Haplogroups as Evolutionary Markers of Cognitive Ability

Heiner Rindermann et al., Intelligence, May 2012


Studies investigating evolutionary theories on the origins of national differences in intelligence have been criticized on the basis that both national cognitive ability measures and supposedly evolutionarily informative proxies (such as latitude and climate) are confounded with general developmental status. In this study 14 Y chromosomal haplogroups (N=47 countries) are employed as evolutionary markers. These are (most probably) not intelligence coding genes, but proxies of evolutionary development with potential relevance to cognitive ability. Correlations and regression analyses with a general developmental indicator (HDI) revealed that seven haplogroups were empirically important predictors of national cognitive ability (I, R1a, R1b, N, J1, E, T[+L]). Based on their evolutionary meaning and correlation with cognitive ability these haplogroups were grouped into two sets. Combined, they accounted in a regression and path analyses for 32–51% of the variance in national intelligence relative to the developmental indicator (35–58%). This pattern was replicated internationally with further controls (e.g. latitude, spatial autocorrelation etc.) and at the regional level in two independent samples (within Italy and Spain). These findings, using a conservative estimate of evolutionary influences, provide support for a mixed influence on national cognitive ability stemming from both current environmental and past environmental (evolutionary) factors.

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  • WmarkW

    Given the way so much scientific research is underwritten by government and academia, it’s probably a good thing that these finding won’t enter mainstream discourse (funding would be terminated.)  A bunch more studies like this need to get into the scientific literature, and THEN after the conclusion is unassailable, we can start making its awareness a part of popular culture.

    • It would be like the doctor who said cigerettes where good for you

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       I’m still not sure HOW this could become a part of popular culture.  The Bell Curve is the mostly widely known writing on this topic and social scientists went bonkers trying to discredit it.  And it seems to me that most “educated” people still swallow the “race doesn’t exist” nonsense.

       The mainstream media often describes these ideas using loaded, disparaging words, when they don’t simply ignore this research altogether.  They depict the work of Rushton and Lynn as being the equivalent of the Easter Bunny or Flat Earth theory, even though both are regularly published in reputable academic journals.

      Having said that, I am glad to see that this research is still being conducted and published. 

      • JohnEngelman

        I am still surprised, although I should not be, when those who should know better tell me that The Ball Curve has been “decisively refuted,” that “race is a social construct,” and that IQ tests determine nothing more than one’s ability to take an IQ test. Do people really believe that nonsense, or do they just say it because it makes them feel virtuous? 

        • WhiteGuyInJapan

           Perhaps both.  Some believe it and others want to believe.  Or others just want to look like a Good Guy. 

          This issue has got me thinking about the futility of using facts to argue one’s point.  Most people do not respond well to facts.  They prefer emotions and hopeless dreams.

          Side note: A couple of years ago, I was talking to a South African woman whose mother conducted HIV testing among Blacks there.  When she delivered the news of their HIV+ status, many of the Blacks would simply deny it and go to another medical center.  They would get another positive diagnosis and deny it again.  Those people would simply deny the results of two or three medical tests. 

          By the way, economics is called the “dismal science” for a reason.

          • JohnEngelman

            Most people allow their likes and dislikes to influence their judgment of what is true and false. I have found this tendency among liberals and conservatives. 

          • Rocky Bass

            Military Court Acquits Soldier in OMSJ Case http://www.omsj.org
            OMSJ protects and defends students, researchers, academics, scientists and other victims of medical and scientific corruption, providing confidential legal and investigative support and reporting.
            There is no “HIV” test, all the package inserts say, their is no standard, and NOT to use them to diagnose HIV infection. There are now over 70 conditions that have been proven to cause false positive results in the medical literature. Antibody tests are so unspecific, there probably isn’t a true positive. AIDS is so much more complex than the HIV/AIDS “hypothesis” tries to make it. Hemophiliacs NEVER seem to develop AIDS despite all over 30ish being “HIV+”, that is unless they took AZT, the most toxic drug ever licensed in the free world.  Author Ash, Freddy Mercury, Ryan White, Kimberley Bergalis are but a few examples of this iatrogenic “disease”. The ones from before they figured out how to “treat” it, died of the gay lifestyle. Massive doses of anti-biotics, 18 cases of Gonorrhea in a year and recreational drug use off the charts, did take it’s toll.

