U.S. Army Soldier Brutally Beaten in South Tampa

WTSP (Tampa), May 14, 2012

Police want your help finding four men who teamed up to beat a young U.S. Army soldier in a South Tampa street.

{snip} Police say the victim of a violent beating caught on camera is 24 years old and has lived in Tampa for less than a month.


Police say Sunday morning, at around 3 a.m., the soldier’s car broke down a few miles from home along Westshore Blvd.

The attack came when he was walking home and using Iowa St. to get from Westshore to Dale Mabry. At the intersection of Iowa and Renellie Dr., the man came into the view of a neighbor’s motion-activated security camera.

A group of three young men is seen walking ahead of the soldier. Police say one of the men in the group doubled back and asked to soldier to borrow a dollar. When the soldier reached for his wallet, the first punch flew.

The first, tremendous sucker punch laid the victim onto the ground. The other two men joined in, punching and kicking the soldier.

A fourth man comes sprinting into view from the left edge of the video. The new attacker — a man the soldier said he had walked past earlier — joined in the beating.


The victim was not able to tell police much more: they’re all in their late teens to early 20’s. Two were black men with an average build, police said. One attacker was possibly Hispanic, also with an average build. The fourth man was also black, but with a heavier build.



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  • Just another example of a “sheeple” (yes, even soldiers can be sheeple), getting “sheared” and almost “slaughtered” because of violating principles in this free Crime Avoidance & Self-Defense Advice:

    For those who have read that advice before, it is updated/revised/expanded/new links/etc every couple of months.

  • Mods: did you delete my posting? If so, why??? There was NOTHING inappropriate in it!

  • ed91

    another day, another hate crime hidden by the media……. 


  • sarah stein

     The police have bait car, bait bicycle.  How about bait cracka.  The police could reduce these attacks,  too bad they’ve been instructed not to. 

    • Say, that’s a pretty good idea. You would want to have a couple of other undercover cops loitering in the general area so they could pounce on the thugs as soon as they make their move. They could probably collar a lot of thugs, suitably cut and bruised.

      Naaah, no urban police department would do it. It’s too good an idea, and would make it too obvious who the late-night thugs are. As if everyone didn’t know already.

  • Major

    He’ll learn now. Florida is a shall issue state. Want to walk the streets at night….better have your gun where your wallet is…and your hand on it. Do not let anyone get within 7 to 10 feet of you…ever. Especially if the vermin are wearing hoodies….like I see in this video.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Good call on the hoodie.  Maybe that was the ghost of Trayvon Martin that punched him ???

  • IstvanIN

    Why any white male joins the military to defend Barry and Michele’s nation is beyond me. or for that matter Jorge’s America or Bill and Hill’s America. We haven’t had an “American” head of state for 20 years now.

  • Johnny Reb

    No sympathy here.

    Don’t tell me that if this kid was in the middle of the Congo on safari, he’d leave the safety of the camp and take a walk through the jungle.

    Sorry, but if you’re walking down the street of a black infested metropolis at 3 am (regardless of what the reason is) then you’re too dumb to live and deserve to get the snot kicked out of you.

    Just like with abused women 20 years ago . . . it got to a point where you had to say sorry . . . but this has been talked about enough that if you’re still being assaulted, you’re obviously too dumb to live . . . or you must like being a victim..

    Tough love.  That’s the only way our fellow whites will ever learn to arm themselves and treat the jungle with the respect it deserves.

  • Detroit_WASP

    That poor kid got a street PhD in diversity.  His tuition was a beating.

    He was likely from Idaho and had no experience with blacks and believed all the horse crap he saw on MSNBC.

    • Ariovistus

      “it’s a good thing he didn’t have a legally owed and carried hand gun to protect himself. Otherwise, Eric Holder would likely be charging him with a hate crime.”

      In the military, younger, lower ranking soldiers are required to live in barracks on base.  As such, they are not allowed to keep privately owned weapons in their barracks room.  If this soldier lived off base, he could have anything he wanted in his house.

      My guess is that the soldier was a barracks-rat and either 1) had no privately owned weapon due to his age, 2) had no privately owned weapon due to the fact that he lived in the barracks and 3) did not live in an apartment off-base.

      Soldiers in the barracks CAN have POW’s (privately owned weapons) but they must be registered with the MP’s and kept under lock and key in the arms room when you are not actually at the range, using it.  It’s a big hassle to have a POW, so most soldiers don’t worry about it until after they make a certain rank and have the privilage to move off-base and/or are old enough to own one (21).

