Blacks Ruin Fourth of July for White Families in Albany, GA

Unamusement Park, July 6, 2012

The plan is simple: log in to Twitter and search for interesting combinations of words, like “fireworks, black” and “someone got shot at the fireworks.” I know, I know: super racis’. Indulge me.

Yesterday we checked out Chicago. Today we’ll be exploring Albany, Georgia (72% black, 25% white, 2% Hispanic).

Independence Day Violence in Albany, According to the Mainstream Media

From “Fights disrupt Albany fireworks” (July 4, 2012).

Albany Police suspended the July 4th fireworks show Wednesday night because they say a series of fights put families, who were there to enjoy a night of fun, in danger.

Chief John Proctor said a number of fights broke out in the Turtle Park area where many people gathered to watch the fireworks show. He said it became a safety and crowd control issue, and police officers made the decision to suspend the fireworks.

About 10:45 p.m., the Chief told WALB News Ten the area had been cleared. A few minutes later, Capt. Reginald Brown told us the fireworks show did resume, although few people were there to see the end of it.

The Chief said APD had 85 officers assigned to the event. He said there was no gunfire and there’s no indication that gangs were involved. Proctor blamed the problems on juveniles who were downtown without any adult supervision.

Before all that trouble, vendors and families gathered for what they expected to be a fun and safe celebration of our nation’s independence.

Oh, those juveniles lacking adult supervision — those daring packs of kids — those rascally gaggles of urchins! Always causing all that trouble.

Patricia Porter went downtown with her family. She said, “I’m glad that they’re doing something for us, having something for us to come out here and enjoy because it’s not often as a city group that we get to enjoy anything.”

Rodney Walker is a vendor who was selling chicken wings. He said, “Oh, having an event like this for the city is great because it brings good people and good food all together in the same place at the same time.”

Unfortunately, the good event they expected was marred by violence started by troublemakers.

Chief Proctor said no one was seriously injured in any of the fights. Capt. Brown told us officers did make some arrests, but he was not sure how many.

Let’s take a look at some of those families who came to enjoy a night of fun and had it ruined by some troublemaking juveniles.

What a nice family.

Another nice family!

The world needs more of these.

A day of fun.


Footage of the troublemakers is curiously absent, though. I wonder why…

Independence Day Violence in Albany, According to Black People

Let’s search Twitter for “turtle park, black” and other racis’ combinations of words and see what we come up with. As usual, I’ll sort it by date and provide the name of the Twitter user, his or her race, the time, the number of re-Tweets, if any, and the Tweet itself.

July 3

  1. Crown_RealistYo, black, 1:32 pm, re-Tweeted 3 times: iTs Goinq Be HOT AF [as fuck] Tommrow At Turtle Park *shrugs* I Ain’t Tryna [trying to] Turn Black .

July 4

  1. WeFuck_WeSmoke, black, 10:10 pm, re-Tweeted 4 times: Heard Niggahs Was Fighting At Turtle Park , Black People Don’t Never Get Alone [along]
  2. _iTraniere, black, 10:33 pm, re-Tweeted once: But a nigga couldnt even get into turtle park good before they started fightin && shit . I ran right into it
  3. TayKoBangz, black, 10:38 pm: 90% of the black ppl [people] at turtle park was kids 18 & under
  4. Young_Dwill5, black, 11:53 pm: I know WALB wanted 2 say them black people out there at turtle park dnt know how 2 act…(Ion [I don’t] blame em we dnt [don’t])

July 5

    1. TrillaryCLINT0N, black, 12:25 am, re-Tweeted 8 times: Turtle park was “thick” lol but black folks just get outta line sometimes or maybe that’s just Albany *sigh*
    2. Adorar_Me, black, 6:56 am: Thank god that I was not at turtle park last night
    3. DbabyDestinee, black, 7:39 am, re-Tweeted once: .dont think i want to go to turtle park nxt year..they always fighting..we black..lets get alone [along] lol
    4. iGoBy_Phillip, black, 12:17 pm, re-Tweeted once: Albany herald took this pic of us at turtle park yesterday , lol

“Albany herald took this pic of us at turtle park yesterday , lol”

    1. KissMy_Beautyyy, black, 2:24 pm: At turtle Park

“At turtle Park”


July 6

  1. williambutler6, black, 1:44 am: Well black ppl [people] we made the news again fighting n shit @ turtle park …#smh [shaking my head]

Recall that “shaking my head” (“SMH”) is how black people traditionally express their displeasure at other black people on Twitter.

So What Did We Learn This Time?

Once again, it is obvious that black people were responsible for the entire “series of fights” that “put families, who were there to enjoy a night of fun, in danger,” necessitating the fireworks show’s suspension by the police who, with only 85 officers, were unable to handle the “safety and crowd control issue.” Once again, it is equally obvious that the mainstream media will not report this little detail, and you’re super racis’ for noticing it.

Furthermore, since — as we all know — black people can’t ever be “racist” (whatever that means), we are once again able to update our Officially Not Racist list. None of this can possibly be “racist,” because a black person said it.

  1. Black people don’t never get along.
  2. Black people don’t know how to act.
  3. Black folks just get out of line sometimes.
  4. Avoid Turtle Park in the future: black people are always fighting.
  5. Black folks have now, finally, got white people scared to come to Turtle Park.

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  • So what’s new?

    •  Yes, but falling.

      Here’s the antidote:

    • HenryHolliday

      Just in case you’re not joking…yes, it certainly does. It is and has been for quite a while, one of the most dangerous cities in America.   That applies to both sides of the river.

      • Funny you mention this.  My uncle moved his business to St. Louis decades ago when it was predominately White.  He has described in lurid detail how quickly the city deteriorated as soon as the Blacks begin to move in. Truly pathetic.

        • My grandfather and grandmother traveled through St Louis on a regular basis during the late teens and throughout the twenties and into the thirties. I remember my grandmother telling me one time that St. Louis was like, “that movie, Meet Me In St. Louis”.  And then she kinda whinced and told me except for the time the niggers had a big riot. “Your grandfather and I saw a train with railroad flat cars with dead coloreds stacked like cordwood.” I used to love listening to the stories about long ago America, especially large cities like Detroit. I have this feeling that we have a lot of intentionally lost history.

          • Fathercoughlin

            “…railroad flat cars with dead coloreds stacked like cordwood.”  Was that scene  in “Meet Me In St. Louis”?

      • I’m not American, so I didn’t know.

        • I don’t know where you are from David but if Europe, you then know why Americans have for years until about 5 decades ago, kept a close rein on blacks. I have personally written to friends in Ireland to do what ever it is they can to stop the government’s insane policies towards Africa and flooding into the nation that defines white- rotten, criminal sub-saharan blacks. The cost of these “asylum seekers” interms of social welfare costs, robberies, rapes, murders and the destruction of turism should have been enough to awaken the populace.

          • refocus

            But the Irish, and most other Europeans, have willingly accepted the simple story of political correctness. 

            They have very hard lives and cannot afford to be politically incorrect or they will be out of a job and thus completely destitute without means of standing back up real quick.

