Chinese Secretly Copy Austrian Town

News 24, June 4, 2012

A group of Austrians whose scenic mountain village has been copied down to the statues by a Chinese developer attended Saturday’s opening in China for the high-end residential project but were still miffed about how the company did it.

Minmetals Land Inc.’s replica of Hallstatt, a quaint Austrian alpine hamlet, is located in subtropical southern China.

The original is a centuries-old village of 900 and a UNESCO heritage site that survives on tourism. The copycat is a housing estate that thrives on China’s new rich. In a China famous for pirated products, the replica Hallstatt sets a new standard.

The Chinese Hallstatt features a church spire, a town square ringed by pastel-colored buildings and angel statues. They’re among architectural flourishes inspired by the original, a centuries-old village of 900.

Members of the Hallstatt delegation said they were proud to be copied but also disappointed with the way it was done.

“They should have asked the owners of the hotel and the other buildings if we agree with the idea to rebuild Hallstatt in China, and they did not,” hotel owner Monika Wenger said ahead of the opening ceremony. “And that was a big problem we had with this project here.”

People in Hallstatt first learned a year ago of Minmetals’ plan when a Chinese guest at Wenger’s hotel who was involved with the project inadvertently spilled the beans. Minmetals staff had been taking photos and gathering data while mingling with tourists, raising suspicions among villagers.
Minmetals Land is the real estate development arm of China Minmetals Corp., China’s largest metals trader.

Wenger said she was “disappointed” the company didn’t ask permission.

Mayor Alexander Scheutz, who signed a cultural exchange agreement Saturday with the new Hallstatt, was more diplomatic, saying “we are very proud.”

While construction was continuing at the Chinese project, in Guangdong province’s Huizhou city, about 60 kilometers (100 miles) from Hong Kong, the site was already open to visitors.

But some were skeptical the copycat version would ever match the beauty of the original, a scenic jewel with hill-hugging chalets, elegant church spires and ancient inns all reflected in the deep still waters of an Alpine lake

“Chinese architecture is very characteristic and stylish,” said Zhong Ping, a Huizhou resident. “Just work on your own style. Why do you have to copy others? Even the flowers are fake, I can tell they are fake at first glance.”



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  • bluffcreek1967

    Other races are always trying to copy what Whites invent and create. I thought it was interesting though that they didn’t copy any of the homes or structures from such Black communties as Harlem, Detroit or South Central L.A. I wonder why? How racist of them!

    • mikejones91

      Weren’t those STILL built by whites? Destroyed by blacks, but built by whites.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yes, that’s a fair point I hadn’t considered. Even when it comes to government housing that Whites build for Blacks, they will destroy them. I guess what I was trying to say is that while the Chinese may copy structures built by Whites, I know of no such instances where the same is done with anything built by Blacks. That’s because nothing noteworthy has actually been created/built by them – and the Egyptian Pyramids is not a good example either.

        • mikejones91

          North Africans aren’t black, so yes, you are right about that. Rap music is probably the only black thing copied.

        • robinbishop34

          I know of no such instances where the same is done with anything built by Blacks.

          Western civilization has no need for thatched huts.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Very disturbing to me is that this village is one of the richest archeological sites of the La Tene culture, the Celtic culture that underscores the still existing cultures of all of Europe.  The flattery of imitation is often and seems increasingly to be a prelude to takeover.  I hope Austria severely restricts any Asian or non-European immigration, or denies it altogether.  They certainly have a good reason to now through this demonstration of cultural theft.  What do you think; will they call their version of Hallstatt “Eurotown” or some such?

  • So what?  They copy the buildings?  Can they copy the DNA and hard-won centuries-old culture of the people that created, designed, built and maintained this city?

    As Reba McEntire once said, you’ve got the words, but you ain’t got the music.

    • mikejones91

      That’s a great quote. That can be applied to many of OUR issues.

  • Natassia

    It just me, or do the Chinese lack creativity?

  • Monkey see, monkey do.

  • I have seen African immigrants in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

    It’s like a termite infestation.

  • The Chinese CAN do everything
    while Modern Americans are satisfied
    at a country that can’t even BUILD TV’s

    • StivD

      In case it zoomed over your head, the Chinese can only ‘do everything’ if others do it first, most of the time.’

      • In case you’re too stupid to see the results on how that worked, explain how them copying us MAKES THEM RICHER than us – like we can’t copy and be as rich as they?

