Legally Blonde in an Affirmative Action World

Amelia Earhart, VDARE, May 24, 2012

I am a full-time law student. To my disadvantage, I am also Caucasian, blonde, and upper-middle class.

As an undergraduate, I had a near perfect GPA. My LSAT score was excellent. I interned, and I was the president of every college organization that had a president.

Despite my qualifications, however, I was very nervous that I would not be accepted into the law school of my choice, because I lacked the one characteristic that law schools crave—diversity.

Every day I received stacks of mail from law schools all over the country trying to persuade me to apply. They shared the same tactic of persuasion: multipage pamphlets and catalogs designed toprove that they are more “diverse” than all other law schools. The pamphlet pages were lined with photos of African American students, professors, and famous alumni. They had statistics in a big, bold font informing me of the percentage of students who are black and Hispanic. Every pamphlet increased my anxiety that, despite my hard work and excellent performance, I had little chance of being accepted into law school.

I feared that my inability to bring “diversity” to a campus would bemore important than my intelligence and proven ability.

Even the law school that I am attending has a Diversity Committee. According to my  school’s brochure  it  plays a big part in creating a culture of “inclusiveness” at my  University.

Yeah, right. Just check out a website operated by the Law School’ Admissions Council, and you will certainly feel the “inclusiveness.”

Unless, that is, you are white—or, as we used to be known until the 1965 Immigration Act, “American.”.

Fortunately, I was well prepared for this. After all, I had spent my four undergraduate years learning that I am the” evil white man”and that, deep down, I am a racist.

I knew that my only chance of acceptance by a law school was to appear to be “diverse” in some way or another. Accordingly, Isubmitted the optional “Diversity Statement” along with my application.

I did have one feature that might enable me to qualify as diverse.  I was irresponsible enough as a teenager to become pregnant at sixteen.

Bingo! This was exactly the qualification that I needed to be accepted into law school. I did not need perfect grades, high test scores, or even a proven ethic of hard work. No. I needed the single-teenage-mother label to ensure my success in the legal profession.

Sure enough, this is what got me in. In my acceptance letter, the Dean barely mentioned my undergraduate academic record or my extracurricular activities. Instead, he stressed what was most important to him, which was how impressed he was with my “single-teenage-motherhood.”

There is a moral to this story, children. If you want to be a lawyer one day and you are not black or Mexican, you had better at leastget knocked up at sixteen.

While being a single-teenage mother does not actually make you a black or a Mexican, it makes you enough like one that your admission to law school can alleviate a bit of the “white guilt” in the hearts of the Admissions Council members.


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  • Or be gay.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      The true AUTHENTIC WHITE does not care about sexuality or religion…only WHITE race survival…nothing else matters.

  • MissBonnie123

    White women in America need to read this article and realize if Whites become a minority (which looks inevitable) and nonwhites become the majority AND run this country, they too will be pushed to the side and demeaned like the White man is currently.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      Is this a joke…are you kidding?

    • Xanthippe2

      You are listening to too much media propaganda.  The vast majority of White women do not
      identify with Blacks, or Mexicans, they identify with Whites.


      Please note:  it does
      not logically follow from this that every (or even most) White women will want
      to get romantically involved with you personally.  😉 
      That will depend on your personality, your appearance, and, yes, your
      income ( in addition to other factors).

  • TheCogitator

    We all know that maximum diversity is the absence of all white people. The NBA is the most diverse professional sport, and should there be no more white players, maximum diversity will have been achieved. A legislative body that is all or mostly black, or some other minority, would be diverse. One with all or mostly white, or even had the percentage of blacks that were in the population would of course not be diverse.

    Diversity means straight white people, and especially white men, are not welcome.

    • radical7

      Not true.

  • This is supposed to be humorous & critical, but I find it…distasteful. 16 yrs…
    Sorry, hard to empathize.

    • mikejones91

      Times are changing. It’s not a bad thing, its neutral. Teens are having sex at younger ages. If they are being safe, is it harming anyone? Sex and Morality—–Are usually not linked in. I have had sex with MANY women, and I am only 21. I also help others that need help, and give respect to everyone I meet. When I was a kid, my mother would get compliments for me being so polite and respectful. Typically, girls who do have children that young do tend to be “trashy”, that doesn’t they are the only ones having sex. The “other” girls just make the men wear protection/take birth control. They are invested in their own futures so they MAKE SURE they are safe/not able to get pregnant, when having sex. It really just comes down to different types of people and what their aspirations are, not a lack of “morality”.

      • IstvanIN

        Sorry, children becoming sexually active younger and younger is NOT a neutral, let alone good, thing.

        • mikejones91

          I didn’t say good, I said neutral. How is it bad? I really do think it’s neutral. I lost virginity when I was 16 with a 15 year old. She is doing just fine, she is chemical engineer major at Pitt. She is mentally stable, physically fit, and recently organized a 5k (something like that) for a charity that helps poor children in Russia . I see NOTHING wrong with a person loosing their virginity at 16. Even though the girl was 15, she was mature. 16 is the magic number. Think of it like this—Think of some nerdy 17 year old who just can’t get a girlfriend. Who both know he is gonna be masturbating every day.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            “Even though the girl was 15, she was mature. 16 is the magic number.”

