Vid Thugs Beat on Bx. Teen

Helen Freund, NY Post, June 7, 2012

A 14-year-old boy was attacked by three thugs while waiting for an elevator in his Bronx apartment building—and one heartless punk recorded the beating on a cellphone, cops said yesterday.


They punch him and throw him to the ground, kicking him as he lies helplessly. Then the third suspect jumps in and repeatedly stomps on the boy while the other two flee.



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  • Francis Galton

    Is that a White person being attacked?  If not, then I frankly don’t care.  Sorry, but I just can’t feel sorry for these people anymore.  Most of the black “victims” of these types of attacks are attacked for a reason; this particular individual probably got on someone’s bad side (ghetto Love Dodecahedron, muscling in on someone’s drug turf, etc.), and that was all she wrote.

    • The__Bobster

      No, they got one of their own. When a White victim isn’t available, a pack of them will attack a smaller Bantu.

      • Look at the kid’s hands, he’s white.

        • Detroit_WASP

          He didn’t fight back, so he is very likely white. Sad but true.

        • The__Bobster

          That’s his sleeve, not his hand. Remember this happened in high-rise ghetto housing. How many White kids do you find there?

          • Detroit_WASP

            The victim is probably the child of a 400 pound white woman and a black guy, giving him a light complexion.  

          • El_Magyar

            Isn’t that the truth. I used to live in a relatively large city and saw plenty of 400 lb white trash tubs of lard with skinny, unemployed Black guys. Disgusting on both sides.

    • The kid is white, or perhaps asian; look at his hands.

  • The ONLY way any white person should go into such VILE black infested hoods is heavily armed – and prepared to do anything necessary for your safety.

    Anybody else is just another of the ten thousand stories of “white beaten by GANG OF BLACKS”
    on amren.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    dont have link yet

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       so far i know: baltimore prosecutor bernstein reviewed the store video of 40 blacks robbing 7-11 2 weeks ago and beating the owner and stated that no charges will be filed on any of the “students” seen in the video. trying to find the link

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

        • xxxtonygunsxxx

           blacks robbing a baltimore city 711 a few weeks ago using what looks like a tec 9 or a mac 10 i never even heard this on the news i found it looking up the mob robbery MAC 10S!!!!!!

        • xxxtonygunsxxx

           revise my post just at a glance looks could be a tec 9 im not sure but will look again later either way why was this not on the news in baltimore if people are using sub machine guns to rob local stores? seems kind of terroristic to me but i guess since they are black we owe it to them to just IGNORE IT

  • RockyBass

    They blotched out the face so completely, it had to be a white victim. Had it been another black they would have only blocked enough to not be able to name him.

    • Pause it at :23,  look at the hands. Looks like the vic is white to me too.

  • Detroit_WASP

    He had to get dem jim shoze!

    Like animals in a cage. 

    AGAIN, it’s a good thing the victim didn’t have a legally owned and carried gun, like George Zimmerman.  Otherwise, he’d likely be facing murder and hate crime charges like…. George Zimmerman! 

  • splitsing

    I bet the same video on World Star Hip Hop gets “much love.”

    I figure it’s a virtue of my White upbringing, but I was taught that there was nothing more cowardly than to fight more than one-on-one.  Must be a “cultural” difference between White and the inferior bantus.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      Makes sense. A culture of cowardice, comprised of cowards, will engage in cowardly behavior unfathomable by their betters.

  • IKantunderstand

    Umm, I don’t know the color of the victm by this video. But, since this is Amren, I figure the victim must be White. Otherwise, why put this story here? We already know how violent blacks are toward other blacks. Yawn. Savages. Who cares? 

  • ageofknowledge

    They will do a lot of damage to everyday good people throughout the course of their lives. Eventually, when they have wreaked enough suffering and damage on society while going in and out of jail, they will be incarcerated for most of the rest of their life. It’s a script that plays out over and over and over again all day long all over the country.

