The first trailer for Django Unchained doesn’t officially premiere until tonight at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time, but it popped up online this morning, and it keeps popping up, despite the best efforts of the Weinstein Company. So let’s jump to conclusions: It looks like Tarantino’s finally made the pure blaxploitation film that Jackie Brown suggested he might have in him. Specifically, Django—starring Jamie Foxx as a freed slave on what the movie advertisements refer to as a roaring rampage of revenge, Christoph Waltz as his bounty-hunting ally, and Leonardo DiCaprio as, I don’t know, Arliss Loveless from Wild Wild West, maybe?—looks like a Quentified take on ‘70s blaxploitation Westerns, and specifically the sub-sub-subcategory of slave-revolt revenge flicks like The Legend of N***er Charley, and maybe a little bit like Richard Fleischer’s insane 1975 plantation drama Mandingo, which Tarantino has raved about as the last “full-on, gigantic, big-budget exploitation movie” released by a major studio until Showgirls.

{snip} While these movies are totally nuts, profoundly un-PC, and not necessarily, y’know, good, they’re by definition important, because they rewired primal American movie myths around black heroes, and frequently aired truths about the bloody legacy of racism in this country that mainstream Westerns didn’t touch, something we can assume Quentin Tarantino figured out around age 14 in a grindhouse theater that smelled like spilled Mad Dog. {snip}

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  • haroldcrews

    The people associated with this film need to become box office poison.

    • Celestial_Time

       Almost the entire film industry needs to be considered poison.

      • seek

        I see a new movie a week and I’m still a race realist.  So what?  Anyone can cherry-pick a handful of movies they’ve never seen and make all kinds of brash and absurd generalizations.  

        BTW, I’ve seen all of Tarantino’s flicks, from “Reservoir Dogs” to “Kill Bill, Vols. I and II.”  The guy is a hyperactive nut and a genius.  I take the bad with the good.  

        • StivD

          He’s an acquired taste. Not everyone will understand how he does things.

        • The__Bobster

          Just about every movie has a bit of PC poison in it. Some have a heaping helping.


        • I W

          I will reserve the title ‘genius’ for Mozart, thank you; you can keep your white-hating purveyor of propagandist pig filth. Odds are, this kind of trash will only play a short time before even communist-China owned AMC gives it the boot.
          Oh, and not much of a ‘realist’ if you willingly fund this kind of anti-white hate-fueled propaganda…
          -True Blue

          • NM156

            No, I think the martial arts scene at the beginning of Kill Bill II is directorial genius.

          • If the city of Hollywood were at the center of a nuclear detonation, and turned into molten glass, I’d say– “hey that’s a shame,” and continue eating my sandwich


          • I DID like the part where the broad plucked out the eye of the other broad. I did not SEE that one coming.

          • Lou

             Agreed …

        •  No doubt he is good at his craft.

          But the relevant question here is how many extra white victims of black violent  hatred, enhanced and stirred up by the movie will happen.

          Dozens? Hundreds?

          Even back in the 70s there were reports of blacks going berserk after watching the “Roots” TV series, and  attacking whites for racist revenge.

      • That’s it in a nutshell.  If you pay $10 or $12 or whatever the current going rate is to be spoonfed Hollywood crap, you need to consider where that money goes, and in whose pocket it finally ends up. Folks like Lucas, and DeNiro, Michael Moore, etc. Even if you don’t see their films, the profits from the ones you do see enable the studios to produce  films like The Blind Side and The Help, and to underwrite guys like Tyler Perry.  I wouldn’t consider spending my hard earned money to support the lifestyle of the degenerates of the film industry. For the same reason, I don’t watch negro sports.

        • THIS! ^

          Hear hear, Mr. Smith!

          I haven’t seen a real go-to-the-theater-and-buy-overpriced-popcorn movie in years… I can’t remember the last one I saw in a theater.

          However, I do remember the last DVD I spent money on:  The Grey.

          Sort of a dark movie, and Liam Neeson is more of an anti-hero, but it’s a good story about having the will to live, the never-say-die drive that keeps all white men of Quality going when all is lost and hopeless.

