Why Blacks Tweet More than Whites

Kristin Tilltoson, Star Tribune, June 26, 2012

The latest Pew Research report on Twitter use found that 28 percent of African-American adult Internet users tweet, compared with only 9 percent of whites. What’s up with that?

In contrast to Facebook, which was overwhelmingly white early on, Twitter has been dominated by black users since it was launched. As funny guy Baratunde Thurston, author of “How to Be Black,” pointed out two years ago when he was political editor at the Onion, Twitter’s top trending topics are often dominated by black culture, with hashtags like #YouAintHittinItRight, #blackis and #blackaint.

“Certain hours of the day, you will find Twitter is quite black,” he said.

Part of the reason is what sociologist Walt Jacobs calls “the digital divide” that saw blacks preferring mobile devices over laptops or PCs. {snip} Another theory trotted out by earlier research is that blacks are more interested in celebrity and entertainment news, which are big drivers of Twitter traffic (critics found that conclusion racist).



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  • Jerrybear

    I never understood the appeal of twitter and could care less what stupid celebrities are doing every minute of everyday and what their useless opinions are.  Seems perfect for blacks.  

    • Rocky Bass,

       Doesn’t it?

    • skjellyfetti

      a fellow deadhead! I guess we are everywhere

      • Jerrybear

        LOL. It’s certainly rare to meet DeadHeads in this forum but racial realists do still listen to their music Americana. Good to see other heads who don’t follow the stereotypical hippie mentality.

        • Bob

          the greatful dead were actually just greatful capitalists
          pushing a hippie mentality while making a fortune off of usefull idiots while shooting heroin on a hourly basis
          doesn’t get more american that that!

      • pcmustgo

        me too

  • slobotnavitch

    Umm, being almost through my seventh decade I don’t even know what tweeting is.  But if it’s popular among blacks it must be simple and easy to understand.

    • Its messages of 140 spaces or less, room for everything they can think of in an hour.

      • dukem1

         The first thing I thought when I saw the headline was the 140 character thing…it’s just too easy to make 1000 jokes about…
        My actual opinion on this is that no one, of any race, creed, etc..,  that calls themselves a Man would ever do anything that could be described as tweeting or twittering..
        Nope…Never…Not a MAN..

    • Church_of_Jed

      The short messages and abbreviations and symbols are suited for their feral ebonics brains.

  • “Certain hours of the day, you will find Twitter is quite black,” he said.

    That’s the good thing about Twitter:  You don’t have to “find” anything you’re not looking for.  By “certain hours of the day,” they mean the middle of the night.

    Blacks tweet more than whites for the same reason they talk more than whites.

    •  Making noise validates their existence.  It gets them the attention they crave.

      •  That should be a reminder.  If you have a Twitter account, make sure you “tweet” all of AR’s stories using the Twitter button in the row of social media buttons between the end of the article and the start of the comments.  I do every day, and I find that a lot of my followers retweet various articles, and hopefully new eyeballs will see them and become AR regulars.

      • Yes, blacks are impulsive talkers. Twitter is the perfect on-line vehicle for people who can’t shut up and have nothing of substance to say.  

    • But dont they have to get up for work?

      •  If they do, it’s only because their job is stamping out license plates.  Speaking of which, there’s a website called Charleston Thug Life, devoting to exposing the mostly black inmates who illegally have social networking accounts for they have contraband smartphones.

  • mikejones91

    So blacks care about celebrities more? Translation–They are interested in things that really don’t matter.–

  • Blacks have to validate their existence by putting their inane banalities on twitter. They think it makes them look important. It’s all part of the show off, look at me, attention seeking behavior.

    • mikejones91

      You said it all. I do that sometimes. Like a social experiment. Just peruse twitter and facebook and laugh at the black ego. They make “banners” for themselves. Like a celebrity poster type thing. I came across a “black musicians” page on Twitter the other day. btw ( a black musician is really just someone who knows how to use a computer to make sounds) Anyways–He says “I make beats and I am very good at it. I make music people NEED to hear”. Yes, people NEED to hear this mans music. I could go on for days….Years…Decades…

  • sgmpalm

    I also notice that smart cell phone ownership correlates with race. And in correlation to their population numbers, Blacks have the most smart phones, then Hispanics, and then Whites. From what I’ve seen in person, Blacks enjoy conversing about gossip and senseless subjects, and make and receive calls and texts in inordinate amounts. Simply spend time at any major airport terminal to observe.
    IQ is like a river. The more shallow, the more noise.

