Sex Scandal Rocks Texas Air Force Base; Allegations Lead to Charges Against 4 Instructors

Paul J. Weber, Washington Post, June 25, 2012

From a chapel pulpit on Lackland Air Force Base, where every American airman reports for basic training, Col. Glenn Palmer delivered his first order to nearly 600 recruits seated in the pews: If you’re sexually harassed or assaulted, tell someone.


What the colonel did not mention directly in his recent address was a widening sex scandal that has rocked the base, one of the nation’s busiest military training centers. Allegations that male instructors had sex with, and in one case raped, female trainees have led to criminal charges against four men. Charges against others are possible.

The most serious accusations surround an Air Force staff sergeant scheduled to face a court-martial in July on charges that include rape and multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault. The other three defendants were charged with lesser crimes ranging from sexual misconduct to adultery. All of the defendants were assigned to turn raw recruits into airmen in eight weeks of basic training.


Yet there are signs the Air Force still doesn’t have a handle on the full depth of the problem. Staff Sgt. Peter Vega-Maldonado pleaded guilty earlier this month to having sex with a female trainee and struck a plea deal for 90 days’ confinement. Then he acknowledged being involved with a total of 10 trainees—a number previously unknown to investigators.

Peter Vega-Maldonado


Lackland has about 475 instructors for the nearly 36,000 airmen who will graduate this year. {snip}

Palmer said that a slight shortage in instructors has not lowered the standards for applicants. {snip}


The first sexual misconduct allegations at Lackland surfaced a year ago against Staff Sgt. Luis Walker, who is charged with 28 counts.

Luis Walker

Walker, the only instructor who has been accused of sexually assaulting another airman, faces life in prison if convicted. {snip}



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  • I find it amusing that adultery is still illegal in the military.  How quaint and judeo-christian.  But homosexuality is “just fine”.  I wonder what they would do with homosexual adultery?  Wonder when they will do away with the rule against adultery and stop discriminating against “Adulterating-Americans”, who are “just like you and me in every respect except whom they choose to love.”?

    • I W

      The ruling against adultery actually makes sense if you consider it from a standpoint of oath taking and oath breaking. If you are willing to cheat on your wife, how trustworthy are you with classified documents? If you are willing to break your marriage vows for a piece of tail, how seriously do you take your oath to defend the Constitution? Seriously enough to lay down your life?

      Like it said, it only makes sense from that standpoint, and I am sure that is why the ruling remains in the UCMJ. But, in the next few years, I am sure it will be removed or ignored for the reasons you gave.
      -True Blue

      • Mentious

         Plus besides, if we’re degenerates there would be nothing worth fighting for and nothing worth defending so the military would have no reason to exist.

    • Vengador

      If my daughter were in the military, I’d be more comfortable with her being in the midst of gay servicemen that I would with her being one of a few White women in a platoon or company of mostly Black males. Thank God I never had to deal with that scenario.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    (i pasted this twice hope you dont mind i thought it was important )
    someone help please? about 4 days ago on 1010 wolb out of Baltimore the
    channel of al sharpton two hosts a female black and a male black were
    disrespecting the memory of agent BRYAN TERRY killed by weapons involved
    in fast and furious. the female stated (not exact quote but close)
    “that white guy that was killed…. whatever his name was…” in a very
    derogatory tone. it actually made me sick. they were discussing the  f
    and f scandal and made this statement. they could not remember TERRY’S
    name and inferred  it did not matter that he was killed he was white. if
    you can forward these sentiments to some police groups or veteran
    groups boarder patrol police etc i would appreciate it. i guess i could
    try to get transcripts but have not looked into it. but i KNOW WHAT I

