UMD Drops Support for Controversial Anti-Racism Campaign

John Lundy, Twin Cities, July 4, 2012

A week after University of Minnesota Duluth’s chancellor said the school wouldn’t pull out of the controversial Un-Fair Campaign, UMD has done just that.

A news release from the University’s main campus late Tuesday afternoon said UMD had “indefinitely suspended” its membership in the campaign “pending a change in the campaign’s emphasis and creative approach.”

On June 25, UMD Chancellor Lynn Black objected to a new video released as part of the 6-month old campaign, which is aimed at promoting racial equality by calling attention to white privilege. The video, shown at, depicted white people with phrases such as “We’re privileged: People see us, not a color.”

Black said several people complained to UMD and the University of Minnesota after seeing inaccurate reports that UMD paid for the campaign and produced the video. But at the time he said UMD wasn’t withdrawing from the partnership.

“We’re still very much committed to the goals of the campaign and to the foundation the campaign is built on,” he said then.

But the news release on Tuesday said the focus of the public service announcement was divisive and had “alienated some UMD alumni, supporters and others in the broader community.”

It also said the video had been pulled from the campaign’s website at Black’s request.


Representatives ofall 18 partners in the Un-Fair Campaign met on Monday. “They reaffirmed the group’s fundamental goals to promote racial equality and create a constructive dialogue about eliminating racism,” the news release said. But they also recognized “the messaging and creative emphasis has been divisive.”


Although this is the first time an organization has suspended involvement in the Un-Fair Campaign, it has been controversial virtually since Jan. 24, when it was launched with the slogan, “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white.”



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  • This “author” has it backwards.  It’s impossible NOT to see racism if you’re White.  Things like the asian congressional caucus and the hispanic congressional caucus and the black congressional caucus and usinpac and laraza and the asian grocer’s association and the tons and tons of other non-white race groups and organizations.  And let’s not forget all the women’s groups neither.  And Affirmative Action.  And the set-asides for non-whites and women.

    All I see is racism and every last bit of it is against White Men.

    • ageofknowledge

      Exactly. What Stephanie said.

    • Also,  keep in mind that when minorities and their enablers say, ‘we need a dialog on race’, they don’t want a dialog at all.

      What they want is a confession and a public admission of guilt. They want us to curl into a ball while they berate us with a list of our ‘crimes against humanity’.

      • JohnEngelman

        They want a monolog in which they do the talking and we listen with sheepish expressions like children who are being scolded for doing what they knew was bad. 

      • Oh yes!  And you don’t have to be the one to start the conversation neither.  My experience with racial conversations is, no point has ever been addressed.
        They’re unable to handle the Truth about Double Standard.  They won’t discuss it because it will expose them for what they really are; Liars, Users, Abusers and Criminals.The ‘crimes’ part is my favorite.  I’m still waiting for anyone to show me how what White People did is any worse than what anybody else did.  When I get that, I’ll admit there were some ‘crimes’ but not until then.

      • ViktorNN

        You’re absolutely right.

        I would just add that in public contexts, saying anything other than agreeing with non-whites (especially blacks) about their list of grievances is often taken as license for them to engage in physical violence.

        To the non-white, anything other than agreeing must mean you’re a robe-wearing racist straight out of central casting. Most simply aren’t capable of rationally considering that there are a range of views.

        • The Original Ku Klux Klan had their Political Reasons and they had a Right to be left alone.

          I have to defend what I know to be Honorable White Men who just wanted their Country back.  The Original’s intention was never to intimidate, murder or do any such wrong.  A few poisoned the entire well and that’s not fair.

      • What Crimes?

        • We owned slaves, just like every other race (including blacks). We committed genocide, just like ever other race. We fought wars of aggression, just like every other race.

          We are no more guilty of “crimes against humanity” than any other race, yet we are constantly demonized for our actions.

          • Rosenkranz

             Slavery is universal true. However, Jewish merchants dominated the transatlantic slave trade. There were more slaves in Brazil than in North America. Jewish families sometimes owned a thousand slaves.

            Aaron Lopez was the most successful Jewish slave merchant in the new world. He financed  the The Touro Synagogue in 1763, the oldest synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island, and in the United States.

          • We’re less guilty of these things, after you correct for competence.  E.g., blacks don’t do armored divisions or bomber wings (but they still outscored the Nazis in terms of daily averaged number dead in the Rwandan genocide, and that was mostly with machetes).

            Blacks still haven’t stopped slavery in their territories.  Whites ended it everywhere they hold (held) sway.  Etc., etc., ad infinitum. Slavery is a universal; ending it is a white thing.

            The very standard white-hating racists use to criticize whites is one created by whites in the first place.  God only knows how long the world would have waited to see a similar standard imposed, sans the white race.  Forever, probably.

      •  Yep.  “We need a dialog on race” is absolutely code for “you need a lecture on race.”

        I love it when someone says something like “we need a dialog on race.”  They’re asking for it with this white man, and they’ll definitely get it.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “All I see is racism and every last bit of it is against White Men.”

      You forgot the word “straight” between against and White.

      • WhitesRdumb

         The SINGLE straight white male is the most discriminated against person in the world. The stuff the suck out of an outhouse has more rights than a single straight white male.

      • HA!  How Right You are Sir!

        I’m sorry, I did indeed forget how gays have plenty of extra “rights” and privileges too.