          • mikejones91

            I wanna see that really bad.

          • Lou

             Mike it’s an excellent film..  Buy it ,you will NOT be disappointed …

        • mikejones91

          I don’t watch black sports either, but I do watch films. 

      • Frosty_The_White_Man

        Covington’s novel “The Brigade” features a delightful scene of poetic justice for Hollywood.

  • A black man in a western movie ? that’s a bit like seeing an Eskimo in the desert. It’s just plain wrong, isn’t it ?

    • Celestial_Time

      If black people and their enablers didn’t have outright lies and distortions at their disposal, would they even be able to make that many movies?

  • StivD

    It’s hard to know how Tarantino means for this to come across. He does things so ironically and deliberately over the top.  I don’t think he usually cares about sending a message as much as making a film edgy. 

    I’m a cautious fan of his. Love Reservoir Dogs, for one.

    • mikejones91

      good point. IT still doesn’t sit right. 

    • ricpic

      I think Tarantino’s made a mistake. It’s one thing to go see his “violence porn,” to quote an earlier comment on this thread. It’s quite another to put down money to see kill whitey violence porn. Given the mood of the country this film is going to tank. It may open strong, based on Tarantino’s reputation, but word of mouth will kill it.

    • Kurt Plummer

      For every ‘edgy’ film that extorts a false truth, two normal, low budget, for-whites heroic stories fail to get greenlighted.  ‘Purely for financial reasons’.

      The only thing to like about this (given the ROW regard for black entertainment is even lower than our own) is the certainty that if Hollyweird keeps selling itself shy of a profit margin (anyone can move money around, profit is something else…) they will lose all preeminence as film makers.

      About the same time as everyone finally writes off The United States.

      There is already a massive filmmaking complex being put together by one entrepreneur in China where links like set rentals and extras are nearly free, simply that you come to China and use his people.

  • mikejones91

    There goes my respect for my Italian brother…Dick.

  • I never cared for overhyped Tarantino. His films are immature, stylized trash without mental or emotional content- comics posing as movies. One of the great living American directors is Terrence Mallick, and maybe other 2-4 could be found somewhere around.

    • StivD

       ‘comics posing as movies’
      In other words, a good way to relax and have fun, occasionally. 

      • There are good & worthless comics. Of course, I’m talking from my cultural background & taste- not trying to convince anyone about anything.

        Good or great comics were (not in chronological order) Charlie Brown, Wizard of Id, Corto Maltese, Rip Kirby (old style), Modesty Blaise, Lucky Luke,..

        Absurd or boring- virtually all superheroes, Flash Gordon, ..

        • StivD

          I’m not taking issue with your opinions, no problem.  I am more than likely more fond of some pop. culture than others here.  I even have a somewhat extensive comic book collection, lol.

          But, I also agree that popular culture today has become very, very low and disgusting. It’s showing up in everything. 

          • I won’t spend a penny of fiat money on comic books… spend worthless paper to get worse-than-worthless paper… a lose/lose.

            I prefer to spend my money on things like: the farm, ammunition in bulk, pre-64 silver coins, food, lamp oil, hand tools…

            Stuff that can make a difference when it matters…

          • StivD

            I prefer to live a life and enjoy it too.

          • StivD,

            You are assuming that I ‘hide’ from the world… I suspect my remarks stung a bit, and for that I apologize.  I can be a snob sometimes.

            Me and my family do not “hide”.  We enjoy life as much as we can, but with an eye on the future.  I think “Adapting” means a lot more than what you think it does… one of the whites in my life I call ‘friend’ was in the former Yugoslavia when we foolishly started the bombing campaign back in the late 90’s..  His town was surrounded completely.  No way in, no way out.  His town was shelled by artillery every day, sometimes at random, sometimes they would announce what blocks they were going to destroy via radio in the mornings.

            He adapted too.  Lived like a damn animal for a year, only moving at night, scratching in the dirt and collapsed buildings for resources, stripping the dead of whatever he could, ducking snipers and mines…

            He told me that if he had a chance to do it over, he would do exactly what I am doing now BEFORE Bad Things happen…

            We just have different priorities, is all.