    Edit Reply

    • Up to my neck in CA

      They are not Americans, just Africans in America. They have no loyality to this country and you can thank (in part) our schools who constantly blame all the worlds problem on the White man who constantly feed into their victimhood.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    here’s a question for the left. doesn’t calling o’vomit “black” discriminate against mulattoes? doesn’t that disrespect and hurt the feelings of mulattoes. what if a mulatto wanted to be president?!?! we need affirmative action for mulattoes. i demand!!! to have the first mulatto president. i must be a racist for wanting that. what about an albino? are they black? so if you are 50 percent black and 50 percent white you are by default black?  the “new” biology. is James Watson aware of this new biology? it seems to me blacks and whites are discriminating against mulattoes. i don’t think its fair that a mulatto is not allowed to be president. that’s racist.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Walk on any military base and you see White female soldiers carrying ugly mulatto mongrel babies around.  We’ll never win another war on the ground.  Drones will do the fighting, because voodoo hordes of our soldiers will be stationed in your neighborhood to monitor hate speech.

    • Epiminondas

      It will all come apart long before then.  I hope.

      • Yep, once the government can’t pay these clowns their money, it’s over

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I used to do contract work for the military in the early nineties, and it was nauseating to see how widespread that was 20 years ago.  A visit to the local AF base in the Ramstein area for the July 4th festivities last year made my earlier observations pale in comparison.  We won’t be going back.  Especially when I remember those leering yellow eyes basically raping my beautiful, blond wife.  As a Russian, she loathes blacks even more than I (if that’s possible).

  • Yeah, the Air Force and Navy enlisted ranks where the non-white rear echelon reside collecting a government check and basking in the “hero” spotlight all the while safe  in the knowledge that their rear ends aren’t on the lines like a white marine or white infantrymen’s life is on the line 

    • Robert, all branches of the service are filled with REMF minorites, but that doesn’t mean the whole Navy is REMF. I saw more action on a Navy PBR in 67-69 in Vietnam than you ever dreamed of so watch your mouth.

  • Even the military is being destroyed by “diversity.” In only a few years time the truth will be so glowing and obvious that no sane person can ignore it. I don’t know how it’s all going to go down, but I do know that it will happen within the next decade.

  • Oh, it gets better. Meanwhile, the Air Force just promoted its first female four star general in history! Yay! She was in the graduating class that first allowed women. Not ONE man in the Air Force was able to outperform her?

    • Paulie Walnuts

      I know this is “so not right” as the kids say today but she kinda looks like a guy with Donald Trump’s hair. If I had seen her picture minus the caption and the article, I wouldn’t have immediately recognized her as a woman.
      Why is there never a female General who looks like Jane Seymour?  Y’know Ahm just sayin’.

    • Hell, they made this woman a 4star so she could go shopping?  Material command, sheet.

      I wonder what Patton would have thought of this female, after all, she would have outranked him!

  • Kurt Plummer

    Three comments,

    SAN ANTONIO — From a chapel pulpit on Lackland Air Force Base, where every American airman reports for basic training, Col. Glenn Palmer delivered his first order to nearly 600 recruits seated in the pews: If you’re sexually harassed or assaulted, tell someone.
    “My job is to give you a safe, effective training environment,” Palmer said firmly.

    This is an admission of weakness that no leader should ever make.  It is the ol’ man’s job to have a network of eyes and ears -everywhere-.  And if he doesn’t, it’s because he doesn’t have administrative penetration of the female dormitories where I can -guarantee- that this ‘problem’ was discussed long before it was made public.

    Probably with an attitude of rather different from the spite and anger you might expect.

    Leaders of the instructor program, however, said the responsibility falls on the accused.
    “A person sitting in that seat, they’re going to do what they’re going to do when no one is watching,” said Master Sgt. Greg Pendleton, who oversees the training. “That’s across the board. That’s just them. When we’re outside this door or outside these walls, there are individuals that have their own personal values.”

    Which is the exact WRONG thing to say.  When someone breaks or observe a break the code of conduct at an institution like West Point they _cannot_ be a remote observer to the crime and still  be ‘innocent’.

    If you do not report it, YOU are as much a criminal and as eligible for the harshest administrative punishment as the actual perpetrator.  Cheat on a test.  Lie about it when your barracks sergeant asks and YOU BOTH get removed from the program.

    That should be the _zero tolerance_ attitude here.

