Racism Fears ‘Left Asian Gang Free to Rape Girls’

Nigel Bunyan, Sydney Morning Herald, May 9, 2012

Police and social workers in England have been accused of failing to investigate a South Asian paedophile gang for fear of being perceived as racist, leaving the men free to prey on up to 50 white girls.

Nine men from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, were convicted of abusing five vulnerable teenagers after plying them with alcohol and small sums of money.

The true number of victims who were “passed around” by the gang was likely to have been nearer 50, police said.

Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service apologised after they failed to bring the case of the first victim, known as Girl A, to trial following her initial cry for help in August 2008.

One 13-year-old victim became pregnant and had the child aborted while another was raped by 20 men in one night, Liverpool Crown Court heard. Complaints to social workers and the police were ignored because they were “petrified of being called racist”, Ann Cryer, the former Labour MP for Keighley, said.

Mrs Cryer, who has campaigned to bring the issue of Asian sex gangs to light, said the girls had been “betrayed” and condemned to “untold misery” by the police and social services.

“This is an absolute scandal. They were petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of political correctness,” she said. “They had a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues in front of them.”

Girl A told police that she had been raped and provided DNA evidence from her attacker. The CPS twice decided not to prosecute him. As a result, the 15 year-old’s abuse continued. At its height she was driven to flats and houses to be raped by up to five men a night, four or five days a week. She was singled out because she was white, vulnerable and under-age.

Her ordeal only ended when she became pregnant and her teachers became concerned by the number of Asian men picking her up from school.

During her initial complaint, Girl A gave a six-hour interview in which she provided police with details about her abusers and where the attacks took place. Crucially, she handed officers underwear that proved she had been raped by two men in a single attack. “I hoped they were going to do something and it would stop,” she said.

“But it just carried on. It just started again with different men and more men this time, and that’s when it started becoming up to five men a day.”

Kabeer Hassan, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Rauf, Mohammed Sajid, Adil Khan, Abdul Qayyum, Mohammed Amin, Hamid Safi and a 59-year-old man, known only as Defendant X for legal reasons, were found guilty of running a child exploitation ring by a jury at Liverpool Crown Court.

Greater Manchester Police is being investigated by the IPCC over the failings in its first investigation in 2008.

When the force finally passed a file to the Criminal Prosecution Service the following year, a Crown lawyer decided not to charge anyone because he said Girl A would not be a sufficiently credible witness to put before a jury. A second CPS lawyer backed that opinion.

It was only after social workers noticed an upsurge in cases of child grooming that police reinvestigated.

It can now be reported that the trial was delayed by two weeks when two Asian barristers quit the case due to intimidation by far-Right groups outside Liverpool Crown Court.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood acknowledged that officers could have dealt with the case “better than we did”. But he denied that the girl’s complaints had been “brushed under the carpet” due to racism fears. “At the time we did what we thought was best,” he said. “We have learned a lot of lessons.”

Steve Garner, head of children’s services at Rochdale council, denied that his department had let down the teenager.

“I think it’s really important to remember that what we know now and what we knew in 2008 is very, very different and what we have done is put the lessons in place,” he said.

Rochdale’s MP, Simon Danczuk, said: “What’s become clear is that if police had acted seriously on these concerns in 2008 many of the victims of this appalling case would not have had to go through such horrific trauma.”

The defendants were all found guilty of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under 16. Aziz, Khan, Rauf, Sajid, Safi and Defendant X were convicted of trafficking for sexual exploitation. Defendant X, Hassan and Sajid were found guilty of rape. Sajid was convicted of sexual activity with a child. Amin was also convicted of sexual assault. Defendant X was convicted of aiding and abetting a rape and one count of sexual assault. They will be sentenced today.

Eight of nine suspects.

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  • I wonder if such inhibitions would have stood in their way had it been their own daughters being abused. Every white person needs to view white female victims as if they’re their own daughters. Blacks call each other “brothers” and “sisters”. It’s time whites learn the same attitude (but let’s reject the part where they kill each other).


    • Athling

      Well said Reuben. I agree.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I agree.  Ultimately, we must as whites be able to rise above religious and even political differences.  We need to convert people to race realism, not hate other whites because they are ignorant in this situation.  After all, there is so much designed to make and keep them that way.