  • KingKenton

    I have noticed something in these videos of Whites being attacked by minorities (usually blacks) that is very disturbing. And that is the fact that these young White boys / men most usually offer no resistance at all. They simply allow themselves to be beat on. No one expects you to beat three on one odds but for crying out loud, try and defend yourself. You might even be surprised what happens if you connect with a couple of your punches (like your attackers running away). I think it’s time as White men / parents that we start mentoring our young men on how to defend themselves. As someone who has spent some time in a gym let me just cut to the chase and tell you what works. These fighting styles will help you defend yourself in real world situations… Boxing, Muay-Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Western style wresting. Any thing else is pretty much a waste of time. If you try and bring a lot of “karate” styles to a fight your just going to get yourself hurt. While I am big fan of being a good striker (Boxing, Muay-Thai), it is good to know how to fight on the ground also (a lot of people in street fights take it to the ground). Some combination of the above is a good way to go. Of course you can bring a .45 to the fight, that works real well too. Of course, that has it’s set of issues you have to deal with (ask Zimmerman). Choice is yours, but at least do something to defend yourself.

    • ageofknowledge

      You must understand King that most of them are being raised by modern liberal single mothers. They don’t even have a proper mental construct of what it is to be a man much less worked to become one. I hate to say it but statistics show this is the pool most of the homosexuals come from. Boys were meant to be mentored by good fathers to become men. They appear to have a very difficult time arriving at the proper destination all by themselves.

      • El_Magyar

        This I agree with. Young males raised without fathers is a recipe for disaster. Either they end up being wild punks or sissies. The male parent is the steadying force that guides. That is of course if the father takes responsibility and is a member of a functioning family unit.

    • Fighting back is a good idea,  but my observations have been they have to have the victim outnumbered.   Also I missed when it became common to kick someone in the face and head.  When I was young we would have never thought of that.  black eye,  bloody nose,  after school, next day playing ball together.  Savages will bring down civilization.

    • sarah stein

      You’re going to the hospital, at least take one to the hospital with you.  A kick to the knee with a good hyperextension will accomplish this.  Chances are his screaming and writhing in pain like a little bitch will cause the others to back off. 

    • El_Magyar

      I was jumped coming out of the bar once by a punk I was beating at pool. The whole thing just made me so angry. I was angry at the punk for jumping me like a sissy. At first he got me on the ground and punched me a few times. Then, the anger and disgust took over and I was on top of him beating the hell out of him until he started crying and carrying on. I let him up and he ran.

      I am not a tough guy, but I have always been athletic and in good shape. If three guys jumped me, I am sure I would lose. But they would wish they had picked an easier target.

  • IstvanIN

    Many whites support these black on white crimes.  They must.  Our President and his consort certainly do.  If he does, and they support him, they must.  How else do you explain the Obama 2012 bumper stickers on their cars?  I even saw an elderly, over 60, white man with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker!

    The ultimate enemy is us.

  • I am so blessed to live far away from these feral groids.  Some days, I don’t even see a single one.  

  • Can you imagine the horror this poor White kid has to endure on a daily basis living in such a place ,surrounded by these violent pavement apes? If there is a hell on earth, he cannot be too far from it.

  • IstvanIN

    Or they will point out how they know a nice one or how they are not all like that.

  • Johnny Reb

    What’s the lifespan of a 14-year old today, in the 80s?  That means this kid will have 70 more years to live with this memory.   Assuming he will now say the n-word at least ten times a day for the rest of his life, that’s 250,000 times he will refer to blacks by the most appropriate term a video like this deserves . . .

  • NotListeningAnymore

    So this lady talks about how hard it was to grow up in a
    safe white suburb then says how lucky her kids are to grow up in a ghetto
    wonderland! The other kids may be interested in her kids red hair now but that’s
    because they’re two year olds. Having blond hair and being around blacks is
    already bad enough because you stick out. Also the whiter you are the more they
    hate you. Maybe these dumb people will think differently when their kids come
    home without any teeth!

    • ageofknowledge

      Here in California, during the 80s, we had ample opportunity to watch what happens to white kids as they become minorities in their own neighborhoods after non-whites move in enmasse and setup their gangs.

      What we saw can only be described as a dichotomy. The few remaining white kids were terribly picked on and assaulted with regularity but also forced to join the non-white gangs. Yes, many did lose their teeth as their own “homies” beat them out of their mouths over made-up drama.