            This is what child molesters love to say — well, the girl was mature and she wanted it!! It was NOT rape, it was consensual.

            This is precisely why statutory rape laws are on the books in every state and for a good reason — states have been systematically UPPING the age of consent, just as they did with alcohol.15 is NOT MATURE!!  

            This is why 15-year olds cannot declare themselves parent-free, emancipated, marry without consent, or enter into contracts. 

            They do not have the life skills, eduction or background to make life-altering decisions and that includes having sex.


          • mikejones91

            How old are you? Are you 15? No, I doubt it. Kids are MUCH more mature today. Realism is a part of kids lives. Not like previous generations. The girl I had sex with is doing just fine now. She is chemical engineer major. She is mentally stable, and content. It’s pretty ignorant to label/assume ALL 15 year olds are in the same place, maturity wise. You have NO idea what you are talking about. You sound like some crazy priest handing out anti-masturbation pamphlets.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            “How old are you? Are you 15? No, I doubt it. Kids are MUCH more mature today.”

            No they aren’t. 15 is 15.

            I have no idea what I am talking about? Did you read my post?

            I am a HIGH SCHOOL HEALTH TEACHER. I deal with 15, 16, 17 and 18 year olds EVERY SINGLE DAY.

            Do you? What experience do you have with today’s teens? How do YOU know what a 15 year old is like? Do you have children? I do, including a young daughter and a son.

            I teach HEALTH, including sex ed and information about STDs. My cousin is a doctor in a “free” health clinic two days a week so I hear about teen health issues from him as well. Do you?

            It is YOU who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

            How old are you?? 20? Quit acting like a know-it-all about teen sex and teen health.

            Especially stop spreading misinformation.


          • mikejones91

            Sex isn’t life altering, it is mind altering. A beautiful experience. I will agree that anyone under 15 is too young though.

        • Agreed, IstvanIN. 

          I might be showing my age, but white kids becoming sexually active younger and younger doesn’t make us any better than the Diversities, which breed like cockroaches and overwhelm their environment…

          Not only is children having children morally repugnant to me, but how is a child (which is incapable of taking care of themselves on their own by definition) supposed to care for a child of their own and still be able to advance us as a race?   And has anyone even heard of Carrying Capacity? 

          And then there is the question of a child being emotionally ready for becoming sexually active.  I might have been physically ready for becoming sexually active, but I was not ready emotionally.  Being emotionally unstable defines a teen more than anything else, and being sexually active only complicates things even worse..

          • mikejones91

            I was 17 and I was more than ready. The girl was 16 and she was ready. I wore a condom. She was on birth control. Problem solved. White teens have just as much sex, if not more, than any of the non-whites. Only difference is we go out of our way (most of us anyway) to assure we do NOT have an unplanned pregnancy. 

          • Not saying you’re wrong, Mike…

            What I’m saying is that, while I accept that you are right, I don’t have to LIKE it.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            “White teens have just as much sex, if not more, than any of the non-whites.” 

            Mike:  You are wrong.  All studies show that non-White teens have more sex and at an earlier age.  Period.  Most teens are NOT having sex BTW. 

            I wonder what the 16-year olds father would have said if you’d asked him if it were OK to have sex with his young daughter.

            How many fathers, especially those who have daughters,  do you think are OK with their young teens having sex?

            No 16 year old is ready.  16 year olds are immature and lack life experience.  Period.

            I can say this as a mother of two children and as a high school health teacher with many years experience.

            There is a reason underage sex is considered statutory rape in most states.  Teachers who engage in sex with their students are jailed, lose their licenses and are labeled forevermore as sex offenders.  Is it NOT OK.

            Istavan is 100% right — early sex is NOT a good thing.  Tell a 16 year old with HPV that it is.


          • mikejones91

            Fair enough.

          • Orion_Blue

            It would not surprise me to learn that the upswing an aberrant behaviour is in some measure fuelled by the Diversities, since a climate of rampant lack of restraint tends to be quite contagious. The irrepressible and insatiable behaviour of the Diversities is possible what drives the social pathologies in some of our numbers.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Thank you for writing this.

          You are 100% correct.  
          I deal with the fallout of endless, mindless hook-ups in the schools every day and it is NOT a good thing.

          You will never convince me in any way, shape or form that 15 (or 16 or 17) year olds are mature.  Simply by their age alone, they are NOT.


          • mikejones91

            I am 21 so it hasn’t been that long since I have been a teen. It’s not that whites have less sex, they are just more responsible.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            You are going by your own “feelings” and your own observations to come to your conclusions, not uncommon for 21-year olds.

            Whites have less sex. Period. Non-Whites have sex earlier than Whites, which makes sense since non-Whites mature earlier than Whites.

            How do YOU know Whites are having as much sex or are more responsible??

            According to Richard Lynn’s article: Race and Psychopathic Personality


            Blacks also have more sexual partners than whites.

