Chicago Police Sergeant: “Tribal Warfare” on the Streets

Dean Reynolds, CBS Evening News, July 11, 2012

Chicago is in the grips of a deadly gang war. At least 275 people have been killed in the city so far this year and many more have been shot, many of them innocent bystanders to the gang violence. Among the latest victims were 12- and 13-year-old girls shot Tuesday night. They survived.

Sgt. Matt Little leads one of the teams in Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit. There are about 200 such officers in the city—versus 100,000 gang members.

“Almost all the violence we’re seeing now is from the gangs,” Little said. {snip}


“The gangs have lost their hierarchy, so to speak, and without a chain of command, there’s really nobody keeping things in check,” Little said. The leaders are mostly in prison—or dead. Those left are young, reckless, and often terrible shots.

“Instead of a bullet with somebody’s name on it, we have a bullet that reads ‘To whom it may concern,’ ” Little said. The result is a spate of shootings that have killed or wounded young children, even toddlers.

The victims include 7-year old Heaven Sutton, at left, shot to death selling candy outside her house. {snip}


Sgt. Little is a decorated veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that parts of Chicago are comparable to what he saw in combat.

It’s “tribal warfare,” he said, “and as it continues to build unless we manage to interdict it, and manage to stop it long enough for the blood to stop boiling, the heat to die down.”

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  • MekongDelta69

    Almost all the violence we’re seeing now is from the BLACK gangs

    And Chi-town’s Police Chief blames everything and everybody BUT blacks.

    And Chi-town’s mayor (and NoBama’s good buddy) says it’s ok if they kill each other, as long as they don’t stand near kids.
    (Well, ok – he inadvertently got that 1/2 right.)

    •  “Kids.”

      How does Rahm define “kid?”  What’s the age cutoff?  And how are the gang bangers supposed to be able to tell if someone who looks close to the cutoff age is younger or older than the cutoff?  We can’t expect the kid to get photo ID…racism, and all that. 


      Gang banger:  “I want to kill you, because you dissed me.  Let me see your ID.”

      Kid:  “Here you are.”

      Gang banger:  “Damn, you don’t turn 15 until next month.  That means I can’t murder you.  Rahm’s orders.”

      Kid:  “Cool.”

      I swear, Mekong, these people are so GD stupid (pardon my French) that they wouldn’t realize how stupid they sounded even if you made them listen to recordings of themselves.  These idiots are so landslideable….but look at what’s running under “our” banner.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Running this course a little down the line, look how much will be saved on TANIF and EBT and all the food aid (to blacks at least), once the cannibalism gets up to speed. We will have far more to feed and breed the next generation of mestizos with.

  • “The gangs have lost their hierarchy, so to speak, and without a chain
    of command, there’s really nobody keeping things in check,” Little said.
    The leaders are mostly in prison—or dead. Those left are young,
    reckless, and often terrible shots.

    This point is too important to miss.  When you bust the big chiefs, this leaves the streets open for the little indians to fight over.

    Tribal warfare in Africa = Gang feuds in America.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Dang in the chicongo the “yoot” that clocks an hour on the range could be the next CAPONE!

      • alastairabbacle

        Chicongo!   Ha

    • 1gravity

       I don’t think the Sergeant is right.  Ethnic urban gangs are well disciplined meritocracies in which there is a hierarchy in place.  Let me suggest another reason for all the carnage: Chicago is no longer a city of broad shoulders.

  • Global Minority

    It’s nothing new. It is genetic!!! Until people realize this than nothing or no amount of money is going to beat out of them.

    • TheTruthHurts4

      Everywhere those people go they take with them the savagery of the African jungle. Characteristics that enhanced their chances for survival when fighting lions, crocodiles, and other savages earn them felony convictions in civilized countries.

      The United States would be a far better country if the slave trade had never existed, and if blacks had not been allowed to immigrate here.

      • The Jews would have found a way to get them here simply to make life hell for Gentiles.

      • El_Magyar

        Hear, hear.

      • Ya think?

      • Dr Al

        Slavery was begun and run by the Hispanics BEFORE America was even discovered.  

        Both Portugal and Spain had those Islands off the east coast of Africa. They both ran slaves there to run the plantation/farms on those Islands. Once Central America was discovered, the Hispanics took slaves there after the “indians” died off from all of the diseases the Hispanics had.

        Of the 12 million Africans carried across the Atlantic to the New World, 11.5 million ended up in the Island, Central America and South America.  All Hispanic.

        1/2 million ended up in white North America. All the rest, ended up in Hispanic nations and were driven to death in Slavery.  That is why more had to be shipped in.  In White America, they were never driven to death since the slaves were to valuable and expensive.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

           But the masters are now driving the white slaves to death in the US. I guess in their eyes they think the black man is more valuable than the white man.