  • RebelliousTreecko

     A pet peeve of mine is how Orientals, Arabs, and South Asians are all lumped together as “Asians”.  And not only that, the term “Asian” in the U.S. refers to Orientals;  In Britain, the term is applied to Pakistanis and such, so people from the U.S. might be fooled into thinking that the suspects here consist of Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans.

    Asia consists of various races.  Calling everyone there “Asians” is like calling us Whites, Blacks, and Mestizos as just “Americans”.

    • guest

      Agreed. This is a form of self censorship where British media refuses to refer to bad Muslims as “Muslims”.

      “Asians” gives the reader some vague idea that they’re not discussing White English people, but the bad people being discussed (Pakistani Muslim child rapists) are lumped in with all Asians (Japanese, Chinese, South Koreans, Indians, Indonesians).

      Reading the Western press these days is like trying to figure out the truth about Soviet politics by reading Pravda and TASS – you learn to read between the lines/lies.

    • Are you saying that sex slave trade does not exist for those “asians” that aren’t “asians”?

      Japan, China, Indonesia, India and whatever you’re trying to separate, they ALL have it.  In short, all non-whites do it.

      • anmpr1

         Come on Stephanie.  You are misrepresenting the point the posters are making.  The point they are making is that Asian in England means something different than it does here.  No one is saying that other races don’t engage in sex for money.

        • I am not “misrepresenting” but you are.  You say “sex for money” and I’m talking about sex slavery.  It happens in non-white countries and some comments seem to sound as though certain “asians” or orientals are innocent of the kinds of things other asians do and I say they are not.

          • Funny the BIGGEST sex slave trade exists among white Russians ( Europeans). The “white slave” trade is the world’s BIGGEST sex-slave trade which is run by the Red ( Russian) Mafia!

            The Asians in geenral treat their women with far more respect! Rather than making ridiculous statements maligning high IQ law abiding and highly civilized Asians ( Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans etc) by comparing them to low IQ muslim savages, it would be strongly advised that you resort to real facts.


  • loyalwhitebriton

    How bloody pathetic for the police to talk about ‘lessons being learned’!!.
    Whatever that means!

    The cops should have taken the allegations seriously in the first place, and thereby prevented further rapes!

    I am now going to confess to a “Hate Crime”: I hate them, the whole bloody lot of them. And I am not the only one on this island who feels that way.

    • Boereseun

      Yeah, nice for them to ‘learn’ their lessons now, after all the damage their lax control has caused. Your politicians should be hanging their heads in shame, begging for forgiveness but instead they just appease and placate the very enemy at your gate, while offering a pathetic apology to the family. It’s disgusting and appalling. 

      The true ‘hate’ crime here is the very inability of the police, the state and those ‘social’ workers to act on a very real epidemic of rape, abuse and the very real act of sex slavery. 

      There should be international outrage over this with the chattering of heads and the wringing of hands but it all seems so hollow that the victims are white. 50 white girls’ lives are now ruined because nobody wanted to be ‘racist’. Pathetic!

      • loyalwhitebriton

        To get the full flavour of my anger it would have been useful to read the last sentence of my post, but you can’t because it was deleted by the moderator.
        I actually don’t think that our political and public sector elite are even capable of feeling any shame whatsoever. Their heads are so full of cultural marxism that it really is the case that white girls, even raped white girls, are pretty low on their list of priorities. Can you imagine what would happen if a gang of white lads had been preying on young non-white girls?. Good Lord, the political and media attention would be massive!.
        I’ve written in previous comments about Lawful Rebellion, as allowed under the Magna Carta 1215. In my opinion, any rebellion against these asian males raping our young girls would be perfectly lawful.

        I deleted the last sentence of that post because it would have been really easy to construe that you meant the sentence as a personal imperative. — Moderator

        • Orion_Blue

          Can you imagine what would happen if a gang of white lads had been preying on young non-white girls?

          I think it could, or at least should, result in a referral to psychiatric services.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Furthermore, I very much regret that the Anglo-Boer Wars happened!. Also, if I were Prime Minister, I would happily send the entire British Army to secure a homeland for SA whites. The past is the past, the present is pretty awful, but the future could be so bright.

        • Boereseun

          I appreciate that LWB but I see it in an entirely different light. The Anglo-Boer war or the Tweede Vryheidsoorlog isn’t a war of shame for us Boere. It’s one of our greatest military showings and even though we lost in the bitter end, it showed what a small group of people can do if they put their minds and bodies into it, no excuses. I simply wish the Boers and Afrikaners had the same fighting spirit now that we had then.