            Surveys in the United States in the 1990s have found that about a third of black 13-year-olds have had sexual intercourse compared with 14 percent of whites and Hispanics, and four percent of East Asians.

            From Child Health USA:

            Black students (60.8 percent) had a higher prevalence of ever having had sexual intercourse than Hispanic (48.4 percent) and White students (43.2 percent)

            Guttmacher Institute:

            Median age at first sex of 16.9 years. Black males had the lowest observed median (15.0), and Asian American males the highest (18.1); white and Hispanic males, and white and black females, reported similar ages (about 16.5 years).

            Even lefty Wiki has chimed in:

            Though a girl is “far more likely to feel used and abused after a typical” hook up, the “impersonality of twenty-first-century adolescent sex victimizes girls” and “plenty of harm” is done to boys as well. When taking part in hookups “the kids don’t even look at each other. It’s mechanical, dehumanizing. The fallout is that later in life they have trouble forming relationships.”

            “They’re jaded. James Wagoner, president of Advocates for Youth, worries that “if we are indeed headed as a culture to have a total disconnect between intimate sexual behavior and emotional connection, we’re not forming the basis for healthy adult relationships.”


          • mikejones91

            FINE, maybe whites have less sex as teens but whites are DEFINATELY MORE sexually open/liberated. Which is great thing. Look at places like Sweden. They are the most sexually OPEN countries in the world. You seem to judge the amount of sex a race has based on child birth numbers. I am sure people in Sweden have more sex than those in Nigeria. We are just civilized so we use protection. THIS ISNT A BAD THING!

          • mikejones91

            I understand that Bon. I am 21. I have a 15 year old brother who has already had sex with 4 girls. Pretty high for his age. He is completely fine. He is mentally sound and VERY mature for his age. He wants to be a doctor, he is actually pretty informed on that stuff. He volunteers at a hospital doing “orderly” work for patients. He ALWAYS wears a condom and the his girlfriend that he has right now is on birth control. All I am saying is that regardless of your career, I think I can relate to teens better than you. I was in high school 2 years ago so I think I know how mature teens are. Sure, there are some that are NOT ready for sex, and those are the ones who USUALLY do NOT have sex. You are putting to much emphasis on sexual impact. Sex is NATURAL human desire. When do boys get their first erection, usually? I can remember getting one at 9 and watching a Britney Spears video thinking how great it would be to kiss her naked body. (not anymore lol) If anything, sex made me mature as a person. As it did so for my brother. After my first time, I had a brand new appreciation/respect for women. Not that I didn’t respect them before but it’s a different kind of respect. It’s an appreciation of their beauty. When I was a kid, I did some “experimenting” drugs. I smoked weed/ate mushrooms at 15. (I don’t anymore). I also drank on the weekends, sometimes. I had already did things the average (statistically, but sadly) most teens do at that age. SO why would I NOT be prepared for sex. Smoking weed is gonna do more damage to your mental health than sex. I am gonna assume your a Christian, right? Not being rude but your views indicate that. I know your a health teacher but if you wear protection/girl uses birth control, only good things can happen. Unless you are NOT ready for sex. In that case, you will NOT have sex. Bottom line.

          •  Gee, thanks for sharing.

            Getting one at nine years old while watching a Britslut Spearchucker video isn’t reflective of societal virtue.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Final Post:

            Let me ask you this, Mike.

            When you took a girl out did you tell her parents:

            “I’m going to take your daughter out to a movie, we’re going to get something to eat and then we’re going to have sex before I bring her home for her curfew.”

            If not, why not? Why didn’t you tell her parents if “nothing but good” can come of early sex? Why don’t most parents want early sex for their teenage daughters it it’s so natural.

            Christianity has nothing to do with it, nor do my personal views. This is ALWAYS used as a distraction to justify teenage sex (as is calling me a “prude” or “old fashioned” or a “dinosaur.”) I’ve heard it all, including from the kids themselves.

            Destruction of White culture, as I indicated in my first post, is what this is about. Promoting sex in teens is a part of this.

            BTW: This is my final post. I don’t want to read anymore about your masturbatory fantasies with Brittnay Spears or anyone else for that matter, it is entirely inappropriate for a White issues forum.

            I do do not desire to have a flame war with you because at this point you are going to start attacking me (as you already have) as do all those who feel they are right and I am wrong.

            You can believe what you want about teens, I deal with them every single day of my working life and am well tuned into their world (I have to be). I am asked questions about sex every single day, I read their essays, I hear about their “hook-ups,” I am familiar with their culture, their magazines, their language, the TV shows they watch. I have to be. We teachers aren’t like the ones portrayed in the movies as clueless dolts dumber than the students we teach. It isn’t like that.

            Teens today are NOT better informed — they are ignorant about their bodies, the ramifications of sex, the dangers of STDs and the damage they do to their bodies and anyone who says otherwise is dead wrong.

            The reason for the HUGE rise of IVF is from STDs mostly contracted as teenagers. In women, STDs tend to block the fallopian tubes or cause ectopic pregnancies. There are consequences to early sex.

            I know whereof I speak.