        • Talltrees

          College admissions seem to take it seriously.  IQ’s do compare with SAT scores.  IQ tests don’t measure everything, so that has to be taken into consideration.

    • It may be too late:Rihanna is on Twitter tweeting about this article.

      • alastairabbacle


      • mikejones91

        Really? I just looked on her Twitter, still trying to find it.

  • Xanthippe2

    “Study finds evidence that national IQ is influenced by population’s genetics”
    Next: mice found to be smaller than elephants.

    •  “A highly intelligent group hostile to white interests . . . ”  Hmmm I wonder if such a group exists?

    • APaige

      Size, or any discernible measurement, is a ‘social contruct’ propagandized by the culture of white supremacy.

      • eunometic

         White English words such as “average” and “mean” are also racist social constructs to be deconstructed from language.   Terms such as “standard deviation” are offensive in their genocidal intent.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      ha ha ha…America sure had its hands full fighting the Japs (is that politically offensive?…like to my great uncle who was in the Batann Death March, maybe?) during WWII…you did say a *highly intelligent group* and I would have to say prior to WWII America was a country primarily interested in white interests and certainly the Japanese were hostle…ever wonder why America wants to keep sitting on the stool of everlasting repentence for keeping a close eye on these and other people during WWII…kinda like we should be ashamed of ourselves for keeping an eye on radical islamic terrorists too?

      • JohnEngelman

        On average Orientals have the largest brains and highest IQs. Blacks average the lowest, and Whites fall in between. The brain size differences explain the IQ differences both within groups and between groups.  
        – Professor J. Philippe Rushton            

        • Johnny Reb

          Although I know what you mean, I wouldn’t say “in between” because it implies a larger gap between whites and orientals than there really is. 

          Oriental avg IQ is 106 while black is 85.  “In between” would make whites around 95.  Yet whites are actually at an avg of 100.

          Given the probability of error (plus or minus a small percentage) and the fact that most researchers like to express IQ as a ‘”range” (oriental IQ tends to range from 100 to 110 while the white range is lower . . . but both overlap)  I doubt the white IQ is all that different from the oriental.

          However, they are VASTLY diferent from the negro.  An IQ of 85 (American negro) is classified as “dull.”   An IQ of 70 (African negro) is “handicapped.”

        • bluegrass91

           Good point.  NE Asians are, in terms of raw cognitive ability, at the top of the genetic food chain.  Northern European White IQ follows closely behind.

          Whites picked up the Flynn effect during their civilization’s advancements (that being 10 or more increase in IQ from mere nutritional advancements alone), surpassing the Asian average until only mid-20th century.  However, now that the Asians have begun to fully undergo the Flynn effect, they will have higher IQ’s before the nutritional benefit eventually tapers off.

          My question, however, is Indians.  Look at any spelling bee and notice the plethora of Petals competing for top spots.  Indian-Americans, if I remember this correctly, surpass both NE Asians and Whites in the United States in terms of mean incomes and college degrees.  However, these people are often-times particularly dark skinned, being descended from the generally hot, equatorial, mono-climate Southern India.  This produces difficulty in the normal “darker the dumber” generalization, and I wonder how this particular instance came to be.  I know this is complicated by the caste system (upper-caste Indians of course being the ones immigrating to places like the U.S.), but I couldn’t say with any certainty whether the particularly high I.Q. of the Indian immigrants is even remotely comparable to the IQ levels of lower-caste Indians back in the home country. 

          However,  I’ve been leaning towards the concept that it may be the genetic behavioral characterstics of certain races that more profoundly produce general differences of outcome than any deviation in genetically determined intelligences.

          • JohnEngelman

            India has a large population. It is reasonable to assume that those who move to the United States are more intelligent than average. 