    • Spend any time in any public place to observe!  Just standing in line at the supermarket, you’ll see Blacks loudly jiving away on their phones, oblivious to how obnoxious or crass they sound. They’ll continue their annoyingly loud babbling, completely ignoring the cashier, and usually becomming frustrated because they’re so busy on their phone they wind up putting in the wrong PIN for their Food Stamp card.

  • Detroit_WASP

    It’s because….

    1.  Whites are too busy sweating to be tweeting.  Making a living burns up a lot of your day. 
    2.  It’s easier to tweet while standing in line at the welfare office than when building a house, welding a pipe, or writing code for a website. 
    3.  Even if blacks are working, they are working for the government and goofing off, and can’t get fired, so why not tweet?  Security guards can tweet non-stop.
    4.  Mobile divices are a status symbol like designer sunglasses, so they love to flash them in public, even if it means they could be shot and killed for them by a fellow brother.  Sad but true.
    5.  Blacks are more verbal.   Look at Michael Eric Dyson, he can talk for 20 minutes without taking a breath…..and say NOTHING of any substance or even make sense. 

    Michael Eric Dyson quote (paraphrasing):

    “The pontification of the situation is an abomination as it relates to Jim Crowe assimilation sensibilities in the modern era….if you will, my brotha.”  


  • You would think blacks would not be interested in technology since they come Africa, it’s just mud huts.

    But Blacks are into gadgets like mobile phones, it’s a bling bling thing to them. If it’s shiny or silver or gold, they like it.

    The psychology behind this is blacks have low self esteem, they equate material wealth to their own self worth. That’s why blacks buy a gold painted car, a gold watch, cover themselves in bling bling . It’s to show to other black people that I’m important, so pay attention to what I have to say.

    But whites just look at them with contempt and disdain and think ” Pimp.”

    Black soccer player driving gold painted car.


    • Fakeemail

       There is something uniquely obnoxius about a minorities on cell phones, isn’t there?  Not to say that I enjoy the white loud mouths yakking away in the gym, either.

      • mikejones91

        I find this rule only applies to blacks. Hispanics tend to be more private with their phone calls. When I was in Community College there was a strict no cell phone policy while in the library, obviously. Again, obviously, the black NEVER followed this rule. I have gotten in countless debates with black women who REFUSED to listen. Hispanics on the other hand, usually choose to step outside and call them back. This really gives you a look inside the mind of a black person. They are getting a call on their cell phone. In their mind, they KNOW they shouldn’t answer it, but that rarely stops them from doing anything, regardless of what it is. They could answer it and be rude to everyone else in the room, or walk outside and call them back. Demonstrating their poor foresight/impulse control. “Someone is calling, I NEED TO ANSWER THIS!”.

        • Bob

          it’s not just that
          it’s also their sociopathic/psychopathic urge to disobey social rules
          if they aren’t forced to do something they won’t do it
          there is no negotiating with a sociopath
          they take the “no cell phone rule” as a direct ASSAULT on THEMSELVES
          they ignore the fact that everyone has to obey
          it comes from their selfish nature
          their mind processes rules as a challenge and assault on their rights
          what do they do when “assaulted”
          flight or fright
          they either attack or if the threat is too overwhelming they run
          in a non physical conflict they either obey the rules but usually do it in a passive aggressive manner (ie put the phone away after another minute of talking) or they just don’t listen until it’s time for punishment
          note the subjects ego is in full control of their actions
          there is no “id” to confront the ego or super ego from going out of control
          they rarely have an inner conscience telling them “NO”
          that is why they murder rape steal destroy everything in their path
          there is no conscience to tell them to stop

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse


      If this link works, it should A) sum it all up & B) make you laugh.

      • Luis

        First , there was “blackface”. Now, there’s “blackvoice”. I didn’t think it was funny – just my opinion – because Bantu speakng voices in white cartoon characters, seemed unseemly.

  • IKantunderstand

    I mean, come on, the explanation is so obvious! Since you only get 144 characters to make your point, you can abbreviate words you don’t know how to spell anyway! It’s perfect for semi-illiterates!  

