Escape From Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis, by Paul Kersey

Brett Stevens, Amerika, May 24, 2012

Escape From Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis
by Paul Kersey
374 pages, SBPDL Books, $12

We last checked in with Paul Kersey with his earlier book Hollywood in Blackface, an exploration of the radically different realities of race in movies, and in the physical world. For his next venture, he has launched an exhaustively-researched inspection of the inward collapse of Detroit, MI.

Whether Kersey is right or not distills to a question of root causes. Many of us would argue that the cause of Detroit’s decline was abandonment by the middle class, which is inevitable once a mania for democratic equality becomes the norm, because democratic states focus on their poorest and least productive at the expense of the most productive in order to prove efforts are being made to enforce equality. A symptom of this, however, is a tendency to focus on ethnic minorities and civil rights at the expense of all other topics. This is a social conceit, not a political one; it’s popular to pity. The result is a tendency to favor the underdog at the expense of others, effectively bleeding a society dry for political objectives just as surely as the Soviets did before their collapse.

This may be the root cause, but in the meantime, Kersey asserts that the intermediate cause was racial strife — and he has the evidence to back it up. White middle class flight occurred only after the race riots of July 1967 which were the worst race riots in American history. Further, other factors do not adequately explain white flight. Conventionally, proponents of integration have blamed the collapse of the auto industry. However, this occurred in the 1970s and the exodus began immediately after the 1967 riots. Further, the suburbs showed no decline from the auto industry fallout; people simply found other jobs. While economic woes may be a contributing cause during the 1970s, the exodus started in the relatively prosperous late 1960s and was part of a larger pattern in which the white middle class moved out of the city for the suburbs as urban violence rose. After the riots, however, whites began to abandon the city wholesale.

Even more importantly, as this book points out time and again, for whatever reason that the white middle class left the city, the city then became ruled by African-American leaders for the African-American majority. This point is perhaps the most important one this book makes. If Kersey has time to do more analysis for a second version of this book, it would behoove him to include an economic history of the auto industry in Detroit to debunk this correlation that is often trumpeted as causation for Detroit’s decline. His analysis of black leadership may be more important, in that he shows how African-American poverty was not alleviated by African-American leadership:

Young was quoted as telling Rose in Detroit’s Agony:

In this country, Black people are victims of racism. It’s not accidental that cities around the nation that have the largest percentage of Blacks, have the largest percentage of poverty, have the largest percentage of crime, and the largest percentage of unemployment.

Immediately after making this assertion (which is true, because once a city goes majority Black, the Visible Black Hand of Economics takes over), Rose points out:

But in Detroit, Blacks aren’t just the majority. They’re the authority. They run the police, the courts, the schools, and city hall. But Black political power has not meant Black economic prosperity. (245)

This paradox underscores much of the book. If white rule was oppressive, removing that white rule would alleviate the problem, we think. Clearly it has not, and Kersey will give any thinker a run for their money because his analysis of this gap is diligent and thorough. The evidence is overwhelming: since the advent of white flight and African-American government, we haven’t heard much from Detroit. The city is known worldwide for “ruin porn,” or photographs of its once-grand buildings and homes now in decay. Most people find such images depressing because they show abundant potential put to waste.

Kersey draws a distinction between Black-Run America (BRA) or the liberal plan for wealth transfer to poor black Americans at the expense of everyone else, and Actual Black-Run America (ABRA) which he uses to describe the leadership in Detroit and thus to illustrate the negative future offered if BRA succeeds. His thesis seems to be that African-Americans are incapable of self-government, and that a liberal plan to introduce Black-Run America will thus introduce Detroit levels of destruction across the United States. This idea contradicts the notion that most Americans are applying to race, which are expressed most clearly in the Kerner Report (253). This report, like most mainstream news sources and government, argues that since people are equal, the only source of African-American poverty is white racism. Further, the thinking goes, the solution is to spend large amounts of money on “Great Society” styled programs designed to bring equality to people through welfare, education and empowerment programs.

To defeat this mythos, which has the power of being an emotionally-satisfying and clear “easy” answer, Kersey digs deeply into the news articles and books about Detroit’s failings. His strength is as a researcher and contraster of ideas, and most of his arguments do not directly attack dominant paradigms but rather undermine them with clearly contradictory data and then explore those topics like tunnels through the vast mound of information on Detroit. At the end of those tunnels, he finds information that suggests a different truth, and emphasizes it by incorporating it into his narrative of the white middle class versus BRA and its advocates.

Much like the articles on this blog, Kersey is fond of quoting whole sections from his sources, and then explaining them in depth like a sociological analysis from primary sources. This fits right in with the funereal tone of this book as it presides over the decline of “The Paris of the West,” and allows him to approach it as an archaeologist trying to uncover the reasons for the failing of a once-great civilization. His sources often do the best explaining for him, through their inability to address certain possibilities or provide reasons for the decline; Kersey fills in for them using other sources, showing a truth emerging from reading between the lines and correlating similar data from different sources to provide a full picture of events.

In the 1960s, Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) like Mayor Jerry Cavanaugh thought that massive spending programs — redistribution of wealth — could maintain a steady peace between the white and black populations of the city. These dreams would spectacularly end in late July 1967 when Black people rioted, but the rest of the nation still clings to the belief that the government can redistribute money to the Black community to maintain the peace. (181)

The writing is compelling with strong and clear topic sentences, formidably readable explanations, and a refusal to drift off-course and ramble. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the copy-editing of this book, which is a bit rough at times and undermines his message. However, as these are blog posts gathered up and republished, it’s understandable that some errors would creep in since blog posts usually happen after work, during dinner, while phones and family members scream, at least for most bloggers. If SBPDL re-editions this book, it could use a rigorous edit to bring out its true power. As it is, the book is a joy to read that zips right along without running the reader into any incoherent parts. It doggedly stays on top of its argument, and owing to its nature as a collection of essays, is redundant, but without losing sight of what it is expressing. The effect here is like layers of an onion, in which each essay provides more clarity on what the previous one expressed.