    • Since money has failed, then we need to beat them with a whip.  That is the only thing that will tame these animals.

  • MekongDelta69

    To Global Minority (Moderator The ‘Reply’ links don’t work):

    Oh, they know it alright. They’re just terrified to say it….

    • Sounds like a gremlin is afoot.  And I don’t mean an AMC Gremlin…even though I might.

      We’ll look into it.  

      • Dr Al

        I owned one of these.  Took it to college in 1973. Loved it.  I had an 8 track installed. IT was silver with blacks stripe and the wider wheels.

        • The 70s Gremlin has an appearance similarity to the AMC’s first Rambler after the Nash-Hudson merger:

          George Romney, as the chief executive of AMC at the time, made this car kind of his central focus.

  • MekongDelta69

    To Q.D. (Nothing works for me on this page):

    Actually, I think his real name is Raheem Emananuel.

  • IstvanIN

    Entropy increases unless energy is added to a system to keep it intact.  Without white-control the social contract collapses, chaos ensues and the natives revert to their natural state.  It takes work, hard work, and lots of energy, to maintain a large, complex organism like the United States.  Without all that human effort and energy things fall apart.  Like a dead body the nation decays.  Not overnight, but gradually, perceptively, inevitably.

  • TheTruthHurts4

      War Before Civilization convincingly demonstrates that
    prehistoric warfare was in fact more deadly, more frequent, and more
    ruthless than modern war. To support this point, Keeley provides a
    wide-ranging look at warfare and brutality in the prehistoric world. He
    reveals, for instance, that prehistorical tactics favoring raids and
    ambushes, as opposed to formal battles, often yielded a high death-rate;
    that adult males falling into the hands of their enemies were almost
    universally killed; and that surprise raids seldom spared even women and
    the homicide rate of prehistoric Illinois villagers may have exceeded that of the modern United States by some 70 times.
    Because blacks are closer in number of generations to a paleolithic way of life their behavior more closely resembles paleolithic behavior. 

    • It’s also important to remember relative population sizes. If a village of 100 people sends out a raiding party against another village and loses 3 warriors in the process, the village just lost 3% of its population.

    • Dr Al

      Not so. The number of generations is the same.  What differs in changed in genetic.  Even the mutation stays the same within our species. BUT it only means WHICH genetic mutations are selected and are passed on.

      That is how evolution works.  “Constant” mutations that are constantly worked on by the environment.  Now different “genes” may mutate at different rates, but that is not the important part.

      Black traveled down a different “natural selection” path than we whites since they had a dramatically different environment, doing the “selection” than we did.  Alot like the Nazi prison guards at the end of the train “selecting” the traits to survive (able bodied) from those that die.  You can thus call Nature “Nazi’ like.

      :By the way, Nature is not nice.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       “Thetruthhurts4 wrote: Because blacks are closer in number of generations to a paleolithic way
      of life their behavior more closely resembles paleolithic behavior. ”

      What kind of behavior would describe the whites who support another group while letting their own group die off, or sometimes even kill members of their own group for the benefit of other groups.

      • Major


  • The__Bobster

    To Global Minority (Moderator The ‘Reply’ links don’t work):

    I’ve had this problem with Disqus today, even on other sites.

  • B

    100,00 gang members in Chicago means 100,000 sociopaths. A lack of moral sense is like a lack of intelligence, it is genetic and there is no fix.
    This is the end result of rewarding uneducated, unmarried, unemployed low IQ black women with a welfare check for having babies they had no right to have in the first place.

    • 1gravity

       100,ooo sociopaths, and many more wannabe sociopaths in training.

  • “It’s “tribal warfare,” he said, “and as it continues to build unless we
    manage to interdict it, and manage to stop it long enough for the blood
    to stop boiling, the heat to die down.”

    If someone can explain to me how 200 cops can stop 100,000 savage black (future astronauts) I’m all ears.  It’s crazy waking up every day and reading stuff like this and realizing that you are in fact awake and living in the United States.  It’s like being outside the Matrix and looking down in amazement at it and all the people still plugged in.  Sometimes I feel like “Cypher” and just want back in, to be completely unaware and blissfully ignorant.

    •  Because the 100,000 tribal warriors aren’t all united with each other.  In fact, that’s the whole point of these “gangs” (street level drug distribution enforcement) — They must necessarily be divided among each other.

      Plus the relative paucity of cops and “good guys” (in as much as there any “good” guys in Crook County) can use some creative legal, prosecutorial and psychological techniques to hold back the barbarians.

      • Anonymous

        Until the regular citizens grab guns and start shooting these thugs in return, this will continue.  To quote a line from the movie Cobra with Slyvester Stallone, “As long as we have to play but these BS rules and the killer doesn’t, we’re going to lose.’

      • Major

        ” psychological techniques to hold back the barbarians.”

