Miami Beach: Gangsta’s Paradise

Luther Campbell, Local 10 (Miami), May 23, 2012

This is a public service announcement to all the African American visitors coming to Miami Beach for Memorial Day weekend.

There are a few things you need to know when you cross over the causeways to party in the city that doesn’t really want you there, but wants to take your money.

Here are the new rules you will have to abide by unless you want your black ass to end up in Dade County Jail:

  • You cannot walk the streets with an open container of booze. Typically, the city doesn’t enforce public drinking laws, but we all know you black people can’t handle your liquor. {snip}
  • Don’t even think about coming to South Beach if you are faded, have an expired tag or a suspended driver’s license, an outstanding bench warrant, or owe your baby momma child support. {snip}
  • Forget about using the Venetian Causeway to dodge the police because it’s off limits to black people who don’t live on Miami Beach.
  • Racial profiling is in full effect.
  • Price gouging is legal. So don’t complain when the valet charges you $100 to take your car, the nightclubs charge you $50 to get in and $1,000 for a bottle and a table, and the hotels make you pay $1,000 per night.

All these rules will be thrown out the window and everything will go back to normal once all the African-Americans have left Miami Beach on Monday. {snip} Save yourself the hassle of going to Miami Beach and having your civil rights violated.

These measures are just a dog and pony show by the city’s government to make the residents think they are doing something to crack down on the partying that goes on during Memorial Day Weekend. {snip}



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  • Miami Beach PD has a 2,000 arrest quota for Memorial Day Weekend.  Ordinarily, I oppose quotas as bad law enforcement, because they beg cops to make arrests for tickey tack offenses which would ordinarily mean a citation.  But in this case, they’ll be able to make 2,000 arrests just for obvious felonies within an hour.

    • Its more of a plan to accomidate 2000 arrests.  You have to have the infrastructure in place so it goes smoothly. This will mean a lot of overtime.

      • The__Bobster

        Yes, it’s a cap, not a quota. They could easily make 10,000 arests, but they have no place to put them.

        • RockyBass

          Wonder if they will make adjustments in their arrest rate, if say, they see they are going to overshoot 2000? I hope they have barbwired off a nice corral for these beasties, one that can handle as many as comes. A few M16 armed cops would be required to keep’em in. If 10,000 came, they would just  have to learn to get along REALLY WELL.

      • Major

        At least they’re not like the candy cane cops of Myrtle Beach, SC! MB cops kick butt and remind me of the Jersey storm troopers on the boardwalks of Seaside Heights.

        Crunch…bang……bang…slam bang. Truncheons are wel used there…and in MB too. Crack…bang…squish.

  • YoSoyGeorgeZ

    Everything the fellow says here (sarcastically) is true, and personally I have no problem with it.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Luther Cambell? As in Luke Skywalker from 2-Live Crew? That poet-bard who brought us “face down, ass up”?

    • NM156

      He is a champion of the First Amendment, however…(giggle).

  • Blacks now think they own these holidays, and the sole purpose for them is so they can get “faded”.  Not to see a parade, BBQ with family or go to a ceremony that “memorializes” armed forces members, but to get drunk and fornicate.  And when a city takes a stand against them…you guessed it, that’s ray-cess.  Civil rights violated??? They could care less about the rights of the residents and families who want to use the holiday for its purpose.  Their right to that has been taken away by the black plague that appears every Memorial Day weekend.   

    Good for the Miami PD for taking a stand.  They should reach their quota on the first night. I think that when the police clamp down like this and the blacks know it, they’re already stewing up inside and it will cause more violent outbursts.  World Star Hip hop and YouTube should have some entertaining videos come Monday.  

    • redfeathers

      I just can’t imagine them placing flags at veterans’ cemeteries this weekend.  Except maybe for a family member.  As a group, probably the most selfish and self-absorbed.

    • StivD

      Blacks can turn Thursday into a holiday. They almost always have long weekends whether they work or not. 

