ACLU Alleges Michigan School District Violated Students’ ‘Right to Learn to Read’

Lyndsey Layton, Washington Post, July 12, 2012

In the first case of its kind, the American Civil Liberties Union is charging that the state of Michigan and a Detroit area school district have failed to adequately educate children, violating their “right to learn to read” under an obscure state law.

The ACLU class-action lawsuit, to be filed Thursday, says hundreds of students in the Highland Park School District are functionally illiterate.

“None of those adults charged with the care of these children . . . have done their jobs,” said Kary L. Moss, executive director of the ACLU of Michigan. “The Highland Park School District is among the lowest-performing districts in the nation, graduating class after class of children who are not literate. Our lawsuit . . . says that if education is to mean anything, it means that children have a right to learn to read.”

The complaint, to be filed in state court in Wayne County, is based on a 1993 state law that says if public school students are not proficient in reading, as determined by tests given in grades 4 and 7, they must be provided “special assistance” to bring them to grade level within a year.

But at Highland Park, a three-school district bordering Detroit, most of the struggling students are years behind grade level and never received the kind of assistance required by law, the ACLU said.


The district’s record-keeping is shoddy and student files are incomplete, making it nearly impossible to identify which students need remedial help, the complaint alleges.

The most recent state test scores for Highland Park schools show that 65 percent of fourth-graders and 75 percent of seventh-graders were not proficient in reading.

In addition to its academic problems, the Highland Park district is facing severe financial turmoil. Once home to Chrysler and a stable, working-class community, Highland Park’s fortunes have been spiraling downward. The district faces an estimated $11.3 million deficit and a 58 percent enrollment drop since 2006.

“There’s been a demise of manufacturing and exit of the taxpayer base,” Moss said. “What’s left is a high-poverty population of kids in a district that’s struggling with any range of problems.”

Highland Park is one of three Michigan school districts that have been taken over by an emergency manager appointed by the governor. {snip}


[Editor’s Note: According to this website, the under-18 population of the Highland Park School District is at least 96 percent black. Revealing statistics about the district’s academic performance are available here.]

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  • Do I have a right to learn how to do complex differential equations?

    • Brutus

      I don’t see why not. Just buy a book on the subject, or pay someone who knows them to teach you. 

      •  I think I was too recursive with that.  I hit the wall in math with the simplest of differential equations.  I don’t have the “right” to learn complex diffeqs because I don’t have the ability to learn them.  Just like people who can’t read don’t have the right to learn how.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Hmmm,… not just hitting the wall in math, but in simple reasoning too.  People who can’t read do have the right to learn, but they may not have the ability; two separate things, the latter not covered by any constitutional right, guarantee or even reasonable probability.

          • And here again, we have a man who considers astrology to be legitimate science, (don’t argue with me, you said it here on AR), trying to nail me on reasoning skills.

            Fail that. Sorry, game over. Insert another quarter and play again.

            “The right to learn” is a negative liberty. The “right” to an education is a positive liberty. ACLU is suing because people unable to learn how to read is somehow a violation of this positive liberty.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Oh yes,  the guy who knows better than me, what I believe.

            You couldn’t argue yourself out of a paper bag, so you use hit and run tactics on “social” media.

            I think I’m making a likely diagnosis that you are obsessive compulsive (as a doctor) since you cannot even give up on  an issue that I clearly embarrassed you on (claims that I said I am an astrologist!) and posts compulsively for years not here and there, but everywhere all the time.  Clearly, no other life going on.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Who should listen to a guy who can’t admit he’s wrong when it is SO painfully clear that he IS; telling me what I believe to save “face.”

        • LaSantaHermandad

          But they’re functional at forensic science. They know about rubbing bleach over the bodies and pouring it down the throats of their rape/ murder victims to destroy DNA evidence of their savagery.

          •  And you turned out pretty well.

            Math is overrated.  Or, to put it another way, it’s not as uber-important as math teachers would have you believe.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Math is  essential for science, engineering and research, things at which the White race excels.  We invented cars, x-rays, space flight, radio, television, satellite communication and more

            Math is what took us to the moon!!  (and beyond)

            An inherent average high IQ, necessary to grok higher level math –and certain inherent creative genes found only in the White race, and needed for the manipulation and utilization of said higher level math — has allowed the White race and only the White race to create the modern high-tech world, including the machines we are using right now to communicate.

            We should be proud of our accomplishments, what our race has invented, engineered and created and never never never make excuses for our race. NEVER!!

            Now, get on the Diff EQ.


          • Anan7

             I respectfully disagree about math not being important.  The people who wrote this website and the internet used these skills to put this website together, and you wouldn’t be able to say what you said without those geeks/nerds.

            Also, the ability to think mathematically is one of the most salient differences between the races and one in which the vast majority of blacks do very poorly in.

          • Bon-
            “and certain inherent creative genes found only in the White race, and needed for the manipulation and utilization of said higher level math”

            Absolutely, and what people don’t understand about Asians, they can do the math but they can’t do anything with it. Now this is not an exaggeration, sure China will have a space program, eventually and after the path has been blazed by the white race and after stealing of our manipulation of math.

            I cringe every time someone says the Asians are so smart and kill at science and math, rote work sure, the innovation part belongs to the white race.

          • Bon-
            “and certain inherent creative genes found only in the White race, and needed for the manipulation and utilization of said higher level math”

            Absolutely, and what people don’t understand about Asians, they can do the math but they can’t do anything with it. Now this is not an exaggeration, sure China will have a space program, eventually and after the path has been blazed by the white race and after stealing of our manipulation of math.

            I cringe every time someone says the Asians are so smart and kill at science and math, rote work sure, the innovation part belongs to the white race.

      • Rocky Bass,

         I am with QD on that one, never would I be a mathematician, and this is not from a hatred of math at all, just lack of aptitude. 

      • Rocky Bass,

         I agree with you on the reading books to acquire knowledge and skills. So much of what I get paid for came straight from my hobby interests as a child, little comes from what I was officially taught.

        • Anan7

           How did that hobby translate into a career?

          • Rocky Bass,

             Was always experimenting with electronics and such, was given my 1st neon sign transformer at like 8 (Learned really fast how to become a conductor without ever working for the railroad!). My biggest thrill growing up was getting a ride to the library to check out a new science book. Got a computer and of course learned 6502/6510 assembly, then 8088 etc…  My father (after the death of my Grandfather in 80 with me being 10), used rail on me about spending too much time with my computer and latest robotic crawler or some such device. Turned out in the end, the very things I did for fun pay pretty well. Worked as an electrician starting off and did acquire a journeyman’s license in the process. Whenever something electronic or control related came along I was 1st choice until I quit that company and went to work for a dedicated control company. Years passed and I broke out on my own, which is where I am today. At one time or another I have written PLC code to control just about every kind of manufacturing process or machine. My abbreviated naval career really didn’t count, as I was trained to be an OS, not electronics or coding related.  
            If ever I want to know something, books, and now internet study can bring me up to speed faster than any teacher ever could have.
             This is new world, how much longer can brick and mortar colleges rip us off? Why not video the very best professor on every subject and make it avail (with the professors getting some royalty).

    • Rocky Bass,

      Just looked at your stats QD, your a commenting engine! 

      •  I have already spiked that football once; it’s not much fun the second time around.

        And for those of you who wish for less QD, Christmas is next week.  Another business trip.

        • Rocky Bass,

           Nope, not my desire, as your comments are some of my more deliberate reads.

          •  That being said, I get the feeling I’m not universally loved by everyone reading these words.  On the other hand, that registers a big fat zero on my care-o-meter.

          • loyalwhitebriton

            I know we had our little spat a while back (mainly my fault), but I still read your comments.

          • Xanthippe2

            If you want to be universally loved on an internet forum, you will have to stick to remarks like, “Wow, what a great avatar” and “How hot is it where you are?”

            There are forums like this.  And they are horrid.

        • Have a safe trip.  See you when you get back.

    • haroldcrews

      No, but you should not be denied the opportunity by other people.  Here you go for a start. 

  • Southern__Hoosier

    The liberal ACLU attacking the liberal school system, sweet.  If the ACLU wants to raise the academic performance of the Highland Park School they should sue the school district for being 96 % Black. That  would make more sense.

  • MAJ

    Next they’ll sue the zoo because the giraffes can’t write poetry.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Has there EVER been a good story about an all black school district?

    Highland Park is actually a city surrounded by Detroit.  They steal the fire hydrants and street light poles and sell them for scrap metal.   It WAS a great place about 50 years ago.  Chrysler headquarters was there but they moved to the burbs and the city lost half it’s tax base. As it turned black, it turned bad.  It is a crime ridden disaster. 

    One of the all black school board members is under investigation for stealing money from the district.  

    • chuck_2011

       No and there never will be as long as blacks have IQ’s that are much lower than whites and asians. Add to that a family structure that encourages bad behavior in society and, voila, there is a whole generation of misfits, too lazy to do a menial job and too stupid to attempt anything that requires some sort of thinking process. They will be the burden on america for the next several generations. Highland Park, in effect, is a giant holding pen without bars. Without any kind of skills or social graces they are doomed to their welfare hell of EBT cards and daily life of violence and death. With any luck this damned part of society will breed themselves to extinction.

      • Vil

        I don´t understand why so many on this site are obsessed with IQ.
        Personally I think that culture and upbringing are far more important than some test.
        I´d take a race realist with an IQ of 95 over a liberal with an IQ of 160 every time. IQ doesn´t determine whether you are an idiot or not.
        Blacks simply lack culture and are uncivilized and that´s where their problems come from.

        • The liberal with an IQ of 160 will become a race realist simply by believing his eyes, thanks to the law of large numbers.

          • Vil

             Very, very unlikely. That would mean there is no liberal with an IQ higher than 100….. wait…. I think you may be unto something…

          • Rocky Bass,

            I am thinking you are closer to the truth than many realize. When did it become fashionable to view “liberals” as being higher thinkers and conservatives as knuckle dragging? Usually when you do finally get to see IQ scores everything claimed seems to be the opposite of reality.

        • Ni123

           “Personally I think that culture and upbringing are far more important than some test….Blacks simply lack culture and are uncivilized and that´s where their problems come from.”

          Blacks lack culture because their average intelligence quotient belongs in the left part of the Bell Curve. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s genetic.

          Heritability indices of behavioral traits and intellect

        • chuck_2011

           Alas,,,you may be right with your comment….yet high IQ’s are essential for scientific and industrial progress….something not available in the general negro population. most of them only knew how to pick cotton or hoe rows of beans in the garden and a generation or two ago. What is the difference between that type of manual labor and a job in the stamping plant? Even a lifetime at the stamping machine does not qualify them for a higher position especially if in the process they have become mentally dull. So that their offspring are never challenged mentally and can barely speak and write but, instead, excel at crime. So where do they go given a fundamental lack of intelligence? 

          • Vil

            I did not mean intelligence in general, I only meant IQ-tests. There is a difference between your actual intelligence and your IQ.
            I want to reply decently but I can’t even type one word correctly with these damn ‘smart’phones. It took me 5 minutes to write this……

          • Ni123

            “There is a difference between your actual intelligence and your IQ”

            Actually, there is not.  The g-loaded IQ test measures general intellectual ability, the so-called g-factor.

          • Kinda sorta. You can be trained to get the most out of your IQ, however, IQ is genetically determined. So a black person could become very good at picking cotton, but they will never be a rocket scientist. Likewise if a very high IQ person has no training or discipline, they will never fully utilize their genetic potential.

