White Student Returns $1,000 Scholarship Intended for Black Students

CBS Los Angeles, June 11, 2012

A 17-year-old student at King High School in Riverside has returned a $1,000 scholarship intended for black students because he is white.

Jeffrey Warren and his father Rod returned the scholarship from the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club the night the teen was announced as the winner of the African-American student scholarship, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Jeffrey, who has a 4.25 cumulative grade-point average, applied for 27 scholarships and won three others in addition to the award from the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club, which only specified that African Americans were “encouraged to apply,” the newspaper reported. School counselors were informed that the scholarship was for black students.


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  • Global Minority

    I most certainly would NOT have returned the money. They would have had to sue me for it. Talk about RACISM! Wake up Whitey……….

    • MekongDelta69

      That’s because you’re not a self-loathing, guilt-ridden (for no reason), white leftist. I would’ve kept it too, just to tick them off.

    • Spartan24708

      I agree- I think this young man may have grounds for a lawsuit since the application didn’t say that the scholarship was for blacks only. 

    • JackKrak

      Apparently blacks were “encouraged to apply” in the same sense that women are “encouraged to compete” for the title of Miss Universe

  • Content of your character, not the color of your skin?  Forget about that.

    Race is just a social construct?  Ignore that, too.

    What probably happened is that since this scholarship was feted by a group with “Martin Luther King” in its name (it’s a wonder the King relatives haven’t sued them yet), that they assumed only blacks would apply.  So they made their decision under that assumption, and were shocked to find out that the winner they picked was white.

    •  LOL, they probably thought they had a REAL WINNER!  They probably thought they FINALLY found the FIRST black Einstein!

  • Up to my neck in CA

    A black with a 4.25 GPA…it will never happen! Unless you count just P.E. and feel-good courses.

    • NotListeningAnymore

      That’s so true. The only thing blacks do in class is talk

      1- whoz they gonna hit up fo sum weed

      2- Lebron  James

      3- damn foo mah shooz be 


      • That is NOT true!You forgot 4-Ah wantsa push up on dat lite-skin sista! 5-Mayne (with regard to class)diss iz boolsh*t !

  • I have to wonder if there would be outrage if I were to apply for an recieve one of these “African-American” scholorships.  I was born on the African continent and am thus far more of an “African-American” than I suspect most of those who would normally get such a grant.

    Of course we already know the answer to that one…..

    •  Wouldn’t that make you an “AfriKan” American?  See it’s quite easy to exclude you by playing “lawyer ball.”

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       there is a video on youtube of the 36 year old white guy who got
      attacked in a knockout king attack on saturday in chicagos tourist
      district by mob of  blacks its disturbing and it shows him getting
      bandaged up  if you want to get REALLY MAD and i mean REALLY F…..G
      MAD!!! i urge you to look at it !! STRAP UP WHITE PEOPLE. STRAP UP

    •  Well, honestly, the term “African-American” has a pretty narrow meaning ethnographically. However, whilst the term normally refers to Blacks descended from slaves owned in the United States, it can be expanded for pragmatic reasons (as seen in the case of Obama).

      And yes, I do expect there would be outrage. Blacks and lib. traitors would be very angered.

      • The term is misleading and incorrect in it’s popular usage, which is why I refuse to use it. 
        But it is fun to occasionally “tweek” my more civilized black co-workers by pointing out that I am more of an “African-American” than they are! 😉

  • So, it is of course okay to have a scholarship for white students ONLY.

    Right???  yes??

    • Who needs scholarships when you have white privilege and a trust account?

      • White Privilege is like Jedi powers. I just wave my arm and get whatever I want because of the color of my skin.  

        • All this time I had special powers that were holding the black man down!  I didn’t even know how I was doing it! Then I discovered that it had to be Jedi like powers!  Now I really use them as much as possible to be the most powerful privileged white man on earth. 

  • haroldcrews

    Anti-white discrimination or any form for that matter is less objectionable to me than hypocrisy.  The former is only natural and understandable.  The latter however is utterly contemptible.

  • I guess the scholorship committe was hired on affirmative action if they had been too stupid to give a black scholorship to a black.

  • “… only specified that African Americans were “encouraged to apply…”

    They couldn’t very well SAY up front that this scholarship was ONLY for blacks could they?

    Hence the obfuscation.

  • So this is really what MLK stood for, racism against White Americans.

    •  Not racism, “leveling the playing field.”  Another one of my favorites is, “Its our turn at bat.”  To which I always reply, Damn it looks like the opposing pitcher is throwing a NO HITTER!

      • Right…”leveling the playing field” it is!

  • The__Bobster

    which only specified that African Americans were “encouraged to apply….