            All the best to you.


      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        In the 60s, our enemies told our children  HEY–  “if it feels good, do it!!”  Children were told that their college professors knew better than their parents — who were labeled The Enemy and Authoritative, hampering teenagers and young adults’ natural instincts.

        This was done, by our enemies,  to destroy White culture and history down to the family level by those who wished to see an end put to Traditional White America.  The feminists told women children would get in the way of their career aspirations and that their place was in the workforce, not chained to a stove or (God forbid) a husband and children.  We were told by the lefties that families didn’t matter, parents didn’t matter, they had NO RIGHT to tell their children what they could and couldn’t do.

        Moral relativism became the over-riding theme in the schools and popular culture —  who are YOU to say what’s right or wrong!!  All of it is relative, up to and including murder, teenagers have as much sense as their “old fashioned” parents, if not more.

        We were also told “times are a-chaging” — OUT with the old order!! 

        Mindless, no-strings-attached sex?  OK. for everyone!!! Who are YOU to say it’s wrong??  What are you, some kind of a prude??  Get with the times!!  Even NAMBLA (look it up) uses this message to promote its evil agenda.

        What has been the fallout of this insidious, truly evil message?  A generation of amoral (NOT immoral, there is a difference) children who believe in everything and nothing because, well, morals are relative depending on a lot of things that may change tomorrow.  Marriage license?  HA, just a piece of meaningless paper!!  Fathers?  Too domineering!!

        Our enemies have done well advocating moral relativism — families don’t matter, traditions don’t matter, if it feels good DO IT!!   Who are YOU to say it’s wrong?

        As a high school health teacher, I have seen the fallout from this attitude — I see it all over the TV and in magazines too — endless, one night hook-ups for teenagers, as if sex is meaningless and cheap and means nothing when, in fact, it is THE most personal, intimate act one can do, especially for women.

        The results are deep depression (do you have any idea how many of our children are on some kind of anti-depressant?? The numbers are astounding), abuse, STDs layered one on top of the other, some of them (like HSV and HPV permanent) and no sense or idea as to what does/does not constitute a strong, healthy relationship — which the VAST majority of people want.

        Mike, you are wrong about 15-year olds.  

        They are NOT mature, none of them, and you will never convince me otherwise.  They have very little life experience, are immature, have little education and are clueless about emotions and relationships — it’s all relative, remember.  They are barely past childhood and in NO way are mature adults.

        Without a moral compass and with popular culture and their peers to guide them,  by the time they hit 20, a lot of them feel used up, are bitter, aimless and angry — the girls have given away the store so what’s left.  They tell me sex is over-rated and that it’s “just something to do” — all the guys expect it, immediately, because, well, “everyone is doing it”  and it’s not wrong.  

        A lot of dads of 15 year old girls think otherwise.

        There is a good reason the age of consent is 18 in most states, including signing contracts and entering into marriages and the legal age for alcohol is 21 — children under age 18 do not have the capability, life experience or background to make life-altering decisions or consent to sex — these laws were implemented to protect children from abusers and from themselves.

        People like me, for fighting this disappearance of morals and traditions, are called “prudes”, “old-fasioned”, “retro” and other disparaging terms — I was called a lesbian once.  Our enemies know they are wrong, including the bitter, old feminists who are still clinging to the notion that women are oppressed by men.

        I wonder how many fathers of 15 year old girls think it’s OK for their daughters to be used as sex toys by teenage boys or adult males?

        Sorry for the length, I could find no way to shorten this and I deal with the fallout every single working day.


        • mikejones91

          You can still have casual sex with strangers and have values/respect tradition/conservative views. Like me, I am an atheist so maybe that has something to do with it. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Sex is natural. We are human. To say anything else is repressive. I went to a bar over the weekend, and I met this girl. We talked for about 2 hours at the bar and went back to her apartment. Needless to say, we had sex. That next day (Saturday) I picked up trash on the highway with my community service group.  Sex should be celebrated, it is a beautiful thing. If your responsible, there is no reason to NOT do it.

          •  This is a way one should NOT think. It trivializes life. I’m OK, you’re OK, everybody’s happy…

            In serious societies men kill because of sexual transgressions, kill themselves, suffer immensely. It’s not Islam, it’s Freud and Shakespeare and love life of great men.

            Hell, I won’t judge, but this is a way to extinction. Sex should always be enveloped by taboos, linked to tragedy, even death & potentially subversive (it should also be fun, of course).

            But easygoing attitude….this is Black & brown way of living.

      • Orion_Blue

        . Teens are having sex at younger ages. If they are being safe, is it harming anyone?

        Actually, it probably is. As early as 1932, the famous Psychometrician, Raymond Cattell observed that with the change or downward shift in the population demographic in terms of quality, a great many social expectations, as well as many laws, would either need to be amended or in the case of laws; repealed.

        We have the age of promiscuity, which whatever progressives may wish, was never as widespread as it is now. We also have the pressure to legalise criminal narcotics, a course of action that would never have been contemplated, were it not for the demographic downshift we are experiencing in Western societies.