        I want someone to explain to me why it isn’t racist to so blatantly and in every way possible, discriminate against White Men.  Where did this hate come from and why?

    • sarah stein

       And don’t forget the new Hispanic-Jewish Congressional Caucus.  It’s hard not to see racism when the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute only awards scholarships to Latinos. That’s right, the Klan don’t cotton to no white folk.

      • Never heard of it but why are Jews allowing this?  Now hispanics get to be Jew too?  How does that work?

  • Oil Can Harry

    My guess is that some alumni told these bozos they’d never see another dime from them if they didn’t deep six the Tim Un-Wise impersonation.

    And more good news: read the comments in the original story; 90% of them are pro-white.

    There may be hope for our people after all. 

    • Epiminondas

      ESPECIALLY coming from Minnesota. 

    • Sloppo

      They dropped support for the campaign because it was backfiring … waking up too many people.  

      • JohnEngelman

        Off in the background they heard the derisive laughter. 

    • mikejones91

      Ive began to notice that on many articles now, whether its about immigration/ect. The vast majority of comments are pro white.

      • Internet comments have really, REALLY taken a turn in the last few years.  I can’t help thinking the pro-white ranks have swollen significantly in that time (or fearing that this doesn’t say as much as I’d like it to, in the big picture).  The pro-white comments are FAR more numerous, and much more informed and radical than they used to be.

    • chuck_2011

        such a misguided campaign designed to play on the guilt of white people was bound to fail. you cannot promote one group by knocking down another for no reason and “white privilege” is a fallacy. having the brains and aptitude for university is the reality and if one is born stupid then get used to the broom or factory work.

  • The white people who appeared on that ” white privilege ” video with words all over their faces are traitors to their own race.

    • They’re probably white-looking Jews, not actually White.  At least I hope they aren’t actual White people.

    • 1proactive2

      They’re also “useful idiots”, to quote Lenin. 

      • Up to my neck in CA

        To blacks: enablers
        To Whites: cannon fodder

    • haroldcrews

      Their treason won’t keep them from being cannibal bait.  Unless they come to their senses they’ll get what’s coming to them.

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Like the zookeeper at the lions cage. Hang around a wild animal and you will eventually be bitten.When they finally escape from their cages
        they will be the first ones eaten.

        • haroldcrews

          DWLs remind me of the show ‘Fatal Attraction’ on Animal Planet.

        •  Would that this were true, but the reality is that the keeper usually stands on top of the cage until the animals are long gone.  Witness the War of Northern Aggression, desegregation, the end of apartheid, open borders, etc.

      • Cannibal bait indeed, brings to mind the book titled “Farnhams’ Freehold” read it years ago and it is still stuck in my mind.  A group of Whites get in a time warp of some sort and end up in a future where blacks control everything and farm White people for food!! Not far of the mark at this point. When Saxons actually begin to hate, it is going to start in one small place, the gubmint will try to put it down quietly but that will not happen because so many Whites are armed or heavily armed and at some point, a rally of support and additional weapons will happen….I HOPE, I am locked and loaded and this message is being monitored by the DHS, FBI, CIA and any number of other acronyms.

        • anarchyst

          The “test cases” for unbridled and unrestricted abuses of government power was that of Gordon Kahl, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Elian Gonzales, Oklahoma city, Michigan Hutaree and many others . . .

  • Epiminondas

    This is precisely the sort of stupidity educators can be counted on to support these days.  I don’t know what happens to these worms as they gain a little power, but it is nothing good.

  • jackryanvb

    Thanks to everyone who called, wrote e-mails, faxes to complain about this PC, cultural marxist horror. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

    Please stay involved in your high school, college and grad school alumni organizations – put pressure to stop this nonsense.

  • Anan7

    You know I am sick and tired of hearing “racism” this and “racism” that.  Get on with your lives!!!!

    God never meant for us to be conflicted like this.  I’m serious.  We were meant to serve Him, and our fellow Man in the process.

    This cannot be achieved by different groups living in the same area.  People have innate preferences for their own selves, families, ethnicities, races, etc.  This is true of every living organism.

    Like the Tower of Babel story, the most peaceful and productive societies are best when they are SEPARATE.

    Stop trying to turn blacks into Whites.  Stop trying to turn Hispanics into Whites.  Stop trying to turn Asians into Whites.  We are not the same.  That is obvious to even the smallest child, yet not to the likes of Diversity Advisor Tim Wise.

    If you really want an end to racism, stop intermixing.  It’s that simple!  It’s so simple even I can understand it!

    If you don’t want to get stung, get your hand out of the hornet’s nest.

    • mikejones91

      Take out the religious angle, and I’m with you. Well put.

      • You’re not saying take God out of it are you?  No one has to believe but on the other hand, they (atheists) don’t get to change Christian Countries neither.  I mean to say, no one gets to turn Countries that have Always Recognized God into Countries that don’t Recognize Him.

        • Cowboydroid

          God has no concern for such hatred expressed by such bigoted people. God is Love. God is pure Love. Those who do not know how to Love are not with God.

          • Are you calling me “bigoted”?  If so, you’re right.  I am bigoted.  I believe in God and won’t allow anyone to change my mind.  I am “narrow-minded” when it comes to God and His Land.