            They have a terrible situation and it is compounded by the fact that they have accepted the story that to be good one must really believe that the non whites have as much right to former all white territory as the native whites… perhaps even more so as non white is very beautiful and has much to teach us.

            There is probably a school book being circulated about the Black Irish.   Kunta Kinta and the great Zula Chieftain of Blarney.  And statistically everyone exposed to it will believe it. 

            It is easier to go along with the herd over the cliff.

          • I live in Scotland and yes the blacks have started to appear here, my fellow Scots are all socialists, marxists and liberal scum and vote for politicians who are all for importing African mass immigration.

            The inmates have taken over the asylum.

            To see a black man in Scotland is like seeing an Eskimo in the desert, it’s completely out of place.

            The first time I saw a real live black man was about 5 years ago , I had never seen one before in my entire life. ” uh oh ” I thought , this will be the start of it. It’s not as bad as England or Ireland but that’s not the point, they shouldn’t be here in the first place.

            I’m fed up.

          • Bill-D

            Good luck to you. Once the infection is in your country, it is hard to get out. Black love to sponge off White’s taxes.

          • You mention Ireland, here’s some uppity, arrogant, insolent blacks squealing, DEMANDING Irish citizenship in Dublin. Talk about ungrateful.


    • haroldcrews

      Yes, about 50% is black and 43 – 44% is white.,_Missouri 

  • Shawn_thefemale

    It’s not that big a deal anymore that races aren’t mentioned in crime stories – they just simply don’t even need to anymore. Everyone knows.

    What’s strange to me is how people who don’t bother to learn to spell above a 3rd grade level would pick a text-oriented media to communicate with each other.   I’m “SMH”

  • JohnEngelman

    My father used to take his family to the Fourth of July celebration on the grounds of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. Nearly everyone was white. There were never any problems. The few blacks who attended were perfectly safe. Indeed, they were safer than they would have been if nearly everyone was black. 

    • Mentious

      Whites don’t realize that overwhelming influenced by Whites; cultural domination by Whites — plays a huge role in lifting up “the good ones” to act like Whites. Just as Stevie Wonder composed great melodies by being surrounded by the White musical ideal and trying to break in on White melodic standards. It’s when left to themselves that we seem to be the basic Black mean re-emerge. Rap “music” is an example. Those blacks were well-behaved at the 4th celebrations of the old days — because of White cultural domination.

      • JohnEngelman

        When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When blacks are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. 

      • refocus

         Stevie Wonder sang a popular song about getting even with whitey by beating him up real bad like for all the crimes he committed against the blacks.

  • roadgeek

    I visited with the reporter at WALB; he said identifying the race of the suspects would only serve to inflame the racial tensions that Albany has fought for so long.  Exact words.  I suggested he do a story on the most recent edition of the FBI Uniform Crime Report;  I never got a reply.

    • Ni123

       “he said identifying the race of the suspects would only serve to inflame
      the racial tensions that Albany has fought for so long.”

      Really? Everybody knows they were black, but saying it out loud will “inflame the racial tension”. Obviously, the little boy who will say “the King is naked!” hasn’t been born yet.

    • Shawn_thefemale

       Codespeak: ‘Inflame racial’ tensions means:” piss off the blacks and ‘you know how they act.’ “

  • anarchyst

    It’s the defective black pathology that fuels the violence that is endemic and part of black culture.
    Being “disrespected” calls for immediate action, by fists, knife or gun.  Everywhere blacks congregate, there is violence.
    In Florida, “young master trayvon” felt that he was disrespected by neighborhood watchman Mr. Zimmerman for asking about his “business” being in that neighborhood.  Any ordinary (non-black) person would have explained that he had relatives in the neighborhood and would have been on his way, but not “young master trayvon”.  In order to regain his “respect” “young master trayvon” was “forced” (by his defective black pathology) to jump Mr. Zimmerman and attempt to murder him.
    In a related note, it is no surprise that many towns and cities “close up shop” when black college students “celebrate” their “spring break” week.  It is just not worth it to cater to this naturally violent segment of American “society”.  It is far better to “go on vacation” than to deal with the unruly and violent black hordes.

  • HenryHolliday

    My guess is that they are prepared to defend them selves more than  the white folks in the victim zones up north. But they probably don’t intervene in black on black. I wouldn’t/don’t either. Be prepared to defend yourself. Be a good sheepdog and get your family out of there. Call the police on a pay phone, report the violence, express your displeasure, and hang up quickly. Don’t leave your name.

    • mikejones91

      Trust me, MOST people up North are willing to stand up.

      • NM156

        Like who? Chicago hipsters and professionals who walk around as if they haven’t wandered past the cul-de-sac entrance to the subdivision where they grew up? These idiots move to the geto border or wander around the inner city and are shocked and speechless when they are robbed at knifepoint or taken away by ambulance after a surprise a**kicking outside a new cool bar.

  • I don’t care for the White Family giving business to the black woman (she probably voted for obama the racist!) but nonetheless, White People need not give up anything.

    America belongs to us and “We” will not be the ones leaving, they will.

  • Cowboydroid

    Don’t let facts get in the way of your bigotry: 

    “the average brain size of the average Maasai person is larger than the average brain size of the average “Caucasoid” person in Egypt.”

    • Djinn42

      Did you say Egypt? The average White person doesn’t consider Egytians to be Caucasian sooooo…

      • Cowboydroid

        Is there anything scientific about what the “average white person thinks?”

        I’m sorry, I thought you guys were building your “beliefs” off some sort of practical or scientific base. But I see now, there is no firm foundation for your “faith.”

        • Djinn42

          Though I really don’t feel you warrant any more of my time especially after that vague assessment of the members of Amren, I suggest you spend a little more time perusing the sites archives. I’m quite sure you will find enough facts, stats and science that you will have plenty to debate here as well as whatever liberal rag sites you normally frequent, so run along now, if you think you can handle it.

          • Cowboydroid

            “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

            “Statistics are like a drunk with a lampost: used more for support than illumination.”
            -Sir Winston Churchill

        • xsfsoldier

          What would you know about scientific anything?

          • Cowboydroid

            You did not attack my question, but rather attacked my character. Is that because you cannot attack my question? I am an engineer…although it makes no difference what I state my qualifications to be, since they cannot be validated on the internet. Why don’t you try responding to the question, instead? What exactly is scientific about “what the average white person thinks?”

    • xsfsoldier

      So what!!  Where is Maasai anything that matters?  Black people have become uncivil because of their sorry leadership.  Beware of what you wish for – I know of no white men that want race war, but we are geting very angry at this sorry behavior and assaults on our people.  We don’t deserve this B.S.!!  We are not afraid to defend ourselves if it comes to that.  Perhaps black people should should remember it’s white men that stopped the KKK and Hitler and the other bastards that would have literally exterminated your ass!!  We don’t hate you – you hate us!!  Best be careful!!  A reckoning may be coming.

      • Cowboydroid

        Hitler was a white man who hated other ethnic and race groups. Do you approve of his actions? I don’t hate anyone. I do hate ignorance. You are correct, a reckoning is coming for those who would rather dwell in ignorance than help his fellow man.