  • Biff_Maliboo

    What else do they have to do?

  • Blacks always ALWAYS have a mobile phone glued to their earhole when shuffling and ambling down the street or on the bus. It’s strange since they only have a 5 word vocabulary. 
    Yo, Bro, Wasssup, etc etc….

    • mikejones91

      You forgot—Bitches/White girl (which is growing trend in rap music. Making some vulgar line about partying with white girls). Club/Money/Dub/Booty. 

      • Bob

        african american culture in a nutshell

  • sarah stein

    They’re arranging flash attack mobs for beat whitey night, polar bear hunting and the knockout game. 

  •  Sometimes they’re one and the same.  A lot of mahogany mobs are organized on social networking.  In fact, this could be the angle used to make these mahogany mobs Federal crimes, something along the lines of using an interstate communications network to organized a crime of mob violence.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Yeah but that would require a “just” justice dept.

      • arjay

         And, of course, it would be selectively enforced against White men only.

  • Why are there more Black twitter users than White twitter users?  Well to be someone who “tweets” you have to be a pretty self absorbed piece of human excrement.  Black people think they are double plus cool and thus feel the need to let everyone else know how double plus cool they are.  Me I get double plus cool by sipping on a fine single malt scotch and letting the cool sea air blow through my windows in the evening.  

    • Bob

      it’s true
      just look at tampon martins twitter feed
      it shows what a sub human piece of filth he was
      “i din do nuffins”

  • KingKenton

    My wife has a theory that Blacks prefer mobile devices over PCs and laptops because they are easier to run away with (and run with, too!).

  • mikejones91

    I was on public transportation just the other day when this black man struck up a friendly convo with me.  I make eye contact with him for about a second and he says “check this out”. Pulls his new phone of the box. Starts telling me specs/what it can do/what it costs. I imagine this encounter greatly boosted his ego. Showing off his new toy to the white man. haha. The broke ass white man riding the bus! 

    •  You should probably be fortunate that you’re a man.  If you were a woman, he would have pulled something different out.  That kind of thing is a pasttime in North St. Louis.

      • Bob

        yes if mike jones were a woman he would of been forcefully invited to the “man’s” house then never seen again

    • Shawn_thefemale

       At that point I say “I’m not even a little bit  interested” and turn around.

  • Rocky Bass,

     Yeah, they are posting the photo’s and video’s of their last raid into whiteopias. WSHH.com anyone?

  • An alternate theory is that blacks are sociopath by nature and feel obligated to tell the world what they are thinking. This also explains why they are the predominate participants on TV shows like Maury Povich, Cheaters,  and the various court shows. they know no shame, they feel no embarrassment and they love to see themselves on TV.

  • If you read the book The Global Bell Curve you will understand that a black adult with an 85 IQ is not disabled like a white person with 85IQ would be but more like a 13yo white child in the body of an adult. The 70IQ pure blooded blacks from africa like an 11yo white child in the body of an adult.

  • How do you think they got the smart phones in the first place

  • Alucard

    Simple people are the ones tweeting so much. I wasn’t surprised by the race.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    The celebrity thing makes sense. Any reason derided as racist is probably accurate. Moreover, Twitter lends itself to the sort of short, obnoxious, exclamatory “shout-out” style of remarks of which blacks are so fond.

    Or perhaps it’s just that most blacks can fit their entire vocabuary into 140 character spaces with ease.

  • Why are blacks more fond of using Twitter?

    They’re impulsive, ‘talkative’, and superficial. Twitter is the perfect format for blacks on-line.

  • MekongDelta69

    How about “Tw*ts”?! (That would be the first letter of the alphabet for our secret black spy readers, who are slow to comprehend what asterisks are used for.)

    • Bob

      they probably attempt to spy then lose their attention span in mere minutes

  • “Certain hours of the day, you will find Twitter is quite black,” he said.
    Let me guess… during hours when most people are a work?

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Or asleep because we have jobs in the morning.

  • Orion_Blue

    It looks like the Kindle/iPad divide.

    Kindles are for reading serious books in an understated, non-flamboyant manner. IPads on the other hand, seem to emphasise ‘bling’, vicarious social status, etc.

    You are less likely to get mugged for your Kindle than for your iPad. These things are just status symbols and are rarely used to their full potential.