            I intend me and mine to see better days after the Bad Things are over with… comic books don’t figure very high in my list of stuff to obtain before it’s too late.

            But, good luck to you…

          • StivD

            Most of the collection of  books and various other things I have are from my teens-early twenties. I don’t often hunt down comic books or other popular culture recreation any longer. I haven’t wanted to see a film in a while either, as another example.. 

            I have other priorities that take precedence too. The most important one is finding myself a place to live in a very rural area. I would even like to convince as many of my brothers and sister, mother to do the same.  I know all about preparing a better life and literally moving into better position; to find people with a few more similarities to me, if nothing else.  I have a mind to the future, but I won’t dwell too long on gloom and doom or attempt to prepare for every possible scenario. It’s not worth it.

    • seek

      Hey, I’m a huge Terence Malick fan.  “Badlands,” “Days of Heaven,” “The Thin Red Line,” “The New World” and “The Tree of Life” — every one, a masterpiece.  The point is that every filmmaker has his own thematic stylistic and emotive range.  They become identified with it.  

      Quentin Tarantino has his creative zone.  His message is “take it or leave it– this is who I am.”  There are better filmmakers around, but I gotta hand it to him:  When it comes to taking cheesy, low-budget, Roger Corman-style flicks of old and reinventing them, he has few peers. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    We don’t want to be vicitms of racial violence, but there are some Whites whom we wouldn’t dare protect when the war starts.  

    43% of Whites voted for Obama, which means that 4 out of 10 of us are eligible for voodoo sacrifice.

    • Reverend,

      It’s like I said to a critic awhile back:  I prefer to focus on Triage now, rather than saving the Republic.  Save who and what we can, while we can.

  • Celestial_Time

    I get as much mental stimulation from a Tarantino movie as I do eating a soggy rice cake.

  • I can all but guarantee that some black person will murder some white person as a consequence of this movie.

  • What???
    makes an actual movie about how blacks

    Tarantino is evil.  I now almost believe he’s queer with a preference for black men.

    • StivD

      Having at one time Mira Sorvino as a girlfriend exempts him from ever being considered ‘queer. He had my salute for that one.

      • That means absolutely nothing in Hollywood. Rock Hudson was every teenage girl’s moist dream, years ago. As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise”! 

        • StivD

          But, I don’t think Rock Hudson ever had a female significant other either. 

  •  He has no shame.  The Columbine shooters were debating who they wanted to direct the movie about their lives before they did what they did, and they floated Tarantino as one of the possibilities.  If I were QT, I would be monumentally embarrassed that I would have never shown my face in public again.

  • Actually blacks landed on the Moon first. As this documentary proves, titled ” The old negro space program.”

    • mikejones91

      The top comment on the video is ”
      I think this video paints a picture… or illustrates, if you will… what colored people… or… people of color, if I may… are capable or able to do… as it were.” I’m about to make youtube account simply so I can ask “please explain, in detail, what exactly is holding coloreds back”. I.Q is an acceptable answer.

      • robinbishop34

        I’m about to make youtube account simply so I can ask “please explain, in detail, what exactly is holding coloreds back”.

        This is a good idea. I hope everyone who regularly posts here takes some time to comment on sites like youTube, CNN, MSNBC, etc and challenge the thoughts de jour from all the Sally soccer moms and ditzy coeds who get their tenuous understanding of history, politics, crime, race, etc from Hollywood and academia.

        • mikejones91

          Yeah, I actually tried to “promote” this idea on stormfront/vanguard forums. They got pretty hostile. I, like you, realize it goes without saying that spreading “OUR” message to a mainstream audience in the BEST way to get OUR ideas planted. Propaganda 101. Is propaganda the right word? I am not sure. Can there be factual propaganda. Labeled propaganda because it doesn’t conform to PC norms?

  • Gloves off, Tarantino is essentially a wigger.