        . It really just comes down to different types of people and what their aspirations are, not a lack of “morality”.

        It certainly does come down to different ‘types’ of people, though it is also a question of personal morality.

        Were it not for the advent of contraception and easy abortion, people’s moral standing would be far easier to discern.

  • ed91

    white women are eligible for affirmative action so they already have advantages…

    it’s only half of the white race that is hated, and half of them aren’t if they are gay, wimpy, liberal……  but I’m repeating myself.

    • The only reason there are as many as 34k applicants is because Harvard spams marginally good HS students with applications.  They think that since Harvard sent them an application, this means they actually have a chance to get in.  So they apply…and of course they’re rejected.  Then Harvard gets to boast about its miniscule acceptance rate ergo its selectivity.

      Another scam to be on the lookout for is rising SAT/ACT averages for an admitted class, while the class is “more diverse then ever.”  More and more schools aren’t requiring SAT/ACT tests of applicants (to appeal to you know who), and they do this with the full knowledge that high scorers will report in order to impress the admissions committee.  This means you could have an admitted class whose ACT average is 34 and is 30% black.  Of course they’ll trumpet this to make you think the blacks contributed to that ACT average.

    • Lynceus

       It amazes me that Harvard’s class of 2016 is 21% black and hispanic. Based on statistics that constantly bemoan the lack of achievement from those racial groups, I’m surprised they found any at all that live up to their supposed high standards.

      • MikeofAges

         What they and the rest of the “Ivys” do is poach all the adequate minority students. Then they get a “two-fer” out of the deal. Get to complain about the major state universities, especially in the South, having insufficient minority representation in their student bodies. Really.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        They didn’t.  They lowered their standards for blacks and Hispanics.  

        I’d like to see 0bama’s LSAT scores and grades that supposedly earned him entry into Harvard Law.

        Seems Harvard isn’t up to what it’s supposed to be, is it??

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      Harvard is a private university — they can (and obviously) do whatever they want as far as Affirmative Action.  Notice that 0bama STILL refuses to release his transcripts or test scores, including the LSAT scores that apparently were good enough to get him into Harvard – meaning if they were anything to brag about, the media would have already shouted them from the highest mountain top nonstop.

      In California, Prop 209 put a stop to race-based admissions for STATE-funded colleges such as the UCs and CSUs.  This has resulted in better sorting of students despite the UCs efforts to circumvent 209 in every way possible.  The California Supreme Court has twice upheld challenges to Prop 209 and even the uber-lefty 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to overturn it. (and yes, I know, given demographic changes in California, eventually Prop 209 will end up on the ash heap of White history — the “last gasp of Whites’ according to our enemies).

      Results?  At the UCs, black enrollment runs between 2-3%, Hispanic ≈ 12%.

      Funny, I didn’t see any black or Hispanic faces in the two receptions/orientations for admitted engineering students that I attended at two different UCs with my 18-year old.


  • radical7

    The fact is that White women are the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action. Any well educated person should know this fact.

    •  That’s the canard the AA apologists trot out every second October.  In reality, white woman and black man apply for a job and have very similar credentials.  Guess who’s going to get the job.

    • IKantunderstand

      Absolutely false.  White women don’t count as a “diversity hire”. What affirmative action did for white women was allow them to compete with men for jobs on the same basis men did. Meanwhile, as a corporate recruiter, I can personally guarantee you white women did not constitute a “diversity hire” or an “affirmative action hire”,  by my corporate clients. I was told by clients that “White women didn’t count”.

      • MikeofAges

         If so, it’s about time.

      • blackreality

         This is a complete lie.White women ARE the biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action.And not only that many whites who claim HISPANIC get Affirmative Action benefits..Because 70% of hispanics in the US are classified as white.So please stop pretending that all these “unqualified Black people” are getting Affirmative Action because they are not. 

      • The__Bobster

        Thirty years ago, companies DID have quotas for women, very obvious ones. White women bought into the AA racket because it benefitted them, even if they had to betray their husbands and sons.

        Now that the minorities have obtained power, their female allies have been tossed aside and the quotas are gone.

        • radical7

          That’s not true. Women still have preferential treatment in areas like engineering where they are very underrepresented.

        • Orion_Blue

          Adding White females to the mix of Diversity meant that the obvious racial hostility could be ambiguated to conceal the underlying agenda. IT also served as a divide and rule stratagem, since it played one half of the White race off against the other, and also somewhat unhealthily fed into the Brechtian/Gramscian vision of a vibrant, diverse, achieving and accomplished population devoid of the White male.

          In the race war that is happening, White females are a definite asset to the homegenisers, as a woman engaged with Diversity is therefore not engaged with a White male. This may peeve a great number of Diversity females, but that is a price that has to be paid.

      • Sheila Dinehart

        it is true…affirmative action programs are federal mandates for the blacks in America …certainly no white of either gender*counts*…

      • radical7

        Wrong. I am correct.

    • ‘Any well educated person should know this fact.’

      Nope.  Sorry.  This is changing VERY rapidly.