As a good nationalist, I think Kersey has made a monumental effort here and has most likely identified the proximate cause of Detroit’s downfall, but there is more to the story. Whether African-descended people are capable of self-rule here or in Africa or not is not the question; the real question is, can diversity exist without destroying both the host (majority) and guest (minority) populations? History and current events show us that wherever diversity is tried, no matter what the ingredients, one population ends up impoverished and angry and the other population ends up in the role of perpetual giver, or being those from whom wealth is redistributed. Detroit shows us a valiant effort at making a city diverse and how, because diversity fosters distrust as Robert D. Putnam’s research shows, that valiant effort is doomed to failure because the resulting distrust creates blame, which in turn creates victimization, which in turn creates retribution through crime by the minority and abusive authority by the majority. This pattern repeats time and again even when both groups are white. African-descendend peoples, who evolved to adapt to an environment and social climate that did not emphasize rule-based civilizations, may also have additional challenges, but these are somewhat academic since diversity itself will undermine African-American self-rule and/or white stewardship.

It is important that these contextual musings come secondary to what Kersey so eloquently expresses in this book. When the Founding Fathers of the United States wrote about freedom of speech, this was the kind of book they had in mind. Speech that is universally praised or is inoffensive does not need protection; radical theses that undermine the wrong but popular ways in which we construct our society, on the other hand, not only need protection but require us to be extra-vigilant in promoting and analyzing theme. Whatever we think of the ultimate cause of Detroit’s decline, Escape From Detroit shatters the possibility of the convenient fairy tales we tell ourselves, and shames us into searching more diligently for the actual cause. In that it is a triumph and for those who can think outside of the government-media-populist narrative, one of the major book events of this year.

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  • JohnEngelman

    The black ghetto riots that happened in the United States from 1964 to 1968 turned the United States into a Republican country. Whites noticed that the riots ended when Richard Nixon became president in 1969. 
    Nevertheless, changes in technology and the legal system that made it easy to move factory jobs to low wage states and countries certainly did contribute to the decline of Detroit. 
    While Republicans like to blame Democrat rule for the decline of Detroit, when Democrats dominate cities with thriving economies, like San Francisco and San Jose, the results are good. 

    • WmarkW

       Jared has pointed out that liberal values and economics have succeeded just fine in places like Portland, Marin County and Vermont.   The issue isn’t liberalism _per_se_, it’s the assumptions about who’s capable of practicing it.

      • JohnEngelman

        A problem with liberals is that they usually assume that everyone is as civilized, enlightened, and evolved as they are, or would be given the right environment. Liberals have difficulty accepting the reality of human wickedness. They cannot understand the mentality of those who psychologically and intellectually are closer to the stone age. 

        • WmarkW

           I came to the Amren philosophy from liberalism, not conservatism.  I’m much more aligned with Arthur Jensen or pre-Senate Patrick Moynihan, that it’s really too bad that the people who should be the most important targets of our uplift programs, aren’t capable of using them as intended.

          But I would like the programs used to help the people they can. 

          • APaige

            A helping hand would have been much better than a hand-out. Sometimes the best way to ‘help’ is to do nothing.

          •  Moynihan was a disgusting disappointment, the way he kow-towed to the Neo-Con slime.He was supposed to be the kind of guy to PROTECT US from that trash,but he revelled in their approval and frienship. 

          • JohnEngelman

            The New Deal succeeded because it made it possible to white male blue collar workers to earn reasonably well paying jobs and support families. The War on Poverty failed because it ignored innate differences between the races. The civil rights legislation was a disappointment for the same reason. 
            Nevertheless, the civil rights legislation has opened opportunities for blacks who perform adequately and who behave decently. 

          • MikeofAges

             R-u-s-t B-o-w-l.

          • Tom Laws

             The new deal was/is a mirage that repeated so often seems real;
            Adjusted for inflation, the wages for autoworkers were amongst the highest in the nation pre depression. You’ll never see that in the media or school room.

          • JohnEngelman

             The new deal was/is a mirage that repeated so often seems real.
            – Tom Laws
            Franklin Roosevelt was reelected three times because most blue collar workers disagreed with you. So did most of the country. 

        • Church_of_Jed

          THE DISPOSSED MAJORITY, by Wilmot Robertson, 4th Revised Edition, 1996:

          The most truly disadvantaged are those who are hated for their virtues not their vices, who insist on playing the game of life with opponents who have long ago abandoned the rules, who stubbornly go on believing that a set of highly sophisticated institutions developed by and for a particular people at a particular point in time and space is operational for all peoples under all circumstances.

        • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

          When I look around at the effeminate, unwashed, unshaved, homosexual, drug-addled eco-lunatic liberals of Seattle, I don’t see civilization, enlightenment, and evolution.  I see a plague that leeches off of the free enterprise capitalism it so deplores and without which it cannot survive.  I see the decline of our culture and civilization, not its pinnacle. 

          Liberalism lives off of capitalism.  It will either be cured, or kill the host, just like every disease. 

          • MikeofAges

             Very Nietzschean. Not that I agree with Nietzsche very much. But it is interesting how the liberals thrive by monopolizing certain types of work and pretending like no can do what they do but them. Not true, of course. But they’re pretty good at keeping everyone else out. That’s their forte, really.

          • ATBOTL

            Capitalism has been the driving force dispossessing whites since the African slave trade began.  

          • Tom Laws

             Capitalism is simply survival of the fittest. True capitalism is simply freedom. It’s the social system that parasites off of the wealth produced that impoverishes us.

    • Those cities are white cities.

      • haroldcrews

        Paul Kersey goes into this in his book using Pittsburgh and to a lesser extent Portland as liberal but white cities that are prospering and are among the best places to live in the US.