          I’m not one of those who still blame the average British, Canadian or Australian person for what happened, that’s futile. I have pride in my ancestors and wouldn’t change that pride for a damn thing. 

          I do, however, blame the greed of the mining houses and other war profiteers though. They continue to this day to make their money through the misery of others. 

        • 20670

          What is the difference between Haiti and South Africa?

          • loyalwhitebriton

            I don’t know much about Haiti. Does Haiti have a sizeable minority of whites who are daily being persecuted, even murdered, by a majority black population?

          • 20670

            I should have put a period at the end of that sentence since it is rhetorical and merely begs one to consider a larger picture of history and how white development of other countries/continents has back-lashed into our nation unlike the Southern United States region *sitting on the stool of ever-lasting repentence* (wasn’t that one of the Fugitives/Agrarians of Vanderbilt in the early part of the last century?)…nay the white(White-European)  race itself sitting on that stool.

    • KenelmDigby

      Hate the politicians who foisted them on you.
      Let the Pakistanis go back to Pakistan, but reserve the most codign punishment for the politicians.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Our thoughts are with you.

    • Orion_Blue

      Indeed, the “lessons to be learned” seem to be about becoming more adept at suppressing and denying what is happening, so as to prevent allegations of “waythism”, since that pernicious tissue of fabrications and distortions known as the McPherson Report made it – ex oficio – onto the statute book. If the accidental and unimportant elemination of a small-time, drug-dealing crook really matters, why was it that a better-constituted England had no time for the sordid squabbles of the underclass in the first instance?

  • Fakeemail

    Those are Arabs or Pakistanis.

  • frmore

    Combined, it looks like the nine defendants received a total of 77 years- or about 8.5 years per defendant and time will be served concurrently for multiple sentences so it is likely a lot less than 8.5 years. These “asians” should be able to get back to the booming white English schoolgirl gang-rape business very soon. Allahu Akbar!

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      “Chruchill defeated the evil Nazis so Labour could give the UK away to tolerant Muslims.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “The consequences of WWII that your teacher won’t tell you,” 1995

      • Orion_Blue

        I am still at a loss as to explain why England got involved about Poland in the first instance?

        A determination to smash the Soviet Union (before it is reborn as the EU) would make perfect sense, but to squabble about a nation attempting to rectify the grotesqueries of the French Versailles Treaty seems utterly irrelevant.

        I really hate having my strings pulled; though I utterly detest seeing the whole of Anglo-Saxon Western Civilisation being monkeyed about with in a similar vein.

  • Jay1

    I wonder why there seems to be an unending supply of ‘troubled’ white girls who can be captured and used by men like this.  Oh yeah, broken families….

    • They are told it would be racist to think pakis/mudslums are rapists.

    • eunometic

      As I walk back to my car in the late evening after a swim in the pool I take note of the young White girls about in the city streats of Sydney as a wonder what kind of state they as bearers of the next generation are in.  Why are so anxious that they are smoking as the asian girls seldom do, why does one have a ‘chinese’ tatoo on her neck.  Ethno-marxist liberalism has demorlised, deracinated them.  They have no tradion or ‘pride’ to live up to, pride (bcause it smacks of White pride)  is effectively taboo.  I think this is part of the reason for the broken families.  The gender-ethno-marxists have in anycase fought a war on family values seeing it as oppositional to their aims. 

      Extra-ordinarily Tony Blair went about pretending he was Christian.  Beware of the hypocrits.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    I wish we could see the training program for the police and count how much of their time is spent on anti racism as opposed to learning how to catch criminals.

    But that’s the point of the training.  When White cops don’t protect White girls from the Diveristy Curse, both the cops and the girls are unburdened from more of their unearned racist White privilege.

    Fighting against “incitement of racial animosity and hatred” is the same thing as “fighting against White privilege”.

    The cops don’t have the privilge of defending Whiteness, and the girls will never again have the privilege of Whites only holy of holies.

    “Diversity is the destruction of Whiteness.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Virulent and toxic anti racism training is coming to your church,” 2010

  • Space4jan

    These events in Britain have taken very much a back seat on our TV news which seems much more interested in a culpably uncritical account of the visit of little Trayvon’s mummy and daddy to meet the mother of Stephen Lawrence who was killed here by white racists in their supposedly mutual cause, celebrating the Presidential support for “gay marriage”, and attacking the Golden Dawn in Greece for opposing immigration.

