A detailed timeline being released this week by a leading anti-illegal immigration group documents what the organization describes as a pattern by the Obama administration of looking the other way on immigration enforcement.

While the charges are not necessarily new, the detailed list of grievances regarding the administration’s immigration policy could provide fodder for those trying to paint President Obama as weak on enforcement in advance of the November election.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, which provided an advance copy of the election-year study to FoxNews.com, catalogued dozens of statements and policy decisions since 2009. The group claims the “unilateral actions” all bend toward the same goal—“to render enforcement of U.S. immigration laws ineffective.”

The study follows on the heels of the administration’s decision in June to, through the Department of Homeland Security, allow thousands of illegal immigrants who came here as children to stay and seek work permits.

FAIR describes that announcement as the culmination of a string of other decisions designed to weaken enforcement, including: filing suit against states, like Arizona, that passed their own anti-illegal immigration laws; announcing changes via memo in the way the government decides whom to deport, and most recently moving to close down nine Border Patrol stations.

The administration has generally refuted these charges by claiming the government is trying to maximize limited resources by prioritizing cases. {snip}


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  • They’re correct but decades late to the party.  Eisenhower was the last President to take immigration enforcement consummately seriously, and the first term of Reagan somewhat, though the second term was obviously open borders all the way.  But for a few years in the early 1980s, immigration amnesty via non-enforcement has been the lay of the land since Kennedy said, “so help me God.”

  • libertarian1234

    “Study accuses Obama administration of ‘dismantling’ immigration enforcement”

    Many of us have said all along that one important stealth item of this administration, besides gun c0ntrol, is to flood the country with non-white aliens in order to reduce white percentages in this country, which these Obama blacks and supporters feel will give blacks more clout.

    It’s an ill-thought out plan, because these same mestizos will compete with blacks mostly and could displace them to a great extent, since they’re more intelligent than blacks and have a better work ethic, plus many other abilities blacks are lacking.   Blacks can’t even create and manage small businesses in their own neighborhoods they’re so inept.  If immigrants didn’t come in and provide grocery stores, cleaners, etc., there wouldn’t be any to speak of. 

    The best laid plans of silly white liberals and black militants are bound to go astray.

    But while they’ll probably wind up hurting blacks more, as a group, they’ll place this country in such sorry shape it will be a total mess, especially if this black “genius” gets another 4 years.

    • You are exactly right about their efforts to “flood” this country with non-White “immigrants.” The 1965 Hart-Cellar Immigration Act is not displacing White Americans fast enough, so they have decided to do away with our borders and immigration enforcement altogether. I hope some day those responsible for this deliberate and reckless act face justice.

  • Anyone and anything connected to the pretend president is treason. 

  • MartelC

    This disturbing trend is not contained to  this administration. Mike Bloomberg for example, doesn’t enforce the laws he ‘feels like’ enforcing, like illegal immigration, and then twists the law to create virtual laws which don’t exist in statues- such as his relentless anti-gun campaign. 

  • The Administration isn’t lying to us.  They’re lying to the DailyKos/TalkingPointsMemo/LittleGreenFootballs crowd.  Because it’s hard to tell white people that the Administration’s policy is to replace them as quickly as possible.  So they instead tell white progressives that deportations are up under Obama and that immigration isn’t actually a big deal and that it’s driven by corporate money anyway.  The last part isn’t even completely a lie.

  • Sara John

     Nice and helpful post about immigration

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    the Department of Homeland Security, allow thousands of illegal immigrants who came here as children to stay and seek work permits. vote.

    There. Fixed it.


  • IstvanIN

     We would insist that they control their side of the border and assist us in returning the illegals, and their US born spawn, or we would declare their actions hostile and declare war on Mexico.

  • IstvanIN

     It is the whole get-whitey attitude among blacks.  If it hurts whites it must be good.  Sort of like stealing farms from whites in Zimbabwe or SA.  Despite the fact that it destroys the economy, takes jobs away from blacks and makes food expensive, all of which hurt blacks, they are for it.  It is just their very simplistic view of the world.