          • Vil

            Reply to @facebook-100001091600634:disqus and @Ni123:disqus 
            Yeah you got me there. I was somehow thinking of another test I did years ago. One of those tests that measure how well you will be able to perform in a job and if you have the abilities necessary for the job.

            But still, IQ is not everything and it is the person that counts.
            I know many people with an IQ of less than 100 and I respect those far more than some others with IQs in the 140s or 150s.

            “Likewise if a very high IQ person has no training or discipline, they will never fully utilize their genetic potential.”

            I can´t remember how many people told me something similar when I was a child….. a teenager…. and now.

          • Rocky Bass,

             Oh uhmm, ANYWHERE BUT HERE!

        • “Blacks simply lack culture and are uncivilized ” these traits are high prized in black communities.

      • newscomments70

        Their IQ’s are high enough to at least learn reading and basic academic skills. They are capable of doing something, but they have no need to. Welfare gives them everything. 

  • Rocky Bass,

    For whom does the “Bell Curve” toll?

    • redfeathers

      Very funny, Rocky!!

    • robinbishop34

       For Whom the Bell Curves?

      • Rocky Bass,

         Or more rightly for whomever’s bell curve centers leftmost. All populations IQ can be graphed and each makes a “bell” shaped plot, so I was kinda referring to the demographic who’s curve is the lowest(next to Aborigines that is) on the plot.

  • alex dihes

    A. Dihes
    Knowledge can not be given. 
    Knowledge can only be offered.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Everything White Humanity has done to elevate blacks from the horrors of their African homeland has been “special assistance”.  We refuse to do more, and if forced, we’ll resist.

    • We cannot do more. Even if we wanted to, we have literally tried everything and nothing worked. Our efforts bankrupted the wealthiest nation on earth, there is absolutely nothing more anyone can do to help these people. 

      The government and the media can’t dance around this issue much longer. The next decade is going to be pretty interesting…

      • Rocky Bass,

         They can do MUCH MORE to HELP blacks. For one make it a crime to resist your black overlord’s taking back whatever they wish (see Saint Trayvon©/Zimmerman). Tax white families so punitively that they, as now feel they cannot afford to have children(see 1040). Then finance millions of out of wedlock unwanted black babies (see “Swipe your EBT, it’s free!”). Make public schools dumb as dirt so the “new masters” chillins don’t feed dumb or fail (see Atlanta cheating scandal). Just makes me wonder where they plan on keeping the supply of white womerns coming from? God knows they are too dull to farm them.

      • ed91

         there is an industry of ‘dancing around’ this issue.  While I agree that the next decade will be interesting I don’t believe we can ever get rid of the blacks (and whites) who make a living from this kind of ‘dancing around black problems’.

  • NYB

    If a lone white child fails to learn to read, it’s his fault.  If a generation of black children fail, it’s everyone’s fault.

    The blame game just reached another milestone.

    • mikejones91

      I explain it like this to people—When an individual fails, you SHOULD blame the individual. When a group fails, you blame another group. What is a group though> Hmmm

  • slimcat1

    In the first case of its kind, the American Civil Liberties Union is charging that the state of Michigan and a Detroit area school district have failed to adequately educate children, violating their “right to learn to read” under an obscure state law.

    This type of case has been done before plenty of times. Who’re they trying to kid? It’s a good gimmick though. No reason to go away from what works.

    • ed91

       one thing I learned from my education, which began in the 50’s, was that at least part of my goal was to learn enough to where I would/could be my own teacher……….   which I learned to do in my teens………….   part of learning to be my own teacher was knowing when and where to find answers to my questions.
      I’m not sure black culture either understands nor is interested in the questions or the answers.  

      a lack of curiosity
      a lack of goal setting/obtaining
      a lack of realization
      a lack of understanding process
      a lack of realizing lacks
      a lack of caring about the unknown
      there is no end to the lacks…….  I lack the desire to continue

  • I do not recall the “right to learn to read” being enshrined in the Constitution, but we all know how much the Constitution means these days.  Heaven forbid that the “parents” help their children to learn how to read.  Blacks and (apparently the ACLU) have no idea how education works.  They figure it works the same way as osmosis.  Wait a minute they have no clue what osmosis is.  

    I’m a bit confused on how to classify this story of the ACLU suing the public school district. Is it a “man bites dog”, “dog bites man”, “dog bites dog”, “dog biting the hand that feeds it”, or “hand smacking the dog” story?

    •  It’s a “one reptile devours another” story.

    •  This is where I get into my mode that mystifies most people reading these words when I say (truthfully) that I’m not a lawyer.

      You’re correct.  You don’t read “right to learn to read” or “right to education” in the Federal Constitution.  For one, it’s not there, and for two, the framers of that document would have never put anything like that there.  NOT because they didn’t want people to learn how to read or be educated, but because they knew the legal paradox that would come of what are now termed “positive liberties.”

      In the days when Barack Obama was “Barack Who?,” he did an interview with some friendly source, in which he bemoaned the Federal Constitution as focusing too much on “negative liberties” and not at all on “positive liberties.”  A “negative liberty” is an assumed natural right of individuals, which governments often violate but should not.  This is why the Bill of Rights has such “negative” language like the Ten Commandments is full of “thou shalt nots.”  Government shalt not do this, or this, or this, or that.  A document which just lists the natural rights of individuals?  Useless as teat on a bull, and about as useful as is the menu at Tony Bommarito’s is to me.  The Soviet Union Constitution had such a “Bill of Rights,” which listed natural rights but was not a list of commandments for government to restrict itself in earnest.

      In Obama’s view, a “positive liberty” is something people should have but cannot possibly be a natural right or “negative liberty” because other people have to take some sort of action for you to have this “positive liberty.”  Health care and education being the favorite hobby horses therein.

      The reason the Federal Constitutional framers would have never included positive liberties in their original document or the early amendments was because they knew negative and positive liberties would be contradictory.

      Notice the ACLU is filing this in state court.  The reason is that the Michigan Constitution does contain the “positive liberty” of education, and relevant state law about literacy grade levels.  Yes, we all think of this lawsuit as insane, but is it really?  When you encode an insane concept like “positive liberties” into your political DNA, what else but crazy lawsuits on behalf of people “denied” these “rights” should one expect?

      • QD, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is the word “education” mentioned. Absolutely nowhere. On the other hand, the Constitution says that things not covered by this constitution, are reserved to the states or the people. That would cover things like education, housing, property taxes, labor laws, healthcare, etc.  

    • Blacks believe it takes a village. Black parents don’t seem to know they’re part of that village. They just pass their kids off to other members of the village who are just as inept as the parents.

      Why try to teach your children when other villagers can.

      • ed91

         with blacks it takes a country………  a country of whites.

  • ncpride

    The best answer to this problem is to make education a privilege instead of a right. Kick them all out and tell them they will have to EARN their place in the school system, because we are no longer in the business of trying to do the impossible. I don’t think there is any doubt that this is not so much a teacher problem, as it is a student problem. They simply no longer value any kind of education, and don’t really want to be there, so let’s fix it for them and not ALLOW them there.

    Of course, there would have to be major welfare reform, and I have some ideas there too, but that’s another story.

    • Strider73

      To do that you would first have to repeal all compulsory-attendance laws — something I have advocated for a long time. As long as schools are forced to serve as holding pens for the apathetic and unteachable, educating the rest will be next to impossible. Just ask the few black kids who are both intelligent and eager to learn, and as a result are verbally or physically attacked by the other black kids for the crime of “acting white.”

      •  But before that, we have to ditch this “positive liberty” notion that education is a “right.”  That’s the genesis of all this legal craziness.

  • And to think Abe Lincoln learned in a one room school house.

    • Rocky Bass,

      Learned what? That we are all slaves to Washington and that the constitution was an excellent early form of toilet paper? Abe saw the death of “government by consent”.

    • holyflower

      Abe, in his own words,  had a total of less than one year of schooling, which was four times as much as Thomas Edison (three months).

  • redfeathers

    Finally, this is the lawsuit that will close the intelligence/IQ gap forever.

    • nettle

      Don’t think so. It’s always some one else’s fault.  That’s the reason for the lawsuit.  This lawsuit is to generate some free money for the ACLU, paid by whites of course.  Any one of integrity can see that blacks are limited by their genes.  Blacks were created to do menial work.

      • Rocky Bass,

         Don’t ya love it? Outdated farm equipment that has not the decency to at least rust away.

        • Major

          I’ve used that same analogy on some whites to explain “slavery” and it’s reason and purpose. In an agrarian culture of 150 years ago..John Deere’s and harvester / combines were in short supply. 

          Blacks were purchased simply to tend to fields just as todays modern farmer generally uses non human resources to get his crops harvested. Then I ask..”why would any farm / plantation owner beat his gear to death or cause it to malfunction or make it unusable?”

           They were costly, and had to be maintained in good operating condition in order to even feed them.

          They get a very different picture then.

          • After the importation ban kicked in in 1808, slaves became a lot more expensive because of heightened demand for more cotton combined with a restrictive supply of slaves.

  • Sloppo

    The problem I have with this lawsuit is that the teachers are black as well as the students.  How can anyone be blamed for this kind of failure when there are no white people involved?

    • ed91

       If you are going to give people an easier ride with affirmative action then to give them more free money for the same thing (being stupid) makes sense……

      just give them everything, that’s where this is headed anyway..

      • Rocky Bass,

         That does seem the eventual end point doesn’t it? We will be kept around to maintain the infrastructure, engineer their buildings, bridges, supply white womerns, and grow their food for them. We will live in shanty shacks and they will live in the nicest houses in the nicest neighborhoods, while we toil our lives away, making sure each new generation of blacks, has it better than the last. Oh yes the future looks bright for our new masters indeed.

  • Maybe the ACLU can take a shot at teaching these kids to read.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Or make him capable of thought even.

  • Exactly.

    People who believe all (black) children have a right to learn never had to try to teach them. They have no idea that it’s practically impossible.

  • MekongDelta69

    The marxist ACLU should sue Africa for having an entire country of functionally illiterate people.

    But they won’t do that, because that would obviously be ‘racist,’ but MORE importantly, nobody in Africa has any money, so their shake down wouldn’t work.

    So… we’ll just go after the first white people we see. Ahh yes – Michigan taxpayers – cough up, buddy.

  • You can put a black kid in a classroom but you can’t make him think.

  • Then they should be removed from our lands

  • I don’t know, but I bet they live in constant terror. Like a sheep living among wolves.

  • That four percent is probably half 96%.

  • When will we stop presenting pearls to the swine?  

  • Xanthippe2

    I dare say I good percentage of these Blacks could be taught to read, if somehow strict d

    iscipline was somehow maintained and reading methods geared
    to the Mentally Retarded were used.  White
    children with IQs in the 50’s and 60’s (due to genetic syndromes or brain injury)
    are very often taught to read.  But no
    doubt both the “Black community” and the ACLU would have a fit if either of
    these things were tried.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Correcting errors in class is, I am sure far to damaging to their fragile little ego’s to even be considered. Being able to recite words from paper is little use if no comprehension accompanies it.

    • I_loathe_disqus

       I believe the move away from phonics into “look-say”  and whole word memorization is the main reason why so many kids-or all races-are having trouble learning to read, and who hate reading after they’ve learned how.

      Phonics work. We should never have abandoned phonics.