        • Reductio ad Hitlerium

          • Cowboydroid

            Yet you share many of his ideas and beliefs.

        • ViktorNN

          Godwin’s Law.

          You lose.

          •  Also known as Glenn Beck’s Law.

            And he wondered why the Jews hate him so.  Because a guy with a German surname obsesses over Hitler, and he uses his name and history as the reason to oppose every big and little abuse of power in the world today.  Sure, the Huckster in question always brings up Hitler-Nazi in the negative connotation, but people have switched on a dime from hating something viciously to loving something dearly before now.  Just as Philo-Semites could easily switch on a dime from loving Jews to hating Jews, using the same rationales they used to love them to hate them.

      • refocus

         How is it that these ignorant people get to post here at AmRen?

      • johnnyjunior

        Honestly! Are you trying to rationalize w/ these ubanguns? That must be a shitty place to live. They are the bottom rung in every society in the world.

    • JackKrak

      Jeez, Cowboy, I missed the news about the fireworks show that the Maasai put on. I guess they’re still working on that whole “written language” thing with their huge brains.

      • xsfsoldier

        Good!  Real good!! Lol!!

      • Cowboydroid

        Why do you hate? Why are you a bigot? How can you claim to love your neighbor as yourself when you resort to such hateful words and ideas? Those with Downs Syndrome are not as intelligent as the average person. Do you hate them?

        You can hate ideas. You can hate ignorance. You can hate oppression. But why do you hate people?

        • Drinking game:  Every time Cowboydroid says “hate” or a word with “hate” in it, you must knock one back.

          • Cowboydroid

            You do not seem to be adding to the discussion, but instead appear to be engaging in “trolling,” which, you being a mod, would be highly ironic.

          • mikebowen55

            I apologize for sending this guy over here since he has caused you to have to deal with his rubbish.  On another site I had mentioned this one to him.  He claimed to be a ‘libertarian’, but a true believer of liberty is also not afraid of facts so I directed him here.  He has indeed accepted the line of the progressives and calling himself a ‘libertarian’ doesn’t annul such brainwashing.

          • MikeBowen55:

            Don’t worry.  It wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

            But he was nothing but “hate hate hate hate hate hate hate…hate hate hate.”  And did I mention that he obsessed about hate?  His posts got nastier and nastier.  If we wanted to read that kind of stuff, we could make splcenter dot org our home page.  That’s when I had enough of it and deleted every comment he made.  I think he got the message.

    • jackryanvb

      the Maasai sided with the White British in Kenay during the Black Mau Mau terror that led to Black Kenyan independence.

      Yeah, the Maasai are much better people than the Black African mobs, same can be said about the Tutsi in Rawanda.

      So what’s your point?

      • refocus

         French girls love the Maasai, orgasmicly.

    • haroldcrews

      And the extent of Maasai civilization is what?  Additionally what regions of Africa do blacks in the US originate?  West Africa, not East Africa where the Maasai are located.  That makes your point pointless.

  • I have been amongst crowds of Asians and never once felt threatened.  And I can say the same thing about Hispanics (rather, upper-class Hispanics).  I prefer to be amongst my own European people, but the point is that I have never been comfortable around mobs of Blacks in any setting, especially a public one.  They simply cannot resist their primitive tendencies towards violence and chaos.  They cannot live in European society.  We need to be rid of them.  

  • Cowboydroid

    Are they? What are your sources, and what is the evidence?

    Remember, variation within each group is far bigger than any claimed average difference between them, so even if there is a difference on average you can’t apply it to any one individual.

    •  We’ve been through this.  The intraracial “variation” that is supposedly more vast than interracial variation consists of junk genes.

    • Morrie

      Cowboy Droid what are you doing outside of the room where you keep your clothes?
      Go to Detroit or St. Louis they will wise you up quickly.

  •  Hadn’t heard of Unamusement park before.  Looking at it now, I’m not sure how that’s possible.  The twitter comments from blacks made my day.  Thanks Amren.

    • ConantheContrarian

      It is a great site.  Unamused can be quite amusing.

  • Morrie

    What is the story here?

    Blacks ruining or destroying what others have created.

    Isn’t that what they are famous for?

    PLUS :

    Whites need to recognize how much blacks have contributed to America.

    There great advancements in medicine and science

    Their inventions such as the cell phone, computer, jet aircraft, and the list goes on.

    McDonalds restaurants has it right in their 365black website as they say saluting the accomplishments of blacks year round, not just for one month a year.

    You probably have already noticed their commercials are about 95% blacks unless it is a white female WITH a black. Ah the joys of diversity, ya gotta love it?