        Not once they’re inside the gates, you can’t.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    If blacks did not kill themselves off at such a rate what would the prisons look like…innocent white bystanders? Take your city back from the gangstas or run and hide out in the berbs but you will be killed there too…well well that is what forced option is all about so really whites have no opion except for one if they desire to survive at all…wonder why white folk love to love the so called oppressed more than their own children…sick ain’t it?  But that is ok…the *host* is recovering quicker than one might imagine…the illness is being checked…expect an overnight total recovery…

    • IstvanIN

       Recovering????  Hopefully where you are but not here in NJ.

    • Anonymous

      The sad thing I’m seeing more of these whites adopting nonwhite kids and not having as many white kids, etc.  It’s even more shocking that I see this in the Midwest which has always been majority white, rural and conservative.  Even white conservatives have bought into this self hating cultural marxism. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    Bill O’Riley had a black preacher on last night talking about Chicago crime and the preacher said…”this ain’t about white and black”  Bill stopped the guy and said, “yes it is, this crime is 99% black” 

  • Lewis33

    Found this on a Chicago police officer blog, think It fits right in…

    • That was  a profoundly stupid comment McCarthy made.

  • This Rahm Emanuels’ curse. He didn’t meet the residency requirements but the courts let him run anyway.

    Well deserved karma.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Hey Rahm — great job with your city!!

    Homicides in Chicago are 38 percent ahead of where they were last year at this time. 

    You say what Chicago needs is more gun control?  And to tax the rich?  And that you need that UN Arms Control Treaty?

    Yeah, that’ll work:

    At least 275 people have been killed in the city so far this year. 

    Did anyone else here notice that the news reporter was wearing body armor while on the ride along in Chicago??

    We’re supposed to care because of innocent victims being gunned down:

    Among the latest victims were 12- and 13-year-old girls shot Tuesday night.

    But, I have to say:  I don’t care.  

    When I read constantly about brutal black attacks on innocent White people including children and elderly, I have no sympathy and nothing but contempt for people who are raised to hate me because of the color of my skin.


    •  This article mentions the 7-year old selling lemonade.  (After 11 PM, no less).

      There is a photo of her flashing what looks to be gang signs, though commenters on the Chicago blogs I read, (SCC, DSL) are divided whether they are gang or not. 

      • What else would they be? Even if it wasn’t the “official” gang sign it’s probably an imitation. She grew up around gangs, all her life her father, brothers, cousins, uncles, neighbors, etc. were all flashing gang signs all day. Filth breeds filth.

        •  Also, just as street gangs don’t have national headquarters that print membership cards, i.e. the concept of “membership” is rather fluid and subject to a gray area, which is why legislation that deals with gang membership always runs into substantive due process issues, I’m sure there is no central standards board for gang signs, as there is for sign language for the hearing impaired.

      • HenryHolliday

        I’d be interested to know what the contents of that lemonade were. I wouldn’t be astonished if skittles and Robitussin were in the mix.

        • Buying and selling lemonade after 11 in Chocolate City Chicago is pretty suspicious.

          • Major

            Look QD…I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if the kid was “innocently” fronting crack for her homies while “moms” looked on. Gotta make a livin’ in the ghetto somehow and that’s the usual trade, isn’t it?

  • As long as it is black on black, I could care less.  In fact, I support it.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       I can’t click “Like” because the FBI will think I am a racist.

      • Major

        You need to learn how to dump your cookies friend.

  • You can take the Bantu out of Africa but you can’t ever take Africa out of the Bantu.

  • Anonymous

    Blacks wouldn’t have the skills or work ethic to create death camps or send whites off there like was done to the Jews in Germany or the Communist gulags.  What will happen is blacks will just kill whites at random because most of us won’t fight back.  Then the hispanics and blacks will kill each other more and more as they are now.  The Asians will fight back, but they will be too busy buying up businesses and resources while all the other groups are slaughtering each other.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       There were no death camps. Stop repeating the nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    We are in the dark but we are waking up.  Historically, whites don’t fight back until there is no other choice.  However, when whites to stand up and shove back, we give our enemies no mercy.

    • Indeed, it take a whole lot to “cross the line” with White people. Once the line is crossed, blood and tears flow like a river.

  • ed91

     what a skank mo’fo’ that guy is.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Don’t expect Sgt. Little to be a Sgt. much longer.  

    He made the fatal error of Speaking the Truth in Øbamaland.


  •  They won’t.  And that’s kind of the point with some of these gun laws.  They know Jamal and Trayon and Trayvon won’t, so they’re walking right into a trap where the cops can hold the Sword of Damocles over their heads in exchange for snitching.