  • Mr. Tarantino has created a niche for himself by turning grade-B exploitation films into what some people believe is high art. 

    His films should be considered slaughter porn.


    • Up to my neck in CA

      With “High” being the key word, as in damn I’m so high put on Pulp Fiction.

  • Mahound

    The Weinstein company hey?

  • mikejones91

    I think film is better than ever, actually. Just depends on what you choose to watch. I watched “Drive” last night, with Ryan Gosling It was a really good film. Although, the main female character has a Mexican boyfriend (better than black). But she eventually falls for Ryan Gosling 

    • StivD

      I think there are still some good Independent films.

  • Not so. In past 2 + decades great films have been made by Kieslowski, Holland, Hirschbiegel,  Kiarostami, Mallick (who made great frescoes & meditative visual speculations patches of preposterous editing couldn’t undo- in a way, he’s a Melville to all other US directors who are Dean Howellses or, max, Stephen Cranes of the movies).

    Most Oscar movies in past 10-20 yrs are, of course, not something truly memorable. True, some are good, but not great.

  • StivD

    Most blacks in South Side won’t see a movie made by a white man. No matter the… subject matter. Some blacks at one time thought QT was racist because he often includes the dreaded word in his movies.

    • NM156

      South Side Blacks are unaware of just about everything except for sex and food. Their daily lives revolve around finding resources for those two things. Quentin Tarantino movies rank somewhere around polo matches on their list of interests.

    • Friend, this is just silly! Of COURSE they’ll see a movie made by Y-T. It al depends on the subject matter.  Blacks are REPELLED by any intellectual/artistic  pretensions displayed in a movie,beyond the simple ideas that may crop up in a black romance movie,i.e. we goss to make da fambly shtrong” etc. They like it shtraight-up! How couild those black Wayans brothers so effectively parody popular movies like “Scream” without seing them…over and over?

      • StivD

        The Wayans screened the movies so they could make a parody that appeals to a black audience. It’s the same thing with remakes of whites movies done in a black style. They like to do some of our stuff their way by other blacks. That’s what they like the most. They don’t want to watch most films done by whites unless they are very broad, and made for the lowest of the mass audience, like a Michael Bay movie, etc.

  • I KNEW this one would bring out the alarm bells.  Just like Inglorious Basterds, this movie is a JOKE!  A JOKE on the liberal PC garbage fest that is the United States.  Tarantino is way too smart for Hollywood.  He knew the Jews would be too busy reveling in the FICTIONAL slaughter of Nazis to understand that they were being made fun of and satirized!  Imagine, “the world’s most historically oppressed ethnicity” turning into psychotic blood fueled maniacs at the sight of Nazi’s being killed by other Jews.  Also, watch a Tarantino movie sometime and note how many times he drops an N-bomb or makes some callous remark about blacks.  This is the exact same scenario.  The self-hating white liberals and the ENTIRE BLACK AND JEWISH community will love this movie, not realizing that the joke is on them.  Tarantino laughs, “ha ha ha look at you stupid morons PAYING me too see this junk!  You actually WORSHIP this garbage” laughs Tarantino!

    • You’re overestimating the guy. He is just intelligent enough to exploit Jewish fantasies about revenge on Nazis (and Germans). But- no satire, no nuanced subversion. His films are “as is”- no depth of concealed meanings, let alone ironic subversion.
      He’s all surface & that’s it.

      •  There is actually quite a lot of subversion in many of Tarantino’s films, but it takes a keen eye to spot it. One example is “Inglorious Bastards”, where the Nazi’s are portrayed as urbane, charismatic, sophisticated, classy, and overall likable, and the Jews are vile, dirty, despicable and sadistic killers lacking personality or charm.

         I’m not claiming Tarantino as pro-white, I do think he is a post-modern liberal, but if he was really going to make a movie that lives up to it’s billing as a Jewish revenge flick, the Jewish characters would have been likable. I suspect a guy with Tarantino’s experience knew exactly what he was doing, purposely playing both sides.   