        • APaige

          A great comparison is Pittsburgh and Gary, IN. Both built and sustained by the steel industry. One is majority white WITH white leadership…one is majority black WITH black leadership. I could stop there…but one is a great thriving city and one is a violent cesspool…any guesses?

          • MikeofAges

             Lousy comparison. Gary had  nothing like Pittsburgh’s asset. Pittsburgh was a big league city. Gary a one-industry town.

          • APaige

            What assets? Pittsburgh is not even in the top 50 largest U.S cities.  (51st in 2000) In between 1981-82 over 150,000 people in the steel industry lost their jobs-thats almost 1/4 of the total population. That is a one-industry town. Its a great comparison because both were built on the same industry that collapsed at the same time…different demographics. If Gary was majority white do you think it would be in the same condition?

          • MikeofAges

             Apaige: No one likes to be contradicted, but Pittsburgh was a major metropolitan area. Gary was a blue collar town with one industry. If you can’t see why a city like Pittsburgh had assets which could assist in its recovery where Gary did not, you’re just a stubborn guy. Even if Gary had been all-white, it probably would be in bad shape anyway. Not like it is, okay. But bad shape as a city.

        • lanceman

          I have made numerous business trips to Pittsburgh. It’s not a bad place. But Allegheny County is a financial wreck. I know Westinghouse moved most of their engineering design/services to the county to the north.

          Liberalism works better with a homogeneous white population. But its still liberalism.

      • The__Bobster

        Errrr, Yuan Chinaman is baiting you.  Don’t take him up on it.

      • JohnEngelman

        (Shhhh. That’s raciss.)

    •  You think the results are good in SF and San Jose? You cite 2 cities that benefit from 2 cash cows, tourism and Silicon valley, but the city’s themselves are dysfunctional and are slowly bleeding the cows dry. The democrats are constantly raising fees and taxes or cutting services to pay off their union benefactors. These 2 cities are surviving in spite of the democrats, not because of them.

      • zWsA

        Well said, Jean. 
        Take away Silicon Valley, and California would be one of the poorest states in the union. I would extend your analysis by concluding that almost all successful jurisdictions in the world succeeded despite governmental obstacles and politicians. Although having government accountability (as is the case in most genuine democracies) does help to contain the damage caused by poor governance. But, yes, once in a blue moon you’ll get a politician that brings net benefits to society.

    • zion1king

      What are you talking about? California is absolutely  the most financially broke state in the country! The reason why is obvious. It has been run into the ground by Democrats and their foolish liberal self indulgent policies of fiscal mismanagement. Please do your homework before trying to use the examples you have given as some sort of positive sign of “thriving economies”. San Francisco and San Jose are ” jewels” in a “crown” of California’s impending self implosion. What looks good on paper means nothing compared to the BIG PICTURE. And that picture is very ominous!!!

  • In less than ten years no matter who is in Congress or the the White House, every city in America will be a Detroit.  There are already so many Detroits: Jackson, Fl; Philladelphia, Newark, Los Angles, Chicago, Buffalo, Cleaveland, etc.  The numbers are growing monthly.  There are so many dead people in these cities who vote Democrat that nothing can stop it now.  Well there is away but no one wants to hear it.

    • YET!

    •  Cheer Up Aunti, there won’t be a Congress or White House or America in 10 years!  This madness is almost at its end.  It is unsustainable

      • I, too, am optimistic. If we can fall this far in just 40 or 50 years, we can recover quickly as well. The pressure on whites is surely fast approaching the threshold past which it becomes impossible to further suppress public discourse on the problem. At that point I predict white self-segregation will rapidly accelerate; we will see true public resistance to wealth transfers and forced integration. Cut off the handouts and the blacks will descend into anarchy in a few years, tops. And then our Dear Leaders will finally have to face the problem of what in hell to do with them.

    • redfeathers

      I don’t know if you meant it this way, but you’re right…dead people in these cities do vote democrat!  Sometimes more than once!

  • Church_of_Jed

    If you read his Stuff Black People Don’t Like, you will be wonder struck that such a young man has a great and  deep insight into the rhetoric and purposes of our enemies.  He has an important future, partly aided by how prophetic is his voice, and fully aided by how determined the Diversity Curse is to proving correct every iota of his craka bias, bigotry, and racism.

    Our only complaint is he keeps using the term “black people,” which insults people.  “The blacks” or “the Diversity,” would be just fine.

    •  I love SBPDL, it shows everyday just how far Western Civ and the United States have fallen, and just how under the control of the Cultural Marxist Elite we really are. 

      • redfeathers

        It’s a great site.  I love it too.

        • Yes, it is. It’s not afraid of the truth. Imagine if you went out in public with a 24 x36 poster saying that 50% of Bantu women in this country have a STD. Or, you had a bullhorn and said that 89% of homicides in New York City are committed by Bantus and mestizos.

          You’d be set upon by Bantu youths, that’s for sure. They can’t stand to hear the truth.

      •  Is there a companion site “Stuff black people like”?  it could be just as informative

        • Free stuff, junk food, grape drank, and making noise and more black people.

          That pretty much covers it–no need to devote a whole site to it.

        • Yes there is ,actually. SBPDL often references the site World Star Hip-Hop,which is a showcase of modern black youf society. Informative? Oh yeah…

  • Detroit_WASP

    What ruined Detroit…by a Detroiter

    Blacks ruined it.  THE END!

    We were ran out of every neighborhood we ever lived it.    It would start out all white, then a couple of decent black folks would move in escape the madness of the all black neighborhood they just moved out of.   Then a few more, then a few more… crime goes up, property values go down schools turn to crap.  

    Busing was a large factor in the ruin of Detroit.  Before busing, if you lived in a good (white) neighborhood your kids went to a good school.  When busing began, we had to finish at private schools.  The cost was enormous  to my working-class family but the danger white kids had to face among the blacks was too great.  A kid I knew was shot for his coat!  A person who looked like Obama’s son was the shooter. 