          • Talltrees

            Yes.  But.  Compare a German student graduating with a 4.0 grade average in engineering from a U.S Ivy League university with an Indian student graduating with a 3.0 grade average from the same university.  The Indian with a 3.0 grade average was allowed to stay.  The German student was not.  He was sent back to Germany.  True story.

            Generally, Indians are not smart.  81-85 IQ depending on the study.

            Minorities can get into medical schools with a 95 IQ.  Whites must have at least 115 IQ.  I’m in the medical profession and have had experiences with Indian medical residents.  They can’t be compared to White medical residents.

          •  Look at any spelling bee and notice the plethora of Petals competing for top spots.

            Spelling bees.  Big whoop.  All winning a spelling bee means is that you can spell words that most people will never use even once in their lives.  It is most definitely not a marketable skill, nor responsible for our past, present and perhaps future progress.

            The differential between our standard of living today and the typical human lifestyle between the agricultural and industrial revolutions didn’t happen because people could spell every word in existence accurately.

            These “bees,” spelling and otherwise, reward people with great rote memorization skills, which is why Orientals and Indians win them.

          • bluegrass91

              To point out that NE Asians put many White school children to shame academically is
            more a testament to the depreciation of White society in general than to any testament to Asian superiority.

            The race-realist, HBD crowd has overly cornered their judgements based on I.Q. numbers, which in my opinion is a weak predictor for group success.  I.Q. is extremely effective at predicting differences between individuals (in predicting financial or criminal status, etc), but I believe it is more behavioral, genetic predispositions that effect group dynamics.  As far as I’ve read, behavioral genetic predisposition by halogroups has been rarely studied or hasn’t even transferred into early-hypothesis phase.  I believe the evidence will eventually surface indicating that it is sub-saharan African behaivor more than any inherent lack of higher cognitive ability that has left them so far behind in the civilization game.  This same phenomenon could be the cause for why it was historically European dominance in Asia, and not Asian colonization in Europe.

            So yes, we shouldn’t have orientalphilia just because Han immigrant children have preposterously high SATs. The Japanese maxim that “the nail that stands out will be hammered down” is a strong indicator of Asian affinity for total consensus at the cost of the dynamism required for real advancement. 

            However, our white-ethnic worshiping isn’t getting us anywhere. (Though any white racial consciousness is better than none, and vastly better than a guilty racial conscious).  I don’t believe we’re the greatest race at the moment.  Actually, we may be the weakest race when one fully considers our current positions and our modern attitudes towards our own self-interest. 

            Yet, it is my race, and I know what side I’m on.  I also know that the peak of Western civilization the few decades ago could very well be the peak of all human civilization if we let it die so meekly.  I don’t hate other races that much: most act according to their natures, pursuing group goals that any rational man would find reasonable.  What I do hate is race hating whites: our real enemy, the scum of the earth, the rot within us that holds us back and more destructive for society than 20 black criminals.

            If we wanted an all White Nation, it would be better to have our population 10% Asians than to have 10% “race is a social construct” liberal whites living among us.

        • Do I have to c/p myself ?

          are simpler & perhaps more functional human beings in a rat-race
          environment than Whites. They have the ability to sit quietly on their
          bums, learn incessantly & process information quickly. Some are
          creative, yes.

          But- they are NO trailbrazers. They are strangers to uniquely White
          conflict of soul with itself, from Aeschylus to Melville. They adapt
          & organize- very well- but are not ready to push the life to the
          extremes and beyond- even if it explodes. Their personalities are,
          compared with White person’s- sketchy, not rich & passionate. They,
          as a rule, don’t build “cathedrals” of anything- “cathedral” being
          extremely complex rich structure of creatively organized monument of
          science or arts- for instance, Bach’s Mass in B-minor, Magellan’s voyage
          around the globe, Newton’s Principia, Gauss & Lobachevsky’s
          invention of non-Euclidean geometry, Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel,
          Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, Darwin’s Origin of Species, Heisenberg
          & Schroedinger & Dirac’s Quantum Mechanics,..

          Accept this trivia & live with that.



        • The__Bobster


        • Talltrees

          Orientals don’t have the highest IQ’s.  Ashkenazi Jews do. 