    • Johnny English

      I would urge any sane, rational person to boycott all news or current affairs broadcasts by the BBC and never – NEVER – to pay the licence fee to access any of their programmes.

      I have heard seemingly otherwise rational people defend the “Today” programme on Radio 4; in my opinion this is the very worst of the BBC’s output – sheer propaganda, operating by a kind of soporific mesmerism on its unsuspecting victims.

  • Speaker of Truth

    White Liberals think White people deserve this.  They will not admit that they feel this way outside of some close circles of friends.  They can not say that they approve of White subjugation in public just yet but that time is getting ever closer.

    Do not play fair with them.  They will not return the favor.

  • IKantunderstand

    Look, I absolutely give no quarter to these moslem scum. But seriously, where the hell are the parents of these girls? Do they even have parents? Or are they the children of single mothers? Are they wards of the state? We corrupt our youth with all this kumbaya crap about race mixing and how great it is…and if in fact you don’t like it, or feel uncomfortable about it-well, then, YOU ARE A RACIST!!!! You must in fact disregard your natural disinclination to have anything to do with these alien people lest you be called a (oh horrors) a RACIST. Not to make light of Galileo’s travail, but I swear, being a “heretic” when it comes to “racist orthodoxy” seems to involve a harsher punishment, meted out more swiftly, with no chance of ever being “forgiven”, than anything Galileo went through. We have dismantled our children’s defense against this onslaught. I cannot express my outrage adequately. I fear I may explode.

    • KenelmDigby

      The short answer is that due to the rise of feminism ( a trend just as pernicious as ‘antiracism’ but scarce remarked upon), White women in Britain by and large order the men about and tell them what to do. put simply, the UK (probably the most PC addled society in the world) as a woman-run nation. It is run by women for women, all legal, executive and political decisions are made in their favor, White men are just there to do the dirty work and hand over the money. Any Japanese who lived in Britain and truly knew the place would have a fit.
        What you see here is the full logical and inevitable consequence of such a female run society. Basically young White women do what the Hell they like with no fear or threat of censure or dare I say it ‘control’. Whilst this is happening a rival, different ethny existing on the same soil, which hasn’t fallen for the pernicious PC BS, acts in the way ‘nature has intended’ie they exploit the vacuum left by  Whitemale castration and using the naural male attributes of dominance, strength, leadership and swagger are able to exploit the weak ethny and spread their genes into the weak ethny’s women.
       The upshot is that if the men of a weak ethny, for whatever reason, abdicate their natural status as leaders, you can be sure as hell that a stronger rival ethny that has no such weakness or scruples will usurp the role, and dare I say it, women of he weak ethny will seek them out.

      • 20670

        Sadly, you sound like a woman-hater.  The truth is that in the past the white man gave the vote to the former African slaves (along with the deaths of half a million soldiers)about 75 years before he felt he should support the women of his own race regarding the vote, and he really didn’t then. This led to women leaning on men like Fredrick Douglas later on…see the pattern? Too many white women feel the black man will protect her because the white man turned his back on her…the truth is that there are so many white women (especially wealthy ones) if the white man could try to comprend certain things from a historical perspective then he would understand why he must try to embrace the women of his race.  White  man and woman united  cannot be defeated by any group on earth.  This is the power of the black man, he knows he needs the white women in order to rule, and he does…consider the darkness of our president.  Who put him in office besides the blacks themselves? White Man will have an awakening, I hope it is not too late.  It is the only way they can ever prevail…many white racial groups have died out because of their attitude about the women of their own race…why shouldn’t the white man acknowledge the women of his own race?

        • KenelmDigby

          Anyone who trusts blacks enough to make any sort of deal with them is a damned fool.

          • 20670

            but how does you response relate in any way to what I wrote?

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I think this is true for white  males  in all Western countries, from Norway to Australia.  It is just that England is so small that it is showing the most symptoms and results soonest.  Some of us, including you, I think, were predicting this in Amren posts many years ago.

      • Orion_Blue

        Another part of the problem here, of course, is that wimmin are being encouraged to be rebellious and adventurous. The unhealthy proclivities of the female to seek out the exotic, the titilating and exciting tends to make them something of a 5th Column when it comes to matters of race realism or just matters of personal moral hygiene.

