N.J. Muslim Group Sues NYPD to Stop Routine Spying

John Miller, CBS, June 6, 2012

A Muslim legal rights group is going to federal court Wednesday in New Jersey, claiming New York City’s police department has violated the civil rights of innocent Muslims.

Earlier this year, the NYPD was criticized for a surveillance program targeting universities and mosques in several states.


The NYPD says it’s just doing its job, and doing it legally, but the group of New Jersey Muslims charges that the NYPD gathered secret files on Muslims, not because they were suspected of any crime, but simply because of their religion.

Abdul Kareem Muhammad is the imam of a mosque in Newark.

His mosque, like every other mosque in Newark, was listed in a secret NYPD intelligence report.


He says he was “certainly” surprised that the New York police were involved. “We were surprised that this was going on, period,” Muhammad says.

So were the imams of other mosques, Muslim schools, Muslim restaurants, Muslim-owned stores — all listed in the NYPD report.


The lawsuit also charges that the NYPD monitored meetings and web postings of Muslim student associations.


NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have both defended the practice, saying the information the NYPD collects is within the department’s guidelines, which are approved and monitored by lawyers and a federal judge.


The NYPD says it shouldn’t be barred from going anywhere the general public can including, for instance a meeting of the Muslim Student Association.

But the Muslim community argues, if police have a lead, and need to follow into the Muslim community, a lead’s a lead, and police should follow it wherever they have to go. But, they say, police shouldn’t be able to come into a community and just catalogue every business, house of worship, school, and put it in a file and stamp it “secret” and keep it forever if you don’t suspect anything.


The plaintiffs say they don’t intend to get money out of the suit. The monetary damages, they say, have been nominal.

They hope to get two things: They want a set of rules saying the NYPD can’t do the surveillance anymore, and they want a federal judge to put a stamp on that.

And they want all the files expunged from the records.


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  • Let the Liberal NYC JetSet free them.
    In my opinion, arabs can destroy the entire city then.
    They’d be doing us a FAVOR.

  • mobilebay

    Every Muslim, every mosque and every Muslim organization needs to be under constant surveillance. They got us once and we don’t need to let it happen again.

    • I agree with Alexandra1973 on this one, Mobile…

      If it becomes easy to spy on any group in America, then it becomes easy to spy on us all.

      Remember, under NDAA, any one of us can be branded a ‘terrorist’ for any trumped-up reason whatsoever and kidnapped under cover of darkness… just ‘disappeared’. Off to the Stoney Lonesome for forever… no contact with our family and friends, no Constitutional guarantees, no rights at all… just… gone…

      I’m NOT defending the Muslims on this one. I was a soldier my whole life. I know how these people think. We think they’re pissed at us because of something we did, and they want something from us… THEY actually want nothing, except to kill us. ALL of us- men, women, children.. we’re Infidels and are worth less than nothing to muslims.

      It would be better for everyone involved, them and us, if we just rounded them all up and deported them to a muslim country of their choosing.

      One way, of course. With a ban on all muslims entering the country afterwards.

    • Major

      Absolutely….Muck Fuslims. Nazis all.

    •  Yes and no. The Moslem threat is real, but Bloomberg himself is also an enormous threat to American liberty. He runs New York as his own personal despotate, with the NYPD as his personal army of knights sworn in fealty to him. He uses both his personal wealth and influence and the powers of his office to promote his priorities on the national level: his vision for America is one that blends the worst aspects of Modern Britain, Singapore, and East Germany. I would not be surprised in the least if he was spying on many other groups which he considers “threatening”, such as the NRA.

  • Major

    Well…instead of BloomTurd banning salt, pepper and 16 oz soft drinks..maybe he ought to consider passing a law that requires all New Yakers to have a dog….eat pork and bacon every day of the week…even twice a day…then require all NYC residents to down at least 3 alcoholic drinks per day. Then pass a law banning hi-jabs and burkas and dressing gowns for men. Then require all men in the city to be clean shaven….banning beards as an unlawful mask.