          Some country IQ’s are lower than ethnic IQ’s.   When Europeans are tested minus immigrants, they score higher.   Recent, within the past several years, studies on Europeans show German’s, for example, have an IQ of 109.  Those European countries tested minus immigrants scored above 100. 

          The U.S. IQ was 100 a few years ago.  Now it is 98.  Germany has been very concerned about its declining IQ.   When they found it was caused by immigrants,  they considered testing IQ’s of all incoming immigrants until they met with hostility from the outside.  They bowed to political correctness, as usual.  The United States won’t admit our educational standards have been lowered by massive numbers of immigrants from third-world countries who have much lower IQ’s than Whites.

          The highest IQ’s in the world are Ashkenazi Jews at 110+.  Germans and Dutch at 109.  Chinese and Japanese at 105-107.  But, really, those few point differences in intelligence wouldn’t be noticed between them particularly between Jews and Germans/Dutch.

          • JohnEngelman

            You are right about the Ashkenazi Jews. I neglected to make that clear. 

          • eunometic

             Don’t forget that IQ is a made up of a weighted average of many sub-tests broadly in the visual spatial and linguistic area but there may be as many as 18 sub-components depending on test. 

            Moreover IQ correlates well with RT or Reaction Time tests whereby the subject is presented a pattern of lights and must press a sequence of buttons according to a set of rules.  The time delay correlates with IQ and apparently the more complicated the rules the greater the gap between black and white subjects.

            Two people, both with IQ’s of 110 may have completely different balance in their IQ.  One will make an excellent engineer the other will produce clever scripts or legal writs while another music that can reach into the soul.  No doubt the abilities tend to overlap.

            Indeed, Asian IQ is biased to the visual spatial side.

          • eunometic

            Dear Talltrees,

             Can you provide a reference or citation to these IQ figure ie the ones suggesting and IQ of Germans (without immigrants) is 109? etc.

          • Talltrees

            Two studies, Cambridge University and European League of IQ’s.  Both are frequently referenced; however, can’t find the actual studies posted on the internet.  There is a third (it could have been Cambridge University), by someone studying European IQ’s without immigrants.  He only tested five or six ethnicities at the time, about one year ago, but planned on continuing with others.  Didn’t save the document and can’t remember his name.  I was doing a lot of digging at the time.  It was well beyond 30 Google pages.  His German score was 109.  Those European ethnicities he studied were all above 100.
            Cambridge University:  Germany – 105 based on country – Germans – 109 based on origin
            European League:  Germany – 107
            The above are not the best references, but they do give the source.
            “5) Spain (-5), Italy (-6), Norway (-7), Sweden (-9), the Netherlands (-9), France (-9), Germany (-10) and Belgium (-11) have progressively worse quality immigrants relative to the natives in their countries.  Countries experiencing a net fall in the average IQ relative to the native IQ of more than 2 points include Benelux and the Germanic lands.  The average for all countries on which data is available is a rise of 1.6 IQ points from the 1st to 2nd generation – as they get access to better nutrition and education (i.e. experiencing an accelerated Flynn Effect), and resolve any lingering language issues; but for all that, they remain far closer to the stock from which they came, while convergence to native IQ levels typically remains modest or non-existent.”  (1.6 IQ points?  Hardly worth mentioning.)  http://akarlin.com/2012/05/22/berlin-gets-bad-news-from-pisa/

            I question the Flynn effect.  For example, Blacks have had many years in the U.S. to improve their IQ scores as they have been and are surrounded by a much better environment than Africa.  Intermarrying with Whites shows higher scores.  Rarely is that mentioned.