  • I don’t think local businesses make any money when their doors are closed and locked to prevent black people shoplifting anything they can carry out.  And if these black profligates think they’re being gouged at the few establishments that do remain open for them, they should realize the rate increases might be considered mandatory tips.  Black people are not known for their opulent gratuities; quite the opposite in fact.  They usually make life hell for their servers without tipping a dime.
    I look forward to some new BBB videos come next week.

    • redfeathers

      I’m also looking forward to these videos.  I hope Drudge isn’t on vacation this weekend.

  • “Don’t even think about coming to South Beach if you are faded, have an expired tag or a suspended driver’s license, an outstanding bench warrant, or owe your baby momma child support”
    Hell we need him to say this about every place. All of those things are breaking the law.
    He mistakes price gougeing with what you would pay to get into a high demand place. I would gladly pay $50 to go somewhere with no black crooks in it.

    • Hate to be so naive, but what is “faded?”

      •  Ebonics for drunk or high or some sort of intoxicated.

      • NM156

        Haircut, which was most popular among blacks in the ’90s.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Steven, you mean the Miami police actually arrest people with “outstanding bench warrants” and give tickets for expired car tags and suspended driver’s licenses?

      (Gasp) What fascists!  

  • Johnny Reb

    There used to be a joke that said the Mac Arthur Causeway was the longest bridge in the world because it connected Miami to Israel.  Homosexuals and the trendy Left drove out the old jewish retirees and since then Miami Beach has been a sick, sick place.

    But it’s always been known for huge drastic changes . . . as late as the early 50s there was a sign on the Causeway saying “N-word, Don’t Let The Sun Set On Your Head Here.” 

    And they meant it too.  Whites in Florida used to be savage.

    It’s fascinating though to see blacks mob the sand.  It’s like a massive oil spill with shiny white teefes and bling.  They just go there to get drunk and riot . . . it’s not like they actually go near the water.  The white Cubans hate the blacks as much as any WN and they always show up armed to the teeth.  Tough duty for any cop and tough luck for any poor European tourist who’s there on vacation.

    Blacks rioting on South beach was the Original flash mob . . . look for some great video late Monday night!

    Do you think any of the rioters will remember that it is Memorial Day . . . a day to honor the (mostly white) men and women who died for this country?    Or is Obama’s-America past all that now?

    • redfeathers

      Gay activist Herb Sosa was furious about the events of Memorial Day 2011.  It seems to me that if there are extra precautions taken this weekend it will be because of Miami Beach’s very powerful gays.  I’ve always believed that if any real steps are ever taken to deal with blacks, one of the Democrat party’s most powerful factions, they will have come about due to the pressure of  gays and with a wink and a nod from Jews, the two other key Democrat groups.   

      • StivD

        Really annoys me though that homosexual whites are one of the last white people/groups seriously listened to anymore. 

        • sbuffalonative

          Minorities are now in control. Each minority is free to trumpet their minority as a special right or privilege. Hence, gays can speak out against trouble makers, be taken seriously, and receive special dispensation.

          Of course, the mainstream media won’t make an issue of gays ‘oppressing’ blacks. If this issue is covered at all, gay will trump black and gays will only be seen as simply trying to maintain public order against a few miscreants who only happen to be black. 

  • We should invite the “anti” racists to Miami this weekend….

  • Major

    “the nightclubs charge you $50 to get in and $1,000 for a bottle and a table…”

    Yea they do…the Liv at the famous Fontainebleau charges that every night of the week. It’s standard. But it’s not a hip hop joint either.

  • “Jewish liberalism that ramped up in the 1970s is now paying off in spades”

    -Me, 2012

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     warning graphic video. mobs of blacks loot 7-11 baltimore

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


    • anarchyst

      Nothing to see here – – move along . . . lol

  • sarah stein

    A lot of cities being Detroited these days.