        • Nah, Nazis are “sexy” in all movies. They got style with uniforms & all that …

      •  I did notice that you mentioned Terrence Malick and I agree he is one of the best.  “The Thin Red Line” is visual poetry.  I also REALLY LIKE Ridley Scott.  I think he is the best ever.

    • StivD

      He isn’t mainstream Hollywood compared to a Lucas, Spielberg, and he doesn’t churn out the same toxic agenda crud as others. 

      Actually, even Spielberg wasn’t as much ‘Spielbergian’ as he is now. And Lucas is a tremendous disappointment to me now. I thought he was an eccentric recluse with no real interest in the H.Wood mindset, but the older some of them get….

  • StivD

    Whites should never do things with the thought in mind of how blacks will react.  Nobody should go out of their way to calm blacks down or keep them calm. Because that’s exactly what they want.

  •  You mean like “Death Wish”

    • The__Bobster

      If they remade it today, the races would be reversed.

    • Lou

      Yeah but , in Death wish,  Paul Kersey made it known that he was  a ” bleeding heart liberal”  He said those exact words in the film when questioned by his son in law.. You know the double standards we have.
      Him being a bleeding heart liberal makes Death wish an ok film with the anti white crowd..
      Besides, I think most of the villains and his victims were white except for his last. Anyway, that’s the way I see the film.

  • Dan

    Hopefully this film will do as well as “Red tails” or Tarantino’s last train wreck “grindhouse.”

    • Heh… You mean “Red FAILS”…

      Edit: I heard that the Red Fails, in real life, were on the verge of being disbanded after one ‘mission’ by a special session of Congress. The reason? Craven fear in the face of the enemy.

  • Johnny Reb

    Quentin Tarrantino has mastered the art of pushing the darkest buttons in the white man’s soul.  But I think this time he bet wrong.   Exactly who does he think is going to rush to the theater at Christmas to watch this garbage?

    Either Obama is out of office and whites are so relieved to have gotten rid of the  Negro In Charge that there’s no way they want to see a “black hero” film . . . or Obama is still in office . . . in which case there’s POSITIVELY no way whites want to see a “black hero” film.

    I have to say, however, that the opening scenes of the trailer sure did make me smile . . .

  • splitsing

    I hope this breaks the Red tails loss record.

    • Celestial_Time

       There was a movie called Red Tails?

  • Celestial_Time

     Hey, black people can do everything that White people can do.

    Sure, it won’t get done on time, it will more than likely fall apart, it’ll need to be fixed by White guys, and it might not be accurate or truthful or hold up under scrutiny, but they can sure as heck do it.

    You racist!

  • Choose other friends.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I think Tarantino looks like an alien.  One of the strangest looking humans I have ever seen.

  • I W

    Mr. Smith should go to Washington….

    In fact wasn’t his full name (in Mr. Smith goes to Washington)
    Jefferson Davis Smith?

  • NM156

    “Where the white women at?” xD

    • mikejones91

      Don’t you worry about that. I am sure there will be some beautiful white woman who cannot resist Jamie Fox (A dirty slave).

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Assisted by an Ashkenazi, don’t forget.  Someone had to have the brains.

  • ageofknowledge

    More non-white racist hate whitey exploitation. It’s pure fiction nonsense.

  • at the end of that movie, the cocky black “he’s the best damn pilot in the fleet,” and the jewish computer genius smoke a cigar together and walk to the celebration for their applause for saving the Earth. Oy vey. mutha f*&$^&s!

  • regkeane

    I urge all here to ensure you pay no money to watch this movie.

  • I’d add one neglected thing- nothing to do with Tarantino’s political and other views: great directors in history, 10-15 best of them, from Eisenstein and Bresson to Kurosawa, Godard and Welles and Tarkovsky.. were avant-guarde artists who deeply pondered the language of films, their personal visions of film’s potential of expression etc. These men were very educated in visual arts, religion, history,  literature, classical music, philosophy, psychology etc. It is well known that Kurosawa was deeply influenced by Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Van Gogh,.. In short, these people very strongly influenced by the highest culture – visual, literary & musical.

    And Tarantino ?

