Revving Up the Race Card

Matthew Vadum, Washington Times, May 17, 2012

A George Soros-funded pressure group is behind a new drive to teach Democratic congressmen how to smear their opponents as racist.

Last week House Democrats were tutored by the radical, left-wing, racial spoils group known as the Center for Social Inclusion. The group was brought in “to address the issue of race to defend government programs,” Joel Gehrke reported in the Washington Examiner.


Trainer Maya Wiley of the Center for Social Inclusion lectured the assembled lawmakers that “conservative messages” are “racially ‘coded,’ “ and suggested ways to combat this sinister subliminal messaging cooked up by the Wile E. Coyotes of the Republican National Committee.

Facts don’t matter in Ms. Wiley‘s estimation. “It’s emotional connection, not rational connection that we need,” she said.

Ms. Wiley argued that Newt Gingrich labeling President Obama a “food stamp president,” cannot possibly be “a race-neutral statement, even if Newt Gingrich did not intend racism.” In other words, even though the federal food stamp program has ballooned under the Obama administration, all criticism of Mr. Obama for that increased welfare spending—however seemingly legitimate—is rooted in racism.


The Center for Social Inclusion is caught up in the toxic brew of Marxism coupled with identity politics. This pabulum that passes for serious thought on the nation’s university campuses holds that America is a morally depraved, structurally racist country that systematically oppresses everyone who is not Caucasian.


It has long been axiomatic that when liberals are fretting about possibly losing power they scream “racist!” repeatedly at the top of their lungs as if sheer repetition of the smear will somehow make it true.

But teaching sitting representatives of the people whose salaries are paid by the taxpayers how to deploy malicious slanders to shut down open debate over government spending is surely a new low.

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  • You don’t have to teach non-white (and most white) Democrats how to scream racism.  They know that instinctively.

    Sorta related:

    • Oil Can Harry

      Correct, the Dems know instinctively how to race-bait and don’t need a seminar.

      Still, having this dreadlocked drip’s noxious talking points leaked to the media can only hurt the party. And further blacken the name of George Soros. 

    • The__Bobster

      And the imported ones learn the word soon after leaving the boat.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     The group was brought in “to address the issue of race to defend government programs,”

    Huh? You mean there actually people out there so stupid they need a class on this?
    Here it is in a nutshell:

    Republican says we need cut project X or trim the budget for program Y, respond “See? He wants to cut off programs for blacks because he’s racist!

    Republican says we need to protect firearm ownership and self-defense laws, respond “See? He wants people to shoot innocent black skittles loving 12-year-olds (sure he was, didn’t you see the pictures?) because he’s racist!

    Republican says the weather is great today in Malibu, respond “RAAAAACIIIIIIIST!!!!!!!

    Republican immediately falls to his knees, begs forgiveness, pledges to embrace diversity, flogs himself, and sacrifices a blue-eyed infant on the altar of Martin Luther King Jr. Mission accomplished (a coded racist slogan from the Bush administration).

    Damn George, see how much money I could have saved you? Call me the next time you want to educate idiots on how to rile up third world primitives and their elected representatives (and have your checkbook ready).

    • Yes, I was once a liberal.

      I could not for the life of my immature brain figure out why Republicans believed as they did.   Naturally, I believed that they must be evil and selfish.

      Why are the evil?  Because Republicans are RACIST, SEXIST, and HOMOPHOBIC.
      This, truly deep down, all liberals believe. 

      “Hi, I am a Republican!”   (Liberal thinks:  Hi, I am a racist, sexist, homophobe!”)

      Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
      The three methods of accomplishing this blinding to evil:
      Racism, Sexism, Homophobia

      • Anonymous

        In my college days I would rip on white history and Christianity, but didn’t change my views until after I graduated, worked for a living, read unPC books on my own and came across Jared Taylor’s debate with Tim Wise.  I had a complete 180.  I can’t believe I hated myself, my race, my ancestors, felt sorry for blacks, was pro-gay, pro abortion and all other degeneracies. 

        However, the thing with liberals is they equate racism with white republicans and any white person that isn’t a full-blown communist.  If you tell other whites that and explain yourself, we can wake more up.  That and point out most racial violence is black on white and that even other nonwhite groups dislike blacks and that blacks are resentful of other minority groups.  Tell them the blacks and others play the race card to take away our freedoms and to silence us into submission.

  • radical7

    The fact is that from the days of Nixon’s Southern strategy to Reagan’s welfare queens to Bush sr’s Willie Horton ads , the republican party has employed and reveled in race baiting tactics. They are the godfathers of such behavior. 

    • Anything talking about crime,  benefits fraud, and corruption is racist for a reason, check out the per capita rape murder rates for africa and compare them to anywhere without blacks and hispanics.

      • Anonymous

        If a white person calls you a racist for pointing out black crime, ask them then flat out why they don’t live in a black neighborhood or majority black city or in Africa. 

    • It’s too bad they don’t follow through. If only…

    • The “Southern Stretegy” is a myth.