    My cousin is a white liberal, retired teacher from rural Kentucky.  She was acting offended at my theory that blacks ruined Detroit.   She was feeling guilty and dumb for having voted for Obama.   I asked her to name ONE black city in America that isn’t a disaster and she replied “Chicago” and I literally laughed out loud.  I doubt she has ever been to Chicago….  I have many times.  The south side is black and in ruin, but the city is still run by whites.   

    Blacks ruined Detroit, not liberals.   Not even liberal policies can do that much damage.   

    •  As I was made aware of here on AmRen, Chicago is NOT a black majority city!  It is something like 35% Black.  That just goes to show you how destructive they are.

      • The__Bobster

        Neither is Philly. It just seems that way.

        • mikejones91

          Blacks make up 43.4% of Philly’s population. Non-Hispanic whites are 36%. I was at Temple today. The only whites I saw were the doctors. If your from Philly/Surrounding Areas you’ll appreciate this—-

        • mikejones91

          You can sort it out by race. Just look at 1988-2011 and select black. They are responsible for like 94% of ALL murders. 

          • I visited the Philly site you posted, and I feel the guy who put up those numbers is CRYING hat the white homicide count in Philly isn’t higher. He says, “homicides in Philly were not equally distributed by race, gender, or neighborhood”…

            Jeez, he sounds like a Richard Lapchick type.

            He cooks his statistics – how do Bantus account for 43.4% of Philly’s population, and yet, Bantu males make up only 4% of the population? 

      • WmarkW

        But because of diversity, demographics is more than just the black-white dichotomy.  Both Chicago and Philadelphia have more blacks than non-Hispanic whites: Chicago 32.9-31.7% and Philadelphia 43.4-36.9%

      • Detroit_WASP

        Speaking of destruction.  Have you ever seen the program “Life After People” ?  Here is a clip.

        Someone should develop a movie called “Life After White People”
        Image what the world would be like if all Whites, Asians and Hispanics just disapeared and left blacks to fend for themselves.  It wouldn’t be long before dams burst, lights went out, plumbing stopped working, mass starvation, riots, rape, murder.  It would be Detroit times 1,000. 

        • Evilhonkey

          Um…I don’t thing you need much CGI to see this…it’s called MOST OF AFRICA.

      • anarchyst

        One thing about Chicago is that most of the ethnic neighborhoods still exist. 
        Despite “fair housing” laws, if you attempt to sell your house to the “wrong people”, both you and the “wrong people” will have a problem.
        So-called “fair housing” laws and the elimination of “restrictive covenents” have done much to destroy many once-great major cities.

        • Thom green

          i have been saying that for years.

    • TomIron361

      Is your cousin going to vote for obama again?

    • mikejones91

      Exactly. Philly used to be wonderful too , and I’m pretty sure that it’s ALWAYS been a democrat city. There is only one variable.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Posts like this are why I come to AMREN. The truth may be hard to swallow by some but its better than a lie to masquerade it as something else. Sights like this are not blinded by the PC “we all just gotta get along” crowd. Thank you Detroit WASP and I’m glad you and your family made it out of the Big D alive.

    • As I was born and raised in Chicago(now in the hands of Rahm,who will kowtow to the blacks endlessly to stay in power,and who seems to have a sneering contempt for US,that is typical of his “race”-or “species”) I can tell you my experinece is exactly as yours. We ran out of many neighborhoods. We lived in the most beautifu-to me anyway –hoods in the nation on the Souff Side. One after another they were turned(inevitably) to garbage.

      • Strider73

        You and the other decent whites were run out of Chicago because you had no way to stop. it. Illinois is now the only state that totally outlaws concealed carry. Meanwhile, the crooks running the city resort to every possible subterfuge to prevent the law-abiding from arming themselves.

        This is also why the corrupt Chicago political machine has been able to hold on to absolute power all these decades. The unarmed people cannot rise up and overthrow it.

        • I think the Civil Rights debacle,including the creation of the  FHA,which allowed the Gubmint to take our money and use it to guarantee mortgages given to blacks,was responsible. Not to mention Open Housing ,so dear to the (black) hearts of civil rights stormtroopers. The real estate boys and the banks made a fortune,the blacks moved in and turned the neighborhoos to crap,and the whites ran.

    • Alexandra1973

      I have driven through Chicago.  I was almost robbed by a black man at a Chicago bus station, back in the mid-90s.

      When you think about it, liberals are the ones unfair to blacks…expecting them to act in a way that’s not natural to them (and then blaming whitey when their efforts fail).

    • anarchyst

      I echo your sentiments.  I lived in Detroit in a racially “mixed” neighborhood with (supposedly) decent blacks, some of them very helpful.  The problems arose when their “ghetto thug” relatives would “visit”. 
      I had a “hot rod” parked in my driveway.  When these “ghetto thugs” were kindly asked to refrain from sitting on the hood, they told me to “go f##k myself”.
      When the incident was brought up to my “nice” black neighbors, their response was “boys will be boys” and just to “let it go”.
      That was the last straw . . . I left Detroit, never looking back. . .

  • slobotnavich

    This is certainly one of the great social mysteries of our time.  We have to ask (ax?) ourselves why Detroit, uniquely among major American cities with large black populations, has deteriorated in terms of infrastructure, education, crime, and housing abandonment.  I admit I’m as stumped by this as everyone else.

    I’d welcome any thoughtful insights by any other Amrenners our there.

    •  I trust you are being sarcastic, at least I hope you are . . .

      • redfeathers

        I was about to list about eight cities that have fallen in similar ways.  But then I read your comment and realize that he is being sarcastic (hopefully!).

    • MikeofAges

       After the anchor industries failed, those who could leave did. Those who had limited or no competency as workers stayed. What you have left is a fellaheen-like population, i.e. landless rural residents who have move to the city. Nothing new under the sun.

      • APaige

        Anchor industries failed in Pittsburgh? Do the workers stay in the city as your post indicates or move to the city which your post also states? Your post is vague and weak.