            I’m convinced immigrants and the number of increasing Blacks are primarily the cause of declining scores in the U.S. and other Western countries.  It’s only logical if immigrants and Blacks score lower on IQ tests and are included with Whites, they will bring down the total country score.  That’s a big deal to me; however, it is rarely mentioned.  About 1/3 of the U.S. is non-White (includes Hispanics).  I think a national IQ of 98 is low.  Compare that with U.S. accomplishments.  Whites are responsible for those successes.
            My experience with immigrant Indians has not been good.  They observably are not as intelligent and capable as White medical residents.  The U.S. may take the highest IQ’s from India, but what are the IQ’s of those coming here?  Previously, mentioned here, minorities are accepted to medicals schools with a 95 IQ.  Whites must have at least 115.  (Wish I had bookmarked my sources.)  I overheard a co-medical professional say, “Some doctors get A’s in medical school.  Some get C’s.  They all become doctors.”
            You may have missed, (don’t want to become a repetitive bore), but a German student graduating from an Ivy League Un with a 4.0 grade average in engineering wanted to stay here, but was not permitted.  An Indian from the same university with a 3.0 grade average in engineering was allowed. 
            There’s some nasty discrimination going on.  When I called Immigration with questions, I got Indians and couldn’t ask the questions I wanted. The government has employed zillions of immigrants and foreigners.  Several immigrant employees processing immigration forms were caught favoring their own kind.  How much of this goes on?

    • JohnEngelman

      Where is there “a highly intelligent group hostile to white interests?” Name the group. 

  • “These findings, using a conservative estimate of
    evolutionary influences, provide support for a mixed influence on
    national cognitive ability stemming from both current environmental and
    past environmental (evolutionary) factors.”

    Maybe this report corroborates the cognitive theory that living in cold climates led to delayed gratification, resourcefulness, planning, ect. which led to higher intelligence and the less intelligent being weeded out of the gene pool.

    Representing haplogroup R1b!

  • Cavalli- Sforza. Science in the making, but not yet a true science.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     These findings, using a conservative estimate of
    evolutionary influences, provide support for a mixed influence on
    national cognitive ability stemming from both current environmental and
    past environmental (evolutionary) factors.

    It’s good to see that finding excessively elaborate ways to state the plainly obvious remains a favorite pastime of the scientific community.

    • alastairabbacle

      For the “intelligent” “open-minded” “curious about life” set of people however, which is Newsspeak for “Liberals”, who are not in fact true “Liberals”, but rather fools, stating the obvious in pyrotechnic scientific studies is all they can credit.

      A fool has no logic and humbleness before reality, only evidence sways his jealously held feelings.

      In other words, this type of study is great, bravo to the researchers.
      We need to saturate the information network with this stuff.
      A fool needs his scientific evidence,

  • anonymous_amren

    In English, they found that the more white people (R1b, R1a, I1, N)  (or white genes mixed in) in a country, the smarter it is, even after accounting for other factors. On the other hand, the more black people (E), Somalis (T), Arabs (J1), and Indians (L) a country has, (or their genes mixed in) the stupider it is.
    They also found that within a country, the white people were smarter, and the black/somali/arab/Indian people were stupider. Amerindians were in the middle.

    They also showed that Scandinavian people (I1) are smarter than other white people. The haplogroups in order of effect on cognitive ability (from smart to stupid) were: I1 (Scandinavian), I2b (Germanic), R1b (Western European), R1a (Eastern European), N (Northern European), Q (Native American), I (?), G (?), J2 (Lebanese/Turkish), T and L (Somali and Indian), E (black), J1 (Arab).

    I think black appearing smarter than Arab is possibly an artifact of the fact that they only tested Europe and a few nearby countries.

    • alastairabbacle

      Most geniuses are from a quadrant extending from Northern Italy, through Western France, up through England, encompassing southern Norway, and extending down through the middle of Germany.
      The genius quadrant has produced the greatest scientific discoveries, and artistic creations over the centuries.

      The cool Northern ponderance mixed with a little Southern passion creates the most effective minds.
      American Rennaissance readers, always remember that the European Rennaissance happened in Northern Italy, at the meeting point of the sanguine South, and plan-loving North.
      True Rennaissance requires the working together of Mediterannean/Latin peoples, and

  • JohnEngelman

    In “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending argue that urban living and agriculture place more evolutionary pressure on superior intelligence than a paleolithic existence.
    The more generations separate a population group from a paleolithic existence, the higher the average intelligence is likely to be.

    • Actually, a lot of Paleo-anthropologists think we are LESS intelligent than our ancestors….. 