      Why did we abandon phonics? Egalitarianism run mad.

      Seems most kids learn to read well when taught with phonics, but a tiny percentage are so bright, phonics slows them down and bores them. They can bypass learning words and pronunciation by breaking words into parts or syllables , learning instead by memorizing the shape of words . They learn word meanings by gleaning from the way the word is used what it means.

      Very, very few kids are so advanced they can learn to read this way. But once it was discovered that a FEW  could, obviously that means that ALL kids can learn this way. To suggest that only a very few children can learn this way, that the method would frustrate  most children , is akin to suggesting that some people are smarter than others. That is heresy . So a method that works well for a very very few children is being inflicted on ALL children, with disastrous results for reading comprehension levels.

      There is a  Conspiracy Theory that says this was done primarily to make people less intelligent , less capable of reading for pleasure and information , and hence more easy to indoctrinate and control. I am agnostic on the Conspiracy Theory, but to me it is obvious that “whole word” memorization and ‘look-say’ are fads that failed, and they should be abandoned with a return to phonics.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You are correct that Whole Language was a bane upon the educational system and that phonics works much better.  

        How children learn to read is not well understood.  Some seem to pick it up by osmosis or “teach themselves to read,” others struggle mightily with it and never seem to master the art of decoding AND, especially, inferring meaning from what they’ve decoded.

        Ability to read and ability to comprehend what one has read are two different things — the latter of which is what counts for academic success – and this is where black fail because the average black does not have the cranial capacity to understand meaning past a very rudimentary level and is unable to draw on past knowledge, infer, deduce or put together concepts in a meaningful way.  

        These things cannot be taught to those on the left-hand side of the Bell Curve.  
        My school district moved back to a phonics-based system years ago — one that is actually scripted — with little to no results.

        IQ matters.  Period.


        • holyflower


          There’s phonics — such as workbooks with pages of activities like supply-the-missing-letter type letter-sound exercises — and then there’s intensive, systematic, sequential phonics.

          I think most public school reading programs give some lip service to the former notion of “phonics” but few teach phonics in a sequential, systematic and intensive way.

          How did this come about?  An elementary school/special ed teacher for 25 years I wish I knew.  It has much to do with the reality that colleges of education, notoriously “progressive” in orientation, were made the gatekeepers to the profession. Colleges of education have had an insidious effect. 


      •  Various leftist professors are on record as saying that literacy is “bourgeoisie,” and therefore “anti-peoples.”

  • Rocky Bass,

     Come now, do I detect some resentment at being made to finance you and your kinds dispossession? That’s not very “team oriented” thinking there, all this us vs them, when in reality there is but one race that matters, the HUMAN RACE!

     Oh god, my vomit got all in the keyboard, just didn’t want you feeling unopposed and all, even though I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The ACLU class-action lawsuit, to be filed Thursday, says hundreds of students in the Highland Park School District are functionally illiterate.
    This from an organization that sues school districts for disciplining students.Learning to read, in the beginning, is learning how to decode strings of letters and associate them with known words.  After this level, students must have the ability to interpret, draw conclusions from and make sense of those strings of letters —  something beyond the abilities of the average black with a mean IQ of 85. 
    This is why little progress has been made in black literacy levels despite the government spending a trillion or more dollars in the past 50 years specifically targeted at raising black reading scores.
    Prof. Jensen writes in The G Factor that the problem is not the decoding of written language but rather comprehending it. Most illiterates do no better on reading tests when the selections are read to them than when they do the reading themselves.
    Bottom line:  no significant Black gain in educational achievement for over 50 years. to say any of this is heresy in the government-enforced PC Reign of Terror which controls the American educational system.Bon

    • Xanthippe2

      Sure, in my post I was referring more to things like being able to tell the Chicken Soup from the Tomoto Soup if they have similar labels, not being able to understand The Republic or even the Twilight series.

      I bet many of these Blacks can’t even read soup can labels.

    • JohnEngelman

      It is unfortunate that one needs to be a tenured professor with the professional reputation of J. Philippe Rushton and  Arthur R. Jensen to tell what nearly everyone knows to be true. 

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Both Ruston and Jensen have paid a very heavy price for pointing out that racial differences in IQ are mostly genetic and not caused by the environment — OR, White racism and oppression:

        Rushton had his classes disrupted to the point where campus bodyguards had to be hired for his security; Jensen’s lectures were videotaped for his personal safety. 

        Jensen published, “How Much Can We Boost I.Q. and Scholastic Achievement?” which concluded that Head Start programs designed to boost black IQ scores had failed, and that this was likely never to be remedied.

        When the work was initially published, students and faculty staged large, loud protests outside his University of California, Berkeley office, and he received multiple death threats. He was even denied reprints of his work by his publisher and was not permitted to reply in response to letters of criticism – both extremely unusual and exceptional policies for their day.

         For a long time Jensen received death threats, needed body guards while on his campus or others, had his home and office phones routed through the police station, received his mail only after a bomb squad examined it, was physically threatened or assaulted dozens of times by protesters disrupting his talks in the United States and abroad, regularly found messages like “Jensen Must Perish” and “Kill Jensen” scrawled across his office door, and much more. 

        The media MISrepresent the majority view of the 53%  of scholars who think the black-White gap is partially genetic, and portray the 17% who think it is entirely environmental (as in Gould) as representative of mainstream opinion.

        I can tell you that the schools side with the 17%, like Gould, who believe that racial IQ and achievement differences are caused by the environment — poverty, oppression by Whites, inadequate teachers and books…

    • You know what? I think that is the exact reason they twitter in ebonics so much. It matches their thought process. They always tweet in stream of thought as they can only process the here and now.

  • Rocky Bass,

     I am thinking teaching these chillins would require red hot pokers and whips to even educate them to the level they are capable of. They wear ignorance, even more than they are genetically cursed to, as a badge of honor, as every one knows, knowing stuff is acting white.

  • Rocky Bass,

     That’s who needs to be SUED TO HELL! Their parents created the problem all the way!

  • JohnEngelman

    The ACLU inhibits the school discipline that would make it possible for school teachers to teach those poor black children who want to learn. Then they sue schools for not teaching those hoodlums who interfere with teaching. 

  •  I learned to read with phonics flash cards my mother purchased.  They’re probably still in some box in some storage bin.  I’m going to save them because teaching phonics has almost become a hate crime, or at least an HLS indicator of “right wing extremism.”  IOW, they might be the only way I could teach any future children of mine how to read.  The schools certainly won’t!

  •  I’ll make it really simple for those who still don’t understand.  I’m probably wasting my finger energy, because I’m sure most people understand that read these pages regularly, but here goes nonetheless.

    If it’s something you can do on your own without me getting involved, and government has duly restricted its own power, it’s a right (“negative liberty”).  If it’s something which good friendly people who call themselves “IRS” liberate from my wallet perhaps at gunpoint to pay for, it cannot be a right, and may be a privilege (“positive liberty”)

  • People often say that American blacks have an 85 IQ. That is only true for the adults with a significant amount of non-black blood in them. The women are smarter than the men as well. A black man’s IQ is likely 80 or lower and a pure black boy might be around 70ish. To get through middle school and high school you need about 90 to 100 IQ points. It just isn’t possible for black boys to hack the course work. Even though public high school is grossly dumbed down compared to where it used to be or versus a current quality private school, black boys just can’t hack it and have a sub 50 percent nationwide graduation rate. Black boys who do graduate are almost assuredly functionally illiterate in reading and math.

    Anything past 8th grade with a black is like trying to teach a barnyard animal to appreciate Dante and Goethe. I’d say let the little teenager teen youths drop out when they are 15 or 16 from middle school but where the Hell would they all go? In the streets and stores of our neighborhoods? 200 billion a year to keep Dontavious from flash-mobbing from 8 to 3 in the afternoon is one hell of a White Man’s burden.

    • Ni123

      ” I’d say let the little teenager teen youths drop out when they are 15 or 16 from middle school”

      It’s a no win situation. The President wants them to Race To The Top, but they can’t due to biological reasons. The schools cannot let them drop out, what’s left? Cheating. I don’t blame teachers too much for cheating. They are between a rock and a hard place.

  • No one is forcing them to not read.  The ACLU and other hate groups, ignore the fact that education begins at home.  If their mammy and unknown father disdain education, their litters will also hate it.  They know they have a welfare career ahead of them which is the main reason we need to over haul every form of welfare.

  • reveal1914

    These aren’t our children,  they belong to an entirely different race or subspecies of the spieces homo sapien.  This is the simplest way of looking at it.  A bit like simplifying an equation to its basic components in order to make it easer to understand.

  • chuck_2011

     Yes but the good lord endows you at birth and all the tea in china and DWL’s cannot change this fact. Possibly though education can be used to lift a person from a state of ignorance(not necessarily stupid) to a point of enlightenment. This is often the hardest to do because ignorance comes from ones environment and family and is deeply ingrained. Witness a black person’s inability to speak english properly or to even read. If you come from ignorance then it takes some doing to rise above and to recognize what is better. Given that most blacks are slow witted the task is even harder. A brain surgeon could be a good brick layer but not the other way around.

  • chuck_2011

    one thing that keeps coming to mind is the future cost of supporting these dysfunctional people. Couls they not be channeled to the military where extreme discipline and a hard work ethic might transform them into something useful?  I mean we are talking millions who are too stupid to work or contribute to society. This is the tragedy.

    • Ni123

       “Could they not be channeled to the military where extreme discipline and
      a hard work ethic might transform them into something useful? ”
      They cannot. Military needs educated and able to learn people.

      • The__Bobster

        That’s why the military used to reject those with IQ’s below 93. Stupid soldiers get themselves shot…and the other soldiers around them.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      No to the military. 

      As a crusty old PE teacher told me once:  “The military don’t want punks!!”

      The new, high-tech military doesn’t want low IQd recruits either — they 100% believe in testing recruits for IQ, damn what anyone says about “IQ being meaningless!!”  They’ve found that the lower the IQs, the more discipline problems they have.  They want to know who is able to service and repair their high tech equipment or defuse bombs —  in life or death situations.

      The military gives all potential enlistee a highly g-loaded test called the ASVAB, a set of ten tests, the military looks very carefully at the AFQT, a four test subset of the ASVAB.  Potential enlistees must score at the 31st percentile (about 92 IQ)  on the AFQT to qualify for military service.

      The minimum required AFQT score varies by branch

      Army 31 [i.e., 31st percentile]

      Navy 35

      Marines 32

      Air Force 40

      Coast Guard 45

      Here’s where it gets interesting:  

      From Shut out of the Military: 

      Nearly one-fourth of the students who try to join the military fail its entrance exam, painting a grim picture of an education system that produces graduates who can’t answer basic math, science and reading questions.

      The study, released exclusively to The Associated Press on Tuesday, comes on top of Pentagon data that shows 75 percent of those aged 17 to 24 don’t qualify for the military because they are physically unfit, have a criminal record or didn’t graduate high school.


      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         The histories of what was done in Europe to spread and assert Christianity are often ignored in main stream education because they are so horrid that any realistic thinking person would be revolted and deterred from that religion.  I can’t confirm everything you wrote, but I do know that the priests had collected up all the local wealth and the Vikings knew that.  They were vicious towards those clergymen and it does appear to be linked with that theft and yes, even Charlemagne who they viewed as a traitor.  I also know that later on, when the Swedes as Christians invaded Finland, they threw the Finns into a lake with their battle armor on, etc., in order to instantly baptize them.  This is disputed by Sweden today, but asserted by Finish historians, even as Christians.