            God is Highly Prejudice AND Jealous.   He, like the America and Europe He Built, DEMANDS COMPLETE Loyalty, Honor and Obedience. He does not bow and We don’t neither.  What do you want from me?

          • robinbishop34

             The issues discussed on this site are practical, not philosophical. You’re desire to fill some personal void as a redemptive do-gooder does not trump the concerns of those who view a declining white population and the subsequent horrors that will result as legitimate.

          • You sound retarded no offense.

            I speak of leaving God intact yet you call that unGodly in the way of “hatred expressed” when all I wrote is about allowing Histping God.
            orically God Honored Countries be left alone to continue worship

    • Sloppo

      BTW — Don’t assume that “Diversity adviser” Tim Wise is an unobservant buffoon.  He isn’t trying to “diversify” his own people.  

      • anarchyst

        Of course the “tribe” will never diversify its own.  Multiculturalism and diversity are for us “goyim” only . . . and are the means by which they achieve dominance over us . . . supremacy at its worst . . .

    • I personally don’t believe that my Gods created all peoples, just my own European people.  But I agree with you, let’s celebrate human diversity by separating and preserving what makes us diverse!

      • Cowboydroid

        Your god is not God. God created all that Is. He is the Great I Am. He created every one of us, and desires that we all Love each other. He who does not Love does not know God.

        • NO!  NO, God did not create all.  Evil Exists and Evil did NOT come from God daggone it!

          Lucifer is here and he’s alive and well right now and loving every minute of it too.  “armegeddon” is upon us…

          Please Sir, let us all remember the snake.  Lucifer was a Gorgeous Angel and the Best Angel, Right Hand Man that was cast down ’cause he tried to take over so he was cast down.

          Now, it’s about proving who will Win.  God let Lucifer claim as many as he could here and now, now we shall see who will Win.  My money’s on God.

          as for your “God created all” stuff, NO!  PEOPLE created it.  PEOPLE.  Please don’t blame Jehovah or Jesus for what WE did.  We were given Choice and we CHOSE this.  Please recognize choice please.

          I didn’t choose and you didn’t choose and so many others didn’t choose but still, we chose.  It’s very sad, very frustrating and very unanswerable.

        • You’re not “Great”, God is Great.  Stop it please.

  • Sloppo

    “Representatives of all 18 partners in the Un-Fair Campaign met on Monday. “They reaffirmed the group’s fundamental goals to promote racial equality and create a constructive dialogue about eliminating racism,””
    Replace the last word with “the white race”.

  • This is how bad and over the top this campaign was.  A university in the blue part of a blue state dropped it like a hot potato after the public row got to be too much.

    That sound you hear is Tim Wiseguy crying in his diversity elixir.

    • I want to kidnap Tim Wise and release him into Detroit.

  • JohnEngelman

    Representatives ofall 18 partners in the Un-Fair Campaign met on Monday. “They reaffirmed the group’s fundamental goals to promote racial equality and create a constructive dialogue about eliminating racism,”  
    – John Lundy, Twin Cities, July 4, 2012        
    What we need in the United States is a dialogue on race in which it is safe to express opinions that are expressed on American Renaissance. 

    • TheTruthHurts4

       Blacks are not denied racial equality by white racism, but by the crime, illegitimacy, and inferior intelligence that reinforce white racism generation after generation. They are not that way because we think they are. We think they are because that is the way they are.

  • JohnEngelman

    During the War in Vietnam excesses like the Un-Fair Campaign had a certain cachet because white anti war activists wanted to attract black allies. 
    That was very long ago. Even many liberals are disappointed by the black response to the civil rights legislation. 

  • Imagine that, telling White people they are SCUM because they are WHITE backfired!  

  • ncpride

    “We’re privileged: People see us, not a color.”

    How stupid this phrase is. After all, isn’t their gibberish all about WHITE privilege?

    Black people always say we don’t know what it’s like to be black. Well, they don’t know what it’s like to be White and constantly accused of racism, taught White guilt, blamed for all their problems, and taught to hate our skin color and our ‘evil’ ancestors. As our friend Stephanie said, it’s hard NOT to see racism when you’re White.

    • We actually dont know what its like to be black. Since only 15% of blacks have an IQ of 100 or higher we have no idea what its like having the mind of a child in an adults body. The avg IQ for US blacks is 85 thats like a 13yo mind in an adults body.

      •  When I was 13 yrs old I read most of Dostoevsky, Kafka, Faulkner, Confucius, some of Plato & Einstein & Marx & Hegel (Kojeve’s interpretation). Don’t underestimate 13 yrs olds.

        • panjoomby

          i’m betting at age 13 that your mental age was 21-ish!
          so maybe at age 7 or 8 your mental age was 13-ish.
          …it’s that their average mental age is 13-ish
          (like an average 13 year old, not an advanced, precocious one!)

    • This Confederate Battle Flag.  Slavery.  The Ku Klux Klan.  Voting Rights.  It never ends and it’s all a great big fat lie.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

       Don’t forget “and be expected to work.”

      A while back I had a fairly civilized- though far from friendly- discussion with a black guy about the various pathological & self destructive behaviors of his race. He was one of those rare ones who have just enough sense to know he didn’t have the moral high ground, and was on the defensive. Eventually he copped out by telling me it was all just a black thing that I couldn’t understand.

      I told him I understand “black things” perfectly. All White people do. It’s blacks who lack the intelligence to see degeneracy for what it really is.