    • INVENTION INVENTOR DATE PATENTAALARM FOR BOILERSO’Conner/TurnerAug 25,1896 566,612AMUSEMENT APPARATUS Wormley, J. Dec 19,1899 639,692ANIMAL TRAP Lee, H. Feb 12,1867 611,867ANIMAL TRAP (self-setting) Campbell, W.S. Aug 30,1881 246,369Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top BBAG CLOSURERoss, A.L. Jun 7,1898 605,343BAG FASTENER Purvis, W.B. Apr 25,1882639,692BOILING PRESS Gray, R.H. Aug 28,1894 525,203BAIT HOLDER Walker, P. Mar 8,1898 600,241BASIN, PORTABLE Haines, J.H. Sep 28,1897 590,833BASINS, CLOSETS, ETC (wastetrap for)Thomas, S.E. Oct 4,1887 371,107BATTERY, GALVANIC Woods, G.T. Aug 14,1881 387,839BED, FOLDING Bailey, L.C. Jul 18,1899 629,286BED, FOLDING (cabinet) Goode, S.E. Jul 14,1885 322,177BEDS (guard attachment for) Russell, L.A. Aug 13,1895 544,381BENDING MACHINE (metal) Stewart/Johnson Dec 27,1887 375,512BICYCLE FRAME Johnson, I.R. Oct 10,1899 634,823BICYCLE SUPPORT Polk, A.J. Apr 14,1896 558,103BICYCLES (attachment for)Murray, W. 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Aug 14,1883 283,173CORN SHELLING DEVICE (hand) Blue, L. May 20,1884 298,937CORNICE Scrottron, S.R. Jan 16,1883 270,851CORNICE (adjustable window)Scrottron, S.R. Feb 17,1880 224,732COT (invalid)Cargill, B.F. Jul 25,1899 629,658COTTON CHOPPER Murray, G.W. Jun 5,1894 520,888COTTON CHOPPER Richardson, W.H. Jun 1,1886 343,140COTTON MACHINE FOR CLEANING SEEDWalker, P. Feb 16,1897 577,153COTTON SEED (combined) Murray, G.W. Jun 5,1894 520,891CULTIVATOR (cotton)Sutton, E.H. Apr 7,1874 149,543CULTIVATOR AND MARKER Murray, G.W.Apr 10,1894517,961CURLER (feather) Roster, D.N. Mar 10,1896 556,166CURTAIN ROD Scrottron, S.R. Aug 30,1892481,720CURTAIN ROD SUPPORT Grant, W.S.Aug 4,1896 565,075Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top DDINNER PAIL Robinson, J. Feb 1,1887 356,852DOOR HOLDING DEVICEDorsey, 0. Dec 10,1878210,764DOPE CUP McCoy, E. Sep 29,1891 460,215DOUGH KNEADERBell, L.Dec 10,1872 133,823DOUGH KNEADER & ROLLER Reed, J.W. Sep 23,1884 305,474DRAFT REGULATOR Cornwell, P.W. Oct 2,1888 390,284DRAFT REGULATOR Cornwell, P.W. Feb 7,1893 491,082DRIVING REINS HOLDER Mendenhall, A. Nov 28,1899 637,811 DRY CLEANING PROCESS Jennings, T.L. Mar 3,1821 3306XDRYING APPRATUS MATRIX Jackson, B. F. May 10,1898 603,879DUST PAN Ray, L.P. Aug 3,1897 587,607Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top EEGG BEATER Johnson, W. Feb 5,1884 292,821ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Woods, G.T. Oct 13,1896 569,443ELEVATOR Miles, A.Oct 11,1887 371,207ELEVATOR DEVICE Cooper, J. Apr 2,1895 536,605ENGINE ROTARY Beard, A.J. Jul 5,1892 478,271ENGINE ROTARY Taylor, B.H. Apr 23,1878 202,888ENVELOPE SEAL Leslie F.W. Sep 21,1897 590,325EYE PROTECTOR GLASSES Johnson, P. Nov 2,1880 234,039Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top FFASTENER (key) Loudin, F.J. Jan 9,1894512,308FASTENER (sash) Loudin, F.J.Dec 12,1892 510,432FEED RACK Shorter, D.W. May 17,1887 363,089FERTILIZER DISTRIBUTER Murray, G.W. Jun 5,1894 520,889FILE HOLDER Pinn, T.B. Aug 17,1880 231,355FIRE ESCAPE (portable)McCree, D. Nov 11,1890 440,322FIRE ESCAPE BRACKET Richey,C.W. Dec 28,1897 596,427FIRE ESCAPE LADDER Winters, J.R. May 7,1878 203,517FIRE ESCAPE LADDERWinters, J.R. Apr 8,1879214,224FIRE EXTINGUISHER Marshall,T.J. May 26,1872 125,063 FISHING DEVICE Cook, G. May 30,1899 625,829FLAGS (making) Bowman, H.A. Feb 23,1892 469,395FOUNTAIN PEN Purvis, W.B. Jan 7,1890 419,065FURNACE (steam boiler) Woods, G.T. Jun 3,1884 299,894FURNITURE CASTOR Fisher, D.A.Mar 14,1876 174,794FURROW OPENER AND STALK KNOCKER (combined)Murray, G.W. Apr 10,1894 517,960Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top GGAUGE Holmes, E.H. Nov 12,1895 549,513GAUGE, STEAM O’Conner/TurnerAug 25,1896 566,613GAME APPARATUS Nance, L. Dec 1,1891 464,035GAME BOARD DESIGN Moody, W.U. May 11,1897 D27,046GAS BURNER Jackson, B.F. Apr 4,1899 622,482GAS OIL PIPES (automatic stop plug for) Cosgrove, W.F. Mar 17,1885 313,993GOLF TEE Grant, G.F. Dec 12,1899 638,920GRAIN BINDER Marshall, W. May 11,1886 341,589GRAIN BINDER Smith, P.D. Feb 23,1892 469,279GRIDIRON Hawkins, J. Mar 26,1845 3,973GUARD (for companion ways and hatches) Queens, W. Aug 18,1891 458,131GUITAR Fleming, R.F. Jr Mar 3, 1886 338,727GUN (spring) Lewis, E. R. May 3, 1887 362,096Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top HHAME ATTACHMENT Abrams, W.B. Apr 14,1891 450,550HAME FASTENER Richardson, A.C. Mar 14,1882 255,022HAMMER (foot power) Headen, M. Oct 5,1886 350,363HAMMOCK AND STRETCHER (combined) Rickey, C.V. Dec 13,1898 615,907HARNESS ATTACHMENT Coolidge, J.S. Nov 13,1888 392,908HARNESS ATTACHMENT Hawkins, R. Oct 4,1887 370,943HATRACK AND TABLE (combined) Ballow, W.J. Mar 29,1898 601,422HEADREST (shampoo) Bailiff, C.O. Oct 11,1898 612,008HEATING APPARATUS Jackson, B.F. Mar 1,1898 599,985HORSE DETACHERS Dunnington, J.H. Mar 16,1897 578,979HORSES (apparatus for detaching horses from carriages) Byrd, T.J. Mar 10,1872 124,790HORSES (improvement in holder for reins) Byrd, T.J. Feb 8,1872 123,328HORSES (overboot) Coates, R. Apr 19,1892 473,295HORSES (overshoe) Ricks, J. Jun 6,1899 626,245HORSESHOE Brown, O.E. Aug 23,1892 481,271HORSESHOE Ricks, J. Mar 30,1886 338,781HORSESHOE Outlaw, J.W. Nov 15,1898 614,273HOSE LEAK STOP Dorticus, C.J. Jul 18,1899 629,315Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top IICE CREAM MOLD Cralle, A.L. Feb 2,1897 576,395INSECT DESTROYER Richardson, A.C. Feb 23,1849 620,362IRONING BOARD Boone, S. Apr 26,1892 473,653Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top KKNEADING MACHINE Lee, J. Aug 7,1894 524,042KNIFE DESIGN (rubber scraping)Booker, L.F.Mar 28,1899 