      • eunometic

        I’m sure there that there were already several paleolithic races by the Paleolithic period who were subjected to different selective pressures.  The climate of Europe, with its ice and 5 months of snow coverage was very demanding.

        There are over 200 paleolithic cave painting sites in Europe.  The paintings at Lascaux, Altamira show superb technical abillities and a talent for realism that would shame ‘modern’ artists with their easy abstractions.

        There are portraits of humans are engravings on stone slabs at La Marche, Vienne, France, and are more than 14000 years old.

        I can honestly say that I have not seen modern African art achieve that level of sophistication and realism European paleolethics were achieving 20,000 years ago.

         There are emotional and humerous expressions on these faces.  Paintings of aninmals show a 3 dimensional relief effect that suggests excellent visual processing.  Sculture of Ibex, horses and bison are accurate.

        The art is simply ‘beautifull’, something we have lost in the hideousness of modern abstractionism.

        The harsh climate of Europe was still selecting 50 years ago.  While working in Africa my driver, who was Black and feeling sorry for his country, pointed out Africans who had to walk 45 minutes to get to work in the rain and how poorly they were treated.  Sth East Africa has warm tropical rain, it hardly effects you and it only rains in short bursts though often heavily and frequently. one doesn’t suffer to be wet, its a little uncomortable, that’s all.

        I pointed out that in the 1950s such walking journeys to work were common for central and northern Europeans and that Africans can’t bypass this stage.   I also pointed out that due to cold and snow you could die from lack of proper clothes, be dead by midnight from exposure in England or Europe.  That without planning for proper food, clothes, fuel, footwear we would die of cold or more likely influenza or lung infections in winters that lasted 5 months.  Quite often our ancerstors died within 2 weeks of the 1st harvests around easter.

        Our cold climate is killing White people in the Ukrain and Russia right now, especially older ones.  I bet Maddona and Jolie won’t help them.

        Certainly cities may have strong selective pressures, so does a harsh European winter.

        • Kurt Plummer

          I would suggest that, from the neolithic right through the late medieval period, cold weather selects socially as much as genetically in that the elderly faced a two-course roadmap:  Either accepting roles as the infirm in an omege role of child rearing as camp protector/labor provider that supported society from the relative ease of low mobility lifestyle.
          Or continuing to try and serve in the fields or the hunt past their bodies optimal conditioning for it and so dying young enough to give the transitional gift of empowerment to descendants before they too were approaching ‘late middle age’ (30s) with no real experience in the management of their family duties beyond the detached observation of parents.  Nothing like doing to give you commitment as working experience.  And we create glass ceilings that prevent this, solely to maintain the shrinking authority base of ‘married with kids’ entitlement for older MA people.
          As a function of this changing within the ‘modern lifestyle’, I believe that one of the largest contributing factors to the dissolution of our society and our racial belief system in particular lie in the simple dissociative alienation of our youth as having a very important empowerment window by which to ‘use it or lose it’ gain as much as they can from life before passing on the torch yet again.
          Such is anathema to the modern notion of choosing to be patient and observant in following the socially conformist path of gradual rise through the power structure of our culture and is a _key_ reason why our youth are overpowered and/or uncaring when other pop groups bully psychology (blacks in particular but also hispanics, in groups) dominate the career and marital pathways to social entitlement.
          Bluntly, our children are infantalized, isolated and frustrated, from day one.  And this, along with a hyper-extended generational cycle (isolating monetary and social resources in 50-70 year olds) gives them _no_ incentive to excel as a function of building their own legacy while young enough to enjoy it’s empowerment.
          Which is not to say that things like A/A are the way forwards to generate compensatory competition with other races.
          I would also add that wearing clothing in a rain storm is a bad idea because wet cloth becomes mildewed -and- cold which both exposes the body to microbial spores and tricks it into pre-hypothermic extremity chilling which in turn requires the expenditure of a lot of calories to keep the body functional with the constant temperature differential.
          In this, I don’t know about Africa but Pacific Islanders show the way forward in dealing with heavy monsoonal rains.  Get naked and huddle up.  Letting the ambient airtemperatures be what the metabolic furnaces supply.
          When European clothing was introduced to these people, for purposes of ‘decency’, /then/ was when they discovered pneumonia and all the rest.