      • But they can’t help it and that is why they need direction.  I’ve had two bad experiences with blacks but then I’ve known good ones so it’s direction and an Intelligent Parent (White Rule) is what they need.

        People keep talking about how low IQ they are and all I can do now is feel terribly sorry for them.  They need to be directed and that’s what I stand by.  No meaningful jobs, I hate to say this but it’s True, and certainly no voting rights, sitting on a Jury, etc.

  • This is a good outcome.

    From now on, Mr. Wise can be factually linked to a failed campaign. I wonder how many times when he’s invited to speak (for a hefty fee) that the invitee will make reference to this failed program.

     Also, I believe these people simply overstepped the boundary of acceptable public discourse by implying though racial stereotypes and skin color that all white people were inherently racist to the core. 

    These people went too far and they alienated white people.

    I do hope this made students and their parents both angry and racially paranoid (they ARE out to get you). 

    Following this campaign, one has to ask, when will we be issued arm bands, where do we go to get our tattoos, and what can we bring with us to the camps?

    Instead of the UnFair Campaign, they should have named it, “The Eternal White Man”. 

  • Maximillian Heidenreich

    In the first place, it is anyone’s God given right to be as racist as they like; to hate whomever for whatever reason they so chose. They may not however act on this without severe consequence, as there are plenty of laws on the books that will ensure they are punished. These constant “anti-racism” campaigns are not only a waste of time and money, but are actually pernicious in that they promote the idea all whites are invariably racist and need to be “reformed,” “educated,” and even “rehabilitated.” And controlled. They promote a continuous racial divide, real or imagined. It is they who more than anything else that keep Americans from coming together. I am referring more to white and blacks than the “imports” that constitute most of the rest. The imports I just plain don’t like and wish they would just all go home. The Mexicans need to take up their grievances with their own government, have a revolution or whatever and then stay there. We can be friends and have sensible, civilized relations, trade, visit. The blacks have been here since the days of the Mayflower, whatever the circumstances may have been, they are here to stay. Then was then; this is now. Whites have done plenty to make up for any past misdeeds, again, real or imagined, and probably would stretch a bit more for their black countrymen. But the blacks need to get their minds right and stop the nonsense. We ain’t goin’ nowhere either. Stop bashing me about sh… stuff I had nothing to do with. Wasn’t there, didn’t do it.

  • How so True.  We have our criminals yes but most of us are not and our Poor don’t run around stealing just because they’re without like non-whites have a tendency to do.

    If you’re hungry, you figure out how to get some food and the best place for that is either in the water or the woods and both places are Free.

  • 1proactive2

    Ah, public education, place of the perpetually aggrieved.  

    Public whining and pretend suffering, however, does bring in the headlines and tax bucks so the self-absorbed adult-children running this school are right on track.  Look for them to invent a new angle with the same message.  Works every time. 

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     “We’re privileged: People see us, not a color.”

    I get it now. From the first time I heard that phrase, something struck me as wrong about it (I mean, asides from the fact that it’s the stupidest #$%!ing thing ever). They know full well that non-Whites, blacks especially, see their Whiteness and little else.

    It just hit me: The reason they can make such an idiotic statement is that they simply don’t consider non-Whites to be people.

    • Vil

       They probably consider blacks and other non-whites to be an endangered species, tiny little, helpless animals that cannot suvive without the help of them, the noble white saviour.
      Those people seem to be the worst type of racists.

      • TheTruthHurts4

         We are endangered by black crime, and by the way they ruin every white neighborhood they move into. Blacks move in. Whites start getting robbed and raped, so we move out.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          We must keep the focus on who is doing this to us and what the ultimate outcome will be.

          It is the US government that MOVES blacks into White neighborhoods and schools via Section 8 housing, effectively destroying them.It is the US government that legislates against Whites via Hate Crimes enhancement and gun control laws.

          This is being done on purpose, along with flooding White countries with non-Whites, and is part and parcel of an ongoing, world-wide genocide being conducted against the White race.

          Blacks have low IQs and inherently violent tendencies and are only doing what comes naturally to them; the government could put an end to these black mobs and black-on-White violence if it so desired, but it does not and by remaining silent is complicit in black attacks, including violent mob attacks, on the White population.

          Not only does the government ignore black-on-White violence, it continues to promote the myth that Whites are THE cause of black failure and crime.

          Imagine the races reversed in the above “anti-racism” campaign or if White mobs were constantly targeting, attacking and killing innocent blacks in American cities.  The outcry and demand for action against Whites would be heard from the highest levels of the UGS and “world” governments.  Do you think the USG would claim that “race had absolutely nothing to do with it??”  Or the media ignore such attacks?

          Shows how much the U.S. government values your worthless White life, doesn’t it?  To them we are kulaks, deserving targets for non-White violence and hatred, good for nothing except handing over our wealth

          Know thy enemy!!  


          *Imagine the screaming if a sign such as “Mexican Invaders go back to Mexico!”  or “Blacks go back to Africa!” were displayed publicly.

          *Anyone who doesn’t believe Whites are under threat of genocide, show ’em this chart and remind them that WE are a scant 7% of the world’s population and declining, the most endangered of endangered species.

          • Texan1st

            You are 100% correct, Bon.

  • robinbishop34

     “They’re the type who believe that the only race is the human race, yet
    they go on and on about white privilege and are basically stating that
    non-whites are different and should be treated differently.”

