Two Workers Are Assaulted by Youths Downtown

Peter Hermann, Baltimore Sun, May 31, 2012

A group of youths attacked a federal office worker and a BGE employee Thursday morning in downtown Baltimore in random assaults that police said were related.

The workers suffered injuries described as minor in the latest in a series of violent incidents in the heart of the city.

Police are also investigating a fight that occurred at Charles and Lombard streets about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday involving youths who may have been wearing school uniforms. Police said they believe that incident is unrelated to Thursday’s attacks, and they are looking at video surveillance to identify those involved.

Eight days ago, a large group of youths stole candy and attacked the owner of 7-Eleven on Light Street during a Slurpee giveaway promotion. {snip}

The string of incidents has prompted the police commander in charge of the Central District, Maj. Dennis Smith, to order more downtown foot patrols during the morning and evening rush hours, and when schools begin and let out for the day.


“We want to partner with the school system,” said city police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. “We want to quickly identify those involved, and it’s easier to do that with the school police.”

Guglielmi said the first attack Thursday occurred about 5 a.m. as the victim was walking into the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. headquarters in the 100 block of W. Fayette St. near Charles Street. Police said the youths approached the man from behind and one hit him on the right side of the head. He fled into the building as the youths ran away, and declined medical attention.

About two hours later, police said, a 51-year-old man was attacked outside the Fallon Federal Building at Hopkins Plaza, on South Charles Street between West Baltimore and West Lombard streets. Guglielmi said the victim was “punched in the head and kicked while on the ground,” but was not hurt seriously enough to require medical attention.

Police said neither victim was robbed and that video surveillance footage confirms that the same group of youths attacked both men. They were described only as four males and one female wearing white T-shirts and dark colored shorts. {snip}


The repeated incidents have raised questions about security and safety as the summer season approaches. The city is gearing up for several large-scale tourist events, including June’s 2012 Star-Spangled Sailabration commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812, as well as Fourth of July fireworks, Artscape and the Grand Prix road race.

On Thursday, Del. Patrick McDonough continued his pressure on city officials, proposing what he calls a “Solutions Summit” and the creation of a Maryland Youth Advocacy Fund to raise money through private contributions to fund youth initiatives.

McDonough, a Republican representing Baltimore and Harford counties, had earlier complained about “black youth mobs” terrorizing the city and had asked the governor to declare the Inner Harbor a “no-travel zone.”

The delegate challenged Rawlings-Blake to a debate, characterizing her as a “name caller and a dodger” and accusing her of failing to face the city’s crime problem.



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  • Detroit_WASP

    White Tee-shirts and dark shorts?  Well that narrows it down and I will be on the look-out.  I have noticed that when it is a black on white attack, they downplay and even eliminate race from the story.  So, no description of the perps.  Therefore, my guess is that the victims were white in this case.

    When it is awhite on black attack, race is the central issue. 

    • Sheila Dinehart

      *I have noticed that when it is a black on white attack, they downplay and even eliminate race from the story. *wow…noticed that did you?

  • ANY white NOT carrying a gun in Baltimore
    or ANY urban city infested with blacks

    Gets no sympathy.
    If you want to be brutalized because “it’s against the law” to carry where you live.
    Go to hell.

    Even frenchmen in occupied France in WW2 packed heat
    and USED it

  • JohnEngelman

    When I was a “youth” I did not behave that way.

    • Francis Galton

       You used to be black?

    • Rocky Bass

       Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever beating anyone up just for the fun of it either.

    • ageofknowledge

      Me neither.

  • Gen__Lee

    My little brother, age 21 and just out of college, is trying to move to Baltimore for work. I am doing pretty much everything in my power to stop him from moving to a city that is literal hell for whites.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      what on earth would a white person do for *work* in Baltimore?

      • anarchyst

        In most major cities with municipal water systems, white people are required to run the system.   Technical expertise with process control systems is required.  As very few blacks have knowledge and experience with these systems, whites are in demand . . .

        • proxicon

          I live in Baltimore. A lot of white people work at the hospitals here and do security. Thats about it. When I drive through downtown in the morning there is always a big patch of whites in front of the hospital for work and then black zombies milling everywhere about around them asking for change and cigerettes.

    • I suggest you ask your brother review the Crime Avoidance & Self-Defense Advice at:

      Be sure to tell him to check the embedded links….

