11 Charged After Man Beaten on Near North Side

Chicago Tribune, July 5, 2012

Chicago police arrested 11 young people after one of them beat a man on the Near North Side as the others “egged” him on, authorities said.


According to police they observed a large group of teens causing a disturbance near Chicago Avenue and Dearborn Street, police said. At that time, a 15-year-old boy, punched a 21-year-old man “for no reason as the rest of the teens egged him on,” Chicago Police officials said in a press release.

The man fell to the ground and struck his head and then the group attempted to flee as police began pursuing the group on foot, police said.

The 15-year-old boy was arrested a short time later but tried to resist arrest and struck several police officers with closed fists and kicks, police said.



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  • NM156
  • JohnEngelman

    There was no mention of the race of these “juveniles.” 

    • curri

      We’re now in the Pravda Era in the USSA. 

      • JohnEngelman

        Race is a social construct, remember? If you disagree you are a racist, and liberals will try to destroy your career. 

    • The__Bobster

      Oh, it’s there. Learn the code, man. 😉

    • sarah stein

       If they don’t mention the race, it’s always black. 

  • Anytime a city reaches its black/brown threshold it quickly descends into Detroit

    • NM156

      White population in Chicago has increased dramatically in the past two decades. The city is a corporate, financial, and advertising giant, whose young professionals have no desire to commute from suburbia and to give up the benefits of city living. In fact, gentrification has been pushing out minorities, and the whites in the so-called Bungalow Belt haven’t been moving anywhere. Comparing Chicago to Detroit is like comparing NYC to Newark.


        And how did the cynical, evil, greedy politicians increase White presence in Chicago?

        By moving tens of thousands of dangerous getto Africans out of Chicago and into the surrounding collar suburbs, and most egregiously into the down-state “farm communities. 

        Now, my formerly peaceful and safe Midwest small town is packed with Chicago-Africans.  Drive-bys, gangs, drugs, beat-downs of Whites, and murders have increased substantially.

        To make sure the Contagion does not return to Chicago, the evil politicians tore town Cabrini Green and the other “Projects” where they had prevously quarentined the Africans.  

        Yes, Chicago IS slightly nicer, but the evil Chicago politicians have ruined much of the rest of Illinois.   Our parks and trails, our buses and city streets are all now dangerous places.  Our schools are now filled with dysfunctional “F” students.   A substantial portion of our town’s meger budget now must go toward “community centers”, outreach, mentoring programs, un-wed mothers, and extra policing in certain areas of town. 

      • sarah stein

         Chicago police have lost control of the city.  Professionals will find it difficult to unload their Gold Coast condos as they already can’t go out without the good possibility of being beaten into a coma. I would never go to Chicago and care enough about my family to not allow them to go either. I am the average person, so if I avoid Chicago, many others will also.  You can’t compare Chicago with Detroit now, but you will.  As Chris Rock would say “Grand opening, grand closing”.

  • NM156

    Their faces may have been blurred because they are mostly minors. CPD put an end to the flash mobs at the beaches last year, but they won’t be able to much if these mobs are roaming at large and attacking at random.

    • The__Bobster

      Bullsquat. The MSM do it even when minors aren’t involved. Color, not age, is what matters to them.

      But when minors commit crimes such as this one, why should we protect them at all?

  • NM156

    Still many nice, safe neighborhoods in Chicago. I don’t lock my door at night. If an incursion by criminals did occur in my home, an unlikely event, they would be met with a flash and a bang, followed by a tunnel, the end of which has dead relatives waiting for them. Getting away from minorities completely would require a move to elite suburbs or the hideous exurbs. To hell with the latter. I’ll deal with small risk.

  • Staying with the Fourth theme, if Washington had some of the Continental Army put to death after deciding they would go their own way, disobey the rules, orders and such, I just wonder what Washington’s advice would be to us now. You know, in handling the “youths”.

  • The__Bobster

    Two Yoofs Play Knockout Game on One of Their Own

    http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/201…wn-restaurant/Victim Speaks After Violent Attack Inside Germantown RestaurantJuly 2, 2012 11:00 PMBy Jericka Duncan and Todd QuinonesPHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police are searching for two suspects who were caught on tape violently attacking and robbing an elderly man inside a restaurant late last week.The attack happened at about 5:30 p.m. on June 29th inside First Wok restaurant located on W. Chelten Avenue in the city’s Germantown section.The video shows the 72-year-old male victim, who we are not identifying, enter the store and approach the counter to pick-up his order.

  • Maximillian Heidenreich

    Just 11, huh? A Glock 21 (.45 ACP) has 13 in the clip and 1 in the chamber. That leaves 3 extra, just in case. Of course then you need to be ready to be Zimmerman’s cell mate….

    • Kurt Plummer


      Of course then you need to be ready to be Zimmerman’s cell mate….

      No or at least not for very long (in some states it’s illegal to record covertly).

      Buy a miniature CCD camera that can attach to the brim of a cap or under a shirt collar and records to an IPod type belt device.

      Modify your contact drill to include a loud: “BACK AWAY LAST WARNING!”

      And then dare the jury not to wonder what -they- would have done when the first one of the yellow eyed, pink mouthed, snarling ‘youth’ gets large in your camera before growing a starburst in his/her forehead.

      The likelihood is high that you will only need to put down one or three before survival instinct kicks in as beat-feet.

      The problem with all of this of course is that the ‘game’ of KOK is at least 70% stalk.  You hit them from behind or from surround.  And hence the victim has no means of seeing it coming.

      At which point the 4-Stupids rules apply:

      Don’t go There.
      Don’t associate with Them.
      Don’t be out when They are.
      Don’t go anywhere Alone.

      It’s the last which will ultimately end up changing things.  Because when women, who presently form an untouchable 48% of non-conformists have to have male escorts and guns all around them to prevent someone -trying- something, they will suddenly realize that there has to be a sea change to preserve their freedom.

      America is about to become like The West Bank in the 1980s where every Israeli measured the safety of the street by how many fellow Jews were ‘walking their Uzis’, single point slung over their back.

      The problem being that Israelis have what amounts to ethnic gun control laws.  We don’t.