  • anonymous_amren

    Croatians are significantly smarter than Serbians (PISA 2009), but both are significantly stupider than the European average. Croatians are smarter than Greeks, but Serbians are dumber than Turks.


    Within serbia, “There were no [statistically] significant differences between Muslims and Christians or males and females.” according to Rushton regarding Ravens Progressive Matrices.

    • I never considered these graphs to be anything more than a sort of entertainment. For instance, Spain’s native population is way above Russians re mathematics & sciences- which is, of course, nonsense. Spain has not in past 200 yrs produced anyone even remotely gifted as-I’m talking only about ethnic Russians- Lyapunov, Steklov, Aleksandrov, Markov, Pontryagin, Kolmogorov, Novikov,…

      These graphs are for fun, nothing more.

    • eunometic

      PISA isn’t  an IQ test.  It checks comparative performance of various students.

      The differences could be due to IQ or quality of education or even nutrition.

      Obviously in the USA the fact that Blacks and Hispanics continue to lag after significant efforts over many generation  indicates a genetic factor.

  • How do Croats compare with Serbs…between the sheets??

  • Johnny Reb

    QUOTE:  “These are (most probably) not intelligence coding genes, but proxies of evolutionary development with potential relevance to cognitive ability.”

    Huh?  To this dumb old boy that just sounds like someone saying that   “This here loaf is (most probably) not bread, it’s just a proxie for a mix of water, flour and a little bit of yeast that ended up getting baked in the oven.”

    P’fessers are no different than some old goober down at the filling station.  They have an ego and like to feed it.  Big words and gibberish terminology means that only a select few can “understand” and “appreciate” the brilliance of their work.

    Basically, this says that white genes provide superior “intelligence, knowledge and the intelligent use of knowledge” (cognitive ability).


    • mikejones91

      well done.

    • My wife and I are watching the movie “Hanna”.  Spy flick.

      If you’ve not seen it:  Spy runs away with genetically modified child marked for liquidation.

      Female child (Hanna) has had her DNA modified to make her “super-human”… faster, stronger, quicker reflexes, greater stamina, memory, etc..

      “Hannah”, we are led to believe, is a super-human…. she also has platinum blonde hair, very white skin and bright blue eyes…

      Now where could they have come up with an idea that whites, specifically northern europeans, are superior?


      • seek

        Yes, I saw that.  It came out in early 2011.  Cate Blanchett played the evil mastermind behind the experiment; Eric Bana was the “father” of the girl who mentored her in all aspects of psy-ops and hand-to-hand warfare; and Saoirse Ronan was the girl, Hanna, genetically programmed from conception for ruthless aggression.  A very disturbing and thought-provoking action film.

    • anonymous_amren

      I’ll spell it out for you:
      They studied the little bit of DNA that only men have, and that is therefore only passed down from father to son. It’s called the Y chromasome. It switches on all the things that make people men instead of women. It’s interesting because it never gets mixed during race-mixing. But it’s not normal DNA, so it’s not the IQ genes that people are looking for.

      Professors are different from you, and you are not smart enough to argue with them. Professors might still be wrong, but you shouldn’t try to guess when.

      • Johnny Reb

        Oh, I beg to differ with you .  P’fessers are NO different from me (or most of us).  I (and most of us) are plenty smart enough to argue with them assuming we first examine their prattle.  You shouldn’t be so in awe of academia.  They really don’t have the power you’ve been told they have. 

        As for this analysis, my point stands:  arguing  cognitive ability vs intelligence is like arguing about which is better a car or an automobile. 

        The point also remains that whites have it, non-whites don’t.

  • JohnEngelman

    The highest IQ averages are found in Hong Kong, then South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. 