    Airman Andrea Madison, a new graduate who was in basic training at the height of the investigation at Lackland, said she never felt uncomfortable with her instructors.
    “They want to make sure no foul play is happening, no one is taking advantage of us,” said Madison, of Columbus, Ohio.

    Which is where the female side of this is coming in.  Because when a woman says ‘taking advantage of us’ she is implying that there might be a moment when she could choose to be permissive in her sexual favors so that there is no ‘advantage’ for the male but it is the woman who is active in pursuing the sexual.  That’s just the way their psychology works.  And if you don’t lock it down with the PERMANENT understanding that there will in fact be ZERO fraternization between instructors and studens, you are leaving it up to the women to choose.

    And that is why what has happened took so long to come out and is so seemingly huge in scale.  Because it”s been going on for a long time and someone somewhere finally got their feelings hurt and decided to make it a case of spite-them-all until the full breadth of a sub rosa sexual merrygoround is made obvious to all.

    Again, this is not something that could have occured for more than a few incidents without one woman blabbing to another and/or the consequences of sexual unions becoming obvious in the laundry, the showers or wherever.  Military bases are too hectic and trainee access to their unmonitored areas (with opposed gender an no monitoring) too limited for there to ever be a prolonged relationship where essentially it isn’t known by all and sundry who is getting horizontal with whom.

    As such, I can guarantee you that the wrong population is being punished here.

    Because if the women didn’t want this to happen, it wouldn’t have.

    • This reminds me an awful lot of the problems the Navy now has with women composing about 15% of all personnel.  Only the Airforce has a higher percentage at 20%.  When the stationing of women aboard ships back in the Jimmy Carter “Z” navy, it was almost hilarious to see a ship back in homeport and watch the pregnant “sailors” coming off sea duty. You can’t make up stories like this.

      As I am about to tell my children, the services will not be for them. Neither needs to put themselves at risk with homosexuals now set to climb the ranks of officers in all branches. Besides, they don’t need to have a half blown apart body so some banker can enjoy the latest third-world hole that we have occupied.

  • Kurt Plummer


    I remember two different ‘Love Boat’ incidents…

    U.S.S. Acadia

    CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower

    This in an environment where you are A&E with 4-6,000 other people and it is literally a career breaking infraction for members of either gender to be found in the other’s ‘country’ without escort and public announcement.

    Why is it so hard for people to understand that some women, driven by biology deeper than rational reason, join the service to find ‘their kind of guy’ as a possible mate?

    It certainly can’t be for the money or the ‘white privilege’.

    I’m far from saying that this is entirely the women’s fault.  And I am not saying that women cannot serve with distinction.


    In a military world where perhaps as much as 1/3 to 1/2 of the support and service support roles are now undertaken by females, you have to start taking a really hard look at your male response to the ‘protect the victims!’ vision of the women as being too pure to be responsible for their own position.

    In any well run military unit, there is no innocent party to a breach of fraternization rules.

    You BOTH know you aren’t supposed to be there and you BOTH know that you are _required_ to report it.  Failure to do so makes it _your_ fault, not for being a victim but for being party to a conspiracy to cover it up.

    It then is up to the Captain to make you an example by putting you both before the mast.  One or two broken swords incidents tends to put things in perspective, really quick.

  • Zapp Branigan

    White commanders are now being relieved of duty because of black and brown personnel commiting crimes.
    The  final insanity.

  • Strider73

    When I went through USAF basic at Lackland (1979), male drill
    instructors handled only the male flights and female instructors only
    the female flights. No exceptions. In fact, all of the squadrons in our
    part of the base were 100% male. The only times we even saw any female
    recruits was when we pulled KP, lawn mowing or some other detail
    elsewhere on base. All of the services need to return to that policy

    I also note that USAF basic is no longer six weeks. Back then recruits
    nearing graduation would try to scare the newbies with rumors to that
    effect. (“Hey, did you hear? Basic was just lengthened to eight weeks!”)
    Now the rumor has finally become fact.

    And as others here have noted, failure of a higher-up to report an
    incident like this is as serious a court-martial offense as the original
    incident. It’s called “dereliction of duty” and was drilled into us
    big-time when we reached NCO rank.