    His education-professional- is, AFAIK, a very limited & is, mostly, what is sometimes called “high trash”. Anime, pulp fiction, comics, cult B movies,… True, even the greatest directors enjoyed low-brow culture (why not ?), but it was not the material anything permanent could be made of.

  • mikejones91

    I bet you Jamie Fox is going be one of those intellectual slaves. Even though they were slaves, they made time for higher learning.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    I can’t wait to watch this for a number of reasons.  A culture is maintained, destroyed, or created by its arts…and other vast reaching social institutions such as our education system, and personally I don’t watch tv and choose movies carefully since most are really stupid and designed to appeal to an audience with severe mental limitations not the least of which is ADD.

    Noticed the scenery sometimes looked like Arkansas/Kansas…read the book Cloudsplitter by Russell Banks as he gets into the head of a particular kind of white man who will, along with his family and others, choose to slaughter white pro slavers prior to the Civil War (but after Nat Turner) demonstrate their pathology of blood lust and the philosophy of white skin privilege denounciation…it is a very well written book by a writer committed to the completion of the destruction of the concept of Westernn Civilization.

    This is a perfect example of propaganda for the modern white liberal (and the rest of the unsuspecting fools who might actually be able to read) lwho believes he and his kind alone know what is best for the people of the world…who believes in a one world order without nationhood and boarders. The book is full of historical truths and manipulation of events and situations to recreate and revise history for a particular agenda.

    It is based upon true historical events in American history and John Brown is restored from madman to Saint…it is an inspiration to all potential terrorists as it is meant to be.

    It could be called a gluide to the “intellectual revolutionary soldier”.

    I do not think Banks is a fine writer…in fact I don’t think he is a good writer, but he is an effective propagandist…wonder how much support he gets from Bill Ayers and his crowd… some things must be known.

    The clip from the above movie might have been inspired by the book on a number of levels…then again that is just the way I see it at the moment.

    Certainly do not buy the book…get it at the library…one of the oldest and most radical leftist institutions of which certain Americans can boast…he who controls the availability of books controls the content of society’s collective* mind*.

    You will never find a copy of anything by JT in a library…unless

  • Sheila Dinehart

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions before I see the movie but it could very well be an important vehicle for the moulding of minds as most movies are intended outside of sheer intertainment such as Titanic.

    Has anyone ever read the 1948 House On UnAmerican Activities deposition/transcript of Ayn Rand on Hollywood propaganda?

  • seek

    I’m not so sure.  In Neal Jordan’s “The Brave One” (2007), Jodie Foster’s character, a female equivalent of Charles Bronson’s “Death Wish” character, she puts some serious lead into a pair of hate-filled black thugs trying to terrorize her on a New York subway car. 

    • StivD

      That was a good movie.

      The only drawback in it was that the cop that helped her so much was a black guy, Terrence Malik, I think, and he appeared to have the hots for her. At least they never got together. There had to be a noble black dude somewhere. 

      But she showed the killers of her boyfriend no mercy, or anybody else for that matter.

  • mikejones91

    Yeah, I love him lol. HE doesn’t look Jewish at all, that’s odd. Not that you can always tell. I met this dude yesterday who I thought was Nordic, turns out he was from Israel.

  • mikejones91

    Exactly! Yet, they will get offended if a white refers to another white as “WE”/”US”/”MY PEOPLE”.

  • of course the Klan was formed to protect whites from the savage attacks of blacketty-blacks. (Unintended poetry) But theyre still bad…

  • Did you think Rihanna was good in “Battleship”?

  • It would be called No. 1 at the box office,too.If done right it would be a huge hit.

  • I assume you are referencing Cuba Gooding Jr as the first (and probably the last)Navy deep-sea diver. What a cliche-filled piee of excrement THAT movie was.  The court-room scene where Cuba struggles (shtruggles?) to his feet as the newly won-over Y-T’s look on admiringly,was laughable.  I assume that one flopped like “Red Fails”. Cuba(married to white woman,not his OWN) was much better as the crack black helicopter pilot ferrying Dustin Hoffman(married to a white woman,not HIS OWN(jewish woman)) around in that disease movie. He is a very weird charcter as he always plays these supa-negro achievers. Its like he is a black guy–for whites.