      I’ve found that the first 12 minutes of Jared Taylor’s C-SPAN presentation of the Color of Crime Report (1999), to be quite helpful in getting people to understand the reality of our situation in America. If they complain that anyone can lie w/statistics, tell them that Dr. Walter E. Williams, prof of Econ. at George Mason U. and African-America was so shocked by Taylor’s report that he ran the numbers himself and found out that Taylor was right!
      Article by Dr. Williams at:

      I particularly like using that link since you have a Jewish magazine publishing an article by a black PhD defending Jared Taylor’s work — if that does not convince people of the veracity of Taylor’s conclusions, I don’t know what will!

      • Detroit_WASP

        That is a great link.   

      • refocus

        Only 2 1/2% of the population is moved by facts. 

        The rest follow the perceived leader.

        • Ignoring the hyperbole of the 2.5% figure (unless you’ve can cite/link a source), you are saying the vast majority of whites — the people whom I share that with — are mindless sheep. That is a racist anti-white insult! Whites are intelligent, analytical, and critical thinkers and doers! We are not like bulls with rings thru our noses who follow whoever comes by and takes our leash.

  • seek

    A “fight” in Baltimore involving a pack of “youths.”  Let me guess:  Were they black? 

    • APaige

      No it was a ‘social altercation’ between ‘two community groups with a historical rivalry’, and they were Non-Hispanic, African-American Black.

    • No, I think it was two rival Hungarian gypsy clans. Or, it might have been Albanian Ghegs against Tosks.

      No wait. Come to think of it, I’m sure it was rival Chinese gangs, the Shanghai Dragons against the Sun Yat Sen Rebels.

  • Police are also investigating a fight that occurred at Charles and
    Lombard streets about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday involving youths who may have
    been wearing school uniforms.

    I thought school uniforms were going to make them all behave.  They told us that they would quit killing each other for their curiously colored shirts and pants. 

    • Sheila Dinehart

      School uniforms are really good for a number of reasons…man can you imagine how bad it would be if those children perps did not have on their uniforms…ha

  • JackKrak

    Memo to all white people living and/or working in Baltimore –

    Leave. Now.

    • Johnny Reb

      Too late.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    do you think these attacks could be the work of black children?

  • There were incidents of mass black crime occuring where they all wore the same clothing. I believe it was in St. Louis. They intentionally dressed that way to make it almost impossible to tell them apart. Clownish activities where we find TNB have many fooled into thinking that they exhibit a lack of understanding tactics and strategy. When the mob attacks finally morph into the next stage, do not get caught in this frame of mind. I have seen deadly tactics used by “rioters” and they can be clever and nasty.

    • “…When the mob attacks finally morph into the next stage, do not get
      caught in this frame of mind. I have seen deadly tactics used by
      “rioters” and they can be clever and nasty. ”

      Yes. Even if they don’t understand what the terms “preparing the battlefield” or “flanking maneuver” mean, they remember what works, and keep doing it until it doesn’t work anymore. Kind of like lions chasing down game on the Serengeti.

      Plus, in a riot our side usually hampers itself with rules of engagement. Their side’s ROE are, “anything goes.”

      • Rocky Bass

         If we started fighting, we would still win outnumbered 10 to 1. Whatever these goons happen onto in the way of strategy, we would beat them. It’s just that our side is not even aware it’s in battle yet.
        Africans don’t win against whites provided the whites are aware there is to be a fight. Blacks seem to do their best work against outnumbered, unarmed, hapless folks, the number of which could become ZERO overnight.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      They do this same tactic in Oakland CA. If 100 people fit the suspects description the easier it is to blend in. They are cowards of the worst kind. They should be classified as Urban Terrorists. Palestinians used this tactic all the time in Beirut during the turmoil in the 80’s. Step out of the shadows in civilian clothing then fire a RPG, drop it and then blend in.

      • Same as it always was… my uncle who fought in Vietnam told me the VC would do the same thing.  Never stood still for a standup fight, they would hit and run, scattering and fading in with the locals of the nearest villiage (who were so terrified of the VC, they wouldn’t give them up).  Sometimes, whole villiages were VC.  They would attack, then pretend as if they had nothing to do with it…

        I would not call them ‘terrorists’.  That is a journey I don’t want to take.

        The Uruk get branded as ‘terrorists’, then how easy does it become to brand anyone, including US, ‘terrorists’ if it fits with the Government’s agenda?

        I am content calling them what they are:  thugs and cowards.  They should be dealt with, with a swift hand.  By US.