    • Not the military, but yes, social programs where they could be productive and be supervised. Essentially a mini-communist society for them. Unfortunately such a thing is reminiscent of the plantations.

      South Africa and Zimbabwe practically mastered the art of a small number of whites taking care of a large number of blacks. If they would let us help them and accept segregation or apartheid, they would live higher quality lives.

  • Ni123

    “I know many people with an IQ of less than 100 and I respect those far more than some others with IQs in the 140s or 150s.”

    How much less than 100? The average white IQ in the US is around 100-103, the average black IQ is around 85-87. The difference is one standard deviation. It’s a lot.

    All equal, I’d prefer the father of my children had IQ of 140 vs 95, and definitely not 85. For different reasons: intelligence is highly heritable, chances that a higher IQ person will  demonstrate aggressive or anti-social behavior are a lot less than with a lower IQ individual. And, after all, there is a strong correlation between IQ and social outcomes. We can talk endlessly about how IQ is not everything, but the bottom line is the higher IQ the higher the social status and income of this person is (in average). Check this out 🙂 Ivy League breeding

    Here is another disadvantage of low IQ: low IQ parents have more chances to become child abusers.

  • Remember the African American cheating scandal in Atlanta Public School System? Yeah, yeah. APS. I’ll let you add the missing letter. Wakka wakka!

    Here is what a report said. 178 people were accused in the cheating scandal. 82 confessed. 44 out of 56 schools engaged in “statistically significant cheating.”

    “In one implausibly stellar year at one school, eighth-graders whose scores exceeded basic math standards leaped from 1% to 46%. At another, English scores suddenly catapulted 51% higher. At another, math scores rocketed up 62% from the previous annum. At another school, special-ed
    students were suddenly scoring higher than gifted students in math.

    One student passed the exam while reportedly being unable to read the word “cat.” Another left an entire section blank and passed. Another slept through the entire test and passed. Another sat under his desk, refused to take the test, yet still passed.”

    Nobody has been prosecuted. Many of the accused went right back to work in the APS district. Similar cheating was found in every major black and brown public school district. Baltimore, Birmingham, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, East St Louis and Mobile are just parts of the black cheating scandal hit parade.Public schools are indoctrination centers and quasi-imprisonment. They have nothing to do with learning these days and are all about Communist fat cats getting easy, cushy jobs where they get big, fat bonuses for “performance.”

  • 1proactive2

    It may be difficult to grasp, but Highland Park, home to Henry Ford’s first assembly line, is worse than DIEtroit when it comes to 3rd world character. 

    During most months of the year you can drive down Woodward Avenue, the main drag, and the sidewalks and streets are filled with blacks milling about and drinking.  If you slow your car down (if you’re white), a black hooker will run up and grab the doorhandle in an attempt to get in.  Buildings, most of them vacant, are covered with graffiti and boarded up, and trash completely covers the streets and sidewalks.

    The few stores there, mostly liquor, have the appearance of jails with so much security in place such as iron bars and barriers that restrict entrance.  Street lights are no longer turned on due to lack of tax money, and most of them are broken, anyway.  Highland Park is Mogadishu in Michigan.

    It’s amazing what blacks can do to a city when left to their own devices, character, and intelligence. The danger and destruction is so widespread as to defy any civilized person’s imagination. 

  • This is a little off-topic, but has an article up about how the internet has become so racist, major sites (like YT) are considering overhauls to increase censorship. Free speech was great while it lasted…

    • newscomments70

      If you keep up with RamZPaul, highly recommended, by the way, YOUtube forced him to remove all of the comments with racial and homophobic slurs. For now, you can still comment. Just keep it civil and factual. I like to do that anyway, but I wish the racist blacks could keep their racist comments on the board. It helps warn naive whites what blacks really want to do to us. 

  • Ni123

    They want more money. Black colleges are suing the state of Maryland for underfunding, blaming it on racism and segregation.

  • mikejones91

    Again people—Just look at comments on the OP. Good times.

  • Yes. Maybe we can sue the parents for not preparing their children for school. (Queue sob stories of single black parents and lack of resources).

  • slobotnavich

    This truly a remarkable lawsuit, alleging that the public schools are responsible for failure to teach a bunch of wild low-IQ savages from almost invariably broken homes how to read?

    I would suggest that the ACLU lawyers, clerks, and legal secretaries involved in this suit spend a couple of weeks in these school systems to learn first-hand just what the conditions are really like.  Oh, and by the way, they don’t get the benefit of police escorts during their visits.

  • Sesame Street and TEC were created to raise the educational preparedness of urban kids.

    SS has long since stopped focusing on letters and numbers and was turned into nothing more than a vehicle for multiCULTural indoctrination. Other than new Elmo dolls, I don’t even hear about SS anymore. Do kids still watch it? Do parents believe it has any value?

    • The__Bobster

       …..and was turned into nothing more than a vehicle for multiCULTural indoctrination.

      No, I read interviews with the creators of the show. They intended to use it for indoctrination right from the start. Were there ever any straight White males on the show?

      • robinbishop34

         I think Bob was straight because he had the deaf girlfriend. Do you remember David (real name Northern Calloway) from the show? The black guy who worked for Mr. Hooper? Here is a little tidbit about him from Wikipedia…

        “Calloway was arrested on the morning of September 19, 1980 in Nashville, Tennessee. He beat marketing director of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center Mary Stagaman with an iron rod,
        giving her serious head and rib injuries. He then fled into the suburbs
        of Nashville. Along the way, he smashed a plate-glass window and storm door at one house and did extensive damage to the interior of another, destroying the family’s collection of fine crystal, smashing a television set and breaking light bulbs with his bare hands. He also stole a backpack from a first grader and smashed a windshield with a rock before fleeing the scene where witnesses reported him wearing only a Superman T-shirt.”

        And there is more. He enjoyed both beating white women with steel rods and proposing to others.

  • ViktorNN

    As a parent, I have to say…

    Left to their own devices and encouraged to express their natural curiosity, kids will learn to read on their own at their own pace. It’s truly remarkable and wonderful how all you have to do is give them basic instruction in how it works and they just take off and do it.

    I see two possible explanations for why this “population” is having such a hard time. Either they’re somehow genetically incapable of reading very well, or they’re actively being taught NOT to learn to read.

    I think it’s a combination of both. Genetics are what they are and in a sense people can’t be blamed for that. It’s the anti-intellectual hostility to learning that bothers me the most, especially considering how much money is spent on them. 

    Kids with this level of educational dysfunction have to be TAUGHT not to want to learn.

  • Dear ACLU, I was already able to read by the time I got to school but I am a bit piqued at not being a rugby star like my big brother was, should I sue?

  • mikejones91

    Exactly. Small things here and there to plant OUR ideas. Example—I was with a Japanese  friend of mine the other day( I realize some of you don’t like this) and we’ve been hanging out a lot lately. Talking about news/politics/ect. I’ve been kind of “nudging” a pro-white/to him a anti-black message subtly. He says to me last night “I can’t help but think Detroit would be much safer if it was 90% white”. We were talking about Detroit school (lack) system and he just kind of brought it up. Even though hes not white, its a good sign that eventually logic (can) prevail and people CAN come around.

    • MrGJG

       “He says to me last night “I can’t help
      but think Detroit would be much safer if it was 90% white”.

      Was that before or after he told you water was wet? Those Asians are very astute indeed.

  • You can lead a student to a teacher but you can’t make him learn.

  • brew730

    This is hilarious.  So the blacks are gonna marshal up the support of the ACLU to sue the black-run school districts and black-run school boards in Detroit?!?!  I read earlier this year that the black community has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the city of Detroit’s public transit service due to cuts they had to make.  So the black community is suing the black-run public transit authority for racial discrimination?!?  WTF?  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. 

    “Saves us from ourselfs, Oh Lordy!”

    • I’ll go you one better. I remember reading about a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by a Bantu woman against her Bantu female supervisor. How is this possible? The plaintiff had skin pigmentation the color of a jar of peanut butter and the supervisor’s pigmentationwas that of a chocolate fudge candy bar. The plaintiff claimed that because, of this, she was denied promotions and raises.

      I never did find out the outcome, but it took place in Atlanta. 

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    What the ACLU is missing is that any child has the right to pursue the acquisition of knowledge, but no one can award the ability to read, just as no constitution can guarantee that everyone, while having the right to pursue happiness, has the ability to achieve it.

    • brew730

      Exactly.  The loony left is ALWAYS confusing equal results with equal opportunity.

    • The__Bobster

      No, but high schools can be forced to issue diplomas to their zulu students, whether they can read or not. It’s the piece of paper that matters, right?

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Right, and I can think of lots of pieces of paper that will likely soon become worthless as well as a result.  That’s inflation, print a bunch of diplomas of less value and all diplomas are eventually affected, as goes with money.

    • You and I should discuss God and Jesus.  If I gave you my personal e-mail address, would you be willing to have a discussion with me?

      I prefer our discussion not be “moderated” ’cause for one, we’re American and for one, it’s called Free Speech.  How’s ’bout it?

      No anger, no dictating to one another, no expectations, no nothing, nothing but just plain ‘ole Honest Feelins’ and definitions of.  Let’s do it.  I want to know where you come from and why you don’t believe in Jehovah and Jesus and if your curious, I’d like to explain why I do believe in Jehovah and Jesus.

      p.s.  If you’re the one who asked about Religious Philosophers’, they existed.  Let’s talk..

      • Yes.  Let’s keep the open proselytiziation off AR.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Sorry, but I have zero interest in being witnessed to for the umpteenth time in my life.  While I am confident that I can demolish any believers premise and your particular religion that features talking snakes, married virgins that get impregnated by ghosts, etc.,  AND steal all their traditions for other older beliefs while making them enemies to be persecuted to death,….  (and that was done in abundance by believing Christians like you and would be I’d wager, again if the law faltered).  No Christian I have ever personally met can listen to historical fact and all the plethora of instances someone like me can use to debunk Christianity (or any belief system).

        Anyone can claim to be a philosopher, and Christianity historically has sought to own everything of value, especially history, but real philosophy in the Western tradition denies religion as a rational path to enlightenment and knowledge.  Even before Christianity the Roman philosopher Lucretius observed;  “All religion is sublime to the ignorant, useful to the politician, and ridiculous to the philosopher.”

        That in a nutshell, ought to answer your question of why I don’t believe in any sort of mythology as my inspiration and why I will not surrender my intellect to a belief with its chief motivator being FEAR.  Further, the case that it harms whites and white survival is overwhelming and has even been well illustrated in articles posted by Amren.

        Besides that, your posted replies have demonstrated to me that first, you don’t or can’t hear anyone but yourself, and second, that you are functionally only semi-literate.

        Lastly, I do not give my email address out to anyone, and especially to people in a forum where personal attacks occur so easily and are so vicious.    Being American has very little value anymore, if you haven’t noticed, but being white IS something we have in common.   But until pro-white whites learn to put that first and not their religious delusions, we will have infighting as Christianity has always featured it and guarantees it by its doctrines and nature.

        You seemed content to feel smug in the fact that you have your “faith” while I have none.  Faith is merely an opinion with no more value or rights than any other opinion.  Yet, here you are again.  Unlike many chronic posters here, I do have other matters in life that require my attention and I value my time.  I must weigh the value of the time I spend doing anything, including pursuing an argument (debate).  Unlike the moderators wishes, the only value I see in debating this is because the public can read what I write and what people like you  write in return.  I see less than no value in carrying on a private email conversation with you or anyone else on this subject at this time.