    I’ve heard/seen this referred to as ‘white supremacy with a smile.

    • White Supremacy makes me Smile!  I’m very Proud to know The White Peoples have Created and Gave more than all the rest.  I see nothing wrong with being Proud as long as it doesn’t cross the line with God that is.

  • well, it’s about damn time

  • Here’s my comment:

    “From my experience, whites are the most self-loathing group of all
    (thanks to campaigns such as this one). How are you supposed to love
    others when you can’t love yourself?”

    • Sadly, too many White People  do not understand their Position in Life.

  • ViktorNN

    I will take white “anti-racists” and their gobbledygook about “white privilege” seriously the day I see them:

    1) Sign over the deeds to any land they own to the closest neighboring American Indian tribe.

    2) Immediately give up their job to a non-white.

    3) Immediately move into an apartment in a majority non-white neighborhood. And not just a 50-50 neighborhood – I mean a real, true non-white neighborhood.

    4) Immediately take their kids out of school and send them to non-white majority school with less than 20% whites making up the student body.

    5) Immediately empty their bank accounts and hand over their money to the NAACP as reparations for slavery.

    6) Never ever hold anything but a menial, helper role in any anti-racist organization. They should agree that whites should never speak for such organizations, should never lead such organizations, and should only serve in a subordinate role non-whites who by default should be given privileged jobs in such organizations.

    Show me a white “anti-racist” who does these things, and then maybe I’ll take them seriously.

    Anything less and all you’re looking at is an “anti-racism for thee, but not for me” type.

    That is, a self-righteous white who gets off on policing other whites thanks to too much exposure to pathological anti-white indoctrination dispensed by our wretched educational system.

    • ViolenceAgainstWhites

       There is a Jewish-Australian comedian called John Safran who did a parody where he got an Aboriginal Australian tribe, painted them up, and took them around to Liberal Australian’s houses asking if they could move back into their houses. They all said no!

  • How messed up in the head do you have to be to even try such a thing? 

    I’m going to go to China and put up billboards saying all Chinese are scum. Yup, money well spent…

  • 1gravity

    IMHO, it is getting to the point that plowing through the ideological flotsam and jetsam of Am Ren posts, to get to the few that actually have something useful to say, is not worth the time.  This format of excerpting articles of interest, and inviting comments, is not working anymore. 

    • The format you mention has been the format for quite a few years, since at least 2006.

      Remember Sturgeon’s Law.  That even applies to the kind of AR comments we moderators think are worth approving.  Even if we were told to get ten times as strict, Sturgeon’s Law would still apply to what’s left.

  • This is also a good opportunity for American Renaissance.

    If you find any articles on this story, post a message including a like to this webpage.

    I’m sure there will be many receptive readers looking for an alternative view to the UnFair campaign. 

  • Man alive, the feeling of enlightened superiority these anti-racist racists get from these campaigns must be exquisite.

  • So the campaign said what, nonwhites see white people as individuals not by their colour? That’s ridiculous, why do blacks use racial epithets for whites?

  • JohnEngelman

    When we point to differing levels of crime, illegitimacy, and academic performance they say the only race is the human race. 
    When they point to differing income levels they say that whites are responsible for black poverty and need to pay reparations. 

    • robinbishop34

       I wonder when Brazil will start to pony up the reparations dough?

  • Anan7

     This is similar to the “Pathological Altruism” that Jared Taylor just wrote an article about.

  • Morton

    Yes I agree this out and out racism must be halted.

    Black Panthers telling blacks to kill whites

    Hundreds of instances of black mobbing whites ( see google – black on white attacks )

    But will it ever stop these people. do not think in a normal manner. They are from a culture thousands of years old that never evolved.

  • They have testosterone levels as we do:

    There is something else; I guess it’s about brain functioning.

    • Talltrees

      Blacks have smaller brains than Whites.  Seriously.

  • I agree, but it’s tough when the government uses your own tax money against you. 

  • Reductio ad Kluxium

    •  YES!  Also I love how reductio ad hitlerum has cheapened the naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews accusation.

      • Anon, nicely said.  That one (Proud Muslim = terrorist, Proud Japanese = Nanking Rapist, Proud Jew = Wolf of the Kremlin, Proud Liberal = Gulag Commandant, Proud Black = Idi Amin, Proud Hispanic = Pinochet, etc.) never occurred to me, and I’ve been in this game a long time.  Not bad.

  • I suspect everyone goes along because no one wants to be seen as ignorant.

    Someone proposes a ridiculous idea but no one wants to say it’s ridiculous because they don’t want to be seen as out of touch. Also, you want your peers to support your hair-brain ideas. What these people need is a good devils advocate.

  • Why do you think MLK’s cohorts had him assassinated?

    Ooh, I didn’t just say that, did I?  Have I gone too far, or have I not gone far enough?

    Disclaimer:  My own opinion,  nobody else’s.  And the opinion of someone who thinks it improbable that someone who broke out of the Missouri state penitentiary and eked out an existence for his year or so out on the lam had the money to buy “fly today” airline tickets from Toronto to London and in turn from London to Rhodesia in the pre-dereg days when airline travel of any sort was expensive, much less international travel, much less international airfare with no waiting period.