30,404KNIFE AND SCOOP (combined) Sweeting, J.A.Jun 7,1898 605,209Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top LLADDER SCAFFOLD SUPPORT Bailes, W. Aug 5,1879 218,154LAMP, ELECTRIC Lattimore, L.Sep 13,1881 247,097LAMP, MINER’S (brackets for) Watts, J.R. Mar 7,1893 493,137LAMPS, ELECTRIC (globe supporter for) Tregoning/Lattimore Mar 21,1882 255,212LASTING MACHINE Matzeliger, J.E. Mar 20,1883 274,207LASTING MACHINEMatzeliger, J.E.Sep 22,1891 459,899LAWN MOWER Burr, J.A. May 8,1899 624,749LAWN MOWER ATTACHMENT Johnson, D. Sep 10,1889 410,836LAWN MOWER ATTACHMENT Peterson, H. Apr 30,1889 402,189LAWN MOWERS (grass receivers)Johnson, D. Jun 10,1890 429,629LAWN SPRINKLER Smith, J.H. May 4,1897 581,785LAWN SPRINKLERSmith, J.H. Mar 22,1898 601,065LAWN SPRINKLER DESIGN McCoy, E. Sep 26,1899 631,549LEMON SQUEEZER White, J.T. Dec 8,1896 572,849LETTER BOX Becket, G.E. Oct 4,1892 483,325LETTER BOX (street) Downing, P.B. Oct 27,1891 462,096LIFE-PRESERVING STOOL Nash, H.H. Oct 5,1875 168,519LIFE-SAVING APPARATUS Wormley, J. May 24,1881 242,091LINIMENT Snow/Jones Oct 7,1890 437,728LOCK Martin, W.A.Jul 23,1889 407,738LOCKMartin, W.A. Dec 30,1890 443,945LOCOMOTIVE SMOKE STACK Bell, L. May 23,1871 115,153LOCOMOTIVES (life-saving guard) Robinson, J.H.Mar 14,1899 621,143LUBRICATOR McCoy, E. May 27,1873 139,407LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Mar 28,1882 255,443LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Jul 18,1882 261,166LUBRICATORMcCoy, E.Jan 9,1883 270,238LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Jun 16,1885 320,379LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Feb 8,1887 357,491LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. May 29,1888 383,745LUBRICATORMcCoy, E.May 29,1888 383,746LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Dec 29,1891 465,875LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Mar 1,1892 470,163LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Apr 5,1892 472,066LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Jun 6,1893 498,809LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Sep 13,1898 610,634LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Oct 4,1898 611,759LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Jun 27,1899 627,623LUBRICATOR McCoy/Hodges Dec 24,1889 418,139LUBRICATOR ATTACHMENT McCoy, E. Apr 19,1887 361,435LUBRICATOR (for safety valves) McCoy, E. May 24,1887 363,529LUGGAGE CARRIER Butts, J.W. Oct 10,1899 634,611Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top MMAILBOX Downing, P.B. Oct 27,1891 462,093MANDOLIN AND GUITAR (attachment for pianos) Nickerson,W.J. Jun 27,1899 627,739MESSAGES BY ELECTRICITY Woods, G.T. Apr 7,1885 315,368MOP Stewart, T.W. Jun 13,1893 499,402MOTOR Gregory, J. Apr 26,1887 361,937Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top NNAILING MACHINE Matzeliger, J.E.Feb 25,1896 421,954Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top OOIL CUPMcCoy, E.Nov 15,1898 614,307OIL HEATER AND COOKER Newson, S. May 22,1894 520,188OVERCOMING DEAD CENTERS Johnson, W.H. Feb 4,1886554,223OVERSHOE Rickman, A.L. Feb 8,1898 598,816Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top PPAINT (vehicle)Johnson, W.A. Dec 4,1888 393,763PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B. Feb 12,1884 293,353PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B. Jan 28,1890 420,099PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B.Jun 24,1890 430,684PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B. Aug 19,1890 434,461PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B. Sep 2,1890 435,524PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B. Sep 22,1891 460,093PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B. May 8,1894 519,348PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B. May 8, 1894 519,349PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B. Dec 11,1894 530,650PAPER BAG Machine Purvis, W.B.Mar 9,1897 578,361PAPERS (receptable for storing and preserving) Brown, H. Nov 2,1886 352,036PASSENGER REGISTER Romain, A. Apr 23,1889 402,035PENCIL SHARPENER Love, J.L. Nov 23,1897 594,114PHONETERISM Mitchell, G.I. Jan 1,1884 291,071PHOTO EMBOSSING (machine for) Dorticus, C.J. Apr 16,1895 537,442PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT WASH Dorticus, C.J. Apr 23,1895 537,968PIANO TRUCK Linden, H. Sep 8,1891 459,365PILLOW SHAM HOLDER Williams, J.P. Oct l,1899 634,784PIPE CONNECTION Thomas, S.E.Oct 9,1888 390,821PLANTER Murray, G.W. Jun 5,1894 520,887PLANTERMurray, G.W. Jun 5,1894 520,890PLASTER’S HAWK Love, J.L. Jul 9,1895 542,419POLE TIP Scrottron, S.R. Sep 21,1886 349,525POOL TABLE ATTACHMENT Griffin, F.W. Jun 13,1899 626,902POTATO DIGGER Smith, P.D. Jan 21,1891 445,206PRINTING PRESS Lavalette, W.A. Sep 17,1878 208,208PROPELLER FOR VESSELS Toliver, G. Apr 28,1891 451,086PUNCH Brooks, C.B. Oct 31,1893 507,672PURCHASING MACHINE Stewart, E.W. May 3,1887 362,190Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top RRACKS (for hats, coats, etc.)Latimer, L.H. Mar 24,1896 557,076RAIL CARS (window ventilator) Reynolds, H.H. Apr 23,1883 275,271 RAILROAD (electric switch for) Downing, P.B. Jun 17,1890 430,118 RAILWAY-ELECTRIC Purvis, W.B. May 1,1894 519,291 RAILWAY-ELECTRIC (overhead conducting system) Woods, G.T. May 29,1888 383,844 RAILWAY-ELECTRIC Woods, G.T. Jun 26,1888 385,934RAILWAY CARS (water closets for) Brown/Latimer Feb 10,1874 147,363 RAILWAY CONDUIT (electric)Woods, G.T. Nov 21,1893 509,065 RAILWAY SIGNAL Blackburn, A.B. Jan 10,1888 376,362 RAILWAY SUPPLY SYSTEM (electric) Woods, G.T. Oct 31,1893507,606 RAILWAY SWITCH Jackson, W.H. Mar 9,1897 