        • MikeofAges

           I am talking about Detroit here. The competent workers left the city. Those who stayed were former rural residents who moved from the South to the North, or descendants of the same.

      • ATBOTL

        The auto industry never failed the way people think it did.  There are still large assembly plants in the Detroit suburbs(the large factories were always in the suburbs, Detroit itself is primarily residential).  The headquarters are still based there and there are still numerous small suppliers and support industries located there.  The 90’s  and early 00’s were booming times for the American auto industry.  Michigan’s dire stats are more due to other cities and especially the severely depressed rural north of the state than to the auto industry’s much exaggerated woes. 

        To compare what happened economically to Detroit with what happened to Pittsburgh is absurd.  

        •  Like I said here earlier, Detroit had one advantage Pittsburgh never had when it came to its original well-noted industry — There was always a built-in market for American cars, i.e. the “Buy American” auto consumer market.  There was never such economic nationalism in the steel market.

  • Johnny Reb

    QUOTE:   it would behoove him to include an economic history of the auto industry in Detroit to debunk this correlation that is often trumpeted as causation for Detroit’s decline.
    It sure would . . . since I think his conclusions are nonsense.  If “white flight caused by black crime” were the reason Detroit collapsed, we’d see a lot more Detroit-like collapse elsewhere . . . and we don’t.

    Looks like Kersey missed that part of American history called the “Rust Belt” and the decline in per capita income among Americans in the northeast. 

    “Blacks Running Anything” is a recipee for disaster . . . no argument there.  But is Kersey saying that blacks would have taken over Detroit if the auto industry had not left?  I doubt it. 

    The gas crisis and small Japanese imports killed Detroit . . . white exodus destroyed the tax base . . . AND THEN the negro gave the city the coup de grace with his thievery, savagery and corruption.

    I think Kersey gets the order backwards . . . but bottom line . . . Black Run Anything is a sick joke.

    • APaige

      You do see Detroit-like collapses elsewhere in smaller cities and areas of larger cities where blacks are super-majorities. It is not as ‘noticable’ as Detroit-in scale and importance. Kersey does discuss that on his website. Blacks move in, whites move out, area fails..NOT blacks move in, area fails, whites move out. The failure comes after whites leave. If Detroit was majority white nothing would have ‘killed’ it…the city would have adapted and found new industries for economic survival. It would be the Silicon Valley of the Midwest…or something.

  • Paul Kersey impresses me in that I think he must have the best memory of anyone with our worldview.  He must have a great memory, in order to remember and hunt news stories that are a decade and a half old in order to prove a point.  I think he’s a protege of Hunter Wallace.

    Another one to read regularly is Unamusement Park (sometimes post here as “Unamused.”)  He shares a talent with PK, that is, the ability to string together a lot of disparate sources to prove a point.

    And while we’re in the market for great racially minded blogs, just click my nickname.  That is, if you can handle the snark.

  • MikeofAges

    Corrupt trade policies and CAFE standards which did not take into account autonomous consumer preferences. That did have something to do with it.

    • APaige

      Well you forgot to include the winter is cold, the football team is bad, etc.  Detroit is an example of black people leading black people…not unions, international trade agreements,  consumer preferences,etc. EVERY excuse for black people is disputed by similar conditions experienced by others. For example, colonialism is blamed for Black Africa’s many problems. Yet, Hong Kong was a more recent colony…Australia seems fine it was a colony in 1940..etc. 

      • Had blacks come to this country,not as slaves,but as 1st class passengers on the QE2,had they been met at the wharf with jobs,education(they sooo love education),anger-management classess,parenting classes, domestic violence counseling,free condoms,free birf control pills,used prom dressess,swimming lessons,free breakfast & lunches,free iPhones & iPads,Section 8 forms,EBT cards, medicaid cards,KFC coupons,free downloads from iTunes,free Michael Jordans,they would still be the same no-account niggers they rae today!

      • MikeofAges

        Corrupt trade policies and CAFE were among the many things that devastated the American blue collar class in the 1970s. Blacks were hit very hard, but most who lost their permanent jobs in steel, auto and other industries did not recover.  The “Rust Bowl” hit blacks very hard.

  • anarchyst

    In the late 1960s and early 1970s there was a successful “criminal abatement program” in the City of Detroit called STRESS (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets).  Police officers would be on duty as “decoys”, dressing as vulnerable older men and women.  When the predators would strike, they would be quickly “dispatched”.  Detroit’s first black mayor, Coleman Young, ran his campaign on the abolition of the STRESS program as “too many black people were being killed”.  His campaign was successful, STRESS was disbanded, the results being that predators were given “free reign” in Detroit.
    This, along with Detroit’s first black mayor, Coleman Young’s openly racist attitude against whites did not endear whites to him or his corrupt, racist administration.  Add to that a succession of black mayors who further pushed Detroit to destruction . . . Former mayor Dennis Archer and the present mayor, Dave Bing are honest but could do little to stop Detroit’s slide into third-world status . . .

  • Church_of_Jed

    To Whom Will They Go with Their Demands when Whiteness Is Extinct?
    Who has ever shown them mercy and kindness, given them integration and civil rights, enforced affirmative action and Diversity, but Whites?
    “As ugly as our future looks, the future for the blacks looks uglier, thank God.”
    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Vengeance is a strange thing,” 2008

    Darnell L. Moore
    Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, New York University


    “Whiteness” is an enduring social force that produces a racialized system of access/excess. Those with access have phenotype, structure advantages, and racial legacies to thank. But it is also, as Judy Helfand suggests, that which “is shaped and maintained by the full array of social institutions — legal, economic, political, educational, religious, and cultural.” In other words, whiteness is methodically sustained through ideology and praxis. It is not easy to disappear and, I am pretty certain, that there are many White post-racialists who would rather not live in a post-white moment because the legal, economic, political, educational, religious, and cultural benefits assigned to their whiteness would be no more.