      Anyway, flagged for trolling.

      • The__Bobster

        The first person to mention the Massachusetts furlough program in the 1988 presidential campaign was Al Gore. During a debate at the Felt Forum sponsored by the New York Daily News, Gore took issue with the furlough program.

  • sbuffalonative

    Yesterday morning, before I left for work, I was listening to c-span in the background as I do most days. Congressman Steve King of Iowa was on and he was talking about Obamacare.

    A black caller, as most black callers now do, admonished Congressman King for referring to President Obama as Obama. Mr. King fell over himself to apologize for his transgression.

     Black callers to c-span regularly call to complain that people refer to President Obama as Obama instead of President Obama. They rub it in the face of everyone who makes such a mistake.

    The fact is, everyone refers to past Presidents by their last name. When you hear Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Nixon, etc. you know who people are talking about.

    I’m really getting fed up with these black callers but I’m even more fed up with the people who don’t simply point out the fact that, other than meeting the President face to face or reporting on him in a formal manner, everyone uses this shorthand. 

    This is a pure act of intimidation.

    • They must hate obongo then, & barry sorento husain.

    • You need to speak with deference to your Black Massas.

      The New Black Nobility. Just as in Egypt. Right in time for the end of the Empire.

      Yes, Whites now serve Blacks. They have gotten pay back, prepare for the continuing enslavement of Middle Class White America.

  • radical7

    Steven argued:

    “Anything talking about crime,  benefits fraud, and corruption is racist for a reason, check out the per capita rape murder rates for africa and compare them to anywhere without blacks and hispanics.”

    It is nothing wrong in addressing such legitimate issues, it was/is  the sinister manner in how the GOP has went about addressing such issues that is the problem

  • Church_of_Jed

    “They played the race card on me, so I doubled down on my investment in Racism.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Racism rears its ugly head after something uglier shows up first,” 1998

  • Johnny Reb

    “Racist” no longer works.  The jig is up.  (No pun intended.)  Too many whites see this for what it is.

    The emperor can walk around naked for a while but once people feel safe admitting he’s naked then he can’t maintain the charade.

    Liberals (Obama included) have never impressed me as being very bright when it comes tounderstanding whites. 

    In many ways, they’re victims of their own propaganda and underestimate us . . . underestimating whites is a mistake many species have made.
    Remember . . . it is whites who are on the bright side of that IQ bell curve . . . non-whites are on the dumb side.

    • Yes, but remember Zombies are dumb.  And they are out for brains.

      Smart people will be persecuted by the masses.  In order to hold down up and coming smart people, evil elitists will unleash the dumb-dumbs on you. 

      Zombies eat brains.  Zombies are anti-racist. 
      Zombies are Pro-Brain eating.

  • Here’s how they do it:

    1. Ridiculing your intellect, your personality, your
    motive, your character, and your professional standing

    2. Shaming you as a person,
    declaration of you as a weirdo; pronouncement of you as intrinsically BAD;
    identification of the innmerable ‘people’ who are LAUGHING AT YOU and the many
    more who WILL laugh at you, if you continue on in your questioning

    3. Confusing you with megadose injections of
    crazy-making doubt – causing you to question both the validity of your
    information and the validity of your thinking

    4. Distracting you, via cognitive-emotional
    overwhelm – from the topic at hand:  This attack
    element is critical to the success of the weapon. The assault is so
    powerful, so overwhelming, so concerted because it is orchestrated to destroy
    all of your faculties and senses simultaneously; coercing you, the
    target, to immediately shift into survival mode; hence you are drawn
    away from the subject  to instinctively focus upon
    stopping your deep, painful psychological wounding

    5. Isolating you by declaring that you are ALONE in
    your position – except for the very few other ‘lunatics’ who agree with you.
    The isolating strategy imparts a warning: if you don’t cease and desist in your
    questioning, everyone will think you’re hopelessly cracked, a weirdo, crazy,
    fringe, a wacko, a nut-case, a right-wing extremist, a domestic terrorist, and
    oh, worst of all, an incurable ‘birther’ – one who repeatedly
    has been presented with the truth but stubbornly, without logic, refuses to
    accept it

    6. Scolding you

    7. Intimidating you with their FAR SUPERIOR
    intellectual power, moral position, and political power. And of course, legal
    and judicial power. You’d better quit right now, while you can. While we’re
    nice enough to let you go, scot-free.

    8. [When All Else Fails] THREATENING you with
    legal action.

    • This is also the business strategy of elitists liberals to new business ideas……

      They come up with new “regulations” to ensure that they keep power, and keep off any competition. 

      Get ready for more Communism by the New York boys.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      A spot on analysis of the situation, my friend.
      We need to come up with our own counter subversive strategies, then implement them ruthlessly.

  • The ENTIRE country is CONTROLLED by screaming fascist liberals.

    Race-baiting SOCIALISTS.
    Looked at the WHITE HOUSE recently?

    IF White-HATING Socialists can control THAT, what’s so surprising about the lesser offices?