      As far as I’m concerned, the military is complicit in this soldier getting a beat-down.  Yeah, he allowed himself to be suckered and blindsided… But look at it this way:  we just gained a convert, one with military skills.  Most soldiers make mistakes, but usually only once.  This guy will not make another mistake like that.

      Hopefully, he will take his newfound knowledge of blacks and spread the word… and raise a racially aware family.

  • slobotnavich

    As always, it’s blacks.  Always blacks.

  • ncpride

    Notice the cop describing this assault as ‘shocking’….. Give us a break lady, shocking to who? A more accurate description would have been: A shockingly TYPICAL brutal attack on a lone White guy by a gang of cowardly black thugs, which seems to be happening with more frequency every year. There, I fixed it for you.

  • bubo

    I’m not all that familiar with Tampa, but it appears  this attack occurred  in what looked to be a white neighborhood.   So you have blacks free roaming through white neighborhoods looking for white people to attack and rob, or women to rape, with absolutely no fear.  That is the reality of things.  

    The police and residents are not allowed to racially profile those that are obvious interlopers or they will be arrested by the inJustice Department and put on trial for their life, much like George Zimmerman.   

    Now event the right to defend oneself from being viciously beaten or killed is in process of being taken away by unelected kommissars.  

    This society is teetering on the edge, all it needs is a stiff breeze to put it over.  Maybe that’s what is needed.  

  • Hope he didn’t utter the “N-word” while he was being beaten; Eric Holder will want to charge him with a hate crime.

    Once again, it shows you that if you’re White, the last thing you want to do is to be walking, all by your lonesome, down a downtown street in the middle of the night, with no weapon on your person, because that’s when the animals are out, and they’re dangerous. It’s a jungle out there — literally.

  • sbuffalonative

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    Yes, the comments mostly side with us as they do when people are allowed to voice their opinions.

    I did notice, however, that in order to post a comment, you have to sign in with a facebook account:

    “We’re using Facebook Comments on articles to create a more civil environment for conversation.”

    This is the new tactic of the liberal-‘progressive’ media. They want to force people to use their real names in order to intimidate them.

     The Buffalo News instituted a policy to ‘create a more civil environment for conversation’. They were tired of all the hateful, ‘racist’ comments don’t you know. You now have to register your real name and home town (posted with comments) which are verified before you can post. The funny thing is, lots of the posts are now coming from people living out of state.

    Very odd.

    • SoBufBiz

       That’s the Buffalo News for ya-guaranteed muted responses. To be honest, you have to own it, and nobody wants the potential harassment.

  • JackKrak

    Too bad the Army couldn’t send him somewhere safer with less chance of being a victim of random violence and barbarity – somewhere like Iraq of Afghanistan.

  • This attack occurred within a half mile of the huge McDill Airforce Base in Tampa.  The neighborhood is mostly working class White and probably 15% black.  Apartments and small single family homes, a bit of subsidized housing.  Rents are about $600 per month.  Ten years ago, I lived five miles directly north of where this attack took place.  The neighborhoods get much  better as you go north.

    Our soldier should have sprinted off as soon as the mopes turned his way.  Maybe he didn’t want to appear to be “raycist.”  I think he would have had more street smarts.

  • This attack occurred within a half mile of the huge McDill Airforce Base in Tampa.  The neighborhood is mostly working class White and probably 15% black.  Apartments and small single family homes, a bit of subsidized housing.  Rents are about $600 per month.  Ten years ago, I lived five miles directly north of where this attack took place.  The neighborhoods get much  better as you go north.

    Our soldier should have sprinted off as soon as the mopes turned his way.  Maybe he didn’t want to appear to be “raycist.”  I think he would have had more street smarts.

  • Zapp Branigan

    40 years ago at Oakland Army Replacement Depot, the surrounding area was largely black and it was common to hear stories of GI’s being approached by blacks demanding money, typically by asking for “a loan” of 20 cents (dollars). Saying no meant intant trouble.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Superb comment and I 100% concur.

    There is no way I would sacrifice one of my loved ones into the U.S. government’s meat grinder in the Middle East, waging war against countries that pose no threat to us — in support of a government whose leaders views White lives as worthless.

    I always am reminded of two quotes by the late Birdman Bryant about the U.S.’s  immoral foreign wars:

    * I believe that if a politician favors war, that he should be in the first assault wave, and that if he votes for war, he should remain in the front lines until the war is over.