    • Strider73

      The other point with the “gun control” (actually victim disarmament) laws is the increased crime they create. You think this Sgt. Little really wants to smash the gangs? If that happened, he’d be out of a job. Higher crime — gang-related or not — means more cops, judges, DAs, public defenders, bailiffs, court clerks, jailers & prison guards have to be hired, more SWAT teams have to be formed, more tanks, helicopters & drones have to be purchased, and more jails have to be built. I call it the “judicial-industrial complex,” and it’s even more insidious than its military counterpart.

      In 2010 a referendum in CA to fully decriminalize marijuana was narrowly defeated after a last-minute ad blitz by the unions representing police officers and prison guards. They knew that keeping the drug war going was their #1 guarantee of job security. And since drug loot is the lifeblood of those gangs, ending the drug war would instantly put them out of business, just as repealing Prohibition stopped that crime wave in 1933. So expect Sgt. Little and the rest of the gang unit to react to any such common-sense proposal the way Dracula would react upon seeing a crucifix.

      • Sometimes, you’re worse off if you smash the gangs.  This article has the reason why.  If you do, you only open up the field for new gangs who need new territorial arrangements, which means shooting and killing.

        Things are least unstable in a given area when one singular drug gang with stable unquestioned leadership controls as much area as possible.

        In his last year as CPD Supernintendo, Jody Weis (“J-Fed,” as he was called, as he came to the CPD from the FBI) was said by the news media to have had closed door summits with what were described as “ex-cons.”  What really happened was that he gathered a bunch of big chief gang bangers, told them that they better keep a lid on their young hotheads, or else, he had enough evidence packages to give to Patrick Fitzfong and they all would be going to Club Fed for the rest of their lives.  You may ask, “Why doesn’t he just do that now?”  A question I just answered.

        You can “deport” blacks to prison for a very long time, but right behind them will be more generations of Trayvons.


  • and then,to be respectful,we’ll have to sit shiva for them and have them blessed by a rabbi.

  • Up to my neck in CA
    • Major

      Lowering the standards usually means many wind up like this….stupid and totally dangerous.

  • Strider73

    No doubt the few gangbangers with IQs over 90 quickly rise to the top of the heap, while the dullards (the other 99%) simply do whatever they’re told.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Emmanuel’s idiotic utterances are akin to those of Nancy Pelosi. He scoldingly corrected the interviewer by reiterating that crime was down in Chicago, burglary, robbery etc. 
    Remember Marion Barry statement that except for all the murders, DC was a very safe city.
    I’m surprised that the cop isn’t on suspension for referring to the gang killing as “tribal warfare”. Isn’t that a “RACIST” comment?

    •  Murder being up and all other crimes being down is not a coincidence.  The cops are so busy scraping bodies off the sidewalk and investigating the whodunit that they don’t have time to deal with lesser crimes or even record their occurrence.

  • Let’s not forget about the Southern whites who were too lazy to grow their own cotton.

  • Major

    I only wish that O’Really would be as far to the right as his counter points on MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN are to the left.

    Schultz, O’Donnell, Oberfurher ( done and buried now ) Matthew  and that 12 year old boy, Rachel MadCow…are lying dorks.

    Bill would make lots of people happy if he called it as strongly as his enemies on the left call theirs. 

  • Major

    Didn’t seem to affect Frank Lucas….

    “Frank Lucas (born September 9, 1930 in Lenoir County, North Carolina) was a heroin dealer and organized crime boss in Harlem during the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was particularly known for cutting out middlemen in the drug trade and buying heroin directly from his source in Southeast Asia. He organized the smuggling of heroin from Vietnam to the U.S. by using the coffins of dead American servicemen (“cadaver connection”)

    He claims to have grossed US$1 million a day selling drugs on 116th Street. Federal judge Sterling Johnson, who was special narcotics prosecutor in New York at the time of Lucas’ crimes, called Lucas’ operation “one of the most outrageous international dope-smuggling gangs ever, an innovator who got his own connections outside the U.S. and then sold the narcotics himself in the street.”

  • jackryanvb

    All the news here in Chicago isn’t bad. Daley Jr. tore down the all Black high rise public housing projects: Cabrini Green, Robert Taylor Homes, the Projects on the near South Side Lake Front (poor Blacks have been basically ethnically/class cleansed from Chicago’s majestic lakefront. We’ve got pseudo environmentalist “Friends of the Parks” groups that have torn out virtually all concrete basketball courts from Lakefront Parks and put in prairie restoration projects, wetlands that used to be filled with tens of thousands of poor Black BBQuing, drinking and scaring White bicyclists.

    The census shows that the City of Chicago lost 200,000 Black African Americans from 2000 to 2010 (went to South Suburbs, other states).

    So don’t give up on Chicago, the Black Africans in America plague has been contained, though i’ts still very bad. The Mexican, Central American Mestizo invasion is the newer, very bad racial/crime threat.