Attacker Slashes Man’s Throat in Wrigleyville for No Apparent Reason

CBS Chicago, June 20, 2012

It was an attack so vicious that the victim was left with a massive gash across his throat and it happened just blocks from Wrigley Field.


Michael Schmidt was walking his dog west on Byron Street near Wayne Avenue late Sunday night, when he says he encountered a person he described as a sociopath.

“An individual came up from behind, grabbed my chest with his left hand, took a 10-inch blade, slashed my throat from left to right,” Schmidt said. “He then took about ten steps back and just stood and watched me bleed.”

The Wrigleyville resident said he lost a massive amount of blood, and now has more than 40 stitches in his throat. He said, as bad as it is, emergency room doctors told him it could have been worse.


Because the attacker didn’t flee right away, Schmidt said he got a real good look at his face as he stood under a street light. {snip}

{snip} The alert included a sketch, and described the assailant as an African-American male around 30 years old, standing about 6 feet 1 inch tall with a dark complexion and an afro hairstyle.



After the stranger attacked him, Schmidt said he asked the man why he did it.

“He never said one word. He stood there for about ten seconds, turned around, walked away,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt said he believes his dog might have saved his life, by stepping in front of the attacker after the initial cut.


“The look in his eyes, it was just … I will never forget it,” said Schmidt.


“He had a very crazed look on his face. No look of remorse whatsoever,” Schmidt said.




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  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    here in baltimore maybe a year or two ago a black in line at 7-11 walked up behind a white woman in line for no reason and killed her by slashing her throat. im sure you never heard this story…..

    • The__Bobster

       Ah, a challenge!

      Police Look For Suspect In Liquor Store Murder
      Reporting Sally Thorner (WJZ)

      Baltimore County police are seeking the
      public’s help in locating the man who cut a woman’s throat inside Charing Cross Liquors in the 5200-block of
      Baltimore National Pike.

      Sally Thorner
      reports the killing took place at about 4 p.m. on Saturday.

      According to witnesses, the victim, Aysha Dawn Ring, 24,
      was waiting at the cash register to make a purchase when the suspect came up
      behind her.

      “The woman was waiting online to pay when a man came up
      behind her, grabbed her from the rear, reached forward, cut her throat and then turned and walked out,” said Bill Toohey,
      Baltimore County Police spokesperson.

      Witnesses told police the man said nothing and took off before
      police could arrive. Ring was taken to Shock Trauma where she later

      • The__Bobster

        Now let’s look at the outcome:

        No Justice for Aysha Ring – No Prison for Killer

        By mtr1  |  Posted
        August 1, 2009  |  Baltimore, Maryland

        Attached is the statement I made during court proceedings on Monday 27 July 09 in Baltimore County, Maryland.

        My daughter was attacked from behind while standing at a convenience store checkout lnie on 22 November 2008 at 4pm in the afternoon.

        Her killer, David Briggs, a 6’3, 300 lb black, grabbed and cut my 5’4, 125 lb white daughters throat. She bleed to death at the scene.

        He fled to Pennsylvania, disposed of the murder weapon and was caught by police approximately 40 hours after the crime. A state forensic psychology assessment rendered a finding that he was Not Criminally Responsible for his actions during the crime.

        He was competent enough to play keno prior to the killing and competent to flee the scene, but somehow just happened to pick the only white person in the store to kill.

          • I’m speechless….this is beyond disgusting. BOTH killer & shrinks should be impaled:

          • Maryland has for some time been in the hands of ursurpers, content to spread the lies and destructive qualities of Socialism/Globalism. It came to my attention many years ago with highly restrictive firearm rights all the while crime, particularly black on white crime was outrageous and on the move. Then several years ago I read where Maryland was one of the states that allowed illegal aliens to vote in local elections. At the same time, there were no safeguards placed upon them voting in state-wide or national elections.

        • Sheila Dinehart

          What does that mean, not criminally  responsible…I always wonder why the parent or spouse in a situation like this doesn’t just simply take the perp, torture him for a few days then kill them?  It seems so simple to me…then again the idea is nothing new under the sun…and in realilty is carried out…quietly.


          • WhitesRdumb


            This is the main reason why Courthouses have metal detectors. They are not there to prevent the criminal from shooting someone, they are there to prevent the victim or victims family from seeking justice that the courts ALWAY fail to provide.

  • MekongDelta69

    I think he’s the baby daddy of that black who started beating on that white guy for no (apparent to a normal person) reason whatsoever (except for the fact that he was white) on that SEPTA bus in Philly a few days ago.