        It is surely no coincidence that sub-par white females gravitate towards the dominant aggressive, hyper.masculinsed, oversexed and under-IQ’d black males far more than white males would ever gravitate towards the aggressive, hyper-masculinsed, oversexed and under IQ’d black ‘females’.

        Miscegenation is the cancer that threatens to eradicate the White Race.

        •  To be fair, in the context of Britain, for every one native born white Briton woman carrying on with a non-white man voluntarily or involuntarily, there are ten native born white Briton men obsessed with soccer and its many black players.

          • Orion_Blue

            Yes indeed, very true. I have never been able to understand why otherwise seemingly rational Whites would buy into the afro-dominated sports arena.

            England no longer really has a national team, whilst the best of the London teams (Arsenal, Chelsea, etc all), seem to be dominated by Arican-descended players.;

            I think that one thing that put me off sports was the way in which blacks ended up dominating it. Perhaps that is just as well really. I despised the drugs culture for that very same reason, though I do enjoy a Bishop’s Finger (English Real Ale beer), on a Friday evening.

    • Commenter

       The girls were virtually all wards of the state. They were nominally resident in what are laughably termed “care homes”.  Your wider point about family breakdown and failure to bolster and reinforce natural self preservation instincts is a good one though.

      • Johnny English

        They’re wards of the state precisely because of the family breakdown that Kenelm Digby writes about.

        • Commenter

           I agree Johnny. I was just responding to one very specific query that IKantunderstand had posed.

      • Orion_Blue

        Disturbingly, it is those very minors who are in care who are often the most vulnerable. While it is true that the professional social workers have their own moral relativism and cultural Marxism demons to contend with, they actually lack any personal authority to be able to tell these errant and often misguided kids how to behave.

        These shortcomings are endemic in a local authority care frames work in which there is no real capacity of loco parentis, instead it is a holding and containment situation in which the kids reach the magic age at which they can be ejected and then expected to care for themselves, thereby continuing the whole tragic cycle over and over again.

        It is a shame and I would really have liked to hope that something could be done to lift – if not them, then at least their descencents – out of that awful mess.

  • Ann Cryer will be lucky if she’s not brought up on some kind “hate” charge for having the audacity to speak up about this.

  • ncpride

    As outrageous as this story is, the fact of the matter is, that question needs to be addressed: What is going on in these White families that make these poor girls such easy targets for continued abuse? Where ARE mom and dad, and why don’t they know what’s going on with their daughters? We have to do much better by our children than this, that’s for sure.

  • BaronBaal

    The white race is FINISHED unless it DOES becomes racist. It’s that simple.

  • eunometic

    This isn’t unsual in Europe. 

    In Holland (and Germany),  Turkish/Morrocan muslims do the same thing.  See  Enslaving White Women: The Phenomenon of the Alien ‘Loverboy’ in Holland
    November 27, 2011 by Peter Styvesent on the Occidental Observer.

    Saban Baran is a Turkish national who is infamous for forcing over 100 White women into prostitution. He was merciless in beating women up and even tattooed them to show that show that they were his ‘property’.
    Within Muslim (ie “asian”) cultures the sexual exploitation of these vulnerable girls might have been dealt with by revenge perpetrated by the extended family or possibly even by killing (of the “vulnerable teenager” or perhaps even the mother.

    It greaves me to read of the insult and damage that was inflicted on these girls.  I’m concerned for them them and sympahtetic.

    The various institutions Whites relied upon for justice and fairness are lost to us.  Police, welfare services, news services, political parties, corporation and even churches are all completely lost to us.  They are politically correct organisations that can not and will not protect us.  They have implicity accepted the notion that non Whites can not be ‘racist’ and that Whites do not exist (and therefore can not be protected) and that we are the undeserving beneficiaries of “white privlidge”.

    At the momment there is a sort of belated justice in Britain but I fear it is only minor and effective delay.

    Below I’ve attached a youtube video of a main stream media report of the Ethipian maid Alem Dechasa being beaten in Lebanon in a public street.  She subsequently died.  It is  making the rounds in lefty circles.


    I suggest that this is already happening to Eastern European women and that as we loose more and more control in our nation it will happen to Western European women.

    I also suggest that less concern will be shown for a White woman than this Ethiopian.

    We are going to have to protect each other.  We must love each other.  White is right left or right.