    The point is: America’s troubled past and complicated present is wedded to the social reality of race. American history serves as a reminder of our country’s troubled race relations and even the moments when difference was celebrated. Americans also know, all too well, that whiteness functions as a non-race that does not require bodily and cognitive transcendence. Similarly, White racism and White privilege show up as non-issues that are eagerly critiqued, yet, rarely undone. Therein lies the problem.

    • Robert Binion

      I never praxis whiteness.  It just comes naturally.

  • “Conventionally, proponents of integration have blamed the collapse of the auto industry.” (for causing the collapse of Detroit)

    Once again Liberals swap cause and effect to support their agenda, did they consider that integration actually caused the collapse?
    I think you can make the case that it was  the high numbers of black employees at the automakers combined with the UAW work rules that shielded these black autoworkers that was the cause of  the industries collapse. I have read that GM and Ford had work forces that were 33% black, and Chrysler’s was upwards of 50%. I think it is commonly accepted that over the years Chrysler ranked low as far as consumer satisfaction surveys go, and that they have such a high percentage of black employees cannot be coincidence. I have also read that the Detroit automakers had to hire 1.5 employees to fill one position because of the chronic absenteeism they endured.  There is a phenomenon called black critical mass, where once the concentration of blacks reaches a certain percentage they adversely  effect the environment, be it a city, a school, a business,  etc.

    That so many blacks who held secure high paying jobs with generous benefits in a part of the country with a low cost of living could not sustain the city of Detroit is not a surprise, because  it mirrors the conditions of every other place blacks inhabit, and should have sociologists rethinking the causes of poverty, because their environment theory just does not explain Detroit

  • It says in the part about the private security that actual Detroit cops are ineffective because they’re scarce in number.

    That’s not the reason they’re ineffective.  The reason is that they’re under direct control of the city’s ABRA government, and the city’s body politic is essentially controlled by black preachers with cracker jack box theology degrees who oppose holding blacks criminally responsible for their violence.  In contrast, this private security quasi-police force (dare I say, militia?) is funded directly by people who want them to be as effective as a non-governmental force can.

  • Unperson

    “If Kersey has time to do more analysis for a second version of this
    book, it would behoove him to include an economic history of the auto
    industry in Detroit…”

    The Big Three automakers certainly made their share of bad market decisions during the past few decades of decline — mostly by foisting upon the public the cars the carmakers wanted to build rather than the cars the public wanted to buy (thereby ceding large market share to Europe and Japan) — and this would no doubt have put some social pressures on latter-day Detroit even without its racial problems. But absent the blackening demographics, Detroit’s deterioration would never have been anywhere near as bad as this. Absent the Black Factor, Motown’s quality of life would have suffered somewhat from imported competition, yes — but high unemployment in a Detroit that was still white would NOT have resulted in the city becoming America’s murder capital. There would NOT be any such thing as “Detroit ruin porn.” And we would NOT be reading about how their City Hall is so broke it needs to turn out half the streetlamps.

    And to prove it, I have a direct comparison: the Big Three’s Canadian operations. There are three cities across the border in Ontario, where GM, Ford and Chrysler have their Canadian HQs and manufacturing facilities. The companies’ Canadian factories are in places where the demographics are the exact opposite of Detroit’s: rather than 90% black, they are 90% white. Ontario’s three automaking towns have NOT gone to pieces; in fact, they are all doing just fine. Good-paying lineworker gigs are by no means as plentiful in these factories as they were in the ’50s and ’60s, but the local Caucasians somehow manage to find other jobs to work at instead. None of the Big Three’s hometowns up in Canada operations have seen anything like the devastation visited upon of the former “Paris of the West.”

    Moral of the story: White people simply aren’t capable of Detroit levels of social destruction. For that, you need Africans.

  • sbuffalonative

    I live in south Buffalo, hence the screen name.

    South Buffalo was the bedroom community of the Lackawanna steel mills such as Bethlehem Steel and Republic steel.

    As a result of the energy crisis of the 1970s, the steel mills began to close because Japan, at the time, was using more modern and more importantly, energy efficient means to produce steel. Steel from Japan was cheaper to import than it was to manufacture in archaic and energy inefficient mills in Lackawanna.

    At the time, these big companies were still offering retirement packages so those old enough to retire took their retirement settlements. Younger people with families to support left Buffalo or New York altogether. This is when the big wave of population loss for Buffalo and New York took off.

    South Buffalo was largely composed of Irish Catholics with some Italians, Poles, and Germans.

    The point here is that when the steel mills closed, south Buffalo suffered but it didn’t succumb. It didn’t turn into a Detroit because it was white and it largely stayed white.  Stores closed and boarded up but there were never arson fires. If people were poorer, they weren’t robbing or killing to feed their families.

    South Buffalo is now DIEversifying because the last of the retired steel workers are dying off. This has created a magnet for groups like HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Equal) and other do-gooder front organizations who are buying up properties to sell and rent to blacks and Hispanics.

    As long as the white majority remained, south Buffalo was able to survive. I believe the US could likewise survive an economic down-turn so long as it remained a majority white nation.

    The problem is that the do-gooders are seizing on the dwindling white population and replacing them with non-whites.

    If this trend continues, south Buffalo and the United States of America won’t survive.

    • mikejones91

      Look how us whites came together during WW2. I wonder if that would happen now? If the patriotic minorities would make sacrifices? Nope, they would exploit the situation. 

  • Greg West

    Well that just seems to be the natural manure.
    The standard of living moves toward the 3rd world in direct relationship to the raise in the percentage of Negroes.This phenomena is observed globally and  is irrefutable and universal.In almost every case a negro does seem to prosper it is because of the white culture, either by emulation or association.  In black countries it is on the backs of his brethren often through an unjust exploitation.Most often when you see a self made Negro that is outstanding, earnest, intelligent and self disciplined he will have a goodly amount of white breeding.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Nietzsche may love you more than God does, but that won’t stop Jesus White Christ from reaching out to your in your time of need.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Atheists aren’t burdened by Galatians 3:28, and neither are good Christian Kinists,” 1999

    You should get to know the theology of Hinton Rowan Helper:

    “And here I wish to be distinctly understood as believing and saying, as I have believed and said for the last seventeen years, that the having of negroes, or the having of any other totally distinct and inferior race of mankind, intermingled with whites in a white community, is in itself a social evil of the worst possible type, and that, from this unnatural and degrading relation, other social evils are constantly evolved and intensified.”

