Mt. Healthy Schools: Student’s Family Cheering Was Excessive

Scott Wegener, WCPO (Cincinnati), June 5, 2012

Both sides of the Mt. Healthy graduation flap appear to be digging in their heels.

Mt. Healthy City Schools superintendent Lori Handler responded Tuesday to anger expressed by the Cornist family after high school senior Anthony Cornist was denied his diploma because of excessive cheering during the ceremony.

Instead of a diploma, Anthony was given a letter from the principal stating he and/or his family needed to complete 20 hours of community service before he could receive his sheepskin from Mt. Healthy Senior High School.

Handler says the family’s cheering disrupted the ceremony, which was held at the Vineyard Community Church May 24. {snip}

“We had four families unfortunately, who were excessive, and we had to stop graduation,” she said.


Why stop the ceremony because of cheering?

“Had I not said to the people who were calling names, ‘Stop,’ the succeeding child’s name would not have been heard,” Handler said.

She says it wasn’t the volume. It was the duration of the cheering that was the problem.

“In years past, we have had students whose families got over-exuberant and the child behind them’s name could not be heard when they were called,” Handler said. “So I feel very strongly that we will stop graduation because every child’s name will be heard and every family will be able to celebrate appropriately.”


She says no one should have been surprised about the consequences of bad behavior.

“Parents did know all this information up front,” she said. “They signed off saying I understand that this is what’s going to happen.”

Handler says the Cornists signed the agreement with the school to conduct themselves appropriately.

Traci Cornist says if she signed it, she never read it.

She claims she was unaware of the policy, even thought she admitted to posting a message to Facebook stating, “We showed so much Support . . . That maybe we are about to be escorted out the building . . . Who cares my baby just graduated!”


Both Traci Cornist and her son argue that if Anthony did nothing wrong, he shouldn’t be punished with community service.

Handler says maybe the family could serve the entire 20 hours.

“Certainly, if they want to talk to [Mt. Healthy Senior High School principal] Mr. Styles about that, and they want to fulfill that, I’m sure that we could work that out,” Handler said.

Traci Cornist said she was unwilling to do that.


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  • Libnomore

    For an understanding of this behavior which is frequently, and almost uniquely engaged in by blacks, see the book, “Black Rednecks And White Liberals”, by Thomas Sowell.

  • Blacks are animals.  They can’t even shut up during a movie.
    SO, when the 1 IN 100 of them manage to grad-jee-ate
    of course they’re going to bang the bongos

  • It’s going to get to the point that black schools will one by one quietly get rid of graduation ceremonies.

    Why are most high school graduations such a big deal?  Getting a HS diploma today is hardly an accomplishment, especially in the black schools.  All being a black HS grad from a black HS means is that you had a pulse in the June of your seventeenth or eighteenth year of life.  Even in a typical white suburban HS, getting a 2.0 GPA isn’t that hard.

    • Anyone have current black HS drop out rates, it used to be around 50%? I know they played with how dropouts get counted after No child left

      • The__Bobster

        Are young black men ready for the increasingly brutal, knowledge-based job market in the U.S.? The answer is a resounding “no,” according to a new report, Yes We Can: The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males 2010. Calling it a “national crisis,” the report found that only 47 percent of black males graduated from high school in the 2007-2008 school year.

        • Like my Pa used to say:  “Do well in school, Boy.  ‘Cause the world needs ditchdiggers, too.”

          Nice to know all those Uruk will be employed doing Public Works projects..

          • Up to my neck in CA

            Maybe thats what they mean by “Shovel Ready Projects”?

      •  One of the games they play is classifying dropouts as “home schooled.”  The touch that gives it away is that most of these “home schooled” students are black or Hispanic, while almost all H/S students are white.

    • dukem1

       Really why are they such a big deal?…I’ve gotta go to my grand daughters graduation tomorrow night and it’s ridiculous…If it wasn’t for “Twilight” I doubt she’s read a book in her life…She’s a nice kid, polite and all, and the local community college will take her (borrowed) money…to no avail, I’m sure……graduate from high school…gotta be the smallest big deal going.