        • the case that it harms whites and white survival is overwhelming
          Only in its modern, mutated, multi-cult form. White Christians conquered the world.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Wrong, you very obviously don’t know European or even world history, OR the history of early Christianity and how it gained power and spread in the first 500 years and the next 1,000 when  Christianity was murderous towards whites in Europe.  But they were from the start, with some so-called Christian Fathers murdering others.  As the historian Gibbon put it in “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,”  “If these leaders had armies at their disposal the Roman World would have been one huge battlefield.  As it was a few poisonings by these early “Men of God” killed off a few other leaders, notably Arius of Alexandria, who was the leader of Arianism and who had converted the Germans and Gauls before Pauline Christianity got to it.  But when they did, they did it with even more intrigue, deceit and murder.

            To assert itself in Europe, Christianity caused incredible and needless suffering.   They held back, and did not advance any of the White, European nations that would have expanded anyway and sooner and better without the hindrance of Christianity.  The first 700 years of Christianity is rightly called “The Dark Ages” not because we don’t know what was going on, but because it was ruled by ignorant Christian superstition and the enforcement of extreme religious ignorance made men’s minds dark.  Dante’s “Inferno” is the best look available to us to see the horrid vision that Christianity provided for the psychological enslavement of Europeans who were already suffering from the physical depredations caused by the collapse of order after the Roman Empire fell. 

            The advances in technology that lifted Europe out of this were made by men of the older Greek tradition of philosophy that sought real knowledge, not mythological answers asserted by religious dogma.  Those types of white men were fought by the Church and often murdered by it, until it became too overwhelmingly obvious that the world was round for example, or that the printing press was inevitable as was general literacy.  But then Christianity still wreaked havoc in Europe when the Reformation arrived.  This caused religious civil wars in Europe that cost millions of lives and  still smolders in Northern Ireland.  This is not to mention the Inquisition which was never limited to Spain, but in fact began in France and ranged all over Europe for hundreds of years torturing and murdering by some scholar estimate to be millions over that period.

            You ignore that the “Christians” who used that technology to “expand” were largely Normans (of which I am descended, as well as other Nordic, Germanic genotypes.  Even the Spanish were Visigothic, Vandal and Celtic derivatives).  Their Viking blood and heritage is what drove them on, even if they had a new religious nomenclature.  Using Christianity to further justify what was going to happen anyway worked for a while because it served the Christianities design to conquer the world separately (but Genghis Khan also had a religious edict directing his wars of conquest.  The age where religion can be used for empire building is past, as is the age of empire. 

            Finally, stripped of its unsupported, non-doctrinal aggression, Christianity is doing what it always has done; work for its own survival and expansion.  It is just that now, going out in the world and converting AND bringing third worlders home is a big part of their scheme.  But it always was.  Rome used to capture White Angle-Saxons for slaves and convert them.  But they never did care about the race or color or culture except to absorb them.  If you think so, you are only kidding yourself, and remaining uninformed is the only way for you to continue in that denial.

            Christianity is a thought virus and it replaces rational thinking.  But Whites who think they don’t become hypocrites the moment they think or say that Whites are exclusive in Christianity or that Christianity is there to serve Whites more than non-Whites is also kidding himself, and tragically so.  But Christianity creates instant hypocrites anyway.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Or the price Galileo paid for stating that the sun did not revolve around the earth:

            Eppur si muove

            Or how science was set back after Galileo was found guilty by inquisitors, “vehemently suspect of heresy,” forced to recant his findings, and spend the rest of his life under house arrest.

            Interesting about the Vikings:  There is speculation that the raids the Vikings conducted in the British Isles were in retaliation for Charlemagne’s effort to Christianize the people in the far reaches of North Europe, the Viking’s home; many thousands were murdered for refusing to accept this “new”, alien religion.

            The proof is that the Vikings specifically targeted monasteries for attack — not just for the riches they may have contained, but for utter annihilation, going far beyond “mere” forays, raids and pillaging.  They took extra time and effort to target and smash religious icons, symbols and statuary into fine rubble, acts of destruction denoting sheer hatred toward what those items represented.  Monks and priests were not merely killed, but hacked apart into small pieces in the most vicious manner possible.  

            The theory is that these acts were most likely acts of revenge against what Charlemagne had done in Viking homelands in an effort to Christianize them.


          • The Inquisition started circa 1484 in Rome, but also spread to France and Spain. It is the Spanish Inquisition that one most associates with, when they hear the word “Inquisition”.

            The Index of Forbidden Books was also started by Rome, I believe, in the 14th century. Among the many works it banned was Machiaveli’s classic, “The Prince”.

        • Further, the case that it harms whites and white survival is overwhelming and has even been well illustrated in articles posted by Amren.

          I don’t think you’ve made that case.  If Christianity was so bad for whites, then rejecting it should make us better.  Much of the western world has already done that, to one extent or another.  Where’s our racially minded utopia?

          Meanwhile, the white world was at its most powerful while it was publicly and openly embracing serious Christianity.  However, I don’t think the latter caused the former. 

          The Pre-Civil Rights Era South was full of people who were both serious segregationists, seriously racially minded and serious Christians all at the same time.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            “I don’t think you’ve made that case.  If Christianity was so bad for
            whites, then rejecting it should make us better.  Much of the western
            world has already done that, to one extent or another.  Where’s our
            racially minded utopia?”

            The only way you or anyone could say that is through outright denial of the obvious.  It is easy to make the case and I’ve made it many times and so have some authors of articles Amren has posted.  I have to wonder how long you’ve been a moderator?

            So for you I will endeavor to lay it out.  I will try to imagine that as a moderator for Amren you have more reading comprehension skill than the average poster here and perhaps more ability to be objective and recognize fact when you read it or at least admit you don’t know something.

            First, you are wrong; Most of the Western World still considers itself Christian although perhaps not the version you think is the “real thing.”  But the real thing was never certain as many theologians and historians have pointed out.  The collapse and close of the Age of Empires is what ended your claimed “most powerful” period.  The Age of Reason (18th century) was the real beginning of the end of Christian hegemony in the West, even thought it took a while to realize itself.  But your oft quoted Thomas Jefferson was one of the leaders who made the case for the separation of church and state because he was a product of The Enlightenment.

            As far as 20th century Christians go, the idea that somehow Christianity helped create the weapons and killed the bad guys and ushered in Nuclear Age is very difficult. 

            So you ARE right on one point;  Christianity DID NOT cause The West to be powerful, it only endorsed and benefited from that power when and while it could.  (It sure made good use of the warlike Normans when they wanted their Crusades).  But this leaves the question;

            IF YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT,  then why attempt to make it look otherwise?  You’re not such a great debater because you shot yourself in the foot with that one.

            Further, the assumption that the rejection of Christianity would automatically result in a racially minded utopia is not only sophomoric, it defies any logical ground.  Genghis Khan didn’t need Christianity to set up his Empire, neither did the Persian, Greek or the Roman, but the “pagan” Roman Empire lasted longer than any other empire in history and provided the longest period of peace in the known world as well.  But Christianity was one of the main causes of its decline and fall.  (Don’t whine to me about this, read classical history such as  Gibbon, instead).

            “The Pre-Civil Rights Era South was full of people who were both serious
            segregationists, seriously racially minded and serious Christians all at
            the same time.”

            But it was the Christianity instilled in them that eventually caused the end of that.  The words of the NT condemn outright the practices of those days.  Also, it is not unusual for people to have bicameral world views and/or attitudes, but maintaining them has been shown to cause mental illness (lots of that in the South).  Such states are difficult to maintain because the brain seeks harmony in function.  In this way, Christianity is a thought virus and in the way it uses circular logic in asserting its myth as fact.  The evil part of it is the heavy handed spiritual blackmail it practices.

            The problem for you and most would be white race saviors is that you all so little about the race that you would save.  You know very little history, just the superficial and “safe’ version as once taught by Christian parochials that had to suppress known history in order to create another generation of obedient Christians.  Christianity absorbs into it many different European cultures and most of the Nordic ones were warlike and for a long time, Christianity was mostly a facade over their real culture and nature, just as it is often merely a facade for the many pagan customs and holidays within it.


            The sort of Christians who fought in WW2  (and WW1)  were guys like my dad who were thinking more about getting some tail while on shore-leave than going to church on Sunday.  It is obvious to the observer that you and many chronic posters here have a kind of myth cycle going about history and especially social history.  That doesn’t help the case for whites either because it turns off people with any knowledge of facts.  You dismiss them as “lefties” but your posters and the limited vision so continuous represented here guarantees that

            I have to wonder what you think “serious Christianity is?”  Christianity is not about the acquisition of earthly power and wealth.  Don’t try to tell me it is or I’ll fill these posts with NT quotes that will bury you.  You’d have to edit it all out, or close the entire thread, like you sometimes do when posters start making outright fools of themselves defending Christianity to me. The problem is, you’ve got that Thomas Jefferson quote to attempt to live up to, don’t you?

            Most of the Western World seems to think that they are the best people who every lived on earth.  They seem to think that they have created utopia, it is just that a few outlaw whites aren’t going along with what is clearly the ultimate plan of Christianity, which is make “earth as it is in heaven.”  The very fabric of Christianity describes the Diversity that the West seems so intent upon creating as a fulfillment of that Christian utopia.

            So let’s pretend for a moment that the Bible is fact and there is an afterlife and a heaven.  How do you envision heaven?  A place where you see only whites walking around doing, … I don’t know what?  From my studies, the Bible has a place for every type of person on earth as long as they qualify.  Try to tell me different.  Give me the chapters and verses.  I won’t even start on what God must look like or do with his spare time as he made man in his image, completely we must assume.

            Christianity calls on its followers to embrace everyone, make them Christians too without regard to race, ethnic or national origin.  It has been practiced that way from the very beginning when Paul took HIS version of a Jewish sect out to the non-Jews, the “Gentiles.”  The Church in any form has always sought to gain in numbers and so used Empire, endorsed it so that it could spread increase itself through the domination and conversion of every type of person in the world it could reach.  Just because some isolated people in some places in the West imagine themselves as exclusive doesn’t erase the practiced, historical intention of that religion, or the very clear directives in the New Testament which is the book that Christians are called on to use in place of the Old, which is there for historical and “inspirational” reasons.

            “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.  Red and yellow, black and white, they’re all precious in his sight.  Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

            B.S., huh?

             The fact that Christianity calls on it follower to be childlike, to be sheep and be led or herded by a “shepherd” ought to be enough for any thinking person to have grave doubts that such human shepherds can really be trusted, and that a book, no matter how prettily it does it, steal away your right to a free conscious and free will.   And sure enough, when we look into the true details of history as well as the present, we see that the entire thing is really nothing but a hoax perpetrated on the gullible with historically horrid results.  Is this is the type of people YOU think is going to be able to save the white race?

            After years of concealing my thoughts, I recently wrote in a post that I am actually a philosophical atheist.  But even with that, I recognize that most people, including me need some spiritual inspiration.  Asatru, The North American Folk Assembly is the best answer to that I have seen anywhere.  I don’t endorse believing literally in any myths, but what whites need now is what Asatru provides; a clearly identifiable god that is for whites and one that exalts the honorable and noble aspects of the white consciousness.  It is a “religion” that remembers itself and values the blood of its people.  It makes ancestry important; ancestor worship  is one item that makes total sense for white survival but is totally rejecting in Christianity (oh yes it is!  Are you going to make me give you chapters and verses?).