    -Hinton Rowan Helper, Noonday Exegiences in America, 1871

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     baltimore black mob loots  inner harbor 711 beats owner steals receipts

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       The entire incident was caught on video. But city police and managers at the 7-Eleven have refused to let WJZ see that video. hmmmm

      • Up to my neck in CA

        They didn’t want to give it away when we saw their Amish bonnets and straw hats!

  • TomIron361

    I agree completely with what you say, but we must not forget, in the end, we must defeat them. It won’t matter much if we’re smarter if we become their slaves, as the Greeks became the slaves of the Romans. 

    • mikejones91

      Comparing the Greeks and Romans in intelligence? They’re still white. 

  • Pardon me while I vomit. “Liberals” are the most savage,vicious,domineering violent pieces of shite you’ll ever want to meet. Liberals have decimated this country and are fanatically still pushing their insanity harder tha ever.  I have never heard of am liberal who wanted to live anywhere near a blacketty-black,despite their great estimation of potential. Wonder why?

    • JohnEngelman

      Housing in black slums was frequently upper middle class housing built during the nineteenth century. Gentrification happens when affluent liberals move into those neighborhoods, buy housing, and restore it. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberals also overestimate human nature. They ignore the importance of genetics in human affairs. 

    • MikeofAges

       And, just the negative potentialities of all human beings. And, the need for structures to channel people and protect them from the negative social and moral forces which otherwise can and will destroy them.

      Yes, Emily. Yes, Brandon. There are things people need to be protected from.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I have to disagree.  It was the incompetent auto workers combined with their $56 per hour pay (when you include the benefits package) that ruined the auto industry. 

    Also, the inability of supervisors to fire UAW members when they got drunk, fought and had sex on the assembly line.   My grandfather was a supervisor in an auto plant.  I have heard all the stories.  

  • Detroit_WASP

    I totally agree.  Blacks are unable to even build their own shelter.  Here in Detroit, they live in homes that whites built, until they tear them up and burn them down.   THEN they move to a new house that whites built, over and over again.  The follow whites for shelter.  That’s why they always move towar the whites and not away.  There are tribes in Africa that don’t build ANY sort of shelter.  they live in the open like a pack of dogs or pride of lions.  It was really an Epiphany for me the day I realized that.  

    • anarchyst

      One of the standard liberal excuses for black behavior is that the housing stock in Detroit is old.  One can still see one or two houses on a block that are well-cared for and look out-of-place with the rest of the neighborhood in shambles.  It is interesting to note that 99% ot the well-maintained houses are owned by elderly whites that cannot afford to move.  These elderly whites often become prey for their predatory neighbors.

      •  Old?  Talk to my mother back in the “old” neighborhood.  1870s construction years are the order of the day.  Several years ago, one close to her that was renovated sold for almost 300k.

  • Given this preview of things to come,
    I’d like to ask the opinion of the racially aware patrons of this
    site. First off, I detest and am NOT advocating violence and
    especially racial violence of ANY kind. I am, however, seriously
    concerned that we may see a race war in the West in the coming years.
    The race situation is turning into a powder keg and I’m afraid its
    only a matter of time before something lights it. Every
    white-American I talk to, except the most devoted liberal, is pissed
    and in the process of buying a gun. Every black and hispanic seems to
    have this smug “we won” attitude regarding the current situation.
    The US government has abandoned the white-American. It would be
    political suicide to pass any legislation that would benefit them. Meanwhile we’re in debt up to our ears and its only a matter
    of time before the Chinese stop loaning us money. If (when) the
    government goes bankrupt there will be mass lay-offs of soldiers and
    police. This will create many angry, right-leaning, jobless,
    weapons-trained white people and when the welfare checks stop coming,
    the blacks will riot like crazy. Someone please tell me I’m just
    being pessimistic and there is a peaceful way out of all this,

    • mikejones91

      Hopefully not. I don’t think your being pessimistic, maybe a little excessive though. There won’t be a race war. More like small/scattered race battles. Legally/and physically. 

      • Major

        Hmmmmm….and  a righteous and fitting place just might be Sanford, Florida.

        Hopefully the “crackers” of mid / central Florida will  realize their historical significance in the last civil war. And freeing the so called “slaves” wasn’t a priority. Saving white folks was.

  • Alexandra1973

    I tell you, it’s heartbreaking to see those “ruin-porn” videos of Detroit.  Seeing those dilapidated houses that decades ago housed families.  My dad grew up in Detroit in the 40s and 50s and he’d go on about how nice it was–and safe.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah and THEY brag about the ruin. Having contests on the “most ghetto” city in the U.S. A very proud people they are. 

  • mikejones91

    This comment is filled with good grammar/word choice/intellect back by logic. I thought ALL racists were dumb? This can’t be right. I saw a study that linked racism to low iq. I wonder if they did a study linking realism to low iq.

  • nova

    Watch Robocop II. I think you will get a kick out of the Detroit Mayor.

  • sbuffalonative

    Whites and Asians build civilizations. Blacks don’t. Even when blacks gain access to a pre-built civilization like Haiti, Rhodesia, or Detroit, they can’t maintain it and ultimately destroy it.

    In other news, water is wet.

  • JewOnAmren

    I got this book for my Kindle and tried to read it.  I read SBPDL blog constantly and it’s great.  As this review says, the copy editing of the book is a big let-down and rendered the book unreadable for me.  Read the blog, buy the book to support the author, and hope for a re-issue of the book.  He’s a great writer on this important topic and if his book were edited better, it should be read as a clear warning to what is in the future for many other cities here.