    I’d better get Tim Wiseguy on that…

  • sarah stein

    Michael Schmidt, you aren’t very bright.  Here’s a clue.   He cut you because you’re white.  Now go on and find an equally stupid wife and produce stupid offspring.

    • Berkeley Redneck

      Either he’s too stupid to know why he was cut… or too smart to say it. 

    • The guy was nearly killed and you come up with this?  You’re a beauty.

      • sarah stein

        Here’s another beauty. Maintain ten feet of distance and keep your hand on your firearm.

  • Cheri Rodriguez

    Segregation in the U.S. South (and Apartheid in South Africa) weren’t set up to harm blacks; they existed to protect Whites.

    • Look what happens when the safety net is removed, ethnic cleansing! 

    • And don’t let anyone kid you, the North was and still is highly segregated.

  • frmore

    Opportunities will abound soon enough. Be on the ready with Plan B. 

  • MekongDelta69

    Yeah – Give him AmRen’s and Vdare’s URLs (and the other (few) appropriate sites, along these lines).

    Or, if that seems too ‘extreme,’ because he’ll call you a… yadda, yadda, blah, blah… ‘racist,’ sort of ‘ease’ him into it by giving him a right-leaning type site (e.g. Drudge – which links to black crimes committed every day of the century).

  • Even in the police sketch he has those empty, soulless negro eyes… 

  • Remember OJ? He used the same tactic, reportedly taught to him for a movie role as an American commando. I won’t go into details on a public forum but it is a nasty technique and fits the black MO of sneak attack. This is a bad omen, a bad trend that if it goes nationwide for an ambush is already tough to defend against but this type, well let’s just say we need to draw the line here and now.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “Michael Schmidt says he has no idea why a man he passed while walking his dog Sunday night turned around and attacked him.”

    Michael:  You were attacked by a racist black for walking while White!!

    “Schmidt said he believes his dog might have saved his life, by stepping in front of the attacker after the initial cut.”

    Let me give you a piece of advice:  You need to upgrade your dog!!  (my uber-racist dog would have killed that homicidal maniac).


  • Xanthippe2

    BR: Forget the liberal relative and try to talk to the kids.  Warn them of possible problems if possible, but definately let the kids know that if they are harassed they can talk to you.  Sometimes liberal parents will think their children are “racist” and not listen to their concerns or problems until it is too late.

  • SLCain

    The police sketch of the perp looks like The Joker in blackface.

  • ageofknowledge

    Have the NOI death angels been reactivated, is this something new, or a lone criminal?

  • Detroit_WASP

    “He had a very crazed look on his face. No look of remorse whatsoever,” Schmidt said

    Heck, that is most of the shouh side of Chicago. 

  • Chicago is having a “gun buyback” program today.  Realize that this crime was committed with a knife.  You will have crime anywhere you have the young males of Africanus Bellcurvius.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    Do you have a source that states the little cretins on that bus were non-Whites?   I’ve heard this but haven’t been able to prove it.

    I want to add it to my arsenal.



  • Here is another of a 17 year old and the MSM could care less:

    Police Release Video, Pass Out Flyers To Find Teen’s Killer

    Death By Black Man In Cold Blood. White Teen Is Shot Five Times By Black Male For No Reason

    Marley Lion, 17, was shot five times.

    Quote: In the video, a man can be seen approaching Marley Lion’s SUV in the parking lot of a Savannah Highway shopping center attempting to enter the vehicle. Charleston police say that man later returned and fired into the SUV hitting Lion who later died.Charleston police are describing the murder as a random senseless act of violence. Police released the surveillance video hoping someone will come forward with information on the Johns Island teen’s death.”He had his whole life in front of him,” Police Chief Greg Mullen said at a press conference on Tuesday.”Because of a predator, someone who has absolutely no thought or no conscience about life, he will not be able to grow up and experience what we’ve all been able to experience.”

    In the newly released video, a man appears to be trying to open the door of Lion’s SUV. Police say the gunman was attempting to rob Lion. Investigators say the man ran off when the car alarm went off, but then returned and shot Lion in his SUV.

    Police say the gunman they are looking for is a black male, between 5’8″ and 6 feet, with a medium to stocky build. Investigators say he ran off in the direction of the nearby Ardmore neighborhood in West Ashley.