  • HenryHolliday

    Bottom line…they can’t shut up.  Their mouths are in overdrive and their brains rarely shift out of  neutral. All these electronic gadgets just make them worse. Does anyone remember the TV commercial from decades ago for “Mr. Microphone”?   The first time I saw it I thought it was a comedy skit. I always wondered if someone blew up the factory and killed the patent holder, it wasn’t around very long, thank goodness. Can’t say the same for all the ghetto blaster boom boxes they used to carry on their shoulders like a parrot.

    • NM156

      “Hey good lookin’, I’ll be back to pick you up later!”

  • HenryHolliday

    Oh no, that’s one of the few things they can multitask on.

  • I have never cared for Twitter myself, it seems like a bunch of bread-and-circus type stuff, celebrity gossip, etc, basically low-brow uncultured garbage.  And that’s why it’s perfect for Blacks!

    • Bob

      ive tried the website and your correct
      it’s pretty much a place for retards to congregate and read things like this

      kim kardashian
      omg just “worked out”  my ass is on fire
      just got my nails done and got tanned
      met kanye at taco bell had sex in bathroom

      for every celebrity it’s just rinse and repeat
      twitter is a form of anti culture

  •  “If you want to hide something from a Black, put it in a book”.

    •  Yeah you never see these blacks in

      • capitalist

        I second that.  I love libraries.  They’re like cathedrals to me.  The computers at my local library have ruined the experience for me.  If the library is open, every computer is taken up by a black doing something non-intellectual (Facebook, games, etc.).  And they talk like they are at a carnival.  Every public library in my town is no longer a quiet place.

    • Bob

      that’s what i used to do with my weed when i still hung around those savages
      and low and behold they never did find it
      didn’t stop them from pilfering my video game closet when i wasn’t home

  • Celebrities. That’s what I’ve seen on Black forums. They’re obsessed with them.

    • Bob

      their obsessed with their tribal leaders

  •   What a bore that Facebook is. And the guy who invented it is a billionaire! And also that fat school bus monitor woman who was picked on by young punks received over 650.000 dollars from dumbhead people who felt sorry for her. Life just isn’t fair.

    • Bob

      he didn’t invent he stole it then claimed it for The Tribe ™

  •  It must be a status thing with these blacks, just like having a white woman on your arm. Status makes them feel important when your not working and being an idler. These people don’t deserve any welfare at all. Whites have been paying reparations for a long time now. It’s time they started working.

  • There is a lot of twitter hate going on here.  I like twitter.  It was invented by a white man, Jack Dorsey of St. Louis Missouri as a way of facilitating taxicabs and delivery services.  

    Saying that Twitter is for morons because it is popular with blacks, is like saying that guns are for morons because blacks fire them 28% of the time.  Gotcha now,  don’t I?  (-:

    • Guns are for morons when in Blacks’ hands. Anyone heard of Black snipers ? They’re deficient in spatial orientation.
      Btw- ALL obsession over gadgets like cell phones, IPhones, TV etc. is moronic. More than 80-90% of cell phone talk is redundant & absolutely useless.

      • It was Alexander Pope, the ultimate white man, perhaps, who said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”  Being able to say things compactly is difficult and requires ingenuity. See also, the Four Word Film Review website. http://www.fwfr.com/

      • More than 80-90% of cell phone talk is redundant & absolutely useless.

        Sturgeon’s Law.  90% of everything is crud.

        • Bob

          that’s because 90 percent of the population is practically intellectual waste that just goes through the motions in order to satisfy themselves at rare occasions
          nothing more nothing less
          these people just live for pleasure

          •  That’s a good example of Sturgeon’s Law.

            But I think it applies to everything, including my posts to AR, and my own blog posts. 

      • ed91

         exactly, look at all the women with a cell phone stuck to their ear constantly.

    • MekongDelta69

      The point of the article was NOT who invented it.

      It’s WHO uses it and WHY.

      [Btw, a very intelligent white male (Friedhelm Hillebrand) originally invented SMS (Short Messaging Service (aka text messages)) in 1985, but unfortunately (for him), didn’t patent it, or else he would have been just as rich as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.]