      At the University campus I work at (hyper-diversity awareness environment) the last two decades one could get away with stating that ‘White Women’ were AA hires but in todays Obama-world they are looking for ‘VISIBLE MINORITIES’  That is the new buzz word.  One needs to look like one of Obamas Sons to get in today!

  • radical7

    She sounds like  loose woman to me.

    •  Oh my.  Sounds like someone’s imposing their morality on someone else!

    • The__Bobster

      Spoken by someone from a race with a 72% illegitimacy rate.

      • radical7

        You can’t help yourself , can you?

        • ed91

           can you?

  • This is why we will likely lose unless action takes place; those flyers – all represent the establishment of POWER.  It is there – it is established.

    It is WE who DON’T exist.
    Any white activist that says “we’re winning!” need only look at those diversity pamphlets.

  • tickyul

    I get the sentiment………..but, would not really hold a Baby Momma up as any kind of beacon.

    Baby Momma Bennies has enabled/enticed generation after generation of women to get pregnant and then raise kids on Big Brother’s dime.

  • JackKrak

    I suggest that law schools across the country make their admissions decision-making processes open and clear so we can all understand in advance what our chances are of getting in. It would probably look something like this –

    -Add 25 points to your total score-
    Minimum ten years of experience in legal field – at least level of Federal District Court –  and documentation of having saved at least 10 orphans from certain death in a fire. Alternatively, the applicant can substitute a Nobel Prize nomination.


    Be African-American. (Note – the University recognizes citizens of Jamaica, Haiti, Brazil, the Domincan Republic and all African nations as “African-Americans”)

    -Add 20 points to your total score-
    Extensive experience as a volunteer in the slums of a “developing nation” promoting family planning and awareness of women’s rights. Additionally, the admissions committee expects proof of the candidate having been granted a minumum of five patents in the field of biochemistry or astrophysics.


    Be Hispanic.

    -Add 15 points to your total score-
    Minimum 5 years of experience as a community organizer with preference given to leaders of “Occupy” movements. Perfect college, high school, junior high school and elementary school grades are a must. A history of food stamp use and Section 8 housing assistance is a positive.


    Be female.

    -Add 10 points to your total score-
    More than three published works on legal matters (note – white male candidates must have three published works in the New York Times best seller list). Copy of voter ID card proving registration as a Democrat.


    Be homosexual.

    Please note –
    A candidate with any two of the following attributes is admitted automatically on a full scholarship without regard to trivial shortcomings such as not graduating from high school or not, technically, applying for admission.

    Black – Hispanic – Female – Homosexual – Native American (inlcuding 1/32 ancestry)

  • The__Bobster

    An Affirmative Action Case “Thanks” Legally Blonde
    May 25, 2012

    Re:  Amelia Earhart’s Legally Blonde In An Affirmative Action World

    From: Tamara Harris:

    Thanks for writing an offensive, racist, and ignorant article.  We need more lawyers like you.  Thanks a lot!

    Regards,Tamara C. Harris,
    J.D.Southwestern Law School
    Entertainment and Media Law LL.M. Candidate 2013Journal of International Medial [Sic]and Entertainment Law

    James Fulford writes: Only a brief online search was required to confirm that Ms. Harris is eligible for the more traditional forms of Affirmative Action, which got her into the 129th best law school in the country, and the position of student editor on a journal whose name she’s misspelled in her signature.

    While there are plenty of lawyers like Ms. Harris, we do in fact need more like “Amelia Earhart”—people like us need lawyers, too.

    • mikejones91

      Thanks for posting her comment. I just sent her an email challenging her comment. Here’s what I wrote.
        I read your comment ” Thanks for writing an offensive, racist, and ignorant article.  We need more lawyers like you.  Thanks a lot!”. Please Tamara, explain to me what is “ignorant”/”racist” about this article? Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, this woman seems very knowledgeable. Trust me, I am white and we all know this nonsense is VERY true. Racist though? It’s racial, but not racist. The truth is never racism, it’s realism. Although for NON-WHITES like you, the truth coming from a white is ALWAYS racist. Aha! Calling out racism, while being BLATANTLY racist YOURSELF. How…Typical. You can’t handle the truth of the article because the author is white. Hence why you are a racist. Please Tamara, (lovely name by the way) tell me what is ignorant about this article. The NBA is predominately black. Is that ignorant to say? Maybe to you, because I am white. But! It is the truth NONETHELESS. Now I can see why you might think her comment regarding minorities and wedlock birth a little offensive, but, it is still the TRUTH. Realism is NEVER racism. “There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the world” Thomas Jefferson. Thank you for your time Tamara. Have a nice Memorial Day. 