        • StivD

          If the U.S. didn’t exist China would have much less wealth. We are their main market and that’s because of stupid shortsightedness and greed in the U.S. ‘We’ gutted our own manufacturing base.  Chinese also don’t have a huge burden of minorities that they’re trying to appease and pacify.

  • IstvanIN

    I saw a documentary on how they copied for Venice for the The Venetian, Los Vegas.  Granted, not an entire village , but quite a detailed copy of many of Venice’s wonders.  Abd of course the Egyptian copies, Greek copies, etc.  This has been going on forever.

  • The Chinese do know that they copied a CHRISTIAN church right?  

  • Johnny Reb

    Let me get this straight.  The Chinese built a replica of an Austrian town in subtropical China? 

    And I thought Orientals were, on average, six points smarter on IQ.

  • The__Bobster

    I’d rather have them copy the town than inhabit it.

  • RockyBass

    I would agree, the Chinese company did nothing to hurt Hallstatt, quite the contrary, as now many more are aware of it. Were I am resident of Hallstatt, I would be flattered and honored, that someone thought that much of my hometown as to replicate it.

    • StivD

      More people being aware of the town is often a baaad thing. It could become a Chinese tourist attraction. It should stay quietly tucked away.

    • Expect an African immigrant invasion of Hallstatt.

  • Boxer Rebel

    Yes it is true that these Chinese should have politely asked.

    However looking at the history of West/Chinese relations, it is the West that has behaved badly, and is the unethical party.

    The British wanted Chinese stuff so badly in the 19th Century that they went to war to get it, narcotising the Chinese people in the process. As did a whole lot of other Western countries.

    China will have its day with whitey and we are now starting to whupp your ass. The coup de grace will come in a couple of decades. Mark my words you white skinned pigs!

    Modern history of China in 5 minutes:

    • The Chinese can’t create or invent anything themselves because they’re the result of a tiger mom raised, brow beaten, conformist ‘worker ant’ mentality culture of followers.
      All they can do is steal copy and clone. Great at reciting entire text books, reverse engineering, and re designing ideas granted, but even then you have to give them a few attempts before they get it right.
      This is why I don’t fear Asians lauding over us, as they’re followers, not leaders, hell they even had to steal the idea of Communism from a certain sect of Whites.
      They could end owning us though, thanks to our own short term planning, lack of cultural cohesion, our naive ‘one way’ altruism and greedy tendencies, but that’s another matter.
      Here are a couple of recent news examples highlighting the East/West differences in inner and outward perspectives in the spirit of “Western explorers sail the world, China builds a great wall”.
      ‘China jamming test sparks U.S. satellite concerns’
      (The West builds spy satellites, so China responds by building a laser to block them out.)
      ‘China’s Price Gouging of Rare Earth Minerals: A Wake-up Call to the World’
      (China has a monopoly on rare minerals needed for economic growth, and then puts a cap on the amounts to be exported to put a stranglehold on the market and potentially global economic growth)
      So the indirect Western response is… , we’ll head out into space and mine asteroids.

      Chinese peasants will never rule the word, you’ll just do what you’re told to do and think what you’re told to think.

  • I have a small business myself and East Asians would happily record my whole catalogue with their multi-thousand dollar, low aperture zoom lenses into a 60 megapixels camera body, but they’ll then plead poverty when I ask them if they want to buy a $20 item. When I confront them about taking photo’s, they’ll show me a low resolution extremely wide angle shot like I’m an idiot, so now I’ve had to ban all people taking photos just because of the East Asians (Chinese especially), although apparently when Westerners try the same taking photos trick in Singapore, the shop owner will literally chase them down the street waving a broom.
    I wouldn’t mind so much if they purchased something now and then, but no they’d rather rob my business completely of its intellectual value and then not give me a dime for it in return. Asians will happily ask me “how do you do what you do” and flirt with me in terms of promising big purchases, but generally I’ve come to see East Asians as time wasting leeches. Perhaps their lack of artistic interest comes from the fact that to have an appreciation of artistic beauty, one actually has to have a soul.
    Indians on the other hand, I can occasionally get money out of, although it’s often a very uncomfortable interaction for me where they make me feel like I should be paying them to take the product away. I’ve had one Indian put down about 50% of my cash asking price (killing my profit margin and making my labour ‘free’) and then he walked off like the negotiating was complete, and he appeared sincerely shocked when I told him that it wasn’t. Then when he finally paid me, it was from a thick roll of $100 bills and he then drove off in a late model BMW.
    At least in comparison, Whites from all socio-economic backgrounds respect what we do, and appreciate that if they want our business to endure, they’ll need to support us, instead of trying to strip the flesh from our bones locust style.