      In other words, beating the white kids was the safety valve that helped alleviate inter-gang rivalry and interrelationship problems amongst non-whites. If a non-white gang member stole something or said something negative about another non-white gang member the “solution” was simply to blame it on one of the white kids who would take the beating for it.

      Sadly, these white kid’s loyalties were to these non-white gangs. They were brainwashed punching bags.

      That’s what this lady has to look forward to and she’s too stupid to realize it. 

      • NotListeningAnymore

        Thats why i carry a ka-bar. I have a family member who was an
        army ranger who gave it to me and he taught me how to use it.

  • The__Bobster

    I always carried a ring of sharpened keys to put between my fingers.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Dude, buy a GUN, save the keys for your locks.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    9 BLACKS killed CLOSE TO 50 BLACKS  shot BUT  chief says CRIME IS DOWN!!!!! CHICAGO
    EXPLANATION: 75 average iq

  • Kurt Plummer

    Four Stupids Rule-

    If you cannot avoid the stupid people and places where stupid people congregate, you have already lost.

    Fight winning is 90% fight avoidance.

    If you are looking to win a deliberate confrontation then you need to do what the blacks are doing. 

    Which is ambush assassination in groups.  To ensure victory because if the fight is clearly important enough to win there can be no concept of ‘cheating’.

    The failure to comprehend this basic ‘if it’s worth doing, don’t -try-.’ reality of combat is what is destroying us.  As a function of why we need a separate homeland as secession (read ‘divorce’) from a defunct Union that no longer serves our interests.

    You cannot sustain a condition of constant (Cooper Code) ‘Orange or Red’ state high alert.  You will go insane.

    Yet Orange or Red is the only level of implied, immediate, ready violent response that blacks respond to.  Usually negatively as a challenge to their own dominance of their ‘travelling space’.

    And like any predator, they will -study you- to find the moments when your alert status slips.

    From studies of soldiers, only 2% of white society has the killer instinct to initiate proactive violence.  That’s two men out of 100 on Omaha beach ‘who really liked being there!’.

    We should not pretend to a higher level of combat capable psychologies among civilians if it simply isn’t true.  We need to return to what it is that being white is about:  Success as the leading species of inventors, explorers, business people, artists, scientists and engineers that this world has produce.

    We can only do that if we live apart from the madness of the lesser races of man.

  • foomeetoo

    Dont TELL me blacks arent superior. I watch TV. Look at the NBA. Look at the NFL. You think they wouldnt hire better skilled WHITES if they could do the job. They want to WIN.  All my heros are blacks – Michael Jordan, Emmett Smith, all the great sports players are BLACKS. I love black people i want my daughter to date these HIGH EARNING millionaire blacks like Kim Kardashian and that  model who dates Seal

    • No_Sheep

      They are intellectually inferior to whites and Asians. 

  • sarah stein

     Most of them are on the down low which is why they fight in packs like little bitches.

  • El_Magyar

    My sentiments exactly, Francis. When these idiots fight with eachother, I couldn’t care less. Frankly, I would round them all up, toss them in the Superdome with 8 pairs of Air Jordans on the 50 yard line and arm them all with guns and provide gallons of liquor.

  • El_Magyar

    Ah yes, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Great book. Bought a copy when I was 10 years old.

  • El_Magyar

    I think you are right, Anonymous. Most White people just don’t understand the magnitude of the problem that Black people present. Its difficult, and sad, to think that a race of people are inherently savage and all but a few have the mental capabilities to function and contribute in a civilized society. You want to believe that it is different.

    I used to live in a large city where Blacks were everywhere. Baggy pants, corn-rows, stupid gawdy cars with lots of bass, unintelligible speech, etc. Then, I moved to a very nice White middle-class community with good schools, gainfully employed people, a nice, thriving downtown, etc. Now, when I go back into the city and see Blacks acting like they do all too often, I am disgusted with them. Utterly disgusted. Its like you become desensitized to them or you start to believe they are victims, etc. They aren’t victims. They are predatory animals that seem to lack a civilized, industrious bone in their body. Granted, there is a minority of Blacks that function very well in proper society. However, the majority of them are all but worthless.