  • KenelmDigby

    Pakistanis living on British soil aren’t merely an ugly and inconvienient nuisance (look at the photographs to see how instinctively physically loathsome they are), they are an existential threat to the lives and welfare of the British people.
     The debate needs to be framed in that context – Pakistanis are a predatory danger.
    On another note, the BNP were virtually wiped out as a political force in te latest local elections. This indicattes that there is very little hope for the survival of White Britons in the future.

  • TonyWestfield

    The list of crimes is
    incomplete.  What an effete effort by law
    enforcement even as they congratulate themselves in between shifty apologies
    about “lessons” learned.


    How did it happen that the
    list doesn’t include “hate crimes”? 
    Moreover, these vermin are guilty of crimes against the state, perhaps
    treason or insurrection.  Why?  Simple math. 
    If these pukes were the plain street-variety criminals that the list of
    convictions would indicate, then their victims would have been chosen at random
    or perhaps based on a profile of vulnerability, or even simple proximity.  Yet all their victims were White girls of
    native British stock?  In a small sample
    of five girls or perhaps as many as a dozen, the numbers alone would not point
    to a conclusion, but the remarkable success of this band of thugs should be
    their undoing: One hundred girls makes it a mathematical certainty that the victims
    were not selected at random but were TARGETED by color and ancestry.


    On the other side of the
    coin, the perpetrators were not a mixed bag but were of one common ethnicity.  What are the odds?  The perpetrators–though less numerous than
    the victim set–make a large enough set that it’s reasonable to conclude: The
    offenders all had something in mind; they conspired to serve a specific purpose
    that represented value to them as a homogenous group.


    This bundle of “crimes”–a
    misnomer–would be more properly understood as an intensely strategic attack by
    an organized foreign force upon the British homeland.  Where are the hangings?  Where are the firing squads?  In place of swift and condign justice, we
    read about repulsively timid punishments of a few years…well-fed and
    well-exercised social time in the company of common thieves and roughnecks.

    • KenelmDigby

      Fact – The British political class would much rather put anyone who dared to speak up against these Pakistanis before a firing squad – and masturbate themselves to orgasm – whilst watching the nationalists die, than lay a finger on the Pakistanis.

  • I often mock these glib police cliches. Another favourite is ‘isolated incident’.

    Or as I often say in mockery, “Just one more in a long, long line of similar isolated incidents!”

    They must be taught this ‘public relations’ verbal diarrhea at police training.

    • Johnny English

      … probably by Common Purpose.

  • mobilebay

    Perhaps the ultimate penalty would help stop this sub-human behavior, but I doubt it. Look at the two types of eyes. One group has a flat, dead appearence, the others blaze with madness. Diversity is suicide for any country.

  • Johnny Reb

    Too bad cop’s daughters weren’t guests at one of these gang rape parties.  Learn a few more lessons.

    All western nations have come to a place where the lives of whites are insignificant compared to the myth of multi-cult political correctness.  These girls were probably very por and coming from broken homes.  Cops don’t care about such people.  Neither do politicians . . . except in the month or two before an election.

  • DonnaTxx

    Mass Immigration equals genocide of the indigenous British people.

     UN Convention On The Prevention and Punishment Of  The Crime Of Genocide.

    Article 2, 1984…any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group; such as:

    c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

    Incidently i filed a complaint of genocide to “Genocide Watch” months ago and they ignored me, i guess whites don’t matter!!

    • 20670

      Whites do not matter except as a group to target for violence because they are *easy*  to rob rape, and kill…and what government cares? None, that is why it got this way, planned by the Leninization of Marxism…

      Now, when was it the Arabs bought Herrods in London?

  • anonymous_amren

    None of those people look even slightly Asian. They are Muslims.

    • 20670

      maybe the 9th one is

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Muslim refers to a religion, not a race.   In Britain, everyone refers to Pakistanis for example as Asians.  Pakistan is located in Central Asia, you know?

  • Anan7

    I hope these “policemen” rot in hell.

    These girls were well within their rights to use a gun and blow their Asian balls off.

    The policemen should be getting a**-raped in prison right next to these “men”.  Then they can worry about being “racist” when they complain about their bloody BMs.

  • 20670

    The wretched of the earth…turned into the colored peoples of the world crawling all over the world…

    For a reason, get it? 

    Were not those Lenin’s words for the modern approach from Marx…to rule the earth?