    As an aside, the left likes to go on about MLK conspiracy theories that involve a more pernicious “vast right wing conspiracy.”  The dowdy looking house you see in the attached photo can be found at 1938 Arsenal Street in south St. Louis City.  It was recently renovated, I presume for mixed residential-business.  But back in the day, it was a tavern, and one frequented by James Earl Ray.  One debunked conspiracy theory of the left re MLK’s assassination originates out of this former tavern, but it involves JER and two other people, one a lawyer, and the two other people didn’t meet until after MLK was assassinated.  So bonk.

  • WhitesRdumb

    I think the problem is the insecure white male with a hero/rescuer complex. They want to be seen as a hero, and our [sic] society has defined a hero as someone who battles white racists.

    • Has anyone here watched a po black drown instead of saving it? heheheheheheh;)

    •  The problem is the commanding heights of our society are dominated by a hostile elite.  Thus, everything (including the hero/rescuer instinct) gets perverted to serve their interests, and subvert ours.

  • He said all his negative e-mails were written by “white supremacists,” therefore, there must be a lot of “white supremacists” out there.

  • anarchyst

    Le’s not forget about the “tribe” which demands “multiculturalism” and “diversity” for everyone else but themselves.
    They have an ulterior motive which is to establish their supremacy over the rest of us . . .

  • Excellent retort to the charge of white supremacy.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    This chancell will no doubt be targeted for racism, in case any other university dare such arrogance…

  • TheTruthHurts4

    Representatives of all 18 partners in the Un-Fair Campaign met on Monday.
    “They reaffirmed the group’s fundamental goals to promote racial
    equality and create a constructive dialogue about eliminating racism,”
    –  John Lundy, Twin Cities, July 4, 2012        
    Those who want to eliminate racism should not lecture to whites. They should lecture to blacks. They should tell blacks to stop committing all those crimes. They should tell blacks to stop having all those illegitimate children. they should tell blacks to stop doing so poorly in school.
    Until blacks begin to perform and behave as well as whites most of us whites will have a low opinion of them, even if we are afraid to express it. The charge that we are responsible for black inadequacies is insulting.    

  • I would comment as much as I used to but I hate the LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK and other crap like that or am asked to share everything on my yahoo account.

    • One can register with Disqus directly.

  • Rosenkranz

    We’ll never see a campaign like this.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

     We are not individual human beings to them, but the embodiment of some fantasy…More over our entire waking existence is consumed with our hatred of THEM, and how we can somehow victimize THEM.

    I agree with your premise but it is the MEDIA and SCHOOLS that put this message into the black collective:  That Whites are the cause of all of their failures, blacks are 100% blameless,  that Whites have murderous tendencies toward blacks and other non-Whites and if we are not harshly controlled and put down by the government we will be marching in the streets with jackboots on (as the ADL continue to claim), the ovens will be fired up and trees prepared with nooses — and that Whites have gotten rich and enjoy “easy street”  on the the back of their labors.

    Along with this powerful message comes another: the message that “all races are equal in all ways,  including IQ” and any/all blacks failure is due to White racism and oppression (which must be eradicated by eradicating Whites).

    These things are explicitly taught to blacks from cradle to grave, on purpose, to set us Whites up for non-White hatred and rage.

    And it is working and working well as blacks attack Whites with near impunity and the media cover it up.

    Blacks are useful idiots and running dogs, nothing more. 

    Any power they have is because the USG grants them this power over Whites;  blacks are in control of exactly nothing and when they’ve played out their role of terrorizing the White population, they will go the way of all other useful idiots before them.

    What other population can anyone name that will coddle and tolerate black malfeasance the way Whites have been forced to??


  •  Only moronic blacks would think that their little tinhorn crypto-warlords are important enough for the alphabet gang to knock off.

    In reality, I think MLK’s own people had him knocked off because he was becoming too much of a liability and a future albatross on their own future careers (a dead martyr is better for business than a living washed up disgraced preacher), and Malcolm X-Lax was assassinated because he dissed Elijah Muhammad.

  • Lorin

     Many years ago, I read a doctoral thesis on race relations and the perceptions of blacks towards whites. The main point of the thesis was that blacks see whites as a single living organism that has lived for many thousands of years. Thus; if a white person did something bad to a black 300 years ago, whites are still guilty of the crime and therefore still needs to be punished.
     They see themselves as individuals, yet part of a larger group and therefore must continue to administer punishment to this single organism.

  • VitreousTabard64
  • Athling

    This “white privilege” nonsense is one of the most absurd things I have ever witnessed. It seems we have a group of white people who have totally absorbed the complaints of non-whites, mostly blacks, about not being able to achieve anything because of the “color of their skin” and so on. Even whites who are courteous and kind to non-whites isn’t good enough. No, even they are “racist” by virtue of being white in a society built by whites.

    The race merchants must literally be laughing all the way to the bank. The absolute unadulterated ignorance of some white people is staggering.

    I am nearly at a loss of words to describe how utterly ridiculous this is. The white people behind this are beyond race-less. They are soul-less. Completely devoid of any identity to the point of insanity.

    Their only hope is intense deprogramming sessions infused with massive doses of historical facts.