    * While I do not believe in the draft because I do not believe in involuntary servitude, I believe that any adult citizen who publicly advocates war should be immediately subject to the draft, no matter what his age.

    * I believe that all the monuments we have raised to men who have been responsible for starting wars should be razed, and public toilets built on the remains. These, of course, would include Lincoln, FDR, Reagan, Clinton and both Bushes, plus a good many other presidents and congressmen.

    …or — in the words of Gen Smedley Butler — “making the world safe for United Fruit”.

    Spread the Word


    Teach Your Children Well.


  • sbuffalonative

    The police and the media work with operatives from the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

    If you have the opportunity to talk to the police at a news conference or the media in their comment section, be sure to ask them if they have ever received training or material from the SPLC or the ADL on how to report ‘hate crimes’.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Also, importantly, local police are being militarized and receiving military training.  

      The government is expecting widespread civil unrest and is arming the local police with military weaponry to be used against us.

      I was just reading about some of the latest James Bond-type toys the government is distributing and can’t wait to try out on us, coming soon to a town near you:

      *Military-developed, next-generation Taser systems capable of stunning and incapacitating large numbers of protesters.

      *Active Denial System (ADS) “Pain Ray” for use here at home.

      *Shockwave Area Denial System, which can taser citizens within 100-meter ranges.

      *Laser Blinding Dazzler system, which causes temporary blindness in protestors.

      *Mass-deployed sedatives to incapacitate crowds.

      *Screaming Microwave system and ear-splitting noise machines for crowd control throughout the U.S.

      This is along with Big Brother tactics such as:  

      *Expansion of Home Security check points to include all modes of transportation including road blocks.

      * Car makers encouraged to install black boxes in all new cars..

      * Major grants going to local police departments for license plate readers to track autos

      *  New portable facial-analysis lie detectors – some units are based on thermal imaging technology

      *Feds are pushing so-called “smart meters” to replace traditional electric meters to monitor, analyze, and yes, control how families use power. Ideal for electricity rationing.

      * A new suitcase-sized cellphone crashing device is being perfected for distribution to local law enforcement – the system can shut down protestors’ phones and disable cell cameras.

      Of course, the feds will tell you this is to make America SAFER from terrorists — but the only terrorists I’ve seen come from inside the beltway!!!!


      • All very frightening. One of the most intrusive is the laser sound reading system. Been around for a while but formerly used against bad guys has now been turned on citizens. This system just shot a laser at a window to easedrop on inhabitants. Worse are the traveling vans that use bursts of radiation aimed at your car, your house, etc. Smart meters are another thing that bathes inhabitants with radiation. Once claimed to be a cost savings method to read meters, it is now known to be capable of manipulating your power consumption. At the very least, the power company and thus the government, will know all of your habits. When the black, democrat mayor of my city forced us to all have these cursed devices, we didn’t know it at the time but he was on the payroll of Honeywell, the manufacturers of the meters. Well what did we get? My electric bill increased by 40% and many said theirs went up as high as an additional 80%. At least this crooked mayor is under FBI investigation.

        • Ariovistus

          Hey Bon and Oil..

          I have a little experience with some of this tech.. especially what is termed “The Puke Light” and CS gas..

          Couple of morsels of food for thought:

          -ANY tech can be defeated.  It just takes a bit of thought and preparation- finding its weakness.  Sometimes defeating multimilliondollar tech can be laughably simple.

          -CS gas and airborne tranks are neutralized by wearing decent protective masks.  Anyone who thinks that America is going to tank soon and does NOT own a pro-mask and a few filters is just fooling themselves… and setting themselves up for failure.

          -Anything electrical needs a power source and is slaved to it.  Power can be disrupted by various means, just depends on how far you are willing to go to do it.

          -We are used to the concept of a ‘small’ world, given that quick transportation has been around awhile, but the Continental United States is HUGE.  The ONLY way you can control a piece of real estate is to have boots on the ground.  The FedGov doesn’t have enough bodies to be able to do that… in fact, if widespread troubles broke out in every major city simultaneously, I seriously doubt the FedGov could put enough people in the cities to be able to control even a majority of them.

          Police forces, the National Guard, even active duty troops… the number of them compared to the size of the continental US or the number of civvies in the cities is pitifully small.  Potent, but pitifully few. 

          The US is simply too vast for the .gov to be able to control it all, and they know it. 

          Which is why they are spending so much effort to scare us, to cow us into submission, keeping us beat down and demoralized so that we don’t do anything when the time comes.. they’re banking on us being sheep.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Thanks for the reply and the valuable information.