  • mikejones91

    Do you have a facebook? A lot of Hispanics/Mostly blacks though do this thing called subacritions. They start a page where they basically post “one liners” used by other people. Yes, plagiarizer. Things like “If your a girl who’s looking at this. You are beautiful. Yes, you”. Its pathetically Unoriginal. Funny, at the same time. The worthless cliche things they say. Heres an example— https://www.facebook.com/TuOjosBonithoO

    • Bob

      ive seen plenty of retarded whites do the same thing
      facebook is an assault on intelligence and healthy social behavior
      i would assume twitter is the same thing but less intelligent/complicated

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Blacks seem to have a very distorted view of just how important they are to others and that people actually give a flip about what they’re doing every minute of every government-supported day. The fact that twitter’s usage is most commonly abbreviated and/or misspelled versions of real words

  • MekongDelta69

    In today’s news:
    (and more than 2.2 million ppl. follow this lunatic)

    Need anyone say mo’?! (And doesn’t Spike look quite the black hipster?) *facepalm*

    •  Jared Taylor 196, Mike Tyson 2.2 million, come on guys we can do better. Actually it’s a great vehicle to get the word out.    https://twitter.com/jartaylorhttps://twitter.com/roblukeash

      •  Yours truly (@countenanceblog) has 350.  Jared Taylor needs more followers, in fact, way more many followers, than one of the people who posts regularly at his site.  For him to have far less than Mike Tyson — Well, that bites.

  • blindsticks

    The ‘Twitterati’  also seems  to be full  of  white, self loathing  do gooders  of the kind  always ready to report on something  of ‘ white racist incidents’  .Like the John Terry thing in England. 

    • Bob

      yea if anything getting involved in anything mainstream will just hurt the movement
      any attempt we make to inform the populace will be taken as a threat to humanity reported devalued lied about and thrown into the waste basket that is the common perception

  • Detroit_WASP

    “i gots ta call my chilrens and make sure some white man ain’t opressin’ em.” 

  • Bob

    it’s true
    from what i have seen and studied blacks come in 3 basic personality types
    you got 1. low iq psychopath-the murdering raping kind that has the personality of a retarded version of stalin high on cough syrup
    2. the narcissistic type- never stops talking about self, no sense of empathy, selfishness greed and jealousy dominate their lives.
    3. the avoidant type- high iq for negroid pretty much ashamed of their race and their physical appearance. spends entire life on the computer or playing video games and screaming at human’s through the xbox live headset while living with their grandmother their entire life.

  • Bob

    yup low iq retard sociopaths is the norm for blacks
    now obama on the other hand is an average iq narcissistic sociopath
    see how much more dangerous to the human race they are when you bump up their iq by 20 points?

  • Bob

    or what was the last book they read
    it will take them a few minutes but they will refer to some old highschool civil right abomination

  • >I’ve noticed a lot of blacks strutting around with Bluetooth sets in their ears, apparently in an attempt to appear important in the eyes of those around them.  
    That’s exactly what it is.  Unfortunately, for them, it is “So 2005!”.  

    I am in a profession where I have to hug blacks frequently rather than shake hands.  Getting  speared in the temple by a Bluetooth set is a frequent occurrence, plus an awkward social moment.  I need to learn to hug the non-Bluetooth side.

  • Detroit_WASP


    They also love to kill each other for Cartier sunglasses.  I think there have been 6 killed in the last 2 years….for sunglasses.   One was shot last night.  

  • Major

    Blacks use Twitter cause it’s limited to 128 characters and that’s about the limit of english most blacks have a “command” of anyway. Besides…it allows them to ebonize the language that they understand.

  • Jerrybear

    LOL. Grateful Dead fans are also overwhelmingly white. I also really love Dylan. The 60s leftist movement was terrible for our country but they sure had some good music.

  • mikejones91

    Go on ANY celebs facebook and read comments for their pointless pictures/banners. 99% of the comments are from non-whites. Mostly Hispanics/Blacks. Really does illustrate a “funny” picture for ya. For what reason does one have to leave a comment on a picture of Katy Perry? Most of the comments are the people asking her to come to their city/town. Like that’s gonna happen. JAJAJ

  •  I served a little time in prison myself, and your friend is spot on.  If I never hear a black voice for the rest of my life, that’s fine with me.  Did your friend tell you about the dancing?  Yes–DANCING.

    • Leave a group of young blacks of any gender alone for any length of time, and they’ll inevitably start group dancing.  It’s like Africa or something…

      …Because they’re Africans.