            I work this hard at this angle on Amren because I have considered and studied history, including the history of Christianity and the West for decades with a thought to what was happening to the white world all along.  I am a minority on these pages, but there are more of us than you might imagine out there.  Amren often runs articles on intelligence tests and who has this much or not.  One thing I know about intelligence is that tests can’t measure everything.   For example, there is a way to see it at work in a practical way in how quickly an individual can adapt to a new, unique problem or situation.  Because I could do that, having first rejected the heavy FEAR motivation in Christianity, my adaptation was possible.

            As the threats against white survival grow, those who think that insisting on such a useless, self-destructive religion as Christianity for justifying itself, that group will only grow smaller.  As much as I sympathize, I am a blue-eyed white man after all, all I can see is whites who might become white race realists and separatists repelled by the backward insistence of a religion that is plainly one of the biggest problems for white survival.

          • The sort of Christians who fought in WW2  (and WW1)  were guys like my dad who were thinking more about getting some tail while on shore-leave than going to church on Sunday.

            I think that explains quite a bit.  In fact, I think it lends credence to the “personal motive” theory that others here have advanced. 

            To the extent that most of the white world still embraces Christianity, it’s only superficially.  If even a superficial embrace of Christianity causes all those evils you say, then I suppose we better wipe it off the Earth post haste.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             “I think that explains quite a bit.  In fact, I think it lends
            credence to the “personal motive” theory that others here have

            To the extent that most of the white world still embraces
            Christianity, it’s only superficially.  If even a superficial embrace of
            Christianity causes all those evils you say, then I suppose we better
            wipe it off the Earth post haste.”

            This is a desperate and feeble attempt to dismiss any acknowledgement of a well developed argument from me.  And as poor a player as you suggest I am, you as the moderator ought to be above that, at least.  This tactic wouldn’t pass even in a high school debate forum.

            Everyone has some personal motivation for what drives them.  But this is not mine.   Holly has produced a plethora of films that feature this very theme “horny military men” with historical documentaries greatly reinforcing them.  With many others, it might be early experiences with racial attacks, actual violence or mistreatment and other outrages.  If you’ve such a great memory of my years of posting, you will recall that numerous times I have related my motivation, the observation of and personal experience of social corruption through the healthcare system, being robbed, burglarized, and finally having my office in California broken into, ransacked to the point of being put out of business and more.  But you in your wisdom as a moderator would rather resort to a cheap excuse to cut an run because, YOU HAVE NO REAL ARGUMENT TO OFFER IN REBUTTAL.

            “One more thing: If AR and its regulars are so underneath your
            “superior” reasoning ability (and from what I’ve seen over the years,
            that “superior” reasoning ability includes vicious language, numerous
            personal insults, and then turning right around and accusing anyone who
            objects to that as not exercising “reason”), then why are you keep

            If you have more than a two digit IQ, you ought to be able to answer your question via some educated intuition.

            “You’re as regular as anyone, need I remind you. 922 comments
            from you since the intro of Disqus at the beginning of the year, fifth
            most of all registered users, as I write this, though Disqus doesn’t log
            unregistered users.”

            I don’t know the count of my posts, but I certainly don’t post everyday or on every article.  As for your claimed count, I can’t even rely on them because you have shown yourself to be below the ability to be objective and fail to render anything but this cheap reply to my recent post to you which took time and effort to write.

            I admit to occasional insults, but you’d have to show me the case of a vicious one, and while you’re at it, show me where I ever stated that I was a ASTROLOGIST.  When I aim my vitriol at someone, I am just real good at it.  But I don’t like it.  You and your claimed fellows are flailing around for all to see.  While I have used language to pin down and make piercing criticisms, I have never used foul language and never used the kind of insults that many of your posters use when they have nothing of substance to reply with.  Things such as “you must have been smoking your crack pipe again,”  things on that level. 

            I have also been writing a book for two years with one of the points being to defend the right to white survival and justice through the retelling of a modern counter culture myth cycle.  That you can’t do better than resort to such a cheap dismissal of my many well thought out arguments for my ideas all of which are aimed at provoking some real thinking here and needed reform for traditional white separatists shows what dinosaurs you guys really are.  Will I stop, not likely.  Why?  Because you and a couple other posters are just a few people and many times that read these posts and some reply in favor of my ideas from time to time.  If your recipe for white survival is so narrow, it is doomed to failure.  But maybe Amren doesn’t really care about that, just the money from subscribers so that you can make a living off the issues.

  • Ni123

     “The bottom line to this lawsuit is that the white taxpayer will pay an extremely high price.”

    Yup! The taxpayer  pays for them to be fed, fit, healthy and educated. They fail to accomplish all of the above, and the taxpayer will be punished for this failure. Paradox.

  • newscomments70

    Teachers, like policemen (and neighborhood watch volunteers), are not allowed to do their jobs. If they try to enforce any rules or discipline, the ACLU attacks them for violating someone’s civil rights. Now the ACLU is suing them for not doing a job that that they weren’t allowed to do in the first place. Something has to break in this impossible society. This is ridiculous. 

    • Like a vicious circle, isn’t it?

  • If Highland Park’s teacher’s are incapable of teaching the students, then exactly WHO is supposed to provide the remedial help they need, according to state law? White volunteer college graduates, with their altrusitic, Pollyanna world-views and fantasies about social and economic equality?

    Pat Conroy, perhaps? Hey, he did it in South Carolina. 

  • Newtonian physics:  I could never walk through a brick wall.

    Quantum mechanics:  Once per many multiples of the current lifetime of the universe, I could walk through a brick wall.

    That’s all I need to know.

    Incidentally, though, the attempt to reconcile Einsteinian physics and quantum mechanics, i.e. string theory aka unified particle theory, might well solve a lot of these paranormal experiences people are having.

    • Rocky Bass,

       “Spooky action at a distance” as Einstein referred to quantum entanglement, could explain some hauntings too right? If it’s “spooky enough”. 😛

      • Rocky Bass,

         Another “neat” artifact of the whole quantum theory is that once established, conciseness maybe is a quantum process, and after death you just keep right on thinking sans the meat bag.

  • GERRYl

    The real problem here is the ACLU ( American Communist Lawyers Union ).  If you do just a few minutes research on this enemy of the American people it will make you sick to your stomach.  This group makes Hitler and Joseph Stalin look like Mother Teresa in comparison.  No doubt they would enjoy the fact that I just said that.  The ACLU runs around the country like a bunch of SS troops suing people for simply acting American,  they purposely look for liberal activist Judges that can be bribed to win the case for them. When they win, this money goes into the ACLU account funded by the American tax-payer only to be used for the next law suit contributing to the next rung on the ladder to the destruction of America.  More than the problems with blacks and Hispanics people need to be aware of this enemy within.   There are thousands of  web-sites that have done the research on this evil ant-America, anti-Christian organization, but I have picked one that is short and gets right to the point about the real agenda of the ACLU which is to take away the rights of the American people, not to defend them.

    • anarchyst

      Look who runs the ACLU and you will have your answer . . .
      The debasement of our culture has been going on for a long time . . .
      The “tribe” that runs the ACLU and other subversive organizations has been at “war” with us for a long time . . .
      THEY are the true “supremacists” and must be stopped . . .

    • anarchyst

      Look who runs the ACLU and you will have your answer . . .

  • Ni123

    Navy SEALS go for diversity.

    “…Army veteran Rick Rogers, who hosts a weekly radio show on the military,
    said, “America is not 85 percent white, which is what the SEALs are…

    …In the past few years, the Navy’s various attempts to outreach have led
    to more candidates, but many candidates have failed to complete SEAL
    qualification and other training.

    The Navy has just announced
    plans to target three areas to get the word out, with one of the areas
    being San Diego to Los Angeles….”

    • I don’t think they’ll lower the standards.  This whole bit about more non-white SEALs is nothing more than whetting a cottage industry of professional diversity outreachers.  The SEALs gave Obama the only real accomplishment of his administration.  Even he’s not dumb enough to waste where he eats.

  • The right to learn means nothing more than that they have the right to attend school and learn if they can. Just because they didn’t learn doesn’t mean they didn’t have the right to. This case has no merit whatsoever. Imagine what this would open up! Anyone who ever failed a class or didn’t graduate could sue saying their ‘right to learn’ was violated. Complete nonsense.

  • newscomments70

    Hey, braindead liberals: they are illiterate because they won’t study. You give them welfare and victimhood…there’s no reason to work hard to improve.

    • This isn’t True Sir and you know it.  Blacks are, unfortunately, less able than everyone else and for that, they deserve a little extra attention but not in the direction of education.  They cannot be educated so why try?

      • newscomments70

         My point was that we need to stop giving out trillions of dollars in free money. Not many work or study if they don’t have to. 

  • newscomments70

    Haiti, a black-ruled country,  is  the poorest country in the world. Believe it or not, some schools in Haiti are relatively good. In Haiti, it is a privilege to attend school, that most don’t have. It is also away to escape abject poverty.  Students, all black of course, wish to honor their parents by doing well…their parents must make a great sacrifice to pay tuition. Teachers in Haitian schools do not allow their students to masturbate in class. Students are expelled and arrested if they physically attack teachers. Can you imagine? In Haiti, there is no ACLU nor welfare department. You actually have to work hard, or you starve to death. This is terrible. Maybe Sean Penn and Oprah should travel to Haiti to straighten things out.

    •  It’s probably the same reason why Mexican elections are less questionable than ours.

      Haiti is all black, therefore the schools will be all black.  There can’t possibly be any racial “achievement gap” industry.  The only Haitian blacks that go to school are the ones that want to go to school, and like you say, the Haitian school system doesn’t waste time with students that don’t want to learn.  No “right to education” in Haiti, positive or negative.  Like I have said, blacks with power over blacks will implement a political system that smells a lot like apartheid or segregation.  They only try educating a small percentage of their own for a good reason.

      Likewise, everybody in Mexico is a Mexican, so there isn’t that much of a racial component to elections.  Except for the fact that the Mexican political class looks rather white, in fact, Nieto, the new President, looks like he could be a a senior partner in any given American public relations firm.

      • newscomments70

        I’ve been acquainted with Mexicans and Haitians who described their education in those countries. I was impressed, and the schools are much better than the “urban” schools in the U.S.. Some of my Mexican neighbors in California used to send their children away to Mexican private schools. In these schools they would learn something and not become a gang member, etc. California schools are violent, illiterate hell holes that keep getting worse.   In every culture, there is a  group of people who want to learn and better themselves. They will work extra hard to educate themselves and their children. Here in the U.S., “Everyone gets a trophy”, and liberals force us to pay for hordes of  children who are not capable of higher learning. Even those who are capable would rather play video games, commit crimes, have sex, etc. We give them trillions of dollars in benefits, but they do not appreciate it. They are lazy and they hate us. They do not want to learn. They similar to the spoiled children of celebrities. There is no INCENTIVE to work hard if you are spoiled with handouts and special privileges.  Instead of wasting all of this money, hand them a broom and say, “Get to work, if you want to eat.” I am not racist. There are many disgusting children of white liberal celebrities to whom I would say the same thing.