        The Government has done nothing about them.  Has even coddled them, couching their descriptions of them as ‘yoofs’ and ‘children’, both terms imply a certain innocence- as if they do not know what they do.

        I would advise that all Free Men go armed, all the time.  Do not travel alone, ever.  Do not travel into Uruk-held territory, even in pairs or small groups, for any reason.  Keep your head on a swivel and LISTEN to that little voice inside- those little voices are your instincts, honed over generations to keep you alive, now dulled by soft western living.  If something feels wrong, then it IS wrong.  Leave the area, immediately, by the swiftest means available.

        Luck and fortune to you all.

  • alastairabbacle

    Something makes me wonder if the darkie mafia made Del. patrick McDonough give then freebies on pain of violence.
    In other words, the Blacks are extorting our government. It is that simple. Extortion by threat of violence. By our African-“Americans”.

    On Thursday, Del. Patrick McDonough continued his pressure on city officials, proposing what he calls a “Solutions Summit” and the creation of a Maryland Youth Advocacy Fund to raise money through private contributions to fund youth initiatives.
    McDonough, a Republican representing Baltimore and Harford counties, had earlier complained about “black youth mobs” terrorizing the city and had asked the governor to declare the Inner Harbor a “no-travel zone.”

    • Here’s the source of your last two paragraphs:

      And this makes me none too happy.  I’m going use the e-mail address listed for McDonough, and tell him that these “youth initiatives” usually breed black juvenile crime, not prevent it.

      Whoever the AR regular is that is a former juvenile parole/probation officer who informed us that youth programs cause black crime instead of preventing it, I hope you join me in e-mailing him.  First, to add credibility, and second, to add another voice.

      • alastairabbacle

        Good idea. Let’s email Mcdonoug

        He might just need to know he does not need to cave, that people support his initial stand for reality.
        He is the first to ever come out recently in the open to denounce Black terrorism, he must be under severe threats.

        • alastairabbacle

          I cannot edit postings currently.

  • Did the British figure it out 200 years ago? What cannot be won by force of arms can be had through simply infecting the enemy. Guess who the cantagion is.

  • sbuffalonative

    They want to partner with the schools to identify the suspects? Are they delusional? School systems today do everything they can to keep ‘ gifted, misunderstood, under-valued, culturally marginalized, young black men out of the prison-industrial complex’.

    If the schools are going to get involved, it’s only going to be to find these misguided, future star students and give them the help they need but were denied because of the racist system they are forced to endure.  

    • vladdy1

      I thought the same thing as I read that.

  • Johnny Reb

    Baltimore may well become for modern whites what Lexington and Concord were for old ones.

    “If they want a war, let it begin here.”

    Of course, I could make a joke about not shooting until you see the whites of their eyes, but that would be too easy.  A negro’s eyes and teffes glow in the dark, especially if he’s had them capped with the yellow shiny stuff.

  • They’re teaching them how to open the templates in MS Word that tell them what the story should look like.

  •  Yes, just like busing.  A black child bused to a school in a white
    “area” will get into college and do very well. Why? It is the effect of
    the white school building.

    I personally heard some blacks, during the days when St. Louis had inter-district deseg between the city and the suburbs, that they sent their children to suburban schools pursuant to the deseg program, because the suburban schools had carpeting on the floors, and this would help their children learn.

    Whites have iPods and they get into college and do very well. Thus, as
    this demonstrates, Blacks given iPods will equally get into college and
    do very well.

    Orangutans can use iPads:

  • refocus

     Now wait a minute… is this some sort of right wing code… are you suggesting that we let these underprivileged children starve?

    • Rocky Bass

       Oh please, could we?

  • Kurt Plummer

    If this were Downtown Denver…

    The business areas, especially in the government buildings (several new, -major- construction projects, just completing) often have secure parking on-site with a keypad and a sliding gate.  In the federal facilities there is a guard manning a barriered gateway.

    Even a recent, subsidized, apartment complex for low income SSI people took 13 million dollars to renovate an existing building with -ordinance required- underground parking.

    Added to which is the obvious solution for a siege-state urban environment:  Once you’re in, you’re in for the day, give the workers a lunch room and a second floor smoking porch and dial in the catered or delivered lunch service from one of several participating restaurants (there are several here that do exactly this, trotting down the streets with enormous stacks of pizza, burgers and pasta boxes), either on the company hook or at a discount.