  • Now that there is disturbing…

  • The Austrians should consider themselves fortunate the Chinese are only replicating their cities and not invading their country with diversity. If only our country could be so lucky!

    • There is black immigrants in Austria, the population is 8 million, 15 % are black, muslim and other nationalities.

  • robinbishop34

    When I see a village at the base of a mountain I can’t help but wonder about water run off from rain and snow melting.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    A museum of white culture, which (unlike the original) will not be swamped and destroyed by muslim immigrants.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    Of course the Chinese didn’t ask permission to copy the village.  The thought never would have occurred to them.  They don’t any concept of intellectual property in their culture.  The Chinese stole a few things from the Japanese (bullet trains and a pop song come to mind) and the Japanese were quite upset.  Naive Whites never saw it coming. 

    When the Japanese were borrowing Western technology, they also changed and often improved things.  Smaller radios, more fuel-efficient cars, etc.  The Chinese just copy, with little thought of improvement.  And, since they cut every corner imaginable, the product is often of inferior quality.

    Must say, traditional Asian societies have produced great works of architecture that match their cultures and geography nicely.  An Austrian village in China would look as goofy as a pagoda in Montana!


  • American choir singing in the town square, 3 blacks in it.

    What Hallstatt needs is a bit of ” vibrancy ” and ” diversity ” and ” street action ” and ” teens.”

  • The Chinese don’t NEED to waste time on spacey-travel. They’re too busy building dams, skyscrapers and money-generatiing industry.

    PS Just meshing with The Daily Outrage!© coverage on how Bad black flashmobs attacking whites is a really really bad thing.

  • KingKenton

     Americans like to think that they are the cock-of-the-walk and numero uno. But why is it then that our towns and villages look like such crap? I’m talking small towns, not big cities. You can search high and low in American today and it is almost impossible to find a small town that doesn’t look like total crap. Houses falling down; shops closed; no services. When I was in England many years ago many of their small villages were so clean and tidy. They looked like something off a post-card. What has happened to our once nice small towns here in the land of the semi-free and once-were-brave?

    • The__Bobster

      Third world immigration.

      Try visiting England today before you make comparisions.

      • KingKenton

        That’s true in some cases but I can go to most any small town in the U.S. occupied entirely by Whites and what I see are run down homes and stores that are falling apart. As for England, my son currently lives their. And in the villages that are predominately White, they still look great (as compard to their American counterparts). I’m sure that somewhere in the U.S. there are still some nice clean, well cared for towns, but they are dang hard to find these days.

    •  Does this look like crud to you?

      I’ll have much more of this kind of “crud” in the coming days on my blog.

      • KingKenton

        $500,oo0+ homes? Of course they are nice. I said small towns, not neighborhoods for rich people.

        •  Most of these in these pics would fetch in the 200s, maybe eke into the 300s.  I anticipate that by tomorrow, I’ll have photos up of houses that easily run a half million, some more.

      • those houses are beautiful.  One of the reasons they are beautiful is because they were built by culturally homogeneous Europeans in St. Louis.  When you think about it, having a beautiful façade of your house is an act of brotherhood/altruism because you never really see your house except for once a day when you come home in the evening.  When a culture feels less bonded to their fellow man, as today with neighborhoods being totally integrated with people from the four corners of the earth, the trend is as we see it now: to build McMansions of brick veneer that are totally ugly.  When building a new house today, nobody spends too much money on the outside of the house, they put what extra dollars they have on buying extra square feet and improving the inside of the house, the part that they see and where they live.  

        A  lot of those houses in St. Louis in those pictures are owned and occupied by the one community that still has a sense of community plus a need to show off for that community: the homosexual community.

        •  You liked those?

          Buckle up, because these will make the ones you saw before look like cheap shacks:

          Let’s see the Chinese copy any of these.  I dare them.