  • Sheila Dinehart

    go ahead henry put it out there…it won’t hurt you i promise

    • Sheila Dinehart

      I mean I didn’t say it…I just provided you with one of the many factual reasons these acts are carried out…words have meaning, *consequences*…I think if she is protected by free speech then I should publish my poetry of rage…note a back idea. Now it is true there is a copyright law…

  • If I were laying on the sidewalk, losing a “massive amount of blood” from my throat, and looking into the eyes of my black assailant, I would not be asking him why he did it.   I would know instantly from seeing his face.

  • This same method was used on me when I was a victim!  A black man was waiting for me outside my back door one night.   He said he was hungry and wanted some food.  I was going into my house to get him some food and as soon as I put my key in the door, he grabbed me and reached around the front of me with his right arm and slashed my chest.  Fortunately it was only a penknife.  But I was scared to death, I thought he was about the slice me like a pig.  

    He took my wallet and got a huge amount of money out of me because I had just been paid in my job as a waiter.

    • Kurt Plummer

      And where was your baseball bat?

      And what were you doing taking out the trash after hours without a light and a watching relative?

      What’s the crime index for your Zip Code?

      If he’s behind YOUR back door, he’s on YOUR property.  Raise the bat give it a whack on something hard and tell him you’ll be happy to tell the cops he said that.  If he doesn’t move, get inside and call them, _never_ taking your eyes off him.

      If he does move, it had better not be at you.

      Swing Casey!  Swing!

  • JohnEngelman

    If a white person did this to a black person it would be a national scandal. It would be in all the newspapers. There would be marches and demonstrations, calls for revenge and so on.

  • JohnEngelman

    You should always avoid the approach of a young black man you do not know. You should particularly avoid the approach of several young black men, especially if it is after dark. Cross the street, change direction, go back inside, lock the door, and get a gun if you have one. 

  • sarah stein

     It’s too late, the secret is out.  Nobody will buy their homes. Welcome to Detroit 2.

  • Kurt Plummer


    This natural phenomenon is troubling. It is clearly genetic – what can be done?

    Separation, a new Republic.  A recognition that the entire planet wants what we have and only nuclear weapon will prevent them from cutting to golden goose open to get the source of the golden egg.

    In this case, genetics may bring other races closer to the white norm than we are comfortable with.  But we will still want to merely be free.

    In time I suspect revenge attacks by Whites – under the radar of the MSM – may arise.

    Yeah right…

    First they have to know it’s going on outside of a tight group of acquaintances of the victim and their loved ones because the only thing better than disinformation is total lockdown by the media.

    Second, they have to be able to find the threat in an environment where they are not only unfamiliar themselves but actually stick out like sore thumbs.

    Third, when blacks kill blacks, it’s easy to spot because half of them screw it up so bad they are caught within blocks, another twenty percent fail to finish the job and someone recognizes them and screams bloody murder.  While the final thirty stick around to brag about it to girlfriends, friend friends and other fellow hoodlife ‘and no one says a word’.  Until they need an out for a traffic stop with open container.  Or find someone sleeping in someone else’ bed.

    Often a mix of all three.

    When a man in a tactical outfit and balaclava (because I refuse to say ‘hoodie’ in reference to whites) properly does _one man_ and walks quickly away, the blacks will scream the loudest that this isn’t their doing and the street surveillance cameras will quickly lead the cops back to the smart side of town.  Again, assuming a white can find his black target in a world where we are the strangers.

    The only way to do operations in ethnic regions is the way the CIA has been doing it for decades:  Hire local talent through cutouts.

    East Asia you go to Hong Kong.  Southwest Asia, Israel.  Africa, Mozambique.  Eastern Europe, Romania or Baltic Republics, depending.

    The problem then being that blacks won’t do wet work for whites, even for serious money.  And the few exceptions are so pathetic you might as well turn yourself into the cops beforehand.

    By the time we are down to extracting personal violence the situation will be so bad that fighting -for- something (national unity of whites) will be pointless in a country which is not recognizeable as our own.

    I say we take the high road before that happens.

  • Kurt Plummer


    As a race, we need to get our heads around the reality that we need to have children earlier and more often. We cannot defer child bearing when any one of us can be cut down tomorrow.

    Well, there’s good and there’s bad to this theory.

    If you think you are going to be in a very high attrition genocidal war state, having a large youthful population fraction gives you the hotheads who can win it (as opposed to going to jail which they are also proportionately very good at…).

    OTOH, if you want to get in a -economic- fight to the lowest common denominator with Malthusian Rules, then equally, by all means, breed like rabbits and watch the predictable become true.

