Experts: Africa Countries Lose Out on AIDS Funding

Angus Shaw, Yahoo! News, July 19, 2012

African nations are not receiving adequate international funding to fight HIV/AIDS, leaving them to face catastrophic consequences without enough medication, an independent, global medical and humanitarian organization said Thursday.

Experts at Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Doctors Without Borders, said Congo is only able to supply anti-retroviral drugs to 15 percent of the people needing them and “patients are literally dying on our doorstep.”

In a statement released in Johannesburg ahead of the United Nations world AIDS conference in Washington starting July 22, the organization said African countries worst affected by the pandemic were the least able to provide “the best science” available to fight it.

The group said that while world data by the U.N. has pointed to gains over the disease, donors have scaled back on earlier funding commitments to Africa.

African countries were being increasingly urged to find their own domestic solutions to the AIDS pandemic, it said.

“This is just a cynical excuse for donors to scale back on their earlier commitments of putting an end to this disease. It will have catastrophic consequences for patients,” Dr. Eric Goemaere, the organization’s senior regional adviser for southern Africa, told reporters in Johannesburg. “It would be outrageous to assume that African states could combat this emergency alone, given their current limited resources.”


In South Africa, 32 percent of live births are HIV-exposed and it is estimated 30 percent of HIV-exposed babies will be infected within eight weeks of birth if there is no drug treatment. The country has 5.6 million people living with AIDS, the highest of any world nation, and an infection rate of about 18 percent of the population of 50 million.


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  • African nations are not receiving adequate international funding to fight HIV/AIDS, leaving them to face catastrophic consequences without enough medication

    That’s a feature, not a bug.

    • Rocky Bass,

      If AIDS is real, ask yourself, “why is it that sub Saharan population s have exploded, exactly as predicted WITHOUT a depopulating new virus?” AIDS is a scam, a scam in Africa to re-label a thousand other things as AIDS. There is no money in a normal African fever, but call it an AIDS fever and money rains from the heavens.

      • I agree.

        Africans and their enablers expropriated AIDS because AIDS made world headlines. Every disease and death is now labeled ‘AIDS related’. They still believe if they invoke the name AIDS, money will shower down on them from their daddy money bags, the white man.

    • Church_of_Jed

      Why do they need Western medicine invented by White scientists?

      They have their own authentic witch doctors and animistic voodoo that worked just find for them until the White Humanity discovered that blacks in Africa have “unmet needs” that only we can meet; but we’re not racists.

    • We owe them nothing.  Let them give up minerals and oil in exchange for AIDS medication. 

  • JackKrak

    Even if HIV/AIDS patients had all the drugs they needed – courtesy of whitey, naturally – they would still have deal with the 99 other ways to die before you’re 40 in that desperate hole of a country.

    • toldev

       If African AIDS patients had all the drugs they needed, many would still die of AIDS.

      Africans have been misusing and abusing the AIDS drugs. This is also the likely reason that many donors have decided to back off on funding.

      You can read about it here:

      • Years ago, the Germans were offering South Africans AIDS drugs for free. Mbeki turned them down because he believed AIDS drugs were toxic and that AIDS could be cured with garlic.

        • ed91

           or having sex with a virgin, usually a 6 month old baby girl.

    • Giving them the drugs they need would have no affect unless they are smart enought to take them properly.

  • guest

    “Westerners shamed because Africans can’t solve their own problems.”

    Westerners already have their own problems to deal with, with the economy and corrupt government officials.  We can’t be expected to be superhero to everyone else.

  • Oil Can Harry

    So it’s our fault that Robby Mugabe and the other African klepocrats stole the aid $ and spent it on limos, fur coats, mansions, bling, hookers, etc. ? 

    • Yes, it is our fault. I can hardly live with the guilt. I wonder if it will affect my golf tomorrow? Doubtful.

  • Church_of_Jed

    I saw some hideous afrovoodoo Diversity children running around in the grocery store today making a loud nusiance and public danger of themselves.

    If felt ashamed of myself for being annoyed, then I felt ashamed of myself for “not doing enough” to help them get social justice, then I felt ashamed of myself for my White privilege that made me think it was my responsibility to “do more” for them, then I felt ashamed of myself for walking into the wrong grocery store.

    • Rocky Bass,

       I trust you left all the valuables you were in possession of, in order to help these poor wretches.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      u just ought to be ashamed of yourself

      • Church_of_Jed

        Since White privilege is such an inborn trait, why can’t we get disability payments for it?

  • Vornak

    “It is time they were weaned off the nipple of endless western aid.”
    In a very few years, they will ALL be weaned off the nipple of endless western aid.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Pray the day comes soon, the morning usually ends nightmares.

  • Rocky Bass,

     Actually supplying AIDS drugs (mostly failed chemo drugs that were too deadly to be used against cancers in short courses) for chronic ingestion is direct genocide. AIDS inc is not really there to “help” Africa at all.  Read up on AZT, my god they admit now to having killed an entire generation in the west with that ONE “treatment”. Kimberly Bergalis, Ryan White, Arthur Ash just to name a few. The 1st AIDS deaths (before the name change, when it was properly named GRID, Gay Related ImmunoDeficiency) died of the 190MPH gay lifestyle. Eating antibiotics like jellybeans, swallowing rec drugs like noone ever had including popper use, getting 18 cases of Gonorrhea in ONE YEAR and having sex with thousands of partners did take it’s toll on ones immune system. The gay sexual revolution started in 69-70, and took about 10 years of practice to destroy an immune system. So, when, in 1980 the Gottlieb paper cited 5 unrelated gay men who were very ill, it should have come as a shock to none. But hey it was politically incorrect to “judge” gays, so it couldn’t be “their” fault right, must be something else, if we just spend enough billions we can find IT. This story sickens me, as I am wondering if the truth will ever be known or accepted.

  • ed91

     welcome to the great ‘melting pot’.

  • ed91

     Aids is just one example of hundreds that our taxes pay for.

    why should we subsidize baby momma’s?  is another favorite.

  • Enough is enough.  Mother Nature has been trying to rid the world from blacks.  Westeners (white) keep coming to their rescue for decades now only to have yet another crisis crop up.  Since they are soooo equal, let them prove it

  • Great book.  I’m reading it now.  I saw a special on trouble making, black ‘youths’.  It was great.  They were taken to Africa for a year and they bitch and whined on how much they hate Africa.  Mohammad Ali toured African decades ago and then said “Thank God my ancestors were made into American slaves”.  This may not be the exact quote but he did say the same.

  • Always with their hands out begging.