    It is so easy to follow.  The enemies of America have never been modest in their ideology even as it has evolved into Critical Race Theory, Subjective Truth, victimology, *Harvard’s Destroy the White Race* philosophy of the concept of the destruction of *white skin privilege*…now whites are so guilty because their ancestors (White Europeans) engaged in the Negro Slave Trade (I think the Arabs showed the White Europeans how to do it…) that they want to shed their white skin privilege and devote their lives to being guilty of being white, self-hatred, a walking talking pathology for all the world to see.  Can’t wait to show the world how eagerly whites will submit to the death of their own race.

    But, maybe they have made a mistake, eh?  

  • 20670

    funny, that is what has *actively* been going on since the 1900s…it was suggested before that.

  • 20670

    oh yeah, and now the word *black-list* cannot be used at Scotland Yard because it might offend some sensitive others…I wonder if George Orwell, where ever he is, can see all this…

  • 20670

    How do you know whites are not doing just that?  Some, perhaps the best, prefer to fly under the radar’s radar.  

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Yes, I think Tony Blair ought to be prosecuted for his actions while PM and the results they have had and are having on Britain.  Hopefully, someday he will be.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    This case had a double page spread in todays Daily Mail. 
    The DM has also reported previous cases of Asian paedophile gangs grooming young white girls. Thank God for the DM.
    None of the coppers have been fired, and never will be. As far as the ultra politically correct Home Office is concerned, the cops probably did the right thing in holding back, due to the ethnicity of the accused;  to say it stinks! would be an understatement.
    And you’re right, a case like this, but with the ethnicities reversed, would have the Guardian and the BBC jumping for joy!, regardless of the misery suffered by the victims.
    What a sorry state of affairs!.

  • loyalwhitebriton
  • Orion_Blue

    A popular conceit among the left is that paedophile crimes reported in the press are overwhelmingly perpetrated by whites. This makes sense in some ways. When pathological behaviour is detected and subsequently prosecuted, it makes sense that those societies in which the pathologies are recognised as such are the ones in which prosecutions take place.

    In a psychotic cult in which paedophilia is perpetrated by the “prophet” (delusional paranoid schizophrenic), one can hardly expect the rigour of investigation that would emanate from a civilised 21st Civilisation.

    What I find utterly despicable is that the police lacked the spine to do anything about it. If this AmRen post can be traced back to me, then I fully expect to hear a knock at the door.

    The woman MP who made noises about this is an accomplice by omission if not commission, due to the Anti-White inclinations of her Labour Party.

    The way this story was spun in the media went out of its way to conceal the overtly hostile and malevolent of these aggressive colonists who have been imported wholesale by the Labour Party since 1948.

  •  I feel that this is the tip of the iceberg. The uk has an Indian/ pakistani/ asian community in nearly every city or town and i dont think its confined to Rochdale. this is a network and will eventually all come to light. But this is the UK we  let it all happen and do nothing. Maybe this time  it is time.

  • Denise

    Where are the fathers and brothers of these girls? Where are the mothers? Maybe they come from broken homes and both parents are working and can’t keep track of where their kids are.  It’s sad. In the US in the old days anyone harrassing a young girl or woman would have to deal with some consequences from the father or an older brother. Where has manhood gone? I don’t just blame men, we all have some responsibility. Feminism has hurt women in some respects too.

    The blame really is on the shoulders of the groomers who take advantage of these young girls. They are the ones commiting a crime. They should be sent back to their country of origin never to set foot on English soil again. That would be a kindness. England has dealt more severly with criminals in the past, and has a Tower to prove it.

  • the english are the ultimate cowards. all of the worst stories on amren always come out of england. where were the fathers?

    anyone seen the movie harry brown? where the pensioner takes up arms and decides to take the law into his own hands? hmmm hard to believe that movie is about england.

  • Funny
    the BIGGEST sex slave trade exists among white Russians ( Europeans).
    The “white slave” trade is the world’s BIGGEST sex-slave trade which is
    run by the Red ( Russian) Mafia!

    The Asians in general treat their women with far more respect! Rather
    than making ridiculous statements maligning high IQ law abiding and
    highly civilized Asians ( Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans etc) by
    comparing them to low IQ muslim savages, it would be strongly advised
    that you resort to real facts.


  • Isreal?  Really?  I’m surprised Isreal allows that and please don’t tell me they don’t know about it.  Their Intelligence Office has to know.  Isreal is not Third World Stupid so they gotta know.