578,641 RAILWAY SWITCHJackson, W.H. Mar 16,1897 593,665RAILWAY SWITCH Richey, C.V. Aug 3,1897 587,657RAILWAY SWITCH Richey, C.V. Oct 26,1897 592,448RAILWAY SWITCH (electric) Purvis, W.B.Aug 17,1897 588,176 RAILWAY SYSTEM (electric) Woods, G.T. Nov 10,1891 463,020 RAILWAY SYSTEM Woods, G.T. Jun 26,1888 385,034 RAILWAY TROLLEY Robinson, E.R. Sep 18,1893 505,370 RAILWAYS (switching device for) Burr, W.F. Oct 31,1899 636,197RANGE Carrington,T.A. Jul 25,1876 180,323 RAZOR STROPPING DEVICE Grenon, H. Feb 18,1896 554,867REAPERMurray, G.W.Jun 5, 1894529,892REEL CARRIER Morehead, K. Oct 6,1896 568,916REFRIGERATING APPARATUSElkins, T. Nov 4,1879 221,222REFRIGERATOR Stanard, J. Jul 14,1894 455,891REGISTERS Hilyer, A.F. Oct 14,1859 438,159REGISTERS (water attachment, hot air) Hilyer, A.F. Aug 26,1890 435,095RELAY-POLARIZED Woods, G.T. Jul 5,1887 366,192RELAY INSTRUMENT Woods, G.T. Jul 7,1887 364,610RUNNER FOR STOPS Ross, A.L. Aug 4,1896 565,301Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top SSADDLES (riding) Davis, W.D. Oct 6,1896 568,939SCAFFOLD Pickett, H. Jun 30,1874 152,511SCALES (portable weighing) Hunter, J.H. Nov 3,1896 570,553SCREENS (separating)Edmonds, T.H. Jul 20,1897 586,724SCRUBBING FRAME Watkins, I. Oct 7,1890 437,849SEED PLANTER Blair, H. Oct 14,1834 8,447XSETTEES (convertible) Evans, J.H. Oct 5,1897 591,095SHIELD (portable for infantry) Spears, H. Dec 27,1870 110,599SHOE Deitz, W.A. Apr 30,186764,205SHOE OR BOOT Burwell, W. Nov 28,1899 638,143SHOE (ventilated)Faulkner, H. Apr 29,1890 426,495SHOEMAKER’S CABINET OR BENCHWaller, J.W. Feb 3,1880224,253SHOEMAKER’S JACK Cooper, A. R.Aug 22,1899 631,519SHOES (device for applying liquids to side of soles and heels) Dorticus, C.J. Mar 19,1895 535,820SHUTTER AND FASTENING Cooper, J. May 1,1883 276,563SIGN (design for) Barnes, G.A.E. Aug 19,1898 29,193SLED PROPELLER Sampson, G.T.Feb 17,1885 312,388SLEEPING CAR BERTH REGISTER Shanks, S.C. Jul 21,1897 587,165SNOW MELTING APPARATUS Ferrell, F.J. May 27,1890 428,670SPOON (design for)Purdy/Peters Apr 23,1895 24,228SPRINKLING APPARATUS (street)Bing, A.M.W. Jul 22,1879 217,843STAMP (hand)Purvis, W.B. Feb 27,1883 273,149STATION INDICATOR Stewart, T.Jun 20,1893 499,895STEAM CYCLINDER LUBRICATOR McCoy, E.Feb 1,1876 173,032STEAM CYCLINDER LUBRICATORMcCoy, E. Jul 4,1876 179,585STEAM DOME McCoy, E. Jun 16,1885 320,354STEAM ENGINE (direct acting) Winn, F. Dec 4,1888 394,047 STEAM ENGINES (lubricator for) McCoy, E. Jul 23,1872 129,843 STEAM ENGINES (lubricator for)McCoy, E. Aug 6,1872 130,305STEAM LUBRICATOR McCoy, E. Jan 20,1874 146,697STOVE (OIL) Stanard, J. Oct 29,1889 413,689STREET CAR FENDER Cherry, M.A.Jul 29,1884 302,237STREET CARS (life saving guard for) Robinson, J.H. Apr 25,1899 623,929STREET SWEEPERS Brooks, C.B. Mar 17,1896 556,711STREET SWEEPERSBrooks, C.B.May 12,1896560,154STREET SWEEPERS Brooks/Hallstead/PageApr 21,1896 558,719SWITCH (automotive locking) Jackson, W.H. Aug 23,1898 609,436Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top TTABLE (banquet extension)Harding, F.H. Nov 22,1898 614,468TABLE (caterer’s tray)Perryman, F. R. Feb 2,1892 468,038TABLE (dining, ironing table, and quilting frame combined) Elkins, T. Feb 20,1870 100,020TABLE (ironing) McCoy, E. May 12,1874 150,876TABLE (kitchen) Jackson, H.A.Oct 6,1896 596,135TABLE (library) Davis, W.R.jr Sep 24,1878 208,378TABLE (rotary dining) Johnson, D. Jan 15,1889 396,089TABLE (self leveling) Allen, C.W. Nov 1,1898 613,436TACKS (mechanism for distributing) Matzeliger, J.E. Mar 25,1890 423,937TACKS (separating mechanism) Matzeliger, J.E. Mar 25,1890 423,937TELEGRAPH SYSTEM INDUCTION Woods, G.T. Nov 29,1887 373,915TELEGRAPHY (railway) Woods, G.T.Nov 15,1887373,383TELEGRAPHY (railway)Woods, G.T. Aug 28,1888 388,803TELEPHONE SYSTEM APPARATUS Woods, G.T.. Oct 11,1887 371,241TELEPHONE TRANSMITTER Woods, G.T.. Dec 2,1884 308,817TONIC Davis, I.D. Nov 2,1886 351,829TOOLS (edged device for sharpening) Purdy, W. Oct 27,1896 570,337TOOLS (device for sharpening edgedPurdy, W. Aug 16,1898 609,367TRAIN ALARM Butler, R.A.J. Jun 15,1897584,540TRAP FEEDER (steam) Creamer, H. Dec 11,1888 394,463TRAPS (steam) Ferrell, F. J. Feb 11,1890 420,993TRAPS (steam) Creamer, H.Mar 8,1887 358,964TRAPS (steam)Creamer, H. Jan 17,1888 376,586TRAPS (steam)Creamer, H. May 28,1889 404,174TRAPS (steam)Creamer, H. Aug 18,1891457,983TRESTLE Dare, O.B. Oct 9,1888 390,753TROUSERS (support) Ross, A.L. Nov 28,1899 638,068TRUSS AND BANDAGE COMBINED Bailey, L.C. Sep 25,1883 285,545Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top UUMBRELLA STAND Carter, W.C. Aug 4,1885 323,397Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top VVALVE Ferrell, F. J. May 27,1890 428,671VALVEFerrell, F.J. Nov 10,1891 462,762VALVEFerrell, F. J. Jan 26,1892 467,796VALVEFerrell, F. J. Feb 2,1892 468,242VALVEFerrell, F. J.Feb 9,1892 468,334VALVEFerrell, F. J. Jan 17,1893 490,227VALVEFerrell, F.J. Jul 18,1893 501,497VEHICLE SEAT BARS (machine for)Stewart, E . W. Mar 22,1887 373,698VELOCIPEDE Cherry, M.A.May 8,1888 382,351VELOCIPEDE Johnson, W Jun 20,1899 627,335VENTILATION AID Darkins, J.T.Feb 19,1895 534,322Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top WWAGON West, J.W Oct 18,1870 108,419WAGONS Byrd, T.J. Apr 30,1872 126,181WASHING VEHICLES, APPARATUS FOR Pheips, W.H. Mar 23,1897 579,242WATER TRAP (steam feed) Creamer, H. Mar 17,1895 313,854WEATHER SHIELD West, E.H. Sep 5,1899 632,385WINDOW CLEANER Lewis, A.L. Sep 27,1892 483,359Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top YYARN APPARATUS FOR HOLDING YARN SKEINS Hammonds, J.F. Dec 15,1886 572,985Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top