    I feel like we’re reaching some tipping point.  Not with the majority of whites, but with a large minority, which could get angry enough to change course.  I notice a lot of comments on mainstream news sites are now sounding like comments here on Amren.  Whenever there’s yet another story of yet another black atrocity, there are always sarcastic Amren-type comments like, “his mama said he’s a good boy, didn do nuffin, turning his life around, aspiring rap musician”.  Five or ten years ago no one made comments like that, and now they show up on all news sites that allow comments.

    If there are huge memorial day riots this weekend, which SBPDL is predicting, it could further help us reach the tipping point.  I don’t hope for riots, and whites will have no role in them, but if blacks do decide to get wild, it will only hurt them and help us long-term.  Last time there were riots, a lot of whites asked, “how can we help”.  Next time, whites will ask, “how can we stop this.”  

    • JewOnAmren

      Moderator – I have noticed this also!  There are always comments on the MSM sites advocating violent retaliation, using racial slurs, etc, which would never be allowed on Amren.  I’ve also read stories on European sites, like, where people advocate all kinds of vigilante actions, violent ethnic cleansing, etc, which wouldn’t be allowed here.  You’re right, Amren’s moderation policy is to the left of the American mainstream!!  And that’s fine.  We should not be advocating violence to solve racial problems.  We should be advocating something that has more lasting impact, such as shutting off EBTs and government AA make-work “jobs” and ending the disastrous legal theory of “disparate impact”.  These policy changes would all be non-violent and would have a far deeper and more permanent impact than any impulsive, immoral, violent action.

      I tend to think that the media have a Machiavellian motivation for letting those kinds of comments stay. It’s much the same reason why Jerry Springer and Phil Donahue loved the K-group. As far as your other contention, if Congressional legislation makes the use of disparate impact and strict scrutiny applications to racial classifications outside of the jurisdiction of the Federal judiciary, it will cause more consternation among more elitists than a thousand cross burnings, but Morris Dees won’t be able to raise any money from it. An NAACP-LDF lawyer would plainly understand the time of day, though. — Moderator


    Portland is not a basket case.  Boston is not a basket case.  San Francisco is not a basket case.  Seattle is not a basket case.  Madison, WI is not a basket case.  

    Race is the most important factor, not the largely bogus categories of liberal/conservative.  

  • MikeofAges

     Exactly the issue. Blacks, unfortunately, cannot create significant independent businesses in any numbers or build a community other people can go into to shop or to experience a change of scene and cuisine. Not even in the light of day. Not even on the main streets. It’s kind of sad really that it has to be like that. But it is. Blacks, more than anyone else, need arrangements made for them that will provide them with a semblance of stable employment. Even for those who have failed in their educations. I’m beginning to think that the idea that the “economy” can ever create full employment is an idea past it pull date. We’d better start thinking about how to address this issue. Even “whitey” is facing this issue. Not just the uneducated either. 

  • Coleman Young,in his famous “Lets Work Togetha” speech laid it all out. “We love whites. Just because a black man is now mayor dont think for a moment this will  mean unfair treatment for whites or discrimination against you. Heck no,we respect your rights! “

  • sbuffalonative

    People say “it’s poverty why they do that”

    If anyone ever explains away black crime with ‘poverty causes crime’, tell them, NO! CRIME CAUSES POVERTY.

    When crime rates go up, people with the means to leave get out. Businesses close. Those who remain are the poor who can’t get out.


    “Progressive”-liberals have it completely backwards. They mistake the result (poverty) with the cause (crime) instead of the cause (crime) with the end result (poverty).

  • Major

    “I know plenty of poor, working class whites who are decent people”…

    Sounds like the entire state of West Virginia?

    says don’t DISCIPLINE Black Students!

    Soon he’ll be
    telling Judges NOT to Incarcerate BLACK CROOKS even if CONVICTED!

    MISBEHAVE at a Significantly Disproportionate Rate than their WHITE

    FACT: Simply
    stated, “BLACK STUDENTS get Disciplined more than all other Ethnic Groups
    Combined because they are Significantly more Disruptive than all the other
    Ethnic Groups Combined! They also place less Value on Education than all other
    Groups Combined!

    I know that these words sounds harsh, but everyone on PLANET EARTH who has ever
    worked a day in a Public School in North America knows it to be the TRUTH, the


    White:4,382 = 1.77 per 100k.

    Black:4,498 = 11.83 per 100k.

    Blacks commit murder at a rate 6.68 times that of Whites.


    White:10,990 = 4.45 per 100k.

    Black:5,428 = 1,428 per 100k.

    Blacks commit rape at a rate 3.21 times that of Whites.


    White:41,962 = 17 per 100k.

    Black:56,948 = 150 per 100k.

    Blacks commit robbery at a rate 9 times that of Whites.


    White:208,081 = 84 per 100k.

    Black:112,325 = 295 per 100k.

    Blacks commit agg. assualt at a rate 3.5 times that of Whites.


    White:157,252 = 64 per 100k.

    Black:73,960 = 195 per 100k.

    Blacks commit burglary at a rate 3 times that of Whites.


    White:663,360 = 269 per 100k.

    Black:286,844 = 755 per 100k.

    Blacks commit larceny at a rate 2.8 times that of Whites.


    White:44,674 =18 per 100k.

    Black:28,510 = 75 per 100k.

    Blacks commit motor vehicle theft at a rate 4 times that of Whites.


    White:265,754 = 107 per 100k.

    Black:179,636 =473 per 100k.


    FACT: Soon
    President Obama will be telling Judges not to put CONVICTED BLACK CRIMINALS in
    JAIL, especially if the Crimes they Committed were Perpetrated against WHITE

    fatuous1 is
    DEFINITELY Running for Governor of the GREAT STATE of LOUISIANA!

  • MystiKasT

    00blacks ruin everything00