          • yes, extremely nice.  That is my type of house.  You could rebuild civilization in a neighborhood like that.  Looks like St. Louis is doing a better job than Detroit for sure

          • Looks like St. Louis is doing a better job than Detroit for sure

            As much as I like to point out the various study that shows from time to time that St. Louis is the worst crime city in the country and/or worse than Detroit, because of my own sometimes sensationalism, this is why I can’t believe that it’s true.  St. Louis (some of which you saw) versus Detroit?  I can never honestly believe that we’re worse than Detroit in any measurable metric.

            I think St. Louis the city proper keeps more accurate and honest crime stats than Detroit and most major cities.  That’s all.  And that’s a consequence of the SLPD being under state control and not locally controlled.

            In the coming weeks, I’ll have more urban house tours, especially from areas where I would like to live, because they are more in tune with myself from a sociological standpoint.   (LS is too gay/liberal for my tastes).  That’s the good thing about St. Louis the city — There are enough white people to where one can be sociologically picky.  Can’t say that about Detroit!

    • StivD

      The U.S. abandoned our small towns deliberately. Only the cities get the lion’s share. Don’t blame that on people in small towns; they are the ones taking the consequences, not the cause. Most small towns were just a little too white and not PC friendly enough. So they could be safely ignored and neglected.

  • ” Minmetals staff had been taking photos “

    Does anyone remember in the 70s and 80s when Japanese tourist were snapping photos all over the US? I told a friend at the time (jokingly)  they were planning a second ‘Pearl Harbor’ attack and they were collecting detailed surveillance photos.

    I guess I was wrong. Maybe they were selling their photos to the Chinese.

    This is odd. I can’t think of a reason why they shouldn’t have done it.  They seem to have done it covertly so it would be a surprise.

    Still, the Chinese did recognize the town as unique and worthy of duplicating. If nothing else, the Chinese seem to have good taste.

  • anarchyst

    The concept of “kaizen” is actually an American concept.  W. Edward Deming proposed it to American manufacturers  who told Deming to “take a hike”.  The Japanese embraced “continuous improvement” and are successful as a result.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       Yup, you’re right about “kaizen”.

      Funny thing, the Japanese have an amazing way of borrowing ideas from other people and making it “Japanese”.  To the point where most Japanese don’t even realize that the thing was originally foreign.  Several of my students insisted that McDonald’s was originally a Japanese company!

      Most of their traditional culture came straight out of China, with some Korean influence (early architecture and early DNA!).  In the 17th, 19th and again in the 20th centuries, they  adopted Western ideas and technologies.  Obviously to their great benefit.

      Yeah, they copy everything, but they are smart enough to copy from the best!

  • KingKenton

    You’re joking, right?

    • StivD

      You’re sort of a snob, right?

  • KingKenton

    The North-East is the only place in this country I haven’t lived and worked. So, I can’t speak to that part of the country. But I can speak to the rest of the country, including North Carolina. And on the whole, N.C. is just is like the rest of the country… falling apart. I’ve seen what good is, and it isn’t the average town in America.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     There is a “Spain Mura” (Spanish Village) amusement park in Japan.  Lots of cartoonish Spanish villas in a way that only the Japanese could pull off.  A bit surreal, honestly.

    Talking about China brings up my beef with the number fetishism of the IQ crowd (Lynn, Rushton).   Bright, motivated  people who focus all their energy on making things cheaper and quicker.  But NOT better.  Yeah, you can make money in the short-term, but there is no innovation or progress as a species.

    I admire and respect all forms of intelligence and achievement.  Even athletes amaze me.  Certainly the businessman, with his synthesis of quantitative analysis and people skills.  The Chinese make cheap junk very quickly and their negotiating skills are merely persistent badgering and lying. 

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     I’m going to partially disagree with you here.  The Chinese have shown a remarkable adaptability to political and economic changes.  They went from an imperial system to nationalist to communist to capitalist-all in the 20th century!

    Their culture has not changed too much; they are still Chinese: vertical social structures, obedience to authority, etc. 

    I think this is something that the cultural Marxist crowd will never accept. Detroit was not destroyed by capitalism (early America and some Asian nations have done very well under capitalism) nor is socialism to blame (the Scandinavian states come to mind here). 

    Gee, what could it be?  😉

  • Hallstatt  reminds me of the Italianate village in Wales, Portmerion created in the 1920’s, most famous for the  1960’s cult TV show ” The Prisoner ” starring Patrick McGoohan.