            The American population is already being conditioned to accept Big Brother through current security practices at the airport — the grouping, exposure to radiation, the lack of privacy, the rifling through our suitcases and purses, the demands for papers.  And we accept it like sheep.  IF enough of us refused to fly…

            I don’t trust this government and they’re stirring up trouble all over the globe creating billions of enemies for us to deal with.

            Then, there the possibility of an EMP – an electromagnetic pulse:

            *Power-grid failure – A large EMP event could take down the nation’s power grid. In most cases, an EMP might knock out part of the grid for hours or days, but a large enough event could trigger a cascade effect that disables the entire grid, coast to coast.*Transportation disruptions – Modern-day vehicles rely on computer chips to function, and those chips are vulnerable to an EMP. You may find that your car, planes, and the local bus system are down for the count.*Communications are down – Phone lines… cable service… the Internet. All these could be knocked out by an EMP event.*Food supply chains disrupted – Without power, transportation, and communication, it would be a matter of days before we began to feel the effects on our food supply. Perishable foods would spoil. Grocery store shelves would empty.*Emergency response unavailable – With communications and power down, the emergency response system would fail. If a crime occurs in your neighborhood or if you have a medical emergency on your hands, you won’t be able to count on 9-1-1 to bring help.I am surrounded here in California by hostiles — those 100% dependent on the government for food and shelter.What happens when the EBT cards stop working? 

  • Ever notice that it’s never one-on-one?  Cowards.
    Arm yourself at all times and be prepared for the unexpected.

  • tobermory

    Well said.  Westerners should ask themselves who inflicts the greatest harm on our countries ; supposed rival powers such as Russia, Iran and Syria, or the liberal elites to whom we are expected to owe allegiance?   The latter are the real enemies.   

  • Eagle_Eyed

     Ron Paul, however, would probably blame the reaction of the black thugs to the racist government which imprisons blacks for drug crimes.

  • Zip

    Off topic but related:

    I read today where the broken nose and wounds Zimmerman suffered were not threatening So my question is this, DO YOU NEED A TAPE MEASURE to check the legth and depth of the wound and not defend yourself until it gets that way?

    If Ole Trayvon had knocked out Zimmerman my guess is Zimmerman would be dead?

  • Ariovistus


    In relply to this:

    “I question why any white man would join the military except perhaps out of a desperation to find a course in life and earn a living. I mean, what glory is there *really* in fighting and perhaps dying in a war cooked up by crooked politicians in which your presence is irrelevant to the outcome? ”

    Allow me to answer.

    In the simplest terms, I joined the military because of two reasons:  1) I was raised to believe in the bedrock tenets of the Old Republic and b) I felt the call.

    Are there people who are motivated to join the military out of desperation or a paycheck or whatever?  Yes.  And usually those “people” are black or Latinos.  I like to think Whites serve a higher calling.

    My family has had soldiers in it for the last 6 generations (on one side or another, serving one country or another), not counting my service.

    Saying that this was all the individual soldiers and Marines are not relevant is disparaging the memory of those Whites who have fallen and a slap in the face to those who have already served and those who are left to carry on.

    Yes, most white service members, at least in Combat Arms, often question in private why they are being sent somewhere to fight and possibly die.  95% of those whites are salt of the earth Men of stalwart hearts who volunteered to fight and possibly take a bullet for people like YOU who enjoy the lives you have, safe and sound back in The World.  The life you enjoy was bought and paid for in blood.  It’s expensive, and I hope you enjoy and appreciate what you got.

    Those salt of the earth white men will be the very same men who come together when the time comes and take care of you, again, when the balloon goes up and America finally crashes. 

    Fighting is what we DO.  I leave politics to the politicians (crooked and corrupt as they may be).  It’s not my JOB to run the country or decide who we attack or how.

    I know my station in life, and I am content with it.

  • ageofknowledge

    We had to worry about this when on liberty from criminals of all races decades ago. Targeting military personnel on liberty is nothing new. Perps know they have money in their pockets.

    The military warned us extensively about this problem and we were told never to travel alone while on liberty.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Three basics to controlling a fight.  Facing, spacing and pacing.  Facing gives away intent as lane of motion and yet can be used deceptively to keep the fight lateralized which rapidly takes most blows out of reach on a hit.