  • Serbs have been unfairly characterized as “dumb”, thanks to these spurious “tests”. We are, of course, not different “races” in modern sense of the word, but differ in haplotypes – essentially, various distribution of three dominant haplotypes among two peoples has been the hotly debated topic in Croatian & Serbian forums, each solemnly proclaiming the other nation either idiots or murderers or both.

    My opinion is that major differences do not stem from IQ, but from different cultural matrices- in Serbian case, Balkans-oriental (Serbs have also minor Central-European cultural component, as well as we do possess Balkans-Turkish cultural matrix), in Croatian, a mixture of Central- European & Mediterranean.

  • Haplotypes are interesting. Luca Cavalli Sforza’s research is very promising.


    AmRen Asian groupies (nomina sunt odiosa) are:

    a) not interesting
    b) not rational
    c) not even funny
    d) clueless or hypocritical about historical facts from 800 B.C. to 2012.
    I’m well aware of Rushton’s fascination with IQ & Asian plodders.
    I can only paraphrase Queen Victoria: “We are not impressed”.



      One should not abandon facts for emotion.   The fact is, N.E. Asians have higher IQ’s than Europeans.  They also display lower rates of social pathologies.   These are scientific truths and we must accept them, the same way that we accept that Africans have low mean IQs and high rates of social pathology.

      Of course, that does not mean that Europeans should favor Asians over their own kin or that we should continue to flood European homelands with Asians. 

      • So what ? Richard Feynman has had IQ 125, but has accomplished more than tons of Asians with Q 140-180. IQ is good one-dimensional marker of something called general intelligence, but nothing else.

        This general intelligence is perhaps best interpreted as the ability to solve problems & comprehend everyday tasks. True achievement is more colored with bursts of eccentricity, even lunacy, focus on the essentials & originality. In psychologically stable individuals, high IQ leads to functioning modern societies. Boring.

        That’s why Asians have not, aside from a few historical inventions like zero, produced something astonishingly great, the supreme achievement that would be the summit of creativity in any given field.

        • seek

          Nietzsche understood this perfectly.  He was the essence of the anti-egalitarian Right.

  • bluegrass91

     ”  The blacks migrated from the highlands of India (origin of all the
    colored races) to the tropics (Africa) where life was easier”

    Could you provide evidence for this claim? As I have never heard it before, and it seems almost daily that new hypotheses on early human migration or halogroup distributions shake the foundations of homo-sapiens origination.

    I’ve basically been running on the premise that all Eurasian populations are descendants from various groups that had migrated from the fertile crescent some 50,000 years ago, with Neanderthal miscegenation and eventual extinction providing a 4%-1% marker in all remaining Eurasian populations.  (european’s having the largest number of indicators).

    Sub-Saharan Africans are a specific group as they had no ties to the fertile crescent diaspora and also contain no Neanderthal genetic markers.

    I off course could always be further educated.  Early human migration and biology is a dense, and difficult subject to try and completely comprehend.

  • I’ve never said that only Whites could do the greatest things that matter – I’m not a seer or fortune teller. But- most Asians has had more than 50 yrs to give something to the wide world. They did- but still, they’re dwarfed by White nations in everything, from novel to nanotechnology, from medical research to ballet.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    indiana. young white couple brutally attacked and beaten by black mob FOR SPORT

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     this girl voted for ovomit, bumper stickers pasted all over her room…. was abducted, raped and beaten to death by a black at a metallica concert and left in a field. so her rich parents open a school in her name in AFRICA…LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Can’t respond to this because it is over my head…I don’t have a degreee in genetics or anything science related…I imagine since it is here it is compatible with the AR’s collected studies  (which I have bought read and distributed in the past from my personal *sources*) regardiing race/aggression/IQ/testosterone data…makes sense to me that it breeds nationalism in any country…that is why it is always under attack…

  • Talltrees

    If you look hard enough, you probably will find that  study is in progress.  Think one of the Representatives hid the funding in Obamacare.  So, read all of Obamacare, all two million pages.  You will find it.

  •  The people you described are very likely high intelligence mated with high testosterone.

    Low intelligence + high testosterone = Prison blacks

    High intelligence + low testosterone  = Nerd academic

    Low intelligence + low testosterone = “The special home.”