  • Maybe a bit OT, but Ive been thinking, for some time, that temporary cure for US troubles- apart from apocalyptic scenarios- would be adoption of consocial democracy:

    For those not conversant with the idea, it is a form of democracy practiced in Belgium, Austria, Switzerland etc. The chief ideologue is the Dutch political scientist Lijphart,

    It differs from “ordinary democracy” (one person, one vote) insofar that it acknowledges deep divisions within society & tries to negotiate some kind of “truce” and cohabitation between different groups, so that nobody gets hurt or marginalized.

    For instance, Dutch society had been divided in three segments: Protestants, Catholics & atheists/agnostics. They went to separate schools, listened to separate radio stations, had different TV stations, separate marriage patterns, different trade unions, different newspapers etc. This kind of democracy needs a high level of political consciousness- no leeching etc.

    US political culture (ad pluribus unum) was applicable when most of differences came from various British core ethnic & regional interests, and during “melting pot” period in early 1900s. Just, it’s not applicable – maybe- to modern reality.

    The net result would be- any group would be left to their own. Whites would probably split to liberals & conservatives- which is much better than now. The chief obstacle are, IMO, Blacks & Hispanics. They can hardly function on their own.

    • Ni123

       It was possible before the welfare state got established. Like you said, this type of democracy is real only with highly conscious and civilized groups capable to sustain their living on their own. Take welfare away from “entitled” and you’ll get a havoc, more likely a very bloody havoc.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    This article reminds me of how sad it is that whites have been trying to help the “Negro in America” for centuries. Nothing works.  Nothing has ever worked.  What a tragedy that the only system whereby blacks functioned in large numbers together without violence was the Slave System in the American South? What a horrifice thought, you might say,and yet it is true. 

    No system is perfect, ever.  Black Africans were rescuded from the wretched slaughters and selling of each other by African Tribal Warfare practices that had been going on for eons, in Africa and still does. First delivered from themselves by the Arabs the later brought to the various carib islands by the Spainards,Dutch, French, and English.  That was pretty awful but eventually they were able to slaughter enough whites to take over those islands…good grief look what happened under black rule…chaos, trash heaps. 

    But it got better when Americans got into the market and especially when the Yankees sold all their slaves down south.  African Slavery evovled to a much higher level at that point in history, certainly still not perfect.  

    What a profound lesson. How many blacks have died for the white man or woman? How many millions of whites have died trying to help the black? 

    The Authentic White knows the Black American as a group, a collective cannot be helped. 

    Where ever they are in the world, leave them to their own chaos.  It is what they desire. It is what they live for. 

    Those few blacks who wish to live differently, do live differently.

    It is so good to know the responsibility of the American Black is no longer The White Man’s Burdens…even anywhere in the world.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    john wilkes booth is the worst villian in history.  Lincoln didnt hate blacks he just didnt think they could fit into white society and he was right. it was his intention to send freed slaves to africa, south america, etc. in my opinion booth is directly responsible for the racial problems we have today. the guy was a total idiotic piece of crap who had no idea what kind of damage he did to our race that night. I hate booth so fucking much…….

    •  I am of the opinion that the repatriation program probably wouldn’t have happened even if the assassination  didn’t happen.

      • whiteuncleruckus

        your opinion is certainly possible. but i would like to believe lincoln would have established some kind of territory specifically for black people, where ever that may be, even if its only wishful thinking lol

        From: Disqus
        To: [email protected]
        Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2012 10:05 PM
        Subject: [americanrenaissance] Re: ACLU Alleges Michigan School District Violated Students’ ‘Right to Learn to Read’

        Question Diversity wrote, in response to whiteuncleruckus:
        I am of the opinion that the repatriation program probably wouldn’t have happened even if the assassination  didn’t happen. Link to comment

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Praise the Lord! I thought I was the only one who harbors those sentiments re, that psychotic who was also a lousy actor.
      I want to go and find his grave and pee on it. Is he buried in Bel Air?

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Question Diversity,
      I read somewhere that Congress wouldn’t approve the funds to build the ships. How short cited especially since we acquired Liberia.

  • It is interesting to note that the Detroit area school system (including Highland Park) was once  regarded as one of the best in the nation.  But that was before the Great Society, affirmative action, and before they were almost 100 percent black.

    All of you Liberals should be so proud of what you created.

    NOBAMA 2012

    • chuck_2011

       back in the day before white flight took place…it was the case but now….?

  • That is an excellent point. Most people who ask that question use an American city, like Pittsburgh and Detroit. “American” has been perverted as of late, technically Detroit is full of “Americans.” Using a Japanese city with an obvious homogeneous, low crime and hard working population is a better illustration.

  • I find it insulting that Blacks aren’t treated appropriately.  You “educators” are trying to force stuff on them that is not them.  Some blacks can sing and some can cook while others are great at just plain ‘ole labor (digging ditches and such) but barely a one of ’em is good at learning from Books so let them be already.

    Forget teaching them how to read and show them how to work instead.  From birth to age thirteen, they’ll be allowed to play and be the children they are but on the day after their thirteenth birthday, they will start off with easy labor in the fields and as they grow older, they gain more responsibility (labor) in the field.  Blacks are happier when you don’t expect more out of them than they can give.

    • chuck_2011

       i have to agree with Stephanie’s assessment of the situation. Learning how to do manual labor and a steady introduction to it is best. book learnin’ is just not for some people…just as you would not expect brain surgeon to take up brick laying nor should we hope for the academically deficient to rise above their station in life. Sometimes a sow’s ear is just that and nothing more.

      • “sow’s ear”…that’s funny!  Seriously, allowing people to be whatever they want to be regardless of actual ability is the most dangerous thing you can let loose on Society.

        • robinbishop34

           I think that comes from the saying “you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.”


    • Ni123

       Sounds good. The only problem is that for 50+ years every possible source of information contributed to the legend that the Black Man is just like the White Man, and if the black man can not pass the SAT test it is because of the wicked racism of the white teacher. They even created their own evolutionary theory and a very refreshing
      new approach to the world history aka The Black Man is The Founding Father of Civilization.

      I highly doubt they’ll easily give up this comforting set of mind in favor of digging ditches. And on top of this there will be the whole army of white brainwashed bleeding hearts who will be lamenting about civil rights abuse.

      The policy of political correctness has to go first, but, again, I doubt it’s possible.

      • newscomments70

        “So, welfare and PC are two monoliths of our society, that seem to be pretty unmovable.”

        They won’t be so unmovable if we collectively stop supporting these programs. 

        • Ni123

           “if we collectively”

          “Collectively” seems to be the key. It has to be organized. You open your mouth – you get fired, or they press charges, not everybody has the stamina to risk his/her family’s welfare. Would be nice to know that there is some support out there, some forth.

          • It doesn’t take stamina to risk one’s family.  That’s idiocy and no one expects anyone to do that.

            Sir, you’re right.  If we had a place to go to, a support group (food/money for bills) that we knew we could fall back on, I like to think we’d all stand up and tell these others just exactly what the new deal is but we don’t have anything and it’s frightening and frightening to the point of paralysis.

          • Ni123

             “Sir, you’re right”
            Agreed with everything you’e said except for this part. I’m female 🙂

          • newscomments70

            I believe when there is a major revolt, the rest of us will soon follow. It will be like the dam breaking, like Bastille day. People are already fired up. It will happen. In the meantime, we must chip away at anti-white, racist tyranny in any way we can. Even spreading awareness on the internet helps immensely.

        • Rocky Bass,

           And just how on earth do you purpose we “collectively” stop supporting these programs when we are taxed for them along with everything else.
          Are you saying to not pay income taxes? I agree with that wholeheartedly, as the income tax is a complete illegal scam.

          • newscomments70

            That’s not an easy question, but nothing worthwhile is easy. Spread awareness, communicate with your friends and neighbors, become politically active in local government, learn how defend yourself and your family,  join a civil rights group such as the NRA…feel free to add suggestions. We have to find those answers. The liberals want us to sit at home, get drunk and watch reality shows, sports, etc. We need to breakaway from that. The first American Revolution was started by a disorganized militia and an illegal congress. There was no modern technology to assist this revolution. The second American Revolution should not be so difficult. We have the internet and can communicate much more quickly. It can be done. I am most inspired by the American Revolution and Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. Both triumphed over horrific tyranny at what seemed like impossible odds.

      • As Newcomments70 said, they can stop and will stop the second we stop supporting it.

        I know what you mean.  We don’t get to pick and choose so yes, it feels like the impossible but we have a damn near sixteen trillion dollar debt and not too far from today, those Welfare checks will stop coming and Political Correctness is already on its way out.  People are tired now and especially tired of being told how they have no right to Free Speech ’cause some weenie’s feelings might get hurt.

        As for the digging ditches part, no, I was talking about back in the days when people were not able to do more than they could actually do.  Before “civil rights” and Affirmative Action.  Yesteryear, no black was ever allowed to be in a position that was over their head unlike today.

    • ed91

       the problems with blacks cooking is like jesse jackson, you have no idea how many are spitting or pissing in your food……..  or worse

  • robinbishop34

    Me too. Imagine that –parents and grandparents taking a proactive role in educating their children and grandchildren from birth so they can actually be prepared for school.

  • chuck_2011

     same here i was reading before going to grade 1.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    No, we are not slaves of the Africans. They are as much as victims as we are. The White elite is creating race hatred to keep Blacks and the working class American inline

    • libertarian1234

      Apologists like you will grasp at any straw they can in order to mitigate responsibility and blame from blacks.

      Sorry, but anybody in the real world knows that the corporate greed mongers and political hacks are the ones who try to elevate blacks as being different only because of the “color of their skin,” but it is blacks themselves who eagerly love to hate whitey as someone to blame for their lack of achievement.

    • Dan

      Apparently the White elites follow them into every country they go-Zimbabwe , England, France, Israel etc. Blacks even risk their lives by crossing oceans on home made rafts just to seek out that White elite oppression. Just more drivel from the egalitarian loons.

      • Southern__Hoosier

        Blacks don’t mind being oppressed, as long as their oppressors take care of them

        • Unless some DWL makes it a point to teach them to hate and resent the hand that feeds them. The blacks in SA and Zimbabwe would love white people to come back and take care of them, but will never admit it.

    • “White Elite”? or elites who are only White when in the company of Whites and when they are in the company of minorities they are members of the tribe that has suffered at the hands of Whites more than any other group in history?

      I vote for the latter.

  • mikejones91

    Thats good actually. Nice logic lol.

  • newscomments70

    This has already happened. It may turn some lives around, but it has dumbed down our military and armed dangerous criminals. Our military is full of active gang members. The military arms them and teaches them complex armed assault techniques. They use these techniques to terrorize innocent people in the civilian world. How many thousands of women have been raped by U.S. black soldiers across the globe? The liberal media either blacks out the story or refuses the report the race. The only host that stands up to the black rapists are the Okinawans. Due to their outrage, the U.S. soldiers are not allowed to leave the base. The ban was recently lifted, and a black soldier raped a Japanese girl the same day. The German liberals are spineless. They would never even think taking such action. Sending thugs to the military is a bad idea. It looks good on paper, but it only teaches them how to be criminals more efficiently. 

  • MekongDelta69

    You’re correct. That’s what I meant to say. I was typing too fast.

    However, the sentiments are still correct.

  • anarchyst

    Look who runs the ACLU and you will have your answer . . .

  • Back in my day, nobody had the “right” to go to school – it was COMPULSORY, as it was state law, from grades K-12. A student had no choice in the matter, save would he or she go to a public or parochial school. Even that was out of their hands, as it all depended on whether Mom and Pop wanted to shell out the money for a parochial school.