  • curri

    The Order we live in: 
    “‘The right’ has no unity, actual or prospective, and thus has no definition symmetrical to that of the left. It is for this reason that political dialectics (a tautology) ratchets only in one direction, predictably, towards state expansion and an increasingly coercive substantial-egalitarian ideal. The right moves to the center, and the center moves to the left.
    Regardless of mainstream conservative fantasies, liberal-progressive mastery of American providence has become uncontestable, dominated by a racial dialectic that absorbs unlimited contradiction, whilst positioning the Afro-American underclass as the incarnate critique of the existing social order, the criterion of emancipation, and the sole path to collective salvation. No alternative structure of historical intelligibility is politically tolerable, or even – strictly speaking – imaginable, since resistance to the narrative is un-American, anti-social, and (of course) racist, serving only to confirm the existence of systematic racial oppression through the symbolic violence manifested in its negation. To argue against it is already to prove it correct, by concretely demonstrating the same benighted forces of social retardation that are being verbally denied. By resisting the demand for orchestrated social re-education, knuckle-dragging ‘bitter clingers’ only show how much there still is to do.”(…)

  • WardKendall

    Lucas Evans: “We owned slaves, just like every other race (including blacks). We committed genocide, just like ever other race. We fought wars of aggression, just like every other race. We are no more guilty of “crimes against humanity” than any other race, yet we are constantly demonized for our actions.”

    This is true, up to a point. However, whites are demonized because of the magnitude of our actions. True, blacks owned slaves – but never white slaves on the same magnitude as black slavery conducted here in the United States. We whites were extremely organized and extremely successful at capturing, transporting, selling, and exploiting black labor for centuries. To equate our SUCCESS to those of other races is to say they did the job just as well as we did – which clearly they did not. No one ever did slavery better than we whites did. Take pride in that, Mr. Evans.

    When it comes to “genocide”, again, give whites due credit for being the best at that too. We cleared this gigantic continent of the indigenous Indians pretty damn good, not the other way around. Neither they nor they blacks nor the Orientals ever did that to us – at least with no where near the same level of success. Again, we whites were the BEST when it came to wiping out other racial groups. To deny that is literally to deny the simple truth.

    The time has come for us to stop using weasel words to try to slither out of the reality of our history. We must stand proud, and make it clear that we apologize for nothing. And then we must go on the offensive, and shout to the heavens why blacks and Mexicans and Cambodians are almost beneath our contempt, and that we want them OUT OF HERE. Using my HEARTLAND strategy (Helping Euro-Americans Reclaim Their Land And National Destiny) we can begin the counter-assault against non-whites across this land, as we should  have been doing for decades.  
    Hold Back This Day: new edition @ $12.95
    The Towers of Eden: new edition @ $14.88

    • anarchyst

      Not true . . . you are echoing Alex Haley’s series “Roots” which was full of fabrications.  Whites did not go into the interior of Africa without substantial firepower.  Blacks were sold into slavery BY THEIR OWN KIND and were facilitated by jewish slave-traders who also supplied “insurance” for the journey to civilization.  Whites did not need to “capture” slaves . . . they were often the “losers” in the various tribal wars of the time.

      • WardKendall

        Anarchist: “Not true . . . you are echoing Alex Haley’s series “Roots” which was full of fabrications.  Whites did not go into the interior of Africa without substantial firepower.  Blacks were sold into slavery BY THEIR OWN KIND and were facilitated by jewish slave-traders who also supplied “insurance” for the journey to civilization.  Whites did not need to “capture” slaves . . . they were often the “losers” in the various tribal wars of the time.”

        I’m not sure what you’re referring to in my post, or what part you think is incorrect. First of all, neither I nor anyone else needs to consult Alex Haley for historical information. I certainly did not. That said, I stated in my previous post that whites were superior to blacks in their ability to enslave, and that 19th century American slavery is the inarguable proof of that. Whites have demonstrated superior ability in wiping out indigenous inhabitants, far exceeding anything that blacks ever did. How can you possibly disagree with that? Admitting this is not admitting to a weakness, but to a superior attribute within ourselves.

        But let me guess: are you trying to say that whites had little to nothing to do with the conception, execution, and furtherance of American slavery? If so, you can save that for the next Neo-Nazi meeting to go along with all the other “the Jooz did it” ideas. You may have rewritten history inside your head to suit yourself and that’s your right. But those of who choose to live in the realm of reality don’t accept the monolithic causality equated with “the Jooz did it” mentality.  
        Hold Back This Day: new edition @ $12.95
        The Towers of Eden: new edition @ $14.88

        • Everybody was superior to Blacks- Arabs enslaved & kill in the process more Blacks that (future) Americans, from US to Brazil. As for thos enslaved- these were the lucky ones: their progeny will have the best “Black life” in the world- unlike countless unrecorded African deaths & meaningless lives in the 2dark Continent”, up to the 21st century.

          Transatlantic slavery was the best thing that has happened to the Black race from the dawn of history. No pain, no gain.

        • anarchyst

          Thank you for your insightful comments.  I appreciate your (and all others)  input.  However, I do not appreciate you lumping me in with neo-Nazi types . .
          Look back through history and you will find that Jews DID figure prominently in the slave trade.  You will find that not only did Jews profit immensely from the slave trade, they came up with the concept of “insurance” for slave cargoes, spreading the “risk” around by insuring the slaves themselves”.  If it is “anti-semitic” to point out the TRUTH, so be it.
          Your name-calling speaks VOLUMES.  You should be ashamed of yourself . . .

    •  White Americans did not ‘capture’ slaves, they were bought at the local black-run slave market.