  • Tarantino’s last film was anti-German exploitation.  Seems like he’s moving right down the list of easy PC targets for dismemberment, blood and gore.

  • robinbishop34

    I was young when it came out, but one of my favorite movies is ‘Sixteen Candles.’

  • AlbertSwearengen

    I guarantee you that blacks and white liberals will find a reason to call this movie racist.

  • Arabs are punks, but Nazis got STYLE.

  • Werner Klemperer and John Banner, who played Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz were both Red Sea Pedestrians, I believe.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Jamie Fox is a White hating racist pro-black!!

  • StivD

    If the movie isn’t quite ghetto enough it won’t appeal to them for long.

  • Villly

    Wow, I can´t remember ever seeing a movie this-… I can´t even begin to describe how bad it is.

  • John McNeill

     Jews are not 43% of the white vote.

  • Wow! I gotta see that flick, reminds me of those pics I saw as a kid in the Islands.

  •  I think Jewish voters are only 2% of all voters.  I have personally estimated that swingable Jewish voters are only one half of one percent of the national electorate, the rest have their minds made up no matter what and most of those will vote Democrat-Left and the rest vote Republican-neocon.

  • Agreed, Welles is the best. Others have one or two masterpieces, but Welles has got an oeuvre, so to speak.

    • 100% agree on Welles.  And The Magnificent Ambersons is a hidden paleo magnum opus.  You need to watch Wells’s movies down to the bitter end, not just the early “hits”,including the masterful F for Fake.  I sometimes wonder if Welles kept his Lefty views to the end.

  •  Survivor:  Bedford-Stuyvesant

    “This fall on CBS.”

    (I can dream, can’t I?)

  • StivD

    Quentin Tarantino isn’t anti-white or interested in ‘genocide’  He is neither pro or anti-white. He doesn’t concern himself with much beyond film and is obsessed with it… There are people who live lives that have no concern in them for the things you hold dear. People won’t follow your rigid dictates to make you feel comfortable. That’s the way the world works. 

    You make yourself look like a maniac when you post the things like this and in the way you did.

  • johnham23

    bringing the whole family to see this on Christmas day. let’s kill some redneck crackers! 

  • resourcebasedeconomy4all

    Tarantino is brilliant, the message is powerful. It reminds us of the violent racist past played out at the hands of white men… rationalized by some long lost shot down theory that suggests blacks are inferior, DeCaprio’s part brings forth the almost retarded phrenology which was the justification for slavery, colonization, and continued racial oppression, just look at our mass incarceration numbers. The actual facts are that this country was founded by white slaveowners and that is our legacy and unfortunately even the germans can admit they messed up with the holocaust, can’t we just admit we screwed up too, and whites have been like a tornado roaring through the lives in the areas of the global south…then actually stop, then moreso…help rebuild. I understand how you all justify your racist thinking, its primarily because we have a lack, we have limited resources and a belief that “in order for me to have, someone must have not” so we develop intricate systems of lies to justify why some deserve and some do not. the truth is we all deserve. Every living human being deserves everything the non-working rich have….we have built our wealth on the backs of brown people and continue to. I hate to inform you, but unless you admitted we, as americans, have and continue to violate the lives of people across the globe, terrible things will come to pass and unfortunately I guess I’ll get killed in the process, because I look just like you all. I think Django is a call to consciousness, just admit we screwed up and rebuilding is not over…OR … get rid of money…we all … as a society can decide to live in the homes we build, make food with our agricultural resources, provide water, create systems of mass transit and provide access to everything for all living beings, and have tons of time left over to actually enjoy life…. and by the way “question diversity” last time I checked it was mostly white men doing the mass killing. white men in office, white men CEO katrillionaires, some white men….many white men, are poor, have been overworked, overburdened, ripped off. for sure, so of course you will hate. I get it. your hate only harms, and you are looking backward, not forward.