  • Maybe hateing pomp and circumstance is why 70% of black babies are born to unwed moms.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Community service” is an incomprehensible concept to afrovoodoo Diversity, just like law and order, contracts, monogamy, nutrition, PETA, the future, etc.

    We are disgusted that the blacks were punished for being black. We need to celebrate their spontaneous contributions to our Ethnological research.

    When Whitey tries to shut them up, we are all deprived of another merit badge in N’ggerology.

  • Francis Galton

    Too bad I wasn’t “Awake” when I graduated from my majority-black high school five years ago; I may have paid more attention to this phenomenon. 

    I do remember one thing, though: the graduating class, like the school as a whole, was about two-thirds black, but there was only ONE (count ’em, one!) black “Advanced Studies Diploma” recipient (nearly all the rest were White).  By my estimation, that particular diploma would probably be worth about half of your Grandpa’s diploma, while the basic diploma would be worth about one-fifth.  Incidentally, that one black wunderkind (nice, but not particularly intelligent, IMHO) ended up going to Hampton University, an Historically Black High Sch. . . er, “College.” 

    I’ve also come to the sad realization that being ranked no. 1 in your graduating class is not as impressive when you attend a ghetto black high-school, but it was apparently enough to get me into UVA–thank goodness for AP Classes (the only worthwhile classes in that dump)! 

    •  Re your last paragraph:  Remember, this is why programs to guarantee college admissions based on “Top x% of class rank” are backdoor forms of affirmative action.  Who do you think is smarter?  The white who finished 51st in a class of 500 at a white suburban high school, or the valedictorian of Taco or Ghetto HS?

      • Francis Galton

         At the risk of sounding conceited, in my particular case that’s probably up for debate (although I doubt I would have been at the TOP in an all-white UPPER MIDDLE CLASS school); nevertheless, probability would have it that what you are suggesting is correct in general. 

        Also, the existence of AP (Advanced Placement) classes and a national AP curriculum (in conjunction with AP tests that are NOT school-specific) usually guarantees a certain consistency in quality from school to school.  If I remember correctly, I took something like 7 AP classes in high school, as well as another college-equivalent course that was not AP.  All of these classes were nearly all-White, and one was 100 percent White.

  • JackKrak

    I hope this kind of story becomes as cliched as reporting from a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving. One more way to wake up the sleeping masses.

    Blacks cannot, will not, do not respect any social limitations of their “look at me!” attitude towards every occasion.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Up here in occupied territory (Northern CA) the commencements are in Spanish too. The Mexican families are all nice and quite and attentive when the Spanish speaker is talking, but talk loudly and are rude when the English speaker is talking. At times I thought I was South of the Rio Grande. What have we let these liberal open-border politicians do to this state?

  • The best way to describe the behavior of many blacks is “sociopathic.” They behave with absolutely no consideration or awareness for others. I’ve seen blacks in my apartment complex double park people into their parking space so they can’t leave. Of course how many times I have been on the road or in a parking lot or on an EXPRESSWAY and the black person ahead of me has come to a complete stop, on the stupid cell phone of course.  Of course they’re noisy beyond belief in public places.  So many times when I am in a crappy hotel room the idiots going in and out of the room or having a conversation in the hall, are of course black. Then there’s the stupid music coming out of their cars. On and on.

  • mikejones91

    I’m almost positive the woman was white.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Everything Blacks do is loud, obnoxious and over-the-top. There is nothing subtle or low-key about them. So much of what they say and do is for the purpose of drawing attention to themselves. If you can stand it, just watch one of those Black music awards show and observe how over-emotional, uncouth and melodramatic they get.

    Even the manner in which Blacks dress themselves is so often flashy and gaudy. They can make an outfit from clothing combinations that no White person would have ever imagined – and that’s nothing to be proud of. Blacks will stand proud as a peacock in one of their flashy outfits not knowing that many Whites privately laugh at them.  

    • mikejones91

       I think flashy is the wrong word. Flashy, when done right, can look good. I know what you mean though. I work at a mall. I see it ALL day long. I was working yesterday and there was this ENORMOUS BLACK WOMAN (at least 300) walking towards me. She stopped and was talking to this guy at a kiosk. Her son ran off and went into foot locker (go figure). She turned around (very slowly as she was huge) and said “where he go, oh, der he is”. With this plump/idiotic smile on her face.