    • Not true re genocides- Mongols, Chinese, Muslims etc. were much more successful. American Indians, both North & South, died mostly of exposure to germs. And, now- there are more Indians/Native Americans in the US than there had been in Columbus’ time.

      Just follow the links.

  • MorningForest

    Great aricle & thanks for updating us on what is really happening.  We never see this good news on mainstream media.  Great job

  • We need to be like pit bulls, get a hold on the dangly parts of this university and not let go.  That is the way to do it, walking away and declaring victory is no victory.  We need to make that administration hurt so bad that they will drop any support of this supposed program and never do this again.  That means that if you wrote the president or the board, write them again and again. If you called, vow to call at least three or four more times over the next several months, complaining about the racism program that is itself racist. They will want you to go away but you won’t, sooner than later all government structures will cut their losses, they are not interested in continuing to fight. That is why our enemies win, they are stubborn, we are easily distracted. I have used this technique elsewhere and it really works. They especially hate letters, letters take time to review, both by employeess and managers. Letters are an artifact, i.e. evidence, so the more you write and file a complaint, the more it will be difficult for them to go off on us.

    • Problem is they don’t have ‘dangly parts’.

    • newscomments70

      That’s the spirit. It’s time to turn this movement into a snowball effect. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Unfortunately they have been successful in suppressing agreement with books like The Bell Curve. That book quietly sat on The New York Times’ best seller list for months, but few people had the courage to praise it publicly. 

  • JohnEngelman

    When John Derbyshire got fired from National Review that had a chilling effect on the free expression liberals pretend to value, and suppressed the dialogue on race they pretend to advocate. 

  • Kurt Plummer

    …when it was launched with the slogan, “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white.”

    No it’s not.

    Nor is the correlate: ‘It’s hard not to feel guilty’ true.

    Both being advertising campaign slogans for a social engineering agenda that has nothing to do with equality and -everything- to do with _power_.

    White privilege is a privilege accrued by the hard work of our Founders as all who have come after them.  That we are white is -integral- to the fact that we have the correct balance of intellect, drive and social intelligence to see a path for our people.

    What is crippling us is those who are among our weakest and have no pride in themselves, displacing their own sense of inadequacy as rage to gain power by trading influence with other minorities by j’accuse means.  That they do so dishonestly as a function of FAILING TO SHOW how other nation’s with their own racial majorities, act prejudicially to sustain -their- interest is what makes their selfishness innately evil.

    As an act of cultural sabotage that _must not_ be allowed to stand.

    If Americans knew more about the world as it is, rather than as a National Geographic vision of primitive utopianism, we would feel a great deal less sorry for it and suffer a lot less from the symptoms of Pathological Altruism, one of which is indeed the concept of institutionally assignable (racist because it only applies to whites) guilt.

  • anarchyst

    It’s the defective black pathology that fuels the violence that is endemic and part of black culture.
    Being “disrespected” calls for immediate action, by fists, knife or gun.  Everywhere blacks congregate, there is violence.
    In Florida, “young master trayvon” felt that he was disrespected by neighborhood watchman Mr. Zimmerman for asking about his “business” being in that neighborhood.  Any ordinary (non-black) person would have explained that he had relatives in the neighborhood and would have been on his way, but not “young master trayvon”.  In order to regain his “respect” “young master trayvon” was “forced” (by his defective black pathology) to jump Mr. Zimmerman and attempt to murder him.
    In a related note, it is no surprise that many towns and cities “close up shop” when black college students “celebrate” their “spring break” week.  It is just not worth it to cater to this naturally violent segment of American “society”.  It is far better to “go on vacation” than to deal with the unruly and violent black hordes.

  • I love the word “racist” because then I know I’ve Won.  The “race” argument is so weak, it’s pathetic.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Whites have demonstrated superior ability in wiping out indigenous inhabitants
    Every nation on earth was founded by conquest, genocide and replacement of the original inhabitants. 

    Brainwashed American anti-Whites are programmed to use the “wiping out of Native Americans” issue to justify their sick  orthodoxy of open borders and flooding the U.S. with non-Whites.

    We Whites are called “racists” for past bad acts and told we don’t deserve a country, yet these same pro-White-genocidists desire the same thing for us, making them hypocrites of the worst sort.


    • Yes and yet they have no issue with taking full advantage that everything America (Founded and Built by White Men) has to offer and all their Minority Privileges afforded to them by none other than White People.

  • But the news release on Tuesday said the focus of the public service
    announcement was divisive and had “alienated some UMD alumni, supporters
    and others in the broader community.”

    Well, I’ll be damned.  A glimmer of a spine?

  • Sir, you’re not even allowed to talk about it!  I’m betting that if you tried to explain to anyone (outside of us) how unfair it is to you to have to compete yet non-whites and women are given extra consideration simply because they’re not a White Man, their response to you would be ‘you’re racist!’.

    I’ve been told that if we do away with Minority Privilege (AA, etc.), racism would return.  All I’ve ever been able to say to that is:  Judging people based on their Intelligence and Ability isn’t racism.  They’re afraid to be judged accordingly because they know, they know that for the most part, they can’t meet the qualifications.

  • This is good though.  As others have said, the more they do this, the more we come together.

  • AMEN!

    There is not one Country on the Entire Face of the Planet that is more Desirable than the most least desirable White one of them all.