  • radical7

    guest 1 commented:
    “I have no idea what you are talking about. Gays, especially white gays, have no special privileges in college admission. There is no affirmative action for gays…unless they are minorities, of course. They do however have some privileges with hate crime laws. If a white man attacks and/or kills a gay person, it is a hate crime. (and the date of the murder could become a national holiday).  If a minority attacks a white gay person, it will not be charged as a hate crime. These attacks usually happen in minority run cities , and the perp is often set free. Furthermore, the media will ignore the attack. White is white. I see posters assume that gay folks have these wonderful privileges. I find that bizarre, as it simply does not happen. A gay person is treated like royalty if he is murdered by a white male…it’s a bonanza if the victim is a minority. I’m not sure I envy that privilege”Your statement is not entirely true. In the state where I live there were three Black men who attacked two gay White men in 2009. According to witnesses, the attackers made anti-gay slurs as they attacked the two men.  All three men were convicted and prosecuted under hate crime laws. In fact, the law ans society i general have become increasingly sensitive to hate crimes committed toward gays ansd lesbians.

    • IstvanIN

      I would guess that black on gay(any race) crimes would be prosecuted more often as hate crimes than black on white(non-gay).  Gay groups make a lot of noise, good for them.  Whites are not organized for self-defense.  Whites will organize an anti-gay group or a pro-Israel group or a help-the-Haitians group but seem to have  a problem organizing any white pro-self-interest groups.

      • IstvanIN

        Another one of my posts edited and locked down?  What am I doing to be singled out?

  • Sheila Dinehart

    You ain’t seen nuthin yet, sweetie

  • mikejones91

    I love this woman. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    middle aged blond lady store worker kicked in head and face while blacks film and laugh
    warning graphic video

  • Sorry to say, but your post smacks of moral relativism… especially the “accidently get pregnant” part.

    What?  Her boyfriend was running down the hall with her when he tripped and fell and his **** went where it shouldn’t have been and she got pregnant?  THAT would be an “accident”… Perhaps a better word would have been “unintentional”.

    The same immaturity and lack of morals in young people that leads them to believe they can experiment with things like sex and drugs without repercussions is what also leads them to miscegenation.

    Like my old Pa used to say:  “Ain’t nuthin in life is free, Boy.  ‘Cept for the grace of God.”

    • Orion_Blue

      You are absolutely right; the drift to permissiveness – as highlighted so well by so many others on this thread – does tend to lead inexorably to an ethical Dutch Auction to the very bottom.

      It may suit some interests to align our behaviour to that of the lowest common denominator (equal emphasis on low and common), but for us, we should be holding ourselves to higher standards.

  • Why are you assuming there is a ‘rape’ charge? Only if the guy was older than 18. He could have been 16, 17….

    • Lou

       Dr Al assumes a lot of things.. Accidents, rapes and that WE ALL wonder why were heading for hell.. I know exactly why this country is going to crap, I don’t have to wonder at all.. I just don’t know how to change it, except for doing  my part in spreading  Mr. Jared Taylor’s word…

  • Searching for the best among the worst is counterintuitive. The new report Not Coming to America tries to turn the ‘America is a nation of immigrants narrative’ into justification for flooding this country with even more immigrants. The first paragraph says it all: “For the past two centuries, immigrants coming to America in search of a better life for themselves and their families have fueled the growth and expansion of the US economy. The United States was built by immigrants, and continues to be built by immigrants.”

    The report is partially funded by Fundación Azteca America and the organization that wrote it includes as its members companies like Microsoft and Disney, known for outsourcing American jobs. Of course you’re not attracting talent when you’re outsourcing high-skilled, high-paying jobs. It definitely isn’t because no one wants to come to America – the Gallup World Poll finds that the US is still the most desirable country in the world for potential migrants. Attracting talent clearly has nothing to do with the actual number of immigrants or number of those who wish to come here. The US still has one of the highest immigration rates in the world. Obviously those immigrants are among the worst, otherwise there could be no shortage of talent. 60% of entrepreneurs in 2011 were native born, and 72% of new entrepreneurs in 2011 were white, even though white immigration accounts for little more than 10% of new immigrants. Clearly, the US continues to be built by natives, not immigrants. Almost all of the 16% decrease in entreprenuership activity in whites since 1996 has been driven by an increase in Latino entreprenuership, which accompanies the high rate of Latino immigration. What the data doesn’t show is the ratio of entrepreneurs to total number of immigrants by race. You don’t buy the whole store just to get one item – that is exactly what is happening with Latino immigration. For every 10 million of them, you get 10,000 entreprenuers. For every 1 million whites you get the same outcome because we make more intelligent and better quality immigrants, hence the founding stock’s success as described in detail by Madison Grant.

    •  There are entrepreneurs and then there are entrepreneurs.  A street corner bodgea and a firm writing newer and better missile guidance algorithms are not the same.

  • TonyWestfield

    Our legally blonde author, Ms “Amelia Earhart,” writes: “While being a single-teenage mother does not actually make you a black or a Mexican, it makes you enough like one…”
    A word to the wise: PATERNITY.

    Ms Earhart, you must be careful what you disclose to the powers-that-be in your law school.  If you are certain who the father of your child is, then you immediately begin to separate yourself from the aborigines (old world and new world).  You could lose affirmative-action points, and you could be kicked out of school, your spot taken by a single mother whose answer to the paternity question is, well, more “fluid.”