  • That’s a dangerous game. Those blacks could have jumped on top of you, beat you nearly to death screaming “die whitey” and “this is for Trayvon.” Then when the police show up they’d say it clearly wasn’t a hate crime and you should just let it go or the blacks will burn down the neighborhood. I admire your balls, sir!

    • Courage is what is needed, Lucas. Especially in times like now. Remember when Rep. Wilson of S.C. shouted “You lie”, when Obama gave his SOTU (State of the Union) speech a couple of years ago? I thought Bantus were going to dump in their pants. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Ted Nugent said the Obama regime might arrest him, if Obama got re-elected. They howled about that, too.

      • Anonymous

        If the blacks get angry, say, “What are you going to do? Get violent? Call me a racist?  Yeah, that’s what blacks do everytime a white person says something they don’t like.  Get violent or call them names.  Oh, what?  You’re going to get violent to PROVE you are violent?”

    • Anonymous

      We’ve been silent for years now.  How’s that been working?  “Oh, don’t say anything, you might get fired/beat/killed, etc.”  Whites need to grow a spine already.  I’m tired of the excuses. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    The race card in action. Look for lots of this in the Zimmerman case.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Exactly.  Being a racist mean knowing who your enemies are.  Statistically speaking.

    SMC – Proud racist since 1992.

    • What converted you in 1992?  Were there similar networks of realistic Whites back then to discuss reality?

        I mean the reality must have been so obvious in 1992, that only the largest Hollywood psyops could have reversed reality perception….

    • Sherman_McCoy


      Although (during my time in the military) every contact I had with blacks was negative, self-delusion and the popular culture had me convinced that their problems were due to racism and discrimination.  My family was touched by black crime in 1992.  All my pent-up rage came out at that time, but the genetic explanation for the behavior of blacks was something I learned about much later.

  • The Jews as always.

  • jack ryan

    I always like to bring up the Left Latino racial advocacy group The National Council of LARAZA to counter these RACISM smears against White Anglos.

    LARAZA translates as “THE RACE” – so when we are being smeared as “RACISTS” by a racial advocacy group called LARAZA/THE RACE, the charge becomes rather humorous.

    I like to say :

    “Being called A RACIST by a racist group called THE RACE, that’s a bit like being called a “Criminal” by the Gambino Crime Family.”

    Remember, never ever back down and start apologizing and pandering when someone calls you a RACIST. Always counter attack.

    • Good battering ram.

  • Wanting easy money for little effort I am emulating La Raza, the Rainbow coalition and other similar groups.

    Sadly, the various minorities (headed for being majorities for various
    reasons) have severely limited my options for garnering foundation
    funds, obtaining government funding, income from lawsuits and various
    economic shakedowns.

    Thus, I was forced to basically create an “enemy” and “victims.”

    Observe the bread aisle in any grocery store.

    Look at the space devoted to White bread!!!!

    Obviously White separatism.

    And with so much more space given to White bread instead of… well, look at dark-colored rye bread!!!

    White superiority!!!!!

    The lawsuits will commence soon.

    You will support me if you are properly politically correct.

  • MartelC

    “Center for Social Inclusion.”  Kinda like ‘liberty, fraternity and equality’ of the french republic, eh? 

  • I just say:

    ANTI-RACIST  is code word for PRO-SAVAGE.

  • I do the same.  We are a growing number, as “all good minds think alike”.  Keep it up.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!  Whites have succeeded when the odds were against us and when we had much larger enemies to contend with throughout history.  If we keep being silent out of fear, do you somehow think it’s going to change?  Do you think the blacks, browns and liberals are going to give us permission to defend ourselves or speak out or dissassociate ourselves from them?  Do you think these same people wouldn’t pass laws to prevent us from marrying other whites or defending ourselves?  They hate us and are going to attack us anyways, so why bother being submissive?  Lots of these blacks would respect you if you told them to their faces that you disliked their culture and told them they scream racism to get money, to scare whites and to make people feel sorry for them. 

  • This is just in from Brightbark News: President Obama is now admitting to being part of the North American Tribe of the Chicanery Indians which is surprisingly a half tribe of Elizabeth Warren’s 1/32nd tribe of Cherokee Indians. They are better known for their Chintzy stile cotton clothing which [cotton] was usually handpicked by African American Slaves owned by North American Indians.

    • Lars

      Everyone is a native now

  • razorrare

    In related news…

    Anti-Racists Attack Diners with Bats & Hammers in Chicago…

  • ageofknowledge

    It is not for no reason that George Soros is called and known as “the most evil man in the world” today by so many.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    why can’t blacks stand up for themselves? why do they need other races to hand them everything? why do they sit around blaming other races for their personal individual problems? why do they whine like big babies about events from 4 centuries ago? why do they create excuses for every failure they have as a community and personally? why do they act out violently toward every other creature on earth? why do they pull random words from a thesaurus and mispronounce the word and use it in the wrong context to try to sound smart? why?