    I believe we also have high-def traffic cams for all major streets and it’s seldom that you see business people walking anywhere, alone.  Costs of day-parking have made car pooling almost a necessity.

    If the kids were in fact -going- to school, it should be simple for a roll call to be made within minutes of the attack and the usual suspects given the appropriate chemicals to show up the bruising on their knuckles.

    If they never went to school that day, it should be equally simple to prove it as all DPS facilities are in-session by 8:30 which means that the doors are closed and locked with security in the hallways, ‘to keep the innocents safe’.  If the little wonders were out of class, it will show up in the attendance lists and a minimum of a ‘preventative suspension’, for the truancy of course, would at least rap their knuckles.

    I don’t know much about Baltimore but Denver is extremely jealous of it’s retail and business communities’ safety to the extent that the cops actively patrol back alleys and deny ‘camping rights’ as loitering to the homeless except in a specific areas of town.  If Baltimore wants to avoid a color of violence stigma associated with being a black city, they will do much the same to protect their reputation as a safe working/shopping environment.

    • alastairabbacle

      Why not just kick out the troublemakers?

  • ageofknowledge

    Oh it’s related allright. It’s ALL related.

  • ageofknowledge

    Two black females were emptying a lot of trash out of their car into the street at a drive thru and when a white lady asked them nicely not to do that they flew out of the car and proceeded to beat her while screeming racial names at her:

    Unfortunately, the she-boons got away and the police are still looking for them.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     excerpt …BLACKS RAMPAGE IN MCDONALDS MEMORIAL DAY DANCING ON TABLES THROWING CHAIRS (no disorderly? …..not if you r black)MILWAUKEE – Some people got rowdy after Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputies shut down Lincoln Memorial Drive and cleared out Bradford Beach on Sunday. Dozens of teens left a trail of disturbances Sunday, May 27th in a neighborhood that’s seen this before, and it was caught on camera.

    As that crowd was heading home, witnesses told TODAY’S TMJ4 a few teens got rowdy. Some of the teens picked up patio furniture from Whole Foods on North Ave. and Prospect Ave — and by the time the beach-goers ended up at the McDonald’s restaurant on North Avenue. At around 8:25 Sunday night, the McDonald’s was the scene of a teenage brawl.

    “There were cars stopping, yelling at the kids, telling them to stop; one man said stop fighting stop fighting they kept on fighting,” said eyewitness Allen Miller. “Other kids were trying to pull them apart. They just would not stop.”

    “I seen like, eight motorcycle cops, two horse cops, about five cop cars, seven cops across the street. They were right here on the sidewalk right in front of McDonalds, and they were climbing over the rail bottoms, standing here yelling to go, stop, or keep fighting,” Alan Miller, who witnessed the ordeal, said.

    Police shut down businesses including the McDonald’s after several of those fights broke out inside. Allen Miller couldn’t believe the mayhem he witnessed. “There were tables and chairs (being thrown), food throwing a big fight. Cops went in there, they were dancing on the table and they maced them in the back,” recalled Miller.

    The owner of the McDonald’s restaurant did not want to go on camera or release surveillance video of the incident. However, she described about 30 teens involved in the fight. She said during the chaos, a broom was used as a weapon, and two chairs were thrown.

  • SLCain

    “They were described only as four males and one female wearing white T-shirts and dark colored shorts. ”

    Were these, be any chance, oversized white T-shirts that were immaculately clean – what I usually refer to as “the uniform”?  You know, the “uniform” of the ghetto-thug: oversized basketball shorts, oversized immaculate-white-T-shirt or basket-ball jersey,$200 athletic shoes, and hat-on-sideways?  The uniform that says: “I got better things to do than working – I be representin’ for my peeps’.”

    I think we should embrace this euphemism that the media employ: “Youth”.  Imagine the possibiilities:

    …………………As Youth as the Ace of Spades.

    ………………….A Youthard.


    ………………….The truth, in Youth and White.

    ………………….The pot calling the Kettle ‘Youth’.

  • eunometic

    I wonder if the word “youth” will one day be considered as racist as #igger?

  • alastairabbacle

    They can be worse, the Repulicans.
    Think of the Reagan Amnest, and Pres. Jorge Bush.

    What is needed is obviously a nativist party that is patriotic, pro-American business, pro-smart union, anti-immigrant.
    A third way.

  • alastairabbacle

    Why not banish to barbarians?

    Let us go back to city states, where cities can ask for banish miscreants