    We have waaaaaay overbloated our population as a result of the Boomers and WWII mating urgency.  Ignoring the environmental doomsayer propaganda, our natural population sag-back is simply an honest response to this.  OTOH, if you don’t want to live in a country with 600 million screaming neighbors, don’t encourage a repeat of the WWII phenomena under ‘use it or lose it’ conditions.

    Anthropomorphic robots are the way to destroy ditch diggerism while retaining a large fraction of skilled trades crafts and college educated workers.  Because it allows one man to achieve the labors of ten slave droids.

    The elites know it and invest as little as possible -in it- because you can’t pay a robot to spend in our economy.  Indeed, they count on junk consumerism by those who have a 5-7 brats to provide diapers and formula for and no real way to pay for the house that it takes to keep them in.

    This is the reality of breeding wars with Hispanic and Black ethnies (because we would have to beat them both): go big and go broke.  And still lose everything that makes American white lifestyles worth living.

    Separate and NONE of our tax base is available to support their existence and the wonders of multicult dies with the bursted economic bubble that the elites /insist/ these people are being brought in to keep inflated.

    Yeah….  And sixty percent of HUD housing isn’t dedicated to useless immigrants either.

  • ViktorNN

    Haven’t heard too many stories lately about white people going up to random black people and attempting to murder them by cutting their throats. Nor have I heard too many stories about white kids going around and attempting to hit random black people on the back of the heads so hard that they get knocked out. I also haven’t heard too many stories lately about packs of teenage white males going into predominately black parts of town and terrorizing black people, raiding shops and convenience stores and randomly violently assaulting black people.

    But no, no way is there any racial component when blacks do all these things to whites. Impossible.

  • Kurt Plummer


    I have been in parent-teacher conferencesthat broke my heart: the
    childpleading with his parents to take himout of school; the parents
    convincedtheir child’s fears are groundless. If youlove your child, show
    her you care—not by giving her fancy vacations or acar, but making her
    innocent years safeand happy. Give her the gift of a not-heavily

    By a career teacher of blacks in the Southeast.

    Then move onto the Unified Crime Reports as represented by _The Color Of Crime_.

    And use the online real estate crime mapper for the Zip Code.

    Because it’s likely that the little darlings or their parents are already hard at it, bringing diversicrud to the local environs.

    And if s/he’s still barking at the moon, finish up with _The Ten Thousand Year Explosion_, _The Bell Curve_ and _IQ And The Wealth Of Nations_.  If it’s good for black to be around smart whites because we somehow rub off white discipline and intelligence upon them, how can it be good for whites to be around dumb blacks who rub off crime and chronic underachievement?

    If none of this works, you’ve probably lost your friendship anyway and should just walk away. 

    Sometimes the curse is social and a latent love for one’s own children can cause the seed of doubt to take hold and grow roots before a willingness to ruin their lives with one’s own rose tinted view of the world becomes a statistic.

    Sometimes, liberals are so deeply warped that it reads like something innate to the individual (i.e. just plain genetic).  And at that point, you have to wonder if the kids will be worth saving either.

  • My instilled white guilt and my decision to abide by the ever-growing cult of political correctness compels me to inform you obvious racists (everything is racist, remember that) that diversity is our strength, that unifying bonds is racist and that all cultures are beautiful and equal.

    Accept the “new” USA as demanded by oyr ruling masters, their politician figurehead lackeys and corporate USA.


    It IS for the children and you DO support the troops, don’t you?

    Love it or leave it.

    And ignore the folks spewing tripe about how a small elite class controls the federal government and is taking steps to ensure the ever-upward flow of wealth and power continues.


    One of the biggest liars is Warren Buffet;

    “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning”

    “While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks,” Buffett wrote in a Sunday New York Times Op-ed.

    “My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress.” – Billionaire Warren Buffett, in a New York Times op-ed on Aug. 15.

    There has been class warfare going on,” Buffett, 81, said in a Sept. 30 interview with Charlie Rose on PBS. It’s just that my class is winning. And my class isn’t just winning, I mean we’re killing them.”

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Maybe he is not a psychopath but a revolutionary soldier acting independantly…that is what they have been told to do…even before Bill Ayres and Bobby Seal…

  • The Black will always be an animal, destroying and or defiling what is of beauty.

  • I have also thought about what you have posted.  God does not enjoy evil.  We have been given free will, the question is not why God allows this injustice, but why do we allow it?