    I know better than to answer want ads that say that.

    Okay, I once filled out a job application using the name Roosevelt Juarez Washington after I was quickly ushered out of a job interview when the personnel manager saw my skin color.

    Why would he think I was a Bantu? It must’ve been my Anglo Saxon name and the fact that I lived in a ghetto. Filling out the fake application using a large, first grader pencil was my revenge when they reposted the ad with that clause that made it be known that they did not want anyone like me applying.


      Okay, that got a belly-laugh out of me…

      You didn’t, really?

      You did, didn’t you…

      That’s friggin’ hilarious!

      • The__Bobster

        Oh yeah, I did. 😉

        I got tired of being an honor student who couldn’t find a job because he was AA. (AA used to mean an all-American type.)

    • Spartan24708

      Great one! 

  • I hope there are more stories like this, so perhaps White Americans will awaken from their multiculturalism and diversity stupor. Everything minorities do is done with their best collective racial interests at heart. Whites had better take notice and start to do the same.

    • Church_of_Jed

      The point of the story is that Whites who get $1000 are supposed to feel bad for getting $1000 worth of more White privilege.   His returning the money was akin to “atoning for the sins go segregation by holding ourselves accountable to the beloved community of color for our unearned White privilege”.

      He will be the White Diversity Hero at his college and be given all sorts of benefits, grants, stipends, leadership positions, etc., because he has proven that he’s willing “to do the right thing” and surrender White privilege when he’s supposed to.  Result- more White privilege, because he gave $1000 back to the blacks.

      It’s all a scam and Whites who play it, play it for profit.

  • What about the George Washington Senior Citizens Club that specifies that only “European Americans” are encouraged to apply?  Oh ok, they’re telling me that would be racist and that my white privilege covers the cost of my education.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Everybody is supposed to know that “encouraged to apply” is code for Blacks Only.  We’ve seen it on job notices, and sure enough, blacks get the jobs because they are supposed to, and because qualified Whites never apply, but they don’t sue either, i.e. another WHITEY FAIL.

  • NotListeningAnymore

    I would take the money. These days, nice (white) guys finish

    • White guys are not even allowed to enter the race, much less finish the race! The race is now reserved for diversity only…..

  • Southern__Hoosier

    Lets see if I understand this. He has a 4.25 cumulative grade-point average. He applies for 27 scholarships. He is awarded 3. One of them is  race based and he is the wrong race. Since Jeffrey Warren is neither, Asian, Black or Jewish, he is the wrong race to be apply for scholarships and college anyway.

    • Well he would be fine if he was gay or woman. 

      • Southern__Hoosier

        I guess he could send a picture of himself in speeedos, blowing a kiss toward the camera next time he applies.

  • I wouldn’t have returned it.  I’da showed up and when someone questioned me, I’d say, I earned it!

    As for blacks only being “encouraged to apply”, I for one would like to see ALL White People to literally, flood Congress (phone, fax, e-mail, mail) for as long as it takes, to do away with all non-white set-asides.  If White People can’t even have a Country Club (it is illegal to be all-white), I’ll be damned if non-whites are gonna have anything either.  Help me y’all.  Let’s set on a date to start the bombardment.

    • get a list of congress members for each state along with their e-mail, phone #, and mailing address. Send it all on (or near) the 4th of July so when they get back from holiday their mailbox is overflowing.

      • That’s funny, Fourth of July is EXACTLY the Date I had in mind.

        I’m gonna call Amren and ask them if I can post that information the week of and on a separate article/thread.  There’s several hundred (Congressmen) so a separate area for a list would be easier for people to deal with.  Same order as NumbersUSA has it.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    EXCERPT … police said a man from the 49ers group came up and punched Martin.
    One of Martin’s friends wrote on a Facebook page dedicated to finding
    the attackers that “a guy came up from nowhere and struck him on the
    side of his head. Steve fell to the ground hitting his head on the

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    the case of the rape of the 4 year old girl in texas THE RAPIST WAS AN ILLEGAL MEXICAN  michael savage just reported this otherwise i would not have known. big case google it her father killed him.

    • The__Bobster

      Just as I suspected. It’s part of their culture, just like drunken driving.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Sounds like daddy Rod is doing a great job indoctrinating son Jeffrey into the white guilt club.  Hence, my disagreement with all those who bark out, “the answer is more white births!” No, we need more SENSIBLE whites, not more whites. It’s whites who have  hijacked the U.S.A. and are dolling it out as if it were rations.

  • I am sure that if a black had received an award of a thousand dollars that he could “technically” keep, but because it was slated to go to a blind school for seeing eye dogs, he would still keep the money.  Thats the way the greedy bloodsuckers are.