the room with his toddler son. Would he mind sleeping in the room with his son? The salesman said that was fine and the farmer led him to his son’s room, which you had to go through his and his wife’s bedroom  to get to the childs room. As the saleman was quietly getting ready for bed, the farmer told him he had no plumbing in the house and if the salesman had to go to the to the bathroom during the night, he’d have to go outside and use the outhouse (this meant going through the farmers bedroom). The salesman went to sleep and woke up some hours later  and had to go to the bathroom. He laid there awhile and thought about his problem. He didn’t want to go out through the farmer’s bedroom because he didn’t want to chance disturbing the farmer and his wife in the middle of lovemaking. He finally had an idea. He got up and picked up the little boy and put him in his bed and then urinated in the boy’s bed. When he went to pick the boy up and put him back in his own bed, he saw the boy had defacted in his bed. So, I give you the full defintion of the word, RECIPROCITY!!!

    • The__Bobster

      Alan, you have no problem with anything that destroys America. Are you foolish enough to think that Mexico is willing to reciprocate on anything, the same Mexico that gives their people maps and GPS systems so that they can invade America?

      It’s time for you to go.

  • TomIron361

    Just more idiocy from academians. When this society all comes apart, there’ll be a reckoning with traitors like “President ” Stephen Jordan.

  • Church_of_Jed

    America RIP.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    So an out-of-state LEGAL American pays $8000 more to go to this school than an ILLEGAL.  But wait.  What if someone is illegal and lives out-of-state?  I’ll have to contact the school about that one.

    These pompous, arrogant, twisted, liberals are SERIAL offenders against the honor and best interests of white America.  Like all serial offenders, they should be caged and studied so future generatons can benefit from their madness.

    If one or two (or hundreds or thousands) get their well-deserved justice at the hands of a black booty bandit one night in their jail cell . . . so be it.   

    Prison cell multiculturalism between negro rapists and white libs is a good thing.

  • razorrare

    Under the new rate, illegal immigrants will pay $7,157.04 per year at Metro State. That is nearly $3,000 higher than the tuition for legal Colorado students but about $8,000 lower than what out-of-state students pay…

    Wanna bet that in a small amount of time  Metro State will be charging a higher rate  for tuition then what they pay now to subsidize the lower cost of illegal immigrants. Same for the legal out-of -staters…

    I quit the YMCA years ago after i realized i was subsidizing black kids who receive ‘free’ memberships,including access to specialty rooms where members pay more to not be bothered by unruly black kids…by paying higher membership fee’s…maybe this is what the legal out of staters and the legal locals should do…

    Who are they kidding anyway? As if there is plenty of illegal immigrants who have a i.q. high enuff to tackle higher learning.They cant even pass the muster in grade school & high school.

  • anmpr1

    Where are “illegals” going to get 7 large to pay for their tuition?  Something doesn’t smell right about this story, and what the college is up to.   Are they pandering to Mexican cowboys?

    According to the article, 20% of the state are Mestizos.  And their families are working?  Is 20% of the Colorado population illegal?  If so, how can they have jobs?  Like I said, something doesn’t smell right about all of this. 

  • NorthAtlantic

    Do they mean Metropolitan State University of Denver, the Harvard of downtown Denver?

  • joewest666

    Play by the rules work hard and get in line behind the Guatemalan applicant that just got here last week oh.. and you have to pay twice as much for your education.

    Thanks for playing dummy.

    And be sure to punish yourself with self hate you worthless white productive citizen.