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        Where’s the filing info for Crunk Juice?

        • Are you serious? Well, I suppose you are. Like it or not, you can’t even go a day without using an invention by an African American and yet, this is your reply. That list was only for the 19th century. The following is for the 20th century.
             Inventions and Patents of African-Americans – 20th Century

           INVENTION INVENTOR DATE PATENTAAEROPLANES (an improvement) Hale, Wm. April 7, 19251,563,278AEROPLANES (propelling means for) Adams, J.S Oct. 19, 19201,356,329AIR CONDITIONING (method for) Jones, F.M. Dec. 7, 19542,696,086AIR CONDITIONING UNIT Jones, F.M. July 12, 1949 2,475,841AIR SHIP Pickering, J.Feb. 20, 1900 643,975AIRCRAFT (man powered glider)Prather, A. Feb. 6, 1973 3,715,011AIRPLANE (safety device)Julian, H. May 24, 1921 1,379,264ANHYDROUS ALKALINE EARTH HALIDES (preparation of) Taylor, M. Aug.6, 19572,801,899 ANHYDROUS LITHLUM SALTS (preparation of) Taylor, M. Aug 14, 19623,049.406ANISOTROPIC BORON NITRIDE (preparing non laminating method) Smith,B. et al Oct 1, 1985 4,544,535ANTENNA LINEARLY POLARIZED MONOPULSE LOBING, ETC Kelly, K.C. Nov 9, 1962 3,063,049 ANTENNA TESTING SHIELDJones,H.S. et alApr 10, 1962 3,029,430 ANTIOXIDANT COMPOSITION Hall, L.A. Aug 14, 1956 2,758,931ANTIOXIDANT MATERIAL AND USE OF Hall, L.A. Nov 27, 19562,772,169 APPLIANCE CARRIER Flowers, D. Jul 18, 1995 5,433,359 APRON (BARBER’S) Mathis, N. Oct 7, 1975 D237,O22 ARTILLERY AMMUNITION TRAINING ROUND Buford, G.S.,S.r Feb 13, 1951 2,541,025ASPHALT EMULSION AND MANUFACTURE OF Hall, L.A. Oct.18, 1932 1,882,834 ASSEMBLING AND DISAMBLING MACHINE Taylor, A.J. Jun 6, 1942 2,286,695ATMOSPHERE (APPARATUS FO HEATING OF COOLING WITHIN AN ENCLOSURE) Jones, F.M.Oct 24, 1950 2,526,874Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top BBACK WASHER MOUNTED ON SHOWER WALL Kenner, M.B. Sep 9, 1987 4,696,068BATHROOM TISSUE HOLDER Kenner, M.B. Oct 19, 1982 4,354,643BED RACK Bradberry, H.May 25, 1943 2,320,027BLOCKS Brisco, J.R. Apr 9, 1968 3,376,682BOOKCASE Harper, J.H.,Jr. June 6, 1961 Dl90,500BOOT OR SHOE Gunn, S.W.Jan 16, 1900 641,642BOX (Shadow) Scott, J.C.Oct 1, 1968 D212,334BRAKE (Automatic air) Woods, G.T. Jun 10, 1902 701,981Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top CCAR PARK Gilliard, J Nov 20, 1956 2,771,200CARD GAME (Chemical) Forbes, D.A. Apr 17, 1934 D91,996CARD GAME (Family relationship) Smith, M.A. Oct 28, 1980 4,230,321CARRIER ATTACHMENT (for invalid walkers) Kenner, M.B. Sep 10, 1975 3,957,071 CATALYSTS (Reactivating hydro-forming) Brown, Henry Oct 22, 1968 3,407,135 CESIUM AQUEOUS SOLUTION BY ION EXCHANGER (removal of) Russell, E.R. Jan 3, 1967 3,296,123 CHAIR (Folding) Beckley, C.P. Dec 24, 1974 3,856,345CIGARETTE HOLDER AND ASH TRAY Stephens, G.B. Sep 11, 1956 2,762,377CIRCUIT GATING (Transitorized) Emile, P.E. May 2, 1961 2,982,868 CIRCUIT MULTIVIBRATOR TRANSISTORIZED Emile, P.E. Nov 24, 19613,005,963 CIRCUIT PRESETTABLE BISTABLE Cox, E.L. et al Aug 1, 1967 3,334,245CLOCK AND WALL PLAQUE (Combined) Jordan, J.H., Jr. Jun 22, 1971 D220,965 COIN CHANGER MECHANISM Bauer, J.A. Jan 20, 1970 3,490,571COMPRESSOR, ROTARY Jones, F.M. Apr 18, 1950 2,504,841CONTAINER (Non-capsized) Elder, C.L. Feb 6, 19683,367,525CONTROLLER (Power) Hopkins, H.C.Nov 3, 1987 4,704,570COPOLYMER, ACRYLIC (Preparation of water soluble, etc)Woodard, D.G. Apr 6, 1971 3,574,175COPPER (Preparation of water soluble,etc)Jackson, H. Apr 1, 1969 3,436,233CORN PLANTER (Check row) Mitchell, J.M. Jan 16, 1900641,462 CORTISONE (Preparation of) Julian, P.L. Aug 10, 1954 2,752,339 COSMETIC AND PROCESS OF PRODUCING Carver, G.W. Jan 6, 1925 1,522,176COUPLING VALVED (Quick disconnect) Gill, V. Aug 9, 19602,948,553 Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top DDATA PROCESSOR PROCEDURE (entry for) Dent, B.A. Dec 15, 1970 3,548,384DIAL OPERATIONS DEVICE (programmable external) Gurley, C.E. Apr 7, 1970 3,505,483DIFFUSER COLD (method and means of defrosting) Jones, F.M. Jan 19, 19542,666,298 DOOR CHECK Lovell, H.R. Sep 13, 1932 D87,753DOORBAR LATCH Logan, E.L., Jr. Jul 13, 1971 3,592,497 DRESSER Jordan, J.H.,Jr Feb 16,91971 D21 9,927Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top EELECTRICAL TRANSLATING DEVICES (regulating and controlling) Woods, G.T.Sep 3, 1901 681,786ELECTRODE (vertical liquid, etc) Cotton, D.J. Aug 9, 1977 4,040 932ELECTROGAS (dynamic “M and D” apparatus) Gourdine, M.C. Jun 19, 1969 3,449,667ENCAPSULATION PROCESS AND ITS PRODUCT (energy conversion system, closed cycle) Cosby, T.L.July 30, 1974 3,826,092ENGINE (two cycle gas)Jones, F.M. Mar 11, 1947 2,417,253ENGINE (two cycle internal combustion)Jones, F.M. Nov 28, 19502,522,273ENGINE COMBUSTION INTERNAL (control device for) Jones, F.M. Sep 2, 19582,850,001ENGINE,GAS (two-cycle)Jones, F.M. May 29, 1945 2,376,968ENGINES, GAS (means for thermostatically operating) Jones. F.M. Jul 26, 1949 2,477,377EXHAUST PURIFIER Stokes, R. Apr 16, 1968 3,378,241Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top FFIRE ESCAPE MECHANISM (EMERGENCY) Huntley, J.B. Apr 29, 19753,880,255FIREPLACE DAMPER (ACTUATING TOOL) Ammons, V.M. Sep 3O, l975 3,908,633FLAME RETARDANT Garner, A.Y.Nov 2, 1976 3,989,702FOOT WARMER Thompson, J.A., Jr. May 25, 1946 2,442,026FRUIT BOWL WALL HANGING KIT (embroidered) Cowans, B. et al Apr 5, 19774,016,314FRUIT PRESS Turner, M.M. Apr 25, 1916 1,180,959FUEL CELL (BIOCHEM) Perry, J., Jr.Nov 8, 1966 3,284,239FUELS, LASER (carbon dioxide) Lee, L.H. Mar 8, 19774,011,116FUR AND MATERIAL – DRESSING EQUIPMENT (thermostatic controlled) Harper, S. Jun 21, 1955 2,711,095FURNACE (heating) Parker, A.H. Dec 23, 1919 1,325,905Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top GGAMES (improvement) Smith, J.W. Apr17, 1900 647,887GEAR SHIFT (automatic) Spikes, R.B. Dec 6, 1932 1,889,814GREASE COMPOSITION FLUOROCARBON POLYMERS, ETC. Christian, J.B. Oct 27, l970 3,536,624GREASE COMPOSITION (use at high temperature) Christian, J.B. 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Oct 27, 1931 1,828,753 TELEPHONE ALARM APPARATUS (automatic) Gurley, C.E. Apr 7, 1970 3,505,476THERMOSTAT AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM Jones, F.M. Feb 23, 1960 2,926,005 THERMOSTAT (window) Crosthwait, D.N. Apr 11, 1944 2,346,560 TICKET DISPENSING MACHINE Jones, F.M. Jun 27, 1939 2,163,754 TOP STRINGLESS (spinable) Brown, P.L. Aug 11, 1970 3,523,386 TORPEDO DISCHARGE (means of) Bradberry, H. Dec 11, 1945 2,390,688 TOY (knockdown, wheeled) Holmes, L.M. Nov 14, 1950 2,529,692 TRAFFIC SIGNAL Morgan G.A. Nov 20, 1923 1,475,024 TRANSMISSION AND SHIFTING,ETC. Spikes, R.B.Nov 28, 1933 1,936,996 TRANSMITTER, ILLUSION Thomas, V.L. Oct 21,1980 4,229,761TUNGSTEN HEXAFLUORIDE, ETC. (preparation of) Russell, J.L. Nov 30, 1976 3,995,011 Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top UURINALYSIS MACHINE Sanderson, D.S. Jul 28, 1970 3,522,011 Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top VVENETIAN BLIND RESTRINGER Nokes, C. Jun 3, 1958 2,836,882Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top WWAVE GUIDE COMPONENTS Jones, H.S., Jr. Jul 29, 1962 3,046,507WAVE GUIDE LINE STRETCHER (magneto-mechanical) Jones, H.S., Jr. Aug 23, 1966 3,268,837WEIGHING AND TOTALING LOAD DEVICE, ETC. Davis, S.H. Jul 30, 1943 2,324,769 WHEELCHAIR (stair climbing) Weaver, R.J. Nov 19, 1968 3,411,598 WIRE DEVICE (triggered exploding) Jefferson, D. Nov 29, 1966 3,288,068 WIRE STRIPPING TOOL Leonard J. Alexander Dec. 19, 2000 6,161,289 WRENCH, MONKEY (improved) Johnson, J.A. Apr 18, 1922 1,413,121 Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top ZZIRCONIA COMPOSITION AND PROCESS (transparent) Smith J.S., II Mar 11, 1967 3,432,314Back to the Alphabetical ListBack to the Top