    Spacing dictates how fast/far the fight will develop as kicks have to swing or snap over a larger segment of arc and punches require a lead step, all of which slows them down.  Never letting the threat get more than 20% overlap (you only have to move back twenty percent of the distance he must advance to deliver a hit) is a good idea, especially if you are outnumbered.  I don’t care if it makes you feel like a sissy, _back off_ and get spacing.  Short of a gun, the best armor there is is air.

    Pacing is NOT about speed but rather about the rapidity of battle pulses between individual engagements.  In this, it’s actually sometimes better to play through (since your enemy has no reason to worry about what’s behind him and so has no defense in depth) and keep the enemy chasing your last position rather than trading blows as equals.  If someone comes up beside or behind you, MOVE FORWARD and delay the encounter.  Then displace and turn back, even if they really just want to ‘talk’.  The fewer times you have to fight in a given pulse, the more dominant you can be in each instead of turning from threat to threat to threat.  Which is nothing but defensive.

    There is less than a 10% difference in the reflex speeds of all humans, from expert martial artists to granny in her walker.  So remember, as soon as you are dedicated to beating down one man’s fast muscle twitch his buddy gets a free hit because you are NOT faster than both.

    Aikido offers one of the most elegant and effective methods for understanding and dealing with the development of a street fight by simple control of the spatial geometries involved.


    You always want to move into strength not from it, which usually means from left foot to right stride in right handed individuals.  It magnifies your ‘stepping power’ as assigned balance and forces the enemy to turn into you using his offside balance which is weaker/shorter.  Figure out which foot you lead with and remember to always give it a pathway to escape or engage the next threat in a fight. 

    You always want to incorporate lateral displacement to force the thug to attack across the hypotenuse of the triangle so that he has to give the tell of a step into a longer reach.  This is particularly important when fighting blacks because they have a strong tendency to do a ‘reach over’ attack on a held guard in an attempt to thump your skull and they can’t make it happen if they can’t get direct facing (try lifting your arm to throw an outside punch from above on a target that is diagonally offset from you, your reach as your balance is completely messed up…).

    You don’t always want to be facing your enemy (your reach is actually longer from the side) but you always want to be LOOKING at them.  You are not a child, do not flail blindly.  No what you’re going to hit and focus on delivering crippling damage.  First time.

    This means more than keeping your eyes on the threat you can see.  The guy let the thug actually step /behind him/ (first punch curls around the front of the torso which masks it) and that was the mistake that basically ended the fight, right there.

    So, in walking, you must continually be performing an environmental target study of where you will next be to make sure you _never_ step into a LOS blindspot where the bad guy can step out behind you.  Cross the street, halfway down a block.  Walk on the side away from parked cars.  Stop and check your six.  Don’t casually look back.  STOP.  And look.

    _MAKE STALKERS REACT TO YOUR UNPREDICTABILITY_.  And so give away their intention.  Do not be afraid to move over an entire block if someone has been following you for too long.  Because even with electronic communications, a preset ambush only works if you walk into it.

    There is also real value in working traffic chokes (between two cars, a door or a gateway, even a tree or light pole) that block or narrow the number of pursuit lanes and again, one must never step in front of a blocked LOS condition where you can be jumped or forced up against something with no more maneuver options.

    Obviously, you want to do your absolute best to keep them all on one side and all advancing through each other’s lane as they have to turn linear motion into lateral equivalent. Group advantage disappears when they all pack up because the body automatically narrows it’s vision cone when it comes time to throw a punch and this can lead to enormous blind spots which allows a good defender to continually use his opponents to get in each other’s way.

    When the fight happens, don’t wait for the other guy to attack to decide if it’s going to be offensive or defensive.  Step off and turn.  That’s right, _force him_ to come after you, even if it’s just a shoving match or loud words at that point.  And when he does, use it at the excuse to strike as he follows.  PULL the enemy to your punch, never take it on an as-equals (flatfooted) ‘exchange of blows’ basis.

    If you can’t hide.  Make the fight happen.  But do it on your terms.