    The same people who think reading is a “right” are the same ones who trumpet that “college is for everyone”, like a college education is some sort of a birthright. That’s utter nonsense. 

    College is like a high-stakes poker game – you have to pay to play, with just the buy-ins being costly; in many cases. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I know what you mean, Sylvie. I too am often dumbfounded what what people don’t know.
    True story: About two years ago a combined Greek community centre and Orthodox Church was built opposite my place of work. One morning, during it’s construction, I was standing outside smoking a cigarrette along with a female colleague, an otherwise very pleasant young lady in her early 20’s. My colleague wondered aloud what it was that they were building opposite.
    “It’s a Greek community centre and Orthodox church”, I replied. (I read about in the local newspaper)
    “Is that like a Mosque?” she inquired.
    I was surprised by the question, but before I could answer, she asked another question, “Does that mean they don’t like dogs, or is that the Hindus?”
    Long story short, I put her right on everything.
    Decades of marxist inspired dumbed down education has certainly left it’s mark on this Island. And I know it’s the same over there for you, too.  

    • Rocky Bass,

       Same, indeed.

  • You may be on to something. Since Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQs on average, I would love to see Rachel Weinstein, Naomi Goldberg, Rita Silverstein, Solomon Brettsteiner, and Shmuel Weisberg descend upon the Highland Park school system and expand the minds of the Bantu students there. They could regale them Bantus with the theories of Marx and Engels, Trotsky (born Lev Brontstein) and Saul Alinsky.

    They could even tell them, they are the new WASPs – White Asian Semitic People.

    Like you say Web, I doubt their safety could be guaranteed. But they’ll have fun trying.  

    • anarchyst

      It’s not !Q, but cultural and social insularity that makes the ashkenazi jews so successful.  The number one reason for Jewish “success” is that Jews look out for each other.
      It is much easier to get into any field of study or profession if “your own kind” is already there to “grease the skids” and make it easier for you to excel.  When you know the correct answers to the “test” and impart them to your offspring and social peers, success is just about guaranteed. 
      Whites would do well to emulate Jewish cohesiveness and cultural insularity.
      It is a shame that many Jews fight against us whites when we attempt to emulate their cohesiveness and cultural insularity, the reasons for their (and potentially our) success.

  • ed91

     Like they drag down society in general, they drag down the military.
    Much added drama to take away from the mission.

  • My mother read to me every night. Eventually, she helped me read my own bedtimes stories. 

    Most white people just seem programmed to learn and explore. Likewise, most white parents seem programmed to push their children to learn and explore.

  • B

    What an ideal case to highlight in court with evidence the racial differences in IQ between the races. Then the ACLU can go sue god.

    • Is there any way we can e-mail or contact the state’s defense attorney with some race-realist statistics? The achievement gap is accepted, so this case could go into its causes.

  • I agree though I will say, I find it worthy to try to teach people but dangerous to pretend ALL can learn.

  • That is ludicrous. The case will absolutely be thrown out. There was a similar story recently where a college graduate sued her university because she couldn’t get a job and apparently it was the fault of the university for not doing enough to support her after graduation in finding a job. The case was laughed out of court. It is the same thing happening here and a good lawyer will take note of the university case judgment.

  • Church_of_Jed

    New York Times still promoting discredited ideology and quack pseudo science that blacks are suffering victims and would be just like good Americans if Whites weren’t so mean to them: is a conspiracy theory.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    There should be video cameras in the classrooms so everyone can see with their OWN eyes why they are not learning. With America’s fascination about Reality TV it would make a great fit. Maybe Animal Planet would pick up the idea.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I agree.  It is just not wise.  I never would because I am a law abiding individual with a lifetime of law abiding and even “good citizenship” activities like being a medical volunteer – to back that claim up.  But others – you can never tell.  For myself, I know what so-called Christians are capable of…

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     She already did, but I will not use it, for the reasons above, but also because I don’t want HER to have mine.  I want to remain a completely anonymous individual here.

  • razorrare


    In the ninth century the Vikings sold tens of thousands of Whites to the Arabs of Spain.

    “The most westerly component of the early medieval slave trade in Europe was the British Isles.In the eleventh century the Vikings were active slave traders in Ireland…From Ireland the Vikings took the slaves to be sold in Muslim Spain and Scandinavia,and even to be transported into Russia;some may have been taken as far as Constantinople and the Muslim Middle East…” (William Phillips,p.63).

    “The Norwegian slave trader was an important enough of a figure to appear in the 12th century tale of Tristan…Icelandic literature also provides numerous references to raiding in Ireland as a source for slaves…

    “Norwegian Vikings made slave raids not only against the Irish and Scots but also against Norse settlers in Ireland or the Scottish Isles or even in Norway itself…Slave trading was a major commercial activity of the Viking Age…(Ruth Mazo Karras,Slavery and Society in Medieval Scandinavia, p.49). The children of White slaves in Iceland were routinely murdered en masse(Karras, p.52).

    On another note: Why is proselyitizing for atheism accepted here by certain “moderators” while those who merely profess their Christian belief are admonished by certain “moderators” to stop proselyitizing.

    Perhaps WP can educate us all on the sins comitted under Judaism and the Talmud.

  • frank pucillo

    I thinks its the parent fault that these children cannot read.Which means it the Grand parents Fault.

  • The educational establishment will never admit that there are kids who can’t learn.  I’ll bet teachers, the independent ones whose boots have been on the ground, know the truth.  When all the remedial help is said and done they will still drop out before graduating because they don’t have the smarts or the interest to make it through school.  As the world gets more complex, how will these morons survive?  Let me guess.  Welfare, prison, public housing, etc. 

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Reforming Christianity was tried once before and all it did was cause religious civil wars for centuries.  In fact the strife went on in the U.S. right up to the 19th century and is barely beneath the surface today.  That is something that many posters here make abundantly clear as well. 

    Further, I would posit that any attempt to make Christianity a racial and ethnic identifier can and constantly has been shot down by Christian doctrine and the vast majority of interpreters.  The ones who think this is possible are a very small group that grows smaller daily – re: the recent ascent of a black as leader of the Southern Baptists, who used to be the most racially aware and separate of all Christian groups.

    “Perhaps she doesn’t, but I’m more than aware of how Islam
    did. Countless Europeans died during their repeated incursions into Europe. Had it
    not been for the battle of Tours (and Poitiers), Arabs would have expanded into
    Europe, preventing the rise of Western civilization and the Renaissance. ”

    You are completely incorrect.  It was the influence of the Jews and Muslims that inspired many Italians who traded with them (recall Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”) who made the Renaissance possible.  Jews trading with China made Marco Polo’s visit possible.  The Church denied and tortured those who claimed the earth was round and the means of navigating by the stars and then the compass was  acquired from Muslims who had inherited Greek philosophical wisdom.  This is well known historical fact.  The Church fought both the printing press and the idea that the general population should be literate.  They had even denied anyone to have or read a Bible for centuries, and for obvious reasons; once they did, some inevitably found problems in it.  The way the Church as always worked is to seek to absorb what it cannot destroy.  That is what “Catholic” means:  UNIVERSAL.  It is full of pagan religious matter.  Even the birth of Jesus was taken from the then popular God Mithra, who was born of a virgin on December 25!  That you and so many others here don’t know of this and the volumes of other knowable facts about Christian structure, doctrine and history speaks volumes.

    How many incursions?  Much of the period of Islam in Spain was peaceful and the Moors brought more original Greek knowledge (it had been transferred to the Middle East due to the spread of Hellenism).  NO, the record of Europeans killed by Christian conquests and purges is MUCH higher than Islams, which was limited to a very small part of Spain for a far shorter time.  Besides the religious directive of Islam was to convert, yes, but not to murder because they wanted to own cities and their populations, not “save them” by any means which in Christianity was famously said “Those who cannot be saved by persuasion must be forced by the rod.”

    Tell me about Charles Martel’s religious inspiration.  Nonsense!  He only converted because of his wife and a political deal with Rome.  He had the fire of his Nordic ancestry and a natural inclination of any leader to defeat an invader.

    All religions are ridiculous to me, but Christianity is probably the most ridiculous of all.  But the main problem of it is the problem it poses for whites who wish to survive and an ethnic and racial group.  I don’t believe in Odin any more than any other god, BUT since Asatru makes ancestry an important part of its spirituality and is at heart  has racial and ethnic identity defense as its result, it makes more sense for those who NEED a spiritual connection, and most do.  The Nordic/Celtic traditions of Europe exalt the race, the land and binds both together in a way that makes survival sense even in a practical way, while Christianity makes its entire case on saving your soul from “sin” and removes all connections with your people and even with your native land.


    “So did the Roman Empire. So did the secular Napoleon. The
    same for communism.”

    Sounds like a good come back only to the ignorant.  Here’s why; Empires like the Roman Empire or Napoleon’s do this by doctrine that claims this is its value.  Christianity supposedly wishes to be separate and unconcerned with earthly power and wealth, and so is made an instant hypocrite by its obvious roles in its historical acquisition  of earthly power and wealth through force of arms more often than “the word.”  In the Middle Ages, popes and bishops were the same as Caesars and warlords, with no apology offered.  And since Tzarist Russia used Christianity to justify its right to rule and Christianity conspired with them to continue serfdom (slavery) in Russia into the 20the century (they had been “freed” by Tzar Alexander in 1863, but then were forced to buy the land they had worked for generations, which made them even more poor).  So it is no stretch to say that Christianity and Empire CAUSED the Russian Revolution and the rise of communism.  (But communism was not new to Christianity.  The early Church practiced it and some communist groups like the 17th century “Diggers” in England operated as a communist collective as did St. Francis earlier in Italy).

    ALSO,  The Inquisition began in the 13th century by Dominic Guzman for the purpose of persecuting Cathars during the Abligensian Crusade in Southern France.  It was only institutionalized later by the Church.  I’ve been there and traveled to every town and castle involved including Montsegur.  Look it up.

    It is child’s play to debunk you and anyone on these issues because I
    have spent DECADES studying these histories and issues.  I KNOW MY
    MATERIAL.  I even lived in Europe for a few years and spent my time
    investigating history there.  Keep trying, I’ll shoot you down at every

  • As long as “Formerly Known As” keeps it on the level, his posts will be permitted here.  When he delves into name-calling and vicious attacks, then those posts will be deleted.

    That applies to everyone.

    • Dan:

      Free advice.  Don’t try proselytizing, either with the regular poster in question or in general.  AR is not the place for proselytizing.  You may accuse the poster in question of doing the same for his chosen faith systems, but nothing he has ever written has risen to that level, and I have been a moderator for quite a long time here.

      Even if you try, the poster in question already has his mind made up.  If what he has to say makes you that angry, just skip his posts.  Simple as that.

      I don’t proselytize because my powers of persuasion are below average.  I couldn’t sell an overcoat to an Eskimo.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    A special ed student sued my district a few years ago for NOT properly placing her in a special ed program.  She failed an entire grade in high school and was passed on.

    She won a MASSIVE monetary settlement and turned the special Ed compliance system upside down.  The next superintendent said the district should have fought against the law suit tooth and nail because of all the new compliance issues.

    School districts are looked upon as “deep pockets” by ghetto lawyers hoping to hit the jackpot — and they often do over stupid, ridiculous claims.

    Many of these suits seem to come out of the special Ed unit.