  • WhitesRdumb

     If the media says it was “yootz,” the blacks tweet; “Yeaya, dat be us.”

    If the media says it was blacks, the blacks tweet; “dat be raciss.”

  • Cowboydroid

    Indeed, it is. Truth is that all men are created equal, and we are all men created in the image of God. We all deserve to be loved by our neighbor, and treated with respect by our fellow man.

    There are people that hate that Truth. There are people that are ignorant of it, and would rather live in their ignorance as they are repulsed by the idea of treating “different” people as equals and loving them unconditionally. I am sad for those people.

  • Johnny Clay

    It’s almost gotten to the point with me where I’d like to bring back segregation and Jim Crow, but too many innocent people would wind up paying the price for it.  If we could segregate the bad people so the good ones won’t suffer for them, that would be great.

    • IstvanIN

      HUH?  Segregation by race is good.  Let the blacks take care of their own and we ours.  How would the “good one’s” suffer?  Are you saying blacks are incapable of taking care of their own?

      •  I think what that person means is the 0.000001% of blacks that are truly intellectuals, who wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything intellectual because they’re surrounded by morons.  But we can’t sacrifice our own race and civilization for the sake of those eight blacks.

  • Periapsis, that sounds like the classic film “Deliverance” (1972).

  • Ni123

     “I’d be in favor of carving out a section of the country and turning it into a black homeland or independent nation.”

    Actually, there is the entire continent carved out for this. It’s called Africa.

    No need to invent the wheel again. The easy way to separate wheat from chaff is to control for genetics. Behavioral traits, intellect, personality traits are heritable. All we need is selection. Is it real? No way. Eugenics is branded with Nazi stigma. Looks like we reached the dead end.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Blacks are their own worst enemies. They not only ruin White lifes, they ruin black lifes. Odds are they will abused, murdered, raped and/or robbed by one of their own, yet the ever present White racist is the boogieman!

  • Classification and reporting of black crime is an extremely important factor in at least defining trends. Once sacrosanct, true crime statistics are becoming harder to discern. Political correctness, as has been mentioned here, invites the apparent white crime as greater than it is by adding hispanics to the white numbers. Likewise, it is just as easy to manipulate the black crime rates by simply not reporting them.  That is, all crime numbers are local in origin, so to “help” blacks look better, it remains to not report their crimes using the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting system. Voila’, just like shaving points on an NBA game, black law enforcement administrators can do the same

  • Mentious

     Let them try to do the right thing among their own people. Wouldn’t that be good for the Blacks and don’t they need good examples like that?

    You can’t love everybody in this world. You are lucky if you get to love and serve just a few people in your life. There are 6 billion+ in this world. We’ll only even meet a molecule-sized fraction of those. Why do the good blacks need to be among Whites? There are only so many people you can help in this life, and they should help their own.

  • Kurt Plummer


    I don’t see anything wrong with inflaming racial tensions if it means blacks will have to start behaving themselves.

    Obama is black, white conservative centrists endorse the system as the man whom it elects.  Inflaming racial tensions = questioning skin color of President = questioning system.

    Yes, it’s a moronic derivation tree but it is true, nonetheless.

    These are not ‘elites’ out to steal everything you have.  These are those fundamentalist believers in what is that feel it necessary to sustain the image of propriety, as it’s office, irrespective of the facts.

    And there -are- facts about Obama that need to be questioned.  Just as there are questions about blacks which need asking: “If this is how you behave when you have power, how is it that you expect to hold onto respect when you once more do not?”

    I think it was Lincoln who once said: “Any idiot can stand up to hardship.  If you want to test the mettle of a man, give him power.”

  • Kurt Plummer

    And if you are afraid of blacks on the Fourth Of July, you are afraid to celebrate what -is- a White Holiday as acknowledgment of national sovereignty.  Which means when the nation comes tumbling down, you are that much more separated from the reality of it as a ‘disinterested observer’.
    The misdirect is at violence and by closeted association, blacks.
    The true target is acknowledgement of national identity.
    And the desired outcome is a sense of national anti-culturalism which lies somewhere between ambiguity and disillusionment to the point of losing belief in the concepts which are associated therewith.
    The Constitution is only a piece of paper.  When you no longer believe in what it means.

  • Bill-D

    Damn!!!! Here we are in 2015 and not much has changed.
    Blacks still are acting like savages and fools.
    When the White have had enough, and VOTE in those who want law and order, this will stop. Stop the WHITE GUILT crap.