  • Of course it is. That is their nature. Stop ascribing white standards to these jungle dwellers. Civilization dictates politeness and public behavior. Blacks have no idea how to behave in these contexts. Jane Goodall probably has an explanation if you really want to find out.

  • Hall of fame! I never gave much thought to my graduation ceremony until now. I went to a high school in rural northwest that had around 750 students out of which you could count the number of blacks on one hand. Actually, I think there were only 3 black students that I remember, and two graduated in my class. They were ‘house negroes’ and definitely not the wild kind found in inner city schools. The graduation ceremony had no outrageous pranks or jungle behavior. Almost my entire class went to the senior party afterwards. We all knew eachother and felt united in homogeneity. Nearly my entire class showed up at our ten year reunion.

  • What a “vibrant” night full of diversity you had…

    I used to work at a college with a large black population.  I watched them try to one up each other too.  Very minimum they would strut across the stage like idiots.  One older black male graduate thought it would be appropriate to light a cigar right before he received his diploma from the Dean of Students.   The crowd went crazy like we were at the Apollo theater or something.  I’ve seen them throw gang signs, do stupid poses, and dance across the stage.  

  • El_Magyar

    My God. The mother looks little older than her son. Frankly, big deal, her gum-chewing son graduated high school.

  • El_Magyar

    Your experience is nearly unbelievable. Only nearly.

  • El_Magyar

    Black people are in America because of slavery. It is the curse of The Golden Triangle.

  • joewest666


    Decorum is a foreign concept to apes.

  • Just last week my girlfriend’s son graduated from an upper middle class suburban school. The same school her and I both went to years ago. This years class had approximately 6 black students. She came back from the ceremony telling me that many parents were upset at the actions of those black parents. They were shouting and whooping it up through the next 3 names being read. It happens everywhere they are, even when they are only a small part of the crowd. BTW, my girlfriend always wonders why I read this sight, she’s now noticing more and more why. 

  • Here’s the “graduate” in question (see the video):

    They did the right thing for the wrong reason.  He is struggling to read a simple letter.

    • WOW.  you’re right.  That paragraph was a struggle for him. Oh well, onto college, on a scholarship. 

  •  That’s precisely what will end graduation ceremonies.  This school is holding back his diploma until he and/or his relatives do community service.  He’ll sue, get his diploma and a judgment, and the school’s insurance policy going forward will mandate no graduation ceremonies, at least ceremonies with audiences in attendance.  And it will have to be that way for all schools, because we can’t talk about race, and insurance companies won’t be able to get away with policies that result in no graduation proceedings in black schools but allowing them in white schools.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Miss Dove, I believe every word of it because I’ve seen such displays amongs Blacks with my own eyes – I’m still hurting too!

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Thank you for sharing your diversity experience with us. Glad you made it out in one piece. I’m sure you have enough stories to fill a book.

  • Major

    “In years past, we have had students whose families got over-exuberant…”

    As I thought about this…I came away saying…well, “Why not”? Fact is that kid was 1 out of 4 who managed to get a diploma. I can understand the cheering…cause the kids not a junkie…the kids not dead from gangsta nonsense….the kid didn’t drop out like 75% of his “bros” did. The kid didn’t get locked up…far as we know. Hell…a diploma means he can work at the closest BK  Lounge ( Burger King ) and maybe become a warehouse manager?

    Am I wrong?

  • who says diversity is a bad thing? i wouldn’t want to live in a part of town with all the same kinds of people. talk about a blan and boring life! diversity allows us to embrace each other and learn from one another. while some may be over the top, most are not. It is simply those who are over the top that get misrepresented in the media. the media only publishes negativity, so the positive side is rarely, if ever seen. I personally have lived in the colerain, mt healthy, winton woods, and forest park area my entire life and I wouldn’t change that for the world. i have such a diverse group of people in my life that we all learn from each other and have a fantastic time with one another. it is because of closed minded ways of thinking and comments like this and all the other racist ones that i have read on here that america and the world is so divided. open your eyes and realize that diversity is a good thing and something to embrace and encourage.