    By the end of your third year–especially if the Obama-Holder cancer is still growing and metastasizing–in order to graduate from law school, you may have to provide evidence that 1) your child is multi-racial, or 2) you at least gave diversity a chance as you allowed a succession of males, lottery style, to seed you during that particular cycle.  It would be terribly non-diverse and maybe even ray-thith of you to have mated with only one male–an affront to the ethic of the brave new world: Everybody belongs to everybody else…

  • Xanthippe2

    Well, she did say she got “knocked up” at 16, so
    maybe she gave birth at 17.  And I doubt
    that if the father was Black or Mexican she would be saying that she was
    concerned about White interests, rather she would be saying that she totally
    endorses multiculturalism and diversity.

  • sbuffalonative

    “Every day I received stacks of mail from law schools all over the country trying to persuade me to apply. They shared the same tactic of persuasion: multipage pamphlets and catalogs designed toprove that they are more “diverse” than all other law schools. The pamphlet pages were lined with photos of African American students, professors, and famous alumni. They had statistics in a big, bold font informing me of the percentage of students who are black and Hispanic. Every pamphlet increased my anxiety that, despite my hard work and excellent performance, I had little chance of being accepted into law school.”

    Years ago, I worked at a college medical school library, serials department.

    One day I had a cart with about 100 college catalogers that I had to catalog. Most of them had cover photos with either models or students. All the catalogs with photos of people had minorities; black males, black females, Asians, Hispanics, etc. Not one had a photo of a white male. 

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Because this article is so contrived doesn’t mean it is not important or usable (why wouldn’t she use her real name…yep that’s right)…nevertheless, this can be a most effective propaganda tool…the white liberal communist manipulators taught the Negro (ha ha the Negro despised the white liberal then and still does…what a trick) how to do it  in the 1940s ultimately manifesting itself as CRT, for now that is…the antedotal subjective experience can be used as *reality*…so why not, go ahead *Amelia Earhart*…

    But, I got a better IDEA …

  • Sheila Dinehart

    ha ha…what a woman hater, though I can feel your pain…no joke, seriously. In the animal kingdom of which human beings are at the top the desire for all females is the best male for reproduction …translated to human females in any society it is the most powerful male that is desired…power is money and prestige in this society…most kids say they want to be famous when they grow up…not doctors, scientists or even wall street brokers, not famous as anything other than being a *celebrity*…a pop culture star.  Gosh I am so embarrassed by what America has become 

    We were promised we (all white european western civilization and all that that entails) would be reduced to the lowest level on the rung…in order for the colored peoples of the earth to be equal…looks like some folk wasn’t paying attention, huh. 

  • It’s like trying to apply for a position in federal law enforcement.  You can have impeccable credentials, education, and experience, but if you’re not part of a protected group, you can kiss your chance good-bye.

  • Cyb
  • Upper middle class girls don’t get knocked up at 16.  Only those from trashy backgrounds do.

  • I just thought (due to the media telling me so) that gays are now the ‘it
    minority group’. In the last week, I’ve read that Obama is for gay marriage, to
    then be followed a day later with the story about Mitt Romney bullying his now gay
    ex classmates, one of whom has since committed suicide. Then the Sheldon
    character from the Big Bang is out of closet (shock…another actor is gay?!?!),
    accompanied by the mandatory “when will we live a world where there is no
    closet” type of comments from the public. Lady Gag meets the king (or queen?)
    of Thailand’s lady boys. Hell, even the gaming/nerd site I get updates from
    seems to be focusing on gay characters in the comic-con universe.
    Look you’re probably right, and if this story is factual, then in the identity politics game if a teen mom outweighs a homosexual, then what hope will the able bodied WASP Wally Cleaver type (as the ‘visible’ antithesis of the diversity) have in avoiding being excluded from this world of universal inclusiveness, that the Diversity Committees mentioned above so seeks to engineer?
    So I see your denial of gay privilege in college admissions and raise you a Muslim?, a reformed drug addict(unlikely)?, someone who is physically handicapped (no head injuries I’m guessing)?, or a sexual abuse survivor ? Or a combination of all of the above, and then all you have to do is casually work this information into the interview (while appearing sincere).
    Finally I agree with you that the media has obvious and long standing anti White bias which probably does outweigh sexual orientation in terms of reporting of hate crimes, non-Whites it’s safe to generalise as homophobic due to overwhelming anecdotal examples, and we Whites shouldn’t have to adorn victimhood status to be of value and in the end (no pun) “White is White”.

  • radical7

    Vicaty 1 commented
    “I do not often agree with radical “troll” 7 , but he is correct on this one. All you have to do is check the Department of Justice information. You ask any college president , Fortune 500 executive, netwok television executive etc.. they will tell you that White women are the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action.  In fact, I have heard women like Katie Couric,  Diane Feinstein, Barbara Walters, Debbie Schussel (who is a conservative) make the case that they are beneficiaries of Affirmative Action.

    “Thanks for your post, however I am not a troll.

  • radical7

    White men are far more likely to marry Asian women than White women are to marry Black men.

    • ed91

       do have an agenda? 
      if so, state it clearly instead all the beating around the bush…….  it’s obvious you are a resident of loserville.