    White: Unaware and unprepared. If attacked in Condition White, the only thing that may save you is the inadequacy or ineptitude of your attacker. When confronted by something nasty, your reaction will probably be “Oh my God! This can’t be happening to me.”
    Yellow: Relaxed alert. No specific threat situation. Your mindset is that “today could be the day I may have to defend myself”. You are simply aware that the world is a potentially unfriendly place and that you are prepared to defend yourself, if necessary. You use your eyes and ears, and realize that “I may have to shoot today”. You don’t have to be armed in this state, but if you are armed you should be in Condition Yellow. You should always be in Yellow whenever you are in unfamiliar surroundings or among people you don’t know. You can remain in Yellow for long periods, as long as you are able to “Watch your six.” (In aviation 12 o’clock refers to the direction in front of the aircraft’s nose. Six o’clock is the blind spot behind the pilot.) In Yellow, you are “taking in” surrounding information in a relaxed but alert manner, like a continuous 360 degree radar sweep. As Cooper put it, “I might have to shoot.”
    Orange: Specific alert. Something is not quite right and has your attention. Your radar has picked up a specific alert. You shift your primary focus to determine if there is a threat (but you do not drop your six). Your mindset shifts to “I may have to shoot that person today”, focusing on the specific target which has caused the escalation in alert status. In Condition Orange, you set a mental trigger: “If that person does “X”, I will need to stop them”. Your pistol usually remains holstered in this state. Staying in Orange can be a bit of a mental strain, but you can stay in it for as long as you need to. If the threat proves to be nothing, you shift back to Condition Yellow.
    Red: Condition Red is fight. Your mental trigger (established back in Condition Orange) has been tripped. “If ‘X’ happens I will shoot that person”.


    Hiding is good.

    If you are in a danger condition of Orange or Red (and the time of day, relative lack of familiarity with the landscape and total lack of friendly support dictated this, not the man’s weapon carriage state) you are foolish, whether male or female, to go ‘adventuring’, away from your broken down car or workplace.

    Such is the equivalent of a lamb walking down a game trail to see if there are any lions about.  If you _use your cell phone_ to call AAA, a friend, a cab _or a cop_ while staying inconspicious, your allies know where to find you and what to look for as a registered vehicle and the lions don’t get to see you come striding by.

    Since there are only a few lions and a huge number of game trails (as streets), it’s better to crouch and wait than generate a motion signature: “I am alone and vulnerable…” through a predictable traffic choke like an intersection.  That’s where the lions will instinctively congregate.

    Cooper’s Color Code is _all about_ thinking ahead people.  It is not about machismo.  It is about **planning** so that when the trigger state is reached, you are already at the mental threshold to achieving a survivable outcome.  This is what we are supposed to be really good at.  Not the blacks.

  • You know what – let the soldiers get beaten. Let them DISCOVER what flag-waving hooey they “fight” for and protect.

    Let them spill out of the barracks, angry – looking for payback.

  • sarah stein

     And so that city died, as will others.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    Blacks shoot old white jogger dead for fun in Raytown, MO


  • Frisco
  • vladdy1

    While this goes on, the President and media go on about gay marriage and contraception. Shame. But as others have said, the comments are heartening. We are now seeing comments that we would have only been on sites like Amren only a few years ago. That shows how bad it is getting under our black supremacist president and AG.

  • It is really sad to see a 24 y.o. white soldier who has so little common sense. The hyenas were there, ready and waiting for stragglers and they found one….

    I’m sure w/those kicked and punches to his head he will suffer brain injury, just like soldiers in war, or like football players, which increases his risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease by 16x!

  • The saddest thing is that if he heeded this free Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice, he would not have suffered that beating.


  • shmo123

     Re: The Brits in WWI. It’s a bit more complicated than that, as was the system of alliances set up in Europe just prior to 1914.  Britain did have a treaty with Belgium and that treaty stated that Great Britain would come to Belgium’s aid if she were invaded. The Germans never thought the British would honor that treaty and went through Belgium to get to France (The Schlieffen Plan). How would you have responded had you been the Prime Minister of Britain? Backed down like a coward, or do the honorable thing and defend your word?

  • Detroit_WASP

    I think they still do that in NY city.  Undercover cops act like helpless yuppies lost or drunk in the city and surprise….the thugs get a nice pair of braclets and a free ride in a shiny police car!   

  • bobthebobthe

    i’m waiting for jessie jackson and al sharpton to cry out that this raycis white soldier needs to be punshed for brutally attacking the fists and feet of these 4, upstanding black youths with his face chest and groin.

  • Two Arrested in Attack on McDill Soldier, Tampa Tribune, May 19, 2012.


    Two suspects have been arrested in Sunday’s violent robbery that began when a group of men asked a soldier for a dollar.  Tampa
    police arrested Geroshe Lewis, 18 and Lerome Howard, 18.

    Geroshe Lewis

     Lerome Howard

  • The soldier was on foot after leaving his broken down car.  Didn’t he have a cell phone and couldn’t he have called for help and  remained with his car?  I $14/year I have a roadside assistance plan with my auto insurance.  Help arrives w/i 15 minutes.