  • Major

    Ask me why I finally retired from the military…go ahead. I’ll fill you in and wake you up a bit about “muslims”.

    • mikejones91

      Why did you retire from the military?

      • Major

        Political commanders & ROE’s that are suicidal for two. We all have a set off handcuffs on with one hand pinned to our backs.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Are All Jews White? The Woody Allen Syndrome Posted: 06/07/2012 11:22 am

    We approve.Jews have been accused of having Jewish privilege, which means they are the Chosen people according to their Book that they wrote, and it means that Christian Gentiles are supposed to die for Israel.But now, with calling them White/Jewish, they can suffer the same racial profiling as we do when they are stereotyped along with us by the accusation of White privilege, and their accusers can avoid charges of anti Semitism.

    •  If God can pick a “chosen people”, could he not unchoose them as well?

      • Church_of_Jed

        That introduces philosophy. Once God does something, does he lose the freedom to change is mind.

        The gays in the churches will tell you that “God is doing a new thing” by leading Christians to endorse gay marriage.

        More important re the Jews is, once chosen, can they lose the benefits of their chosen status? Can they forefit?

  • Major

    “Abdul Kareem Muhammad” I wonder if he’s related to Abdul Kareema Wheat by chance?

  • anarchyst

    “Islam” is a political system masquerading as a “religion”.  There is NO constitutional first amendment protection against government involvement, investigation or surveillance of foreign political systems.  ALL muslims should be required to register with the U.S State department as “agents of a foreign government” as required by law.
    That being said, the same should be required of ALL dual-nationality individuals, regardless of country.

  • anarchyst

    Israel offered to assist us with airport security to which we told them to “take a hike”. 
    Instead, we get the TSA, prohibition on “profiling” and the resultant assault on children, the elderly, attractive women and anyone else that the TSA “officials” warrant “further inspection” (except muslims).
    Israel’s flight security works so well, that El Al (the Israel national airline) provides REAL (metal) tableware (sharp knives, forks and spoons) with their meal service.
    One might argue that Israel is a small country, making it easier to implememt their security measures, but, it could be done here.  Something would have to be done about the resultant lawsuits that would be filed by the affected groups (muslims, pakistanis, etc.).

  • anarchyst

    You are correct to express concern about the “slippery slope” regarding spying.  Please keep in mind that the country is so large that it is possible for us law-abiding citizens to “slip below the radar” and live relatively unencumbered lives.  “They” can’t watch all of us.  The surveillance programs that the National Security Agency (shh, don’t tell anyone) has in place have such a “glut” of information, it would take them hundreds of years to “sift” through it all.  One way to “monkey-wrench” spying is to use the “watchwords” that our “government” considers as terrorist “flags” in all of our correspondence.  Ten million American patriots doing this would certainly clog the “system”.
    What we have today is “leviathan” government . . . the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. 

    • anarchyst

      The only real “problem” we presently have is “mission creep” in regards to “physical security”. 
       We are being “conditioned” to accept assaults on our persons by intrusive TSA searches at airports.  TSA is already proposing searches at bus and train stations and (yes) roadblocks (oops, I mean “checkpoints”) on roads (highways).
      This is part of the “new world order” that is being pushed on us by world elites.

    •  When 60 Minutes blew Echelon out of the water many years ago (before 9/11), I found on some credible source the list of words that got a piece of communication diverted to Echelon.  Back in those days, I was doing an e-mail newsletter, so I started to append all my newsletters with all those words, with the title “Echelon Disclaimer.”  I purposely wanted the people that ran Echelon to read my newsletter, I was that desperate for readers.

      I doubt they did, though, for the reason you just said:  There is not only so much communication that used those words before, plus the smart alecks like me who deliberately decided to gum up the system, that it would have been impossible to read it all.